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9/23/16  7:00 PM    MOVIE SET PRODUCTION: 2 Views Of Killary Collapsing
                            Into Van On 911: First, Onto The Driver's Side, The Other,
                            From the Passenger's.   
Must See  8 Minute Video

9/23/16  6:00 PM   OCTOBER SURPRISE Comes Early: Clinton and Obama
                           Revealed As Co-Conspirators, Irrefutable FBI Evidence
                           Proves Cover-up Of Classified Info Exchanges.

Obama had a special email handle by which classified info
  was sent to Clinton’s personal email, Obama knew about
  Clinton’s unsecured home server.”   

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton conspired to set up the home server and her private email account in order to transact secret business completely outside of the purview of the American people and the media.  That business was so sensitive because it was patently unlawful … just like Iran-Contra was, just like the Iraq War was, just like the Libyan War was, just like the Syrian War was.”
— Longtime Democrat Insider and Political Operative 
Must See  Article

9/23/16 5:00 PM  Senate Committee Asks General about “No-Fly Zone”
                         for Syria; Reply “Would require us to go to WAR . . . with Russia”.

9/23/16  2:30 PM    Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 9. 23.16
41 Minute Video

9/23/16  2:00 PM  The Myth of Authority.

[We are awake.  This is why we are on the "cusp of revolution."]    

            Must See      Correct 18 Minute Video


9/24/16   11:30 AM   How to See the Gun in the Keith Scott Shooting Video
                             - Best Evidence! 
Excellent Analysis  14 Minute Video

9/24/16   10:00 AM     Breaking: Marine Batallion Ordered Back To
                         Base In NC....Is Soros/ Charlotte Riots Going
                         To Expand?     

9/23/16   6:30 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day.    Me and You.

Today I was reminded of Bill Cosby's first comedy album, in particular his Noah routine. For you whippersnappers, it was about god commanding Noah to build an ark which Noah agreed to do knowing of the impending flood. At the end of the skit Noah is telling god off because of the lack of help from god. Noah was complaining of his wife being on his back, being ridiculed by all that knew him, being sued for blocking his neighbors driveway and of having to round up all the animals by pairs. Then he pointed out all the animal crap in the bottom of the boat that Noah was having to clean up and that he was quitting the work. Suddenly there was a loud thunder and Noah acknowledged that it was raining. Then Noah meekly said, “Yep, me and you lord, all the way.”  

That is what I thought of when I saw today that Ted Cruz just endorsed Trump. Cruz knows what is about to happen. “Me and you, all the way.”

9/23/16  6:00 PM  Still Report #1205 - Angry Hillary Clinton -
                          Was it Another Parkinson’s Flare-Up
                          Quinnipiac Poll.     
3 Minute Video

9/23/16  3:30 PM   Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump: "After Many Months
                               Of Prayer I Have Decided I Will Vote For Donald Trump".

[Need more proof that Hillary is going down or IS to be "assassinated"

in front of the cameras Monday?]          Article

9/23/16  3:00 PM   Top General warns Hillary Clinton is psychotic.

“US General Michael Flynn warns that Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President and Commander and Chief of the United States and is mentally unstable.”
                               8 Minute Video

9/23/16  3:00 PM   Central Bank of Indonesia has been CONFISCATED
                           by the UN-SwissIndo Group.
                           Is this the start of a trend?   

9/23/16  11:00 AM    Trump-Clinton Debate Rules Leaked:
                           90 Minutes Straight, No Step-Stool, &
                           No Coughing Breaks Allowed.    


9/23/16  10:00 AM  The Myth of Authority.

[We are awake.  This is why we are on the "cusp of revolution."]    

            Must See  Correct  18 Minute Video

9/23/16  10:00 AM   We fly - you don’t: US wants no-fly zone over Syria,
                          but only for Russia & the Syrians.
5 Minute Video

9/23/16  6:30 AM    Sovereign Citizen Training for Law Enforcement.
                                           14 Minute Video

9/23/16  6:30 AM  German Politicians Are Getting Nervous
                        About Deutsche Bank.      


Sgt Interview       28 Minute Video

9/22/16  5:00 PM     BREAKING NEWS: Hillary aide Pagliano
                           found alive and well and on the run from Congress


 9/22/16  1:00 PM   Dear Jim: Must See.   Lana


9/22/16  12:30 PM   British Parliament Confirms Libya War Was
                            Based On Lies … Turned Nation Into a “Shit
                            Show” … Spread Terrorism
.   Article

 9/22/16  12:30 PM   FBI Director Comey Fails to comply with
                             order to produce Clinton docs gets
                            subpoenaed Tues 9/20!     

9/22/16  12:30 PM   Puerto Rico Blackout Enters Second Day -
                            Entire Island Of 3.5 Million People Without

9/22/16  12:30 PM   Monte Paschi Rescue On The Rocks:
                           Regulators Now "Expect Bank To Ask Italy
                           For Bailout".    

9/22/16  12:30 PM    Charlotte Is Burning: Waking Up From
                            The American Dream... Finally?.    

9/22/16  12:30 PM    In Dramatic Twist, Wells Fargo Said To
                            Retaliate, Fire Whistleblowers Who
                            Exposed Bank's Illegal Practices.   

9/22/16  12:30 PM     House panel votes to hold Clinton
                              tech aide Bryan Pagliano in contemp.

Comment by Michael Rivero: Has anyone seen this guy alive recently?”      Article

9/22/16  9:00 AM    Dennis Gartman: "We Are Entering The
                           “Zimbabwe-isation” Of The Global Capital

9/22/16  9:00 AM   Note From Jim:

Be canning till noon, IE  "Can I sneak off from this work detail without getting caught?".

9/22/16  9:00 AM    Dear Jim,

The media made the major criminal behaviors go away when they replaced it when headlining Hillary's so called health issues. Making health the main point, they wanted us to believe she was ill… I don't do "lemming" very well. I have to stand with not trust the MSM… so why do even the alternative news as a rule believe Hillary is sick, as the media wants us to believe. I stand with, "making her ill", people will feel sorry for her and away goes the corruption charges that should be major headlines.

Also, Cliff High's report says in Sept Hillary will not be running. She will be gone. Well… she is gone now, with body doubles and triples, as well as CGi, I feel confident Hillary is already out of the picture - heh, try and find her now to prosecute. LOL.. Also Clif mentions the cost of everything skyrocketing Sept-Oct. I say, no surprise October, (1929 crash) here we come. What came around is coming again, as all things are cyclical.

Fool me twice, shame on me. LOL :") CJ

9/22/16  8:30 AM    Dear Jim: Stand By.

From Neil Keenan yesterday  on FaceBook   Neil Keenan
       10 hrs · Plovdiv, Bulgaria ·

OK boys and girls the fun is about ready to begin...You know who the enemy is and you know who is creating all the problems in the US and mostly the Planet therefore isn't it time to start making their lives unberable like they have made ours. They have created laws to protect themselves and they have created organizations to usurp all the power..They have created our school systems to screw up our children and they are the drug dealers they have always warned us about. It is time to prevent them from walking with us. Make them aware that there are two sides to the street and we are walking on both sides so they best be careful. Death to them is nothing seeing they are never up front but it is time we look past their protections and make it our goal to secure our nations with our very own security. IT IS VERY NEAR THAT TIME. May god bless us all and this does not apply to the Mongrel Pope Francis.     Jeff L.

9/22/16  7:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Nine Month Expectancy.

So just what can we expect to happen the rest of this month? I don't know for you but I do know for me. This is what I expect to happen between now and the end of September.

Hillary will be a no show at the debates. Her motorcade will pull up and suddenly leave because of possible sniper fire, or her car will be in an accident or the driver will think the debate is in Boston, or if she shows up, a car wreck will take out the electrical power. The result will be that we the common folk will not know what the real score is until late Tuesday or Wednesday. This will buy them a few more days.

Russia has had enough of the U.S. in Syria. Sorry for the spelling of the U.S.? because I don't know if it is the U.S.? or the CIA. Frankly I am like Russia, I don't give a damn anymore. You saw yesterday where Russia sent a cruise missile into the cave where the U.S.? / CiA, Israel, British and Australian terror groups leadership/ military advisers were leading from, killing 30 of them. Then later after that Russia & Syria ended two rebel offensive moves. Yesterday evening Russia vowed to shoot down immediately any aircraft threatening Syrian troops. It is as close to all out Russia vs U.S. war as can be now. The next step is tactical nukes, which I understand Russia does not possess; they only have the real things. So for the next week keep your eye on Syria.

If you trust in Cliff High then watch for the bond market melt down, staring this week. I personally think we are about there myself. I see where silver rose about a full dollar the past two days. My guess is that the Cabal is bringing down the dollar now, which takes time.

I believe we will make it through September but the real crazy take down stuff will happen in October.

9/22/16  7:00 AM   Wall Street Goes "All In" For Hillary Clinton.

9/21/16  6:00 PM    WARNING: Russia Issues New “Rules of
                           Engagement” in Syria: Any Aircraft
                          Threatening the Syrian Army WILL BE
                          SHOT DOWN (US/Turkey/Israel in the

9/21/16  6:00 PM   Will The October Surprise Be More Shocking
                                 Than Everyone Expects.

X22 Report   Recap & 35 Minute Video 

9/21/16  4:30 PM  New York Post: FBI Agents Tell Us Lynch
                          and Clinton Struck a Deal on That Plane.  

                                  LAYING OFF DOZENS OF PEOPLE.    Article

9/21/16  3:15 PM     When Russia Called to Get US to Stop
                            Syria Strike, US Official Wasn’t There.

9/21/16  3:15 PM  Note From Jim:

Hillary's Oh Shit Email Server tech now says he will cooperate with the FBI.

FBI agents now say deal was struck on the tarmac between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch to not prosecute Hillary.

Russia appears to have run out of patience with the U.S. and now it is all out war in Syria as Russia is pounding away on terror groups.

9/21/16  2:30 PM   Obama Directs Secret Service to "Keep the
                           Press away from Trump" - allegedly wants
                           to reduce publicity for Trump in an effort to
                           help Hillary

                           by JAMES CORBETT      
5 Minute Video

9/21/16  2:00 PM     Russia Deploys Flagship Aircraft Carrier
                              To Syria Coast.  

9/21/16  11:00 AM   BREAKING: SAA and Russia Destroy Two
                             Al-Nusra Offensives as Ceasefire Collapses.  

9/21/16  11:00 AM   The US Government Just Ran Out Of Plans
                             In The Middle East, War Is Inevitable.   Article

9/21/16  11:00 AM   He Didn’t Bomb For Nothing: Kosovo Granted
                                    General Wesley Clark Coal Rights.     Correct Article

9/21/16  11:00 AM    We Are Headed For War - Paul Craig Roberts

                            30 TOP LEVEL AMERICAN, ISRAELI, AND
                            OTHER AGENTS IN A MISSILE STRIKE --
                            Jim Stone
      Must Read Article

9/21/16  10:30 AM  Secret Service Has Declared CNN To Be
                           A Security Threat, Bans Them From Trump's

9/21/16  10:30 AM   $195 Billion Asset Manager: "The Time
                             Has Come To Leave The Dance Floor".

9/21/16  6:00 AM   NYC ‘Terror’ Meant To Distract Public
                           From BIGGER NEWS.

V” the Guerrilla       17 Minute Video

9/21/16  6:00 AM  Dear Jim:    Northerners

Hope your not talking about us Canadians because our cats will eat your ass. Not just our pets but our cougars.  We choose not to have guns either. Big fan of your site but paranoia and fear is not part of mine or my fellow Canucks psyche. Want proof? Watch the Hockey World cup series. Canada snacks on the USA team.  Cheers and keep up the good work. Ron

9/21/16  5:30 AM   LOL Of The Day...Caught on Tape: Former
                          Fla Governor Says, ‘I Believe Hillary Is Honest,’
                          Entire Audience Bursts into Laughter.
Article & 1 Minute Video

9/20/16  6:00 PM  The Central Bank Is Preparing To Use
                                "Footnote 8" For The Economic Crisis.
                                            [Negative Interest Rates]

X22 Report   Recap & 36 Minute Video

9/20/16  5:00 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Yankees And Southerners.

I am probably going out on a limb here making generalizations, so I hope you will not be offended.

Being a slow Southerner I sometimes am asked what sets us apart from Northerners. Aside from the better cooking that we are accustomed to I would have to say “patience” is the next big separator. Northerners are impatient and like things kind of quiet and laid back. That is why a great many of them own cats instead of high maintenance dogs.

If a burglar approaches a Northern home they will hear, “Meow”, signaling it is safe to enter. Here in the South we tend to buy large Rottweilers. This is where the patience comes in, because you have to have a lot of it in order to teach a Rottweiler to go, “Meow!”

9/20/16  3:30 PM   With Trump Regaining North Carolina Lead,
                           Hillary Unexpectedly Postpones Local
                           Fundraiser "Without Reason".    

9/20/16  3:30 PM  Note from Jim:

The postings will be sparse Wednesday and Thursday mornings as I will be canning sweet potatoes.

9/20/16  1:30 PM  Clif High Update - Hillary May Be Dead...
                          [Hillary will miss the debate and then someone
                           will announce two days later that she is no
                           longer in the race.] 
       Must Hear 11 Minute Video

9/20/16  1:30 PM  There Is A National False Flag Alert 'Test'
                           Scheduled For 9/28 @ 2:20 EDT

[The Emergency Alert System will be tested.
 Note what Cliff High is saying about next week.]      Article

9/20/16  1:00 PM  East Coast Gasoline Prices Plunge
                          After Leaking Pipeline Bypass Completed.

9/20/16  12:00 PM   "Why Hillary Lost" - HuffPo Publishes
                               Stunning "Premature Obit" For Hillary
Must Read  Article

9/20/16  10:30 AM   Hillary’s Server Guy Admits He Was Told
                             To Hide Evidence From FBI.    Article

9/20/16  9:00 AM  Polls Show Trump Wave Is A Tsunami,
                         Trump Winning The Electoral College Taking
                         Lead In Many Key Swing States.     Article

9/20/16  9:00 AM   @HillaryClinton’s Email-Deleter Found
                           Online Asking How To Destroy Evidence,
                           Then Destroys Evidence Of It.   

9/20/16  9:00 AM  Interview With Charles Hugh Smith "The Entire
                                Economic System Is One Big Illusion".

X22 Interview    37 Minute Video

9/20/16  8:00 AM  Note from JIm:

Were all the New York non-bombing bombings just covering fire for the emergency U.N. meeting, held Saturday night, regarding the U.S. now actively bombing Syrian army positions in support of ISIS, a direct act of war?

9/20/16  8:00 AM   Syria Ceasefire Collapses: US Bombs Syrian
                           Forces, Assisting ISIS | True News

[Great Recap]  27 Minute Video

9/20/16  8:00 AM  Will Russia Surrender? — Paul Craig Roberts.

9/20/16  7:30 AM   Hillary Clinton Cancels Event in California,
                          Campaign Says Pneumonia is Back.    Article

9/20/16  7:30 AM    Dear FBI, This Is Intent: Hillary's "Oh Shit" Guy
                            Sought Reddit Advice On How To "Strip VIP's

9/19/16  7:00 PM    Is The US Government Preparing To Declare A National
                                  Emergency To Postpone The Elections?

X22 Report   MUST Read    Recap & 38 Minute Video

9/19/16  6:30 PM  Dear Jim,

There is something you didn't factor in today. The candidates are running for President of the US Corporation, which has defaulted. So, the elections could possibly be halted to bring in The Republic & disclosure. Perhaps I am an optimist but from all the leaks I'm hearing, of arrests quietly going on right now of the cabal by underground special ops & militia, that's what I'm betting on. Lana

9/19/16  6:30 PM  Dear Jim,

loved your synopsis of the Fulford report. Normally after I read a line or two of B.S. I tend to just tune out so I didn't squeeze nowhere near as much out of the report. I like Fulford, he's been right about a lot of stuff for a consistent basis, with a lot of information that just isn't even close. He is showing his bias for Trump is all, and whether the Chinese like him or not he's being set up to actually be a real strongman for the US, so whatever secret society Fulford represent obviously they would prefer us to have a douchebag pretty boy like Trudeau who didn't even recognize the 15 year anniversary of 911.

The idea that Fulford keeps pushing this idea is telling he's a bit more out of touch than I recognized.

Cheers!    Michael

9/19/16  3:00 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day. What Fulford Said But Didn't Say.

Alright everybody, just calm down and we will try this again! Remember Jim's Motto: Most newsletters are filled with disinformation as filler.

This is what Fulford said Ben Fulford but didn't say:

1. It won't be until next Tuesday before we know a little more about Hillary's status. That is because Tuesday is the day after she is to debate Trump.

2. If Hillary is out of the race the Cabal has just this week to control the take down. That is because by next Tuesday, if Hillary was a no show, the Cabal will have totally lost their propaganda machine completely, their last bastion of power over us.

3. The military is still in bed with the military industrial complex, trying to jockey for some world control.

4. If Canada's Trudeau becomes president of both countries, it means:

A. Immediate revolution in the U.S.

B. The U.S. just lost its Constitution,

C. It would take at about a year to do away with the constitution (legally). That means that if the election were stopped, the U.S. would have no leader after January 20th.

D. If a Military Coup stopped the elections, they would have to explain why they did when we still have three candidates on the ticket and a Hillary replacement is there now or could be selected. No explanation of the action taken just to stop Trump would be able to prevent a revolution.

E. If China makes a regime change in the U.S. we would then be at war.

THEREFORE. I call bullshit on the Trudeau section.           

So just what did Fulford say? In my words, “Keep your heads down, all shit is about to break out!”

9/19/16 2:30 PM    Bill Still Report #1199 – Donald Trump Hits 95%
                          Confidence Interval in Daybreak Poll.
3 Minute Video

9/19/16 1:00 PM   Syrian Ceasefire Collapses After Assad
                            Slams "Naked American Aggression".

9/19/16 1:00 PM  Commuting Nightmare Looms: NYC At
                         "Highest Alert Since 9/11" As UN Meetings
                           Get Underway.     Article

9/19/16 10:30 AM   Ben Fulford:  Hillary Clinton is dead, Bill on the run
                                                          as Clinton Foundation scandals finish
                                                          the DC crooks off.       Ben Fulford

9/19/16 8:00 AM  Deutsche Bank Extends Losses Near
                         Record Lows: "Significantly Undercapitalzied...
                         Even Without Bad Outcomes".    

SGT Report       5 Minute Video

9/19/16 6:30 AM   U.S., Israel Launch Airstrikes On Syrian
                          Government Forces - Directly Supporting
                          ISIS And Al-Qaeda.      

9/19/16 6:30 AM   US Desperately Pumps "Humanitarian"
                          Smokescreen For Failing Syria Ceasefire.

9/19/16 6:00 AM   Note From Jim:

Be alert; they are still keeping the press pinned down.

9/19/16 6:00 AM    Bomb Explodes At New Jersey Train Station
                          As Police Discover Five Explosive Devices.

9/18/16 7:30 PM  Heneghan - Prepare for the Unexpected! -
                         (MANUFACTURED TERRORISM "false flag"
                          operations) – 9-18-16


9/18/16 5:30 PM  CNN Edits Out Hillary's Reference To
                         NYC Explosion As "Bombing".   

9/18/16 4:00 PM   Bill Still Report #1197: Donald Trump Has
                          a Wide Open Path to Victory over Hillary
                          -Electoral College!   
MUST Watch  4 Minute Video

2 Minute Video

9/18/16 4:00 PM    Russia Calls For “Emergency” UN Security
                          Council Meeting Regarding US Bombing Of
                          Syrian Military.       

9/18/16 3:00 PM   Minnesota Mall Stabbing HOAX! U.S.
                         Government at War with 'We The People'.
4 Minute Video

9/18/16 2:00 PM    Note From Jim:       It's Converging.

They may have started taking down Duetsche Bank, thus the financial system.  Jim Stone suggests we are very near war with Russia.  There is only one week left before Hillary must appear to battle Trump.  Be prepared!

9/18/16 11:30 AM   Jim Stone: "I hate to say it, but it looks
                            like there might be war with Russia"...

9/18/16 11:30 AM   ISIS Claims Credit For Stabbing Rampage
                           In Minnesota Mall That Left 8 Injured And
                           Attacker Dead.       Article

9/18/16 11:30 AM   300,000 Join Massive Protests In Germany
                            Against US-EU Corporate Trade Deals.

9/18/16 11:00 AM   Attention President Duterte: You Are a
                           Dead Man! What Did He Do?     

9/18/16  8:00 AM   Note From Jim:

This morning I was planning on watching the Sunday morning screamers but now I don't have to. The national syndicated political weekly talk shows were my target to see what the said today regarding Hillary and the upcoming debate that I still do not believe she will be at. I wanted to see how the talk shows covered for he.

But it's ten minutes to start time and I don't even have to turn on the TV as the coverage today will be all about the New York bomb last night. Isn't it convent that it happened last night so the shows had time to fly in their terrorist experts?

9/18/16 7:00 AM     Jesse Ventura Just Shut down the
                            National Anthem Debate — for Good.
Article & 1 Minute Video

9/18/16 7:00 AM    IED Explodes In New York City;
                           29 People Injured: Bomb Was
                           "An Intentional Act" Mayor Says.     Article

9/17/16 7:00 PM    Russia Accuses US Of Defending ISIS,
                          After Pentagon Admits Coalition Jets
                          Killed 62 Syrian Soldiers.    

9/17/16 12:00 PM    Jim's Rant For The Day.  
                                                   Movie Trifecto:  Sully, Amerigeddon & Snowden. 

      Movie: Sully

This past Sunday I saw the above movie, about pilot “Sully” Chesley Sullenberger, who successfully crash landed his commercial flight into the Hudson river in 2009. The story is centered on what happened after the landing when he was investigated by the Feds (FAA) for reckless endangerment of his passengers.

The movie is most uplifting if you are feeling down. It re-verifies that the truth is truth. It stars Tom Hanks, has superb acting and is totally riveting. It is a must see.

       Movie: Amerigeddon

Thursday I received my DVD of the above movie. If you ordered a DVD, know that they are about a month behind in delivery. When they notify you of shipment expect in within 3 – 4 days.

For those unfamiliar with the movie be aware of this. First, TPTB barred it from being shown in the United States. Since it's release in March it has only been shown in four theaters in our country. The DVD is just now being released. Secondly, it is about the pending collapse of our Constitutional country into a total dictatorship and the destruction of the population.

It is easy to see why it was banned here. It gives the exact blueprint that the Cabal is carrying out now on the U.S. take down. It shows how U.N. troops are now staged here and the training being done by our military to carry out this plan. And it shows much more.

Please watch the first 45 minutes as that is where it all is. The rest saves the viewer from seeing the horror of what is about to be unleashed. It is pretty tame in that respect. Surprisingly, there is no foul language.

      Movie: Snowden.

Yesterday I saw the above movie about Edward Snowden, the man that released CIA information about how the NSA and CIA were spying of all Americans illegally and how Drones were killing innocent people illegally as well.

It was easy to understand why the Cabal censured the movie Amerigedden but as I watched Snowden I kept wondering why they allowed it to be released. Then I got it. The damage is done from Snowden's leak, but the damage from what is depicted by Amerigeddon is still a month away, so lets keep that one secret.

Snowden is deep, intense and at the same time boring as it's about gifted geeks out-programming each other. I was fortunate as I missed lunch before viewing it. My advice is skip your meal too so you can keep up. I rate this movie as a Must See as well. It is most uplifting.

As a side note, A friend came to my home yesterday morning to view Amerigeddon. When it was over she asked if anyone knew who any of the good guys really are? I responded, “Yes, some of them.” At the end of the movie my thought returned to her question, with my answer now, “Yes, and Edward Snowden is one of them.”    

9/17/16  9:30 AM    Why The "Hillary Disease" Corruption Threatens
                            Not Only The Credibility Of The DNC, But The
                            Existence Of The Entire USG As We Know It...

9/17/16  8:30 AM    Trump Widens Lead in Daybreak.

[Nationwide by 41%]

Still Report 1 Minute Video

9/17/16  8:30 AM   Something Strange Is About To Happen.

Will Hillary go away, by one means or another, [before the debate 9/23]? Will Senator Kaine or Vice-President Biden be brought in as the substitute candidate in Hillary's place? If so, under what unexpected circumstances? Will the debate actually go ahead, only to have the debate hall plunged into a power blackout, just as the debate begins? Will major warfare break out such that the presidential election is suspended? Will there be a catastrophic false flag attack that results in a national emergency, causing the debates to be canceled? Will there be a sudden, catastrophic crash of the financial markets, leading to a declared, national emergency that suspends the debates or even the election?

Or will the debates go forward as scheduled, only to see Hillary Clinton dramatically self-destruct in front of the watching nation and world, as her health, and her legal and political issues result in an epic, personal implosion on the grandest of all Shakespearean stages?"

               Excellent  Article  posted 9/7/16

9/17/16  7:00 AM   Allegations Of Fraud Surface Over "One Time"
                           Donations To Hillary That Occur Repeatedly.

9/16/16  9:00 PM    Note from Jim:

Sorry for the lousy and lateness in Rants.  I am exhausted from the news this week and an extremely wild day today.  I will try to catch you up Saturday.

9/16/16  9:00 PM    On This Day In Financial History.

[Lehman Brothers went bust in 2008 and in 1929 the stock market reached its peak.]   Article

9/16/16  9:00 PM    Why East Coast Gas Prices Are About
                           To Explode.  

[The gasoline pipeline serving the U.S. East Coast was shut down today. Three states have already declared state of emergency.]    Article

9/16/16  9:00 PM   A Dire Warning: "Someone Is Learning How
                           To Take Down The Internet".    

9/16/16  5:30 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day. Vacuum Packed Deutsche Bank.

Yesterday the U.S. Dept. of Justice fined the failing German Deutsche Bank $14 Billion for mortgage Fraud. In a minute we will dissect this sentence.

You know how us old codgers are, always having memory flashbacks. In writing the above the flash that went thru my mind was the first dirty joke my Mother ever told me. I was Twenty-three and driving her home from work. It was during the time of Nixon's Watergate problem. She told me that Mrs. Nixon went to the Gynecologist who discovered she had crabs. The doctor then consulted with her two partners about what to do. She said, “This is too difficult for me to decide on my own to tell the First Lady this. I can't just blurt it out.” So the three of them devised a plan. The doctor went back in and said to the First Lady, “Your water gate has been bugged!”

The DOJ can't just blurt it out either. The world knows that Deutsche Bank is probably the one that will take down all the banks. The DOJ does not work in a vacuum. They would not be the one to make that kind of a decision. Whoever arrived at the $14 Billion was also the one to decide to “sic 'em” at this time. This is a planned take down in my opinion, the same as the planned take down of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Be on the lookout, we may be having another Lehman Brothers weekend.

9/16/16 4:30 PM   People Are Beginning To Be Herded
                          Into Deradicalization Centers In Europe.

X22 Report   Recap & 40 Minute Video

9/16/16 4:30 PM   Note From Jim:

Just got in for the day. If my will let me, I have about five rants to post today and tomorrow. Stay Tuned.  In the meantime, keep your eye on Deutsche Bank, they may be in the process of pulling it and the banking system.

9/16/16 4:30 PM  Brandon Smith: The US Election Places Us
                         On The Brink, But The Entire Planet Is Also
                         Headed For Revolution As The Ugly Appears

9/16/16 4:30 PM  Hillary Did Not Appear In North Carolina.
Jim Stone. MUST READ Article and Picture.

9/16/16 7:30 AM  Deutsche Bonds "Dropping Like A Stone"
                         As 'Most Dangerous Bank In The World'

9/16/16 7:30 AM  Hillary Deflates? A Setback For War.  Article

9/16/16 7:00 AM   Chaos Has Never Been Closer: "Obama
                          May Suspend Election" If She Is Too Sick.

9/16/16 6:00 AM    US Futures; Euro Stocks Slide On Deutsche
                           Bank Liquidity Fears; Bonds Bid.   

9/15/16 7:00 PM  100% PROOF: The Debt Bubble Is Now
                         Running The Fed. By Gregory Mannarino.
                                                      7 Minute Video

9/15/16 6:30 PM   Deutsche Bank Slapped With $14 Billion
                           Fine By DOJ Over Mortgage Probe.

[Payback for the EU fining Apple $14 Billion?]

9/15/16 5:00 PM  The FED is Ready For The Collapse, More QE, NIRP &
                               Total Control Of The Economy.
                                         X22 Report    Recap & 36 Minute Video

9/15/16 4:00 PM  Note from Jim:

When I was in my 20s I worked in banking.  One of my duties was to buy and sell on the Overnight Money Market. Banks with too much cash sold, those short of cash purchased.
Our bank was associated with two others in NW Florida. I would call those banks and ask if they needed  money overnight, then make one large loan in all three of our names so we could get a group rate.

This is how it works.  Every Wednesday banks worldwide settle up with each other.  All books must balance.  If your bank is overdrawn you pay a hefty penalty.  So on Wednesday you would borrow to reach your cash requirement.  On Thursday, the lending bank would "Repossess " its loan - Thus the term "Overnight Repo" or simply "Repos".

When I did Repos, the most our group ever borrowed was $30,000.   When Lehman Brothers went under, I believe they were seeking almost a $1 Billion. But the bankers refused to lend to them as they feared they were going under. Now here we have one Japanese bank that is insolvent to the tune of $60 Billion!  We are indeed in a bazarro world now.

9/15/16  3:00 PM   Ammon Bundy Totally Vindicated and

9/15/16  2:30 PM  Gang Members Implicate U.S. Gov’t in
                          Dumping Crates of Guns in Chicago.
Article and Video

9/15/16  1:30 PM    The Fisherman. [Funny Story]    Article

9/15/16  12:00 PM   CLSA: "One Major Japanese Bank Is
                           Borrowing $60 Billion From Money Market

[In the financial world this is unheard of. There is panic in banks.]     Article

9/15/16  9:00 AM  Mexico Builds A "Wall" (And Guess
                          Who Paid For It).     

9/15/16  9:00 AM  Central Bankers Transition Into The Next
                          Currency Is Almost Complete.

X22 Report     18 Minute Video

9/15/16  7:00 AM    Note From Jim:

To all readers that have written me about Hilliary in handcuffs Sunday, I don't know.  It is possible that she was arrested.  It is possible that she was in a seizure and her arms were restrained to keep them from flailing around.  I cannot tell. 

If she was arrested, why would it appear to be by her own handlers, and she was placed in her own car?  I do not know.  Why risk a public arrest and possible shootout with her security team in a crowd?   Why hide her arrest and never announce it?  I do not know.

What I do know is that we must be looking forward to the next wave that is to hit us. That I know.  All of the rest of the details will flush out in time, but in the meantime we must look forward.

9/15/16  6:30 AM    Full Ben Fulford:   Ben Fulford

9/14/16  6:30 PM    "The Fed Is Planning For The Next Crisis,"
                            Ron Paul Warns Welfare-Warfare State
                            Collapse Looms.    

9/14/16  5:30 PM   Note from Jim:

With the release of all the information this week we now know exactly how many supporters Hillary has – two, one under each arm.

9/14/16  4:30 PM  Napolitano – Sen Grassley Has Seen What
                           The FBI Is Hiding, It’s Earth-Shattering.
Article & Video

9/14/16  11:00 AM  Germany Readies Internal War On Terror:
                           More Large Scale Attacks "Conceivable,
                           Even Probable".      Article

9/14/16  11:00 AM   Germany Shuts Embassies, Schools In
                         Turkey After "Acute Terror Attack" Indications.

9/14/16  8:30 AM   Keiser Report: US Elections Toxic Soap Opera.
25 Minute Video

9/14/16  8:30 AM   UPDATE: HILLARY DYING,
                          CENTRAL BANKS BUYING.  
                                  SGT Report    
6 Minute Video

9/13/16  8:30 PM   This Is How Much It 'Costs' To Get An
                          Ambassadorship: Guccifer 2.0 Leaks
                          DNC 'Pay-To-Play' Donor List.    

9/13/16  6:00 PM    The IMF Is Warning Governments About
                                   Rising Discontent Among The People.

X22 Report   Recap & 38 Minute Video

9/13/16  4:30 PM   "Oh Shit" BleachBit Guy Pleads The 5th Over
                                     Hillary's Attempt At "Covering Up Some Shady Shit".

9/13/16  12:30 PM                                  


9/13/16  11:30 AM   Doug Hagman--- Don't Be Focused On
                             Killery... The PTWB Are 5 Steps Ahead Of US..
                             Look At The Coming Consequences:
                             True Crisis Coming.

[Is the plan to create doubt about the legitimacy of the president in order to do away with the Constitution?  Is this the final take down? If in a hurry start at the 22 Minute mark.]

MUST HEAR    28 Minute Video

9/13/16  9:30 AM    Duterte wants U.S. troops out of southern

Comment by Michael Rivero: “Obama just lost his back door to war with China!”      Article

9/13/16  8:30 AM  Chaffetz To FBI Assistant Director:
                          You Are Hereby Served!

[Congress demanded all FBI files on Hillary.]

EXCELLENT  8 Minute Video

9/13/16  8:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  No Matter What's The Matter.

It has been fun serving you Hillary the past two days, but I am done. It's time to move on.

It doesn't matter what's the matter with her. It does not matter whether it was staged or not. It doesn't matter if she is alive or dead. Nor does it matter if it was Hillary or a double. All that matters is she is no longer in the running for presidency.

What does matter is that we have 60 days left until the election. The Cabal surely must be in panic in having to change horses in such a short time and after such a massive investment in a dead horse. They pumped the idea that the race was close or winnable by Hillary so they could steal votes from the machines, enough to win it. Now all that is up in the air with having to rebuild in just 60 days.

What matters is what is at stake. - future control of the earth, that is all. Let's face it, with so much riding for the Cabal, this is not a desirable place to be. The way I see it, they have three shots at it: Kill Trump, pour all of their money in and cheat like hell for 60 days, or stop the election. This is where we need to focus, not on Hillary's fallen slipper, as the slipper no longer matters.

Angela Merkel told the Cabal to go to hell and is hurrying Germany for WWIII to start on German soil. She and three other neighboring countries are quickly having their citizens stockpile food and water. Germany is considering arming the entire population and they are now once again conscripting for the army. Why the panic? Because the U.S. is staging many tank units in Germany, without their permission, for an invasion into Russia, that is why. Merkel is tired of being pushed around and wants the country's sovereignty back from the West. That is why the other European countries are also acting as they are right now. They have had enough of the Cabal.

So too here in America, The Cabal knows this. They are desperate. The people want their sovereignty back. Congress knows this. They are terrified now that their savior, Hillary, has fallen. She was the key to their not being arrested or hung. She has now either fallen or skipped out leaving her minions to hang in the air, so to say.

Continue to be vigilant and prepared. The next hurdle is the debate scheduled for September 26th. The Cabal may be forced to act by then. The financial collapse must occur soon; they no longer have the luxury of time.

9/13/16 7:00 AM   Children of a Lesser God.      Video

9/12/16 8:30 PM  Paul Joseph Watson shares an interesting
                         hypothesis on the metallic 'thing' that dropped
                         from Hillary's pant leg.     

9/12/16 5:30 PM  TPP/TTIP Has A Backup Plan, It's Called CETA.

X22 Report       Recap & 36 Minute Video

9/12/16 3:30 PM     Note from Jim:

Michael Rivero shares that Hillary was unconscious when placed in the ambulance, as evidenced by the shoe left behind and footage showing her right foot was extended. This may negate the “arrest” theory.

Rivero also says that one of her handlers was overheard telling Hillary to, “Squeeze my fingers”, a test for stroke.  The official weather at the time in Manhattan was 74 degrees with 42 percent humidity.

9/12/16 12:30 PM  Dear Jim,

Check out Jim Stones posts for 9/12 regarding what looks to him to be HRC arrest. It looks to me like her hands are clasped behind her as he sees it as well. Also the tweet at the bottom of ABC reporting her death. It's very intriguing & especially knowing Drudge had post a mysterious symbol on his website that something huge was going to go down that day, (obviously not meant for the general public). It's very intriguing! Lana                         Link

9/12/16 12:00 PM   The DNC Rules Are Clear If Hillary Drops
                            Out The Second Candidate With The Highest
                            Number Of Delegates Gets The Nomination.

                                   DROPS OUT?         Article

9/12/16 12:00 PM  The Saga Of The Dead Witch Crisis---

9/12/16 10:00 AM   Ben Fulford Blurb:   It is not over until we see the
                                                  911/311 perpetrators perp walked in front
                                                  of the world’s TV cameras.       Ben Fulford

                          CLAIMS FROM CRIPPLED HILLARY'S
                          DOCTOR.        26 Minute Video

9/12/16  9:00 AM   Hillary Faces A "Political Crisis" As Trump
                           Takes "No Satisfaction" In Her Poor Health.

9/11/16  8:00 PM    Hillary COLLAPSE At Ground Zero!
                           GAME OVER, Clinton! Parkinson’s Blackout!
18 Minute Video

9/11/16  7:00 PM   Note From Jim:  

Rumor has it that the Democrats have already selected a replacement for Hillary.  They selected Donald Trump as he is well experienced in running against himself!

9/11/16  6:30 PM    Democrats May Hold Emergency Meeting to
                           Consider Replacing Hillary Clinton - article
                           from The Gateway Pundit.    

9/11/16  6:00 PM   Risk Factors for Pneumonia among Patients
                           with Parkinson’s Disease.

Pneumonia is the leading cause of death in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD).”    Article

9/11/16 5:00 PM  HILLARY HAS PNEUMONIA.     Article

9/11/16 4:30 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Who Is Eric Snowden?

Today I saw the official movie trailer for Snowden, whose movie will be released this Friday.

According to the trailer, Snowden completed the 5 hour CIA exam in 38 minutes, 12% of the allotted time. According to Wikipedia, he missed nine months of high school due to mononucleosis. Rather than returning to school, he took and passed the GED. He then attended Junior college, skipped the last two years of a Bachelors degree and instead worked on an online Masters degree. Who is this man?

9/11/16 3:00 PM  The Race For President Is (Probably) Over.

9/11/16 2:00 PM     Note From Jim:

 Wouldn't it be ironical if Hillary's death blow happened when
 the liar was at a liar's fest?

9/11/16 2:00 PM    Mainstream Media Meltdown: CNN, WaPo
                            Front Page Chaos After Hillary Faints.

9/11/16 10:30 AM   Hillary Clinton Suffers "Medical Episode",
                           Faints While Rushed Away From Ground Zero:
                                    Fox News.    

9/11/16  9:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Tiger By The Tail.

There was a young lady of Niger
Who smiled as she rode a tiger,
They came back from the ride
with the lady inside,
and the smile on the face of the tiger. - Anonymous

My first introduction to tiger riding came from my Latin studies. It seemed that the only book written in the dead language was Caesar's journals of conquering the known world and making it an empire to serve Rome. As I recall, the book ended badly for Rome. So too did all the sequels to that book, as written by the Ottomans, Turks, Crusades, British, Napoleon, ET. AL. The last chapter never changed.

While we were being schooled in ancient empires we were distracted from the fact that our own country was bitten by the empire bug. But this time it was different. It was now more banking cartels and economic titans in nature more so than military in nature. Oh, don't get me wrong, there was a military side to it but it was mostly bluffing with atom bomb threats along with smaller skirmishes to scare all others into submission.

But now it appears that we too are coming to the final chapter. The problem is that those that have the empire tiger by the tail don't know how to turn it loose. The problem for the rest of the world is that they can retreat into a cave, pull a halyard and destroy all that is non-cave; a bold new ending to the book.

9/11/16  8:00 AM   The Era of Central Planning is Crumbling...
                           and the Elite Are Terrified.     Article

9/11/16  7:30 AM    Anonymous sends ‘Message to
                       the Citizens of the World’.

                                        Must Hear  Correct Article

9/11/16  7:30 AM  "This Is An Unbelievable Disgrace For
                           The Country" - Austria Stunned After
                           Symbolic Election Delayed.    

9/10/16  12:30 PM    Interview With David Robertson "This Is An American
                                   Warning, We Are Headed For Rough Times".

X22 Interview     43 Minute Video

9/10/16  5:00 AM   Central Banks Desperate, Expect Worldwide
                            Financial Armageddon.
Greg Mannarino
                                                 10 Minute Video

9/9/16  3:30 PM   The "Oh Shit" Guy That Wiped Hillary's Server
                         With BleachBit Was Just Granted Immunity.

9/8/16  9:00 PM    WELCOME TO DYSTOPIA: No Rule of Law,
                          No Honest Money — Jason Burack

[Right now in Valenzuela one ounce of silver will feed you for six months and one ounce of gold will purchase a house.]     28 Minute Video

9/8/16  7:30 PM  Clinton’s Debate With Trump Is In Doubt.
6 Minute Video

9/8/16  6:30 PM  DB Warns 35-Year Economic Super Cycle Is
                              Officially Ending.    Article

9/8/16  6:00 PM  Wells Fargo Fires 5,300 For Engaging In
                        Massive Fraud, Creating Over 2 Million
                        Fake Accounts.     Correct  Article

9/8/16  6:00 PM   Fed Wants To Bar Banks From Owning
                        Physical Commodities, Equities.   Article

9/8/16  5:30 PM   Auto Makers Are Caught Manipulating Sales Numbers.

                                              X22 Report Recap & 34 Minute Video

9/8/16  1:30 PM   Fed Tells Congress To Restrict Banks
                         From Buying Stocks, Commodities.   

9/8/16  12:00 PM   Shock NBC Poll: Trump (55%) Leads Hillary
                           (36%) By 19% With Veterans & Military Voters
                                 Sept. 7, 2016.        

9/8/16  9:30 AM    "It's Bordering Chaos": $14 Billion In Cargo
                          Stranded At Sea, Crews "Go Crazy" On

                          Hanjin Ghost Ships.     Article

9/8/16  8:00 AM  MSM afraid of RT as more people turn to its
                         common-sense reporting’ – George Galloway
                         on BBC report

9/8/16  7:30 AM   Matt Lauer Slammed By Mainstream Press After
                         Vet Tells Hillary "I Would Have Been
                         Imprisoned" If I Did What You Did.   

9/8/16  6:30 AM   Full Ben Fulford:   Ben Fulford

9/7/16  9:00 PM   Democrats Release Powell's Instructions
                        To Clinton How To Bypass State Servers,
                        While Warning Of Dangers.

we can now confirm that Hillary was well aware of the lack of security and the "real danger" before she made the decision to use a private email server.”     Article

9/7/16  7:30 PM   US spy planes intercepted near Russian border
                         had transponders off – Russian MoD. 

9/7/16  5:30 PM    "Clinton Foundation Is Charity Fraud Of
                           Epic Proportions", Analyst Charges In
                           Stunning Takedown.    Article

9/7/16  5:30 PM   The US Government Just Militarized The CDC.
                         X22 Report        Recap & 38 Minute Video

9/7/16  2:00 PM    MSM Panics Over Hillary’s Declining Health.
                                               21 Minute Video

9/7/16  1:00 PM   Election "Rigging" Tensions Rise With Questions
                             On Reliability Of Paperless Voting Machines.

9/7/16   12:00 PM  The MSM Is Abandoning Hitlery...
                           The Internet And Other ALT-Media Has
                           Made Her Pile Of Lies Too Huge To Bury...

9/7/16   9:00 AM Jim's Rant For The Day. It's All Just A Blur.

I know, I was wrong again with my warning about Labor Day weekend. On the surface it appeared to be a very quiet three days, but wow, has the news sped up at the same time!

Let's talk about the Main Street News Media first. Gretta Van Susteren appears to have left her job in disgust. Early reports were that she wanted to discuss Hillary's health but was not allowed to do so. This makes three news super stars that have been lost to “poor health issues”.

Then in Bill Still's report yesterday, he suggests that, “Rupert Murdock and his sons are suddenly backing out of the FOX News limelight, in the wake of loads of negative publicity, via the recent New York magazine piece.” Still goes on to suggest that Trump News will soon replace the failing news station(s).

The amazing fact about the suicide of the Main Street News Media is that they have been throwing themselves on grenades to shield Hillary from discussion of her health issues when this weekend we learned that she used her health as an attempted cop out for her crimes in the FBI interview. The news medias are dying for her and she cops out and rats on herself!

Next let us discuss the President of the United States. China snubbed him by making him slink down the back stairs of his plane while Russia and others all got the red carpet treatment at the G20. Then the President of the Philippines called his Mamma a hoar because Obama called out the Philippines for killing drug dealers there (which may include CIA operatives), in an attempt to end the drug business. Of course, this offended the Philippine president in that Obama himself is ordering the killing of innocent people around the world with drone strikes. Is Obama still the president of the world's super power? Is Obama still the president? Stay tuned folks.

Then we have the jumping rats. Let's face it, the U.S. has very few allies now. The last I checked we were down to Canada and the tiny country of Qatar. In the past two days Canada has asked to join the Russia / China banking alliance and Qatar has asked to ally with Russia.

Finally we have the Ben Fulford Report Tuesday. I believe that the majority of his report is accurate. I believe that the U.S. Military mutiny has gotten stronger. I believe that the 20% breakaway military in space, from my article, Humanity Awakens, has now joined in to take down the Cabal. This is evidenced by the destruction of the Facebook rocket launch and the two underground explosions, one in the U.S. and the other offshore of Jacksonville.

These major events are now happening so fast that it is all just a blur. One thing is for sure however, we are seeing our whole way of life changing before our very eyes. Again, stay tuned folks.

9/7/16  8:30 AM   Why were the Black Lives Matter protesters
                        at London City Airport all WHITE? Group
                        defends stunt which caused chaos for
                        thousands - claiming white people are
                        'privileged through racism'.      

9/7/16  7:00 AM   Career Criminal Clinton - Election Fraud
                     Report Says Dem Primary Results
                     ‘Invalid’ - Nothing will happen to the
                     criminal made of teflon.     

9/7/16  6:00 AM   Children of a Lesser God.     Video

9/6/16  7:00 PM   Greta Van Susteren Abruptly Quits Fox News.
Bill Still    Must Hear     2 Minute Video

9/6/16  7:00 PM  "Attempted Hit On Putin? Vladimir's Official
                          Car Hit In Head-On Crash, Driver Killed".

                                                DAHBOO777   - 2 Minute Video

9/6/16  7:00 PM    Goldman Sachs Bans Employees from
                          Donating to Trump.      Article

9/6/16  5:30 PM  Obama Provokes Russia With A Cyber War.

X22 Report    Recap & 36 Minute Video

9/6/16  5:00 PM   Guess Who Needs A Wheelchair?
15 Minute Video

9/6/16  4:00 PM     Wait Until You Hear This! This is How Bad
                          It Will Get, Soon (Dave Hodges Interview PT2).
32 Minute Interview

9/6/16  3:30 PM    Reader: Office of Treasurer of the United
                        States has been vacant since July 8.  Article

9/6/16  3:30 PM   Clinton Rejects Invitation To Visit Mexico.

[It appears that she is a “bubble girl” now.] Article

9/6/16  3:30 PM   Yesterday Greta Van Susteren asked people
                        on Twitter if she should make a segment on
                        Hillary's health. Today she abruptly left FOX.

9/6/16  3:30 PM   Quote For The Day:

"Hillary says it was not a coughing spell, it was a Russian hack." - Michael Rivero

9/6/16  10:00 AM   Note from Jim:   ". . . they were planning to end
                                                              Hillary’s bid for President."

9/6/16  9:30 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:   Khazarian mafia bosses offer to
                                                             return Tsarist gold to Russia in
                                                             exchange for shelter.     Ben Fulford

9/6/16  9:00 AM  Russia and Qatar sign military cooperation

9/6/16  8:00 AM    Explosion from Secret Military Test
                         Caused 3.8 Earthquake Off Florida Coast.
3 Minute Video

9/6/16  7:30 AM   CNN Stunned that Clinton Aide Destroyed
                        Mobile Devices with Hammers! 
2 Minute Video

9/5/16  8:00 PM    Ex-CIA Spy Calls For IRS & Federal Reserve To Be
                             Abolished, Electoral Reform Act Passed   Article

9/5/16  7:30 PM  Phillipine President Calls Obozo A "Son Of A
                        Whore" Over Obozo Criticizing His Savage
                        Attacks On Phillipine Drug Dealers...   

9/5/16  4:30 PM  Hillary Clinton Begins Labor Day Rally
                       With Coughing Fit!     
4 Minute Video

9/5/16  9:00 AM    Ben Fulford Report:    Ben says it will be posted Tuesday.

[Is something major going to happen tonight?  There are still rumblings of a RV ongoing.]

9/5/16  8:30 AM   History Will Recognize These Times as a
                         Great Depression.     
6 Minute Video

9/5/16  8:30 AM  Canada Joins AIIB! China U.S. Currency
                          War Really Heating Up!     4 Minute Video

9/4/16  9:00 PM    EXPOSED: The Elites Who Control Silver
                          & The World — Charles Savoie.
                               SGT Interview  
50 Minute Video

9/4/16  10:30 AM  HUMA FOR ACTING PRESIDENT IN 2017?

9/4/16  10:30 AM   After Snubbing Obama, China Gives
                           Putin Red Carpet Treatment, Warns
                           Against Protectionism At G-20.    Article

9/4/16  3:30 AM    CBS Tweet on Clinton Insider Quickly
3 Minute Video

9/3/16  6:00 PM    Hillary Promises To Deliver Regular Press
                        Conferences... On One Condition.

that she is president.”      Article

9/3/16  1:30 PM    Quickly Deleted Tweet Claims Clinton Staff
                         Quitting On E-mail Leaks And H Possibly
                         Dropping Out.

[Use Discernment.   Appears to have been posted by a CBS journalist following the Clinton campaign.]    Article

9/3/16  10:30 AM   Interview With Craig Hemke "When The System
                              Collapses We Have Been Conditioned To Accept
                              Whatever The Fed Says".
                                           X22 Interview   33 Minute Video

9/3/16  6:30 AM   Retired Green Beret Warns: "World
                        Governments Are Preparing For Disaster
                        And War".      

9/3/16  6:30 AM  FBI Insider Leaks All: Clinton Foundation
                       Exposed! Involves Entire US Government!.

9/2/16  8:30 PM   Note From Jim:

Again, what a week. This week Guccifer, the individual who leaked Hillart's Emails showing her crimes was sentenced to five years in prison. Meanwhile, all the employees of the Clinton Foundation were requesting Diplomat Visas, which are reserved only for State Department employees. Then on top of that, Hillary's server was wiped with BleachBit just six days after receiving a subpoena for Email records. So here we are with clear evidence that the State Department and the Clinton Foundation are alter egos of each other (a crime) and Hillary and /or her staff committed obstruction of justice.

The whistle blower goes to jail and the crook runs for president. Sickening, isn't it?

9/2/16  6:30 PM    The "Oh Shit" Moment: Hillary Wiped Her
                        Server With BleachBit Despite Subpoena.

9/2/16  5:00 PM  The New World Order's Secret Global Court Will
                            Rule Over The People & Governments.
                                     X22 Report     Recap & 34 Minute Video

9/2/16  3:30 PM     Smoking Gun? FBI Reveals Hillary Could Not
                          Recall Briefings Due To Concussion, Clot.

9/2/16  12:30 PM   Reuters Floats Disturbing Trial Balloon:
                         "The ECB May Be Forced To Buy Stocks".

9/2/16  10:00 AM   Note From Jim:

It's Friday and I felt I just had to share this one with you. Enjoy.
Jerry Clower – The maddest Man On Earth. 3 Minute Video

9/2/16  6:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Moms Mabley.

As you know, I am a member of a MAGS, Mutual Assistance Group Survival, group. We broke up our leadership to focus on six survival areas of concern. One of those Focus areas is Morale. We know that 25% of our members will withdraw from their anti-depressants, 100% will mourn their old way of life, and 33% will withdraw from cigarettes, liquor or drugs, and all of these will have to be cheered up. Then recently we realized that we all will have withdrawals from information input if the grid goes down; no more TV, radio or telephones. We realized that our biggest hurdle will be to increase members' endorphins to fight their depression. But how? They cannot run three miles a day to do so if they are nearly starving, nor can we get liquored up at happy hours. So what are we to do?

Our goal is to go through the chaos by mitigating as much suffering as possible. To restate that, we intend to experience our first true chaos experience with as much grace and composure to make sure it ends up more of a positive experience than a negative one.

As a case in point, I am reminded of what Moms Mabley said about her first airplane ride experience. After a few minutes past takeoff, her ears popped and she lost some of her hearing, so she told the stewardess. The stewardess told her to, “Drop your jaws.” Moms couldn't hear clearly and thought she said, “Drop your drawers.”, which she did. Moms said that was the most fun flight she ever had!

To increase the endorphins we will rely on laughter by filling up a one terabyte hard drive ($60) with stand up comedy acts. This thousand hours of recorded acts will include: Jerry Clower, Brother Dave Gardner, Andy Griffith, Redd Foxx, through Dave Chappelle, Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, and yes, Moms Mabley, the dirtiest comic I ever heard.

We will have the luxury of electrical power and ability to make some noise safely. But if you have to remain quiet, purchase a UBS extender strip and five pairs of cheap earphones. It may be dry but at least we will be able to look forward to a happy hour each day!

If you wish to help, send me a list of your favorite comics, albums or funny videos.  If you want a copy of our collection for your group let me know.    Email

9/2/16  6:00 AM   Pentagon Announce They Are Arming
                     Al Qaeda To Oust Assad.    

9/1/16  6:00 PM    Did Obama Create An Executive Order For
                             The Collapsing Economy?
                                    X22 Report   Recap & 36 Minute Video

9/1/16  4:00 PM   Can The “RIG” Survive an Economic War?
                                    Bill Holter Article

9/1/16  11:30 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Listerine Obit.

I grew up in a house with an eleven member family in it. My father was a real control freak over us kids when it came to not getting sick. He forbade it knowing one cold could infect the entire brood. If one of us came home with a cold all the rest had to gargle each morning with Listerine mouthwash because it advertised itself to prevent colds. Supper may have been a little lean some evenings but we always had a large bottle of half used Listerine as well as a full backup bottle in the bathroom. When Listerine lost a lawsuit in 1976 it started publishing a disclaimer that it did not prevent colds. I never saw another bottle in that home again. Nothing was ever said about it; it just was.

Michael Rivero keeps saying that, “the last official act of a collapsing government is to loot the people”. But what is the last official act of a dying industry, such as the buggy whip factories? How about the news industry? Now that one I believe I can help you with. If it's a newspaper, it publishes it's own obituary. And that is exactly what the New York Post did in an article yesterday. They published an obit for the entire Main Street news industry!

That Post editorial basically said that by their in your face attempt to force Hillary on the people they destroyed all of their own standards and set them up so that their businesses will all die after the election due to distrust. WOW! What a statement from the first to break ranks from the insanity. I don't feel sorry for them as they chose to go in that direction in the first place. The ones I feel sorry for are all the current and recent Journalism majors who are taught what was but ain't no mo'.

9/1/16  11:00 AM   Assassination or Death by “Natural
                       Causes”- How Will Hillary Leave the 2016
                       Presidential Race?

[Congress decides things]    Article

9/1/16  9:30 AM   Statement by the Press Secretary on
                        Postponement of the State Visit of
                        President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil.

The President has said that he understands and regrets the concerns disclosures of alleged U.S. intelligence activities have generated in Brazil and made clear that he is committed to working together with President Rousseff and her government”.

9/1/16  9:30 AM  US Manufacturing Crashes Into Contraction In
                       August, Election Uncertainty Blamed. 

9/1/16  7:00 AM   BOOM: Deutsche Bank Refuses Delivery
                        Of Physical Gold Upon Demand.  

9/1/16  7:00 AM    Nigel Farage Warns "The Establishment
                         Is Losing Control Over The People".  

9/1/16  7:00 AM   ALERT: FEDS TO STEAL 2016 ELECTION… &
                        CLINTON BODY COUNT WARNING.
SGT Report     4 Minute Video

9/1/16  6:30 AM   Full Ben Fulford.     Ben Fulford

8/31/16  7:00 PM  Why Is The DHS Preparing To Take Control
                         Of The US Election?    

8/31/16  7:00 PM  There Will Be A Failure In The Global Supply-Chain
                              As The Global Economy Deteriorates.
                                      X22 Report    Recap & 38 Minute Video

8/31/16  4:30 PM     Massive Cover-up: BLM leases Hammond
                         ranch land to Russia through Clinton
                         Foundation donors for uranium.   Article

                          BENGHAZI COVER-UP, IT’S CRIMINAL. Article

8/31/16  4:30 PM   Is Homeland Security Preparing To Take
                        Control Of The US Election?  

8/1/16  3:30 PM    Mainstream Media Admits It May "Never
                         Recover" From 2016 Election.  

8/31/16  3:30 PM   Global Supply Chains Paralyzed After World's
                      7th Largest Container Shipper Files Bankruptcy,
                      Assets Frozen.    Article

8/1/16  11:30 AM  A Candidate's Death Could Delay or Eliminate
                      the Presidential Election.    

8/1/16  11:30 AM  Obama's Former Doctor Says Hillary "Should
                      Have A Thorough Neurological Exam".  

8/1/16  9:30 AM    Finland Unleashes Helicopter Money In
                          "Greatest Societal Transformation Of Our

8/30/16  6:30 PM   What Life Will Be Like After an Economic
                          Collapse: “Things Just Get Gradually

8/30/16  6:00 PM   During A National Emergency Will You Be Able 
                              To Get Your Everyday Supplies?                             

X22 Report     Recap & 40 Minute Video

8/30/16  2:00 PM    Independent Polls – Trump 70% Plus.
                          Michael Rivero - August 29, 2016
18 Minute Video

8/30/16  1:30 PM    Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That
                          Rules Them? — Paul Craig Roberts.

8/30/16  7:30 AM    "The Americans Give Us Nothing": France
                           Effectively Kills TTIP, Calls For End To

8/30/16  6:00 AM  Turkey's New Relationship With Russia - And

8/30/16  6:00 AM   Children Of A Lesser God. Video


8/29/16  9:00 PM   What The Media Did Not Report: Here Is The
                         "Ignored" Part Of Kaepernick's Speech.

8/29/16  8:00 PM     Jim Stone: I Know Sorcha Is Disinfo, But I'm
                           Posting This One Because It Happens To Be
Must Read  Article

8/29/16  5:00 PM    Banks Are Preparing For A Nuclear Financial
X22 Report   Recap & 36 Minute Video

8/29/16  4:30 PM    HuffPo "Revoked Publishing Access" Of
                          Journalist After 'Hillary Health' Story:
                          "It's Orwellian...I'm Scared".     

8/29/16  3:00 PM    "Election Fraud Underway" - NBC Affiliate
                            Posts "Election Results" For Florida Race
                            That Hasn't Happened Yet.    

8/29/16  12:30 PM    Zbigniew Brzezinski, the perennial warhawk,
                            now advocates peace while the US news
                            media ignores him.

[Keep in mind that his daughter is Mika, Joe Scarborough's co-host.]    4 Minute Video

8/29/16  12:30 PM    European Banks Prepare For "Economic
                            Nuclear Winter".    

8/29/16  11:30 AM    US Slams Turkish Bombing Of American
                            Coalition Partners As "Unacceptable And
                            A Source Of Deep Concern".   

8/29/16  9:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Imagine The Pressure.

It's one thing to run a crooked game but something else to run a crooked game when you cannot think rationally, calmly or stay focused. Now imagine that you are Hillary Clinton's top aide, Huma Abedin.

Huma herself is being investigated along with Hillary. They are both up to their necks in the Clinton Foundation corruption. In fact, Huma was both an employee of the State Department and an employee of the Clinton Foundation at the same time. Huma was involved in the hiring of other Foundation employees. This places her right at the hub of racketeering. She has to focus and continue to cover for Hillary, who is appearing more and more to be loosing her mind to dementia. If Hillary succumbs to dementia, the legal system might at some time go after the next in line, Huma. What a lot on one's plate. Today we find that on top of all that, she has a weiner problem.

Do you remember U.S. Senator Anthony Weiner who had to resign his office in shame after being caught sexting in 2011? Well, he got caught doing it again today.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that Anthony Weiner is the husband of Huma Abedin?

Anthony Weiner Pulls Out - Deletes Twitter Account After New Sexting Scandal.   

8/29/16  6:30 AM   Ben Fulford Blurb:  Germany makes game changing
                                                              move, prepares for war to defeat
                                                              khazarian mafia.     Ben Fulford

8/28/16  2:30 PM   Hillary’s Loony VAN Ambulance! Doctor
                           Rides Along, Drugging Clinton For Seizures.
17 Minute Video

8/28/16  10:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Put Yo'Self On Alert.

After posting my Rant yesterday recapping the news for the past week two more what could be major news stories broke. The bottom line is you still need to be up on your preps by Thursday evening, just to be on the safe side.

Last night Jim Stone published an article & Youtube purporting that Hillary faked her Nevada speech last week. Stone is a reliable author. He shows that Her speech was recorded in small segments in a recording studio without an audience. Later it was combined with a film of an audience filmed elsewhere. He is dead right in his observations and conclusions. His final conclusion is that Hillary will never again appear in front of an audience because:

1. She does not have the capacity to give a full speech without breaking it into smaller parts.

2. She cannot secretly hire audiences anymore for her appearances.

3. She is afraid of assassination.

Remember that Labor Day weekend will be just three weeks before the first Presidential debate on September 26th. I honestly don't believe they will put her on a debate stage with Trump.

What is so magical about Labor Day weekend? It contains three banking holidays, which may be needed to bring down the banking system in a controlled manner. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for both the good and the bad guys. Therefore, I suggest you put yourself on alert for the weekend and complete your preps by Thursday evening. The worst that can go wrong is that nothing will happen and I will be embarrassed. I think you can live with that.

8/27/16 10:00 PM  Jim Stone: MRS. C HAS STARTED GREEN-
                          SCREENING FAKE APPEARANCES, WITH
                          NEVADA POSSIBLY BEING THE FIRST.

Must See Article & 12 Minute Video 

8/27/16  8:30 PM  Joe Biden Humiliated In Turkish
                         "Appeasement" As Erdogan Bombs
                          US Allies In Syria.

[It appears Turkey double crossed the U.S. by going after the Kurds in Syria backed by the U.S.]   Article

8/27/16  7:00 PM   Hillary's Old Office:


8/27/16  5:00 PM   New US Republic via a GCR Update 27 Aug. 2016.

[Use Discernment.  Says to watch for all the resetS
  Labor Day weekend. ]     Article

8/27/16  2:00 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Yesterday's Friday Recap.

Yehaaw! Ride'em Buckaroo! Another wild one! I realize it's Saturday so if you are in a hurry to get out and about, here it is in a nutshell. Chelsea becomes the Scuttle Queen, Soros shines in the spotlight, Gerald Celente says they cheat in ways unimaginable, Turkey sticks it in just far enough to start nuclear WWIII and Brzezniski is singing Elton John's. Get Back Honky Cat,

I said in a Rant that I feel the Warlock and Wicked Witch are dying and Junior Miss is taking command of the ship. Well, the cat is out of the bag and their business model Is now destroyed, so all she will be able to do is scuttle the evidence. Kinda ironical isn't it, being Bill's daughter and all, floundering around in a dark bilge seeking a little scuttle cock?

George Soros is now in the Leaks spotlight as the Planetary Evil-doer financing all of the global carnage. Seems all the financial breadcrumbs lead back to him. Then along comes Gerald Celente who says it in a way no one hitherfore has been able to say clearly. The reason we have not had the expected collapse is that they are cheating through such massive fraud, corruption and sick greed, all ways never before imagined by mankind. But in the process they have utterly destroyed capitalism and global economics.

So here we are today with a totally panic and confused situation. Turkey, while buddying up with Russia, invaded Syria, with the cooperation of U.S. air support. This may be a land grab in another's country, a clear Act Of War. Or it may turn out to be a shield to protect the U.S. mercenary armies in the region, or it could be a humanitarian island for the civilian population. Only time will tell. But if they are playing both sides and it was an invasion for the benefit of the U.S., President Erdogan just poured gasoline on his feet and is now playing with world fire, and right on his border.

That brings us to Zbigniew Brzezinski. Similar to Wernher von Braun, who headed up our space program, Brzezinski came up with the 30 year plan for the U.S. to conquer the world. When I read that particular article he published, I got the vision of von Braun standing near the first manned rocket waiting to take off, saying, “This shit ain't never gonna fly!” Brezniski is now saying that the U.S. has shot it's wad and had better get back to where it was prior to WWIII before we piss off Russia and China. He is saying “pull out” and Erdogan and the U.S. may be putting it in deeper. Stay tuned Sports Fans.

8/27/16  10:30 AM    "The US Government's Biggest Mistake,
                                Downplaying Gold In The Financial System.

X22 Interview     33 Minute Video

8/27/16  7:30 AM   WAKE UP CALL: Our Entire World is Going To
                          Change — BILL HOLTER.
SGT Interview
26 Minute Video

8/26/16  9:00 PM  The Broken Chessboard:
                         Brzezinski Gives Up On Empire.

"The main architect of Washington’s plan to rule the world has abandoned the scheme and called for the forging of ties with Russia and China.”
MUST READ   Article

8/26/16  5:30 PM    Hope Fades As The Collapse Spreads Across
                                The Country.  X22 Report   Recap & 32 Minute Video

8/26/16  8:00 AM   World War 3 Coming Soon? Tanks Roll
                          Across The Border As Turkish Invasion
                          Of Syria Begins.   
Michael Snyder   Article

8/26/16  8:00 AM  Analyst Warns Of Major September Event:
                         “There’s A Lot Of Chatter Regarding A
                          Market Crash”.        Article

8/26/16  7:30 AM   Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 8.26.16 –
                               Clinton Emails, Charity Fraud, Trump, Iran,
                               South China Sea and Bathrooms.       
                                                  21 Minute Video

8/25/16  7:30 PM



8/25/16  6:30 PM   Dr. Drew Show CANCELED After Admitting
                          Hillary Health Problems!!! 
1 Minute Video

8/25/16  6:30 PM  Dr. Drew Pinsky Show Canceled Week After
                         He Questioned Hillary's Health. 

8/25/16  6:00 PM   FBI Admits Clinton Used Software Designed
                         To "Prevent Recovery" And "Hide Traces Of"
                          Deleted Emails.       Article

8/25/16  6:00 PM   Leaked Memo Exposes George Soros' Plan
                         To Overthrow Putin & Destabilise Russia.

8/25/16  5:30 PM   Central Banks Cut Interest Rates 667 Times Since '08
                               & Own $25 Trillion Of Financial Assets.

X22 Report    Recap & 35 Minute Video

8/25/16  3:30 PM   Quote For the Day:

The only way Hillary will ever fill an audience will be in front of a grand jury. -   Michael Rivero.

8/25/16  12:30 PM  A Disturbing Series of Events:
                          Governments Around the World Seem
                          to Be Preparing for War.  

Excellent  Article & 12 Minute Video

8/25/16  12:00 PM    Gerald Celente Predicts Trump Wins White
                            House, Giant Fraud Economy Crashes
                            Before End of 2016.  Greg Hunter Interview

Must Hear  28 Minute Video

8/25/16  11:30 AM  MUST WATCH: ‘Mr. Brexit’ Nigel Farage
                          Speaks at Donald Trump Rally in Jackson.   
6 Minute Video

8/25/16  11:00 AM    German government advises public to stockpile
                                  food and water.      Simon Black

"Earlier this week the German government leaked a frightening 69-page memo entitled “Concept for Civil Defense.” 

Citing multiple terrorist attacks, cybercrime, and a host of other threats, the report states that Germans should prepare for an event that could “threaten our existence.” Article

8/25/16  9:30 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Clinton Unholy Water.

On the morning Main Street News it was hinted that Chelsea may take over as CEO of the Clinton Foundation to clear the family name. Been there, done that.

In my prior life I was more or less a specialized financial controller for businesses in trouble. God it was fun! I truly learned about business from On The Job Training. Numerous times I saw founding owners force the business onto children, children without the skills, desire or training to manage the business. That always turned out to be failure. It also went hand in hand with a sign out front saying “Under New Management”, business talk for “they may have screwed you before but we promise not to.”

So why is Chelsea getting that hard earned promotion now? Two reasons, one her husband lost his job as a Greek Hedge Fund manager/promoter, and two, the Clinton's can't go on.

They are dying; losing their mo jo, magic, ability to create. In their case, their magic was the ability to cheat and that is being taken away. So they are transferring the flag while they can. Here is what I see happening. They are both being water boarded with a chinese water torture of slow dripping water in their faces, and it is killing them. Of course, the dripping water is a weekly deluge of leaked emails about them and about those they run with, their minions. And Folks, you can believe that dripping water ain't holy water! It is an ill wake they themselves created that is catching up with them and flooding them out.

Then of course, the other reason to hand off to Chelsea is she is family and will keep the family out of jail, more so than a recent Harvard business grad. I am sure she is getting a cram course in record destruction now.

8/25/16  9:30 AM   Ben Fulford Full Report:     Ben Fulford

8/25/16   8:30 AM   The Era of Centralization Is Ending Right
                           Before Our Eyes.    

8/25/16   8:30 AM    WikiLeaks' Assange Warns Clinton
                            Campaign: More Game-Changing
                            Emails Loom.    Correct 

8/24/16   6:00 PM     US Government And Turkey Begin Carving
                            Out The Exclusion Zone.

X22 Report    Recap & 35 Minute Video

8/24/16   5:30 PM    US threat to shoot down Syrian jets
                            declaration of war: Analyst.   

8/24/16  12:30 PM    JUDICIAL WATCH: Clinton Foundation Will
                            Shut Down By End Of Week.    

8/24/16  12:00 PM    Note From Jim:

The Movie DVD for Amerigeddon is now available. To Order.             See: Movie Trailer

8/24/16  11:30 AM   Gerald Celente Predicts Trump Wins
                            White House.  
EXCELLENT 28 Minute Video

8/24/16  10:00 AM   Dear Jim:   Re: Your Sept 3-5 theory.

Did you read about the superstorm in the Atlantic supposedly to hit the coast in 10 days (labor day weekend)?

Is it not suspicious that Hill's seizures (lasting only seconds) were caught perfectly on HD video, one with 2 camera angles?  "Timing is everything..."

If, as insiders say, T is beating H hands down, why would the R's work so hard to get rid of her?  Wouldn't Biden/Warren give T a tougher time?  Wouldn't Rs want to keep H for an easier win? 

I'm trying to make some sense of what seem right now as mixed signals.  C

8/24/16  7:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Look For Yourself.

Wow! It has certainly been a wild whirlwind of news the past two days, hasn't it? Yesterday I even tried to slow down on the postings but just couldn't do it. Too much was happening.

Here I where I am heading with this - the Cabal has lost control of all the cons. Look for yourself. Just scan down all of the headlines posted for yesterday and Monday, the 23rd and 22nd. Do not link to any of them, just take in the headlines.

The first headline below is how the Florida Governor shuttled 21 Million into Zika killing in Miami all while his wife owns the Zika Killing company in Florida. Now talk about a nice paying con . . .

Then you see all of the destruction on “Illary”. I loved her medical disclosure demo of opening an already opened jar of pickles. Yep, close to doing it for me, but I am still holding out to see her open a pack of crackers for her salad. Bill almost had me though when he said if we coronated Empress Hillary they would no longer be crooked. I almost fell for it until I got the image of him pointing and saying, “ I did not have sexual relations with that woman,”, then out of habit, sniffing his finger.

But note all the other headlines dealing with collapsing financial systems. Of course it was only one headline about Japan nationalizing their stocks, but if anyone with the nerve here in the U.S. to say it, that is what is happening to our stock(s) market too. So much wealth has been stolen and the entire free market system has been killed off that that is the last step in hiding the theft / Ponzi scheme, to buy the entire scoreboard system and all its bubbled stocks.

So the bottom line here is that everywhere you look the Cabal has lost control with all of the lies about control and blue skies. I still am convinced that they will stop not only the debates but the election. I still feel that Labor Day weekend may be a great date for a major false flag trigger event. As always, stay prepared and vigilant.

8/23/16 9:30 PM    Exposed! Florida Gov. Scott's Undisclosed Interest
                               In 'Zika' Mosquito Control Company.

DAHBOO7     Article & 3 Minute Video


[How they plan to steal the election]
                  80 Minute Video

8/23/16 7:30 PM  Soros Emerges As Mastermind Behind Plan
                        To "Enlarge Electorate By At Least 10 Million

“Courtesy of the 2,500 documents recently released by DC Leaks, we now know that George Soros is funding the legal fees . . . “       Article

8/23/16 6:00 PM   Foreign Demand For US Treasuries Has
                             Just Dried Up.         X22 Report Recap & 37 Minute Video

8/23/16 5:00 PM   Over Half Of Hillary's Private Meetings
                         As Secretary Were With Donors Who
                         Paid $156 Million.    

8/23/16 3:30 PM   Monmouth Refigures Poll After Trump Comes
                        Out With Lead Over Hillary Clinton. They
                        couldn't even fix it! The media can't even
                        protect Hillary anymore, the people are tired of
                        their shilling! Once the MSM starts losing
                        viewership, Hillary loses her only allies.

8/23/16 2:30 PM  Trying To Buy The Election: Hillary Is
                        Spending more than Double Trump’s in July,
                        Closes August With 21 Fundraisers, One
                        Campaign Event.       

8/23/16 2:30 PM     Media Worried Too Many Americans Will
                          Question Legitimacy Of 2016 Election,
                          Blame Trump.      

8/23/16 12:30 PM  Positive Trump Polls Hidden By US Corporate
                         Media. Michael Rivero - August 22, 2016
32 Minute Video

8/23/16  8:30 AM    CLSA: "The Bank Of Japan Has Nationalized
                          The Japanese Stock Market".     

8/23/16  8:30 AM    "It's Gone" - Why Foreign Demand For US
                            Treasuries Has Disappeared.    

8/23/16  8:30 AM   "It's Scary Quiet": The Past Month Has Seen
                           The Least Volatility Since 1995.    

8/23/16  7:00 AM   US Mint Halts Silver Eagle Coin Production
                          Due to Lack of Demand.    

8/23/16  7:00 AM   Michael Rivero On Hillary’s Emails & The US
                          Medias Campaign To Get Her Elected.
21 Minute Video

8/23/16  6:00 AM   Another Damning Email: Crown Prince of
                         Bahrain Donated $32M To Clinton Foundation,
                         Got Access to Secretary of State. 

8/23/16  6:00 AM   New Russia-China-Iran Alliance Could Push
                          US Out Of Much Of The Middle East.  

8/23/16  6:00 AM   Children of A lesser god.    Article

8/22/16  5:30 PM   Hacked Documents Shows Obama/Soros Behind
                               The Refugee Crisis In Europe.
                                    X22 Report       Recap & 40 Minute Video

8/22/16  3:30 PM    Trump Surges in PA – Clinton Pulls Adds.
Article & 1 Minute Video

8/22/16  3:00 PM     Fed Admits Another $4 Trillion In QE Will Be
                           Needed To Offset An "Economic.  

8/22/16  1:00 PM    FBI Uncovers Over 15,000 More Emails In
                            Clinton Probe, Judge Orders State To
                            Expedite Release (Before Election). 

8/22/16  11:00 AM    Yemen Offers Russia Use Of Its Airports
                            And Ports In "Fight Against Terrorism".   

8/22/16  9:30 AM     Ben Fulford Blurb:  The main factions in the battle for
                                                      the planet earth and their current status.
                                                                    Ben Fulford

8/22/16  8:30 AM    Merkel, Hollande And Renzi Meet To Discuss
                          The "Relaunching Of Europe".     Article

8/22/16  8:30 AM    A Displeased Colin Powell Accuses Hillary Of
                          "Trying To Pin" Email Scandal On His Advice.

8/21/16  8:30 PM    WSJ: "The Clintons Really Do Think They
                          Can Get Away With Anything".  
                        [Bill says they won't be crooked anymore
                          if Hillary wins.]       

8/21/16  8:30 PM   "It's Not Some Barbarous Relic" - Trump
                           Adviser Urges Return To Gold Standard.    

8/21/16  8:30 PM    "I Don't Give A Shit About Them" -
                           Philippines President Threatens To Quit
                           "Son Of A Bitch" United Nations.  

8/21/16  6:00 PM 


8/21/16  2:30 PM   German Government Urges Citizens To
                           Stockpile Food, Water For First Time Since
                           Cold War Ended.      

8/21/16  2:30 PM   The Fed Launches A Facebook Page... And
                          The Result Is Not What It Had Expected.

8/21/16  10:30 AM    Clinton Foundation Advised World Bank on
                            Contracts That Netted Donors Millions - Big
                            skimming! ... Bill Clinton Closing Global

8/21/16  10:30 AM    Sen. Harry Reid: Give Trump fake CIA
                            intel briefings.    1Minute Video

8/21/16  8:30 AM  Thoughts on the End of Civilization –
                         James Corbit

I don’t think that it’s a bad idea to do some preparing. That’s both emergency ( Like hurricane preparedness) and financially. I think that we’ll chat a bit about that on Wednesday, because if there was ever a time to be prepared for “something”, these next 3 – 7 months are it. Stay tuned.”

[Great weekly recap.]       Article

8/20/16  5:00 PM    Gold & Silver Miners Set To EXPLODE 1,000%?

SGT Interview     30 Minute Video

8/20/16  4:30 PM    $880 Per Ounce Silver? US Debt Clock
                          Mysteriously Starts Showing REAL Value
                          of Precious Metals.   
3 Minute Video

[Link to screen he was showing. Look at Bottom
 Right of screen. Link]    


8/20/16  3:30 PM  Quote For The Day: “Hillary claims her people

                         are leaking worse than her Depends.” 
                           - Anonymous

8/20/16  4:00 PM   Hillary’s Campaign Is In Complete Damage
                         Control Mode.        7 Minute Video

8/20/16  3:30 PM   Alert: Italian Bank Derivative Problem
                         Investigated, Ties To Deutsche Bank.
                         Moody’s Downgrades Outlook Of Big Four
                         Australian Banks.

                         BIS Warns Of A Blowout Of The Derivatives
                         Could Happen At Any Moment!   

8/20/16  1:00 PM  Leaked Memo Proves Soros Ruled Ukraine In
                        2014:  Minutes From "Breakfast With US
                        Ambassador Pyatt".      

8/20/16  1:00 PM  FBI Probes Firm Belonging To Brother Of Clinton
                        Campaign Chair For Ukraine Corruption Ties.

8/20/16  1:00 PM   The Boy in the Ambulance: US State
                          Department Funded Groups Behind Latest
                         ‘Iconic Image’ Designed to Demonize Russia
                          and Encourage Further Bloodshed in Syria.

8/20/16  10:30 AM  Interview With 'V' The Guerrilla Economist "The Only
                             Reason The Dollar Has Not Collapsed Is Because Of
                             Fraud, Manipulation & Graft".
                                          X22 Report     40 Minute Video

8/20/16  4:00 AM  Incirlik Nukes Out, Russian Air Force In. Is
                        Turkey Leaving NATO?                            

Corbet Report    Must Hear, especially the last

4 minutes. 45 Minute Video

8/20/16  4:00 AM  Trump: ‘The Establishment Media Doesn’t Cover
                         What Really Matters in This Country’. 

8/19/16  6:00 PM    Report: Contractors outnumber U.S. troops
                          in Afghanistan 3-to-1.      

8/19/16  5:00 PM    Shocking Report Finds $6.5 Trillion In Taxpayer
                          Funds "Unaccounted For".     

8/19/16  3:00 PM   Two More Banks Start Charging Select Clients
                          For Holding Cash.   

8/19/16  7:30 AM   Six Years & 1000s Of Deaths Later, UN Admits It
                         Imported Cholera To Haiti.  

8/18/16  5:30 PM    As Turkey "Considers Military Cooperation"
                          With Russia, US Said To Move Nukes Out
                          Of Turkey.     

8/18/16  5:00 PM   US Turkey Relations Deteriorating, US Moves
                               Nukes To Romania.

X22 Report     Recap & 42 Minute Video

8/18/16  4:00 PM  State Department Admits Obama Lied -
                         $400 Million Payment To Iran Was
                         Contingent On Prisoner Release.

[Is Mid Level government turning on the elite?]

8/18/16  11:00 AM   DNC Insider: Clinton Being Pounded in Polls –
                           Don’t Believe Mainstream Media!
11 Minute Video

8/18/16  7:00 AM   Dr. Drew Pinsky Says He Is "Gravely Concerned"
                         About Hillary Clinton’s Health. 
Article & Video

8/18/16  7:00 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day. The Truman Show.

I'm getting stronger. I was able to watch the Morning Joe show for about twenty minutes today. Let me sum it up for you. Remember when you first saw the movie The Truman Show? The baby grew up to be a man in a staged world around him and he had on clue. Then towards the end he began to catch on to the lies around him. Then at the very end he is struggling to free himself and the powers over him tried everything possible to hold it all together and continue to control his mind. Well, that is what I saw this morning.

I heard that trump is an idiot, that Russia is invading NATO territory, the $400 Million payoff for ransom was not a ransom but rather money “The U.S.” stole from Iran years ago that was finally to be returned to them, with that payment not being made until our sailors were safely on board an outward bound plane.

I can't wait to hear what the presstitutes say today about Trump's impression of the U.S. Intelligence groups. He says they are crap, the same as the government is now saying, but the government can say it whereas Trump is evil for being about to become president and saying he doesn't trust them. Gee, this is the part I am confused about. Imagine a new president saying, “Gosh, maybe they are lying to me.” I have said before I would like to see an organization chart of all the government agencies and Alphabets, showing who works for who. I kinda feel Trump might ask for such a chart too. Just imagine the fear and chaos caused by that simple request!

Before going to bed last night I told my wife about the posted article suggesting Hillary is wearing a back-pack defibrillator and a catheter under her clothes. Her reaction was, “Why would she run a grueling race if her health was all that bad?” One answer is that if she doesn't run, she and her family may stop being wealthy; she and her family may go to prison; she and her family may be killed by others, including those that aided and abetted them, who run the same loss risks. That is why she is running – to continue the Truman Show.

8-18-16  6:00 AM   Dear Jim,

I love it! He's basically saying their Intel is not tried and true! Ha! He needs Michael Rivero on his Intel team. Ha!


Trump undermines US intelligence agencies ahead of briefing.       Article

8-17-16  8:30 PM    Look at these pictures and see if you

                       think Mrs. C. is wearing a catheter
                       device underneath her pants. 

8-17-16  7:30 PM   Obama Lied: New Details Confirm $400
                          Million Given To Iran Was Indeed "Hostage

8-17-16  3:30 PM    HILLARY'S IN TROUBLE: LA Times Poll:
                           Trump's SURGING with African Americans.  

 8-17-16  3:30 PM  Black Lives Matter cashes in with $100 million from                               liberal foundations.      Article

8-17-16  3:30 PM    James Howard Kunstler: Racketeering Is
                           Ruining Us.     

8-17-16  3:00 PM    Expecting War? Russia Conducts Armored
                           Train Drills For First Time In 15 Years.  

8-17-16  6:30 AM   William Mount: Intel Report - It's All
                            Unwinding - Be Ready.  
17 Minute Video

8-17-16  5:00 AM   Heads Up! Suspicious Executive Orders Were
                          Just Quietly Signed by the POTUS.
Dahboo7 1 Minute Video

8-17-16  5:00 AM    Europe Has Two Options: Revolution Or Elections.

8-17-16  5:00 AM  Department of Labor Regulating Your 401K
                              April 16th, 2017.  [If not sooner]  Article

8-16-16  5:30 PM    China Sides With Russia In Syrian War, Will
                           Provide "Aid And Military Training" To
                           Assad.          Article

8-16-16  5:00 PM  China Enters Into The Middle East Arena.

                                 X22 Report    Recap & 32 Minute Video

8-16-16  1:30 PM Jim's Rant For The Day.  Michael Rivero – We'll See.

Yesterday I listened to the Rivero radio show. He shared his opinion that the mid-level government leaders are revolting from the higher up government managers more aligned to the elite.

He suggest that we are witnessing this revolt by the FBI working with several state Attorney Generals to bypass the Dept. of Justice in going after the Clinton Foundation for corruption and treason. His argument is that they realize that Trump is waking up Americans, and the more we wake up the more we'll see the total corruption in our government. The mid-managers realize that if we take down the government they will be without jobs. And they know the more we see the more likely we will take down the corruption in our face elite, along with our government.

But as my wife says, “We'll see.”

8/16/16  11:30 AM   Interview With Bix Weir "When The Economy Crashes
                                 There Will Be A Reallocation Of Money Not A Reset".

Both the good guys and the bad guys want a 
  crash before the elections.”

        X22 Interview     49 Minute Video

8/16/16  10:30 AM  Soros Hack Reveals Plot Behind Europe's
                         Refugee Crisis; Media Manipulation;
                         Cash For "Social Justice".     

8/16/16  9:30 AM  0merica:  You Will Go Insane Because Of
                         What Your Eyes Will See.    

8/16/16  8:00 AM   "To Ensure Her Election": Wasserman-           
                       Schultz  Admits She Really Worked For
                       Hillary While At DNC.         

8/15/16  6:30 PM  Guccifer 2.0 Hacked DCCC.
                      Must Hear the last minute regarding the Executive Order
                                       Dahboo77    4 Minute Video

8/15/16  5:30 PM    The Central Bankers Are Preparing A Wealth Tax
                                  & Greece Is The Guinea Pig.

X22 Report     Recap & 39 Minute Video

8/15/16  12:30 PM   Dear Jim:   Re: Ben Fulford Today

There is a BF report this week, just already written...  c

Economic and demographic data make it clear it is game over for the Khazarian mafia.     Ben Fulford


8/15/16   7:00 AM    Jim's Rant For The Day. Suicide Or Not?

On Saturday afternoon I posted the following note:

A friend just called me and said he received a letter from his ATT pension fund. He was advised that pensioners could withdraw all of their cash if they so desired. His question was why would they send such a letter. My opinion is the fund administrator feels the government is about to seize all of the cash and leave a government bond IOU in its place. The administrator is trying to warn the pensioners.

When I first posted this I felt that the pension fund administrator committed suicide by helping his pensioners to withdraw their funds. His paycheck is dependent on the growth of his fund and not the loss of accounts. Then Sunday evening it hit me that he couldn't have committed suicide as he is about to be laid off. His job is to invest the funds, so if all funds are to be forced to purchase a government bond, by law, then he will no longer be employed.

My question was, “What would cause him to advise pensioners to come get their money?” Some act had to have occurred first to cause him to act as he did. This is what I came up with. If the government was to seize all pension funds, they would grab them all on the same day. In order to do so, they would probably send out packets to all target banks explaining the new law, proper authorizations to cause the seizure, and what would be expected from the banks. This would have to go out early for the banks to get advice from their attorneys. My guess is that such a packet would go out just a few weeks prior to seizure day. My guess is that one banker spilled the beans to the ATT administrator.

As far as I am concerned, this is the biggest news that can come out this week that gives us an indication which way the wind is about to blow.

8/14/16  9:30 PM   Democrats Brace For More Leaks As Pelosi
                         Changes Cell Number After Barrage Of
                         "Obscene, Sick Calls".     

8/14/16  7:30 PM   George Soros Hacked, Over 2,500 Internal Docs
                              Released Online.    Article

8/14/16  7:30 PM    Dear Jim,

Lots of interesting info on the geopolitical and spiritual importance of Syria. Also, very timely as Manbij was just set free of ISIL a couple days ago. I think it will be beneficial for your readers.

All the best! Lance          Article

8/14/16  5:00 PM     Donald Trump Rally Breaks Elton John’s 
 Attendance Record At River City Arena. 

[Compare this with Hillary's last crowd of 160.]  

8/14/16  2:00 PM   EU is COLLAPSING as Deutsche Bank
                          Stock ALL TIME LOW.

The Money GPS     9 Minute Video

8/14/16  2:00 PM   Collapse Fatigue.    Article

8/14/16  8:30 AM   Dear Jim:

If you combine your post concerning the Clinton collapse along with the article on Drudge about an app developer called  Crazy Raccoons who uses apps to track 100,000 conversations shows that Trump is ahead 64% to Hillary's 36%.  Even in California, his data suggests Trump is up 55% - 45%.

When you put his data and your posted article about the Clinton collapse as reported by insiders, maybe the Republic has a chance!  Even stranger that the app story is in USA Today newspaper, the liberal talking point rag.

Though these two articles may be positive, I agree with you that TPTB may have to blow something up to take attention away from the election but Trumps followers aren't going anywhere, we are already on to that possible ploy.

Thanks for all you do, enjoy Octavia/Elwood!     Mike

8/14/16  6:30 AM    Jim's Rant For The Day.    L. Woods

Our Granddaughter Octavia is now seven months old. When her name was announced we all knew she had better get a nickname quick, but until recently Mom has not decided the issue. Octavia is a hard name to say, especially for kids. I am reminded of my childhood friend “Bo”. I once asked him how he acquired the name. He said as a toddler he had difficulty remembering his long name and “Bo” was all he could utter. Like a fool I asked for his real name, which turned out to be Bob!

Octavia has been eating table food for two weeks now. It seems that all she wants is a piece of dry  white bread, so two days ago we started calling her, “Elwood”, after one of the Blues Brothers. No, not the one who ordered two whole fried chickens and a Coca Cola, the other one that just wanted a piece of dry white bread. Elwood's Mom is not happy.

8/13/16  9:00 PM  Clinton Collapse: Insiders Say May Drop
                         "Soon" In Favor Of Tim Kaine.

[Use Discernment]       Article

8/13/16  7:30 PM    Charles Ortel: Powerful Legal Forces Are
                          Closing In On The Clinton Foundation &
                          Crooked Hillary.    
58 Minute Video

8/13/16  6:30 PM  Note From Jim:

A friend just called me and said he received a letter from his ATT pension fund. He was advised that pensioners could withdraw all of their cash if they so desired. His question was why would they send such a letter. My opinion is the fund administrator feels the government is about to seize all of the cash and leave a government bond IOU in its place. The administrator is trying to warn the pensioners.

8/13/16  9:30 AM   Interview With Andy Hoffman "We Will Not Escape
                               2016 Without A Catastrophic Financial Event
                               Happening".    X22 Report    32 Minute Video

8/13/16  7:30 AM     Van Jones Just Doesn’t Get Investigation
                            Into Clinton Foundation.

[When you are committing a crime you want assurance a fellow criminal being hired will not get you arrested, that is why Mills wanted to help select new hires.]        5 Minute Video

8/12/16  5:30 PM   The Fed Just Confirmed The Economic Collapse
                               Is Approaching Very Soon.
                                       X22 Report     Recap & 38 Minute Video

8/12/16  5:30 PM  WikiLeaks’ Email Exposes Billionaire Globalist
                         Soros as Hillary Clinton’s Puppet Master.

8/12/16  5:30 PM   Russia deploys advanced S-400 air missile
                         system to Crimea: agencies.    

8/12/16  5:00 PM   WW3: Russian Tanks Roll Into Crimea.

Comment by Michael Rivero: “This conflict is not going to wait until September to start.

If the war hawks, the DNC, and White House believe that Clinton is going down in flames in November, the war between Russia and Ukraine will be started now.”         Article

8/12/16  12:00 PM 


8/12/16  8:30 AM   FBI Mutiny? Feds Reportedly Launch
                         Clinton Foundation Corruption Probe
                         Despite DoJ Objections.      

8/12/16  7:30 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day. Friday Recap – White Hot.

Urgent Financial News: This is the boring part. There is a math calculation called Net Present Value, which tells us the value of regular, fixed monthly payments to a recipient, such as the value of all you will draw on a pension. It would tell us the amount of cash in your hand TODAY so that you could put it in the bank, draw X percent interest on it such that it would pay your monthly pension check for the estimated lifetime you have left on earth. So putting it quite simply, we multiply your life expectancy in months times your pension check and adjust it for interest rates.

The urgent news is that this week one Economist said that all Fixed Income programs have no value! That is because although you may be expected to live another 23 years, your pension can expire any month now. Then add to the equation that there has been no real interest rates for a decade now and there will probably never be one again. Therefore it is impossible to assign a realistic value to that future fixed income! How's that one fit you folks?

Today's Gossip: I saw on FOX news this morning that there is now evidence that State Department staffers, under Hillary, did hiring for the Clinton Foundation. This indeed blurs the lines between the two organizations and propels the case for bribery, extortion and treason.

Unelection: Just thinking out loud here Folks. Here is a mind experiment for you. First let's assume that Hillary does have physical and/or mental health problems that would definitely put her at an extreme disadvantage in a debate with Trump. Next assume that the Cabal would never allow her to debate Trump. Next assume that to prevent the debate, the financial system would be brought down prior to the first debate scheduled for September 26th.

This gives the Cabal just six weeks to create chaos to prevent the debate. If we assume the chaos would be by taking down the banks, it would most assuredly happen on a Friday to gain time to control the collapse all while people are somewhat calm but at the same time cannot get at their money for the weekend. The two day weekend would be most helpful to the Cabal but a three day weekend would be even better. Check out your calender. In three weeks we have Friday, September 2, which begins the Labor Day weekend. Therefore, if you feel that the elections will be stopped, and/or believe that the debates will be stopped, have your preps completed within three weeks.

My friend Pamela, a long time prepper, called me yesterday to wish me a Happy Birthday. I asked for her opinion on, “What's happening out there?” She said, “Everything is white hot!” She is right – it can all burst into flames any day now.

8/12/16 6:30 AM   


8/11/16 5:30 PM   The US Government Economic Recovery
                              Propaganda Has Been Exposed.
                                   X22 Report     Recap & 37 Minute Video

8/11/16 4:30 PM     Erdogan Threatens To Abandon US Dollar
                           In Trade With Russia.    

8/11/16 6:00 AM   Editor’s note to all readers. Everything seems
                         to be going down.       

8/11/16 6:00 AM   Full Ben Fulford Report.     News Stories

8/10/16 8:30 PM   HILLARY CLINTON IS DYING - Al Gray.

[Great Analysis]    Article

8/10/16 6:00 PM   Phase II Of The August Event Has Begun.
                                  X22 Report    Recap & 38 Minute Video

8/10/16 1:00 PM    Bill Holter: Entering Perfect Storm of Every
                         Facet of our Lives, World Facing Very, Very
                         Dangerous Time.   
Greg Hunter Interview.

[If in a hurry start at 21 Minute mark.]
                    28 Minute Video

8/10/16 10:30 AM  Dear Jim:

Hey, call me a cynic but I think Hillary is faking these seizures, "dementia leaks"and  staircase difficulties because she knows she is legally cooked and she is  (a)  busily creating a sympathetic audience to shape her case in the court of public opinion  and   (b) preparing to drop out of the race,
pleading "medical problems - it's private!"  all the while, and then she'll drop completely out of sight and bug out far, far away to some Clinton Foundation donor's luxurious digs on the other side of the planet. Meg :)

Response:I hear ya, but two things are missing. First if charged she would have to prove to the court that she was brain dead to the point that she could not defend herself, not bad bodied. Second, that would leave Bill, and all others involved, hanging.

8/10/16  8:30 AM   Wikileaks' Assange Hints Murdered DNC
                          Staffer Was Email-Leaker, Offers $20k
                          Reward For Info.       Article

8/10/16  7:30 AM    Latest Hillary Email Scandal Reveals State
                          Department "Favors" To Clinton
                          Foundation.      Zerohedge  

8/10/16  7:15 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Dead Horse Riding.

I failed to do a Friday recap last week and can't wait to do one this Friday, so here goes.

There is no doubt about it – the Cabal is riding a dead horse! I have been laying low on the Hillary medical problems but it is avalanching now. There is no denying it; there is something wrong with the Queen. Let's forget about the Youtube images and medical problem stories. If we assume that those stories are just Republican made up gotcha propaganda, we are left with Hillary's actions themselves.

First let me take a break and wish myself a Happy Birthday Tomorrow. I will be 68. Today would normally be the day I set aside to feel sorry for myself growing old. But after a lot of birthdays I am changing today. I am delirious with pride and happiness in becoming 68! You see., I saw the pictures of Hillary being pulled up the stairs recently and she is 68. Of course, you have to assume that those pictures are real. But I do, and thus feel like a whippersnapper!

But getting back to my saga, we see that Hillary packs her campaign stops with 100 to 300 supporters, whereas Trump is still placing thousands into full stadiums. Then we see that Trump stumps between one and two talks per day for the next two months. Hillary has only THREE scheduled for the same critical two months.

Then yesterday the three debate schedules were published. The most unusual thing is that they are broken into 10 – 15 minute sessions. One can only conclude that one of the debaters does not have the stamina to stand there for more than fifteen minutes at a time, either physical wise or mental wise.

Last night it was reported, but not confirmed, that Julian Assange released more damning emails that will do Hillary in. Because they are still in question (in my mind) I will not detail them. I will say however that the headline in the Washing Post is, “Did the Hill sell out the U.S.?”, which goes along with the purported leak. It is too early to call this one. It is going on 7:00 AM and I have not seen the Main Street News shows today. So for now I am ahead of the news and just guessing here.

With all of this put together, the Hillary horse is a dead horse. Watch out and be prepared for all out chaos. The odds are extremely high now that the presidential election will not occur. If the election is off, I feel strongly that we will be in a revolt, as in a revolution. Stay tuned Folks.

8/9/16 8:00 PM    There Is Financial Crisis Coming That Will
                        Make 2008 A Walk In The Park: John Rubino

X22 Interview     35 Minute Video

8/9/16 8:00 PM   Wow: Julian Assange Just Delivered Next
                       Batch of Hillary Emails! She’s Toast!

[Use Discernment.  Alleges Hillary was associated with the recent Turkish coup.]     
7 Minute Video

8/9/16 7:30 PM 


8/9/16 11:30 AM  Independent Polls Give Trump Massive Lead.

                         Michael Rivero    EXCELLENT 23 Minute Video

8/9/16 11:00 AM  Note From Jim:

I don't mean to trash Hillary but a lot of reasons are appearing that may scare the Cabal. Desperate people do desperate things. Be watchful.

8/9/16 10:30 AM  Hannity Discusses Hillary's Health Issues
                        Including Handler's Diazepam Seizure Pen.
4 Minute Video

8/9/16 9:30 AM    Debate Schedule Announced....And
                        Conveniently Orchestrated In '10-15 Min.
                        Segments' So Hi
llary Can Be Rejuvenated
                        During Medical Lapses.   

8/9/16 9:30 AM    Is Something Wrong With Hillary:
                       Bizarre Behavior, Seizure Allegations
                       Raise Doubts About Her Health.    

8/9/16 8:30 AM     Wow: Hillary has only THREE scheduled
                        appearances between now and OCTOBER 19th
                        and Trump has rallies once or twice a day!.

                      TO GET 300.        Article

8/9/16 7:30 AM   West On Edge As Erdogan Meets With Putin:
                       "Turkey's Relations With The US Are The Worst
                       In 50 Years".      

8/9/16 6:30 AM    Children of a Lesser God.     Video

8/8/16 6:00 PM   US Government Recovery Statistics Are No Longer
                             Matching The Collapsing Economy.

                                     X22 Report    Recap & 37 Minute Video

8/8/16 10:30 AM   Ben Fulford Blurb:  Khazarian mafia offer
                                              ASEAN, Japan and Korea to China.
                                                         Ben Fulford

8/8/16 8:00 AM  Still Report #1091 – FBI Analyst -
                       Clinton Guilty of Treason. 
MUST HEAR 6 Minute Video

8/8/16 8:00 AM  Ex-CIA, Ex-Goldman, Anti-Trump Republican
                      Launches Independent Presidential Bid.

“It seems the establishment is willing to 'go there' to ensure a Hillary reign. As her poll numbers begin to fade... “     Article

8/8/16 6:30 AM     Note From Jim:

The news talking heads are saying the Cabal will run a strong candidate on an independent ticket to stop Trump.  No details as of yet.  I interpret this a s confirmation that Hillary is way down in the real polls.

Question:  Could this actually be a relay runner ready to take the baton from Hillary?  Stay tuned Folks.

8/8/16 6:00 AM    Delta Suspends All Flights "Due To System
                        Outage Nationwide" With Computer Systems
                        "Down Everywhere".     

8/7/16 5:00 PM  The Week In Review With A Look Ahead.
                        By Gregory Mannarino. 
8 Minute Video

8/7/16 5:00 PM  Dead Man’s Switch?: Edward Snowden Tweets
                      Cryptic Code, Torrent Sites Taken Down.
Dabhoo7      2 Minute Video

8/7/16 5:00 PM  "These Are Not Normal Times" If Trump Wins, Will
                            Obama Declare Martial Law To Remain In Office? Article

8/7/16 5:00 PM   "Sell Everything"... But Why: What Has The Smartest
                            Investors So Spooked?      Article

8/7/16 5:00 PM  Goldman: Sell Right Now And Go Away For The Next                            365 Days.    Correct Article

8/7/16 5:00 PM    The First “Bitcoin Bail-In”: ALL BITFINEX
                        USERS To Lose 36% In “Shared Loss”
                        After Historic Hack.    

8/7/16 9:00 AM   Corporations Are Calling The Shots To Create
                       And Fomet The Clash Of Civilizations:
                       James Corbett.

[Excellent discussion on Turkey and its coup]
             X22 Interview  
29 Minute Video

8/6/16 12:00 PM  Question to Martin Armstrong: Can Hillary Win?   Article

8/5/16 9:00 PM    Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks.
9 Minute Video

8/5/16 8:00 PM   Two Prominent Anti-Clinton Activists Found
                       Dead In Two Days; Mainstream Media Blackout.                                                     

8/5/16 6:00 PM    Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case
                        Mysteriously Found Dead.    

8/5/16 4:00 PM  John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” Propaganda
                      Recording Released.

[This may end his re-election run.] Article

8/5/16 3:30 PM    Syria gains in Aleppo ‘turning point’ in
                        resolving crisis: Iran MP.   


Comment by Michael Rivero: “We couldn't help her any more. She's getting a free ride from the media, we're the biggest ones promoting her campaign!"

ATTENTION RIVERO'S RANGERS! Post this video everywhere you see a poll claiming that Hillary is ahead of Trump!” Article & 1 Minute Video

8/5/16 1:30 PM  It’s Time To Prepare For Hyperinflationary
                      Collapse — James Wesley Rawles
33 Minute Video

8/5/16 1:00 PM   In Latest Scandal, Trump Retracts Statement
                        He Saw Video Of "Iran Cash Exchange" Just
                        As Clip Emerges.  
[The BBC reports that the
                               video DOES exist.]    Article

8/5/16 12:00 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Setting Up The Set-Up Trump.

It has been a hellova week watching the News Media setting up Trump and knocking him down, hasn't it? First it was the con story about Kahn and today it is about Trump's mistake of relying on the news story of the Washington Post submitting a video of the Iran payoff plane. It appears that this week anything he says or fails to say will be used against him. The press is setting him up no matter what he does.

But let's kick it up a notch. On the evening news last night I saw Obama say that Trump's suggestion that the upcoming election will be rigged is ridiculous because the Feds have nothing to do with the election. As he was saying this he has set into motion the authority for Homeland Security to declare either a state of emergency or act of war if the election systems are hacked. To me this means that if Homeland Security says, “We've been hacked”, then under a state of emergency, the elections can then be canceled. Sounds spooky, doesn't it? But spooky or not, saying, “We've been hacked”, is a lot simpler than killing both Trump and Hillary just a few weeks before the elections, but using either method Obama would remain as the Cabal's boy.

Just for the sake of argument, let's say the above paragraph is totally wrong and will not occur. This is what we do know right now: There are six lawsuits over the Democratic primaries regarding voter fraud. NATO says if the final vote varies by more than 2% from the exit polls, then voter fraud has occurred. The California primary was 13% off. So even though a George Soros owned foreign company talleys the final vote count, the vote cannot be fixed because of the exit polls, right? Wrong.

The Main Street News companies control their own polls. This is important because in order to rig the vote you have to first rig the polls so the people are not surprised at the outcome. There are no oversight controls over any polls, mind you. Then on top of that there is one company, owned by the Main Street News Medias, that tabulates all of the Exit polls for the news shows. There is currently a lawsuit against them for falsifying their primary tabulations from a few months ago. They are accused of changing the poll data to fit the vote results! 

Are you seeing a pattern here to set up Trump? Wanna help Trump? If so follow Michael Rivero's suggestion. On election day, every Trump supporter should place tape on their shirt in the shape of a “T”. Then throughout the day we can see how the vote went. It would also cause conversation to occur with those that did not wear tape to see if they voted for Hillary. Place the tape a little sideways causing untaped persons to inquire and start conversation. This may sound intrusive, but our country is at stake and this may preclude violence in the streets. Just do it.

But with that being said, here is one poll that cannot be rigged and will scare the hell out of the Cabal. Vote out ALL incumbents that you dare. This will make it easier for Trump to work with congress if he gets elected and in the meantime sends a message all across America with each primary left that it is time for the last of the sheeple to awaken before it is too late.

Start now by sending this Rant out and reposting it everywhere you can.  We are trying to save suffering and lives here, Folks.

8/5/16  10:30 AM  Hillary’s Shariah Law Expert Khizir Khan Folds
                              His Tent.     Article

8/5/16  10:00 AM  AAAnnnnDDD....Another One: Activist and
                         Sanders Supporter Who Served Papers to
                         DNC on Fraud Case Found Dead.   Article

8/5/16  10:00 AM  Paul Ryan In Deep Doo-Doo? Could We Finally
                         Be Free Of This Snake?     

8/5/16  10:00 AM   Bill Kristol Lets The Cat Out of the Bag: Paul
                          Ryan Is Secretly Working Against Donald
                          Trump.       Article

8/4/16  6:00 PM   Election Systems To Be Treated As Critical
                             Infrastructure During A Cyber Attack.

“Obama to treat the election systems as critical infrastructure. If the system is hit by a cyber attack, it will be considered a state of emergency or act of war.

X22 Report    Recap & 35 Minute Video

8/4/16  3:30 PM    It Started... The First To Fall In The Trump
                        Landslide!  #NeverTrump Kansas GOP
                        Lawmaker Loses Primary to Pro-Trump
                        Challenger. Next Tuesday: Paul Ryan
                        -#DumpRyan #StopTPP.    

8/4/16  11:00 AM    Busted! Khan Paid $375,000 From Clinton
                           Foundation! Corruption Reigns!   

8/4/16  9:30 AM   RNC: Trump will be on ballot.

Comment by Michael Rivero: “So, this was a dirty trick from the Hillary camp to discourage and undermine Trump's supporters, from which she got a bump in today's polls!

I told you. Hillary learned at the feet of the master, Richard Nixon! She is using all the same dirty tricks that CREEP did!“     Article

8/4/16  7:30 AM   Katrina Pierson DESTROYS Wolf Blitzer On
                        The Trump / Khan Drama.  
3 Minute Video

8/4/16  7:00 AM    Full Ben Fulford Report.    Ben Fulford

8/3/16  8:00 PM   Republican Mutiny Fizzles: "Trump Will Be
                        On The Ballot".     

8/3/16  7:30 PM  Dear Jim, [Re: Mourning Joe]

For what it's worth, your editorial today was as if you were reading my thoughts exactly.   Your site gives me (and two close friends) reassurance that our sanity is intact. It is a sight to behold what is being thrown at Trump by "the establishment."  They are desperate!  He is being presented as completely unstable and unfit in order to demoralize his supporters and undermine him.  (I can't imagine the true volume of that propaganda as I do not subject myself to mainstream.)   I see just now two more attacks, one hinting that Trump might drop out of the race, and an attack from George W. Bush. They are TRULY desperate.

I also appreciate learning of Michael Rivero through your site.   What a brilliant, articulate man, wow. 

I sit here wondering what in the world is going on in Incirlik today.   I have been in Turkey three times as a tourist, so it is not a mysterious shape on a map for me.   Fascinating. Thank you for being there for us, we three friends are on the west coast.   We are here for you too.

One last thing.  Heard Jim Willie interview with Dave of X22 report from 2 Aug.    Jim said that there are meetings happening at present in Basil, Switzerland between Chinese and WDS with BIS to work out a soft landing for US when things implode here.   I always take with a grain of salt, but Jim does give me hope.   He is right about so much.

Sending every good wish and blessings your way,   "Calhoun"

Response: I must have been reading your mind indeed. I had to erase one line that said, “I hate laundry and men are pigs.”

8/3/16  7:30 PM  Dear Jim: [Re: Mourning Joe]

Thanks for the work you do Jim!  I check your site every workday. We need lines of communication like yours among the independent thinkers.

Yes, I totally agree with your comments about Joe Scarborough.  Sadly he has revealed his true colors.  It will get very interesting in the next few months. We'll see who is on which side. I've been keeping up with the rebellion and fall of the Cabal for a long time. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and we fell down on the vigilance part.

Hope we can climb our way back!     Mark

8/3/16  5:30 PM      Get Prepared The Economic Indicators Are Declining
                               Rapidly.    X22 Report   Recap & 30 Minute Video

8/3/16  10:30 AM    Donald Trump Warns Americans To Get Out
                         Of The Stock Market As The Dow Falls For
                         A 7th Day In A Row.  
Michael Snyder Article

8/3/16  8:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Mourning Joe.

Over the past two days I received calls from two friends terribly upset about the Main Street News in it's all out effort to trash Trump. First of all let me tell you that these people are super intelligent, as they do not follow my web site. They were both upset because of the “Yellow Journalism” and one sided attacks on Trump. They both expressed that it was as if they were being forced to vote for a crook.

I can now only take Joe Scarborough and his show Morning Joe on MSNBC for about five minutes a day. Yesterday he was calling for Trump to do the right thing and drop out of the race. Today I decided to watch a full hour to see his entire news coverage. Sorry Folks, I crapped out at three minutes again. He had a panel on discussing how the Republican Party can dump him and or replace him in time for the elections, if he does or does not quit. I think they are setting us up for his body assassination as they may be failing on his reputation assignation. Perhaps they want to calm us by giving us a plan of action post-assassination. I turned it off when they announced that if we waited they would show us the clip of yesterday when Obama said that Trump was not fit to be president. I had enough.

Now I was never in the Navy but logic tells me that if you have to run 500 sailors all around the deck, outside of the protecting thick steel walls, during a battle, then some mighty bad shit is raining down on that deck! So too with the anti-Trump News Service. Hillary must be way behind in the polls (real, not published) for Obama to come out and for Morning Joe to destroy their show in this manner.

Now compare and contrast Obama's actions yesterday with the recent purchase of four U.S. sailors. It was revealed that 1.7 Billion in cash was flown to Iran to release the sailors that got caught entering their waters in rubber boats during the night and/or seal the Iran Deal. Source This signals me that it was most embarrassing to have four sailors captured by the “enemy”. But yesterday the important presidential announcement was that Trump is a rat rather than we have 2,000 troops surrounded and cut off from food and supplies, along with 90 nuclear weapons, at the Incirlik NATO base in Turkey. For Trump to trump that news means he is one big rat! Ergo, the Cabal is in panic and Hillary is failing.

8/3/16  6:30 AM   Obama Signals Trump Will Win.  Article

8/2/16  9:00 PM  Why Did Khizr Khan Delete His Law Firm's Website?

Does it have anything to do with the firm's work on the the EB-5 Foreign Investor Visa Program which Senator Chuck Grassley described as "riddled with flaws and corruption" and that the Department of Homeland Security warned could "be used by Iranian operatives to infiltrate the United States?" Article

8/2/16  6:00 PM     US Government Unveils A New Plan For A Wide-Scale
                                 Critical Infrastructure Attack.
                                         X22 Report     Recap & 34 Minute Video

8/2/16  10:30 AM   Jim Willie "The Dollar Will Be Removed From
                               International Trade, Which Will Send Shock Waves
                              Throughout The US".    

                             X22 Interview     EXCELLENT  MUST HEAR 4 Minute Video

8/2/16   8:30 AM    Why Cops Entrap Terrorism Suspects.

                          Michael Rivero – August 1, 2016

21 Minute Video

8/2/16   8:00 AM   The Battle For $20.46 SILVER & Death
                         of the Cartel — ANDY HOFFMAN

[Silver is currently $20.78]

SGT Interview    20 Minute Video

8/2/16   6:30 AM  The Looming Financial Crisis Nobody Is
                        Talking About, But Should Be.  

8/1/16  6:30 AM   Children of a Lesser God.     Video

8/1/16    Jim's Rant For the Day.   Electric Air.

It was “V”, on Mornings With “V”: Weekend Recap today, that said “it's like electricity in the air; you can feel the change coming, much like animals sense bad weather approaching.” He was talking about the Main Street News pushing Hillary on us and that all is well in the U.S., but that no one is watching their news shows anymore and the people know better.

I sense it in talking with people. I have never seen this much anger and passion against the government, the corrupt leaders and the lawlessness. People are openly fearing a rigged election ushering in Hillary larger than one hundred supporters. I have no doubts that if she heads for the White House there will be a revolution in this country. News pundits and economists use the term “Civil War”, but I see a pure revolution against a forced-upon-us government body.

After the conventions, we will not be able to discuss what our problems are, how we arrived here with them, and how we might resolve them. Therefore I am reminded of this quotation by John F. Kennedy, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable".

8/1/16  6:00 PM   Is The New US Currency Hiding In Plain Site,
                            Will The Old Fiat Currency Become Unredeemable?

X22 Report      Recap & 38 Minute Video

8/1/16  5:00 PM    Saudi Banks Offered $4BN Bailout To
                        Avoid Liquidity Crisis.    

8/1/16  3:30 PM   Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse Kicked Out Of
                        Stoxx Europe 50 Index.   

8/1/16  7:30 AM  Ben Fulford Blurb:   Israel, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia,
                                      France, Italy and Germany next on list of countries
                                      to be freed from Khazarian mafia.
                                                       Ben Fulford

8/1/16  7:30 AM   Karl Denninger — Only Way Out is Stop
                        Lawlessness Top to Bottom.
Greg Hunter Interview     12 Minute Video

7/31/16  9:30 PM    Note from Jim:

According to the article Ben referenced, the DOJ wants to immediately seize one Billion Dollars. 

7/31/16  7:00 PM  News flash from Benjamin Fulford

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak indicted in multi-billion dollar embezzlement scandal, is seeking immunity in exchange for testimony against the Rothschilds

By Benjamin Fulford     July 30, 2016

CIA sources in East Asia alerted us to the fact the US Justice Department has indicted Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak for embezzling over $1 billion from a fund meant to be used for Malaysian economic development.
The indictment is calling for the seizure of all the profits from the Hollywood hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street, because it was financed with embezzled funds. The indictment also mentions Saudi Arabian royals, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bank Privee Edmond de Rothschild.
The CIA sources source say Najib has asked for immunity and placement for him and his family in the witness protection program in exchange for testifying about the links between the embezzlement scandal, the Rothschild family and missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370. If so, this could be the case that finally brings down the Rothschild dynasty. The Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton branch of the Khazarian mafia is already being brought down in the US so if the Rothschilds are also brought down, this will mean liberation for humanity for the horrors of Babylonian debt slavery.
The indictment can be read here:

More details will be made available in the Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis report due out on Monday, August 1st, 2016.


                          Mitchell Feierstein   
SGT Interview       32 Minute Video

7/30/16  9:30 PM    1,000s Turkish forces surround NATO’s
                           Incirlik air base for ‘inspection’ amid rumors
                           of coup attempt.

                         Per Michael Rivero: “Erdogan may seize those
                              nuclear weapons!“    

7/30/16  9:00 PM    Turkey Surrounds, Blocks Access To
                           NATO's Incirlik Airbase Amid Speculation
                           Of Second Coup.     

7/30/16  12:00 PM   Hillary Lead Over Trump Surges After
                          Reuters "Tweaks" Poll.    

7/30/16  7:00 AM    Weekly News Wrap-Up: Remember, Its Just
                          a Show - Bernie just Threw the Fight.
Greg Hunter     EXCELLENT 24 Minute Video

7/30/16  7:00 AM    Monte Paschi Fails Stress Test
                          Miserably – Small Bailout Won’t Last
                          Thru the Week.   
Bix Weir     Article

7/29/16  5:30 PM   Another "Smoking Gun" Looms As Hillary
                         Campaign Admits Server Hacked.

Of course the finger will inevitably be pointed at Vladimir Putin (and his media-designated puppet Trump) but even The Director of Nation Intelligence has urged that an end be put to the “reactionary mode” blaming it all on Russia...”      Article

7/29/16  3:30 PM     Note From Jim:

My wife tells me she heard on the national news that the Democrats have never won three presidential races in a row. I am also hearing that since 1947, the leader in the first polls after the second convention always wins the presidential election. All of this tells me that Trump will win the election. I don't see how Hillary will gain in the polls after the past week.

                                 Jason Burack    SGT Interview   42 Minute Video

7/28/16  9:00 PM    Democrats Hacked Again: FBI Probing New
                          "Cyber Intrusion" At Fundraising Group.

7/28/16  5:30 PM  Earnings Down, Housing Declining, Retail Contracting
                             And GDP Revised Lower, This Is The Collapsing
                             Economy.        X22 Report     Recap & 39 Minute Video

7/28/16  2:00 PM   Dear Jim,

Help me with this. I too had the thought that he could still become the nominee but the read that he had given up the DNC & gone back to Vermont as an independent. Could he still be included. I do believe she will be indicted after the next tranche of emails hits showing her illegal funding of terrorist groups & knowing the WDS is gunning for her to go but not sure how the Bernie thing would work. Solving these puzzles is absorbing much of my thought these days. Ha! It's so darned interesting!    Lana

Response: I don't know how it would work.  I just see so much "time" campaigning from him that could cause him to be asked to step in a few weeks from now if Hillary fails.  That is as far as my thoughts go.

7/28/16  12:00 PM   Credit Suisse: We Have Never Had So Many
                           Traders Saying "We Are Totally Lost". 

7/28/16  10:30 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Bernie, Number Two

Yesterday Bernie Sanders said he will go back to the Senate as an Independent. That means that by endorsing Hillary he in no way was taking a bullet for the Democratic party. That begs the question of just what was his payoff?

I know I have a habit of stepping out on the wild side quite often, but brace yourself because I'm going to do it again. Is it possible that Bernie is being held as a secondary nominee of the Democratic party in the event that Hillary has another major scandal hit her or succumbs to incapacitating health?

7/28/16  10:30 AM   Next Leak Will Lead to Arrest of Hillary
                           Clinton – Assange       
2 Minute Video

7/28/16  8:30 AM  ‘They Have a History of Corruption’:
                           Clinton Cash Documentary
[Excellent recap]      12 Minute Video

7/28/16  6:30 AM    Bill O'Reilly Exposes George Soros.
                                  [Oldie but goodie]
                               MUST WATCH     9 Minute Video

7/28/16  6:30 AM      Italy Banks are CRASHING as Europe
                            Collapsing into Chaos!   
8 Minute Video

7/28/16  6:30 AM     Full Ben Fulford Report.    Ben Fulford

7/27/16  7:30 PM   Feel the BURN: Bernie Hot Mic Proves He Was
                         Never a Real Candidate.      
7 Minute Video

7/27/16  6:30 PM   Bernie Delegates Thrown out of Convention,
                              Threatened with Arrest, before Hillary Will Take
                              The Stage! They Had To Remove Them So They
                              Wouldn’t Boo Her On The Stage.

[This shows how delicate our entire political system is right now.] 
                       Two Videos

7/27/16  2:00 PM   Deutsche Bank Profit Plunges 98%
                         And The Worst Is Yet To Come.     Article

7/27/16  2:00 PM    Deutsche Bank IMPLODES: Crouching Silver
                           Hidden Gold — Bix Weir & V.   
54 Minute Video

7/27/16  2:00 PM   Italy Banks are CRASHING as Europe
                          Collapses into Chaos!     8 Minute Video

7/27/16  1:00 PM   In Latest Political "Coup", Catalan Parliament
                          Votes To Secede From Spain.   

7/27/16  1:00 PM  Wikileaks Assange Denies Russian Hacker
                         Help / DNC official IT Tech shot in back and
                         not robbed.     
Article & Video

7/27/16  1:00 PM   180 Billion QE Per Month NOW?
                          WTF Central Bankers?!   

7/27/16  10:00 AM  The Economic Storm Is Intensifying And It's Getting Worse.

X22 Report     Recap & 35 Minute Video

7/27/16  8:30 AM  IRS Launches Investigation Of Clinton Foundation.

[Note that it's not the FBI or the Dept. of Justice – they don't want to know.]    Article

7/27/16  6:00 AM   Stop Drinking The Kool-Aid, America:
                         Political Fiction In An Age Of Televised

7/26/16  3:30 PM    Clinton Cash: "Devastating" Documentary
                          Reveals How Clintons Went From "Dead
                          Broke" To Mega Wealthy.   
Article and Video

7/26/16  3:30 PM    Day After ‘Clinton Cash’ Film’s Ericsson Revelations
                               Go Worldwide, CEO Steps Down.
                                         MUST READ Article

7/26/16  2:30 PM    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Corruption Chaos.

That is how Michael Rivero summed up yesterday's DNC opening day. I thought it fit.

I was wondering how the convention was going to sell an obvious too big to jail corruption queen. Now I know. They are going to make the other side out to be a much bigger corruption threat. As I said earlier, yesterday I saw the movie documentary, Hillary's America. It suggested that the Democratic (probably all) parties are conning us to be their slaves, but first they have to be elected. Their rule is to lie their asses off in pitching the con, and if caught, to deny, deny and deny. And better still, blame the watchdogs that caught you.

Hence, now we hear that Putin and Trump stayed up Saturday night and hacked the DNC Email server. Nowhere do we hear, “Sorry” from the Dems, we just hear that it's all Trumps fault now that he is controlled by Russia.

Now I realize that this is election season and that we are expected to be told whoppers. But why on earth we accept them is beyond me. Perhaps the political parties are right to think they can always get away with it because we truly don't care. Perhaps there is some truth to that.

All I know is that if we the sheeple accept another round of crap from both of these organized political crap machines, then we deserve to lose the last of our country, and deserve what we are about to receive.

I am going to say it for the first time here, I am going to vote for Trump. I am endorsing him because he is an outsider to their lying, thieving organized con games. I hope he is able to remain an outsider. But as Doctor Phil says, if you want to predict future behavior then just look at the past behavior. I challenge all of Hillary's supporters to honestly look at her and know she is about to be unleashed on our children.

7/26/16  2:00 PM  Why Hillary Is Nervous: "More Leaks May Be Coming".

Hillary's campaign seems to be even more concerned about what may be leaked next.  

Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary's communication director, recently told reporters:   The WikiLeaks leak was obviously designed to hurt our convention, I don’t think they’re done. That’s how they operate. Hillary's campaign seems to be even more concerned about what may be leaked next.    Article

7/26/16  7:00 AM  Dear Jim:

Everyone should go see this movie [Hillary's America], there are no politics, and it should be seen by Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.    Don

Response. Thanks. I saw it yesterday and I agree with your recommendation. If we have an election, it may be our last, as the intent is to finish dismantling the United States – no doubt about it. We are all being conned by the organized parties, See Trailer

P.S. I was wrong to say that the movie can be seen online. You have to go to a theater.

7/26/16  6:00 AM      Less Holy Kids.     Article

7/25/16  7:30 PM    Germany Wants To Change Their Constitution To
                                   Allow The Military To Be Used Domestically.

                                       X22 Report     Recap & 34 Minute Video

 7/25/16  11:30 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb: Rothschild game plan was to
                                                         reverse the results of World War I.
                                                                    Ben Fulford

7/25/16  6:00 AM    First Italy, Now Portuguese Banks                 
                           "Unexpectedly" Need A Taxpayer Bailout.  

7/25/16  6:00 AM   Dear Jim,

Just as you can't have a war without an enemy, thus the need for "made for TV" terrorist dramas employing crisis actors and vilifying the fabricated enemy du jour, you can't have an election without candidates.

The winner of the current election cycle was selected long ago, but in order to make that one appear to be the choice of the people, there has to be other candidates, actors who also run, but narrowly lose. And who better to cast in those roles than a brash big mouth who showed poorly the last time he ran, and a hippie with no pedigree.

But times have changed, and the unexpected winner this time around is the people, because we are getting to witness how the game of politics is actually played.

Now the head referee gets busted for throwing the finals and gets hired as coach for the team the game was thrown to. This is better than any football playoff. Blessings, Phil


7/24/16 8:30 PM   It Begins: Dutch Bank ABN Amro Will Charge
                         Negative Interest On Deposits.   

7/24/16 7:00 PM    Democrats In Turmoil: DNC Chair Wasserman
                          Schultz Resigns After Wikileaks Revelations.

7/24/16 7:00 PM   Here's Why The New DNC Chair Is About To
                        Make Bernie Supporters Just As Angry.
                           [Donna Brazil dislikes Bernie as much as
                            her predecessor did.]     

7/24/16 12:30 PM    Note From Jim:  I am going to see this movie,
                                Hillary's America
It appears to be an indictment
                                against both parties. It can be seen for free on your
                                computer.   Trailer & Free Movie

7/24/16 12:00 PM    Twitter is shadow banning #DNCleak to
                           make it go down in trends and Wikileaks
                           links are banned on facebook now.  

7/24/16  9:00 AM   Hillary Clinton said to have multiple sclerosis;
                         a stroke risk.

                                     [Article from a year ago]   Article

7/24/16  9:00 AM  Software Glitch? Hillary The 'Bobblehead
                         PanderGranny' Couldn't Stop Nodding Behind
                         Bernie Sanders.      
6 Minute Video

7/24/16  7:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day. Old Fashioned Campaign Financing.

These are just a few quick notes on thoughts that impacted me last week, in particular during the Republican Convention.

First lets deal with the non-convention thought. I was most impressed by the one Economist Guru that said the governments and corporations were now issuing bonds with negative interest rates. That equates to you lending them a hundred thousand dollars and later collecting back only ninety thousand dollars. The Economist pointed out that what that really means is that somehow we are to believe questionable debt is now more valuable than cash money! Just think about that.

I got tired of hearing the News talking heads ridicule Trump for putting on such a chaotic and shabby convention. First of all, the Republicans put on the show. Secondly, Trump walked into a hostile environment and came out smelling like a rose in the end. By anybody's standards, that is a success.

Trump's critics point out that one of his (many) businesses filed bankruptcy. Well folks, as a CPA, let me tell you this. ALL businesses at one time or another fail, and a great many file bankruptcy if the conditions are right for it. But ALL business will fail sometime. That is a fact.

But while we are on Trump's businesses, lets talk about old fashioned campaign financing. I was pleased to hear that last week was the first time in fifty years that no Bush family member attended the convention. Just for giggles let me point out that Trump first got into politics with money he earned from his real estate business. The Bush dynasty entered politics from illegal bootlegging profits during Prohibition, the same as Joe Kennedy financed that dynasty into politics. Then there are the Clintons. Need I remind you that they ran drugs from South America into Arkansas. Remember the Oliver North Investigation? Now just imagine a Capone dynasty if Al had only had more time. And all of these dynasty heritage offspring have the gall to ridicule an upstart in a legitimate business and we don't question them?

A few years ago I watched a movie about Jerry Lee Lewis, Rock and Rolls first great wild man. He got upset at one performance when he was informed that Chuck Berry would have the honor of being the last act on stage and Jerry was to appear just before Berry. Jerry truly played the piano like a wild man that night. Towards the end of his act he poured lighter fluid on the piano and set it on fire, all while continuing to play and incite the crowd. They were whipped into a frenzy when Jerry walked off the stage and said to Chuck Berry in passing him, “Follow That!” During Trump's speech on the last night of the convention, he owned that convention! He worked that room like only he could. I saw no mistakes. As the convention was going off the air, I thought about Hillary and her poor crowd control skills. Once again I saw Jerry Lee smugly throwing his head into the air and saying, “Follow That!”

 7/24/16  6:00 AM    BUSTED! Richard Gutjahr's Israeli Intelligence
                           Wife Einat Wilf Wikipedia SCRUBBED! WOW!
                                                   2 Minute Video

7/24/16  6:00 AM   "Policymakers Have Been Calling A
                           'Depression' A 'Recovery' For Nearly
                            A Decade".     

7/24/16  6:00 AM   Note From Jim:    Regarding Site Down.

The Clintons / Cabal hacked me.  I guess you saw the 1 Minute video of Hillary in a seizure like moment.   Then I posted this Friday night:     and marked it as a MUST WATCH.

I was slammed and the site was overloaded at 10 minutes after midnight.  This is one method they use to take me down.  The last time they did it I paid ti increase my daily volume.  But they still managed to overwhelm my "Daily Limit" so I will be down until midnight.   I will wait and see if they do it again today, in which case I may have to move the website.

7/22/16  10:00 PM   Video; Greg Hunter's Weekly News
                            Wrapup...Lotsa Stuff You May Not Have
                            Heard About....  
Must Hear   24 Minute Video


7/22/16  6:30 PM    KEY TAKE AWAY FROM BREXIT,
                           VOTERS ARE FED UP! — Mish Shedlock
EXCELLENT    33 Minute Interview

7/22/16  6:00 PM   DHS Is Enforcing The 100 Mile Consitutional Free Zone,
                                  A Violation Of The Constitution.
                                          X22 Report       Recap & 36 Minute Video

7/22/16  9:30 AM   Dear Jim

This is a great interview in which he speaks of Turkey --- very enlightening in my view. Thanks for your site.    D.
July Update from Paul High Level Financial Insider -
Raconteurs News   

7/22/16  7:00 AM    Russian warplanes reportedly bombed US base in Syria. 

7/22/16  7:00 AM   Note From Jim:

I am going to be tied up most of the day again. The convention was great but the real news this week is Turkey. There are reports taking the coup this way and that way. I has planning to spend a lot of time reading every report on the situation but have not had the time. Besides, I think the world is still not sure which way it is going. The article I posted today is probably the most up to date analysis. Needless to say, Turkey could be a real game changer for the Cabal.

7/22/16  6:30 AM   The New Middle East:
                           Exit America Enter Russia.      Article

7/22/16  6:30 AM   HILLARY HAS A SEIZURE.

[You tell me. Several reports have been out saying she has a serious medical problem.]
                          1 Minute Video

7/21/16  8:30 PM   Putin, Erdogan and the Plot Against the Rest
                          of Us.       

7/21/16  5:30 PM  Helicopter Money Will Not Work Because It Was Tested In 2008.
                                     X22 Report  Recap & 37 Minute Video

7/21/16  7:00 AM   Turkey Distances Itself From the U.S.
                           and NATO.     

7/21/16  7:00 AM    Full Ben Fulford Report.       Ben Fulford     

                         THEY WILL NEVER EVER EXPOSE FALSE
                         FLAGS & SYSTEMIC CORRUPTION.
Must Hear   SGT Report    7 Minute Video

7/20/16  7:00 PM   A Failed Coup, An Unrecognized Republic,
                          And Triggers For A Global Economic Meltdown.

7/20/16  6:00 PM    US Gov/Central Bankers Have Lost The
                           Narrative In The Middle East.

                                   X22 Report      Recap & 33 Minute Video

7/20/16  5:30 PM  Erdogan Alerted of Incoming Coup by Russia.

7/20/16  3:30 PM   US And Turkey Move To The Next Phase Of
                           The Plan – Episode 1026b.
X22 Report     27 Minute Video

7/20/16  6:30 AM    Children Of A Lesser God.     Video

7/19/16  7:00 PM      Dear Jim,

I have always felt that when things don't make sense, it's because i don't have enough information. The Turkey Coup is confusing. So here's another take on it. Who knows if it's true but it made some sense in light of Turkey now aligning with Russia and Iran. You don't need to post if it doesn't jive with you but I like to factor in all angles as we are living in complicated times.
The World Has Had It: Obama Attempt To Kill Putin, Medvedev, Trump and Erdogan –
Video Lana

Response: Yes, Turkey is still very confusing. Some stories say that the U.S. was involved in the hoax, but other actions indicate possibly no. I guess only time will tell. Thanks Lana.

7/19/16  6:00 PM    It Begins, The Global Economy Declining Is
                           Being Blamed On The BREXIT.

X22 Report     Recap & 40 Minute Video

7/19/16  5:00 PM    Erdogan: Turkey ready to restore regional
                            peace together with Iran and Russia.  

                                     CRACKDOWN:  FIRES ALL UNIVERSITY DEANS;
                                     SUSPENDS 21,000 PRIVATE SCHOOL TEACHERS.

Comment by Michael Rivero:When you control what and how people think, you control those people; ask any of the developers of "Common Core", which was created to dumb down American students into a state of zero critical thinking whatsoever!”     Article

7/19/16  11:00 AM   Massive Explosion Reported In Turkey's
                             Capital Ankara.       Article

7/19/16  9:30 AM     Interview With Jeff Nielson "There Is Only One
                            Bank, There Is Single Super Entity That
                            Controls Everything".
                                      X22 Report       37 Minute Interview

7/19/16  9:00 AM    Turkey Latest: Tens Of Thousands Purged;
                           "Gulenist Media" Shut Down; Pilots Behind
                            Russian Jet Downing Arrested.    

7/19/16  7:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Over The Top Boys!

My daughter probably never forgave me for all my mistakes when I entertained her by attending her tea party. I was too big to fit in the chair so I had to sit on the floor. I wasn't supposed to use two hands to eat the cake and of course I held the tea cup all wrong. I just never met any of her expectations I guess.

So it is with Donald Trump. First let me share this with you. I am neither for or against Trump as I believe one person is not going to stop what is about to happen. They may soften the blow or at least be honest with us, but what is is is and nothing is going to change that. We are in for a tough ride.

In order to lose weight I often watch the Morning Joe show while I eat breakfast. I lost a half pound today as I watched the panel laugh and ridicule a member of the Trump family for plagiarism in her speech. I was back at that long forgotten tea party all over again. What a joke. Now I respect plagiarism in term papers, a Master's thesis or a PHD dissertation, but a speech about how the country is in trouble and Don is a good guy? Oh come on, get over it.

Should the Navy Chief be court martialed for shouting to his gang, “Abandon ship” or the Medal of Honor be recalled from the Sargent that shouted, “Over the top boys!”, when it was discovered that those words were said by someone else before in history and they were not cited? Such a fuss over an anticipated Japanese tea ceremony while the Titanic is going down. Most of us are just sheeple, but this is definitely over the top boys.

7/19/16  6:00 AM   MADMAN ERDOGON NOW HAS NUKES!  Article

7/19/16  6:00 AM  Hans-Hermann Hoppe: "Put Your Hope In
                          Radical Decentralization".       

7/18/16  9:00 PM   Ben Fulford Blurb:   Chaos everywhere as current world
                                             order continues to collapse while new age begins.
                                                                         Ben Fulford

7/18/16  5:30 PM   Is The Turkish Coup Being Used For Something
                                 Much Bigger?
                                         X22 Report     Recap & 38 Minute Video

7/18/16  4:00 PM   Anti-Trump Dissidents Disrupt Convention,
                           Fail To Stop Nomination.     

7/18/16  12:00 PM  Erdogan Purges 20,000 As Europe Voices
                           Concern Coup Was Staged With "Prepared

7/18/16  10:30 AM  The Worst (Fake?) Coup Ever Has Enthroned
                            Erdogan As A Dictator And Has Sealed
                            Turkey’s Fate.     
Michael Snyder   Article

7/18/16  7:00 AM   Erdogan Purges 8,000 Cops As Europe Voices
                          Concern Coup Was Staged With "Prepared
                          Arrest Lists".     

7/17/16  4:30 PM    "Day Of Rage" Continues: Milwaukee Cop
                              Ambushed While Sitting In Car.  

7/17/16  10:30 AM   Manhunt Under Way After At Least
                        3 Police Officers Shot In Baton Rouge -
                             Live Feed
.   [3 dead, 3 wounded]   Article

7/17/16  10:00 AM  Turkish Officials Block Access to Air Base
                            that Houses US Tactical Nukes.

[Is this the story that the Web Bot project predicted would occur Friday afternoon? Not only will this drive Israel crazy, but it adds even more uncertainty to the Middle East. Ergo, possibly a big move into silver and precious metals this week!

While the U.S. and NATO are poking the Russian bear with a stick, they may have lost control of NATO's second largest military.]      Article

7/17/16  9:00 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Closing The Net.

In Property Law we studied a case in which a fishing trawler laid out a mile long net and was circling the boat to close the net and harvest their catch. Halfway during the closing another smaller boat entered the circle and scooped up the majority of the fish. The ruling was that until you actually control the goods in your bag, you've got nothing.

We are watching a furious closing of the world's nets. Martial Law type situations are occurring around the globe. Each day in America we are only one day away from the net closing. Nets are all around us now, in the form of military assets, just waiting for the order.

You and I only have one problem – just who will be the fish? Which boat will claim us; enslavement or freedom? Enslavement wants us. Freedom wants the Cabal.

Realizing that we live in a world of lies, secrets and hidden power controllers, what are we to believe and do? For me, there is but one answer to that question. Prepare your family for off grid survival. The netted fish will be caught because of lack of food and water. The fishers will control us by making those things scarce so that we will voluntarily succumb to their aims.

And although they may close those nets, it could take some time for them to totally take control of us, so the issue will remain in doubt for some time. My point is to not be among the first caught fish – prepare and buy your family time to hope for the best and escape the chaos and suffering.

If you have put off prepping then download this Prepping in a nutshell outline of what you don't know so you can prep immediately. Best of luck to you all.

7/17/16  6:30 AM   Please understand this, once the National
                          Guard is called out anywhere …they will be
                          called out everywhere. What was unthinkable
                          will become the new normal. This will be your
                          beginning to martial law which will sweep the
                          country very rapidly.     
Bill Holter    Article

                         ABSOLUTELY PROVEN: NO BULLETS WERE
                         EVER FIRED AT THE TRUCK.   
Jim Stone 

7/16/16  5:00 PM     Did Erdogan STAGE the coup? US-based
                            Turkish cleric facing extradition over botched
                            rebellion claims president orchestrated plot to
                            justify a clampdown on civil rights.  

7/16/16  2:30 AM    Turkey Accuses US Of Being Behind Military
                           Coup, Demands Extradition Of Cleric Gulen.   

7/16/16  2:30 AM   BREAKING NEWS: 28 Pages Prove 9/11
                           Was An Inside Job.     
10 Minute Video

7/16/16  1:30 AM     Turkey Suspends All US Operations Against
                             ISIS At Incirlik Airbase, Which Vaults
                             B61 Nuclear Bombs.    

7/16/16  11:00 AM   Guerrilla Update Special: Bo Polny!!!
19 Minute Video

7/16/16  9:30 AM   The Counter-Coup Begins: Erdogan Purges
                                  2,745 Judges, Prosecutors; Arrests Hundreds.  Article

7/16/16  8:00 AM   Derivatives Chain Breaking; Market Collapse
                           Soon; 2016 Election Suspension? – Bill Holter

[Negative interest rates means that debt is now worth
  more than cash.]     
Must Hear  22 Minute Video

/16/16  8:00 AM    NWO-Created Tragedies Will Never End.
                           Seek Truth.    

7/16/16  7:30 AM   Dear Jim:

I'm not glued to studying this stuff 4 hours a day like I was for years.  But today for the first time in a while I did look at a couple other sites besides yours and watched several videos. In these videos of the white house I did not see the admiralty fringe on any of the flags in the background. I have that mean that the power has changed in the white house. For years in every video I watched they would always stick that fringe in a very visible place where you couldn't miss it.  I wonder if you or other readers have noticed the same? Kerry's trip to Russia not sanctioned by the Whitehouse is strange to. 

I have that mean the military has taken over the white house and we are a little closer to freedom and just haven't gotten the announcement yet.  Rob

7/16/16  7:30 AM   Dear Jim,

This psy op in Turkey  was just a ruse to create national sentiment towards sterilizing the Turkish military into an Agenda 21 Super Military post Brexit reality. So obvious.

Was the Turkish Coup an Erdogan Hoax? Article

Cheers!      Michael

7/16/16  6:30 AM    Turkish Coup Attempt Crumbles;
                              Erdogan Returns After Crowds Answer Call
                              To Streets.          Article

7/16/16  6:00 AM    Note From Jim: The best I can tell, there
                                 was no BLM protests or rioting last night
                                 anywhere in the U.S.

7/15/16  5:30 PM   US Using Events To Bring Coalition Forces Together
                                 For The Next Push In The Middle East.

X22 Report      Recap & 36 Minute Video

7/15/16  4:30 PM   Military Coup: Turkish Army Says It Has
                          Taken Control Of The Country,
                          Martial Law Declared.

[The Syrian opposition forces were being supplied thru Turkey. This coup could change the entire Middle East.]       Article  

7/15/16  3:00 PM    Martial Law Declared In Turkey: Helicopters,
                           Military Jets Flying Over Capital; Army, Tanks

7/15/16  1:30 PM    Benjamin Fulford Special Update - Gold Bounty & Names
                                    Released For The Capture of Khazarian Terrorists. 

                                   [Includes Rockefeller, Bushes, Obama, Clintons,  
                                    Rumsfeld and Yellen.]  Link.

7/15/16  12:30 PM   Web Bot Update: Timing Error on
                            Bitcoin/Silver/Gold Situation — Price Spike
                            Delay of 1-4 Weeks.
Use Discernment - Cliff High is suggesting 
                                an event will occur this afternoon that will
                                cause precious metals to break out
                                Tuesday.]     12 Minute Video

7/14/16   8:30 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.  It Begins.

This evening Trump announced that he will postpone tomorrow's expected decision on his presidential running mate. He said that this is being done out of respect for the 80 killed Frenchmen today.

This is the Cabal's plan – to release all of the helium out of his convention balloons, each day.  Friday night 37 cities are expecting race demonstrations. My guess is that some of them will yield violence. My theory is that 10,000 protesters at next weeks convention must garner the attention of the news media to stop trump. This will require lots of blood, chaos and violence over the week. No American in his right mind will accept that the demonstrators true heartfelt violence is over who another person intends to vote for, but we will believe in the unpaid passion of racial hatred. So, racial hatred must be created prior to Monday's convention start. I believe that the money has already been paid for it. And so it begins.

7/13/16  7:00 PM   Homeland Security Prepares For Violence At
                           Republican Convention.

7/13/16  7:00 PM   It's Official... the Fed Just Admitted the
                           Whole "Recovery" Narrative is Fiction.  Article

7/13/16  5:30 PM      Red Flags Everywhere, Central Banks Admit
                                    The Economy Is Collapsing.

                                           X22 Report      Recap & 36 Minute Video

7/13/16  10:00 AM    "We Shouldn't Be At New All Time [stock]
                               Highs" -  Even Larry Fink Doesn't Get It.

That's just a sign of how much money is being  taken out by central banks in their bond purchases, and stock repurchases from companies."        Article

7/13/16  8:30 PM  FBI Agents Were Told To Sign A "Very, Very
                          Unusual" NDA In Hillary Email Case.   

7/13/16  6:30 PM  "Black Power" Movement To Come Armed To
                            Republican Convention.    

7/13/16  5:00 PM     More Questions Emerge About Skewed Hillary

Simply put, given the post-Email-gate disapproval ratings, Pro-Hillary Clinton polls simply don't make sense... "The American public is far more pissed off than even you’d like to admit. Part of the reason you refuse to admit it is that this reality is truly terrifying."                             Article

7/13/16  3:00 PM      Be Aware, But Not There! National 'Day of
                             Rage' Scheduled For July 15th, 2016.  

7/13/16  12:30 PM    Michael Rivero “Gangsterism Has Replaced
                             Government & How George Soros Controls
                             Black Lives Matter!.     
26 Minute Video

7/12/16  5:30 PM  Who Has Been Manipulating Stocks And Pushing
                                Them To All Time Highs?

X22 Report      Recap & 36 Minute Video

7/12/16  5:00 PM    Questions About Motivation for Dallas Police
                           Shooting. Michael Rivero – July 11, 2016.
26 Minute Video

7/12/16  6:30 AM    US Refused To Prosecute HSBC Over Fears Of
                            "Global Financial Disaster".     

7/12/16  12:00 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Ruby Red Lips.

Just woke up from a dream. Thought I would share it with you.

I saw a futuristic, 300 year from now, Disnae' 3D hologram movie about Hillary. I saw the scene of today. What was missing was that as of today, she never again made a campaign speech! Two weeks before the Democratic convention and she never again makes a campaign speech! This is when I woke up so I have not seen the end of the hologram yet, mind you.

All I can figure is that she suddenly sees herself as we all do now – just someone with a lot of lipstick on. And no matter how thick the lipstick is, we all see her as just a ruby red lipped pig.

                          Back to bed.

7/11/16  8:30 PM  Must Watch: World Markets To Crash In
                          Summer, Gold/Silver To Spike: Bo Polny
30 Minute Video

7/11/16  5:30 PM   Tax Collection Numbers for June Show
                                  The Economy Is Not Improving.

X22 Report     Recap & 35 Minute Video

7/11/16  3:30 PM    Head of French police: France is on the
                             brink of civil war.  

                           SHOWS NO RACIAL BIAS IN POLICE
                           RELATED SHOOTINGS.    Article

7/11/16  9:30 AM   War On The Streets Of America: Protesters
                           Attack Police Officers In Major Cities All Over
                           The Nation.     
Michael Snyder    

7/11/16  8:00 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:   Khazarian mafia power structure
                                                                        crumbling in very public fashion.
                                                                                  Ben Fulford

7/10/16 11:00 AM  What Happens After Cops Start Getting Shot?

7/10/16 10:00 AM  The Rule Of Law – Karl Dinnenger       Article

7/10/16  8:30 AM  The Truth About The Alton Sterling and
                          Philando Castile Shootings.  
32 Minute Video

7/9/16  8:00 PM   Dear Jim,

love your website. I am trying to get more people to look at what you have found around the web. But, the 1968 Democratic Nominee was Hubert H. Humphrey. Best    Larry

Response: Hey Larry, as I said, it was the'60s, what do I remember!

7/9/16  7:00 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Low Down.

Betty and I once attended a concert featuring the remains of a few '60s Doo Wop groups. After singing the song, Duke Of Earl, that group was introduced. The giant of a man base singer was introduced and asked to tell about the lady that came up during a break one night. The deep voiced singer laughed and said she was most complementary of his voice range and asked, “Just how low down do you have to go?” She lost it when he said, “That depends on how tall you are!”

The question we need to now be concerned with is just how low will the government go with the elections? I believe extremely low, even lower than Richard Nixon in 1968. For you whippersnappers Nixon was a Republican. Prior to the Democratic convention he used an untraceable slush fund to pay leaders of the Hippie movement to move them into Chicago for the convention. The country was shocked at the week long rioting shown on their TVs. The riots got 100% of the coverage, thus taking the helium out of the convention balloons. That night Walter Mondale, the Democratic nominee, literally cried realizing he had just lost the National Election.

I believe that the Republican Convention is in store for the same treatment, but with abundant killings and bombings for effect. I also believe the same will happen at the Democratic convention the following week. All of this will result in Martial Law as early as August first.

I know you are probably tired of hearing me say this but here goes again. The infantry only gives covering fire when they have someone trying to make an end run. The press is currently being penned down with racial hatred to divide us and egg us on the warpath, a well worn government strategy. I predict another mass killing around Monday or Tuesday. This will keep the press down until Monday the 18th, the start of the convention season.

Not only does this prepare for another Chicago, but it keeps the press off of Hillary. I believe she is now a throwaway piece of toast if the Cabal keeps Obama in place. They will then have a dictatorship and can squelch any tell-all truth bombs that will surface when the Clintons are killed as a show for the people. The Cabal will then be free to continue enslavement as usual by this plan, if it works.

I say, “If it works”, because I do not know if it will or not. But in the meantime PREPARE. My fear is that the registered gun owners may be in for a shock. All the government has to do is refuse grocery stores the “privilege” of accepting cash. Then all Debit and Credit cards can be cross referenced with a Gun Owner list, triggering a non-use status until the guns are turned in. This is just my fear and I have no fortellings of this anywhere.

So the bottom line is to prep now and suspect Martial Law by early August, then all hell a month later when the government is safe to let the economy fail.

7/9/16  11: 00 AM    Has the Dallas police shooting signaled the
                          beginning of a race war, or will the people see
                          they’re being manipulated and stop the
                          globalist agenda?        Article

7/9/16  9:30 AM   Thousands Protest Police Violence Across US
                         Cities; Tear Gas Used In Phoenix "Black Lives
                         Matter" Rally.     

7/9/16  8:00 AM      Interview With Bill Holter "It's Over"

X22 Interview 32 Minute Video

7/8/16  7:00 PM    DALLAS SHOOTING EXPOSED: ‘Lone Gunman’
                         Micah Johnson Did NOT Act Alone.
4 Minute Video

7/8/16  5:30 PM  US Government Laying The Ground Work For
                              Postponing The Election.

X2 Report    Recap & 37 Minute Video

7/8/16  3:00 PM   Dear Jim,

Congratulations on placing in the wet T shirt contest and thank you for your sense of humor! Too few laughs these days. My two cents;

The purpose of the media has always been to direct the attention of the masses. IMHO humans have little awareness of the power of their attention. "Energy flows where attention goes." Too much attention on the abuses of whomever gets too hot and has to be redirected, so our attention is diverted by the media to the shooting of the day. Then the media that digs deeper exposes it as a red herring, and our attention turns back to calling those who abuse us to task.

Remember that we are getting to watch, in real time, the infighting of the cabal, which has many factions. Hillary works for one faction, Trump another, and there are others. The bigger question is who they work for. Who is really pulling the strings? Who has the real power? When we finally get that each of us has the power, the house of cards will collapse, the curtain will be pulled back, the masks will come off, and we will see ourselves for who we truly are. The "news", social media, the advertisements are all just attention harvesting devices.

Blessings and thanks for your work. Phil

                         PROPAGANDA: THE DALLAS SHOOTING
                         SNIPER(S) — Gladio Terror, Drills & Suspicious
16 Minute Video

7/8/16  1:00 PM    Dear Jim,

I enjoy you site, but let's follow the dots, last nite everyone was focusing on the FBI and the email scandal, today there is not even a whisper. The same thing happened when Trump was going to come out with the Monday devoted to the Hillary scandal, what happened in Orlando the night before? Every time

The mainstream media gets focused on the Hillary shitshow they divert the attention. The Gov. Is in Chaos the real focus should be the Clinton Foundation. Joseph

7/8/16  1:00 PM  Dear Jim,

Just some thoughts on Trump. Evetytime I have seen him speak it has been in front of military admiralty flags with tassel and fringe.  Flags are very important, they display authority and jurisdiction. There are no mistakes. Trump may be just another admiralty stooge in place to disillusion us. I have not seen any clues that he is part of the Republic. Although he has said something I have never heard a candidate say before. I have watched 3 of his rallies and each time he said "I'm just a messenger "

So the question seems to be, why would the cabal send us a message in full admiralty dress and what does that mean?   Just my thoughts  Rob

7/8/16  1:00 PM   Dear Jim: [Regarding "This Week's Fulford's Report"]

Jim, I'm calling you out, respectfully on your most recent rant. The foundational premises of all collapsitarian ideology is based upon the assumption, and it us a large one sir, that the debt foisted upon the American people is a valid claim. As you squarely know, and you do understand this, that our Constitutional monetary system is a "Public Credit" based system, as opposed to the Federal Reserve System which is a "Private Debt"  based system. When the Federal Reserve  Global banking system collapses so will the debt. The entire planet will revert back to a Sovereign Monetary System. With that said I find your sceptecisim founded more upon an apocalypse based outcome  and I  detect a hint of religious zeal that the world must end in order for prophecy to be fulfilled. As gently as I can put it, your speculations are clouded with bias I find blindly beholding to fear and loathing  than to hope and faith. With that said I think you are a good journalist, and I love you and your blog.       Cheers! Michael

Response:   What I am suggesting is that we all prepare for great changes, that is all.  Change is coming with new economic systemS, new viewS of governance, new scientific foundationS, a new view of who we each truly are.  In the meantime, many may not survive those waves of changes.

7/8/16  9:30 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.    Blue Blowjob Dress

Most Fridays I try to get a compass bearing on where we came from the past week so I can get a feel where we are headed in the next few weeks. Today is no different.

Yesterday I listened to the Michael Rivero radio show where he was bad mouthing the Clintons. He pointed out two facts that struck me. First was that one of the dead bodies associated with the Clintons died from an overdose of mouthwash the day before he was to be questioned. See: “Barry Seal’s aircraft mechanic at Mena . . . . died March 21, 1995 of an “overdose of mouthwash”. Regarded by local authorities as an obvious homicide.” Source  The other was that after Monica Lewinsky testified at the Clinton Impeachment about her stained blue blowjob dress, she walked out onto the steps of Congress expecting to be mobbed by the press, but there was no one there. While she was testifying, President Clinton fired cruise missiles into our enemy of the day.

This week we saw the Hillary Catch and Release. We see the news media mocking Trump for not going after her. Yesterday we saw several cops kill blacks. We hear that Black Lives Matter emails indicate they may be participating in stirring up racial tensions (we don't know if this is true or not). Now today we have snipers taking out cops. Where are we heading the next few weeks? Lets look at possibilities.

There is no doubt in my mind that Europe is collapsing now and will be here soon. In his interview on the Fourth, Michael Kreiger points out that history shows when all empires collapse the legal system always goes first. Perhaps this is because the power people are trying to hold their power and at the same time violate all laws to force the people to believe the government still has everything under control. I believe this is what we saw with our legal system this week, Also keep in mind that Lynch is a former banker (I believe with the Federal Reserve), Comey was a banker with HSBC bank supposedly managing laundered drug money, and the Clintons raised money for the Presidency by running drugs into Arkansas. Have the Banksters captured our country enough to now own the legal system?

To me the Dallas cop killing is most telling. You can go into a Frat House anywhere and find someone willing to stick a firecracker up their nose and light it, but never four brothers at once; that ain't gonna happen. To sniper kill several cops you have to go up high to a place hard to escape from when the state of Texas comes after you. To do this you have to understand that you will probably know that you are not going to be captured alive. And now we are told four people planned this caper? The only ones to do this are paid mercenaries expecting to be extracted prior to capture and perhaps those under mind control by their employer who is going to let them die.

So lets look at the pointy compass needle now. Trump won't play right and is just leaving the elephant standing on Hillary's foot. Ah, savor that cold revenge. Is it possible that the Cabal knows that Hillary is toast and they cannot afford to let Trump have a shot at the Presidency. Is it possible that they plan to Blue Dress the press with violence leading up to, and during, the conventions to enact Martial Law and keep the controllable Obama in office, all while we have the collapse? Your thoughts?

7/8/16  7:00 AM   Why Hitlery Skated Both Congress And DOJ: -
                         FBI Source Says Exposure Of Clinton
                         Foundation Can Bring Down Entire

7/7/16  7:00 PM   State Department Re-Opens Clinton Emails
                         Probe, Hints At "Administrative Sanctions".

7/7/16  5:30 PM    Bernanke Meets With Kuroda And Abe To Unleash
                                Helicopter Money.

X22 Report   Recap & 32 Minute Video

7/7/16  3:30 AM   Comey Forced To Admit Hillary's FBI
                          Testimony "Wasn't Under Oath Or Recorded".

7/7/16  11:00 AM   Fiat Money Is Doing Exactly What It Was
                          Designed To Do, Fail: Rob Kirby.
                               X22 Interview    26 Minute Video

7/7/16  11:00 AM   Benjamin Fulford Special Update:

Hillary Clinton was aboard Airforce 1 with Henry Kissinger and Presidential spokesperson Barack Obama when FBI Director James Comey announced that no criminal charges were going to be filed against Clinton, according to Washington DC based agency sources. Since Kissinger and Clinton are both Rockefeller stooges, we can be sure the Rockefellers called in all their chips to pull this stunt off. However, nuclear blackmail and stolen elections are not going to be enough to keep this crime gang in power. There will be consequences. David, we got to you before and we can get to you again, the only option your clan has is to surrender or die.

7/7/16 6:30 AM   Note From Jim regarding this week's
                        Fulford Report.

First I do not buy the assertion that the Chinese have agreed to buy Deutsche Bank, as if that will save the collapse. That would make as much sense as to save one train car in a 200 train car wreck. All of the banks are insolvent.

Secondly, based on the actions of the Clintons the past week, I do not see them as contemplating a surrender to the wishes of mankind. The Cabal is no where near giving it up.

Thirdly, I believe there will be no bounty placed on the Cabal. I suspect it is a distraction for us. I do believe that the Military may have a desire to jump ship but I don't think they have the balls to do it now so as to benefit the people.

I believe that we are in the collapse, both governmental and financial and there is no easy way out. Sorry folks.

7/7/16 6:00 AM   Full Ben Fulford Report.     Ben Fulford

7/6/16 6:00 PM  US Gov Posts Travel Warnings Throughout Europe & The
                            Middle East, Is Something About To Happen?
                                                 X22 Report    Recap & 36 Minute Video

7/6/2016 4:00 PM   Note From Jim: Trump just won the election by
                           announcing that when he becomes president
                           he will prosecute Hillary!

7/6/2016 3:30 PM   US Stocks, Bonds, & Gold Jump As European
                           Banking System Collapses.     

7/6/2016 3:00 PM    Dear Jim,

I'm suspicious about this story on Guccifer. If it were true everyone would be reporting it.    Cheers  Michael

Response:  It appears to have been removed by Zero Hedge.  It was a hoax.

7/6/2016 1:30 PM      Chelsea [Bradley] Manning [Military whistle
                                blower] 'rushed to hospital after trying to
                                take own life'.  
                                 [The bodies are stacking up today] 


7/6/2016 12:30 PM  Gregory Mannarino-When Debt Bubble
                             Pops Millions Will Die.
Greg Hunter Interview.
Must Hear   27 Minute Video

7/6/2016 10:00 AM     Note from Jim:    Warning bells are going off
                                                                       all over Europe today.

7/6/2016 10:00 AM    Domino #4: Henderson Suspends $5 Billion
                              UK Property Fund Over "Exceptional
                              Liquidity Pressures".    Article

7/6/2016 10:00 AM   "It Feels Like 2008" Government Bond
                               Yields Signal "Something Very Nasty
                               Is Coming".     

7/6/2016 10:00 AM   World's Biggest Asset Manager Downgrades
                              European Banks To Sell, Expects Global

7/6/2016 9:30 AM   Ex-ECB Banker Stokes Europe's Banking
                            Panic: "People Are Starting To Withdraw
                            From The Market".      

7/6/2016 9:30 AM   European Market Breaks [Halted]: Stoxx 50,
                           Stoxx 600 Have Not Calculated Prices For
                           Nearly An Hour.  

7/6/2016 8:00 AM  EU Banks Crash To Crisis Lows As
                           Funding Panic Accelerates.    

7/6/2016 6:30 AM   "We've Never Had A Shock To The System
                             Like This" - Global Selloff Accelerates On
                             Brexit, Italy, "Unknown" Fears.    

7/6/2016 5:30 AM   How Did Hillary Clinton Escape FBI Charges?
                            Michael Rivero - July 5, 2016.  
19 Minute Video


SGT Report    11 Minutes Video

7/5/2016 6:00 PM   Less Holy Kids.  Video

7/5/2016 6:00 PM  The Economic Collapse Dominoes Are Beginning To Fall.

X22 Report     Recap & 37 Minute Video

7/5/2016 5:30 PM   The Revolt Against Globalism... Is Going

7/5/2016 2:30 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Egged Chicken.

For millennia mankind has been plagued by the question of, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” I solved the quandary for myself by having eggs for breakfast and chicken for lunch or supper. I moved on.

I am here again with a similar question, but this one will not drag out a lifetime. We will soon have the answer to, “Is the fix in for Hillary or will she be indicted?” Friday I clearly saw indictment but today I smell a fix. She was to anxious to sing to the FBI.

Let me blur your lens a little bit. She is not the only one on the hot seat here. Fact: There is no statute of limitation on murder or treason. This means there is no limitation as to being an accessory or aiding and abetting. Both Hillary and Bill are in to their necks based on the word on the streets. Bill is suspected of selling secrets to the Chinese as President (China Gate), and that was the real basis of his impeachment trial. They both are suspected now for selling secrets (treason) while she was Secretary of State, through her Email server with the payoff going to Bill's charity foundation that never charitied.

But here is the bus-filler. All those who were in the know are on that same hot seat too. There is only ONE Get-Outta-Jail card available and that is for Hillary, if she becomes President. The reason is that a standing President cannot be criminally charged until after she is out of office. That gives the whole bus four years to clean up the broken eggs and chicken shit. Gee, I wonder why they want her in so badly?

7/5/2016  12:00 PM  BANANA REPUBLIC: FBI Recommends
                             “No Charges” Against Hillary Clinton —
                             HIS “REPUBLIC BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE”
                             IS NOW, OFFICIALLY, DEAD.     

7/5/2016  11:00 AM  FBI Recommends "No Charges"
                             Against Hillary Clinton.   

7/5/2016  11:00 AM   Domino #3: M&G Suspends Trading In $6
                              Billion UK Property Fund.    

7/5/2016  8:00 AM    Domino #2: UK's Aviva Property Fund
                              "Frozen" Due To "Lack Of Immediate

7/5/2016  8:00 AM   Bear Stearns 2.0? UK's Largest Property
                             Fund Halts Redemptions, Fears "Vicious

7/5/2016  12:30 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:  Khazarian mafia defeat certain
                                                               as rebellion spreads in the EU the US and
                                                               elsewhere.      Ben Fulford

7/4/2016  6:00 PM  SILVER FIREWORKS!    6 Minute Video

7/4/2016  5:00 PM  Benjamin Fulford Video Message on
                           July 4, 2016.   

[Still expecting his printed rport today.]
6 Minute Video

7/4/2016  10:00 AM    Michael Krieger – Complete Collapse of
Greg Hunter
Must Hear 18 Minute Video

7/4/2016  10:00 AM   Hillary's Closest Aide Admits Clinton
                             'Illegally' Burned Daily Schedule.    

7/4/2016  9:30 AM     Video: Judge Jeanine Pirro Weighs In On The
                              Collapse Of The Entire US Justice System.
37 Minute Video

7/4/2016  7:30 AM    Precious Metals Surge Continues, As Does
                             Italian Bank Pain, In Holiday-Shortened

7/4/2016  6:00 AM    SILVER JUST TOOK OUT $20: “We are at a
                             flashpoint in history” — Andy Hoffman  
                                     SGT Report  
23 Minute Video

7/4/2016  6:00 AM   Current Silver Price:     Link

7/4/2016  1:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day. Happy Free Silver!

Several of the silver experts said recently that when the price of silver breaks $20.50 per ounce then silver will be free from the Cabal's manipulation. It is currently at $20.62. Earlier tonight it was at $20.80, and was up almost a full dollar for the day.

Now I know it always gets slammed at 3:00 AM, but with Monday being a holiday here, it could very well jump another dollar to near $22.00 by the time the market opens again in the U.S. on Tuesday. It may be hard for the Cabal to explain a sudden drop from $22 back down to $15 per ounce. No sir, I hope the world's rush to silver is on and the Cabal has lost control of it. I hope the panic is on and Silver is free floating once again.

We will see what happens during the night.

7/3/2016  6:30 PM  Putin on Donald Trump and US elections.
5 Minute Video

7/3/2016  6:00 PM  Senator Admits The FBI Is "About To Ask
                           Putin For His Copies Of Hillary's Emails".   

7/3/2016  4:00 PM   Dear Jim,

In the comments on Fulford,s site he says sources in the FBI state that if they have to take out Obama & Lynch to get to Clinton, they will.

I would stay up late to see that!      Lana

7/3/2016  10:45 AM   Sources Close to Trump Claim Hillary Will
                              Not Get Indicted.
[ Use Discernment]     Article

7/3/2016  10:30 AM   Donald J. Trump Says Hillary Won't
                              Be Indicted! - (BIG SURPRISE)  

                                [Use Discernment]  Article

7/3/2016  10:30 AM   Chuck Todd To Hillary: "Were You Given
                              An indication That No FBI Charges Will Be
                              Filed Against You?"

Q. Chuck Todd: "There is some news reports out there that indicate that no charges may be brought against you in a final decision in a couple of weeks.  Were you given that indication today that no charges would be filed and are you confident that no charges would be filed?"

Clinton: "Chuck, I am not going to comment on the process. I have no knowledge, any time line is entirely up to the department."

7/3/2016  8:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Egged Chicken.

For millennia mankind has been plagued by the question of, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” I solved the quandary for myself by having eggs for breakfast and chicken for lunch or supper. I moved on.

I am here again with a similar question, but this one will not drag out a lifetime. We will soon have the answer to, “Is the fix in for Hillary or will she be indicted?” Friday I clearly saw indictment but today I smell a fix. She was to anxious to sing to the FBI.

Let me blur your lens a little bit. She is not the only one on the hot seat here. Fact: There is no statute of limitation on murder or treason. This means there is no limitation as to being an accessory or aiding and abetting. Both Hillary and Bill are in to their necks based on the word on the streets. Bill is suspected of selling secrets to the Chinese as President (China Gate), and that was the real basis of his impeachment trial. They both are suspected now for selling secrets (treason) while she was Secretary of State, through her Email server with the payoff going to Bill's charity foundation that never charitied.

But here is the bus-filler. All those who were in the know are on that same hot seat too. There is only ONE Get-Outta-Jail card available and that is for Hillary, if she becomes President. The reason is that a standing President cannot be criminally charged until after she is out of office. That gives the whole bus four years to clean up the broken eggs and chicken shit. Gee, I wonder why they want her in so badly?

7/3/2016  7:00 AM   Dear Jim:

Here is an article that you and your readers might enjoy. Thanks for all you continue to do.   Lance                      

Ex-CIA Spy: A Global Open Source Revolution Is About To Begin


SGT Interview       28 Minute Video

7/2/2016  11:30 AM    Interview With Harley Schlanger "We Are Approaching
                                      A Hyperbolic Curve Which Is The Collapse".

X 22 Report   36 Minute Interview

                            OUR RETIREMENT MONEY.

                                 Article & 8 Minute Video

7/1/2016  7:00 PM    Heads Up: Taiwan Mistakenly Fires Missile
                            Toward China.   

7/1/2016  6:00 PM    Obama Offers Peace, War, Ultimatum, To Putin.

X22 Report     Recap & 38 Minute Video

 7/1/2016  3:00 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day. Wow, What A Friday!

Been out pickin peas most of the day and am just getting in. Please forgive me for shooting from the hip on this article as I have not checked the current news stories posted today. But if it's a consolation to ya, I came in second in a wet tee-shirt contest earlier!

Wow, what a Friday! Of course the biggie is Bill getting caught raping yet another woman, even at his age. I saw one headline indicating the Loretta Lynch said that the day prior to meeting Bill she had already decided to recuse herself from making the decision to indict Hillary. If this is true it indicates she already knows what the FBI case has on Hillary, which can only mean to indict. It also suggests the FBI has been holding the file until now because they knew Lynch was going to trash it. So watch for fast legal action and even if the FBI still procrastinate this certainly must propel Bernie Sanders into the nomination.

The next big news is the European banks being bailed out in Italy and Spain. We are told that the next step is to seize all of the pension monies to continue the bailouts yet to come. Now keep in mind that last Friday, Brexit day, The EUC Central Bank gave the banks $390 Billion Euros, freshly printed, placing the debt on the peoples back. That bough one day of bank foreclosures! The score of the European collapse is the big banks, so keep your eye on them. Forget the stock markets as again they are propped up for the masses to watch.

But here is the best news I can share with you. The last few days I have been trying to decide if the Cabal was leading the collapse and thus stood the best chance of starting the game over with them in charge again. I was on the fence and could not make a definitive decision. Then yesterday listened to “V. the Guerrilla” and then Harley Schlanger. I went to bed with it gelling in my head that the Cabal was indeed losing the war. But then today when Lynch ran from Bill pulling up her panties up was concrete proof that the Cabal was over!

Have a happy but vigilant Fourth folks!

P.S.   Michael Rivero is suggesting that Bill Clinton met with Lynch to plea bargain to escape the racketeering charges he faces from his Foundation fraud operations he and Hillary operated.

 7/1/2016  12:00 PM   Lynch Will Shield Clinton Foundation for 27
                              Months.... Charles Ortel: Is Clinton
                              Foundation a $100 Billion Charity Fraud —
                              Zero Financial Statements, Millions of Cases
                              of Wire Fraud....    Correct

7/1/2016  12:00 PM  Italy Just Bailed Out Another Failed Bank,
                             May Use Pension Funds For Future Bank

7/1/2016  7:00 AM   Puerto Rico Defaults On $2 Billion In Debt

7/1/2016  7:00 AM   Austrian Court Orders Rerun Of Presidential
                            Election After Finding "Widespread" Voting
                            Fraud.        Article

 7/1/2016  7:00 AM   Note From Jim:    Loretta Lynch says she will accept the
                                     recommendation from the FBI in regards to Hillary.

 7/1/2016  6:00 AM  THIS SYSTEM IS DEAD — Harley Schlanger.

[He gives a most compelling argument that the Cabal has lost control and is going down!]

SGT Interview EXCELLENT 32 Minute Video

7/1/2016  6:00 AM   Judicial Watch Demands DOJ Inspector
                             General Probe Into "Scandalous" Lynch-
                             Clinton Meeting.     Article

6/30/2016  5:30 PM    After Lynch’s Mystery Meeting With Bill,
                            Justice Dept. “Shields Clinton Foundation

              [Public cannot see the emails for 22 months.]    

6/30/2016  3:30 PM     Everything’s Peaches and Cream!”
                                  — Mornings With “V” (06/30/2016).

[When we discuss the financial economy,] we are forecasting the rate of [rot] on a dead body that is forcefully being kept alive.”                              13 Minute Video

6/30/2016  3:00 PM    Lynch takes bipartisan heat for private
                               meeting with Bill Clinton.   

6/30/2016  3:00 PM    Italy Granted "Extraordinary " €150BN Bank
                               Bailout Program To Prevent "Panic, Run On

6/30/2016  10:30 AM   What Is The Government Preparing For?
6/30/2016  10:00 AM   Is Europe In Trouble Again: Hints Of
                                Portuguese, Italian Bank Bailouts Suggest
                                Not All Is Well.  

6/30/2016   8:30 AM     Soros: Brexit Has "Unleashed" A Financial
                                  Crisis Similar to 2008.    

6/30/2016   6:00 AM   "The British Woke Up!" Paul Craig Roberts
                                Asks "Can The Americans?".    

6/30/2016   6:00 AM      Full Ben Fulford            Ben Fulford

6/28/2016  8:30 PM   "Deutsche Bank Poses The Greatest Risk To
                              The Global Financial System": IMF.

                                 [Note From Jim:  Is this the Cabal calling the
                                   collapse shot, "Eight Ball in the side

6/28/2016  6:30 PM     Democrat Delegate warns that Hillary is a
                                coup, and That she is really at about 15%
                                in the polls! Don't fear Donald Trump and
                                Don't vote for Hillary Clinton!
                                        Article & EXCELLENT 20 Minute Video

6/28/2016  5:00 PM   Did The Central Bankers Plan The BREXIT To Create
                                     An EU Empire?  X22 Report     Recap & 37 Minute Video

6/28/2016  3:00 PM    END of EU: Now Germany warns Juncker of
                              Spreading EU Discontent.     
3 Minute Video

6/28/2016  2:30 PM      'Elites' Called To Arms: "It's Time To Rise
                                 Up Against The Ignorant Masses". 

6/28/2016  2:00 PM  EMERGENCY! BREXIT Crashing Markets as                              Trading Halted to Prevent COLLAPSE!

                                      David Quinteri     9 Minute Video

6/28/2016  1:30 PM  Dear Jim,

I am very happy for you, that your eyesight is now 20/30.  What a remarkable change for you!

Through those eyes -- and that mind -- of yours, you see news events in a way that is different, a way that is wonderfully clear and insightful.  It is a gift from God, your ability to ‘see’ what really underlies news events, for piecing things together for us.  Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.     John

Response: Thanks John.  If you could lend me a few bucks I would like to test drive my vision by trying to read a wiggling tattoo on a topless dancer tonight.


6/28/2016   12:30 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   I C 20/30

Not bad for a blind boy, eh?

6/28/2016   12:30 PM    Good-Bye, Europe! Ukrainians Don't Want
                                  to Be in the EU Anymore.

Comment by Mike Rivero:So, that whole US-backed coup and subsequent war was all for nothing!”     Article

6/28/2016   10:30 AM   Interview With Andrew Hoffman "The Central Bankers
                                        Cannot Stave Off The Forces Of Economic Mother

[The ECB pumped 400 Billion into tehir banks on Friday
    alone.]     X22 Interview    EXCELLENT  23 Minute Video

6/28/2016   6:30 AM     Less Holy Kids.     Article

6/27/2016   8:00 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Daily Wall.

On November 8, 1989, a Soviet party leader misspoke when he announced that Soviet citizens in East Berlin could cross the impassable Berlin Wall into West Germany. At the time of the announcement the Soviet Union was bankrupt and felt they would be dissolved in at least three months. They knew they were going down.

But as a result of that mistaken announcement thousands of Berliners showed up the following morning to cross. The guards were caught overwhelmed and under ordered. Because of the shear numbers, they just opened up the gates. Some of those that crossed then began to tear down that wall. Eleven months later the wall was formerly opened and two years after that initial crossing the entire wall was removed. But for all near the wall, it went down on that initial crossing date of November 9, 1989. The Soviet Union formally ceased in December 1991, although the world knew it was over on that November 9th. It only took one day for the paradigm shift to occur to the world.

What we are now witnessing is that the semi-global government of the West is now bankrupt just like the old Soviet Union was. Of course, I am speaking of the shadow government known as the Cabal. Enough world citizens are now aware of the bankrupt con that stole their sovereignty and life savings. That con is now up. First humanity was conned into believing the church and royalty ruled us by “Divine Right”, or god's will. We revolted. Then we were told that others could outright own us through slavery or as Indentured servants (a means of staying alive under duress). We revolted. And now they have usurped out republics and democracies in a manner that made us appear to be freemen but nonetheless slaves. We Are Revolting Again!

We are hearing talk of two years for Britain to pass over the Euro wall. Don't believe it. Citizens are now aware that all of our governments are bankrupt and corrupt. We will no longer pay them or serve them. We will no longer purchase their soon to be worthless government bonds. All they can do now is to try to terrorize us with fear of what may happen if we try to dump them, but then we realize that the terror was dumped on us all along by them, so what have we got to lose?

We are indeed in the collapse now. Major changes are in store, both good and bad at the same time. But we are crossing that wall today! Move forward folks!

6/27/2016  5:00 PM    Anti-Democratic EU: People Are Not Allowed
                                       To Decide Their Fate.
                                               X22 Report     Recap & 36 Minute Video

6/27/2016  3:00 PM     Alan Greenspan Warns A Crisis Is Imminent,
                                 Urges A Return To The Gold Standard

6/27/2016  12:30 PM   Special Report On Brexit – Crash of All
                                Crashes Coming… Poverty, Hunger,
                                Joblessness, Anger and then War.
                                   Greg Hunter    Article & 6 Minute Video

6/27/2016  12:30 PM    BREXIT BODY COUNT — Bill Holter
                                    SGT Interview        28 Minute Video

6/27/2016  10:30 AM   Parliament takes ax to 2nd EU referendum
                                petition.    Article

6/27/2016  9:00 AM   "It's a F##king Bloodbath" - European
                                Banking Stocks Collapse As UK Default
                                Risk Spikes.    

6/27/2016  9:00 AM   We Just Witnessed The Greatest One Day
                              Global Stock Market Loss In World History. 

6/27/2016  8:30 AM  Ben Fulford Blurb:  The EU is bankrupt and that is why
                                                                          its governing structure will
                                                                         fundamentally change.    Ben Fulford

6/27/2016  5:00 AM  Pound Plummets To New Lows; 10Y Gilts
                              Slide Under 1%; British Banks Halted After

6/27/2016  5:00 AM   Why The Vast Majority Of Analysts Were
                              Caught With Their Pants Down On Brexit.

6/27/2016  5:00 AM   Understanding Brexit: The Powerless Press
                              Their Thumb In The Eye Of The Power Elite.

6/26/2016  9:00 PM     Jim Sinclair Issues COLLAPSE Warning:
                                This Is ”The Four Economic Horsemen of
                                 the End of Days”.
                                       [Very bleak warning.]   Correct Article

6/26/2016  8:30 PM       Civil Uprising Escalates As 8th EU Nation
                                 Threatens Referendum.    

6/26/2016  8:30 PM    Brexit Is Really a Vote Against Washington
                               Control Over Europe.    

6/26/2016  2:30 PM    Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair discuss
                                 the Brexit decision.   
40 Minute Video

6/26/2016  11:30 AM    More Confusion: EU Tells Cameron
                               To Hurry Up With Article 50 As Merkel
                               Says No Need To Rush.     

6/25/2016  7:30 PM     Brexit could break up EU, prevent WWIII:
                                Paul Craig Roberts.   

                                 SMOKING GUN – Judge Andrew
                                 Napolitano: “Nobody died until 5:13 am
                                 when the SWAT team entered!” — DID
                                 SWAT EXECUTE 49 PEOPLE? BECAUSE
                                 IT’S CLEAR THAT OMAR MATEEN DIDN’T.
4 Minute Video

6/25/2016  12:00 PM     Sandy Hook Lead Investigator
                                 Maj. William Podgorski Dies Suddenly.

6/25/2016  12:00 PM    Dear Jim:

Early this morning you posted Gail's commentary about the BREXIT vote. She said no electronic voting machines were used. Three hours later you wrote in your commentary that the Brits were using the same electronic voting machines the U.S. uses. Who is correct? Please clarify.

BTW, you're doing a great job! Dan

Response: I was more wrong than right. My understanding was that a machine was used to tabulate (read) the votes. My understanding was that early test revealed some of them were not adding up the “Leave” votes. So it may be different than our machines but were machines in the process.

6/25/2016  10:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day. Brexit Numbers & Warnings.

Yesterday I shared my surprise that the Brexit passed because I felt it was foregone that the Cabal was rigging the vote. So I spent all day trying to figure out what happened. This is what I now believe.

Facts: All of the pre-election polls, save one, showed 80 to 85 percent of Brits in favor of leaving the European Union. That one exception was Gov.Polls, sponsored by the government. They showed only a point or two between the camps. The Brits were using the same electronic voting machines the U.S. uses. The day before the vote the government announced that there would be no exit polls.

Analysis: The lack of exit polls is important because the exit polls are a means of validating the announced election results. The “Too close to call” poll combined with no exit polls was a loud signal that the vote was to be rigged by the powers that are. That is why I went to bed Thursday depressed at another failed attempt by humanity to free itself from its handlers.

What I believe happened was that we were lied to when we were told the vote was 52% to 48%. I believe it was more something like 75% to 25% to leave. So why would the powerful ones lie about the spread?

I believe they were rigging the vote but rigging can only be done in a close vote, not in a landslide. In order not to tip their hand in the attempted rigging, the let the “Leave “ vote win, knowing no one would come back and demand a recount, as that would only be done by the losers, that powerful ones. This keeps the rigging process secret so it can be attempted aging in the future. By the way, a talking head on the morning news today is already saying the Brits now have remorse and will be calling for a second vote. How 'bout that folks?


First Warning: We are told it will take two years for Britain to leave the union. Suppose you finally received your signed divorce decree in the mail but noticed it does not take effect for another two years.

Would you wait two years to start dating? Neither will the Brits. With the Cabal knowledgeable that the vote was really 75% in favor of leaving, they would be courting danger to hold them back. That ain't gonna happen.

Second Warning: The Brits haven't won yet. The vote was just the first shot fired in the war. The Cabal is trapped in a corner and now fighting for its life (style). They are going to get real violent real fast so watch out and be prepared for anything, anywhere.

Third Warning. If the vote was about 75% in favor of leaving the Cabal's clutches, that tells me that the percentage of awakened sheeple is closer to 75% than to the 10% I felt were awakened before last week. If this is correct than the Cabal also knows this. This means that they will no longer operate so much in the shadows but may instead pull out all the stops to complete enslaving us as urgently as possible. So again, I reiterate, “They are going to get real violent real fast so watch out and be prepared for anything, anywhere.”

6/25/2016  9:30 AM     "Brexit," is a Vote against War, Empire
                                 and Central Dictatorship by Foreigners
                                 in Brussels. Bravo Britain!      Bravo!

6/25/2016  8:30 AM     The Real Brexit "Catastrophe":
                               World's 400 Richest People Lose
                               $127 Billion.    

6/25/2016  7:00 AM    Dear Jim: Brexit- how it happened

I was following it ALL day. The leave people were very depressed early in the day. It was a case of we will do it anyway, but we know they will rig it. I am sure many were not that motivated.....

Then just before midday, somebody suggested that they all use a black pen, not the pencil provided. Note: the DO NOT HAVE ELECTRONIC VOTING.

The thing about a black pen in particular,

a) Nobody can rub it out with an eraser. 

b) Legal documents are always signed in black pen.... NOT pencil 

Legally by using a black pen, this makes it a a case for litigation if the cross should be removed in any way and another mark made. Pencil is difficult to prove, you can say the person used the eraser that is provided because they changed their mind. That is one way that they rig the vote. 

This went viral all over social media. Here is an example:

from lunch time onwards a new enthusiasm took hold. Especially when somebody interviewed Nigel Farage and asked him what he used to make his cross. He replied rather confused.... A pen. 

The early were almost 50/50. Then for a brief hour if that, as I recall, remain was in the lead. 

Then leave crept up, overtook and took off! By 3 am GMT the realization was setting in with shock I might add from BBC et al! Was delightful! 

It really was most exciting as EVERYONE thought the vote would be rigged and leave would lose. I came to the conclusion that all those black pen votes, a  little enthusiasm and encouragement made all the difference. 

I number of people decided "secret ballot" is not what it is cracked up to be, and signed the ballot with their name and address on the back. Some even went to the extent of laminating the ballot. There is an easier option, clear nail polish, a bit of waving and blowing and it will be dry in no time and seal the X on the spot!

Bottom line? Secret ballot is not what it is cracked up to be and leaves a lot of room for rigging.

Electronic ballot should be banned.

All ballots must be marked with a black pen and initialled. Should there be a recount you should be able to identify your vote. Never mind your vote identifying you!      Cheers, Gail

6/24/2016  4:00 PM    The People Voted To Exit The EU,
                               Now The Central Bankers Will Attack.

                               X22 Report    Recap & 24 Minute Video

6/24/2016  1:30 PM  French Cops Claim They’re Too Tired
                              To Keep Policing Massive Protests. 

6/24/2016  1:30 PM    Nomura Warns "Do Not Underestimate
                              The Global Contagion" From Brexit.  

6/24/2016  1:00 PM    Why Americans Should Celebrate the
                                 Brexit Vote.   

6/24/2016  12:00 PM  Greenspan: "This Is The Worst Period
                               I Recall; There's Nothing Like It".  

6/24/2016  12:00 PM  Global Elites Suffer Fatal Blow,
                               UK Votes to Leave the EU.    Article

6/24/2016  11:00 AM    "Worse Than Lehman" - European Bank
                                   Bloodbath Sparks Dollar Funding Crisis.

6/24/2016  11:00 AM      Historic Volume Surge Forces Deutsche,
                                   Morgan Stanley To Shut Down Dark Pools.


6//24/2016  10:30 AM     Note from Jim:

I am harvesting and canning corn today and am short of time. But I did want to share that when I went to bed last night I was certain the Cabal was rigging the vote to remain in the Euro. This is evidenced by the government halting all exit polls and other things happening at the voting places. I was most surprised at the outcome.

But my real feeling is that something major stepped in to halt the vote rigging. Perhaps it was the British MI5, I don't know. But something major happened.

6/24/2016  6:00 AM     Trump Issues Statement On Brexit:
                               "They Took Their Country Back,
                                We Will Take America Back".   

6/24/2016  6:00 AM    Central Bankers Around The Globle
                               Scramble To Defend Markets:
                               BOE Pledges $345BN; ECB,
                               Others Promise Liquidity.     

6/24/2016  6:30 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Brexit In A Nutshell

Free at Last! Free at last! Thank God, Free at last!”

Based on last night's vote for Britain to leave the European Union, Britain has begun it's own escape from the New World Order, giving hope to the rest of the world!

In a nutshell, the European Union was a plan by NWO to pull all of Europe into one single net, to take away each individual country's sovereignty, so that the NWO could capture them all at once. The NWO could then pick up the two biggest Western economies at once: the United States and all of Europe. But now that has all failed! It begins the end for the Global Economy, the takeover by corporations annd the end of a One World Government.

Understand one thing here, that the European Union has a parliament, but that parliament has no authority to pass legislation. The real controller of the European Union is an unelected council above the parliament, thus a Cabal!

My fear was that the vote was going to be rigged by the Cabal the same as the Scottish vote to leave was rigged. This would foretell that the U.S. Presidential vote was a certain rigging as well. But now there is hope for us in America. I also believe that this will awaken more Americans as to what has happened to our democracies by the Cabal's takeover of them. I am also pleased that Donald Trump was there to seize the day for his America back home. I say “seize the day” but I really mean seize the moment from Hillary, who truly represents that Cabal.

Now the only fly in the ointment is that Britain's Parliament must formerly vote to leave the union. We have seen all along how politicians everywhere in democracies have been bought off so that action is still up for grabs, so to say. But so too are guillotines.



6/23/2016  6:00 PM    The Economy Is Fine If You Believe In The Illusion.

                                        X22 Report      Recap & 36 Minute Video

6/23/2016  9:00 AM    Exit Polls Canceled in Brexit Referendum.

                          Comment by Michael Rivero: “They are going to                                 steal this election! “      Article

6/23/2016  8:30 AM    Britain Votes: All You Need To Know
                               About Today's Brexit Referendum
                               And What To Look For.    

6/23/2016  6:30 AM    Full Ben Fulford.       Ben Fulford

6/22/2016  7:00 PM     4-minute video: Orlando crisis actor’s
                                glasses reflect green-screen studio for
                              "grieving mom’ to promote gun confiscation. 

                                Either demand .01% arrests for crimes
                                centered in wars, money, and lies, or have
                                more false flags to disarm Americans.

6/22/2016  5:30 PM   IMF Downgrades The US Economy And
                                        Pushes The TPP. 
                                          X22 Report      Recap & 35 Minute Video

6/22/2016  10:30 AM 


6/22/2016  9:30 AM   "The Endgame Is WWIII And Full Blown Tyranny
                                  In American"  
X22 Interview with Stephen Lendman
                                                                     27 Minute Video

6/22/2016  6:00 AM   Is Terrorism a Credible Threat for Preppers?
| Mike Rivero        22 Minute Video

6/21/2016  6:00 PM    Unprecedented Mainstream Media Criticism
                               Of Central Banking Bodes Ill For The Larger

6/21/2016  6:00 PM    The Investing Legends Are Preparing For
                               a Crash.          

6/21/2016  10:00 AM     If Brits Love Freedom, Leave EU.
                                Michael Rivero - June 20, 2016
22 Minute Video

6/21/2016  9:30 AM     Note From Jim:    Re: Defcon 3

So far I see no verification of the alert upgrade. It was posted to a reputable news site however.  My take is that someone is warning us.

6/21/2016  8:00 AM  Blackouts Loom With California In
                             Power Grid Emergency:   "All Customers
                             Should Expect 14 Days Without Power".  

6/21/2016  6:30 AM    ALERT: Unknown event imminent -
                               What has the Elite planned for destroying

6/21/2016  6:30 AM    Children of a lesser god,    Video

6/20/2016  7:00 PM    “Trouble: U.S. Sets “DEFCON 3″. 

                                [Use Discernment]  Article

6/20/2016  6:00 PM    The Big Guns Are Out: Soros, Rothschild
                               Warn Of Brexit Doom; Osborne Threatens
                               With "Suspending" Market.

[This shows how scared they are.]  Article

6/20/2016  6:00 PM    BRICS Banks Will Issue Bonds In Members
                                       Currency Bypassing The Dollar.

X22 Report     Recap & 36 Minute Video

6/20/2016  3:00 PM      CIA plan to attack homosexual events
                                 revealed by whistleblower.      Article

6/20/2016  3:00 PM    Feds Reverse Course, Release Full,
                                 Unedited 911 Transcript Following
                                 Public Outcry.   

6/20/2016  3:00 PM     FBI Explains Why It Redacted The
                                911 Transcript.      

6/20/2016  12:30 PM    Joe Cox A PsyOp - Nick Kollerstrom
12 Minute Video

6/20/2016  12:00 PM    Paul Ryan Slams "Preposterous" Decision
                                 To Censor Shooter's 911 Transcripts.

6/20/2016  12:00 PM     Dear Jim: Re. Speech

I'm getting word (from Neil Keenan) that Gen. Dunsford was compromised. Jeff L.

6/20/2016  9:30 AM  Note From Jim:

Today's report feels like bullshit; that is all I can say. There is nothing there to back up anything implied, including Gen. Dunsford's speech. Suddenly the UN, which is faltering and currently trying to start a global war, is going to be straightened out by the U.S. Right. Sorry, but it smells of NWO scent.

6/20/2016  9:00 AM     EXPOSED: How The Clintons Likely STOLE
                                BILLIONS From World's Poorest -
                                Charles Ortel.   
SGT Report Interview
32 Minute Video

6/20/2016  8:30 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:  In a first US Supreme Commander
                                                                General Joseph Dunford addresses the
                                                                UN as head of Republic.    News Stories

6/19/2016  8:00 PM  DOJ Will Censor All References
                             To Islamic Terrorism From Orlando
                              911 Call Transcripts. 

[Michael Rivero was right when he said the Orlando assault was a False Flag rush job that went badly wrong and now they have been back peddling just about every fact about the story, because we are on to them, although the Main Street Media has not changed its original story.]               Article

6/19/2016 12:00 PM    Full Disclosure and Ascension:
                                The War Has Gone Hot! (Part II).
David Wilcock      Article

6/19/2016 10:00 AM     Huge Scandal Erupts Inside NATO:
                                Alliance Member Germany Slams NATO
                               "Warmongering" Against Russia.   

6/18/2016  6:30 PM    Emergency Staff at Orlando Regional
                               Medical Center Being FORCED to Sign
                               Non-Disclosure Agreements.    

6/18/2016  7:30 AM    Police Investigation Reveals Orlando
                                Shooting An ‘Inside Job’.   

6/17/2016  7:30 PM     Globalist Desperation Leads to Sabotage
                                on the World Stage. 

Allegedly the assailant yelled, “Britain First!” during the attack.”

[Britain First is a political party there.]
Where else is an election about to be held, where the populace is swinging back away from globalist thought, and toward nationalism?

I’ll give you another hint….

Does anyone else recall hearing the phrase, “America First?””

MUST READ  Article

6/17/2016  7:30 PM  DAHBOO77: CRISIS CAST is Linked
                             to Specially-Trained, Role-Play Filmmakers
                             and Actors Like Mateen Who Help With
                             Active Shooter Drills.   
2 Minute Video

6/17/2016  7:00 PM   First Brexit Poll After Jo Cox
                              Death Reveals Stunning Result.

[Those in favor of remaining dropped from
    40% to 32%!]        Article

6/17/2016  10:30 AM   The Housing Market Is In A
                             Hyper Bubble And When It Pops
                             The Economy Will Collapse: Fabian Calvo.
X22 Interview     30 Minute Video

6/17/2016  10:30 AM   Britain mourns murdered MP,                          
                                EU referendum campaign suspended.
                                    [Vote may not occur on June 23.]

Comment by Michael Rivero: “As it was designed to do!  Two false-flags in a week?    The elites are panicking!”      Article

6/16/2016  5:30 PM   China Is Dumping Treasuries And Now US Stocks.
                                             X22 Report     Recap & 35 Minute Video

                                ADMITS MASS BANKER ‘SUICIDES’
                                WERE LIKELY A VAST CRIMINAL
                                CONSPIRACY.    Correct 

6/16/2016  10:00 AM   Chart of doom. Govt bond yields of UK,
                                Germany and Japan hit fresh lows as
                                global uncertainty rises.... Deutsche Bank
                                stock drops to record low.    

6/16/2016   9:00 AM   What The Hell Is Going On In Europe?"
                          Banks Battered As Brexit Concerns
                          Spread, Gold Soars As EUR Crashes.

6/16/2016   9:00 AM  15 Facts About The Imploding U.S.
                         Economy That The Mainstream
                         Media Doesn’t Want You To See.   Article

6/16/2016   7:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.    All Out Panic.

I watched the Morning Joe program for about twenty minutes this morning, that was all I could handle. What I witnessed was all out panic by the Main Street News to outright kill off Donald Trump. No doubt about it. I had to ask myself why the outright massive push now and defense of Hillary?

The term is “Continuity of Government.” The rat is cornered and will now fight to the death to say alive and in power. It is happening now. The Brexit vote is next Thursday and I don't believe the Cabal will be able to rig the vote without inciting revolution. The Europe Union is over and their central bank is over.

NATO was just given the right to declare war on Russia anytime it wants. Stages are being set up for the grand finale. Last night we had a filibuster in congress to garb our guns. Orlando was not mentioned on Morning Joe today. Is it now over from being spotted as a flop?

So why all the panic, other than the financial collapse? I believe it is Trump's mouth that is about to go off regarding all of the crimes of the Clintons, which will be a down right peoples indictment of our government for corruption and treason. That is the panic.

Although I am not a great fan of Dave Hodges you simply must read his latest post, as he absolutely nails it.

See: Plan B Is Going Into Effect to Stop Trump Because the Elite Cannot Hide Clinton’s Criminality From the Masses.       Article

6/16/16  6:00 AM   NATO Says It Might Now Have Grounds
                          To Attack Russia.   

6/16/16  6:00 AM  Global Stocks Continue To Plunge
                          As Central Banks Disappoint, Brexit
                          Looms.     Article

6/16/16  6:00 AM   Full Ben Fulford Repor.    Ben Fulford

6/15/16  6:00 PM     Steve Liesman Shocker: "The Fed Is
                            As Close To Capitulation As I've Ever
                            Seen Them".     

6/15/16  6:00 PM    Gundlach On The Fed Fiasco:
                           "Yellen Sounds Like She Doesn't Have
                             Confidence Anymore".

She is simply saying, 'I really don’t want to forecast anymore.' We are done with this forecasting game. The subtext is that 'we've been so wrong forecasting the data, we should stop'."

6/15/16  5:30 PM   John Kerry: U.S. Patience With Syria & Russia
                                  Is Running Out.
                                          X22 Report    Recap & 37 Minute Video

6/15/16  3:30 PM     Plan B Is Going Into Effect to Stop
                            Trump Because the Elite Cannot Hide
                            Clinton’s Criminality From the Masses.  
                                          Correct Article

6/15/16  3:00 PM   Paul Craig Roberts' Skeptical Take
                             On The Orlando Shooting.     

6/15/16  11:30 AM     $40 billion aid to Israel is 'largest ever'                                 to any country, says Susan Rice.   Article

6/15/16  11:30 AM   France Begin Mass Arrests Amid Huge

Comment by Michael Rivero:That is only going to make things worse, by sending a signal that government is more concerned with the banks than with the people; a sentiment remembered from the time of Louis XVI!”       Article

6/15/16  11:00 AM   June 23, 2016: The Brexit Vote Could
                          Change EVERYTHING And Plunge Europe
                          Into Financial Chaos.    
Michael Snyder  Article

6/15/16  8:30 AM   New Orlando Shooter Eyewitness Emerges:
                          Testifies That 5 People Were Involved In Pulse

6/15/16  7:00 AM   Game changer: Rupert Murdoch comes
                           out publicly for Brexit… He’s never
                           wrongly called an election result since 1979.
[The vote is June 24th]    Article

6/14/16  8:00 PM  Orlando: Distraction from WWIII with
                          China and Russia? Sh*t hitting the fan
                          in the Pacific.     

6/14/16  5:30 PM   Air Force Inspector General's office
                           loses 12 years of case files - but just
                           inquiry stuff, nothing serious.   

6/14/16  5:30 PM  Russia Is Reportedly Set To Release
                          Clinton's Intercepted Emails.    Article


 6/14/16  5:30 PM    The US Joins Europe And Begins Austerity,
                                    Welcome To The Collapse.
                                           X22 Report     Recap & 38 Minute Video

6/14/16  5:30 PM   Judge Confirms Immunity Granted
                          To Hillary Clinton Aide Bryan Pagliano
                          Is Part Of 'Ongoing FBI Criminal Investigation'.

6/14/16  5:30 PM   CONFIRMED: FBI Introduced Florida
                             Shooter To “Informants”.   

Comment by Michael Rivero:  "  Raising the possibility that Omar was set up by the FBI in what has become an ongoing pattern of entrapment."          

6/14/16  3:30 PM    Note From Jim:

I am listening to the Michael Rivero radio show right now. Link

He says that California is questioning the Democrat primary there a few weeks ago. The workers there say Sanders was leading 2 to 1 everywhere and yet the votes come out in favor of Hillary. There is a pending lawsuit no to overturn the vote.

Rivero feels that the Orlando shooting was done to cover up the California vote problem, to cover up Trump's plan to tell all about the Clinton's crime history, to cover up the pols in Europe to leave the Euro and the vote this weekend on the Grexit, as well as the troops moving into the Syrian illegal war, as well as the war movements to entice Russia and China into war. Let's not forget Hillary's criminal investigation coming out now. Wow, one can see why the diversion was needed.

6/14/16  3:30 PM    Children Of A Lesser God.   Article

6/14/16  2:00 PM    Special Post Today By Ben Fulford:    Temp Page             

6/14/16 10:30 AM   David Quintieri: "The Central Banks Will                                   Replace Your Money In Banks With
                                  Future Dated Government Bond".
                                             X22 Interview     27 Minute Video

6/14/16 10:00 AM  The Establishment Has Lost Its Hold
                           On The People, Brexit Gains Momentum. 

6/14/16 10:00 AM   Here They Come: ECB Pledges To
                           Bailout Markets In Case Of Brexit.  

6/14/16  6:30 AM  Note From Jim:

It appears to me that the Orlando shooting was a false flag rush job to keep the press occupied this week. Now there is a televised killing in France.  It all smells of panic by our controllers. Be vigilant and prepared!

6/13/16  8:00 PM    Ben Fulford Blurb:  US and UN power hand-over
                                                                     or hostile take-over up for grabs.
                                                                                Ben Fulford

6/13/16  5:00 PM  Breaking Down The Event In Orlando.

X22 Report        Recap & 42 Minute Video

6/13/16  3:00 PM   Hillary Indicted or Starting World War 3
                           if Elected – Michael Rivero of
18 Minute Interview

 6/13/16  1:30 PM   Dear Jim

Will you post this video link on your site? JH

2 HR Interview regarding the restoration of the Republic.

6/13/16  11:30 AM   MUST HEAR CORRECT 10 Minute Video  

6/13/16  11:30 AM   Dear Jim,

Don't worry about skimpy posts - we don't have much time to even READ these days.  Slow down, sit on the couch, watch the grass growing...  Much is happening but everything will be fine in the end, that I'm sure! D

Response: There you go, I knew it. You women are all in this together – telling me to get back on the couch!

6/13/16 10:30 AM     Omar Mateen Did Not Act Alone! Proof of
                              False Flag Conspiracy.    Dahboo7

                           MUST HEAR    10 Minute Video   MUST HEAR

6/13/16 10:00 AM    Omar Mateen Did Not Act Alone!
                            Proof of False Flag Conspiracy.
10 Minute Video

6/13/16 10:00 AM    Orlando Shooter Employer Stages Crisis
4 Minute Video

6/13/16  9:30 AM  Former Morgan Stanley Chief Asia
                          Economist: "Don't Listen To The
                          Ruling Elite, The World Economy Is In
                          Real Trouble"  

 6/13/16  9:30 AM   Big Names Are Bailing.     Article

6/13/16  9:30 AM   It’s Official: China Confirms It Has
                             Begun Liquidating T-Bonds.  

6/13/16  9:30 AM    Multiple Suspects On The Loose In Orlando
                             - Why The Media Blackout Of Eyewitness

6/13/16  8:00 AM   Note From Jim:

Sorry for the skimpy posts the last two days. I was in meetings most of Saturday. Yesterday Betty caught me sitting on the couch so she made me move the bedroom into our office and our office into the bedroom. That cost me nine hours yesterday and about three today. I swear I will never sit on the couch again.

6/12/16  7:00 PM   Benjamin Fulford & Mike Harris
                          Audio Update - June 10, 2016.  

6/12/16  7:30 AM    Fabian Calvo: The Market Has The
                           Same Look As Before The 2008 Collapse. 

                                                     31 Minute Video

6/11/16  5:30 PM    Peter Schiff: This Collapse Will Be Worse
                           Than The Great Depression...
11 Minute Video

6/10/16  9:00 AM  European Banks Are Crashing.

6/10/16  9:00 AM  Interview With John Williams "We Won't
                              Get Through The Elections Without Major
                              Disruptions To The Financial System".
                                       X22 Interview  36 Minute Video

6/9/16  5:00 PM    Something VERY BIG is afoot… at the COMEX

[They are now down to a 16 day supply at current demand of physical silver on hand.]    Article

6/9/16  5:00 PM     Confirmed, The Economic Collapse
                          Accelerates, Personal Tax Receipts Implode.

X22 Report      Recap & 38 Minute Video

6/9/16  9:00 AM   EBT Card Outage? 8 Days Into June
                         And Many Americans Are Still Waiting
                         For Food Stamp Money.

Widespread reports continue to pour in from all over the nation of “glitches” with the food stamp system.”    Article

6/9/16  8:00 AM    10 Signs of Our Global Awakening.  Article

6/9/16  6:00 AM   Mervyn King's Alarmist Warning:
                         "All China's Assets In The US Might
                          Be Annulled"

the US would not want to renege on its debts, but if some awful conflagration occurred, then all China’s assets in the US might be annulled."      Article

6/9/16  6:00 AM   Deutsche Bank's Shocking ECB Rant:
                         Warns Of Social Unrest And Another
                         Great Depression.    

6/9/16  6:00 AM   Full Ben Fulford.    Ben Fulford

6/8/16  7:30 PM   It Begins, The Yuan Goes Global As China
                               Grants US First Investment Quota.

X22 Report Recap & 37 Minute Video

6/8/16  3:30 PM     U.S. Demands Russia Stop Bombing
                          Al-Qaeda … Is War On Terror Over?
                          Can We Have Our Rights Back?  

6/8/16  8:30 AM  Goldman Turns Downright Gloomy,
                        Warns Market "Despair" Is Coming,
                        Prepare For A Major Drawdown.  

6/8/16  6:30 AM  "It's A Seismic Shift" - Japan's Biggest
                          Bank To Quit As JGB Primary Dealer.
                  [They will no longer sell Japanese bonds
                     because they are too risky.]   

6/8/16  3:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Kill Shot To The Bankers.

I know we have all heard the joke about the salesman that made a call to a woman's porch after a heavy lunch of Burritos. During a stomach convulsion he accidentally passed gas. The woman hollered at her hound dog sitting at his feet, “Git Spot!” Spot remained. The salesman passed three more and each time she hollered, “Git Spot!”. Finally, the fourth time she said, “That's it Spot, jest lay there and let that man shit all over you!”

Yesterday the Good Guys hollered “Git Spot!” and fired the kill shot into the bankers. To me it is the proof that I have been waiting to see that the Good Guys are indeed now taking the system down!

A judge unsealed court testimony from the Department of Justice that proves no one will ever know if your mortgage payments are being made to the right party due to all of the fraud created by the bankers. This is because your mortgage was “securitized”, placed in a box with thousands of other mortgages, and sold to several buyers around the world, with each of those buyers believing they each owned your mortgage exclusively. This means that if you won the lotto and paid off your mortgage, four other individuals can step forward and repossess your house later. Just think about that and see if it doesn't stick in your craw.

Before, those of us living from paycheck to paycheck might have our last paycheck stolen from us by a bank bail in. But now we are being told that we are the gift that keeps on giving because each month we give most of our paychecks to a fraudulent, undeserving bank that has already been paid five times for the house we are now paying for a sixth time. That is what the DOJ told the court.

But wait folks, it gets better. Because the DOJ continues to not arrest the bankers for the known fraud, the DOJ is telling us they can no longer apply the law against the bankers. It is now up to us poor saps to save ourselves and revolt against the banksters. What the DOJ said was, “That's it guys, just lay there and let those crooks shit all over you!”

There is no one coming to save us. We have to get up and move to take down the entire fraudulent economic system. It can no longer be fixed – it must be abandoned in order to save ourselves, otherwise we are no smarter than a dog.

See: UNSEALED: DOJ Confirms Holders of Securitized Loans Cannot Be Traced.    Article

6/7/16   5:30 PM   FEMA Warning, Power Will Be Out For Weeks
                                After The Infrastructure Is Attacked.

X22 Report      Recap & 41 Minute Video

6/7/16   4:30 PM     Note From Jim: Folks, if you don't believe
                                  that its all falling apart then just look at the
                                  news stories for today only.
                                  There is no future to the present system.

6/7/16   4:00 PM   UNSEALED: DOJ Confirms Holders
                          of Securitized Loans Cannot Be Traced.

Note From Jim:  This is probably 80% of the mortgages issued in the past 20 years.This now also makes past and future repossessions fraudulent.        

6/7/16   3:30 PM  FAA Warns That Mystery Military Tests
                         May Lead To Widespread West Coast
                         GPS Disruptions. 
[6 hours per day]   Article

6/7/16   3:00 PM     State Dept. would need 75 years
                           to compile Clinton emails.        Article

6/7/16   1:30 PM    The Economy Is Scheduled To Collapse
                          The Second Half Of This Year: Bix Weir
                     X22 Interview   MUST HEAR 
34 Minute Video
                     MUST HEAR
                                              MUST HEAR
                                                                        MUST HEAR


4/30/2016  8:30 AM  Note From Jim:

My mind is in shock as I am seeing with my right eye for the first time in two years and oddly, seeing bright colors for the first time in several years.


4/30/2016  7:30 AM   Interview With Michael Pento "When Interest Rates Rise
                                Violently The Whole Entire World Will Collapse In Unison".

                                                                  X22 Interview      19 Minute Video

4/29/2016  6:00 PM    We Just Received A Economic Whisper
                                 Signaling The Crash Of The System Is Approaching.

                                            X22 Report     Recap & 35 Minute Video

4/29/2016  4:30 PM   Zerohedge’s Tyler Durden Exposed…
                                What if Everyone Else Was?   
Excellent  Article

4/28/2016  6:00 PM    Video: -- Rick Wiles And Jim Willie With An
                                 April Day By Day Summary Of Dollar Death
                                 By Gold... And..The White Dragons In Action.

                                              Must Hear  14 Minute Video

                                                                    Full Interview

4/28/2016  4:30 PM  US Government Making Preparations To Protect
                                Itself When The People Revolt.

X22 Revolt   Recap & 43 Minute Video

4/28/2016  5:30 PM  Interview With Gregory Mannarino "This Is Going To Be
                              The Greatest Transfer Of Wealth When The Economy Crashes".
                                           X22 Spotlight   Correct  27 Minute Video

4/28/2016  2:00 PM    Note From Jim:

Sorry for the sparse postings lately. Betty has been making me dress up our old house the past six days so we can sell it. The yard was a jungle after three years of vacancy. Today I am getting my head right for eye surgery in the morning. Although the next two surgeries will be fairly simple ones, they will restore my vision. This follows years of eye problems and four cornea grafts along with the lying that accompanied them. You see, my eyes were bulging out of my head and the grafts were to pull them back in. The insurance company would only pay if it was accident related. So I told them that it was an “adverse reaction to mini-skirts.” When they asked for photos I sent them a few of cutie pies in shorties. They paid. The lying part was that I told my wife that it was all just a joke!

4/28/2016  6:30 AM     Full Ben Fulford.       Ben Fulford

4/27/2016  7:00 PM   This Is The End: Venezuela Runs Out Of Money
                                 To Print New Money.      

4/27/2016  4:30 PM     Sanders Makes Huge Announcement,
                                  May Have Just Handed Race to Trump. 

4/27/2016  4:00 PM  Trump To Get More Primary Votes Than Anyone In History.

4/26/2016  8:30 PM     Children of a lesser god. 10 Minute Video

4/26/2016  830 PM    This Is The End Days Of The Current Economic
                                  System And We Might Not Reach October.
                                                      27 Minute Video

4/26/2016  2:30 PM    Jim Willie: Long Awaited Gold Breakout!


4/25/2016  8:30 PM   Note From Jim:

A noted journalist said today that the Republic has been restored and the Chinese are tired of waiting for it to step forward, and in fact the Chinese may act without it. He also says that no matter what we will experience a financial collapse.

4/25/2016  7:30 PM   Ben Fulford Blurb:    Hybrid war continues with Japanese
                                              underground military bases hit as Khazarian
                                              mafia under attack around the planet.    Ben Fulford

4/25/2016  6:00 PM    US Government Economic Recovery Is One Big Manipulation.
                                               X22 Report    Recap & 37 Minute Video

4/24/2016  7:30 AM   Is This The End Of The U.S Dollar?
                                Geopolitical Moves "Obliterate
                                U.S Petrodollar Hegemony".

                                         Article & 10 Minute Video

4/23/2016  5:00 PM    Interview With Bill Holter "This Is The End Days
                                 Of The Current Economic System And
                                 We Might Not Reach October".  

                                    EXCELLENT  X22 26 Minute Interview

4/22/2016  7:30 PM    The Wheels Are Coming Off Before Our Eyes
                                 – Do Politics Matter Any More? – Bix Weir
                                                           32 Minute Video

4/22/2016  6:00 PM   For The First Time Ever FEMA Trains Texas Police
                                How To Deal With Riots, Conduct Mass Arrests.

4/22/2016  6:00 PM   New Report Shows The US And World Governments
                                  Are Preparing For Mass Civil Disobedience.
                                                 X22 Report Recap & 40 Minute Video

4/22/2016  10:00 AM   Russian forces in Syria fired on Israeli military aircraft.


4/22/2016  10:00 AM   U.S. Government Is Now a Major Counterparty
                                  to Wall Street Derivatives.    

4/22/2016  6:30 AM    Obama Writes Op-Ed To "Blood Brother" Britain:
                                 Don't Leave EU (Or Else).       

                                 THE FED IS PANICKING.   

                                              Correct  15 Minute Video

4/21/2016  7:00 AM     Note From Ben Fulford:

In the April 18th Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis I reported that seismographic evidence from the April 16th earthquake in Southern Japan showed it was a natural earthquake. That was wrong. Below is the seismographic evidence from the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention.

It shows very clearly the earthquake has the signature of an underground nuclear explosion and not a natural earthquake.
See here for a contrast between a natural earthquake and a nuclear explosion:

4/21/2016  7:00 AM     Full Ben Fulford.    Ben Fulford

4/20/2016  5:30 PM     US Exerts Pressure On Saudi Arabia As They
                                     Move Away From The US Financial System.

X22 Report      Recap & 35 Minute Video

4/20/2016  12:30 PM  Gregory Mannarino-We Are Living In an
                                 Environment Where Nothing Is Real, Biggest
                                 Financial Bubble in History Will Engulf World.

                                     Greg Hunter Interview    21 Minute Video

4/20/2016  7:30 AM  Interview With Michael Snyder "A Black Swan Event
                                 Will Destroy The Economy".

                                                             X22 Interview     34 Minute Video

4/19/2016  6:30 PM   THEY LIT THE FIRST CANDLE.

                                                  Bill Holter      Article

4/19/2016  6:30 PM    Dear Jim: Two Important Articles. Judith
                              CORRECT LINKS:

The Open Letter” That Changed The Course Of History…

2016 Presidential Election: The Greatest CON In U.S. Electoral History

4/19/2016  5:30 PM   Bad News, The Newly Released Economic Data
                                    Forecasts A Collapse.

                                         X22 Report        Recap & 40 Minute Video

4/19/2016  9:30 AM   China Launches Yuan Gold Fix To "Exert More

                                 Control Over Price Of Gold".      Article

4/19/2016  8:30 AM   Corporations Are Defaulting On Their Debts
                                Like It’s 2008 All Over Again.
Michael Snyder   Article

4/19/2016  6:00 AM    Note From Jim: This Just In . . .

In regards to Bernie Sanders' visit last week with the Pope, last night he was overheard telling a friend, “I didn't mind kneeling down to kiss his ring, I just wish the next time he would at least take his hand out of his back pocket.”

4/19/2016  6:00 AM   Less Holy Kids:    Video

4/18/2016  5:30 PM   Bankrupt Illinois Is Out Of Money,                                 
                                 Legislators’ Paychecks Delayed.   

4/18/2016  5:30 PM   US And The Coalition Forces Next Step,
                                 All Out War In The Middle East.

                                                       X22 Report       Recap & 39 Minute Video 

4/18/2016  11:30 AM   GOLD & SILVER: Moving To The POST-PAPER,
                                 POST-LBMA Era!.

Greg Hunter: “The most important interview that I have ever done [because of the April 19th Chinese gold market.]

                                         SGT Interview      33 Minute Video

4/18/2016  11:00 AM  Obama Sends More Troops To Iraq;
                                Authorizes Use Of Apache Helicopters;
                               Gives $415 Million To Local Army.       

4/18/2016   7:30 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:   Red and Green Asian secret societies                                                                 under new leadership promise to
                                                                “make the earth tremble”.    Ben Fulford

4/17/2016  11:30 AM    Hungary Issues Sovereign Bonds Denominated
                                   In Yuan: Another Nail In US Reserve Currency Status?

4/17/2016  11:30 AM 



4/16/2016  12:30 PM    We Are On Course To A Bigger 2008
                                  Economic Collapse Event: Harley Schlanger.

                                  "The [financial] policy makers have no more options.”

                                       X22 Interview     EXCELLENT  32 Minute Video

4/16/2016  11:00 AM   Saudi Arabia Threatens To Liquidate Its
                                 Treasury Holdings If Congress Probes Its
                                  Role In Sept 11 Attacks.   

4/16/2016  11:00 AM    Billion Dollar Lawsuits Filed Following Deutsche
                                  Bank's Admission Of Gold, Silver Rigging.   

4/16/2016  11:00 AM   "It's A Rotten System" Ron Paul Says:
                                   US Elections Are Rigged, Voting Simply Used
                                   To Pacify The Public.       

4/16/2016  9:00 AM   Dear Jim, Regarding Confused,

What makes it even more curious, is that Sanders is Jewish.  Strange things afoot.  But, then when you realize that the whole thing has ALL been a big farce and they are all just playing their sick game, it's really not that confusing.   ~Ann~

4/16/2016  8:00 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day. Confused Former Catholic.

I just don't get it. Burnie Sanders pulled out of the fight of his life in New york and responded to an invitation from the Pope. He then flew eight hours, and met with the pope for five minutes in a hallway. He then flew eight hours back to net york.

What I don't get is how can it take a married man an entire “five minutes” to kiss ass? I always figured that was what the honeymoon training was all about.

4/15/16 6:00 PM  The Truth Is Coming And It Cannot Be Stopped


4/15/16 6:00 PM   The Fed Is A Potential Threat To The Financial Stability Of The US.

                                                X22 Report     Recap & 38 Minute Video

4/15/16 4:00 PM   Rob Kirby-Dollar Devaluation Clock About to Strike Midnight.

                           "Going down in two or three weeks"

[Kirby says that on Wednesday evening Obama and Biden met and that the Pres. and Vice Pres. never meet in the same room but did this time. Kirby thinks they are terrified about the shit that is coming down and fears they will take us to war.]

                              Greg Hunter    Must Hear 30 Minute Video    

4/15/16 10:30 AM   What May Be Going on in China With Regard
                             to the New Monetary System.

                                     [Use Discernment.]     Article 


[Use Discernment – I have no experience with the source.] Article

4/15/16 7:30 AM     The Entire Status Quo Is a Fraud.   Article

4/14/16 1:00 PM    Dear Jim,     USS Donald Duck

If you haven't seen these already...

Recent article with Keshe's Statements in 2 embedded videos:   Link
Sorcha Faal's Report:    Link      Jeff

4/14/16 12:00 PM   Dear Jim, Twice Cooked

I believe that the much more simple explanation is that they are lying about it being a "Hoax". Perhaps the USS Donald Cook is involved in something we all are not privy to.  Given the record of lies per second our gov and military have set, another lie wouldn't be much of a stretch.  ~Ann~

Response: Thanks Ann, but you are obviously behind times. The lies are now at the nano-second level.

4/14/16 10:30 AM   Poroshenko Vanishes              Article

4/14/16 9:30 AM   Deutsche Bank Confirms Silver Market Manipulation
                            In Legal Settlement, Agrees To Expose Other Banks.

4/14/16 7:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.     Twice Cooked Donald Cook.

Twice Cooked Donald Cook.I assume you have seen the news footage of the U.S. Navy ship, Donald Cook, being buzzed by two Russian SU-24s on two occasions this week. The ship was on a U.S. & Poland joint training exercise in the Baltic sea. Not being a Navy man myself I wondered why my ears perked up when I heard the story as it had a ring of memory to me.

Sure enough, my memory was right. In 2014 many news stories told of the Donald Cook being buzzed several times by Russian SU-24s and each time all of the Cook's electronics went offline leaving the ship helpless. Later stories surfaced that many sailors wanted transfers off her as they were no longer feeling protected aboard her.

I asked myself out of the approximately 430 ships owned by the Navy, how come the Donald cook is the only one to be buzzed by the Russians, and over two years to Boot? Mathematically that just doesn't happen. How can I explain that to myself?

To verify that it was indeed the Cook in 2014 I went to Wikipedia first. It stated that a hearing in 2015 concluded it was just a newspaper hoax. Article But this week the same “hoax” now even upposedly has cameramen on board recording it. So how do I myself explain all of this? Quite simply, that's how.

The 2014 was an actual event with the Navy telling all of our sailors to calm down as it was just a joke. The two passes this week was probably another hoax to drum up WWIII. Why would Russia in an ever constant attempt to avoid war provoke an ongoing Navy training exercise? What could they possibly gain that they don't already have? And the use of the Donald Cook, well that was to incite all the sailors that recall the earlier story. It has all the trappings of a false flag event.

P.S. Is this a stunt to prove to all our sailors that the SU-24s can no longer fry our electronics if we co to war with Russia?

4/14/16  7:00 AM   Full Ben Fulford Report.    Ben Fulford

4/13/16  5:00 PM    Bankers & Finance Ministers Around The World
                               Are Attending Emergency Meetings In D.C.

                                                X22 Report      Recap & 37 Minute Video

4/13/16  10:00 AM    John Titus: The Only Solution Is A
                        Revolution - Shadow of Truth.

                                                               Must Hear  33 Minute Video

4/13/16  8:30 AM     Why Are Thousands Of Millionaires Fleeing                              
                              Chicago And Other Major Cities Around The World?. 
                                            Michael Snyder   

4/12/16  5:00 PM     Lawyer releases names of high-profile groups
                               tied to DC Madam, but no individuals … ‘yet’


 4/12/16  5:00 PM  New Report Shows The US Is No Longer A Democracy,
                             It's An Oligarchy.

X22 Report       Recap & 36 Minute Video

4/12/16  2:00 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Projection of Fulford Report.

If we assume that everything Benjamin Fulford stated in his report dated 4/11/2016, then this is what we are left to assume and project at this point:

1. There will be no WWIII anytime soon. If the international part of the U.S. Military is now funded by the BRICS, then the military no longer needs to wage war for a living. They will be paid to sit on the bench.

2. A Military coup Is now possible in the U.S. Because of Number 1 above, the Pentagon officers that hoped to rule the world have now been taken under control somewhat by the BRICS. This leaves the continental military free to uphold its oath to the Constitution, and perhaps take control because of the crooked election process now in operation.

3. Gold backed currency can soon be issued by China. They recently moved up their time table to the end of this month for opening their own precious metals market, so that is the soonest it can switch its currency. I suggest they would at least run their exchange a week or two of debugging their system before doubling the market price of gold and silver.

Number 3 above will destroy the continental U.S. dollar, so prepare for it. It is assumed that the 3 month conversion of the dollar to the Chinese gold back dollar would be for the International Dollar only, but this is just my guess.

4. Unless otherwise told, it is assumed that the 188 countries are amputating the cancerous remaining dozen countries aligned to the U.S. in its destruction of humanity. Therefore, prepare your family for the chaos and change to ensue here in the U.S.

4/12/16 1:30 PM   Why the Silence on Ted Cruz Sex Scandal?
                              Michael Rivero - April 11, 2016.
30 Minute Video

4/12/16 11:30 AM     The Probability Of The Economic Collapse
                                Happening This Year Is Increasing:
                                Chris Martenson.
Sgt Report Interview     30 Minute Video

 4/12/16  9:30 AM    Note From Jim:   Server Down

I posted the full Ben Fulford post last night by ACCIDENT and the web server was overwhelmed by the number of hits.

For all you godless children I have had to correct my ways. Sorry for the inconvenience.

                             IN THE MEANTIME, Based on what Ben said, I am suggesting that showtime begins

                                in two to three weeks with the take down.

 4/11/16  8:30 PM     Ben Fulford Report:    Federal Reserve Board and US dollar will
                                                                  be hit by financial Armageddon if
                                                                  Asian gold offer refused.   Ben Fulford

 4/11/16  5:00 PM     Yellen And Obama Have Closed Door Meeting
                               As The Economic Recovery Illusion Disintegrates.

                                         X22 Report     Recap & 40 Minute Video

 4/11/16  1:00 PM    Biden Proclaims Ukraine's "Success" As
                             Prime Minister Resigns Over "Artificially Created" Crisis.

4/11/16  1:00 PM   Economic Collapse Is Erupting All Over The Planet
                           As Global Leaders Begin To Panic.
Michael Snyder     Article

4/11/16  9:30 AM    FLASHBACK - Debunking the "The Saudis did 9-11"

Comment by Michael Rivero:Last night CBS "60 Minutes" (the same show whose executive producer admitted editing their story on [the rape of] Jennifer Flowers [by Bill Clinton] to discredit her and help Bill Clinton win the White House) tried to shift the blame for 9-11 onto Saudi Arabia (after helping put the blame first on Afghanistan and later Iraq).

But Saudi Arabia did not have their agents arrested at the scene after being seen cheering and dancing as the towers came down; Israel did. And Saudi Arabia didn't have a motive to commit 9-11; Israel (and the US) did.

CBS did not mention the arrested Mossad agents, or the numerous scientists and engineers who insist the World Trade Center, especially building 7, were brought down in controlled demolitions.

You need to make this article go viral all over the net, or we are going to see another war started against an innocent nation.” Article

4/11/16  9:30 AM   GOP Convention rigging exposed: Pirro and Trump
                             rip apart Republican Establishment, dual monarchy.

Whatever happened to your vote matters?” “[…] not since the American Revolution has the ruling class tried so blatantly and so hard to take away our vote.”    Article

4/11/16  9:30 AM    Jim's Rant For The Day.    Concussion

I watched the movie Concussion this weekend. It is based on the true story of a Nigerian pathologist who discovered the human damage done to football players as a result of thousands of traumatic head bangs in the sport. It was an excellent drama which I highly recommend.

The reason I mention the movie is not because of its entertainment value but as a mirror to our world. The story depicts the personal tragedy to the good doctor for telling the truth. After publishing his findings in a medical journal he was visited by the FBI for committing mail fraud by using the FAX machine for distributing his medical thesis, which was obviously a fraud because it was not believed by the American Football associations. I point this out because it is clear the we live in a Fascist country now that is controlled by major corporations that now control the government alphabets such as the FBI to do their bidding.

If you still find it hard to believe that our country is controlled just look at our current election system, As Dr. Phil would ask, “How's that working for you?” We have come all the way around to where we first began, the American Revolution. That war was fought because the British government took our currency away from us, destroying our economy, and made us use their Central Bank with a currency they owned and controlled to enslave us. That war was also fought because the people had no say in the elections of the leaders. Small world, isn't it?


                              COLORADO DELEGATES No voters needed.  

4/11/2016 8:30 AM   Colorado Trump Delegates Scratched From Ballots
                               at GOP Convention – Cruzers Listed TWICE


4/11/2016 8:00 AM  Deutsche Bank Says World "Past The Point
                              Of No Return" In The Default Cycle.    

4/11/2016 8:00 AM  Trump erupts as Cruz sweeps Colorado without votes.


4/10/2016 9:00 PM  If Everything' s Fine...Why are there 2 Emergency
                               Closed Door Fed Meetings Tomorrow?     Bix Weir Today

4/10/2016 9:00 PM   Editorial From The International Reporter-
                               WW3 Buildup In the Last 12 hours.     Article



4/10/2016 7:00 PM    Note from Jim:

I just watched the 60 Minutes episode on the 28 pages. I stand by my comment last night that the article was a stunt to force Saudi Arabia to steer clear of Russian dealings and to keep Saudi Arabia as a vassal state to the Petro-Dollar.

4/10/2016 503 PM    Austria Just Announced A 54% Haircut Of
                                Senior Creditors In First "Bail In" Under
                                New European Rules.     

4/9/2016 10:30 PM    60 Minutes to Report on 28 Pages Said to Link 9/11,
                                   Saudi Arabia.

[To air Sunday night, April 10th.  

I suspect that this is the much expected attempt by the Cabal to place blame on Saudi Arabia and away from Israel and the U.S. & its alphabets. I assume this is being done to take the wind out of Sanders and Trump questioning 9/11.]       Article


4/9/2016  6:30 PM   Our Corrupt, Fascist Government EXPOSED —
                                Jason Burack            
                                        Sgt Report Interview    
32 Minute Video

4/9/2016  11:00 AM     US Delivers 3,000 Tons of Weapons, Ammo
                                to Al-Qaeda & Co in Syria.

Comment by Michael Rivero: “Okay, follow me on this:

1. Al Qaeda (we are told) is our ENEMY in the War on Terror.

2. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war is the
    legal definition of treason.

3. The US Government is guilty of treason!“      Article


4/9/2016  9:00 AM   The World Economy Has Stopped Growing And
                                Is Headed Into A Depression: David Stockman

X22 Interview     20 Minute Video

4/9/2016  7:30 AM  "The Greater Depression Has Started" -
                                  Comparing 1930s & Today.         

4/9/2016  7:30 AM  1956: "America Peaked Back Then And We've
                               Been In Decline Ever Since".    

4/8/2016  6:00 PM    Ron Paul Warns "The Conflict Between
                               Government & Liberty Is At A Boiling Point".   

/8/2016  5:00 PM    Sounds Like 2008, The Fed Sees No
                               Imbalances In The Economy,
                               Not Forecasting A Recession.

X22 Report     Recap & 27 Minute Video

4/8/2016  8:00 AM   Note From Jim:

We begin our Spring planting today.   Because of the economy, we decided to plant all of the cash crops this year: Pot and rolling papers.

4/8/2016  8:00 AM   Puerto Rico Bonds Crash After "Moratorium"
                               Raises Default Risk.     

4/8/2016  8:00 AM Fed To Hold Closed, Unexpected Meeting
                           Under "Expedited Procedures" On Monday
                           To Discuss Rates.    

4/7/2016  4:00 PM   SOROS FUNDED PANAMA PAPERS.....
                               it has backfired on him!
                                                         4 Minute Video

4/7/2016  9:00 AM     Venezuela Declares Every Friday
                                 A Holiday To Conserve Electricity.     

4/7/2016  6:30 AM   Puerto Rico Deals Horrendous Blow to
                              Wall Street — Suspends All Payments
                               On Public Debt.      

4/7/2016  6:30 AM    Full Ben Fulford.      Ben Fulford

4/6/2016  6:00 PM  The Demonization Of Gold Is Being Used
                             To Keep People From Acquiring It.

X22 Report      Recap & 33 Minute Video

4/6/2016  3:30 PM    18 U.S. Code § 2071 - Concealment, removal, or mutilation

[States that if anyone mishandles classified information
they are forbidden from holding government positions.]    Link

4/6/2016  3:00 PM    Panama Papers: This Is Who They’re Really                                 
                               Out to Get and Why They Published Them Now.

4/6/2016  12:30 PM   Note To Readers:

As you know, the main IRS building in D.C, suffered a fire in its basement on Friday and will be closed the rest of the week as a result. Michael Rivero has built a donation button on his website for them. He was the first to donate a gallon of gasoline. Please help.

4/5/2016  6:00 PM   The Planned Leaked Panama Papers Are Being
                                Used By The West To Push Specific Agendas.

X22 Report      Recap & 39 Minute Video

4/5/2016  12:30 PM   Note From Jim:

We do all of our Spring planting this Friday and Saturday so I am busy being a farmer. Therefore, I am behind in researching all about the Panama Papers. But I suspect that the U.S. Banksters are desperate for a new profit stream and so what better way of being a Pirate than by forcing all the cheaters to cheat in the U.S.? Imagine the catch when the banks do a bail in, not to mention all of the blackmail charges before the bail-in! Now the Cabal has all of the lower class minions by the Yen Yang while holding their wealth. Gee, I wonder why no Westerners have been named in the Panama Papers?

4/5/2016  12:30 PM   Panama Papers: Iceland's PM resigns
                               over offshore tax haven revelations.  

4/5/2016  12:30 PM    Head Of "Transparency International" In Chile Resigns
                                 After "Panama Papers" Revelations.   Article


4/5/2016  10:30 AM   The US Becoming World Tax Haven?
                                 Michael Rivero - April 4, 2016.
Goddard Report
25 Minute Video

4/5/2016  8:30 AM     'Everything Is Being Sold' -  Smart Money Selling Soars,
                                 Now In 10th Straight Week.      

4/5/2016  8:30 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.    Clunks, Trends and Forecasts.

This article is about the Bo Poiny interview yesterday in which he predicts the collapse of the world markets in August. In it he gives a most compelling math analysis that just cannot be denied or argued with. You can see the DOW going from 17,000 to 5,000 just as clear as ever; very sobering.

I went to bed intending to mark August on my calender. But when I woke up I kept hearing a “Clunk, clunk, clunk” sound. I realize I am only conveying words here but that sound was most real and familiar to me. Allow me to relay it to you.

When I was attending night school I recall reading a most difficult article, struggling to follow and hold on to it. I realized I couldn't focus because my wife had the dryer going and it was out of balance, producing the “clunk, clunk” sound in a predictable pattern. I think she had washed a kitchen rug that was doing it. That was a natural sound resulting from pure household dryer physics that was irritating me.

This morning it hit me that Poiny did the math correctly in his analysis, correlating into all the historical market data points, except for one thing. Are the data points natural or manipulated? If you believe that the stock market is manipulated then you are betting if the magician will continue his act or drastically change from the lulling pattern hitherfore. Will he choose to zig or zag?

Because Poiny never mentions any of this I assume he assumes the market is doing its “natural physics” and is not manipulated. Therefore, I have to discount his basis of prediction, although I do feel the collapse is quite near.

4/5/2016  7:30 AM    Less Holy Kids.     Article

4/4/2016  8:30 PM    COUP D’ETAT: The Banks RULE The United States —
                               John Titus.
SGT Interview       40 Minute Video

4/4/2016  6:30 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day. Bull Pen Warm Up.

In case you missed it, House Speaker Paul Ryan paid homage to Israel to get its permission to be our next president, starting in June. Trump signals a collapse by the end of the year. It is going to be a long hot summer.

4/4/2016  5:30 PM   US & Turkey Shift Plans And Begin To Destabilize
                                 Relations Between Armenia & Azerbaijan.

X22 Report      Recap & .3 Minute Video

4/4/2016  5:00 PM  Iceland Protesters Gather In Front Of Parliament
                             Demanding PM Resignation
                            [over Panama Papers]: Live Webcast.    

4/4/2016  3:30 PM   Panama Papers And Biased Reporting-
                              Who Benefits?      

4/4/2016  3:30 PM    Corbett Report: What I learned about the Panama Papers.

                                                   Great Overview  15 Minute Video

4/4/2016  10:00 AM Ben Fulford Blurb: Decisive attacks against
                                                  Khazarian mafia unfolding in Poland,
                                                  Turkey, Washington DC, Japan.  
                                                                     Ben Fulford

4/4/2016   8:30 AM    Bo Polny – Biblically Bad Economic Crash Coming.

                                      From Greg Hunter   
[Very compelling indication of a major market crash by August.]

32 Minute Video

4/3/2016   9:00 PM    Frontal Attack on Bad Guys Electronic Wealth Begins.
                                                Bix Weir Today

                               BECOMES NINTH CONSTITUTIONAL
                               CARRY STATE.         
2 Minute Video

4/3/2016   1:00 PM    THOUGHT FOR THE DAY!

"[Nearly 70% of the military budget] is to provide men and weapons to fight in foreign countries in support of our allies and friends and for offensive operations in Third World countries .. Another big chunk of the defense budget is the 20% allocated for our offensive nuclear force of bombers, missiles, and submarines whose job it is to carry nuclear weapons to the Soviet Union... Actual defense of the United States costs about 10% of the military budget and is the least expensive function performed by the Pentagon..." --
         Rear Admiral Gene LaRoque, U.S. Navy retired

4/3/2016   12:30 PM  Dear Jim,

Your post this morning was first published in 2012, but you give your readers the impression that it was just published. You still haven't changed. You don't seem to research anything. You just seem to post whatever frightening article you can find. - Dan

Response: Thanks Dan. My apology to the readers. I still do not see a date on the article, but then again I am almost blind at this time and am not perfect like some, and yes, I do post scary things because that is what is sometime happening, scary things.  But that is just my opinion.


                                ABOUT TO BREAK ON OUR ECONOMY,
                                AND WHEN IT DOES, THERE’S GOING TO BE
                                A MAJOR DISRUPTION OF THE DISTRIBUTION
                                OF FOOD.                  Article

4/3/2016   10:30 AM  False flag alert raised to red!
                               Neocons running scared.    
Veterans Today.
                                       Excellent   60 Minute Video

4/3/2016   10:00 AM  Stanley Druckenmiller: "This Is The Most
                                Unsustainable Situation I Have Seen In My Career".

4/3/2016   10:00 AM  The Ascension Mysteries Have Been Solved!

                                        David Wilcock           Article

4/2/2016   11:00 AM     Wikileaks Reveals IMF Plan To "Cause A
                                  Credit Event In Greece And Destabilize Europe".

4/1/2016   5:30 PM  The Central Bank Is Losing Control Of The
                               Manipulated Recovery.

X22 Report     Recap & 41 Minute Video

4/1/2016   9:00 AM      SO, WHERE IS THE COLLAPSE? — Bill Holter

     [The new Chinese ABX Metals market will open April 19th.]

                                          SGT Interview       32 Minute Video

4/1/2016   9:00 AM    Market Breaks - AMZN, GOOG Trading Suspended  
                                          On NYSE ARCA.    

3/31/2016   8:00 PM   Olympics In Doubt As Brazil Sports Minister
                                 Quits, Rio Governor Says "This Is The Worst
                                 Situation I've Ever Seen".

[The world's economy is good but this summer's Olympics may be canceled.]       Article

3/31/2016   6:00 PM     Checkmate, Putin And Assad Out Maneuver The US In Syria.

                                                    X22 Report       Recap & 46 Minute Video

3/31/2016   6:30 AM   Full Ben Fulford.      Ben Fulford

3/29/2016  9:30 PM   Short list of countries that advise to not travel
                                 to Turkey: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, France,
                                Germany, Slovenia, Israel, New Zealand, Australia,
                                China and Russia.
Short list of countries that
                                advise to not travel to Turkey: USA, Canada, UK,
                                Ireland, France, Germany, Slovenia, Israel,
                                New Zealand, Australia, China and Russia.  


3/29/2016  7:30 PM     MSNBC Host Admits Democratic Primary
                                  Rigged, While Station Simultaneously Rigs
[Joe Scarborough]        Article

3/29/2016  6:00 PM   US & Turkey Are Now Implementing The Next Plan,
                                  And Something Big Is About To Happen.

                                                         X22 Report       Recap & 37 Minute Video

3/29/2016  11:00 AM    Pentagon Orders Hundreds Of Military
                                       Families To Evacuate Turkey.

Has the US finally had enough of its "ally" Erdogan?”  Article

3/29/2016  10:30 AM  THOUGHT FOR THE DAY!

"Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of ... [Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness], it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government."   - Thomas Jefferson

3/29/2016  10:00 AM  Why Isn't Cruz Suing National Enquirer Over
                                 Cheating Claim? Michael Rivero - March 28, 2016.
Must Hear  25 Minute Video

3/29/2016  9:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.     Bifocaled Bat.

This one is personal. I told you several months ago that I got the kiss of death from my eye doctor. I have had two sets of cornea grafts over the years and he said that glasses no longer helped me and not to come back. I could tell that my vision was deteriorating week by week and just accepted that the prognosis given to me at age 25 that I was going blind was now becoming a reality. I have a giant computer monitor with the print extra large and still have to read with my nose only four inches away from it with the light causing tears. It is harder and harder to keep up with the reading. Although I wear bifocals, I am blind as a bat.

Some dear friends gave me a wake up kick-in-the-ass to get a second opinion. Yesterday I saw a cornea specialist. He said, “Yes you are blind. Can I show you the door?” I couldn't even read the big “E” with the right eye and am 20/200 in my good eye, but with double vision. He didn't say how bad that really is but did ban me from using their parking lot.

My grafts are as healthy as the day I got them but at this time I have two separate problems with the eyes. Cataract surgery with an extra step should get me back to excellent vision in both eyes. The first surgery is at the end of April. The only bad news is that he did not comment on if I will ever be able to see my penis on a cold morning.

I instantly liked the doctor the minute he came into the exam room. I liked him even more when I got home and read his bio in the packet. Among other things it said, “. . . enjoys LSU football . . . Geaux Tigers!

3/29/2016  7:30 AM     Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media
                                  Is Completely Fake: "We All Lie For The CIA".

3/29/2016  6:30 AM    Less holy kids.     Link

3/28/2016  6:00 PM     The Central Bank Is Losing Control Of The Economy
                                    As More Indicators Point To A Collapse.

                                                   X22 Report               Recap & 37 Minute Video

3/28/2016  12:00 PM   Ben Fulford Blurb:  Khazarian Satan worshippers
                                                               now exposed for all to see.

                                                                                       Ben Fulford

3/28/2016  6:30 AM     Does The United States Still Exist?   Article

3/27/2016  6:00 PM    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Assurance For Insurance.

Let's do a simple comparison between today's Ben Fulford video and yesterday's Jeff Nielson's Video.  We will assume that you believe what they are both (impossible) are saying is accurate.

Fulford says that hopefully the good guys will win and that the Fed Reserve will fall, our government will print its own currency bringing massive wealth back into the country quickly, and we will have sanity and world peace. In contrast, Nielson says that there must be a collapse very soon, the chaos may be for a long time, probably accompanied with a civil war, and whether or not the Cabal ends up in charge afterward remains in question. That pretty much sums it up.

Here is the question that ran through my mind when I read Fulford today. Because he says we are near to heaven and wealth, should I continue to preach “prepare for chaos?” If we spend a lot of cash and energy preparing won't we look awfully stupid if Fulford is correct?

I have always been a believer in matching the risk with the gain. Let's do it together here. The extreme detriment is that of long chaos in some manner and we are not prepared – a death blow to our family. Therefore, the gain of preparing is survival, a very high gain. And the risk, or cost, for that possible gain? It is extremely low if Fulford is right and the economy brings us sudden wealth, because we will have much more income and wealth to cover the meager prepping costs we expended. Therefore, the risk is low.

So here we have a high gain, low risk decision. This is one of those opportunities the universe gives us that I have never been able to turn down. If we make all decisions weighted like this one it is a guarantee of success for each of us in our endeavors. I trust that this will give you the assurance you need to continue to insure your family's survival.

3/27/2016 12:00 PM    Utah Sheriff to BLM: “I Will Deputize Every Man,
                                 Woman and Child to Stop Feds”.
Dahboo7     4 Minute Video

3/27/2016 9:00 AM    Note From Jim:

There are times when I feel Ben Fulford Is serving us pure fluff and filler. However, I do agree with all of what he says in the interview below, especially the part that our economy can be turned in six months if we abandon the Federal Reserve dollar and print our own currency. Unfortunately all of this still leaves us today between heaven and hells so prep for hell, even if just temporarily, just in case.