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5/24/16 6:30 AM   Bix Weir-USA Must Unite or Die Under Trump/Sanders
                           Ticket.   MUST HEAR 
40 Minute Video

5/24/16 6:00 AM  Trump Goes For Hillary's Jugular: Releases Video
                           Featuring Bill Clinton Rape Accusers.     
Article & Video

5/24/16 6:00 AM    Less Holy Kids.    Article

5/23/16 9:30 PM   Ship Leaves Tacoma [Washington] Loaded –
                           They Refused The Dollar.      
2 Minute Video

5/23/16 6:00 PM  Tidal Wave Of Economic Indicators Continue To Show
                          The Economy Is Collapsing.

                                     X22 Report      Recap & 35 Minute Video

5/23/16 3:00 PM   All Electronic Assets Wiped Out in Fall Crash -
                             Bix Weir & Greg Hunter Video.     
Article & 40 Minute Video

5/23/16 10:00 AM  Hezbollah Captures CIA Officer in Aleppo,                                 
                           Commanding al Qaeda.      Veterans Today      

5/23/16 9:00 AM  Ben Fulford Blurb:    The head of the Khazarian mafia is
                                                          Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild.
                                                                       Ben Fulford

5/22/16 4:30 PM   Note From Jim: Vision Update.

I had cataract surgery in my right eye three weeks ago and will have the other eye done this Wednesday.

I now see out if my right eye for the first time in several years and the distant vision is greatly improved. I have had extreme astigmatism from my former eye disease and cornea grafts. My reading vision game from my left eye but is very bad now; I have a very difficult time reading. That is why my posts have slowed down.

I do not know if I will be able to read at all immediately after the surgery. I am having lenses implanted in the eye to take away most of my astigmatism. The unknown reading ability right after surgery comes from the fact that I will have to wear my old glasses for a few weeks, which may be like wearing another person's glasses. So until I get my new glasses a month after the this week, I don't know how well I will be able to read and post.

5/22/16 12:00 PM  Obama & the Fall of the Empire — Harley Schlanger

                                       SGT Interview           31 Minute Video

5/21/16 12:00 PM  Peter Schiff: America Is The Next Venezuela!!

                                  18 Minute Video      Start at 5 Minute Mark

5/20/16 6:30 PM  Venezuela Launches Biggest Ever "Military Exercise"
                           In History: A Preview Of What's Coming.    

5/20/16 2:00 PM     Weekly News Wrap-Up;  US Debt Sell Off,
                               Steel Tariff, WW3, Trump Reporting and California.

                                   Greg Hunter     EXCELLENT  17 Minute Video

5/20/16 12:00 PM  The Fall of Venezuela. Prepare Yourself Accordingly.
22 Minute Video

5/19/16 5:30 PM   US House Of Representatives Votes To Give Power
                           To The President To Wage War.

                                          X22 Report       Recap & 36 Minute Video

5/19/16 3:30 PM   Guerrilla Update: Sand Storms & Euro Myths
                           – The PSYCHOPATHS Are LOSING!.                                            

                                   MUST HEAR     24 Minute Video

5/19/16 9:30 AM    Dear Jim,

Since you asked; it is my opinion that the Trump-Kissinger meeting is a flamboyant staging of a pretend conflict between two of the most egotistical, despicable sociopaths in in the history of the world, motivated by the goal of distracting the public and keeping the illusion of Trump's relevancy going even longer,  How do I know it is a scam and a lie?  Because CNN  is reporting it.   ~Ann~

5/19/16 7:00 AM   Question From Jim:   Was the Egyptian air crash
                           a diversion for the news media to not discuss the
                           Kissinger / Trump meeting yesterday?

                       To me, the Kissinger story is even bigger than the Pope flying to New York to kiss Trump's ring!

5/19/16 6:00 AM   Special Ben Fulford Message posted Today. 

                          Greetings from the director general.      Link

5/19/16 6:00 AM    Full Ben Fulford Report.        Ben Fulford

5/18/16 8:00 PM   Donald Trump to meet with Henry Kissinger Wednesday     
[today].       Article

5/18/16 6:00 PM     US And Saudi Arabia On The Verge Of Implementing Plan 'B'.

                                              X22 Report        37 Racap & 37 Minute Video
                                                  EXCELLENT last 15 minutes about Plan "B".

5/18/16 5:00 PM    Guerrilla Update: Agents Of Chaos                                                    
15 Minute Video

5/18/16 12:30 PM   We Are Now Seeing An Unwind of Faith Of Central Banks:
                               Mike "Mish" Shedlock
X22 Interview    31 Minute Video

5/18/16  9:30 AM    Wall Street Warns: GET OUT OF STOCKS!
                             Inflation Begins.     By Gregory Mannarino
Minute Video

5/17/16  5:30 PM  Israel diverting attention by hyping Saudi role in 9/11: Analyst

                                              4 Minute Video

5/17/16  5:00 PM   The Real Economy Is Collapsing At An Accelerated Pace.

X22 Report             Recap & 41 Minute Video

5/17/16  4:00 PM     Note from Jim:

Several years ago the U.S. passed a law that said Iran did 911 and if you were damaged by it you could sue and seize Iranian assets in the U.S. Today a bill was passed saying Saudi Arabia did it so go get their assets. This implies the love fest with Saudi Arabia over the Petro Dollar is no more and today's story of the Saudis selling oil to the U.S. Navy for silver only is probably true.

5/17/16  4:00 PM  Bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia passes the Senate

Comment by Michael Rivero: “The US Government is now plundering the wealth of other nations parked inside the US. That will prove a fatal mistake. First Iran, now Saudi Arabia. Nobody will wait to see if they are next on the US' extortion list!”     Article

5/17/16  3:00 PM    Jim Willie’s Sensational Claim: Saudis Forcing
                              US Navy to Use SILVER BULLION to Pay For Fuel.
                                                 CORRECT    59
Minute Video

5/17/16  6:00 AM   Growing Movement for Brexit Has the Elites Shaking in Their Boots.

5/17/16  6:00 AM    Children of a lesser god.    Link

5/16/16  8:00 PM   WEST TO EAST…. China Taking Delivery
                             of Barclays Gold/Silver Vaults (& Contents?).
Bix Weir       Article

5/16/16  2:30 PM    Dear Jim:

As a regular reader of your blog I'd like to make a case of why we will never see a  Chinese gold backed economy. I'm writing this email on my smartphone which has many times computing power than what launched the Apallo mission to the moon. Technology is advancing at a hyperbolic rate. But e power grid that runs all this technology is over 150 years old. But what is most interesting is the monetary system is over 8,000 years old. Gold is just another form of debt/capital. The metaphysical principal of scarcity is a fundamental building block of eradicating where true wealth lies, human potential. In this new world of boundless potential we are being blackmailed by the East and their rising power with their  millions of tones of Gold to counter all the bad paper that exists from the US Dollar to the Euro. But these are all mechanisms of an antiquated energy systems of trade and eroneous debt. In fact the Jeffersonian form of debt free money that we fought the American Revolution to establish is based upon Human Capital not money/debt. It existed for a very short while before we lost it post Civil war spearheaded by Lincoln's assassination as blowback from his printing of Greenbacks, i.e. Constitutional curency. We will remain in this global gridlock until we abolish this debt system as we migh agree, so the  Fulford and Keenan reports for me are just filled with hot air, because the White Hats will not restore the Republic on Chinese gold, it's absurd. The globalist are pitting the East and West against each other. I don't know what is going to happen next but I don't subscribe to the collapsitarian view, mostly because it's based upon the principal of phoney debt. There is no debt. Our White Hats in the Pentagon and Government know this and we will not go backwards as a nation or planet. Any predictions or timelines are simply to moronic for me to fathom. But I will remain a loyal reader of your blog even though I disagree with almost half of what you post concerning collapse predictions and the" RV happening at any moment now, wait and see disinfo" [posts].   I'm just content to simply kick back and watch the grass grow.   Cheers Michael

5/16/16  11:30 AM     "Markets Have No Purpose Any More"
                                  Mark Spitznagel Warns "Biggest Collapse
                                  In History" Is Inevitable.     

5/16/16  11:30 AM   Ben Fulford Blurb:   Chinese say gold only through
                                               White Dragon, Japanese resistance say
                                              Obama to be hit with “Kamikaze” in Hiroshima.

                                                                    Ben Fulford

5/16/16  3:30 AM   Why Are So Many Of The Financial Elite Now
                             Screaming “BUY GOLD”? — “V” the
                           “Guerilla Economist.
Interviewed by Greg Hunter    33 Minute Video

5/14/16  7:30 PM   MUST LISTEN: World Economic Collapse will be
                             SUDDEN and by summer, Gold over $2000! |
                                   Bo Polny X22 Interview     31 Minute Video

5/14/16  7:30 PM   New York Stock Exchange Targeted, Chase
                            ATMs Stop Dispensing Cash.
Dahboo7      11 Minute Video

                            — Marco Saba       
SGT Interview  

                                          MUST HEAR    46 Minute Video

5/14/16  5:00 PM  Operation Icarus continues, banking systems
                          taken down, Chase Bank ATMs not dispensing cash.

                                         [Use Discernment]    Article

5/14/16  4:00 PM   Interview With Bo Polny "The Time Table For The     

                             Economic Collapse Has Been Moved Up To This Summer".

                                      X22 Report       31 Minute Video 

5/14/16  9:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Unheralded World Change.

The past 30 days have been a worldview changer already. First we learned this story: US Army's top general: Be prepared to fight 'little green men'.

On April 21st, General Mark Miley told graduating cadets, “You’ll be dealing with terrorists, you’ll be dealing with hybrid armies, you’ll be dealing with little green men, you’ll be dealing with tribes, you’re going to be dealing with it all, and you’re going to be dealing with it simultaneously,” Source Now I point out that in this story a military spokesperson said the general was referring to little men in green clothing. I guess that is why ISIS cannot be defeated – we are searching for fighters disguised in desert tan when all along they are hiding in green.

Then beginning yesterday, the U.S. Army began running television commercials recruiting to for it's Earth / Alien defenses.   Source

What amazes me is perhaps this is the story of the century, but the Main Street News Media has blacked it our. Thirty years ago the Miami Herald or the New Orleans Times Picayune would have their best reporters trying to scoop what is happening. But the Picayune has picked up and left and the Herald is now unheralded. All we sheep get now is stories of transgender bathrooms in the kindergartens. If the Herald were to inquire today, they would only be concerned to find out if the alien spacecrafts have transgender bathrooms too.

Be on the lookout for an alien false flag to wind up the end of this parade.

5/14/26  6:00 AM     Strangest Army Recruitment Commercial Ever!
                               US Army Wants You To Fight Aliens (AKA,
                               Ashtar Command) To Protect Earth!…”
                                Defend Tomorrow… Enlist Today”.

[Ten days ago a general told a graduating class to prepare to fight “little green men”. Will this be the next false flag to bring in Marshal Law?]                          Article and Video        

5/13/26  3:30 PM   Judge Napolitano: Clinton Cash Allegations
                            Amount To Bribery.     
6 Minute Video

5/13/26  3:30 PM   Boehner wouldn't be surprised if Clinton 'has to withdraw'.

                                       [May 12th]    Article

5/13/26  3:30 PM    Boehner 'Not Surprised' if Biden Takes Clinton's Spot.

                                                     [ April 21st]  Article

5/13/26  12:00 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Holy Grail To Escape Banker Enslavement.

Below is my take away from the 32 Minute interview with David Morgan today.

They began by quoting Michael Rupert, one of the main whistle blowers on the Banksters when he said, “Until the way money works changes, nothing changes.” He is referring to the fact the the banksters create money out of thin air and enslave us with it. Until that stops then we will remain enslaved to them with only the illusion of freedom.

No matter if you are talking about Communism, Socialism, Fascism or Capitalism, they all have one common factor. They are all based on the premise that our current fiat money is based on the fact that you can get something for nothing.

Money creation is the tool used by the elite to enslave mankind.

Another factor in our enslavement is that we suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome in regards to our captor bankers.

Wickipedia defines the syndrome like this:

Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.”

The syndrome is why the politicians protect and bail out the banksters. This is why we feel that the entire system will fail without them.

We feel sorry for the Italian banks because they are experiencing a 20% loan default rate yet forget that they created, out of thin air, a hundred percent of all the money they lent out. Therefore, they have lost nothing. If the banks wanted to save themselves all they have to do is thin-air-create another twenty percent and lend it out! In the meantime, the other eighty percent of borrowers are enslaved and have to work to gain the money to pay back the bankers.

All that exists in the universe is truth and resistance to it.” That means that if you say a dollar equals a dollar, that is a lie because they have watered it down and continue to do so by printing more of it each day. In the past one hundred years they have devalued our dollar by 98%.

The truth is that you can't get something for nothing and the day of reckoning occurred in 2008 and now we are pretending it did not happen. The entire system is in collapse now. The Holy Grail to free ourselves is for 3 – 5 percent of us to understand this. The loss of our confidence will finish them off.

32 Minute David Morgan Interview  If in a hurry begin at the 8 minute mark.

                             — David Morgan.  
[I will recap this later today.]

EXCELLENT SGT Interview     33 Minute Video

5/12/16  7:00 PM   Raw Venezuela: Looter Burned Alive, While
                            "Streets Filled With People Killing Animals For Food".

5/12/16  4:00 PM  “Banned in Hollywood”: This Film Dares to Show
                            Martial Law and Civil War Coming to America.  

5/12/16  3:00 PM  Dear JIm:   

Hi Jim, it's clear that Dr Paul, in his comments is appealing to the Budwiser drinking masses, but for the initiated class we understand that Trump is a breakaway insider probably upper level Mason, as per disinfo Sorcha Faal stated,  and as some of us have been saying probably hand picked and protected  by the Pentagon White Hats to establish a real Constitutional Republic. Trump probably has just as many skeletons in his closet as Clinton. But if Trump  is in fact just massive psy op, and maybe  just another illuminati tool will be made clear almost immediately in his first 100 days if he does win. But if he is the real deal, the fact that he is an insider is a red herring for Dr. Paul to get some free press.

Regards       Michael

5/12/16  11:30 AM  Amerigeddon: Are You Ready For The Chaos
                             That Will Ensue When The Power Grid Is Brought Down?

[Movie to come out in two days.]     Article

5/12/16  11:30 AM  Ted Cruz’s last crusade.    Article



5/12/16  11:00 AM     Dear Jim, [Regarding: Free Throw]

So, when and who will be vetting Trump?  When do we get to view his dirty laundry (there's a lot of it out there.) Here's what Ron Paul has to say about him, and I'm sure he's being kind.  Trump, He’s Not Really an Outsider | Ron Paul         Ann

5/12/16  11:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day. Topless Thursday

It's finally here, today is “Topless Thursday.” Now, now, everybody just calm down. There is no need to go running to the window. Today begins the time period that the Cabal tries to neuter Donald Trump so that, if elected, we will end up with no one at the top responsible for stopping the carnage. They intend to castrate him.

I realize that we have visions of them deciding on the new party logo, who gets what jobs, and just how the party will feel about abortion this year. But somehow I no longer share that view, as this is the year of the Titanic. I feel that right now there is only one issue on the table, that being the big one.

Will our government continue to battle the world to maintain the dollar or will we come to our senses and prepare the lifeboats the best we can? All other possible issues at the meetings with Trump will be subordinate to this issue. Shall we continue to destroy and plunder mankind or humble ourselves and join mankind? At stake here are the One Percenters, the Military Industrial Complex, the big business Alphabets and global corporations, not to mention humanity itself.

So just who is Donald Trump, the at-the-moment Gonad King? We truly do not know. As always, when we elect leaders most of the time we are getting a pig in a poke. But the difference with Trump is that he has managed his way across the checker board and is now saying, “King me!” He has the rare opportunity to finish off exposing the Cabal to humanity, if he is not neutered. I am reminded of the Youtube cartoon of the man seating himself in a private movie studio. The lights go out and the thirteen second McGruder film of John Kennedy getting his head shot off is shown. Then the lights reappear and a man is heard over an intercom saying, “Any more questions about what is expected of you Mr. President?”

The Main Street News Media says today's meeting is about, “Adherence to conservatism”. I say it's about holding the Titanic on it's death path, with no one in charge, while the elite move their Admiralty flag to another ship. Will Trump become the next gelding or will he remain intact and at least have the opportunity to tell us the Titanic is going down and we need to do what we can NOW? I guess we shall see.

5/12/2016  9:30 AM    Deustche Bank Brokers Jailed After "Prolonged,
                                 Persistent Bad Behavior" In Biggest Insider Trading
                                 Bust Ever.     

5/12/2016  7:00 AM   Interview With Andrew Hoffman "The Economy Doesn't Need  
                                 To Crash It Must Crash".   X22 Interview    24 Minute Video

5/12/2016  6:00 AM   Full Ben Fulford        Ben Fulford 

5/11/2016  6:00 PM  Jim's Rant For the Day.  Free Throw?

Today I listened to a Greg Hunter 40 minute interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. See Article and Video. Although the conversation was most interesting only one highlight came from it for me.

Greg Hunter pointed out that all three of the Bushs (I, II & Jeb) have said they will never support Trump. Greg also states that Hillary has never been vetted as most politicians are when running for office. She rode on Bill's ticket and was just assumed to be cleared. Here is the title of that article by Greg, “Trump is Free to Throw Mud on Clinton - Catherine Austin Fitts”.

Interesting title, isn't it? Their reasoning is that the Clintons worked hand in hand with the Bushs, Therefore, Trump has been given a free shot at vetting Hillary's dirty laundry to the American public without fear of also harming the Bush dynasty.

Is this what the Pentagon is hoping for to awaken us? Fitts states that Trump is running because he is perhaps being protected by the Pentagon. Your thoughts?

5/11/2016  5:00 PM     It's Begun, Countries Are Moving
                                Away From The US Dollar By Loading
                                Up On Gold.

                                 X22 Report     Recap & 35 Minute Video

5/11/2016  5:00 PM    Some Preppers Are Getting Ready
                               For The End Of The World, While Others
                               Are Running For Office.
Michael Snyder     Article

5/10/2016  9:30 AM     Court Rules White House Lied
                                 about Global Warming. 
                              Interview with Michael Rivero.

EXCELLENT 22 Minute Video

 5/10/2016  7:00 AM    Dear Jim: [Regarding Fly Your Flag]

Sure sounds like something is happening.  Perhaps a partial settlement might be in play for the big private placements - not the public.
From OWoN:

"On a "sensitive" issue the blogs are full of nonsense for this week, usual moronic Numpty talk, but you may see some paper movement for the big battalions the following week. May not WILL! Big Battalions not the ambulance chasers. If the majors get a break it will trickle down and out. Those organised have hope, the rest? Lets see but first we need to clear the EU talks this week."

Cobra says nothing is happening - business as usual for now.

The Asian Elders (not China) may have assets but they have no financial infrastructure to inject sound money into the global economy. Converting to fiat defeats the purpose.  If assets pass through a big bank it will get skimmed off or stolen entirely.  They have to make a private deal bypassing the fiat banking system and so far that deal looks like it's in London.  My guess is that they will simply buy the big banks for pennies when they eventually go bust.  Look at the pics in this link - these guys just might have quadrillion dollar class, a clear contrast to Keenan in his flip-flops.      Jeff

5/10/2016  6:30 AM    Less Holy Kids.    Link

5/9/2016  7:00 PM     Dear Jim,   [Regarding Fly Your Flag]

I agree, and what really sounds like a fairy tale to me is the insistence, by both Keenan and Fulford, that Trump would peacefully be installed as president.  Like NOBODY would object to THAT!?  This new post sounds a lot like disinformation, for whatever reason, but I'm not buying it either.     ~Ann~

5/9/2016  6:30 PM  Former State Dept. IT staffer’s
                           emails found wiped clean from Hillary’s
                           server, missing.   

5/9/2016  5:30 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Fly Your Flag.

Let's play Capture the Flag. What is the first thing you do when you capture the enemy's flag? That's right, you raise your own.

What bothers me about the Neil Keenan story from last weekend that the Cabal has resigned and the White House has been occupied by the Republic is that I do not see the flag. When you risk a takeover you need desperately to raise your flag so that you can garner more of the reluctant support you needed prior to your takeover gamble. That is why the flag is raised. But in this case that step somehow has been left off.

And speaking of being left off, so have the details given today by Ben Fulford of the taking of the White House. When the Neil Keenan story first broke on May 1st, I failed to report it as it had not been verified by another party. I finally posted it Thursday after a flurry of postings appeared about it again. The problem is that all the postings just cited Neil Keenan's website only – there were no corroborated reports by others.

Today Ben Fulford tenders only the information put out by Keenan but does not add any new information other than his doubts that Keenan can come home with the bacon. Well, I have many questions, such as how can the Republic just walk into the White House and demand signed resignations? I know Keenan said they entered through the secret tunnel that the entire world knows about, but come on, they just rang the doorbell and walked in? Then there is the little question of why take control and then just keep it quiet? So now I am to believe Obama has moved out and yet no one on the planet says anything about it?

I would like to believe the fairy tale but just can't. What scares me the most is that Keenan makes it sound like the “All Clear” has just been announced regarding our problems and that just ain't so. We are still facing a collapse of our economy even if the Republic is reinstated. We still may have a rogue military and Alphabets to contend with. Perhaps that if why the flag is not flying, out of fear to show oneself.

5/9/16 5:00 PM   DHS Prepares For A Bio-terrorism Attack
                        With A Drill In NYC Subway System.

                               X22 Report    Recap & 37 Minute Video

5/9/16 9:30 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:   Major movement on multiple
                                                     fronts including US regime change and
                                                     serious political turmoil in China.
                                                                   Ben Fulford

5/8/16 9:00 PM    Obama: TTIP Necessary So As To
                         Protect Megabanks From Prosecution.  

5/8/16 1:00 PM     De-Dollarization Accelerates As
                          Russia Nears Launch Of Ruble-Priced
                          Oil Trading Platform.     

5/8/16 1:00 PM    We Are Witnessing the Epic Battle
                         Between Globalists and Sovereign Nations –
                                Rob Kirby.   EXCELLENT
39 Minute Video

5/7/16  7:30 AM   Interview With Bernie Suarez "US Government
                               In Conjunction With Corporations Are Creating
                               A Massive Control Grid".
                                               X22 Interview      37 Minute Video

5/6/16  6:00 AM    Clinton could face Espionage Act indictment/

5/5/16  6:30 PM    HILLARY INDICTMENT?
                         Clinton May Not Be Dem’s Nominee |
                             Michael Rivero.    5 Minute Video

5/5/16  6:30 PM    Major Event In 3 Months Confirmed, John Kerry 
                                Warns, US Will Use A Different Track In August.

X22 Report     Recap & 40 Minute Video

5/5/16  4:30 PM     Note From Jim:

         In regards to the two posts directly below, USE DISCERNMENT!

I am just getting in for the day but so far I see no other news sources on this.

5/5/16  4:30 PM    Dear Jim,

From what I am seeing is that it is over. General Danforth is seated in the office of President.  Obama made the speech that the Old Republic is over. Intel is coming in fast.  So hold your britches. Neil Keenan has opened the accounts.  Arrest are taking place. From what I am hearing is that Trump will be the next President of the Republic of United States. News coming in fast on my end. The Country is on alert. 

 Ray     [Email received 12:30 PM, CST Today]

5/5/16  4:30 PM    Dear Jim,

the first video is well worth listening to. Lana

Obama Out / Cabal Surrender /
Currency Revaluation In Progress

Link [Use Discernment]

5/5/16  9:00 AM    Dear Jim [Regarding the Republic]

Here is a pre-recorded chat that Aq has done.

712-775-7039 code 345855#

Thank you.    Jim H.

5/5/16  6:00 AM     Full Ben Fulford.      Ben Fulford

5/4/16  7:00 PM    The War On Paper Currency Officially
                        Begins: ECB Ends Production Of €500 Bill.

5/4/16  2:30 PM     Interview With Jason Burack "As The Economy
                                    Continues To Deteriorate The Central Bank Might
                                    Use The Nuclear Option".
                                                     X22 Interview    39 Minute Video

5/4/16  9:00 AM      Hundreds of M1 Abrams battle
                       -tanks spotted in Houston on rail-train.

5/4/16  9:00 AM      US Trade Deficit Tumbles As
                        Overall Imports Plunge, Even As
                         Oil Imports Continue To Rise.

5/3/16  5:00 PM   The US Government/ Central Bankers Are Now Preparing
                            To Unleash The Economic Crash.

X22 Report      Recap & 37 Minute Video

5/3/16  12:30 PM   Collapse Update: US THREATENS Countries
                            Not To Devalue Currency As Silver Climbs.

12 Minute Video - Great Recap

5/3/16  10:30 AM   Less Godly Kids:    Link

5/2/16  6:00 PM  Another Nail In The NWO Coffin--Today's Leak
                         Of The TTIP Means One Of Two Things- Either It's
                         Permanent Demise Or A Revolution By The People.

5/2/16  6:00 PM  US Government Warns Congress, Puerto Rico Needs
                           Bailout Or We Are All Doomed.

X22 Report        Recap & 40 Minute Video

5/2/16  2:00 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Fortune From The Fortune Teller.

Let's do a mind experiment on the collapse. Suppose a fortune teller told you that on a Friday soon you would experience the following events, all on that same day. You would be violently mugged, total your car, burst your appendix and win a large lottery ticket payout. How would all of that make you feel?

What we know about the collapse is that it is multi-facited like the fortune above.

The global reserve currency will change from the U.S. Dollar. This is one event. The U.S. Dollar will become worthless, especially for those in the U.S. This is a separate event. The banks will collapse causing tremendous carnage. The Republic will probably be restored as we receive our lost freedom, perhaps propelling us into a new Renaissance. Again, all separate events causing their own signature chaos.

My point here is that if Karen Hudes says all will be taken care of in regards to a new global currency, don't think all is well. Your appendix is still about to burst. So always be prepared and Leary of Fridays!


5/2/16  10:30 AM   Global Currency Reset. Breaking News !!

                           Cabal Defeated - by Karen Hudes 4-30-2016 VIDEO                                                                                7 Minute Video

5/2/16   9:30 AM   Ben Fulford Blurb:  Is it time for Pope Francis to
                                                 confess to involvement in Argentine
                                                 dirty war and resign.    Ben Fulford

                   LAST CHANCE — Bill Holter.
SGT Report     26 Minute Video

5/1/16   1:00 AM   Note From Jim:

Yesterday this website crashed because of too many hits regarding the latest Rant about the coming financial collapse. My service provider tells me that the site will crash again today unless we all do things differently. This is my suggestion on how to get the word out without crashing the site.

I have moved the Rant up to the top (below this Note) so that you can get to it quickly. I have also posted a Link to the PDF file of Preps For Beginners that is actually posted on another of my websites.

DO THIS: Copy the entire Rant “It's Time For The Timing” and the PDF – Preps For Beginners and email them to your friends. By doing it this way, they will not have to come back to this website and it will remain operational. Thank You.


5/1/16   1:00 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.    It's Time For The Timing.

You might want to listen to the last few interviews I have posted and then again, you might not want to. I will give it to you in a nutshell here.

As far as I am concerned, all of the major Economists, not owned by the Cabal and the Banksters, have now reported in. 50% of them say the collapse could occur in May. 25% say May or June at the latest. 25% say no later than October. But all 100% of them say it is a mathematical certainty that it will collapse this year.

Now for the bad news. 100 % of them say that it will be catastrophic for the entire world. This means the worst case scenario. Now is the time to talk to your extended family and make final preparations.


5/1/16   1:00 AM   PDF - Prepping For Beginners.

Print this 22 Page Nutshell instruction on exactly what you need to do to Prepare for your family's survival.   Link




4/30/16  12:30 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   I C

I see”, says the blind man. “So what does the “I C” mean Jim?” I see what you are saying but do you hear what I am seeing?

Prior to the surgery, the vision in my right eye was about 20/400. They could not get a reading on it. Because of the cornea grafts it has always been the weaker eye of the two, never better than 20/50. The doctor was expecting it to be 20/50 after a months healing and with glasses to be 20/50. Today it was 20/50 already without glasses. He was most surprised and pleased. The transplanted cornea has already settled down perfectly, no longer a potential problem.

The end of May I will get glasses and surgery in the good eye. At that time I plan to write the insurance company and ask for my photos back!  I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.


4/30/16   12:30 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.    It's Time For The Timing.

You might want to listen to the last few interviews I have posted and then again, you might not want to. I will give it to you in a nutshell here.

As far as I am concerned, all of the major Economists, not owned by the Cabal and the Banksters, have now reported in. 50% of them say the collapse could occur in May. 25% say May or June at the latest. 25% say no later than October. But all 100% of them say it is a mathematical certainty that it will collapse this year.

Now for the bad news. 100 % of them say that it will be catastrophic for the entire world. This means the worst case scenario. Now is the time to talk to your extended family and make final preparations.


4/30/2016  8:30 AM  Note From Jim:

My mind is in shock as I am seeing with my right eye for the first time in two years and oddly, seeing bright colors for the first time in several years.


4/30/2016  7:30 AM   Interview With Michael Pento "When Interest Rates Rise
                                Violently The Whole Entire World Will Collapse In Unison".

                                                                  X22 Interview      19 Minute Video

4/29/2016  6:00 PM    We Just Received A Economic Whisper
                                 Signaling The Crash Of The System Is Approaching.

                                            X22 Report     Recap & 35 Minute Video

4/29/2016  4:30 PM   Zerohedge’s Tyler Durden Exposed…
                                What if Everyone Else Was?   
Excellent  Article

4/28/2016  6:00 PM    Video: -- Rick Wiles And Jim Willie With An
                                 April Day By Day Summary Of Dollar Death
                                 By Gold... And..The White Dragons In Action.

                                              Must Hear  14 Minute Video

                                                                    Full Interview

4/28/2016  4:30 PM  US Government Making Preparations To Protect
                                Itself When The People Revolt.

X22 Revolt   Recap & 43 Minute Video

4/28/2016  5:30 PM  Interview With Gregory Mannarino "This Is Going To Be
                              The Greatest Transfer Of Wealth When The Economy Crashes".
                                           X22 Spotlight   Correct  27 Minute Video

4/28/2016  2:00 PM    Note From Jim:

Sorry for the sparse postings lately. Betty has been making me dress up our old house the past six days so we can sell it. The yard was a jungle after three years of vacancy. Today I am getting my head right for eye surgery in the morning. Although the next two surgeries will be fairly simple ones, they will restore my vision. This follows years of eye problems and four cornea grafts along with the lying that accompanied them. You see, my eyes were bulging out of my head and the grafts were to pull them back in. The insurance company would only pay if it was accident related. So I told them that it was an “adverse reaction to mini-skirts.” When they asked for photos I sent them a few of cutie pies in shorties. They paid. The lying part was that I told my wife that it was all just a joke!

4/28/2016  6:30 AM     Full Ben Fulford.       Ben Fulford

4/27/2016  7:00 PM   This Is The End: Venezuela Runs Out Of Money
                                 To Print New Money.      

4/27/2016  4:30 PM     Sanders Makes Huge Announcement,
                                  May Have Just Handed Race to Trump. 

4/27/2016  4:00 PM  Trump To Get More Primary Votes Than Anyone In History.

4/26/2016  8:30 PM     Children of a lesser god. 10 Minute Video

4/26/2016  830 PM    This Is The End Days Of The Current Economic
                                  System And We Might Not Reach October.
                                                      27 Minute Video

4/26/2016  2:30 PM    Jim Willie: Long Awaited Gold Breakout!


4/25/2016  8:30 PM   Note From Jim:

A noted journalist said today that the Republic has been restored and the Chinese are tired of waiting for it to step forward, and in fact the Chinese may act without it. He also says that no matter what we will experience a financial collapse.

4/25/2016  7:30 PM   Ben Fulford Blurb:    Hybrid war continues with Japanese
                                              underground military bases hit as Khazarian
                                              mafia under attack around the planet.    Ben Fulford

4/25/2016  6:00 PM    US Government Economic Recovery Is One Big Manipulation.
                                               X22 Report    Recap & 37 Minute Video

4/24/2016  7:30 AM   Is This The End Of The U.S Dollar?
                                Geopolitical Moves "Obliterate
                                U.S Petrodollar Hegemony".

                                         Article & 10 Minute Video

4/23/2016  5:00 PM    Interview With Bill Holter "This Is The End Days
                                 Of The Current Economic System And
                                 We Might Not Reach October".  

                                    EXCELLENT  X22 26 Minute Interview

4/22/2016  7:30 PM    The Wheels Are Coming Off Before Our Eyes
                                 – Do Politics Matter Any More? – Bix Weir
                                                           32 Minute Video

4/22/2016  6:00 PM   For The First Time Ever FEMA Trains Texas Police
                                How To Deal With Riots, Conduct Mass Arrests.

4/22/2016  6:00 PM   New Report Shows The US And World Governments
                                  Are Preparing For Mass Civil Disobedience.
                                                 X22 Report Recap & 40 Minute Video

4/22/2016  10:00 AM   Russian forces in Syria fired on Israeli military aircraft.


4/22/2016  10:00 AM   U.S. Government Is Now a Major Counterparty
                                  to Wall Street Derivatives.    

4/22/2016  6:30 AM    Obama Writes Op-Ed To "Blood Brother" Britain:
                                 Don't Leave EU (Or Else).       

                                 THE FED IS PANICKING.   

                                              Correct  15 Minute Video

4/21/2016  7:00 AM     Note From Ben Fulford:

In the April 18th Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis I reported that seismographic evidence from the April 16th earthquake in Southern Japan showed it was a natural earthquake. That was wrong. Below is the seismographic evidence from the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention.

It shows very clearly the earthquake has the signature of an underground nuclear explosion and not a natural earthquake.
See here for a contrast between a natural earthquake and a nuclear explosion:

4/21/2016  7:00 AM     Full Ben Fulford.    Ben Fulford

4/20/2016  5:30 PM     US Exerts Pressure On Saudi Arabia As They
                                     Move Away From The US Financial System.

X22 Report      Recap & 35 Minute Video

4/20/2016  12:30 PM  Gregory Mannarino-We Are Living In an
                                 Environment Where Nothing Is Real, Biggest
                                 Financial Bubble in History Will Engulf World.

                                     Greg Hunter Interview    21 Minute Video

4/20/2016  7:30 AM  Interview With Michael Snyder "A Black Swan Event
                                 Will Destroy The Economy".

                                                             X22 Interview     34 Minute Video

4/19/2016  6:30 PM   THEY LIT THE FIRST CANDLE.

                                                  Bill Holter      Article

4/19/2016  6:30 PM    Dear Jim: Two Important Articles. Judith
                              CORRECT LINKS:

The Open Letter” That Changed The Course Of History…

2016 Presidential Election: The Greatest CON In U.S. Electoral History

4/19/2016  5:30 PM   Bad News, The Newly Released Economic Data
                                    Forecasts A Collapse.

                                         X22 Report        Recap & 40 Minute Video

4/19/2016  9:30 AM   China Launches Yuan Gold Fix To "Exert More

                                 Control Over Price Of Gold".      Article

4/19/2016  8:30 AM   Corporations Are Defaulting On Their Debts
                                Like It’s 2008 All Over Again.
Michael Snyder   Article

4/19/2016  6:00 AM    Note From Jim: This Just In . . .

In regards to Bernie Sanders' visit last week with the Pope, last night he was overheard telling a friend, “I didn't mind kneeling down to kiss his ring, I just wish the next time he would at least take his hand out of his back pocket.”

4/19/2016  6:00 AM   Less Holy Kids:    Video

4/18/2016  5:30 PM   Bankrupt Illinois Is Out Of Money,                                 
                                 Legislators’ Paychecks Delayed.   

4/18/2016  5:30 PM   US And The Coalition Forces Next Step,
                                 All Out War In The Middle East.

                                                       X22 Report       Recap & 39 Minute Video 

4/18/2016  11:30 AM   GOLD & SILVER: Moving To The POST-PAPER,
                                 POST-LBMA Era!.

Greg Hunter: “The most important interview that I have ever done [because of the April 19th Chinese gold market.]

                                         SGT Interview      33 Minute Video

4/18/2016  11:00 AM  Obama Sends More Troops To Iraq;
                                Authorizes Use Of Apache Helicopters;
                               Gives $415 Million To Local Army.       

4/18/2016   7:30 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:   Red and Green Asian secret societies                                                                 under new leadership promise to
                                                                “make the earth tremble”.    Ben Fulford

4/17/2016  11:30 AM    Hungary Issues Sovereign Bonds Denominated
                                   In Yuan: Another Nail In US Reserve Currency Status?

4/17/2016  11:30 AM 



4/16/2016  12:30 PM    We Are On Course To A Bigger 2008
                                  Economic Collapse Event: Harley Schlanger.

                                  "The [financial] policy makers have no more options.”

                                       X22 Interview     EXCELLENT  32 Minute Video

4/16/2016  11:00 AM   Saudi Arabia Threatens To Liquidate Its
                                 Treasury Holdings If Congress Probes Its
                                  Role In Sept 11 Attacks.   

4/16/2016  11:00 AM    Billion Dollar Lawsuits Filed Following Deutsche
                                  Bank's Admission Of Gold, Silver Rigging.   

4/16/2016  11:00 AM   "It's A Rotten System" Ron Paul Says:
                                   US Elections Are Rigged, Voting Simply Used
                                   To Pacify The Public.       

4/16/2016  9:00 AM   Dear Jim, Regarding Confused,

What makes it even more curious, is that Sanders is Jewish.  Strange things afoot.  But, then when you realize that the whole thing has ALL been a big farce and they are all just playing their sick game, it's really not that confusing.   ~Ann~

4/16/2016  8:00 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day. Confused Former Catholic.

I just don't get it. Burnie Sanders pulled out of the fight of his life in New york and responded to an invitation from the Pope. He then flew eight hours, and met with the pope for five minutes in a hallway. He then flew eight hours back to net york.

What I don't get is how can it take a married man an entire “five minutes” to kiss ass? I always figured that was what the honeymoon training was all about.

4/15/16 6:00 PM  The Truth Is Coming And It Cannot Be Stopped


4/15/16 6:00 PM   The Fed Is A Potential Threat To The Financial Stability Of The US.

                                                X22 Report     Recap & 38 Minute Video

4/15/16 4:00 PM   Rob Kirby-Dollar Devaluation Clock About to Strike Midnight.

                           "Going down in two or three weeks"

[Kirby says that on Wednesday evening Obama and Biden met and that the Pres. and Vice Pres. never meet in the same room but did this time. Kirby thinks they are terrified about the shit that is coming down and fears they will take us to war.]

                              Greg Hunter    Must Hear 30 Minute Video    

4/15/16 10:30 AM   What May Be Going on in China With Regard
                             to the New Monetary System.

                                     [Use Discernment.]     Article 


[Use Discernment – I have no experience with the source.] Article

4/15/16 7:30 AM     The Entire Status Quo Is a Fraud.   Article

4/14/16 1:00 PM    Dear Jim,     USS Donald Duck

If you haven't seen these already...

Recent article with Keshe's Statements in 2 embedded videos:   Link
Sorcha Faal's Report:    Link      Jeff

4/14/16 12:00 PM   Dear Jim, Twice Cooked

I believe that the much more simple explanation is that they are lying about it being a "Hoax". Perhaps the USS Donald Cook is involved in something we all are not privy to.  Given the record of lies per second our gov and military have set, another lie wouldn't be much of a stretch.  ~Ann~

Response: Thanks Ann, but you are obviously behind times. The lies are now at the nano-second level.

4/14/16 10:30 AM   Poroshenko Vanishes              Article

4/14/16 9:30 AM   Deutsche Bank Confirms Silver Market Manipulation
                            In Legal Settlement, Agrees To Expose Other Banks.

4/14/16 7:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.     Twice Cooked Donald Cook.

Twice Cooked Donald Cook.I assume you have seen the news footage of the U.S. Navy ship, Donald Cook, being buzzed by two Russian SU-24s on two occasions this week. The ship was on a U.S. & Poland joint training exercise in the Baltic sea. Not being a Navy man myself I wondered why my ears perked up when I heard the story as it had a ring of memory to me.

Sure enough, my memory was right. In 2014 many news stories told of the Donald Cook being buzzed several times by Russian SU-24s and each time all of the Cook's electronics went offline leaving the ship helpless. Later stories surfaced that many sailors wanted transfers off her as they were no longer feeling protected aboard her.

I asked myself out of the approximately 430 ships owned by the Navy, how come the Donald cook is the only one to be buzzed by the Russians, and over two years to Boot? Mathematically that just doesn't happen. How can I explain that to myself?

To verify that it was indeed the Cook in 2014 I went to Wikipedia first. It stated that a hearing in 2015 concluded it was just a newspaper hoax. Article But this week the same “hoax” now even upposedly has cameramen on board recording it. So how do I myself explain all of this? Quite simply, that's how.

The 2014 was an actual event with the Navy telling all of our sailors to calm down as it was just a joke. The two passes this week was probably another hoax to drum up WWIII. Why would Russia in an ever constant attempt to avoid war provoke an ongoing Navy training exercise? What could they possibly gain that they don't already have? And the use of the Donald Cook, well that was to incite all the sailors that recall the earlier story. It has all the trappings of a false flag event.

P.S. Is this a stunt to prove to all our sailors that the SU-24s can no longer fry our electronics if we co to war with Russia?

4/14/16  7:00 AM   Full Ben Fulford Report.    Ben Fulford

4/13/16  5:00 PM    Bankers & Finance Ministers Around The World
                               Are Attending Emergency Meetings In D.C.

                                                X22 Report      Recap & 37 Minute Video

4/13/16  10:00 AM    John Titus: The Only Solution Is A
                        Revolution - Shadow of Truth.

                                                               Must Hear  33 Minute Video

4/13/16  8:30 AM     Why Are Thousands Of Millionaires Fleeing                              
                              Chicago And Other Major Cities Around The World?. 
                                            Michael Snyder   

4/12/16  5:00 PM     Lawyer releases names of high-profile groups
                               tied to DC Madam, but no individuals … ‘yet’


 4/12/16  5:00 PM  New Report Shows The US Is No Longer A Democracy,
                             It's An Oligarchy.

X22 Report       Recap & 36 Minute Video

4/12/16  2:00 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Projection of Fulford Report.

If we assume that everything Benjamin Fulford stated in his report dated 4/11/2016, then this is what we are left to assume and project at this point:

1. There will be no WWIII anytime soon. If the international part of the U.S. Military is now funded by the BRICS, then the military no longer needs to wage war for a living. They will be paid to sit on the bench.

2. A Military coup Is now possible in the U.S. Because of Number 1 above, the Pentagon officers that hoped to rule the world have now been taken under control somewhat by the BRICS. This leaves the continental military free to uphold its oath to the Constitution, and perhaps take control because of the crooked election process now in operation.

3. Gold backed currency can soon be issued by China. They recently moved up their time table to the end of this month for opening their own precious metals market, so that is the soonest it can switch its currency. I suggest they would at least run their exchange a week or two of debugging their system before doubling the market price of gold and silver.

Number 3 above will destroy the continental U.S. dollar, so prepare for it. It is assumed that the 3 month conversion of the dollar to the Chinese gold back dollar would be for the International Dollar only, but this is just my guess.

4. Unless otherwise told, it is assumed that the 188 countries are amputating the cancerous remaining dozen countries aligned to the U.S. in its destruction of humanity. Therefore, prepare your family for the chaos and change to ensue here in the U.S.

4/12/16 1:30 PM   Why the Silence on Ted Cruz Sex Scandal?
                              Michael Rivero - April 11, 2016.
30 Minute Video

4/12/16 11:30 AM     The Probability Of The Economic Collapse
                                Happening This Year Is Increasing:
                                Chris Martenson.
Sgt Report Interview     30 Minute Video

 4/12/16  9:30 AM    Note From Jim:   Server Down

I posted the full Ben Fulford post last night by ACCIDENT and the web server was overwhelmed by the number of hits.

For all you godless children I have had to correct my ways. Sorry for the inconvenience.

                             IN THE MEANTIME, Based on what Ben said, I am suggesting that showtime begins

                                in two to three weeks with the take down.

 4/11/16  8:30 PM     Ben Fulford Report:    Federal Reserve Board and US dollar will
                                                                  be hit by financial Armageddon if
                                                                  Asian gold offer refused.   Ben Fulford

 4/11/16  5:00 PM     Yellen And Obama Have Closed Door Meeting
                               As The Economic Recovery Illusion Disintegrates.

                                         X22 Report     Recap & 40 Minute Video

 4/11/16  1:00 PM    Biden Proclaims Ukraine's "Success" As
                             Prime Minister Resigns Over "Artificially Created" Crisis.

4/11/16  1:00 PM   Economic Collapse Is Erupting All Over The Planet
                           As Global Leaders Begin To Panic.
Michael Snyder     Article

4/11/16  9:30 AM    FLASHBACK - Debunking the "The Saudis did 9-11"

Comment by Michael Rivero:Last night CBS "60 Minutes" (the same show whose executive producer admitted editing their story on [the rape of] Jennifer Flowers [by Bill Clinton] to discredit her and help Bill Clinton win the White House) tried to shift the blame for 9-11 onto Saudi Arabia (after helping put the blame first on Afghanistan and later Iraq).

But Saudi Arabia did not have their agents arrested at the scene after being seen cheering and dancing as the towers came down; Israel did. And Saudi Arabia didn't have a motive to commit 9-11; Israel (and the US) did.

CBS did not mention the arrested Mossad agents, or the numerous scientists and engineers who insist the World Trade Center, especially building 7, were brought down in controlled demolitions.

You need to make this article go viral all over the net, or we are going to see another war started against an innocent nation.” Article

4/11/16  9:30 AM   GOP Convention rigging exposed: Pirro and Trump
                             rip apart Republican Establishment, dual monarchy.

Whatever happened to your vote matters?” “[…] not since the American Revolution has the ruling class tried so blatantly and so hard to take away our vote.”    Article

4/11/16  9:30 AM    Jim's Rant For The Day.    Concussion

I watched the movie Concussion this weekend. It is based on the true story of a Nigerian pathologist who discovered the human damage done to football players as a result of thousands of traumatic head bangs in the sport. It was an excellent drama which I highly recommend.

The reason I mention the movie is not because of its entertainment value but as a mirror to our world. The story depicts the personal tragedy to the good doctor for telling the truth. After publishing his findings in a medical journal he was visited by the FBI for committing mail fraud by using the FAX machine for distributing his medical thesis, which was obviously a fraud because it was not believed by the American Football associations. I point this out because it is clear the we live in a Fascist country now that is controlled by major corporations that now control the government alphabets such as the FBI to do their bidding.

If you still find it hard to believe that our country is controlled just look at our current election system, As Dr. Phil would ask, “How's that working for you?” We have come all the way around to where we first began, the American Revolution. That war was fought because the British government took our currency away from us, destroying our economy, and made us use their Central Bank with a currency they owned and controlled to enslave us. That war was also fought because the people had no say in the elections of the leaders. Small world, isn't it?


                              COLORADO DELEGATES No voters needed.  

4/11/2016 8:30 AM   Colorado Trump Delegates Scratched From Ballots
                               at GOP Convention – Cruzers Listed TWICE


4/11/2016 8:00 AM  Deutsche Bank Says World "Past The Point
                              Of No Return" In The Default Cycle.    

4/11/2016 8:00 AM  Trump erupts as Cruz sweeps Colorado without votes.


4/10/2016 9:00 PM  If Everything' s Fine...Why are there 2 Emergency
                               Closed Door Fed Meetings Tomorrow?     Bix Weir Today

4/10/2016 9:00 PM   Editorial From The International Reporter-
                               WW3 Buildup In the Last 12 hours.     Article



4/10/2016 7:00 PM    Note from Jim:

I just watched the 60 Minutes episode on the 28 pages. I stand by my comment last night that the article was a stunt to force Saudi Arabia to steer clear of Russian dealings and to keep Saudi Arabia as a vassal state to the Petro-Dollar.

4/10/2016 503 PM    Austria Just Announced A 54% Haircut Of
                                Senior Creditors In First "Bail In" Under
                                New European Rules.     

4/9/2016 10:30 PM    60 Minutes to Report on 28 Pages Said to Link 9/11,
                                   Saudi Arabia.

[To air Sunday night, April 10th.  

I suspect that this is the much expected attempt by the Cabal to place blame on Saudi Arabia and away from Israel and the U.S. & its alphabets. I assume this is being done to take the wind out of Sanders and Trump questioning 9/11.]       Article


4/9/2016  6:30 PM   Our Corrupt, Fascist Government EXPOSED —
                                Jason Burack            
                                        Sgt Report Interview    
32 Minute Video

4/9/2016  11:00 AM     US Delivers 3,000 Tons of Weapons, Ammo
                                to Al-Qaeda & Co in Syria.

Comment by Michael Rivero: “Okay, follow me on this:

1. Al Qaeda (we are told) is our ENEMY in the War on Terror.

2. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war is the
    legal definition of treason.

3. The US Government is guilty of treason!“      Article


4/9/2016  9:00 AM   The World Economy Has Stopped Growing And
                                Is Headed Into A Depression: David Stockman

X22 Interview     20 Minute Video

4/9/2016  7:30 AM  "The Greater Depression Has Started" -
                                  Comparing 1930s & Today.         

4/9/2016  7:30 AM  1956: "America Peaked Back Then And We've
                               Been In Decline Ever Since".    

4/8/2016  6:00 PM    Ron Paul Warns "The Conflict Between
                               Government & Liberty Is At A Boiling Point".   

/8/2016  5:00 PM    Sounds Like 2008, The Fed Sees No
                               Imbalances In The Economy,
                               Not Forecasting A Recession.

X22 Report     Recap & 27 Minute Video

4/8/2016  8:00 AM   Note From Jim:

We begin our Spring planting today.   Because of the economy, we decided to plant all of the cash crops this year: Pot and rolling papers.

4/8/2016  8:00 AM   Puerto Rico Bonds Crash After "Moratorium"
                               Raises Default Risk.     

4/8/2016  8:00 AM Fed To Hold Closed, Unexpected Meeting
                           Under "Expedited Procedures" On Monday
                           To Discuss Rates.    

4/7/2016  4:00 PM   SOROS FUNDED PANAMA PAPERS.....
                               it has backfired on him!
                                                         4 Minute Video

4/7/2016  9:00 AM     Venezuela Declares Every Friday
                                 A Holiday To Conserve Electricity.     

4/7/2016  6:30 AM   Puerto Rico Deals Horrendous Blow to
                              Wall Street — Suspends All Payments
                               On Public Debt.      

4/7/2016  6:30 AM    Full Ben Fulford.      Ben Fulford

4/6/2016  6:00 PM  The Demonization Of Gold Is Being Used
                             To Keep People From Acquiring It.

X22 Report      Recap & 33 Minute Video

4/6/2016  3:30 PM    18 U.S. Code § 2071 - Concealment, removal, or mutilation

[States that if anyone mishandles classified information
they are forbidden from holding government positions.]    Link

4/6/2016  3:00 PM    Panama Papers: This Is Who They’re Really                                 
                               Out to Get and Why They Published Them Now.

4/6/2016  12:30 PM   Note To Readers:

As you know, the main IRS building in D.C, suffered a fire in its basement on Friday and will be closed the rest of the week as a result. Michael Rivero has built a donation button on his website for them. He was the first to donate a gallon of gasoline. Please help.

4/5/2016  6:00 PM   The Planned Leaked Panama Papers Are Being
                                Used By The West To Push Specific Agendas.

X22 Report      Recap & 39 Minute Video

4/5/2016  12:30 PM   Note From Jim:

We do all of our Spring planting this Friday and Saturday so I am busy being a farmer. Therefore, I am behind in researching all about the Panama Papers. But I suspect that the U.S. Banksters are desperate for a new profit stream and so what better way of being a Pirate than by forcing all the cheaters to cheat in the U.S.? Imagine the catch when the banks do a bail in, not to mention all of the blackmail charges before the bail-in! Now the Cabal has all of the lower class minions by the Yen Yang while holding their wealth. Gee, I wonder why no Westerners have been named in the Panama Papers?

4/5/2016  12:30 PM   Panama Papers: Iceland's PM resigns
                               over offshore tax haven revelations.  

4/5/2016  12:30 PM    Head Of "Transparency International" In Chile Resigns
                                 After "Panama Papers" Revelations.   Article


4/5/2016  10:30 AM   The US Becoming World Tax Haven?
                                 Michael Rivero - April 4, 2016.
Goddard Report
25 Minute Video

4/5/2016  8:30 AM     'Everything Is Being Sold' -  Smart Money Selling Soars,
                                 Now In 10th Straight Week.      

4/5/2016  8:30 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.    Clunks, Trends and Forecasts.

This article is about the Bo Poiny interview yesterday in which he predicts the collapse of the world markets in August. In it he gives a most compelling math analysis that just cannot be denied or argued with. You can see the DOW going from 17,000 to 5,000 just as clear as ever; very sobering.

I went to bed intending to mark August on my calender. But when I woke up I kept hearing a “Clunk, clunk, clunk” sound. I realize I am only conveying words here but that sound was most real and familiar to me. Allow me to relay it to you.

When I was attending night school I recall reading a most difficult article, struggling to follow and hold on to it. I realized I couldn't focus because my wife had the dryer going and it was out of balance, producing the “clunk, clunk” sound in a predictable pattern. I think she had washed a kitchen rug that was doing it. That was a natural sound resulting from pure household dryer physics that was irritating me.

This morning it hit me that Poiny did the math correctly in his analysis, correlating into all the historical market data points, except for one thing. Are the data points natural or manipulated? If you believe that the stock market is manipulated then you are betting if the magician will continue his act or drastically change from the lulling pattern hitherfore. Will he choose to zig or zag?

Because Poiny never mentions any of this I assume he assumes the market is doing its “natural physics” and is not manipulated. Therefore, I have to discount his basis of prediction, although I do feel the collapse is quite near.

4/5/2016  7:30 AM    Less Holy Kids.     Article

4/4/2016  8:30 PM    COUP D’ETAT: The Banks RULE The United States —
                               John Titus.
SGT Interview       40 Minute Video

4/4/2016  6:30 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day. Bull Pen Warm Up.

In case you missed it, House Speaker Paul Ryan paid homage to Israel to get its permission to be our next president, starting in June. Trump signals a collapse by the end of the year. It is going to be a long hot summer.

4/4/2016  5:30 PM   US & Turkey Shift Plans And Begin To Destabilize
                                 Relations Between Armenia & Azerbaijan.

X22 Report      Recap & .3 Minute Video

4/4/2016  5:00 PM  Iceland Protesters Gather In Front Of Parliament
                             Demanding PM Resignation
                            [over Panama Papers]: Live Webcast.    

4/4/2016  3:30 PM   Panama Papers And Biased Reporting-
                              Who Benefits?      

4/4/2016  3:30 PM    Corbett Report: What I learned about the Panama Papers.

                                                   Great Overview  15 Minute Video

4/4/2016  10:00 AM Ben Fulford Blurb: Decisive attacks against
                                                  Khazarian mafia unfolding in Poland,
                                                  Turkey, Washington DC, Japan.  
                                                                     Ben Fulford

4/4/2016   8:30 AM    Bo Polny – Biblically Bad Economic Crash Coming.

                                      From Greg Hunter   
[Very compelling indication of a major market crash by August.]

32 Minute Video

4/3/2016   9:00 PM    Frontal Attack on Bad Guys Electronic Wealth Begins.
                                                Bix Weir Today

                               BECOMES NINTH CONSTITUTIONAL
                               CARRY STATE.         
2 Minute Video

4/3/2016   1:00 PM    THOUGHT FOR THE DAY!

"[Nearly 70% of the military budget] is to provide men and weapons to fight in foreign countries in support of our allies and friends and for offensive operations in Third World countries .. Another big chunk of the defense budget is the 20% allocated for our offensive nuclear force of bombers, missiles, and submarines whose job it is to carry nuclear weapons to the Soviet Union... Actual defense of the United States costs about 10% of the military budget and is the least expensive function performed by the Pentagon..." --
         Rear Admiral Gene LaRoque, U.S. Navy retired

4/3/2016   12:30 PM  Dear Jim,

Your post this morning was first published in 2012, but you give your readers the impression that it was just published. You still haven't changed. You don't seem to research anything. You just seem to post whatever frightening article you can find. - Dan

Response: Thanks Dan. My apology to the readers. I still do not see a date on the article, but then again I am almost blind at this time and am not perfect like some, and yes, I do post scary things because that is what is sometime happening, scary things.  But that is just my opinion.


                                ABOUT TO BREAK ON OUR ECONOMY,
                                AND WHEN IT DOES, THERE’S GOING TO BE
                                A MAJOR DISRUPTION OF THE DISTRIBUTION
                                OF FOOD.                  Article

4/3/2016   10:30 AM  False flag alert raised to red!
                               Neocons running scared.    
Veterans Today.
                                       Excellent   60 Minute Video

4/3/2016   10:00 AM  Stanley Druckenmiller: "This Is The Most
                                Unsustainable Situation I Have Seen In My Career".

4/3/2016   10:00 AM  The Ascension Mysteries Have Been Solved!

                                        David Wilcock           Article

4/2/2016   11:00 AM     Wikileaks Reveals IMF Plan To "Cause A
                                  Credit Event In Greece And Destabilize Europe".

4/1/2016   5:30 PM  The Central Bank Is Losing Control Of The
                               Manipulated Recovery.

X22 Report     Recap & 41 Minute Video

4/1/2016   9:00 AM      SO, WHERE IS THE COLLAPSE? — Bill Holter

     [The new Chinese ABX Metals market will open April 19th.]

                                          SGT Interview       32 Minute Video

4/1/2016   9:00 AM    Market Breaks - AMZN, GOOG Trading Suspended  
                                          On NYSE ARCA.    

3/31/2016   8:00 PM   Olympics In Doubt As Brazil Sports Minister
                                 Quits, Rio Governor Says "This Is The Worst
                                 Situation I've Ever Seen".

[The world's economy is good but this summer's Olympics may be canceled.]       Article

3/31/2016   6:00 PM     Checkmate, Putin And Assad Out Maneuver The US In Syria.

                                                    X22 Report       Recap & 46 Minute Video

3/31/2016   6:30 AM   Full Ben Fulford.      Ben Fulford

3/29/2016  9:30 PM   Short list of countries that advise to not travel
                                 to Turkey: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, France,
                                Germany, Slovenia, Israel, New Zealand, Australia,
                                China and Russia.
Short list of countries that
                                advise to not travel to Turkey: USA, Canada, UK,
                                Ireland, France, Germany, Slovenia, Israel,
                                New Zealand, Australia, China and Russia.  


3/29/2016  7:30 PM     MSNBC Host Admits Democratic Primary
                                  Rigged, While Station Simultaneously Rigs
[Joe Scarborough]        Article

3/29/2016  6:00 PM   US & Turkey Are Now Implementing The Next Plan,
                                  And Something Big Is About To Happen.

                                                         X22 Report       Recap & 37 Minute Video

3/29/2016  11:00 AM    Pentagon Orders Hundreds Of Military
                                       Families To Evacuate Turkey.

Has the US finally had enough of its "ally" Erdogan?”  Article

3/29/2016  10:30 AM  THOUGHT FOR THE DAY!

"Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of ... [Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness], it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government."   - Thomas Jefferson

3/29/2016  10:00 AM  Why Isn't Cruz Suing National Enquirer Over
                                 Cheating Claim? Michael Rivero - March 28, 2016.
Must Hear  25 Minute Video

3/29/2016  9:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.     Bifocaled Bat.

This one is personal. I told you several months ago that I got the kiss of death from my eye doctor. I have had two sets of cornea grafts over the years and he said that glasses no longer helped me and not to come back. I could tell that my vision was deteriorating week by week and just accepted that the prognosis given to me at age 25 that I was going blind was now becoming a reality. I have a giant computer monitor with the print extra large and still have to read with my nose only four inches away from it with the light causing tears. It is harder and harder to keep up with the reading. Although I wear bifocals, I am blind as a bat.

Some dear friends gave me a wake up kick-in-the-ass to get a second opinion. Yesterday I saw a cornea specialist. He said, “Yes you are blind. Can I show you the door?” I couldn't even read the big “E” with the right eye and am 20/200 in my good eye, but with double vision. He didn't say how bad that really is but did ban me from using their parking lot.

My grafts are as healthy as the day I got them but at this time I have two separate problems with the eyes. Cataract surgery with an extra step should get me back to excellent vision in both eyes. The first surgery is at the end of April. The only bad news is that he did not comment on if I will ever be able to see my penis on a cold morning.

I instantly liked the doctor the minute he came into the exam room. I liked him even more when I got home and read his bio in the packet. Among other things it said, “. . . enjoys LSU football . . . Geaux Tigers!

3/29/2016  7:30 AM     Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media
                                  Is Completely Fake: "We All Lie For The CIA".

3/29/2016  6:30 AM    Less holy kids.     Link

3/28/2016  6:00 PM     The Central Bank Is Losing Control Of The Economy
                                    As More Indicators Point To A Collapse.

                                                   X22 Report               Recap & 37 Minute Video

3/28/2016  12:00 PM   Ben Fulford Blurb:  Khazarian Satan worshippers
                                                               now exposed for all to see.

                                                                                       Ben Fulford

3/28/2016  6:30 AM     Does The United States Still Exist?   Article

3/27/2016  6:00 PM    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Assurance For Insurance.

Let's do a simple comparison between today's Ben Fulford video and yesterday's Jeff Nielson's Video.  We will assume that you believe what they are both (impossible) are saying is accurate.

Fulford says that hopefully the good guys will win and that the Fed Reserve will fall, our government will print its own currency bringing massive wealth back into the country quickly, and we will have sanity and world peace. In contrast, Nielson says that there must be a collapse very soon, the chaos may be for a long time, probably accompanied with a civil war, and whether or not the Cabal ends up in charge afterward remains in question. That pretty much sums it up.

Here is the question that ran through my mind when I read Fulford today. Because he says we are near to heaven and wealth, should I continue to preach “prepare for chaos?” If we spend a lot of cash and energy preparing won't we look awfully stupid if Fulford is correct?

I have always been a believer in matching the risk with the gain. Let's do it together here. The extreme detriment is that of long chaos in some manner and we are not prepared – a death blow to our family. Therefore, the gain of preparing is survival, a very high gain. And the risk, or cost, for that possible gain? It is extremely low if Fulford is right and the economy brings us sudden wealth, because we will have much more income and wealth to cover the meager prepping costs we expended. Therefore, the risk is low.

So here we have a high gain, low risk decision. This is one of those opportunities the universe gives us that I have never been able to turn down. If we make all decisions weighted like this one it is a guarantee of success for each of us in our endeavors. I trust that this will give you the assurance you need to continue to insure your family's survival.

3/27/2016 12:00 PM    Utah Sheriff to BLM: “I Will Deputize Every Man,
                                 Woman and Child to Stop Feds”.
Dahboo7     4 Minute Video

3/27/2016 9:00 AM    Note From Jim:

There are times when I feel Ben Fulford Is serving us pure fluff and filler. However, I do agree with all of what he says in the interview below, especially the part that our economy can be turned in six months if we abandon the Federal Reserve dollar and print our own currency. Unfortunately all of this still leaves us today between heaven and hells so prep for hell, even if just temporarily, just in case.

3/27/2016 8:00 AM    Dear Jim:     Must Hear

Ben Fulford gives a pretty good summary of WW3 on 4 March, formerly behind a paywall but free as of 19 March. 

     Must Hear  28 minute Video     Jeff



3/26/2016 9:30 AM   Jeff Nielson "Warning: The US Economy Is Projected
                                To Crash In The Next 2-3 Months".

                                                         X22 Interview   EXCELLENT 34 Minute Video

3/25/2016 9:00 AM   ISIS Terror in Belgium, Syria Peace Deal on Hold,
                              US Fights ISIS in Iraq, Clinton Email Update.
Greg Hunter     24 Minute Video

3/24/2016 5:00 PM   The US Government/Central Banker Economic Recovery
                                Illusion Is Coming To An End.

                                                 X22 Report       Recap & 37 Minute Video

3/24/2016 9:30 AM     SUPER SHEMITAH: Elite's Jubilee Year Plan
                                 to Crash World Economy by October 2016
32 Minute Video

3/24/2016 7:30 AM    Note From Jim:

I may be wrong about this but feel its time to mention it. I feel that the Main Street News Media has changed course three days ago and will now give Donald Trump the same treatment it is giving Bernie Sanders, that being no television coverage at all.

This is very frightening to me because in order to keep it up, the Cabal must continue to herd us with more fear based false flag events.

3/24/2016 7:00 AM    Full Ben Fulford:        Ben Fulford

3/23/2016 7:00 PM   Keiser Report: Warnings from Confucius.

                                            23 Minute Video

3/23/2016 5:30 PM   The Plan To Cover Up This Economic Collapse
                                  Has Been Put Into OverDrive.

                                                     X22 Report        Recap & 43 Minute Video

3/23/2016 11:00 AM     IN THE WAKE OF BRUSSELS ATTACK —
                                  THE US QUIETLY ADMITS TO THEIR OWN
                                  ACT OF TERROR THAT KILLED 42.

Comment by Michael Rivero:So, in order to prevent anyone who was not an ally of the US or the Afghani puppet government from receiving care, even though they had no weapons once inside the hospital grounds, the US military destroyed the hospital entirely.

No wonder the Saudis have felt that they could bomb hospitals with impunity in Yemen; after all, they had the precedent set by the US military in Afghanistan!!”    Article

 3/23/2016 10:30 AM   The Central Bankers And Corporations

                               Are Running The Country:   John Titus

                                            “We will either go into revolution or slavery.”

                                        X22 Interview      32 Minute Video

3/23/2016 7:30 AM     Less Holy Children:     Link

3/22/2016 8:30 PM    Reserve Bank of India’s Governor Calls for
                               Abandoning the Global Monetary “Non-System”.  

3/22/2016 5:30 PM    It Has Begun, The Plan Is In Motion.  
                                          X22 Report     Recap & 38 Minute Video

3/22/2016 9:30 AM   Donald Trump Works His Magic on a Frustrated AIPAC.

Comment by Michael Rivero:I know a lot of people are disappointed that Trump told AIPAC what AIPAC wanted to hear, but nobody gets elected in this country without AIPAC's approval and Trump knows this.

Rather than be upset at Trump I think it is time for all Americans, 300 million strong, to stand up and say the time has come for Israel to get the hell out of OUR country. We are fed up with Israel controlling our government. We are fed up with Israel controlling our media. We are fed up with Israel controlling our banking. We are fed up with Israel controlling our police. We are fed up with Israel looting our money. We are fed up with Israel;s constant war-making that our children are expected to fight and die in. We are fed up with living in "Palestine West!"       ” Article

 3/22/2016 9:30 AM    January 2016 – Donald Trump Warned Brussels,
                                 Belgium – The New York Times Mocked Him For It…

 3/22/2016 6:30 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:   Something strange happening
                                                       around Antarctica as negotiations for
                                                       new financial system.    Ben Fulford

3/21/2016 5:30 PM    As The Syrian Peace Talks Begin To Break Down,
                                US & Turkey Prepare The Next Plan.

                                                       X22 Report       Recap & 34 Minute Video

3/21/2016 3:00 PM   New Tech Shows Why You Can't Trust Anything
                               You See on the News , MUST SEE VIDEO
                                                         7 Minute Video

3/21/2016 2:00 PM  Global Economic Disaster Scenarios!
                              What Have You Done to Prepare? 
From The Money GPS

                                      Must See 4 Minute Video

3/21/2016 1:00 PM    Dear Jim,    Trump In Person.

You know I live in Tucson and attended the Trump rally here in Tucson yesterday.  As a caveat back in 08 I attended a Obama rally as an interested Independent voter. He was vowing to end the war, re instate Glass Stiegall, he was the first viable black candidate for POTUS so I attended his rally out of pure curiosity and personal interest. I got about 35 feet away from him off the stage and I managed the same with Trump yesterday. When you get that close to someone you actually can get the vibe of their energy field, what they radiate, for lack of a better word, "Spiritually" 

Obama radiated the aura of a clammy dead fish, at least that's the vibe I got from him. The persona of a pick pocket. Trump radiated an aura of a angry military commander, it was very Impressive. Like Mel Gibson playing Wallace in Braveheart.

I sill believe if Trump is elected, he could actually be another tool for the cabal, and a continuation of terrible presidents, and he could be the worse ever. Sometimes I feel what I'm seeing unfold is a classic mass psychological operation for the people to willfully elect and consensually choose their next dictator. I saw it unfold with Obama, sometimes I think I'm seeing the same thing with Trump, but then that feeling fades because I do see something genuine and truly pro American and anti Zionist. Even though he is addressing AIPAC today. With that said, he seems to be anti Zionist because many are boycotting his attendance because he is openly for Palestinian human rights. But if he is for real, and truly is what he says he is, he will be the best president in a hundred years.

My gut feeling about Trump as I've said before is he's backed by the military and white hat FBI CIA and other Alphabet agencies. The protesters are terrified of him as well as the media, and establishment for the obvious reasons. I do feel that even if Trump looses the general election, the behind the scenes special interests are going to push him  through to the white house and his policies like building a wall, deporting illegals and repealing NAFTA are literally going to be shoved down the throats of the American people like medicine of a convulsing patient. A positive timeline Trump presidency is going to be ruthless and cold blooded for the re establishment  of the Republic, and in the end the trendy liberals will be glad for it.

Yesterday was a circus, the protesters were spewing vile hatred at the people entering the conventions center to hear Trump. Truly disgusting people, some obviously trucked in from Chicago via George Soros, who by their very nature would love to see  the Republic fall and be replaced with a communist dictatorship of Agenda 21 multi cultural cesspool like what's happening in France and Germany. Our Military and White Hats in Government behind the scenes see the writing on the wall. And what my gut tells me is it's payback time for 911 and the Republic. Lookout!

Hope your well, love your blog    Michael


3/21/2016 11:30 AM   If Hillary Isn't Indicted, The Rule Of Law
                                & The Republic Are Dead.           

3/21/2016  9:30 AM    Rob Kirby — Coming Revelation Will Drive
                                  Gold & Silver Dramatically Higher.
By Greg Hunter
                                                          30 Minute Video

3/21/2016  6:30 AM   Fight 981 Kills CIA Money Launderer - William Mount

                                                                 5 Minute Video

3/20/2016  12:30 PM     Trump Rally Protesters are Rent-A-Mob t
                                   Sabotage Him - Michael Rivero of
17 Minute Video

3/20/2016  9:00 AM     Four Million Muslims Killed in US-NATO Wars:
                                      Should We Call It Genocide?.   

3/19/2016  4:00 PM  Media’s Global Anti-Trump Coverage Proves the Matrix Is Real.

                                                    14 Minute Video

3/19/2016  8:00 AM   MUST WATCH: The Veneer of Justice in a
                                 KINGDOM OF CRIME.   
32 Minute Video

3/18/2016  6:00 PM   Fear In The Economy Reaches An All Time High,

                                     X22 Report       Recap & 30 Minute Video

3/18/2016  1:00 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Irretrievably Broken.

In order to be granted a divorce, the plaintiff must first declare that the marriage is “irretrievably broken”. Just what does that term mean? Outside of Family law, I have never seen it used. I understand what “Broken” means: destroyed, non-repairable, gone. But the first time I saw the “irretrievably” in front of it I had to stop and analyze it the same as I am doing now. What I finally came up with was, “You ain't never gonna get it back again.” The magic is gone.

A lot of news is breaking these days, mostly financial bad news at that but also the election stuff. Then there is a new version of Jade Helm operating under a non-descriptive name, to operate thru June. But alas, I have been remiss in posting most of this news. Why? Because I am sick of it, I am sick of reading it; sick of analyzing it; sick of troubling you with having to spend your family time reading it. In short, I am sick of it.

We all want to know how much longer we have to endure the agonizing suspense as to when the tulip we are holding on to as we hang over the collapse cliff will give way. Will the Elites be able to stall off for another year or two or is it eminent? I don't know, I wish I did.

All I can say for certain is that everywhere I look I see systems that are ALL irretrievably broken. There are times that I believe it is all by design and that the Cabal Elites are crashing the entire world so they can move their flag (and our military) from our sinking ship to Israel and the Middle East to sit on the oil wealth there. That might explain why countries around the world are falling like us. I just don't know. But again, what I do know is that all systems are irretrievably broken, including capitalism. Brace for changes.


3/17/2016  10:00 PM    The Gloves Are Off: Trump Accuses Hillary                  
                                Of Being "Involved In Corruption For Most
                                Of Her Professional Life".    Article

3/17/2016  8:00 PM   Roger Stone, Trump Insider, Tells How Trump
                                Will Absolutely Destroy Hitlery In the General Election.                                                                    
10 Minute Video

3/17/2016  7:00 AM    Full Ben Fulford       Ben Fulford

3/17/2016  7:00 AM   Turkey's Erdogan Goes Full-Dictator:
                                 Designates Journalists And Teachers               
                                  As "Terrorists"; Arrests Lawyers.   

3/16/2016  7:00 PM     Rubio’s Exit Leaves Trump With an
                                     Open Path to 1,237 Delegates.    

3/16/2016  6:00 PM   Everything Is Awesome Right Before
                                 The Entire Economy Collapses.

                                    X22 Report       Recap & 38 Minute Video

3/16/2016  6:00 PM    Escape the Debtor’s Trap Set by the Elite.
                                   David Quintieri     Excellent 
30 Minute Video

 3/16/2016  4:00 PM    "We Choose The Nominee, Not The Voters" -                                      Republican Party Split Looms.       Article

3/16/2016  10:00 AM   How close is Donald Trump to the GOP
                                 nomination? Here’s our real-time tracker.  

3/16/2016  10:00 AM   Note From Jim:

A reader sent me a link that shows half of the remaining Republican
primaries are Winner Take All.   Link

3/16/2016  8:30 AM    The Market Looks A lot Like 2008, Which Means
                                 Only One Thing A Crash: Craig Hemke

X22 Interview with “Turd” Ferguson     33 Minute Video

3/16/2016  7:30 AM    Largest U.S. Coal Producer Skips Interest Payment,
                                  Warns Of Bankruptcy; Stock Crashes.    

3/16/2016  7:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day. Unless States Suicide Themselves.

The Main Street News talking heads are backed into a corner after last nights voting. They no longer deliver the news, their former bread and butter, but now are paid to push the politics of the elite. So all of their revenue for the year is to continue to call, in very slow motion, the horse race. Their motto now is “Drag It Out.”

Here is my opinion. We are told that Trump now enjoys a 54% rating in national polls. Correct me if I am wrong here, but all states remaining are win-all-delegates states now; no more splitting delegates. None of Trump's advisories have a home state advantage anymore. All of this means that right now, Trump will garner at least 54% of the vote while his advisories will split the balance of the remaining 46%. This on average, leaves Trump with a 30% lead in future voting.

The talking heads are not going to say this as they are still trying to sway the voting to stop Trump by a controlled stalemate. But I can certainly say it. Unless the remaining states commit suicide, Trump will win them all and the nomination.

3/15/2016  5:30 PM    The Central Bankers Continue To Manipulate
                                 The Economy As It Contracts Into A Collapse.

                                                         X22 Report       Recap & 39 Minute Video

3/15/2016  3:30 PM   Voters In Florida Unable To Vote At Polling Places
                                  Because Of Technical Issues
[fraud].     Article

3/15/2016  3:30 PM    FLORIDA FIASCO: TRUMP 'LEFT OFF'
                                 BALLOTS, GLITCHES, AND HIGH TURN-OUT.

3/15/2016  7:30 AM     Less Holy Kids      Link

3/14/2016  6:00 PM    Turkey Invades Syria And Digs In To Create A Safe Zone.                                               X22 Report  Recap & 39 Minute Video

3/14/2016  3:00 PM    Tommy DiMassimo, the man who jumped Trump's
                                  stage in Dayton, is an ACTOR!           

3/14/2016  2:00 PM   Putin Orders "Main Part" Of Russian Army
                               Out Of Syria As Peace-Talks Resume.  

3/14/2016  1:00 PM    Putin Orders Russian Forces Out of Syria.

The Russian president said Monday his goals in the war-torn country have largely been achieved.      Article

3/14/2016  11:00 AM   Gerald Celente Predicts “The Panic or 2016″….
                                “They are devaluing the currencies around the world.
                                Would you want to hold euros while they are
                                 devaluing them? That’s why people are going
                                 into gold. . . .It’s collapsing in front of us.
                                 Their deal isn’t working. . .

                                       Interviewed by Greg Hunter   23 Minute Video

3/14/2016  11:00 AM    In Germany, The Far-Right Promises To Chase
                                   Merkel "To Hell" After Stunning Victories.    

3/14/2016  10:15 AM  Ben Fulford Blurb:   Indonesian president to visit Holland
                                                                to talk gold with P2 Freemasons.
                                                                                 Ben Fulford

3/14/2016  9:30 AM    Trump Rallies Reveal Increased Tensions
                                Among Americans As This Nation Plunges
                                Toward Civil Unrest.    
Michael Snyder  Article

3/13/2016  4:00 PM    The Defense Of The Oligarchs:'s 
                                 "Simple & Utter Brutishness"    

3/12/2016  3:30 PM  Nassim Taleb Sums Up America's Election
                                 In 17 "Black Swan" Words.

"People are not voting for Trump (or Sanders). People are just voting, finally, to destroy the establishment."       

3/12/2016  11:30 AM    Dear Jim: Regarding Trickster Season.

I think it's both.  Neither Hillary OR the GOP Elite can beat Trump without dirty tricks.  The GOP Elite may marginalize or eliminate Hillary's competition then swing the GOP votes her way and the establishment still wins.  Some say this is the end of the fake 2 party freak show.  The Hegelian Dialectic continues.

I read an article over a year ago that suggested Trump would be running interference for Bush who was already known to be a very weak runner. Trump would be scripted out leaving Bush to fill in.  Since Bush-Rubio-Cruz are not viable then Hillary will suffice for Plan B - see above.  I wish I had saved that article.

The split between old and new school factions within the establishment becomes more visible every day.  Either way, outsiders cannot gain entry to the club until top down corporate bankruptcies sufficiently weakens the Babylonian Money Magic that is strangling the planet. 

3/12/2016  10:00 AM    North Korean Submarine "Goes Missing" During
                                 "Largest Ever" US, South Korea Assault Drill.    

3/12/2016  8:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Trickster Season.

It always begins in the spring, doesn't it?

The season began at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. How fitting. Mayor Richard Daley declared Martial Law, doubled the police on the streets, called out all the firefighters and had 2,000 National Guard troops. The opposing side was thousands of “Yippies”.

I read a case about that night in Criminal Law. I recall that about 3,000 persons were arrested and locked in a football coliseum and processed the following day.

At processing time, no one knew who was arrested, what they were arrested for, who arrested them and what the evidence was. A year later all convictions were overturned due to unlawful arrests. It was all just a game.

I am sure we all remember the movie, All The President's Men, about the two reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Burnstein, who traced a story down, as provided by a White House insider referred to as “Deep Throat”. That story led to the illegal collection of money from the elites, and Richard Nixon's re-election campaign using it to fund a former group of college buddies now attorneys to cause “dirty tricks” in the election process. The funds caused ballot stuffing, slander of opponents, something known as “the Watergate break in”, and lastly, the funding behind the Chicago Democratic Convention riots. Of course, all of this got Nixon re-elected but he later had to resign because he was indeed a crook.

But what most of us may not be aware of is the Congressional Investigation done on the activities. One young lawyer was knee deep in learning all the ins and outs of what Nixon's thugs did to win the election. However, that attorney was fired from the commission because she was found to be too dishonest. That attorney was Hillary Clinton herself.

But why keep a good thing for yourself? All that was learned from 1968 was exported by the CIA all over the world since then in toppling governments not to the liking of the U.S. empire, such as the Egyptian Spring and all the other Springs in the Middle East and South America. So how fitting it is that it now appears to have blown in to the U.S. as the Elites fight for their remaining power.

Nixon knocked out all of his competition so that he would be up against Walter Mondale, who he knew he could beat. Then he destroyed him at the Democratic Convention by letting the people watch the riots instead of the convention speeches. Is this what Hillary is up to? She knows she can't beat Trump but she can beat Rubio and Crux, as they are not eligible to run for President in the first place! Or is this the GOP Elites trying to stop Trump? You decide.


3/12/2016  6:00 AM   Prominent Russian ex-official who was beaten
                                to death in his D.C. hotel room was in fact
                                 the founder of Russia Today (      Article

3/12/2016  6:00 AM  Trump Cancels Chicago Speech After Violent
                               "Make America Hate Again" Protests Erupt - Live Feed

                                                          Article and Video

3/11/2016  6:00 PM  Dear Jim: Regarding your Rant Brainstorming. go, Jim, beach balls and all~!

Loved your "Brainstorming" rant…
good idea in not allowing "deflating" statement -
contrarians.  Since all is energy, the idea is to keep it flowing,
not restrict, harbor etc. 
You know, often, the first words quickly out of
a persons mouth when in a group setting (or even just 2 people),
brainstorming, are the best because they came from the gut, intuition
and/or from the ether, etc.  The information was not filtered by our
monkey minds which most often are restricting.  This is why often
"two heads are better than one"… because each mind is
coming from a different facet of the challenge.  Not a single soul
has experienced everything in the physical, thus each individual
(body, mind, soul) is limited, but the one that is tapped in the
unified field is closer to working answers because "the solution
is out there". 
...Once a body steps back and sees all of earth
and, all the while knowing what is "going on" in creating
the total sum, both good and bad, it all makes the world go round, as
they say.  Yin needs yang, up needs down, bad needs good etc... 
I liken it all, this existence, to a log jam -
we've people working on the various areas (we call life) and in time,
where it finally lets loose, it is anybody's guess.  There is no
reason to point out faults when good work is being done, especially
some people who are seemingly the only person doing specific work -
their total lifetime primed them for today's needs.  At times, it
only takes one in a million per a task, and boy oh boy, people have
no idea the power of one.  Meanwhile, I periodically write people and
cheer them on because energy begets energy.  Although one is
powerful, 3 logs quickly make a successful fire. *grin. 
Sending the very best~!     cj 

3/11/2016  6:00 PM    Obama To Push TPP Which Will Push The US Into A 3rd World Country.

                                                            X22 Report     Reap & 37 Minute Video

3/11/2016  3:30 PM   It’s Not Just the Corrupt, Cronyist Republican Party
                                 That’s Imploding–the Corrupt, Cronyist
                                 Democratic Party Is Imploding, Too.          

3/11/2016  12:00 PM     RIGGED DEMOCRACY – NEARLY 10% OF
                                    DEMOCRATIC PARTY SUPERDELEGATES ARE

Comment by Michael Rivero:The fix is in here, folks. Unless Hillary Clinton is indicted, or is dealing with a seriously debilitating illness, she will be the Democratic Standard-Bearer at the convention this year, and will be the Democrat's candidate for President.

The only person who could possibly beat her, decisively, would be Donald Trump; yet the Republican establishment, in their panic to preserve the status quo, is desperately trying to figure out how to cut him out of the electoral process as their candidate.

If Cruz or Kasich gets the nomination, Clinton will nail either one of them handily to the floor, in stiletto heels, and we will have yet another toxic Clinton presidency through which we need to survive.

Should Clinton win/steal this election, here will be more wars; more wealth inequality; more offshoring/outsourcing of jogs, and we will be dealing with yet another President bought and paid for by the multinationals, who think that their financial gains, under such a presidency, are their "divine right".”    Correct   Article

3/11/2016  12:00 PM


3/11/2016  10:30 AM Jim's Rant For The Day. Brainstorming

I gave a short talk at our last Fall=Back Farm membership meeting regarding brainstorming. It was in conjunction with how we would strive to reach consensus as much as possible, so that most of us would be in agreement with most of our decisions.

In regards to brainstorming, consider it like a beach ball thrown out to a rock concert crowd. The goal of the crowd is to keep it up in the air as long as possible, not to deflate it with a knife. In a brainstorming session, ideas should be accepted by the group and not immediately shot down. It is better to say, “The okra idea would be great if it didn't leak gasoline.” then to say, “the okra idea is stupid because it leaks gasoline.” The first comment keeps the ball in the air even though it points out its weakness but at the same time allows for the weakness to be cured. Otherwise, the idea is totally squashed as a failure.

The second key step in brainstorming is the ownership of the idea. The group must operate as the owner of the idea, not the person who presented it. Once Bob suggests the okra idea, it is then owned by the group. Bob no longer has his ego in it. Bob should never be attacked for presenting the idea, as “This is another stupid idea of yours, Bob.” The idea should never be referred to as “Bob's idea”. It is now the “Okra Idea.”

James Madison once said, “There is no such thing as a false idea. There are just some ideas better than other ideas." We need to remember this when brainstorming. They are just ideas to be thought about, considered and analyzed. That is all they are. Even the ones we consider “bad” are helpful in shaping our thoughts about other ideas.

I recall reading a book titled The Invasion Of Northern Europe. It chronicled all the planning that went into the WWII invasion of Normandy on D-Day. One group of planners hit the wall in their problem of supplying gasoline for all the tanks that would be landing on D-Day. Normandy had no sea ports. It would be a week before a floating wharf system could be constructed there for off loading supplies. But during that week prior to the wharf, the tanks could not be refueled and would be worthless when they were needed the most. It was a hell of a problem. In jest, one of the planners in England said, “It's a shame we can't just put a longer hose on the gas pump across the street.” That's exactly what they did. The last ship in the invasion armada laid a long rubber hose on the sea floor. It pumped gasoline six days before it ruptured.

My point in all of this is that I sometimes put ridiculous or controversial articles on the blog. I am just throwing a beach ball out there. Go easy on me. There are still several groups trying to restore the Republic. There is still a Cabal trying to remain in control. There is still a financial collapse that appears to be unstoppable. There are still massive changes left for us to experience. We need a safe and peaceful place to brainstorm all that is going on around us, otherwise our communications break down.

3/11/2016 8:00 AM    Etai Friedman: The End of the Debt Supercycle –
                                 Colossal Market Crash Ahead!.    
37 Minute Video

                               EDGE OF A MASSIVE GLOBAL FINANCIAL
                               MELTDOWN – Gregory Mannarino
12 Minute Video

3/11/2016 6:30 AM   Dear Jim,

 Just my two cents on your recent articles concerning the Restoration of the Republic. For over six years I've been following the news on the Restoration of the DeJure Republic and I've read literally scores of these blatantly phoney disingenuous and deliberately disinforming articles. Frankly one of the reasons I started reading your blog was a move away from Crack pot sites like Rumor Mill News. You have always had a good bead on the curating relevant news as we Slowly move back towards the re establishing of our Constitutional Republic. These reports that "any day" some RV will happen and blah blah blah never fails to turn my stomach, why, because the truth of the matter is the White Hats keeping the ship afloat know one important key variable, in order to truly Restore the Republic the people/sheeple  must be allowed to suffer and choose a higher path. Slowly through the suffering of being fucktsards the sheeple are awakening, that's why I love Trump, he's helping to awaken some of the dipshit masses. He will be a good President if he holds true to his word and isn't a stooge for the Cabal. Right now it's 50/50 my guess. But there will never be a magical over night restoration of  the Republic like these really bad reports say and frankly I wish you would use a bit more discernment and allow Rumor Mill News to post this trash and you just keep on being a blog with great integrity and insight. Yours Truly Michael

Response: I agree with you. That is why I warned twice to Use Discernment. I gave the article about a 1% probilibity myself. But the analysis was fun, wasn't it?

 3/10/2016 6:30 PM   Cabal to Dump the Washington USG Corporation?

This is a must read folks!    Article

3/10/2016 5:30 PM      US Now Planning Massive Air Raids In Libya.
                                      X22 Report     Recap & 37 Minute Video

3/10/2016 4:00 PM   Ted Cruz, A Bush By Another Name.   Article

3/10/2016 2:00 PM  Dear Jim, since u printed the fall of Rome article,
                               I thought you might print this as well. I was calling bogus
                                until I read it. Popcorn for sure!    

Alexandra Meadors and Mike Harris with Veterans Today
 are attempting to confirm the Ryan/White House story.
                       Article      Lana

3/10/2016 11:00 AM   RV Intelligence - The Fall Of Rome. [Use Discernment]







                              [Use Discernment]      Article

3/10/2016 8:30 AM     The Economic Bubbles Are Leaking And
                                   Once They Pop, Game Over: Wolf Richter.

X22 Interview        EXCELLENT  29 Minute Video

3/10/2016 6:30 AM   Note From Jim:   OOPS.

I am temporarily blind from a lifelong eye disease.  I have double vision from irregular shaped corneas.  It is difficult for me to use the computer.  I hope to regain my vision at the end of the month by possibly going into hard contacts.  In the meantime, I accidentally wiped out the news history on this page.  Fortunately no harm was done as it was all bad news anyway.   Sorry.. 

3/10/2016 6:30 AM   Full Ben Fulford        Ben Fulford

3/9/2016 6:00 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day. Bush Plan “D”.

Hijack the Ted Cruz campaign by offering money. Place your embezzlement experienced banker son on the campaign to control the money, knowing that he who controls the money controls the candidate. When Cruz wins the nomination name Jeb Bush as Vice President running mate. When Cruz is elected president, assassinate Cruz yielding another Bush White House.

3/10/2016 6:30 AM  Note From Jim:     Neil Bush

Neil Bush, Jeb's brother, was named Financial Director of the Ted Cruz campaign. In 1988 he caused the insolvency of the Silverado Savings and loan, during the Savings and loan collapse. He “embezzled” but was never charged with a crime by lending hundreds of millions to his business partners for oil speculation. I believe he was in business with the Ben Laden family.

When a solvent business merges with a failing company, it is the practice for the solvent company to place a relative on the failing board to control the finances, thus controlling he entire business there.

Therefore, it can be said that Ted Cruz is now under new management. Just ask Ted today, “Who's yo daddy?”