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12/2/16  8:30 PM  House Quietly Passes Bill Targeting
                         "Russian Propaganda" Websites.   Article

12/2/16  8:30 PM  The Propaganda About Russian Propaganda.

12/2/16  8:30 PM  Stanford Study Reveals California Pensions
                          Underfunded By $1 Trillion Or $93k Per

12/2/16  4:30 PM  Note From Jim:

It appears that Clif High was right in his prediction that we would go into December 19th with uncertainty as to who the President would be.

12/2/16  4:00 PM    Michigan Rejects Trump's Objection -
                            Recounts Are Cleared To Start Next Week.

12/2/16  12:00 PM   WI GOP Lawmaker: Dems Are Stalling,
                            Recount Will Not Be Completed,
                            WISCONSIN WILL FORFEIT TRUMP

12/2/16  11:30 AM   You Should Be Watching This, For
                          Italy’s Sunday Vote Is Set To Trigger
                          The “Most Violent Economic Shock
                          In History”.   

12/2/16  9:00 AM   Intriguing Predictions On Trump's
                           Plan For Federal Reserve.  

12/2/16  6:30 AM  The Battle For Aleppo Is Over,
                          Now The Real War Has Begun.  

12/2/16  6:30 AM  How December 4th Could Trigger
                          The "Most Violent Economic Shock
                           In History".   

12/1/16  7:00 PM  Lawsuit To Restore the Power of
                           The Bank of Canada to Create
                           Sovereign Money.
Bill Still Report   20 Minute Video

12/1/16  6:00 PM  The Elite Are Now In The Process Of Making
                                Their Next Move.
                            X22 Report      Recap & 14 Minute Video

12/1/16  6:00 PM  Doug Hagmann Investigates Islamic
                          Groups & Uncovers a SHOCKER!
30 Minute Video

12/1/16  5:30 PM   3 Reasons The Revolution Will Accelerate
                           This Weekend.   

12/1/16  5:00 PM    Indian Prime Minister Modi Admits He
                           Wants Cashless Society as Economic
                           Chaos Breaks Out in India. 
12 Minute Video

12/1/16  4:00 PM  Western Nations Under Pressure to
                          Probe Clinton Foundation Spending – Analyst

 12/1/16  3:30 PM   Trump Picks Retired Marine General                            "Mad-Dog" Mattis As Secretary Of Defense.  

12/1/16  3:00 PM   No Time For Aleppo Losers:
                          NATO & Israel Abandon ISIS Proxy
                          ‘Regime Change’ Army?    

12/1/16  1:30 PM  Danish People's Party signals support
                          for leaving EU.    

12/1/16  1:00 PM   ALEPPO UPDATES: ‘Only Road’
                           to Deliver Aid to Eastern Aleppo,
                           Castello Road – is Liberated.    

12/1/16  12:30 PM  Jim Stone: Don't Waste Time Worrying
                           About The 'Electoral College' Hoax Being
                           Perpetrated By Ex-MSM...AKA- HBM
                           (has been media).    

12/1/16  11:00 AM  Moscow & Syrian opposition in secret
                            talks to stop Aleppo fighting – FT

12/1/16  11:00 AM   CONFIRMED: Russia negotiates with
                           Turkey for surrender of Jihadis in east

12/1/16  9:30 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Elizabeth Báthory

Countess Elizabeth Báthory (1560 – 1614), of Hungary, still reins the queen after 400 years.

She is listed by Guinness Book of World Records as the most prolific female murderer. It is believed that for sport she tortured and killed 650 persons, mostly young maidens. The people of the region knew what she was doing but could not stop her because of her position of power. Her relatives, the ruling class, feared that if a trial was held, it would incite the citizenry to dethrone all of them as well. So in desperation, Elizabeth was quietly detained in a castle cell until her death.

The bottom line was she was above the law until she was a danger to all the others above the law. Kinda rings bell, doesn't it? Hillary and others may be up there with Lizzi. But where does the killing count begin? Is it just the few killed to keep the elite in power, or shall we add in the millions of deaths from the wars waged so the elite could remain elite? We are disgusted that Hillary violated Elections Laws in the Presidential race. So what? We say now that PizzaGate is out in the open we can get them all. So what?

Until the citizenry itself creates and enforces law and order on the same level for all, the above crimes do not matter. If Hillary's “relatives” in the elite quietly locks her away so there is no trial, then Elizabeth and her likes will continue to rein over us for another four hundred years. We are free to choose the same as the 1600 circa citizens chose. Choose well.

12/1/16  8:00 AM    Hump Day with Bix & "V" (11/30/2016)

[Discussion on the RECOUNT by BIX and V.
  Is January 3rd the real drop dead date for Trump?
 At least watch the first 10 minutes.63 Minute Video

12/1/16  7:30 AM   More Bad News For Jill Stein As
                           Pennsylvania Judge Blocks Recount

12/1/16  6:30 AM     Global Bonds Lose $1.7 Trillion In
                            November, Worst Monthly Meltdown
                            On Record.    

12/1/16  6:30 AM    Full Ben Fulford:    Ben Fulford

11/30/16  6:30 PM   Green Party Denounces Jill Stein
                            for Helping Clinton – Still Report
2 Minute Video

11/30/16  6:00 PM   Exposing The Hoax That If The Stock
                            Market Rises The Economy Is Doing Well.

X22 Report    Recap & 24 Minute Video

11/30/16  3:30 PM    Jill Stein's Michigan recount efforts:
                                    Here's what you need to know.   Article

11/30/16  3:00 PM  Comment By Michael Rivero Today:

What Jill Stein is up to is to contest the recounts of Michigan, Pennsylvanian and Wisconsin. If those recounts are contested, by any party, then those state electors will not be allowed to vote on December 19th for Trump. The Cabal is again trying to steal the presidency!

11/30/16  3:00 PM   Wisconsin Judge Denies Stein's
                             Request For "Hand Recount".  

11/30/16  12:00 PM   Interview With Andrew Hoffman
                           "During The Economic Reset People
                             Are Going To Feel The Pain Of A
                             Collapsing Economy".
                                X22 Report 30 Minute Video

11/30/16  11:00 AM   University Stuns World: Pledges To
                              Support Free Speech, "Censorship
                              Is Not The Answer".   

11/30/16  8:30 AM  Nexit: Now Netherlands looks set
                            to leave crumbling EU bloc as far-right
                            party TOPS POLLS.  

11/30/16  8:30 AM  Euro DIVES amid fears Italy's referendum
                            is beginning of the END of EU.  

11/30/16  8:00 AM   Trump Fans Worldwide Are Furious
                             Over The Edict Just Issued To Every
                             Associated Press Reporter.  
Article & Video

11/30/16  8:00 AM    Turkey Has Declared War On Syria –
                              Does This Mean That World War 3 Is
                              About To Erupt In The Middle East? 

11/30/16  7:00 AM  Dear Jim:     It's Over.

There are 3,141 counties in the United States.

Trump won 3,084 of them.
Clinton won 57.

There are 62 counties in New York State.

Trump won 46 of them.
Clinton won 16.

Clinton won the popular vote by approx. 1.5 million votes.

In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond)

Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.

These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles.
The United States is comprised of 3, 797,000 square miles.

When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.

Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc) don’t and shouldn’t speak for the rest of our country.   Source

Jeff L.

11/29/16  8:30 PM  Recount Crumbles –
                                  Stein-Clinton Miss PA Deadline.   
                        Must Hear
4 Minute Video

11/29/16  6:00 PM    Trump Treasury Secretary Candidate Is
                                     Anti-Fed Libertarian Who Wants To
                                     Return To The Gold Standard.    Article

11/29/16  6:00 PM    Trump Picks Former Goldman
                             Banker Steven Mnuchin As
                             Treasury Secretary.   
                                     Correct  Article

11/29/16  6:00 PM  The Stage Has Been Set For The Collapse,
                                  Obama Hands Over A Healthy Economy To Trump?

X22 Report     Recap & 38 Minute Video

11/29/16  4:30 PM   South Korea's Park “resigns”:
                                   What does this mean for North Korea?

[The U.S. loses another puppet leader.]    Article

                             INDEPENDENCE, REJECTS ROTHSCHILD

11/29/16  3:30 PM    Assad On Verge Of Biggest Victory
                             Since Start Of Syrian War With Imminent
                             Capture Of Aleppo.     

11/29/16  11:30 AM    President-Elect Trump's personal news site.

You no longer need the Main Street Press.
Bookmark it!      Link

11/29/16  11:00 AM    Breakthrough in Aleppo saves 80,000
                               civilians, say Russian military.

Comment by Michael Rivero: “The US Government used those human shields to argue against Syrian and Russian efforts to retake Aleppo. With the civilians now released, Russia and Syria can really uncork on the remaining US-backed forces. Hell is coming to breakfast!”    Article

11/29/16  10:00 AM   The Corporate Media's Gulag Of The Mind.

11/29/16  8:30 AM    Note From Jim:

A reader sent me this link to an old Cliff High interview. It is about two years old but recently released again. The first half hour is a great discussion about Benjamin Fulford.

Clif High The 'Mass Arrests' Claim, Fulford & The White Dragon Society pt 1 3.          

                         EXCELLENT     77 Minute Video

11/29/16  7:00 AM   Children of a Lesser God:   Video 

11/28/16  9:00 PM  How Fake News Spreads — Corporate
                           Media Spread Story of ‘Active Shooter’
                           During a Knife Attack.     

11/28/16  6:30 PM   OH NO A CASHLESS SOCIETY!!!!
                             By Gregory Mannarino. 
6 Minute Video

11/28/16  6:30 PM    War on Cash Goes into Full Effect –
                             Citibank Stops Accepting Cash at
                             Multiple Branches.   

11/28/16  5:30 PM   Jill Stein's Vote Recount Is Not A Vote Recount,
                                    It's Something Much Worse.

X22 Report      Recap & 34 Minute Video

11/28/16  3:00 PM    Wisconsin Denies Request For Recount
                            By Hand As Stein Threatens To Sue.   

11/28/16  1:30 PM  Italy Banks COLLAPSING as BAIL-IN
                            Preparations HAVE BEGUN!

Gregory Mannarino    13 Minute Video

11/28/16  8:00 AM   FOTM made the List of 200
                            secret-Russian-agents websites!                   

[I didn't make the cut but all my sources did. I guess I will have to learn to speak Russian to do so.]

11/28/16  7:00 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:   Khazarians being flushed
                                                                   out of underground hideouts
                                                                   as US revolution continues.
                                                                            Ben Fulford

11/28/16  4:30 AM  Trump administration will pressure
                            foreign states to probe Clinton Foundation.  

                           HILLARY’S PROSECUTION IS
                           MOVING FORWARD.    
7 Minute Video

11/28/16  4:30 AM   Oops! Jill Stein Cannot File Direct
                            Request for Recount in Pennsylvania,
                            Must Take It to Court.     

11/27/16  2:30 PM   The Western War On Truth.
                                Paul Craig Roberts     

11/27/16  7:00 AM      Media Silent as House Passes Resolution
                               for Syrian No-Fly Zone — Provoking War
                               with Russia.                 

                                   INVESTIGATION NOW.
Sgt Report    6 Minute Video

11/26/16  5:30 PM     


11/26/16  5:30 PM   Dear Jim,    Why?

The answer is the plan was always to take them out with the satanic ritual pedophilia because this is not merely a local or DC problem, it is global & they have the evidence to take them all out in a sweep. Yes, we have evidence of treason but who could we trust in our twisted government to carry out the trials & investigations fairly & without becoming another body count.

This was always to be and is being carried out by "higher courts" than than the ones in the swamp. Also note that China & Russia now control Interpol.     Lana

11/26/16  4:00 PM   Additional Response From Jim:

My apprehension about PizzaGate is that the software is now available to make anyone appear that they are saying things that are made up. I am waiting for the experts to analyze the evidence before I spend ten hours going there.

We already have most of them for treason, a death sentence. It seems more likely that some few are being made to be despicable to draw us away from the rest of the herd to chase after just a few. I see it as a diversion tactic, but then again I have not spent the time you have. We now have a sound death blow on them for treason, so why try to make the same shot in a more difficult manner? Just take the easy score and win the damn game!

11/26/16  12:30 PM   Dear Jim,

I am well down the rabbit hole on the Pizzagate, as well as the global satanic pedophile rings & I assure you it is real and despicable and involves those at the highest levels internationally.

Looking the other way will not make it go away as it is now being internationally research by open source investigators.

Years ago we were told that we would know we were close to the Event when the pedophilia surfaced.

There is just way too much evidence now, and don't forget Weinergate, the NYPD has that evidence as well as white hats in the FBI.  Arrest warrants have already been issued. We have them where we want them. Lana

11/26/16  12:30 PM    Dear Jim,

I just wanted to say that there is a lot of fragmented information out there regarding the Washington DC, Mainstream Media, Hollywood pedophile ring. But when the Vice President of the United States of America gets caught on camera saying in the ear of a little girl  and it is 100% audible:

"By the way do you know how horny  I get standing next to a 13 year old girl? You should talk to my daughter about the film."

Jim, if you didn't watch the video I sent you, I understand, Pedophilia is something that most people can't stomach. But to even suggest that this is a Hoax when the video and audio is staring you in the face, well forgive me for putting it to you harshly but that's just being intellectually lazy.

It takes a certain amount of intestinal fortitude to examine this pedophile blackmail culture in the elites, but to dismiss it, based upon gut feelings  is irresponsible. 

The Pizzagate deluge of information I think takes hours and hours just to start wrapping one's brain around it because the information is so fragmented. What is emperically valid is a systematic code used by John Podesta, friends and family as well as a large swaths of seemingly unrelated people, including  celebraties  using this code language that suggests the most haneous and vile acts including human torture, murder and canibalisim .

All I'm suggesting is to do some open minded research.

Herbert Spencer said it best:

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation."        Respectfully, Michael

Response: I appreciate all that you said here.  My situation is that I have very little free time now to maintain the website. Therefore, I am staying focused entirely on the collapse and reset.  The pedophile issue is but a small part of that collapse, therefore it is not "economical" for me to go down that rabbit hole until it is generally accepted as a fact. I just don't have the time to risk on it being a dry hole with no payback.

11/26/16  11:00 AM    Pizzagate – ATTACK on FREE SPEECH?
                               How Soros Can Silence You (as ‘Fake
                                     [Use Discernment]  
9 Minute Video

11/26/16  11:00 AM   Dear Jim:

For weeks you might have been hearing about Pizzagate, a loose group of  independent news stories and youtube videos reporting about the DC Pedophile elite that started from Reddit News users who discovered a code in the Wikileaks Podesta emails. This code is a know jargon to FBI investigators . As you know personally I cannot stand  rumors being reported as news but here is a very hard piece of undeniable evidence that Joe Biden is a sick and twiste pedophile , and it sheds light on the rumors that Washington DC is a culture that is sick and rotten with pedophilia as a basis for a blackmail culture of power. Pizzagate is real, and the information on the bet right now is fragmented at best but there is an awful lot to discover. We hear after Trump is sworn there will be a flood of this evidence coming forward being that Obama is implicated in this pedophile ring.

All the best! Michael       See Link

Response: I have not read any of the PizzaGate articles so far. My gut tells me to stay away from it.

However, I did watch one video about it, but it is suggesting it is a hoax / Psy-op.      8 Minute video

11/26/16  9:00 AM    Interview With Michael Snyder "The Economic
                                    Indicators Are Pointing Towards A Depression.
                                                 X22 Report     45 Minute Video

11/26/16  7:00 AM    Report: Attempts to Thwart Transition
                             of Power in Progress 11/25/16.
Hagmann Report     7 Minute Video

11/26/16  7:00 AM    Jill Stein raises over $4.5m to
                             request US election recounts
                             in battleground states.  

11/25/16  5:30 PM   Washington Post Names Drudge,
                            Zero Hedge, & Ron Paul As Anti-Clinton
                            "Sophisticated Russian Propaganda Tools".

11/25/16  7:30 AM    Cash Crackdown Escalates: India May
                              Impose 60% Tax On "Unaccounted"
                              Deposits, Curbs On Gold Holdings.

11/24/16  7:00 AM   Thanksgiving Message 2016 From
                            Greg Hunter.   
19 Minute Video

11/23/16  5:30 PM  DALLAS TO DECLARE BANKRUPTCY? Article

11/23/16  2:30 PM  Betsy DeVos Accepts Education Secretary
                            Post in Trump cabinet - Vouchers et al.   

11/23/16  2:30 PM   Trump Giving Hillary Clinton a Pass?
                                    Bill Still   
8 Minute Video

11/23/16  1:30 PM  Illinois Stiffing Vendors To Fund Budget
                            Deficits - It's A "Financial Time Bomb".

11/23/16  1:30 PM    Fact Check: Trump Never Said He Will Not
                             Investigate Hillary Clinton - NY Times Lied
                             & MSM Echoed it.     Article

11/23/16  8:30 AM    Trump Names Former Political Opponent
                              As UN Ambassador, Replacing Anti-Putin
                              Samantha Power.     

11/23/16  8:30 AM  Trump Offers Ben Carson HUD Secretary Job.

11/23/16  7:00 AM   Dear Jim,

Regarding Trump saying he won't prosecute Hillary, a few thoughts:

1. Trump never said he wouldn't continue pursuing the investigation of the Clinton Foundation. His statements all clearly referenced the investigations of her private server and e-mails only.

2. Perhaps Trump's statements were very tactical. If Obama believes Trump won't prosecute HRC, maybe he doesn't pardon her before leaving office, leaving Trump the option of prosecuting her after he's inaugurated.

3. Maybe Trump knows the true state of HRC's and Bill's health and sees no sense in prosecuting people who will be dead very shortly. Andrea

11/22/16  8:00 PM  Trump Throws Mud Into The Media's
                            Face...Starts His Own You Tube Channel
                            So That His Words Are Not 'Edited' Nor
                            Interpreted' By Shills… 
Article & 2 Minute Video

11/22/16  8:00 PM   UPDATE: Trump Says He Won't Take
                            Clinton Investigations Off the Table.


11/22/16  6:00 PM  The Shadow Government/Central Bankers Are
                                   Now Resorting To Fear This Holiday Season.
                                          X22 Report     Recap & 19 Minute Video

11/22/16  5:00 PM  Dear Jim:

To me this story is a cover for something. In the article I read on Breitbart, twice it said the purpose was a "reset", which I suppose is to be interpreted as their relationship but I am a suspicious kind of gal so I'm wondering about that word "reset". In addition, saying he won't go after Hillary. I'm sure that was not to please his daughter or Chelsea. If there is a reset there will be mass arrests & Nuremberg Trials which may be done by an international court. Perhaps I've been down the rabbit hole too long but at least I still see a positive outcome. Pls don't print, people will think I'm nuts. Ha! Your sis from LA.    Lana

11/22/16  5:00 PM   Trump doesn't have to do anything
                             [regarding Hillary].      
8 Minute Video

11/22/16  4:00 PM  Dear Jim:

I think that Trump's exhortation [if you want to call it that]  of Clinton via K.A. Conway sets a certain tone for those of us waiting to see a restoration of the Republic. I truly feel that might of the Military and Agency  White Hats placed Trump in power and we should not take the man too seriously but look to the power that put him there. Though the meek and clammy move to clear Clinton via a surrogate than to do so at least through a video announcement is a total reversal in his pledge to reform the so called " Rigged System" Trump seems to be either making a strategic political move or is showing an undisclosed motive that we all suspected all along, that he is a schill for the Cabal. What is clear is that the people on the left and right, conscious and unconscious are ready for Revolution. Today Trump isolated himself from his base in a profound and unsavory fashion, and certain forces of nature will not be comfortable with this kind of ambiguity from an agent promising big sweeping change. A dark veil of suspicion has fallen over Trump today and for good reason as the media is of course applauding his magnanimity. There is much seething and unspoken distaste  being suppressed in the hearts and minds of many concerned Americans today. Where is the rule of law in a society that cannot hold its leaders accountable? Cheers!   Michael

Response: I say let’s wait and see what develops. Trump is still struggling just to get to first base even after hitting a home run. Is it possible that he may have cut a deal to call off the Soros people and all those that fear going top prison with Hillary? If so, would it be better to have done so in order to drain the swamp? As I said, for me, we will just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

11/22/16  3:00 PM   How Many "Last Hospitals" Russia-led
                            Airstrikes Destroyed in Aleppo?

Per Michael Rivero: “The US Corporate Media, the ones screaming "Fake News" at us, report that Russia has bombed the last hospital in Aleppo ... over and over and over and over. Is it any wonder that Russia Today asked for these hospitals to be identified and shown proof they were bombed by Russia? Is it any wonder the State Department spokesslug went into an hysterical lather when asked?”       Article

11/22/16  8:00 AM  Bombshell Report: Border Agents Ordered
                            To Leave Floodgate Open.  
2 Minute Video

11/22/16  8:00 AM    The Central Banks Indicated Their Next
                              Move, Ban Cash, Raise Rates, Crash It All.
X22 Report     12 Minute Video

11/22/16  7:30 AM  Trump Won't Pursue Charges Against Hillary:
                            "She's Been Through Enough".    

11/22/16  6:30 AM   Note From Jim:

Just watched MSNBC’s Morning Joe show for 15 minutes. They spent that time defending the way they report(ed) the news. They also say that their Trump inside source says Trump will not continue to investigate the Clintons.

11/21/16  8:30 PM    Kunstler On Obama's "Shit Sandwich"
                             & Why 'Events' Are Now In Charge,
                             Not 'Personalities'.    

11/21/16  6:00 PM   Trump "Exploded" At Media Execs
                             During Off-The-Record Meeting:
                             "It Was A F--king Firing Squad".  Article

11/21/16  6:00 PM  Trump Says He Will Issue Executive Order
                            On First Day In Office Withdrawing U.S.
                            From TPP.      Article & 2 Minute Video

11/21/16  3:00 PM      Mainstream Media Execs, Anchors Spotted
                                      Going For "Off The Record" Meeting With
                                      Donald Trump.      Article

                                          EXCELLENT Article    [Read Part 2 first]


11/21/16  10:00 AM  TRUMP JUST POINTED TO
                             SHERIFF CLARKE AND GAVE HIM THE
                             SURPRISE OF HIS LIFE!  
3 Minute Video

11/21/16  8:00 AM  Quote For The Day:

“Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.” - Gen. James Mattis

“According to reports, President Barack Obama decided to force the Marine Corps legend out early because he rubbed civilian officials the wrong way, and forced them to answer tough questions regarding Iran.”    Source

See also: James Mattis leading candidate for Defense Secretary

11/21/16  6:30 AM  Note From Jim:

Ben made my ears perk up this morning. I have long held the conviction that the restored Republic dare not show itself until it has the firepower of the military behind it to make arrests. Is this what Ben is referring to today? Read carefully.

11/21/16  6:00 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:   Hungary, the UK, the US, Bulgaria,
                                                             Moldova free from Khazarian control,
                                                              Austria, Italy, South Korea next.     

                                                                                     Ben Fulford

11/20/16  8:00 PM  Former CBS Reporter Exposes Media Lies,
                            Internet Shills & Astroturfing - MUST SEE!!!
10 Minute Video

11/20/16  5:30 PM    Former CEO Of UBS And Credit Suisse:
                                   "Central Banks Are Past The Point Of No Return,
                                     It Will All End In A Crash".   Article

11/20/16  12:00 PM Comment By Michael Rivero on
                             the death of George Soros:

Right now there is a war between the establishment Corporate Media and the new Independent Media. As a result, the internet is being flooded with a tsunami of hoax stories in an effort to trick the Independent Media into making a mistake that the Corporate Media can use to discredit us, or worse, sue us.

TO ALL MY FELLOW MEMBERS OF THE INDEPENDENT MEDIA! More than at any other time we must exercise extreme caution to verify all stories. Ignore rumors, innuendos, hunches, and flaky chains of supposition. Report on the facts, from sources on the record.

One such story that is being "pushed" very hard is this allegation of a Clinton-connected pedophile ring. I am being flooded with emails saying I "must" post this story, and that alone is grounds for suspicion! My instincts are telling me this is a setup, to open the door to defamation lawsuits against any Independent Media that accuses any individual of involvement.

I know the Corporate Media has been a vast wasteland of such rumors and malreporting (especially against Trump these last several months) but if the Independent Media is to survive and grow, we MUST exercise more journalistic professionalism than the Corporate Media has done.

This is a war, and the other side likes to play dirty. Keep that in mind when a really sensational tidbit gets sent to you!”

11/20/16  11:30 AM  Dear Jim,

It seems from multiple sources that the Soros Death claims are a hoax. If Trump is truly a change agent for the Republic after entering office we will see white hats reveal many crimes of the Globalist. Soros should not be so lucky to be killed. He should be exposed, tried and convicted in a court of law, as the rest of the Globalist, then executed. Cheers!   Michael

Response: If you are referring to the article posted on November 18th, consider that was two days ago, so the jury is still out on the Soros death. We will just have to wait and see.

11/20/16  7:30 AM   "Brace For Economic Disruption"
                             SocGen Sees "Sharp Rise In Gold"
                             As India Plans Cap On Cash Holdings.

11/20/16  6:30 AM  Post by Benjamin Fulford last night:

"I just received this from my White Hat contact in DC who is with the Agency."

"The word is out that Soros is dead. 

  It is being discussed at the Pentagon as well. He was taken out. One by one the Bush/Clinton/crime syndicate is being removed. I will update you as I have more data".

11/19/16  1:00 PM   Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up
                            11.18.16 – Fake News, NYT, USD and
                             Newsweek’s “Madame President”.
26 Minute Video

11/19/16  11:00 AM  Jim’s Rant For The Day.  Circle Drawing.

He drew a circle that shut me out -
heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
But love and I had a will to win:
We drew a circle that took him in!”
Edwin Markham

There were two big news stories this past week. The first is the banning of large cash currency by India. I highly suggest that you watch the video as it shows how a government can and will debase their own currency to keep the powerful few powerful. Video

The other story is one I failed to post. The Council of American Indians has offered citizenship to any illegal aliens that have no criminal history, currently in the U.S. This might be a way to avoid all the current drama impacting them now and a way to foster peace and new taxpayers.    Article

11/19/16  10:30 AM    Venezuela Caps Daily Bank Withdrawals
                              at US$5 to Avoid Bankruptcy.  

11/19/16  7:30 AM    Interview With James Wesley Rawles
                                    "Double Up On Your Prepping, The Collapse
                                      Is Most Likely Going To Occur In 2017"
                                            X22 Report  EXCELLENT  34 Minute Video

11/19/16  7:30 AM  Steve Bannon Interviewed: "It's About
                           Americans Not Getting F—ed Over".  

11/19/16  7:30 AM  5 Times When The Mainstream Media
                           "Created Fake News"... And People Died
                            As A Result.     

11/18/16  8:00 PM   Electors Are Now Being Threatened
                                    Before They Meet On Dec 19th.
                                 X22 Report     Recap & 33 Minute Video

11/18/16  7:00 PM   Global Bonds Suffer Biggest Crash
                             In Over 25 Years.  

11/18/16  7:00 PM  Clif High Update: Federal Reserve
                            Empire Continues to Meltdown.
12 Minute Video

11/18/16  6:00 AM   Note From Jim: Out All Day Until Dinnertime.
                                                                  No postings.

11/17/16  7:00 PM  Panic As Gold Price Skyrockets to
                           $2800/oz In India After Currency Ban.

[Currently $1,216 per ounce in the U.S.
It is going to be interesting to see what this does to the prices here in the U.S. in the near future.]

                                Must See   36 Minute Video

11/17/16  6:30 PM   Indian Economy Grinds To A Halt
                            After Cash-Ban: "Faith In System Shaken".

11/17/16  6:30 PM   Sweden Begins Planning Transition
                            From Cash To Digital Currency.   Article

11/17/16  6:00 PM   Foreign Central Banks Are Dumping US Treasuries
                                   At An Alarming Rate.
                                       X22 report    Recap & 38 Minute Video

11/17/16  1:00 PM      Something Quite “Huge” Just Happened!
                               Executive Chairman of BREITBART News
appointed by Trump “as his chief White
                               House strategist.   

11/17/16  10:00 AM     TRUMP NOT TAKING SALARY AS
                                PRESIDENT – MEDIA ATTACKS HIM
                                FOR “VIOLATING CONSTITUTION”.  

11/17/16  10:00 AM   Was NZ Earthquake Man Made?
                            World’s Biggest Seismic “Blast” Ship
                             Was Parked Above Fault.                                    
8 Minute Video

11/17/16  7:30 AM    #DisruptJ20 Is Planning to Cause Chaos
                               In DC, Non-Peaceful Trump Transition.
Dahboo7 8 Minute Video

11/17/16  6:30 AM   Rob Kirby-Massive Fraud 8,000 Tons of
                             Paper Gold Dumped on Market.  

                              [He suggests the collapse will be
                                postponed until after Jan. 20th.]                     
                                 Greg Hunter    
22 Minute Video

11/17/16  6:30 AM   Australia Snubs Obama, Dumps TPP,
                           Opts For China-Sponsored Trade Deal.

11/17/16  6:30 AM      Full Ben Fulford.    Ben Fulford

11/16/16  5:00 PM     Zero Hedge Targeted On Liberal
                             Professor's List of "Fake News" Sources.

11/16/16  4:00 PM   Obama, Clinton, And Sanders Could
                            Stop The Riots But They Just Watch.

11/16/16  2:30 PM   BOOM: TRUMP ISSUES 1 ORDER,
                            GETS INSTANT REVENGE BY FREEZING
                            OUT HATEFUL MEDIA.   
5 Minute Video

11/16/16  1:00 PM   James Corbett: The REAL Revolution
                              Is Already Here.   
8 Minute Video

11/16/16  6:00 AM    Trump memo reveals transition team’s
                              200-day blueprint.      

EXCELLENT 14 Minute Video
[especially financial reset at 8 Minute mark]

11/15/16  6:00 PM   Corporate Media, Soros & Hillary Are Trying                                   To Bring Down Trump Before He Enters The                      
                                  White House.    
                                              X22 Report   Recap & 37 Minute Video

11/15/16  5:00 PM     Jim Stone: Russia Launching A
                         Bombing Sortie On ISIS Every 21
                         Seconds....Apparently He Got
                         Trump's Concurrance First...

11/15/16  5:00 PM   Trump vs Deep State. Michael Rivero -
                               November 14, 2016  
26 Minute Video

 11/15/16  3:00 PM   CONGRESSMAN DROPS TRUMP WALL                              BOMBSHELL… MEXICO IS FREAKING

                                 Corrected Correct  
2 Minute Video

11/15/16  2:30 PM    Soros-funded left-wing anarcho-terrorists
                             plotting to SABOTAGE Trump and overthrow
                             the Republic: Dave Hodges releases urgent
                             interview with Mike Adams.
Article & 54 Minute Video

11/15/16  2:00 PM    Who's Behind The Portland Riots?
                              60% Of Arrested Anti-Trump Protesters
                              Were From Out Of State, Didn't Vote.  

11/15/16  9:00 AM   Interview With David Morgan "The
                            Economic Reset Will Cause Gold
                           To Go Parabolic & Will Eventually Become
                           Overvalued".    X22 Report   37 Minute Video

                             ON AMERICA AS VIOLENT MOVEON.ORG
                             PROTESTS FILL THE STREETS.   Article

11/15/16  8:00 AM     Russian Aircraft Carrier, Frigate Launch
                             "Massive Strikes" On Syrian Terrorist

11/15/16  6:30 AM   Children of a Lesser God:    Video

11/14/16  7:30 PM    Monte Paschi Begins Bondholder
                            "Bail-In": Will Equitize Over €4 Billion
                              In Junior Bonds.   

11/14/16  6:30 PM    Soros And Liberal Mega-Donors Plot
                             For War With Donald Trump. 

11/14/16  5:00 PM    The Shadow Government Might Be
                             Planning Something Bigger Than Protests.
X22 Report   Recap & 32 Minute Video

11/14/16  5:00 PM    We Are Under Attack! Exposing the
                             Plan for Nationwide Riots, Staged Events.
DABHOO7 Must See 17 Minute Video

11/14/16  2:00 PM   Putin Calls Trump, Discuss
                             Renormalization Of US-Russian Relations.  

11/14/16  12:00 PM  United States purple revolution:
                           Has George Soros committed treason?

11/14/16  9:30 AM    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Trained Shallow Voters.

Although unintended, our Junior High civics teachers trained us to be shallow voters. I feel sorry for both them and us as the opposite was intended – to make us serious thinking voters when we became of age.

Here is what happened. In conjunction of learning the democratic way, we were tasked to elect the class president, hall line monitor or what all. On voting day the five suspects were allowed to give a talk about why they should win. We then voted. Sounds innocent enough, doesn't it? But lets look at it closer.

First we were trained to base our vote on one speech. Mistake number one. Then because we really didn't care what the Class President did, as he was not supposed to do anything, we were actually voting on the personality. This is the biggest mistake of all. What we should have been taught, and I don't know how that could have been accomplished, was to decide on what direction we wanted our organization to go in. This is the most paramount principle of democracy and most of us have never learned that lesson!

In actuality this is what should run board rooms, what direction shall we go in and who is the best suited to get us there? This is how the Main Street News Media and the Democrats hijacked the national debate this recent election. They based the whole debate on personality. That is why the Anti-Trump protesters are crying, “Misogynistic, racist and xenophobic, tat least the ones not being paid, that is.

So once again I suggest that by accident we were trained to be shallow voters and until most of us outgrow this fault we will always be at the mercy of the schemers and controllers who wish to dominate us. It is totally our choice.

11/14/16 9:00 AM    China's President Calls Trump,
                            Tells Him "Cooperation Is The Only Choice".

11/14/16 7:30 AM  BREAKING! Big, big news for Julian Assange.
                               [To be set free by Swedish court.]  
                                                4 Minute Video

11/14/16 7:30 AM    Dear Jim:

This reference was in regards to the dumping of Air Force One (a super ageing now out of production aircraft) since Trump has his own plane to use.  Obama of course is now looking at buying a bike to use from Jan 2017 onwards. Regards,      Alan

11/14/16  5:30 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:   Carpe diem seize the day                                                                    and mount a final assault
                                                                   on the Khazarian mafia.
                                                                        Ben Fulford

11/13/16 12:30 PM  Dear Jim:

At 2:37 mark in the Thurs press conference (link below) Trump mentions "high flying assets".  Body language expert states that Trump's hands in downward prayer position indicates he has learned something new that makes him fearful.  (hmmm...we'll see)

Anyway, here is the press conf link: 3 Minute Video

Could this be an indication that the Secret Space Program talked extensively about by David Wilcock ( and Preston James on actually exists?  (hmmm...we'll see)

Trump also says right after the "high flying assets" comment "some of the really great things that have been achieved."  Is he bloviating or referring to something we don't know?  Can you think of anything Obama has achieved these last 8 years that would be classed "really great"?  I can't.  c

11/13/16 11:30 AM   President Trump’s New Website Gives
                            Lengthy Mention Of 10th Amendment
                            Rights And Of Loyalty To The Constitution.   

                            WARRANT FOR GEORGE SOROS …
                            DEAD OR ALIVE.      Article

11/13/16 7:30 AM   Keiser Report: Gaddafi-like Death
                            to Clinton’s Political Career.
25 Minute Video

11/13/16 7:00 AM   Russia Putin issue warrant for George Soros
                             DEAD OR ALIVE.    
2 Minute Video

11/12/16  8:30 PM    FINAL ELECTION 2016 NUMBERS:
                            TRUMP WON BOTH POPULAR
                          ( 62.9 M -62.2 M ) AND ELECTORAL
                           COLLEGE VOTES ( 306-232) - 

11/12/16  8:30 AM  Note From Jim:  December 19th Possible Takeover.

Thursday Arizona finally called the election for Trump. That only leaves Michigan and one small state that might be manipulated for Hillary. But the numbers will never add up to her favor. Couple that with the story out about Huma Abedine having an emotional breakdown at Clinton Campaign Headquarters two days ago, signaling to me that Huma's whole life is destroyed, thus there is no second secret move for a takeover. All of that tells me that Trump is in the grove at this time.

The only negative signal is the Anti-Trump demonstrators. If we assume that they are being pushed forward by George Soros, then maybe possibly kinda. But all in all, I thing we are through the election now.Too many people are awake to the Cabal or them to reverse it.

11/12/16  5:00 AM  Donald Trump Thanks InfoWarriors
                       & ALT Media For The Win !!
5 Minute Video

11/11/16  7:30 PM   ObamaTrade Is Dead: White House
                            Abandons TPP As EU Halts Trade
                            Talks After Trump Victory.  

11/11/16  6:00 PM  Cashless Society: India Bans Currency
                           Notes Sparking Chaos At Banks. 

11/11/16  5:00 PM  Everything Is In Place, The Central Bank
                           Is Going To Bring Down The Economy.

X22 Report   Recap & 35 Minute Video

11/11/16  5:00 PM    Deutsche Warns Of Imminent "Domino
                             Impact" For Stocks From Bond Carnage,
                             Soaring Dollar.    

11/11/16  5:00 PM  Dear Jim,

I noticed you've been posting some pretty scary stuff. I'd like to give you some perspective, there is a God in heaven, he answered the prayers of the people for a strong peace loving President instead of a satan worshiping psychopath. We did it, and frankly I think you owe it to yourself and your readers to take a break from the doom and gloom. This win was a miracle and should not be taken lightly with a return to the same old fear porn and propoganda. Everything is going to be okay.    Respectfully, Michael

Response:   Well, just for that I am going to take a holiday tomorrow!  My brother invited us out on his boat all day to watch the Blue Angels air show.  Hope I can see them looking thru a frozen Pina Colada.

11/11/16  10:30 AM  Gold Crashes To 5 Month Lows As
                           'Someone' Dumps Over $10 Billion
                           (On A Bond Market Holiday).  

[Silver dropped $1.23]  Article

11/11/16  9:00 AM   Interview With Clif High "Huge Crisis Headed
                                    Our Way, Credit Freeze, Bank Runs & Riots".
                               X22 Report EXCELLENT 47 Minute Video

11/11/16  7:30 AM  Stun Grenades, Rubber Bullets Deployed
                            In Portland After Anti-Trump Protest
                            Devolves Into "Riot".    

11/11/16  7:30 AM  Billionaire Globalist Soros Exposed as
                            Hidden Hand Behind Trump Protests —
                            Provoking US ‘Color Revolution’
.   Article

11/11/16  7:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Battened Hatches

A nautical hatch is the cover for a hatchway, the large hole in an old sailing ship's deck used to allow cargo and air flow into it's belly. A batten is a board or small timber used to lock the hatch into place during a storm. Thus when a sailor heard, “Batten all hatches”, he knew a rough ride was ahead. CNBC, the financial channel, has battened it's main hatch down two days ago.

They stopped flashing the DOW averages in the lower right corner of their screen as they used to since their inception. The Dow is their main business, mind you. That is tantamount to a jeweler no longer displaying his shiny diamond articles in the glass showcase. You just heard the order Folks, so prepare for a rough ride.

11/11/16  6:30 AM  Central Banks Intervene, Scramble To Halt
                                  Emerging Market "Carnage"; Futures Slide.

11/10/16  7:00 PM    Are We About To Witness A Total
                             Overthrow of Our Government?

[Electoral College can throw the vote to Hillary]       8 Minute Video

11/10/16  6:00 PM    Central Bankers Have Destroyed The Economy,
                                    Prepare For A Credit And Cash Crisis.

X22 Report    Recap & 34 Minute Video

11/10/16  5:00 PM   We Have Won the Revolution!

Steve Pieczenik     1 Minute Video

11/10/16  4:30 PM   Note From Jim:

Today Michael Rivero stated that there are two states that still have not called the election, their books are still open. They may be illegally used to reverse the presumed count for Trump lowering his lead to only 9 electoral votes. This may be an opening for the Congress (Dec 19) to give the vote to Hillary. Rivero quoted John Podesta's post election quote, “This is not over yet.”

                            FREE FALL COLLAPSE. 

                                     Correct    Article

11/10/16  4:30 PM  Trump: I’m Reopening 9/11
.       Article

11/10/16  4:30 PM  Donald Trump Just Killed Off The TPP.
                           [After meeting with Obama today, Obama
                             declared the TPP to be dead.]
                                    Article & 2 Minute Video

11/10/16  4:30 PM  Missing CEO Of CLINTON FOUNDATION
                           ERIC BRAVERMAN Appears To Be In FBI
                           Custody. Missing Arms Dealer MARK TURI
                           Who Was The BENGHAZI FALLGUY
                           Possibly Dead. 

11/10/16  3:30 PM    Trump Reveals Policy Goals:
                       "Building That Wall", End "War On Coal",
                        Repeal Obamacare, Dismantle Dodd-Frank.  

11/10/16  10:00 AM   Nasdaq Crashes On FANG Freefall -
                             Erases Post-Trump Gain.   

11/10/16  8:30 AM   David Stockman: "The Jig Is Up:
                            America’s Voters Just Fired Their
                            Ruling Elites".    

11/10/16  8:30 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  The Deplorables Rise Up.

Please allow me to share my thoughts on the Trump victory. First of all it was a victory for humanity. We here in America dodged one of two bullets, the first being entrapment in an oppressive government in the vacuum of our lost constitution. We now have an opportunity to revert back to the republic as the Cabal has lost its total grip on our minds. I hope and trust that Trump will cause this to happen, although I recognize it will require time. But hopefully we will see action begin immediately upon his inauguration, if not before.

In regards to the Hillary corruption I would be pleased to say I am in favor of an amnesty tendered to her, and the Cabal for the sake of peace and cooperation. However I am sad to say I cannot do that. I think there are certain acts so disgusting and reprehensible to humans, such as cannibalism for fun, that we must violently purge the thoughts and seeds of it so it can never fester in another member of humanity again. This is one case that screams for it, otherwise that business model will continue to flourish and be profitable. We must demonstrate that we have returned to a lawful land, and until we do, the world will shun us for centuries to come, lest their children pick up our habits.

The second bullet headed our way prior to the election is the financial collapse. That bullet is still on course straight at us and we will not dodge it. Our capitalistic system, national wealth, personal wealth, real National GDP and way of life have all been destroyed. There is the devil to pay for this and we cannot recover from it until we hit it head on. If the expression, “Necessity is the Mother of invention”, is true, then we must face up to the reality of where we are now so we can now, now in the light of day, recreate ourselves in a better world. We must recreate our financial, economic, political, legal and all of our other systems. I once read a business management book in which the author said, “if you don't think your business has problems then you haven't looked at it lately.” - definitely sound advice for us today!

Therefore, fear not as the stock market goes crazy and all other financial horrors show that they were in the shadows all along. In actuality it will just be growing pains.

11/10/16  7:30 AM   Global Bond Investors Lose A Third
                            Of A Trillion Dollars In One Day.   Article

11/9/16  6:00 PM    Greg Hunter's 2016 Presidential Wrap
                            Up-Trump Win Saves America.
Greg Hunter   Excellent  22 Minute Video

11/9/16  6:00 PM   Light Has Triumphed Over Dark,
                          But Something Is Lurking In The Shadows.

X22 Report    Recap & 14 Minute Video

11/9/16  5:00 PM    THE DAY AFTER TRUMP — Andy Hoffman
SGT Report    13 Minute Video

11/9/16  4:30 PM   American Uprising.    Article

11/9/16  9:00 AM   Note from Jim:

I do not know what this means but CNBC is no longer flashing the DOW averages. It is currently at +12 after opening somewhere around -300.   All they are saying is, "Stocks Are Steady", but look at this chart.
Today's DOW Chart

11/9/16   8:30 AM  Comment by Michael Rivero: “I WANNA
                          HELP THE SPECIAL PROSECUTOR!
                          I WANNA HELP  THE SPECIAL PROSECUTOR!
                          (Unless I can have NASA!).”

11/9/16   8:30 AM  End of EU? Brussels devastated over
                          Trump's win as Schulz admits life will
                           be 'harder'.

Comment by Michael Rivero: “This election has shaken the entire world!”      Article

                           WORLD …And Saved Us From WW3.
                               SGT Report    Must See 2 Minute Video

11/9/16   7:00 AM   Note From Jim:    Hell No!

I got a phone call at 5:00 AM this morning. I was asked to be on Trump's transition team! I am too old to carry boxes down the Trump Tower stairs!

11/9/16   6:30 AM    Trump!

11/8/16   10:30 PM   Donald's Trump Victory Odds Rise Above 95%

                                 Per NY Times    Link (scroll down)


11/8/16   8:00 PM  RIGGED ELECTION 2016:
                           KNEEL TO YOUR NWO QUEEN.

Sgt Report     22 Minute Video

11/8/16   5:00 PM  Russian Carrier Group Arrives Next
                          To Syria, To Launch Aleppo Air Strikes
                          "In Hours".     

11/8/16   4:30 PM    It's Time To Hold The Government Accountable
                                   For It's Actions. 
                                       X22 Report     Recap & 28 Minute Video

11/8/16   2:30 PM   Daybreak Poll Humiliates Itself by
                           Showing Black Vote Really Was Higher.
Bill Still  2 Minute Video

11/8/16   6:30 AM   Your Complete Guide To Election Day
                            And Night: What To Watch For And When.

11/8/16   6:30 AM  Clinton Insider Leaks What’s Going Down
                           on Election Day.   Lisa Haven.
38 Minute Video

11/7/16   7:00 PM


11/7/16   5:30 PM   AmeriGeddon 2016 full free movie.
109 Minute Video

11/7/16   5:30 PM   Everything Is Now In Place For The Deep State
                                    To Manipulate The Election.
                                        X22 Report    Recap & 39 Minute Video

11/7/16   4:00 PM    Prof. Clifford Thies Predicts “A Surprisingly
                            Strong Win for Trump”.
Bill Still Report      2 Minute Video

11/7/16   1:30 PM    Hillary Preparing to Lose, Cancels
                            Election Night Fireworks.   

11/7/16   11:30 AM  Dear Jim:

[Here is a] possible good news reason for Comey pull-back.

A blogger on the internet yesterday put forth the idea that if Hillary is not indicted, then she cannot be pardoned.

Trump should win by a landslide and her case remains open.
  OX!   Cal

11/7/16   11:00 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.  All Of My Life.

All of my life, which I call, “I remember when . .”, I have never experienced any time like this time.

It is filled with hope, fear, possible terror, pride in taking a stand to define oneself, guilt and again hope. It's as if when I remember when, my whole life was yearning for today's arrival, but despite all the training for this time, all I can expect is the unexpected. Will the unexpected be good or bad.

Saturday I was reading a book chronicling personal experiences of the brave soldiers that were sacrificed and sacrificed themselves in the D-Day Normandy invasion. One such man was trained over and over again for all contingencies for he and his partner to sneak ashore on the landing beach New Year's eve before D-Day to take soil samples to determine if heavy equipment could traverse the beach.

Their excursion had been planned down to the last detail. Special wet suits were made with sealed boots and the entire suit had a quilt on the inside to prevent hypothermia as long as it was watertight. And speaking of watertight, they were given unknown until then, waterproof watches. As planned they swam ashore to hear the German soldiers singing awaiting the new year. They got their soil samples and began to swim back to their pick up point at sea when the soldier heard his partner hollering at him from a distance behind.

Something must have gone wrong for them to be separated. His thoughts from training were cramps or a punctured wetsuit. He was furiously racing back to his partner in danger until he understood that what he was hollering was, “Happy New Year”, per his fancy watch! I hope our story now ends as well.

11/7/16  9:00 AM  Dear Jim,

You may remember that a delegation of Hitler's henchmen visited the Antartic just before they invaded Russia. The story is that the Inner Earth "Nordics" told them that they were invincible and would defeat Russia. The rest is history repeating itself except this time around the Neo-Nazi's will be taken down instead.  Cheers David

11/7/16  8:00 AM   Note From Jim:

                                 The most telling story today is John Kerry,
                                 the Sect. of State, going to Antarctica today
                                 for two weeks.  If it was the North Pole I might be
                                 persuaded he is Santa, but the South Pole?

SGT Report    11 Minute Video

11/7/16  7:00 AM    Chilfren of a lesser God:   Article

11/7/16  6:00 AM   Ben Fuldord Blurb:   The cabal will be
                                         defeated no matter who wins
                                         the US presidential farce.
                                                Ben Fulford

The cabal will be defeated no matter who wins the US presidential farce.

                             COUNTRY AT THE SOUTH POLE ON
                             ELECTION DAY?      7 Minute Video

11/6/16  4:30 PM   This excellent post election analysis was sent
                                  to me by C.      Temp Page

11/6/16  4:00 PM  Hillary Cleared As FBI Folds Again: Comey
                                Says "Conclusions Unchanged From July"
                                On Clinton Email Review | Zero Hedge    Article

11/6/16  9:00 AM   Note from Jim:    Hacksaw Ridge

Friday I saw the movie.  It was a marvelous true story of one man's conviction, both religious and life direction.  It reinforced my belief that each day we recreate who we are; that shit just doesn't happen to us.

Do yourself a favor and do not research what this "coward" actually did to be awarded the Medal of Honor, as it would only ruin the viewing.  Let's just say he did what no other human could have done alone and over such a long period of time.  Although it is most graphic regarding the horrors of battle, at the same time it is uplifting.
                    Movie Trailer

11/6/16  6:30 AM  Preppers Stockpile Survival Food
                      On Fears Of Post-Election Chaos.

11/6/16  6:30 AM   Hannity Final Rant Before Election Day!
                           Wow! He Lays It All Out In 5 Minutes!
6 Minute Video

11/5/16  9:30 PM  Dear Jim,

This isn't a guess as much as a "scenes you'd like to see".

Trump wins by a landslide but instead of a victory speech he explains how our government had been hijacked by a shadow government, gives details about returning to a constitutional Republic and hands the baton to General Dunford, (hopefully not Paul Ryan), who announces The return to the gold standard, Nesara, the end of the Federal Reserve, debt liberation and helicopter money from the frozen assets of the cabal, who will be arrested at the same time he is speaking. I could build on that but it's a good start!    Lana

11/5/16  9:30 PM Dear Jim:

Trump wins: first party ! Cabal attempts to bring system down in order to prevent swearing in.

HRC wins: tuff - everyone will follow lead of Trump in the end a total s@#$t storm.     Jack

11/5/16  9:30 PM Hi Jim,

When I peer into my crystal ball here is what I see.

On the evening of November 8th, Hitlery Clitton will win by 51%,  Trump will have his people at every poll taking exit polls showing that he garnered 80% of the vote.

On November 9th, he will contest the outcome claiming vote rigging and fraud, which will be true.

Apparently, he and Clinton already have lawyers getting ready to contest and defend.

If I were Trump, I would make a public announcement asking that all those who voted for him, wear Red and go to the largest mall parking lot in their town and or city, showing their support.

When the media shows the massive amount of Red shirts, there will be no denying it and round 2, calling Vote rigging and Fraud can now begin.
    Dan   BC, Canada

Response: Bad idea. I see where you are going, the old Shirts and Skins tactic. If all Hillary supporters show up at another park without shirts, just which one do ya think TV News will cover, crowd or no crowd?

11/5/16  6:30 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   After The Vote

Everybody out there has their own guess as to what will happen November 9th, the day after the vote. Here is my guess. Trump will win by a major landslide, based on the true, unadulterated popular vote. We are getting reports that the electors supporting Hillary may be jumping ship and will vote Trump, therefore, Trump will be crowned. Now the guess part gets complicated because the Cabal will have to decide if they will rig the popular votes. It is suspected that would be implemented by the machines shaving a floating percentage of Trump votes to be given to Hillary, in such a manner that at poll closing time, the Hillary lead will end up at a predetermined percentage lead over Trump.

I believe that if the above occurs, after the vote, a revolution may begin or perhaps the Military will do a simmered down coup or perhaps the mid levels at the DOJ and FBI may do questionable things (mutiny) in order to take control of those organizations to roll back the Hillary win. Please let me know your guess, before after the vote. Thanks.

11/5/16  6:00 PM    Leaked Clinton Foundation "Smoking Gun"
                           Memo Admits It Was Breaking The Law.

11/5/16  4:30 PM   US Takeover May Be Near –
                          Dr Steve Pieczenik   

Must See  7 Minute Video                   


                             & CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS.
Sgt Report     EXCELLENT 8 Minute Video

                                 BELOW 270 ELECTORAL VOTES. Rigged polls are
                                 scrambling to get closer to reality to avoid being BTFO.
                                                                  1 Minute Video

11/5/16  7:30 AM  Interview With James Rickards
                               "The Petro Dollar Is Dead, Dollar Devaluation,
                                 Pensions Lost, World Currency".
                                     X22 Report     29 Minute Video

11/5/16  6:30 AM     BREAKING-4Chan – COVER-UP HAPPENING
                            NOW - Remember, Remember the 5th of
                            November –WARNING! Bill Still Report
                                                    6 Minute Video

11/5/16  6:30 AM   Huma Abedin FLIPPED in NYPD Slimy
                           Sex Probe – Crooked Hillary May Be Involved.

Bill Still Report 4 Minute Video

11/5/16  6:30 AM  Erik Prince: NYPD Ready to Make Arrests
                          in Anthony Weiner Case.      


                          NOT BEING TOLD ABOUT THE RUSH TO
                          WORLD WAR 3.     
6 Minute Video

11/4/16  6:00 PM  Stock Market SELLOFF Worst Since Financial Crisis
                                of 2008!   David Quintieri    12 Minute Video

11/4/16  6:00 PM  Note From Jim:

It has been a busy day today, sorry for the lack of posts. I will do better in the future.

The two most important stories this week for me was first the one about Reuters news service laying off 2,000 employees. They see that the news industry will be losing major revenue when the elections are over, just when they have obliterated their viewer audience by the propaganda. The other story was yesterday Egypt devaluing their currency by 48% to satisfy and pay the bankers. This is a sneak preview of what is headed our way. All the rest of the political news may be somewhat iffy, depending on the election.

11/4/16  5:30 PM   The Entire Election Is One Big Psyop.

X22 Report     Recap & 35 Minute Video

11/4/16  4:30 PM    True Pundit: Comey Mandates All FBI
                      Agents Report to D.C. Offices; Prep for Raids,
                      Possible Arrests in Clinton Probes. 

11/4/16  9:00 AM   Note from Jim:

I had a funny experience this morning. I got up early (5:00 AM) to get some writing done. A reader in California got up even earlier and noticed that I had posted to the website. He sent me an email and we conversed for a while. Then at 7:00 AM he called me. We talked a few minutes until I told him I was in the middle of answering an email and would call him back when finished.

When I called he answered with, “EMP Hotline.” This startled me and then made me wonder how I would feel if indeed there was an EMP Hotline, and when you called it it was not functioning! What a scary thought.

11/4/16  6:00 AM  Unconstitutional "Saviors" In A Banksters
                          Back-Pocket: Countering Hillary’s Coup
                          With a Counter Coup – or Not?


11/4/16  5:30 AM   "Something Big Is Underway On All Fronts".

The bottom line: the stage is being set to start WWIII on the slightest provocation.”   Article

11/3/16  8:00 PM   FBI Finds Previously Unseen Clinton State
                          Department Emails On Weiner's Laptop.

11/3/16  6:00 PM   The Pentagon Is Using Billions From Slush Fund To
                                    Finance A Major Mobilization On Russia's Border.

X22 Report    Recap & 37 Minute Video

11/3/16  12:00 PM     Egypt devalues currency by 48% to
                              meet IMF demands for $12bn loan. 

11/3/16  11:30 AM   Armed Militias Prepare For Violence
                            In Case Of "Stolen Election".    Article

11/3/16  11:00 AM    STUNNING SECRET of Julian Assange and
                            Obama’s Internet Surrender to ICANN!!
                            (Hillary's Demise).

[Note: Posted a month ago.] 8 Minute video

11/3/16  8:00 AM   Note from Jim.

Being the poor man and tightwad  that I am, I use use a seventeen year old keyboard.  As you know I cannot type and have to look at the keyboard.  I am having difficulty now.  All of the letters are worn off on the keys that spell out "Use Discernment".  In order to save time I am not going to type that difficult phrase again until after the election. This will free me up to plant the winter crop.  In the meantime read every article leading up to the election as though that phrase has been added.   Thank you for your helping with the planting.

11/3/16  8:00 AM   FBI Said To Move To "Likely Indictment" Of
                           Clinton Foundation, Fox News Reports.

Article &  2 Minute Video

11/3/16  6:30 AM    FBI Insider Leaks All: Clinton Foundation
                            Exposed! Involves Entire US
18 Minute Video

11/3/16  6:30 AM    FBI Insider Leaks All:
                            Clinton Foundation Exposed!
                            Involves Entire US Government!  

11/3/16  6:30 AM    Full Ben Fulford Report.   Ben Fulford

11/2/16  9:00 PM    Hillary Camp In "Full Panic Mode" As
                           Early Black Voter Turnout Plunges
                           In Key Swing States.      

11/2/16  6:00 PM   7 Economic Indicators Show We Are In A Recession
                                    And The Economic Crisis Is Upon Us is now.

X22 Report Recap & 37 Minute Video

11/2/16  12:30 PM    "Nobody Is Above The Law. Guaranteed.
                       Full Stop." -  Meltdown At The Justice
                       Department Exposes Obama's Lies.     Article

11/2/16  10:30 AM    SYSTEMIC CORRUPTION: DOJ’s
                        Peter Kadzik Exposed Colluding With
                        Clinton Campaign.    

11/2/16  7:30 AM     Note From Jim:

When one army pulls their line back it telegraphs that they are about to bombard their foe.  Yesterday the White House distanced themselves from the Clintons as evidenced by their electronic disconnect from the Clinton's social accounts.

What is interesting is that even FOX news hasn't mentioned this. FOX is still supporting the Clinton Mafia.

11/2/16  7:30 AM    Politics As Usual Is Dead.   Article

11/1/16  9:30 PM     Note From Jim:

Be vigilant. Is this a counter coup or is it Hillary being thrown under the bus to save congress and all the minions? The Clinton sex video tells me she may be a decoy/ scapegoat for the rest of 'em. Sex sells, but why show that disclosure after the explosive first one? It might be to focus all hate on the Clintons and not on their entire organization of crime. Only time will tell as this plays out.

11/1/16  7:00 PM    The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the
                            United States. 

Must See  Must See  4 Minute Video   Must See   Must See

11/1/16  5:00 PM   Breaking! 'Counter-Coup' To Stop Hillary
                             Announced By US Intel Agents!
6 Minute Video

11/1/16  2:30 PM    Hillary Clinton Gets Dumped.
                                          Must See 1 Minute Video

11/1/16  2:30 PM   Note from Jim:     Is the FBI taking down the
                                Clintons?  Stay tuned Folks.

11/1/16  2:30 PM     FBI Unexpectedly Releases Documents
                            Related To 2001 Probe Into Clinton

11/1/16  2:30 PM    Clinton Campaign Questions Release
                           Of FBI's Marc Rich Pardon Records.   

11/1/16  11:00 AM    Podesta To Mills: "We Are Going To
                           Have To Dump All Those Emails".

The email, which may indicate intent, was sent at the same time as the NYT story "Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules" -        Article

11/1/16  9:30 AM 


11/1/16  8:00 AM    Reuters Laying Off 2,000 To
                            "Streamline Business".    

11/1/16  8:00 AM     Huma's Lawyer Makes First Public
                             Statement, Blames Weiner.  

11/1/16  7:00 AM    Children of a Lesser God: Video

10/31/16  8:00 PM    John Podesta's Best Friend At The DOJ
                             Will Be In Charge Of The DOJ's Probe
                             Into Huma Abedin Emails.   

10/31/16  7:30 PM   Email Scandal About To Take A SICK
                            And TWISTED Turn. Must Watch
9 Minute Video

10/31/16  5:30 PM    Simon Parkes Report;
                             National Guard On Alert.   

10/31/16  5:30 PM   FBI Release 100 Clinton Investigation Pages:
                            “Quid Pro Quo”, “Shadow Government”,
                            and More…

Discusses how the Secretary of State’s Office runs a secondary U.S. government, separate and apart from the traditional political structure, actually called “the shadow government“”.     Must See Article

10/31/16  5:30 PM   Three Indicators Reveal That The
                            Economy Is About To Enter Crisis Mode.

X22 Report     Recap & 38 Minute Video

10/31/16  3:30 PM   Jim Stone Reveals Why the FBI
                            Reopened The Killary Email Case...
                            Hint...IT'S NOT  WHAT YOU'VE BEEN

10/31/16  2:30 PM   Brazile Exclaims "Please God, Let This End
                            Soon" As CNN Fires Her For "Uncomfortable
                            Interactions" With Clinton Campaign. 

Article & 8 Minute Video

10/31/16  7:30 AM   Jon Rappoport: "Breaking Hillary email
                             scandal: open rebellion at the FBI".

10/31/16  6:30 AM   Ben Fulford Blurb:   The message for the
                                                                    Khazarian mafia is trick or treat
                                                                   surrender or die.   Ben Fulford

10/31/16  6:30 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day. Push Button Defense

Our Fall-Back survival group just acquired a 12 station remote controlled defense system. I am not an electronics buff so bear with me in my description of the system and how it can be utilized in a suburban defensive system.

First the Description. It was crafted for us in the event of collapse chaos. It consists of two parts. First it has a hand held controller with 12 buttons (circuits). Then it has a receiver that can be up to 1,000 feet away (2,000 with a $20 antenna). The receiver is a plastic ammo can containing a small 12 volt battery (with charger), 12 speaker type punch terminals for each circuit, a circuit test probe, and an on/off safety switch. Cost: $400.

Not included: We had to add the twisted pair bell wire. We believe that each circuit can run about 50 feet away from the controller, but this could be more. Depending on your application, Also added are: 12 VDC tail light bulbs ($5), firecrackers, ($5) Christmas tree lights ($5), gunpowder ($25), latching relay ($30), solenoid ($5) and a 12 VDC sprinkler valve.

Actions Available: The solenoid can push or pull, as in pull a trigger, release a trip wire, lock a door, etc. A $5 motor can pull a wire. The Xmas light can light a firecracker (or bigger) by filling the broken light with the fuse and gunpowder. The sprinkler valve can release water from one bucket to another thus adding extra weight to a soon to be falling object. It can also pour gasoline on something that can then be ignited by a Xmas light.

The latching relay switch simply turns on another circuit, with the new circuit being 12 VDC, another VDC circuit such as 9 VDC or even a 110 A/C circuit. The relay could be used to activate a 1.5 VDC radio or turn on a 12 volt car headlight running off a separate car sized battery all night.

Practical Defense.

Sniper Pit: Dig a hole one foot deep and cover it with a piece of tin roofing. Paint it camouflage. Tilt the side facing the house up one foot, enough for a sniper to shoot from. Now build another one a distance away. When an intruder is near the house with the pits behind him surprise him.

Use a motor to rustle a bush. Light a flashlight in the hole. Shoot a gun. Or just take the easy way by turning on two GMRS radios with the volume up high. Then talk from the house radio ordering, “Ya'll don't shoot 'em 'til We shoot first.” They'll be gone!

Don't Be Bees: Place a bee hive at home entrances and turn them over.

10/30/16  9:30 PM    Hillary Could Be in Handcuffs in 72 Hours!
4 Minute Video

10/30/16  8:30 PM   Fifth? What fifth? We don't use a
                            Constitution around here!:
                            AG Lynch Takes The Fifth.
4 Minute Video

10/30/16  6:30 PM    Dear Jim:

There is no way Huma Abadine's computer had 650,000 emails. This has to be the Wikileaks dump.         Article          Michael C.

10/30/16  3:30 PM   650,000 Emails Found On Anthony
                            Weiner's Laptop: FBI Expects
                            "Weeks Of Work Ahead".    

10/30/16  3:30 PM   Doug Band To John Podesta:
                            "If This Story Gets Out, We Are Screwed".    

10/30/16  12:30 PM    Soon the world will discover HRC & Obama
                                      are at the center of the Syrian conflict,
                                      profited from the Clinton foundation,
                                      & ignored ISIS.           Article

10/30/16  12:30 PM     Trump Wins By Landslide -
                                Polls 100% Manufactured - Clif High

Article & 54 Minute Video

10/30/16  10:00 AM  A Clif High Direct Hit...
                    "Hillary Missing"... She Just Cancelled
                     Her Previously Published Upcoming
                     Events...Goes Into Hiding...   

10/30/16  8:30 AM    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Stock In Trade.

Step 1. Follow the Laptop Logic. When the news of the Anthony Weiner and the 10,000 emails first broke, my first assumption was he was broke and inherited an old computer from Huma, Hillary's assistant, therefore the story was believable. But wait a minute, as Hillary's No 1 assistant, surely she gets more than minimum wage right? So why risk a hand me down, especially after Huma signed an affidavit when she left the State Department stating all computers were turned over to the government?

Step 2. Add in Election Stealing Audio. Now we have the 2006 audio of Hillary discussing rigging the Palestine election. Wait a minute, isn't that Hillary's stock in trade? Didn't she get her PHD in Election Snatching when as a new attorney she worked on the Richard Nixon election fraud investigation? Didn't she get fired from that job for being too illegal?

Final Summation. I whole heatedly agree with the Anthony Weiner Sex Hoax video in that the story is a reuse to safely evacuate Hillary because the people know too much about her stock in trade for her to win. Stay tuned Folks!

10/30/16  8:00 AM   Anthony Weiner SEX Hoax?
                            Hillary Stunt To Rig Election? 2016 Strategy.

                                       Must See    16 Minute Video

10/29/16  9:30 PM    FBI INSIDER - Huma Abedin Seeking
                             Immunity Deal With FBI.

[Use Discernment]    2 Minute Video

10/29/16  6:00 PM    HILLARY WILL GO TO PRISON,
                              NOT THE OVAL OFFICE.

SGT Report    8 Minute Video

                              HILLARY AFTER FBI CASE REOPENED.

Wikileaks drops 33,000 emails to FBI prior to November 1st public disclosure promised October surprise deadline.     Article

10/29/16  9:30 AM    Jim Stone: The Media And FBI Are
                             Now Turning On Killery...DO NOT
                             FORGIVE THEM...They Are As Crooked
                             As A Dog's Hind Leg...    

10/29/16  7:30 AM   Interview With Gregory Mannarino
                                  "The Old Economic System Is Dead,
                                   A New System Is Already In The Works".
                              X22 Report    
                                         Correct EXCELLENT 35 Minute Video

                             TRYING TO CALM THE MILITARY DOWN
                             FROM TAKING OVER D.C. GOV.
[Use Discernment]    2 Minute Video

10/28/16  6:30 PM    Dear Jim,

Christmas Day and our long awaited October surprise has finally arrived!

Besides the FBI reopening the Clinton email server probe and Wiener Pay to Play Israel aide /Clinton Foundation bribe new damming audio has surfaced regarding Clinton's support of rigging elections in Palestine.  Cheers! Michael              Article

10/28/16  5:00 PM   Unprecedented Surge In Election Fraud
                            Incidents From Around The Country.

10/28/16  4:30 PM   Trump Hopes "Justice Will Finally
                            Be Done" As FBI Reopens Probe Into
                            Hillary Clinton Emails.   

10/28/16  4:30 PM    New Clinton Emails Emerged As Part
                             Of Probe Into Anthony Weiner's Electronic
                             Devices: NYT.    

10/28/16  7:00 AM     New Evidence Links Voting Machines
                              And Clinton Foundation.    

10/27/16  7:00 PM    Bundy brothers found not guilty of
                             conspiracy in Oregon militia standoff

10/27/16  6:00 PM   WARNING: A Pivotal Moment For The
                               Stock Market May Be Here. 
Gregory Mannarino     7 Minute Video

10/27/16  11:00 AM   "Recession Risk Is Rising" Fast,
                                Deutsche Bank Warns "Outlook
                                Remains Fragile".   

10/27/16  11:00 AM   “Washington Post now admits Zika
                                virus doesn’t cause brain deformities
                                after all”
.     Article

10/27/16  7:00 AM 


10/27/16  7:00 AM    Full Ben Fulford.    Ben Fulford

                            EVERY LIBERAL TO THEIR KNEES WITH
                            THIS EPIC RANT PROVING TRUMP WILL

MUST SEE  Correct  6 Minute Video

10/26/16  5:30 PM  Another Confirmation That The Economy
                           Is In A Recession And Collapsing Quickly.
X22 Report    Recap & 37 Minute Video

10/26/16  1:00 PM   Texas County Declares Emergency,
                             Orders Electronic Voting Machines
                             Removed Due to "Software Glitches."

 10/26/16  12:30 PM   Is Britain Destroying Its Military To                               Appease Enemies?

. . establishment in Whitehall think their own soldiers are "bad," and terrorists are "freedom fighters,"  “It is the first time in history that any government has turned on its own armed forces in such a way.”     Article

10/26/16  10:30 AM   Indiana Voter Database "Riddled With
                            Errors" Including 1,000s Of Dead Voters
                            And Duplicate Registrations.   

10/26/16  8:30 AM    Wikileaks Celebrates Hillary Clinton's
                             Birthday By Releasing Another 1,500
                             Podesta Emails; Total Is Now 33,042.

10/25/16  6:30 PM  Michael Moore: "Trump's Election Will Be
                           The Biggest Fuck You Ever Recorded In
                            Human History".      

10/25/16  6:00 PM    Welcome To The 7th Floor, The Shadow Government,
                                     A Government Inside A Government.

X22 Report    Recap & 38 Minute Video

10/25/16  5:00 PM   Does Trump Endorsement by Generals
                            Threaten Coup? Michael Rivero –
18 Minute Video

10/25/16  3:00 PM   Children of a Lesser God:  Video

10/25/16  1:30 PM   Dear Jim, Did Google Kill Julian Assange?

Julian's mentor has been found dead and now it looks like Julian has been killed too and that they are trying to cover it up until after the election - Doris Article

10/25/16  12:30 PM  The Smoking Gun: Cheryl Mills Tells
                             Podesta "We Need To Clean This Up -
                             Obama Has Emails From Her".   

10/25/16  8:30 AM    Interview With Rob Kirby "The Globalist Are
                             Most Likely Planning Something Diabolical
                             To Suspend The Elections".

"The globalist are the worst threat to humanity ever.

What we are likely to see in the next three weeks will be earth shaking, and earth moving and will likely alter the course of humanity in a very substantial way."      X22 Report    32 Minute Video

10/25/16  8:30 AM   Polls 1 - 0 Crowds: Despite Apparent 'Lead',
                            Democrats Face Empty Rallies In Florida.

10/25/16  8:00 AM  Note From Jim:

Either I am getting too old or our Dollar is indeed worthless. I never dreamed I would live long enough to see a twenty dollar hooker turn down ten grand!

10/25/16  8:00 AM   Monte Paschi [Bank] Plunges As Much As
                            39% On Debt-For-Equity Fears After Surging
                            In Past Week
.      Article

10/24/16  6:00 PM   A New Law Will Allow 1.6 Billion People
                                   Who Never Owned Gold, To Buy Gold.
                                       X22 Report   Recap & 37 Minute Video

10/24/16  5:30 PM    Optics of reported link between Clinton
                             ally, FBI.    
6 Minute Video

10/24/16  2:00 PM    "Don’t Repeat That To Anybody" -
                             Hillary Clinton And Donna Brazile
                             Implicated In Latest Project Veritas
ideo.       Article & Videos

10/24/16  11:00 AM   "Humanity is Free" - New Republic Update -
                                   Monday - 10/ 24/16

[Use Discernment.]      Article

                              EXPOSED — Bill Holter

SGT Interview 26 Minute Video

10/24/16  8:00 AM    China Joins Russia In Syria Air Raids…
                             (Buckle Up Folks…).  

10/24/16  8:00 AM  Note From Jim:

I screwed up the 160 jars of apples and need to recan them.
Postings may be spotty for several days.
P.S. I just got a reprieve on the canning until Wednesday.

10/24/16  7:30 AM   Ben Fulford Blurb:   Mass arrests and extrajudicial
                                                                         killings going on as part of cabal
                                                                         takedown.     Ben Fulford

10/23/16  1:30 PM  Wikileaks: Statement tomorrow about
                            Assange. He is safe and still in full
                            command despite reduced
                            communications with staff
.     Article

10/23/16  7:30 AM    "G.E.S.A.R.A." Republic Update -
                               October 22, 201

[Use Discernment.]    Article

10/22/16  6:00 PM    Dear Jim: Intel: "Macro Transition" - New
                              Republic Update - Saturday - October 22.

First of all I am not a Ryan fan because of his voting record to me he's a neocon. Nuf said. But something is going on

as I follow Trump, Lou Dobbs & conservative actor James Woods on Twitter & collectively as they pound out the tweets until late last night and today zero. Do they know something we don't yet?  Lana

10/22/16  6:00 PM    Dear Jim: Donald Trump lays out
                             historic plan for first 100 days in office...

End corruption, stop the crooks in Washington and unleash economic abundance for America:  Article

10/22/16  8:00 AM    They Are About to Pull a BIG Staged
                              Event And Blame It On Russia! UWN.
                           [It appears the U.S. is attacking itself.]
DAHB0077   80 Minute Video

10/22/16  7:30 AM  WW3 Has Begun, And It Is Digital:
                            “New World Hackers” Claim Cyber
                            Attack That Took Down Major Sites.

10/22/16  7:30 AM   Dear Jim: What's the good news?

I've been reading your updates and looking at everything that's going on and somehow I'm thinking that we're all going to hell in a handbasket. However, I have been taking it with a grain of salt but prudent in my "self-thinker" MOP.

Many blessing will flow. CASSY

Response: Hey Cassy. Call me crazy but I still think we are going through the most wonderful event mankind has ever experienced.   But it still is scary!

10/22/16  2:30 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Sneaking A Peek.

When I was 25 years old, around 1975, I was diagnosed with a genetic eye disease that was making my eyes bulge out of my head. A year after diagnosis I was having a regular check-up. The doctor told me it was the most adverse reaction to mini-skirts he had ever seen. Like a fool, I went home and told my wife. There I was, in the hay day of mini-skirts, and I couldn't sneak a peek for two years! Ghawd, I didn't think I would ever make it through that period.

Well, my big mouth did it to me again. Yesterday I told Betty of my decision to take a sabbatical from our Prepping project. She immediately starting shaking her finger and said I needed to do just what I told her I was going to do. Later I finally received some tent patching material in the mail. I told her I was going down to patch a canvas tent so I could be finished with that project.

That is when she did her hawk routine. You know the one, where her neck gets a few inches shorter and her head darts 10 degrees to the left then back to the right, all while she squints at me. Oh Ghawd, I don't think I am going to make it through this.

10/21/16  8:00 PM    Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 10.14.16                                                    26 Minute Video

10/21/16  6:00 PM   US Government Enters The Dark Cyber Realm,
                                   Begun the Cyber War It Has.

X22 Report     Recap & 36 Minute Video

10/21/16 5:30 PM    US Election Rigging Confirmed By
                            Court Cases. Michael Rivero - Oct 20, 2016
26 Minute Video

10/21/16 5:30 PM  Third Wave Of Internet Cyber Attacks
                           Lauched, Dyn Warns.  
4:45 PM 
                   [Mike Rivero says this takes down Wikileaks.]

10/21/16 3:30 PM  FLASHBACK - VIRTUAL 9-11: Will the US & Israel Hack
                             US Computers and Falsely Blame It On Iran or Syria or
                             Russia or China (or at least to stop us saying bad
                             things about Hillary)?

Comment by Michael Rivero:I am reposting this because of the massive DDOS attack against a company that provides DNS services.

DNS is the system that takes a domain name like and maps it to the physical IP of the server, such as (save this IP in case my domain stops responding).

There is nothing to be gained by attacking a DNS server other than maximizing confusion and generating headlines.

This could very well be a move by the US Government to frame Russia for a cyber-attack"

10/21/16 3:30 PM   The Pentagon is already on record
                           saying a cyber attack is an act of war!”       

10/21/16 3:00 PM   DDoS attack on Dyn DNS leaves
                            internet crippled.     

10/21/16 3:00 PM    US web host knocked offline in
                            curiously timed attack.     

10/21/16 2:30 PM  East Coast of US apparently hit
                       by massive DDoS attack affecting Paypal,
                       Google, Spotify, Twitter, Pinterest and
                       part of Yahoo.     
6 Minute Video

10/21/16 12:00 PM   Russia Wants To Monitor "Rigged"
                              US Presidential Elections.   

10/21/16 12:00 PM  Jim Stone Clears It Up:   


10/21/16 10:00 AM    Many sites including Twitter, Shopify
                               and Spotify suffering outage.    

10/21/16 9:30 AM    Note From Jim:

Yesterday I took a sabbatical from our survival retreat project. I am burned out.

From now on I am going to take my own advice for when your preparations are complete, “Just sit on the couch and eat pie.” I cannot tell you how free I feel at this moment. I am just going to go on out and play!

10/21/16 9:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Clif High vs William Mount.

Three posts over the past few days are from somewhat questionable sources. But if you overlay them you get a pattern. Let's take a look.

Clif High of the Web Bots project tells us that after the election there will be confusion as to who the president is. He suggests that during this time Hillary will be disappeared and suspected dead. He kind of indicates the confusion will not be like the Al Gore / hanging chads confusion, but more liken to one party is elected but another person is sworn in type confusion. He then says immediately after the election other countries will realize our leaders are insane and will distance themselves from us, in particular by spending all of their dollars as they will no longer hold faith in the U.S., thus causing a crash. He indicates prices for homes and cars will fall while prices for food and necessaries will triple.

William Mount tells us that the rest of the world has had enough of our wars and will no longer tolerate them. They fear that George Soros will rig the voting so that “a new Hitler” will arise. Therefore, a secret international meeting was held in Russia where it was decided that Russia and several other countries will monitor the elections for fraud. This will be accomplished by foreign diplomats who the U.S. has threatened to arrest if they poll monitor. Arresting a foreign diplomat is an Act of War. Mount goes on to say that if the vote is fraudulent Washington D.C. may be no more.

Mount also suggests after the elections major corporations will decide the U.S. is operating without law and down right criminally in nature. This will cause them to pull major contracts with U.S. businesses and place them elsewhere, thus crashing the remainder of our economy.

So there you have their recaps. Now let us add today's post about the Republic. In it we are told that Paul Ryan was sworn in as President, the elections will be stopped and rescheduled for January 8th. We are told that Trump never wanted to be president and agreed to run just to stir the pot and awaken the voters. Then there is the continuation of rumors that Trump will take over the News Media business . . .

10/21/16  9:00 AM   Trump Starting New TV Cable News Channel....

10/21/16  6:30 AM   INTEL "Released" - New Republic Update -
                              Thursday - October 20, 2016.

Paul Ryan sworn in as President.


10/21/16  6:30 AM   Dear Jim,

This is the traditional meeting of the two Presidential candidates at the NYC Arch Diocese  Memorial Dinner. It's an absolute must watch! Cheers!   Michael

                            2016 - THIS ONE SCARED ME.

Interesting   14 Minute Video


10/21/16  6:30 AM   Dear Jim,

This is the traditional meeting of the two Presidential candidates at the NYC Arch Diascees  Memorial Dinner. It's an absolute must watch! Cheers! Michael     


10/20/16  5:00 PM     The Entire Economy Is At A Tipping Point.
                                            X22 Report    Recap & 36 Minute Video

10/20/16  5:00 PM    Did You, Like Most...MISS THE
                             SUPERCLASSIFIED INFORMATION
                             HITLERY EXPOSED LAST NIGHT???

10/20/16  1:00 PM    'Smoking Gun' Email Confirms DNC
                              Involvement In Inciting Violence At
                              Trump Rallies.     Correct

10/20/16  3:30 PM   Wikileaks Releases First Batch Of
                            Emails Sent To And From President
                            Obama's Secret Email Address. 

10/20/16  3:30 PM    "America Has Lost" - Duterte Announces
                                "Separation" From United States,
                                Alligns With China; Seeks Alliance
                                With Putin.  

10/20/16  1:00 PM    Trump Brings "Large Scale Voter Fraud"
                               To Forefront As Media Bashes "Threat
                               To Democracy".    

10/20/16  12:30 PM   Dear Jim:

I think we're being set up for an election that Trump wins but is found to be "hacked by the Russians" and then declared Null and Void by President Obama.  We've seen so many baseless accusations of Russian hacking lately; couple this with the video you showed that polls showing Hillary is way ahead are rigged.

It seems possible that the elite know that Trump is ahead and will likely win.  I have also seen reports that the elite will not allow Trump to be President under any circumstance.  If all this is true, then it makes sense they would be telling us that Russia is hacking our system (with no evidence) and give us polls that show Hillary is way ahead as a kind of setup, so when the actual election happens and results are very different from the polls, many voters will be shocked & officials can claim "the election has been hacked by the Russians" and the Pres. can step forward and declare the election null and void.  Then I guess Obama stays in office temporarily, but lots of people will be pissed off across the country because they know the alleged hack is a lie; riots ensue and possible martial law as Simon Parkes has predicted (this).  That would be an ugly situation, but it looks possible based on what I see happening today with the many "Russia hacked it" allegations together with faked poll numbers. [of course the situation is even worse if the US were to "retaliate" against Russia for an alleged election hack]      Pete

10/20/16  6:30 AM    Bank Of England Admits QE 'Economic'
                             Benefits Are Temporary, More Effective
                             As Plunge-Protection For Markets.

10/19/16  7:00 PM   Clif High ALTA Report - Trump Wins
                             by a Huge Landslide! Debt Bubble Bursts..
18 Minute Video

10/19/16  4:30 PM    White House Denies Obama Is Friends
                             With Democratic Operative Who Met
                             President 47 Times And Admitted To
                             Voter Fraud.      Article

10/19/16  3:00 PM   Russia Is Deploying The Largest Naval
                              Force Since The Cold War For Syria:
                              NATO Diplomat.      

10/19/16  12:30 PM  Rubio: I Won't Talk About  WikiLeaks,
                              and Neither Should Donald Trump.


10/19/16  12:30 PM    Dear Jim:

This tells you all you need to know in order to understand the Polls the Mainstream Media is reporting and why they are so astoundingly different than reality! It seems everything about this election is rigged!!

Busted! Hillary's Fake +11 Poll Lead Just Exposed By Anonymous.      
Must See  4 Minute Video

10/19/16  12:00 PM    'They' Said Truman, Kennedy And
                             Reagan Couldn't Win. 'They' Said Brexit
                             Couldn't Win...'They' Say Trump Can't
                             Win..But Here's The Chaser..     

                              CLIFF — Steve St. Angelo

SGT Interview      41 Minute Video

10/19/16  6:00 AM   "Rigging Elections For 50 Years"                               Massive Voter Fraud Exposed By Project
                             Veritas Part 2.    

10/17/16  6:30 PM    Saudis, China Dump Treasuries;
                             Foreign Central Banks Liquidate A
                             Record $346 Billion In US Paper.

10/17/16  6:00 PM    Will The US Move From DEFCON 3 To 2
                                    After The US Cyber Attacks Russia?

X22 Report    Recap & 39 Minute Video

10/17/16  1:30 PM     Jim Stone Update: It's Been A
                               Good Morning...      
Great Article

10/17/16  1:30 PM     WikiLeaks Just DUMPED EVERYTHING –
                              This is HUGE – Historic Activity by
                              Wikileaks – Read and Share before it is
                               taken down!     

10/17/16  10:30 AM   Obama War With Russia To Stop Trump!
                              Wikileaks Revealed To Americans By
                              Trump! Disaster For Hillary!
15 Minute Video

10/17/16  9:30 AM  New FBI Docs Expose "Shadow
                           Government" Protected Hillary In
                           Email Investigation.    

10/17/16  7:00 PM   MUST WATCH: Rigging the Election –
                            Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC
                            Incite Violence at Trump Rallies. 
16 Minute Video

10/17/16  6:00 PM Jim's Rant For The Day.  Zero Based Budgeting.

Zero Based Budgeting is a radical method of turning around a business in financial trouble. Simply put, you take last years budgets, by department, and zero them out and make each department justify every dollar in the new budget. In fact, you even make each department justify its existence. This is radically different from everyone taking last years budget and increasing it by 10 percent just because. Trust me, the new method certainly takes a serious look at what an organization is doing.

I share this with you because of Benjamin Fulford's post today. As usual, on several occasions in the report he says, “Insiders inside the CIA (or FBI) tell us. . .“ Aren't these employees of the CIA and FBI working for organizations that we know are lying to us and have been to one degree or other, for years? I know that not all of them are bad apples, but . .

In fact, when you think of the CIA don't you automatically get a vision of liars, as that is their profession? Isn't the CIA in cahoots with the State Department for control of the global drug trade? So I ask you do you get comfort now from hearing “Insiders of the CIA say. . . ?”

I guess that what I am getting at is there must come a time when we as citizens get mad enough and take our country back from liars and thieves and stop allowing ourselves to be conned! We need to go to Zero Based Budgeting and determine what we need in a CIA or FBI that serves the people, and the people only. We need to do the same for out political leaders, that is zero base budget them to see if we truly need THEM specifically.

Whatever is about to happen to us, our freedom and our country is coming on fast. The question is are we going to sit on the couch because that is the politically correct thing to do or are we going to grow a set and be prepared to storm the Bastille when they do to us what they are moving to do? Will history write about our couch sitting when they refer to “Pussy-gate” or will the writing be about the final straw of the people being manipulated by the Elite?

Get your family safe and prepare to defend your sovereign liberty! I don't believe anyone is going to save us but us. Hopefully we will have some help, but in the meantime get your mind ready for the Bastille.

10/17/16  5:30 PM    Jim Stone Says The Assange Thing
                             Is Over...We Lost...Time For Lead...

10/17/16  5:30 PM    The Story Changes: The Pentagon Is
                              No Longer Sure Yemen Fired Missiles
                              At A US Ship.      

10/17/16  12:00 PM   Lawmakers Find "Quid Pro Quo"
                              Between FBI And State Over Altered
                              'Classified' Clinton Emails.    

10/17/16  12:00 PM  Paul Ryan Blasts FBI: "Mishandling
                             Bears All The Signs Of A Cover-Up".

10/17/16  12:00 PM    Win Or Lose, Raging Civil War Within
                               Republican Party Casts Doubts On
                               GOP's Future.   

10/17/16  10:00 AM    One Day BIDEN Declares CYBER WAR –
                             Next Day ASSANGE Is Cut Off From
                             The INTERNET.     

10/17/16  9:30 AM   The Clinton campaign events list has been
                             extended to Oct. 30, but no new
                             appearances by Hillary are listed.   

10/17/16  8:30 AM   Note From Jim:

Curious report. To paraphrase, “Don't sweat a nuclear war but do be vigilant for a high level nuclear EMP that will take ya back to the stone age. Be cool.”

10/17/16  7:30 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:   Hillary Clinton goes into hiding
                                                         as cabal takedown continues despite
                                                         empty threats of nuclear war.
                                                                       Ben Fulford

10/17/16  5:30 AM   THE TRUMP REVOLUTION

SGT Interview    26 Minute Video

10/17/16  5:00 AM  WIKILEAKS “Dead Man’s Switch”
                            Has Been Triggered!   

10/17/16  5:00 AM  ASSANGE EXTRADITION!!!
1 Minute Video

10/17/16  5:00 AM   Wikileaks Activates "Contingency Plans"
                             After Unknown "State Party" Cuts
                             Julian Assange's Internet Connection.

10/16/16  1:00 PM    EMERGENCY, The US and Russia
                                are Now in a State of War.  
                                     Alex Jones     
7 Minute Video

10/16/16  11:00 AM  Note From Jim:

I will be canning apples by myself for the next four days. The postings will be spaced out.

10/16/16  8:30 AM  CNN: "ILLEGAL for you to read
                            the Wikileaks/HRC emails." 
1 Minute Video

10/16/16  7:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Look To Your Families.

In case you haven't listened to the latest Bill Holter Interview, let me sum it up here. Keep in mind he is not the only one saying this. It is time that you seriously look to the protection of your family.

Each day we get more truth that the financial system is gone – it's over. Each day we get more truth about the crimes of the Elite against us. Hillary has lost the race. Trump is so far ahead that the votes cannot be rigged. All sounds good so far, doesn't it?

Well, here's the bad part that must be faced. Trump told Hillary that he will see to it that she is jailed. This also means jailing most of congress and many of out captains of industry along with Military leaders, all for treason if nothing else. We are looking at one giant Nuremberg Trial II.

The elite are now going all out to create a nuclear war. Russia has said that if they start a war it will end in the U.S.

Thursday while we were being titillated by Pussy-Gate we took one more Def-Com step towards war with the big powers, a nuclear War. Just look at the headlines from yesterday, October 15th. We are closer to war than we were during the Cuban Missile Crisis! Look to your families Folks.

10/15/16  7:00 PM    DEFCON Warning System – Update 10/13/16

[Note:  Not the official military Defcon, but  should be reflective of it.]          Article

10/15/16  4:30 PM    Gulf Of Tonkin 2.0? US Using
                             Unconfirmed Attack On Navy Ship
                             To Quietly Start War With Iran And
                             Russia.     Article

10/15/16  4:30 PM  Clinton Escalates Attacks Against
                             Russia's "Direct Assault On Our

10/15/16  4:30 PM  Russia Opens Fire On North Korean
                                  'Fishing Vessel' In Sea Of Japan;
                                  1 Dead, 9 Injured.       Article

10/15/16  11:00 AM   US Suffers Massive Defeat as Terrorists
                              Crushed in Northern Aleppo.   

10/15/16  11:00 AM  Obama Tells CIA To Prepare For
                              Cyber War With Russia.   

10/15/16  11:00 AM  Russia Slams "Unprecedented,
                              Insolent" US Cyber Threats,                             
                              Vows Retaliation.        Article

10/15/16  8:00 AM   Interview With Bill Holter "The Hour Is Late,
                                    If You Haven't Prepared For The Economic Crisis,
                                    Start Now".     X22 Report  
                                        Excellent 22 Minute Video

10/14/16  8:30 PM     BREAKING !!! Mult. GOVT INSIDERS
                              Leak - Hillary’s 33,000 DELETED EMAILS
                              To Be Leaked By FBI INSIDERS.  

                                      Must Hear   8 Minute Video

10/14/16  8:30 PM   WikiLeaks exposes Clinton emails
                             revealing link to Presiden. 
4 Minute Video

10/14/16  2:00 PM     DAHBOO77: Preparing for Power Grid
                              Collapse, Obama Signs Executive Order
                               On EMP, Space Weather Events.
7 Minute Video

10/14/16 12:00 PM     Deutsche Bank's Biggest Investor
                               Is Getting Worried As Government
                               Rules Out State Bailout.    

10/14/16 12:00 PM   The Republican Party Has Spent  $0
                     on TV Ads For Trump After Spending $42
                     Million For Romney In 2012.     Article

10/14/16 12:00 PM  The Day Has Arrived: As Of Today
                            Prime Money Markets Can Suspend
                            Withdrawals - Here Are The Implications.

10/14/16 10:30 AM  Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up
                             10.14.16: Wikileaks, Hillary and MSM
                              « SGT Report.       
26 Minute Video

10/14/16  7:30 AM    Note From Jim: Elwood's Progress Report.

Even at nine months old she is growing up so fast. It appears she has decided to skip learning how to walk and instead is focusing on staggering on her Prom date.

10/14/16  7:30 AM    Deutsche Bank To Fire Another
                     10,000 Bankers, Bringing Total Layoffs
                     To 20% Of Workforce.    

10/14/16  7:30 AM   SHOCKING WIKILEAKS - Does A
                     John Podesta Email Suggest Judge Scalia
                     Was Assassinated? "WETWORKS".
7 Minute Video

10/13/16  7:30 PM    Lou Dobbs Tags Trump Accuser As
                             Clinton Camp Operative, Complete With
                             Clinton Camp Phone Number.. : Jim Stone     

10/13/16  5:30 PM    America Is About To Change Forever.
                                        X22 Report    Recap & 37 Minute Video

10/13/16  5:00 PM  INSTANT JUSTICE: Trump “Sexual Assault”
                           Story Immediately Debunked With 3 Simple

10/13/16  5:00 PM  Dear Jim,

I have been visiting your blog for a few years now …thank you  for hosting and providing the forum for sanity . I thought you might like to  share this link from Dmitry Orlov on the ww3 hysteria that the banking syndicate has used as their extortion tool on humanity.                                                    

10/13/16  5:00 PM  FBI Revolt Within: Agents Are Pissed Off
                           at Comey for Not Charging Clinton - 10/13/16
4 Minute Video

10/13/16  12:30 PM   Obama To Decide Friday On Military
                              Action In Syria.  

10/13/16  12:30 PM    Warren Buffett Predicting Upcoming
                               Stock Market Crash?     

10/13/16  10:30 AM   US Joins Yemen Conflict With Cruise
                             Missile Strikes On Anti-Saudi Targets.   

10/13/16  9:00 AM  Royal Air Force Pilots Ordered To
                           Shoot Down "Hostile" Russian Jets
                           Over Syria.    

10/13/16  7:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day. “We Just Don”t Know It.

"Call me Ishmael.” That is the opening line in Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. No other author opened so casually and to the point in such few words. I think it would behoove me to begin my memoirs in the same manner; “Call me crazy.”, especially after today's rant.

Yesterday I posted an interview with Bill Holter. In it he expressed an idea I had never fully thought through. He said, “What if the financial collapse has already occurred but we don't know about it yet?”

He goes on the point out that the markets are now non-existent, in that no humans are trading most stocks but rather the trading is back and forth by two computers. The net result is that they are currently forcing most market values to not change. The reason for the frozen markets is to prevent margin calls or the payout of derivatives. When I heard him say it I realized this is what I believe has happened!

The crash has already occurred, especially in the case of Deutsche Bank (and maybe now in the case of Wells Fargo). Their stock prices are frozen. Fraud is again the order of the day to keep the appearance of a stable system until after our elections. Post election they will let it all go. This explains the current panic to start nuclear war anywhere on the planet to provide a scapegoat for the financial collapse. Of course I use the term “scapegoat” loosely as it is actually more of an elite get-away after a bank robbery. While we are dealing with a war they will have left the country with the booty.

Yes, that is the only thing that makes any sense now, it has already crashed and we just don't know about it yet.

10/13/16  6:00 AM   Pension Benefits In Tiny California Town
                             To Be Slashed As "Ponzi Scheme" Is
                             Exposed.    Correct

10/12/16  6:30 PM   Note from Jim:

                      Be aware that more and more of the big writers featured here
                      saying we are going into war. 
                      Couple that with the post below about the third debate.

10/12/16  6:30 PM    Will There Be a Third Debate?                          
David Hodges     4 Minute Video

10/12/16  6:00 PM  US Government War Plans Are In The Works,
                                  Next Event Around The Corner.

X22 Report   Recap & 34 Minute Video

10/12/16  5:00 PM   Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf To
                            Retire Effective Immediately. 

                                STOCK UP ON STORABLE FOOD NOW!

10/12/16  12:00 PM    Germany To Cut Off Welfare Benefits
                                For EU Citizens.    

10/12/16  10:00 AM   Frank Luntz - Debate Dials Thru
                              the Roof for Donald Trump.  
3 Minute Video

 10/12/16  10:00 AM   The Global Financial System Is                    
                               About To Shift.    

10/12/16   8:30 AM  Bill Holter — Between Now & Election
                            Extremely Dangerous.     
Greg Hunter 

                               EXCELLENT   26 Minute Video                               

 10/12/16   7:30 AM   Nuclear War Is On The Horizon:
                             "This Is Not Just Talk... Action
                              Has Been Taken".    

10/11/16   6:00 PM    Whispers: Hitlery To Disappear
                               For 20 Days Prior To Election...   

10/11/16   5:00 PM   Interview With Harley Schlanger "What
                                    We Are Looking At Is A Potential Domino
                                     Effect Meltdown Of The Entire System".
                                               X22 Interview    41 Minute Video

10/11/16   3:00 PM   Russian Government Officials Told
                             To Immediately Bring Back Children
                             Studying Abroad.     

10/11/16  12:00 PM    Top Paul Ryan Advisor Leaked
                             Trump Sex Talk Tape to WaPo.   

10/11/16  9:30 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Rushing A Bums Rush.

We keep asking, “What can little ole me do to change this?” in regards to the world mess the Cabal has us in. Even I keep asking myself this. I keep seeing the only course of real action is to get a gun and hop a bus to D. C. but then I snap out of it. But still I ask.

Well I finally came up with something not as drastic as a Greyhound ride. If we assume that Trump will win the election and live to be sworn in, he will need help. The help he will need is twofold: a mandate from the people to congress and ejection of all the politicians unwilling to change our course. That is a pretty tall order with just a month to go before the elections. How can we ever get organized to do it?

Well, in actuality it is easy to do – just Google it from the comfort of your own home! Go to your county Supervisor of elections website and download the sample ballot. Then go through the trouble of marking all incumbents for ALL offices. The next step is to make a conscious effort to determine if an incumbent should be retained. After that, make your best selections from the newbys, hopefully with those with the guts to admit they are awake.

By rushing through the process to give the professional politicians the bum's rush we will give our country a resounding mandate. This is quick, easy and does not require gun play. Hope you join me.

10/11/16  6:30 AM    Note From Jim:

Something may be about to happen. Review the two posts below regarding Obama being accused of war crimes.   If nothing else, this formally puts the Military on notice that a coup is immediately called for or else they are a party to the crimes. it is now or never for them.

I realize that this is not an indictment, but it is an opinion by a supposed independent source dominated by the West.  

10/11/16  6:30 AM   OBAMA Accused of WAR CRIMES
                             by UN Security Council. Congress &
                             Americans are QUIET!  
3 Minute Video

10/11/16  6:30 AM     U.S. Media Silent as U.N. Security      
                              Council Accuses Obama of War Crimes.

10/10/16  6:00 PM   The European Banking Crisis Is Much Worse
                                    Than The Central Bankers Let On.

X22 Report    Recap & 34 Minute Video

10/10/16  2:30 PM  Dear Jim,

I agree with you on everything you started regarding the Fulford report, I hope Neil Keenan is okay. My only caveat would be over the weekend we saw in unpresidented push to end Trump's campaign by the media. Last night the Clintons and  mainstream media learned that you don't bring  a knife to a gun fight. Trump successfully indicted Hillary Clinton in front of 80 million people  and he eviscerated the mainstream media  with an resounding  defeat of Hillary Clinton. Even Morning Joe uncharacteristically praised Trump's victory last night to my schagrin.
Trump more and more is looking like the real deal and not a NWO puppet. With all due respect to Mr Fulford I think our election will move forward, Americans have earned the right to choose their own path forward without the interruption of a dying and corrupt elite trying to foment chaos and anarchy. As far as the 911 revelations, Trump is the most qualified man to lead this charge, especially after his victory last night. Obama belongs behind bars and will not escape justice behind the veneer of a rit
cheous President exposing 911 war crimes. Truly exciting times! Michael

Response:   Thanks Michael, that is an amazing video you give us.

10/10/16  12:30 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day. My Take On Ben Fulford Today.

My initial thought is that we have learned nothing new from today's report. Let us just examine the part about the election being canceled.

If Obama cancels the election I believe we will then be in a revolution, period. If somebody drops out, it will be Hillary. If Trump is not in the race it will be because of assassination.

If the Military cancels the election, it had better be because Hillary is under arrest. Otherwise we will be in a revolution if the military does not show their cards by arrest of crooked leaders immediately. If this is not done the population will assume it is under control of the New World Order and ergo revolution.

All of the above has been on the table of possibilities all year. There is nothing new here. So the real issue is are we being lulled into not preparing for revolution, prepping for survival, or actively engaging in the election process to mandate congress to cease and desist in criminality, all while the NWO net is closed around us?  You decide.

10/10/16  12:30 PM     Goldman Tells Clients To Go To Cash
                              As "Growth Shocks" Are Coming.   

10/10/16  7:30 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:   US elections to be cancelled
                                                             and war crimes tribunals to be held
                                                             Pentagon and CIA sources say.
                                                                       Ben Fulford

10/9/16  6:00 AM   Deutsche Bank CEO Returns Home
                           Empty-Handed After Failing To Reach
                          'Deal' With DOJ: Bild.     

10/8/16  3:30 PM  A Real Life "House of Cards" - The Most
                            Striking WikiLeaks Revelations From
                            The "Podesta Files".    

10/8/16  3:30 PM Russia Deploys Nuclear-Capable Missiles
                         To Kaliningrad, Near Polish Border.  

10/8/16  12:30 PM   Dear Jim,

With Friday night's news, we have the charming sentiments of Donald Trump, and what he finds attractive in women.   I think we are  also getting a rare glimpse into the fact that rich and powerful people are actually taped, without their knowledge, and the recordings are archived for convenient use, years later.  In this case, it's Billy Bush doing the taping,  yes, of THAT Bush family.  Hmmmm.

Luckily we have the Wikileaks Podesta  tapes coming out at the same time Friday night,  and Hillary's respectful depiction of Americans to a Goldman Sachs audience as  "bucket of losers."   She  describes her difficult position (it must be so difficult!)  where she must have "public policies"  and then "private policies."    Gennifer Flowers is on the cover of DrudgeReport.    Yes, there she was again, letting us know about how Hillary, like Trump, also finds women attractive.    (We, as women, scored last night! All this wonderful attention!).

So what was really up Friday night they wanted us to ignore?
Were our biggest banks busy  laundering trillions?   Were we bombing a country in the Middle East or Africa?  

Perhaps all this mainstream news is  REALLY  to shush  up  the Wikileaks email from an astronaut to John Podesta.  The astronaut mentions the terrific Carol Rosin, who worked for Werner Von Braun.   The astronaut says  the ET intelligence is bringing us zero-point energy,  but the ETs won't tolerate military violence on earth or in space.   NOW THAT is very good news. :)  Meg

Response: Yep, this circus has everything except a lion in the center ring. Hope ya have a fun weekend.

10/8/16  9:00 AM  Interview With Andrew Hoffman "Deutsche Bank
                                Is On The Verge Of Collapse".

X22 Interview  26 Minute Video

10/8/16  6:00 AM  HILLARY WILL BRING US WW3 — Harley Schlanger.

SGT Interview  42 Minute Video

10/7/16 6:30 PM   Pentagon Begins Low-Intensity, Stealth War in Syria.

Comment by Michael Rivero:Recall that story from the other day where the US is painting their planes to match the Russian colors? The US is going to bomb Syrian infrastructure and frame Russia for it.”      Article

                           PROPAGANDA EXPOSED.
SGT Report     6 Minute Video

10/7/16  9:30 AM   Washington backs down over Syria
                           following Russian threat to shoot down
                           US aircraft.

10/7/16  7:30 AM   Greg Hunter – Weekly Wrap-Up 10/7/16.
                                                     23 Minute Video

10/6/16  6:00 PM    Gold Cartel Freaking Out, Deutsche
                             Bank Collapse Ahead | Andy Hoffman.
17 Minute Video

10/6/16  12:00 PM   Dear Jim,

I am an avid reader of your site. This is my opinion on why Wells Fargo is being singled out and attacked when all the other banks are just as corrupt.

1.  The Chinese are the majority stockholders in WF.

2.  WF is the main bank involved in the exchange of currencies when the GCR is released.  The cabal is trying to stop/delay this. Warm Regards, Jacqui T.

10/6/16  12:00 PM    Russia Warns US Any Strikes On Syrian
                           Army Would Lead To War: "Our S-300,
                           S-400 Defenses Are Up And Running".

10/6/16  12:00 PM  21 Iraqi Pro-Govt Fighters Killed in
                            Apparent US Coalition Airstrike.    Article

10/6/16  12:00 PM  Deutsche Bank Dumped On Heavy
                           Volume As German Government Denies
                           Talks With US DOJ.    

10/6/16  9:30 AM   Dear Jim:

Jim Willie corroborates that someone [OWoN team ?] is trying to keep DB propped up for their own agenda.  He also mentions the various high level groups he thinks are fighting the cabal. Jeff
                       Part 1            Part 2

10/5/16  10:30 PM   Was The 'Kill Switch' Activated? -
                            Assange Might Have Just Exposed
                            Bigger Conspiracy Than Any Klinton

                           FROM CITY BUSINESS FOR A YEAR.

10/5/16  6:00 PM    Central Banks Want The Rules Changed
                           To Save The Banks & Control More Of The

X22 Report    Recap & 37 Minute Video

10/5/16  3:00 PM   Israeli Navy takes control of
                             Zaytouna-Oliva flotilla.

[This is an Act of Piracy. This all woman crew was taking relief supplies to children.]    Article

10/5/16  12:30 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Cheap Western Death.

So here's the score of the Collapse to date. What we are seeing is a cheap Western death, you remember, the ones where it takes the bad guy five minutes to die. He leans on the wall, the gun goes loose in his hand, he staggers a few steps, the gun drops, he falls to his knees, then rolls over. Just when you think he is dead he gets up and goes into the saloon for one last drink, then back out to the dirt street to finally succumb.

That is what is happening to Deutsche Bank. Here's why. When a normal company goes bankrupt it is because their bank finally pulls the plug on them. The company is bouncing more and more bad checks to the point that the bank itself is at risk of taking a loss when the company finally goes down. So the bank closes all of the customers bank accounts. But in the case of Deutsche Bank, it's banks are insolvent like them and they are interconnected, so when Deutsche goes so might they. Everybody is frozen now in fear. But recall what one Economist said last week, that for Germany to bail them out, there would have to be nineteen Germanies! So expect a death rather than a bailout.

Here is the problem for the Cabal. I think they pulled the plug on Deutsche Bank and expected them to die over the weekend but they didn't. Now the Cabal is desperate for any kind of a death so they will be able to blame the financial collapse on that scapegoat. That is why they are meeting today in New York to agree to complete the invasion of Syria and entice Russia in all out war this week. The economy is crashing and they can't wait for Deutsche to have that last drink. Stay alert and prepared.

10/5/16 11:00 AM   Brexit Mastermind Farage Resumes
                            Leadership Of UKIP As Replacement
                            Quits After 18 Days.    

 10/5/16 11:00 AM   Dear Jim,

Good to see that the price of Au & Ag is holding up in the East for this PM beatdown – I think its the first aggressive slam event since the SGE has been in operation.

Hopefully this arbitrage opportunity encourages entities to go long PM’s and take delivery from the CRIMEX (draining inventory) and sell on the SGE. Paul

10/5/16 9:00 AM   Catherine Austin Fitts - Chances of
                          Slow Burn Continuing Radically Diminished.
By Greg Hunter   

[She has been the last holdout that said it would be a “slow Burn collapse”.]     
            EXCELLENT   44 Minute Video

10/5/16 9:00 AM  Under U.S. Proxy Attack Russia Readies
                          For Full War In Syria.      Article

10/5/16 9:00 AM   US-led air raid kills 20 Iraqi
                          pro-government fighters.      Article

10/5/16  8:30 AM     The Bond Market Is Flashing Red,
                            Something Is About To Happen.
X22 Report     15 Minute Video

10/5/16  8:30 AM   Gold & Silver Slammed At Comex Open:
                           Something Bad Is Coming.     Article

10/5/16  8:00 AM   Russia Delivers Anti-Aircraft Missiles
                          To Syria As US Mulls Airstrikes Against

10/5/16  8:00 AM    Neil Keenan Update:   On Our Way Home.    Temp Page

                              — Andy Hoffman
SGT Interview    28 Minute Video

10/4/16  9:00 PM   Options Market Predicts Deutsche Bank
                          Stock Will CRASH! Bank Holiday and Capital
Gregory Mannarino
                                             9 Minute Video

10/4/16  6:00 PM   US Government Is Now Ready To Take
                                 Everything To The Next Level.

X22 Report      Recap & 39 Minute Video

10/4/16  5:00 PM  Deutsche Bank is fighting back.

[The jury is still out on Deutsche Bank. Their collapse is still in play.]       Article

10/4/16  3:30 PM    US Considering Air Strikes On Assad
                           Regime After Top General Warns It Could
                           Lead To War With Russia.    

10/4/16  10:30 AM   Interview With Alice Friedemann "When The
                                   Trucks Stop The Store Shelves Will Go Bare".
                                     X22 Interview    26 Minute Video

10/4/16  9:00 AM    WOW - Wikileaks Julian Assange Just
                            Chickened Out!

[A powerful chess game is being played in which
timing is everything. Is it possible that Assange
felt the announcement should be postponed because . . . ?]

10/4/16  8:00 AM   Spain Is Without A National Government
                           (And Spaniards Are Digging It)  

10/4/16  7:00 AM   We Are Witnessing The Economic Collapse
                           In Realtime.   
X22 Report 15 Minute Video

10/4/16  7:00 AM    Deutsche Bank Stock Reopening
                           Bounce Fades As CDS Hit Record Highs.

10/4/16  7:00 AM  Children Of A Lesser God.   Video

10/3/16  6:30 PM    US Government Uses Propaganda To Suspend
                                  Diplomatic Relations With Russia To Push War.
                                            X22 Report    Recap & 38 Minute Video

10/3/16  3:00 PM   US Suspends Diplomatic Relations With
                            Russia On Syria. 

10/3/16  1:00 PM    October Surprise Coming-Gerald Celente.
Greg Hunter Article & 27 Minute Video

10/3/16  1:00 PM    All TD Bank Cards Declined, Help Number Busy.
                              [The biggest banks in Germany and Canada are offline]
2 Minute Video

10/3/16  11:30 AM  40 Million Russians Going To Bunkers
                           During October 4th To October 7th Drills.  

10/3/16  11:30 AM  Pentagon Paid for Fake ‘Al Qaeda’ Videos.

10/3/16  11:30 AM  Wells Fargo 2.0: Massachussetts Charges
                            Morgan Stanley With Dishonest Conduct
                            To Cross-Sell Product.    Article

10/3/16  11:30 AM    WSJ Reports "No Settlement Deal"
                           Between Deutsche, DOJ As German Econ
                           Minister Slams Deutsche Bank.     Article

10/3/16  7:30 AM   Ben Fulford Blurb:   Document dump shows Federal
                                                          Reserve Board based on outright fraud.
                                                               Must Read   Ben Fulford

 10/3/16  6:00 AM   Note from Jim:

Remember that today is a planned banking holiday in Germany, so we will not know Deutsche Bank's status until at least Tuesday. But with that having been said, they are showing all the signs of going down at this early date. They were attacked by Italy for fraud fines, they were raided Friday by hedge funds withdrawing their cars, they are being taunted as half dead, with all of this being done over a three day weekend. Now we hear that perhaps a deal has been cut to save them, but that rumor appears to have been caused by the firms withdrawing their cash at the same time. Then the final news is that yesterday they are having computer problems and clients can't get at their money. Stay tuned Folks.

                            UNABLE TO ACCESS FUNDS, BANK RUN.
1 Minute Video

10/3/16  5:30 AM   Coincidence? TD Bank branches are located
                           along the expected path of Hurricane Matthew
                           (from Florida to New England).   

10/3/16  5:30 AM    What's Up This Time? All TD Bank
                           Cards Declined, Help Number Busy

DAHBOO777     17 Minute Video

10/2/16  4:30 PM    Some Deutsche Bank Clients Unable To
                            Access Cash Due To "IT Outage". 

10/2/16  2:00 PM   Wikileaks Cancels Highly Anticipated
                             Tuesday Announcement Due To
                             "Security Concerns".  

10/2/16  11:00 AM  About That Deutsche "Settlement" Rumor:
                          Cryan Hasn't Even Started Negotiations
                          With The DOJ.       

                         DANGEROUS PERIOD IN HISTORY IS TODAY.

[Deutsche bank is going down and will not be bailed out.

The U.S. may be able to stall off their fall for the election.

It is dangerous now because of lack of rule of law.

Our election is about our return to rule of law.

75% probability of a U.S. election postponement.

Be prepared.]

                              SGT Interview    42 Minute Video

10/2/16  7:30 AM  Deutsche Bank Charged By Italy For
                            Market Manipulation, Creating False

10/1/16  10:30 PM   Gold And Silver – Qrtly, Monthly Charts.
                           Last Weekly Commentary.   Article

10/1/16  4:00 PM  Deutsche Bank: Global Margin Calls Begin.
                             [I have not seen this video] 
36 Minute Video

10/1/16  2:00 PM    Note From Jim:

I am just getting in and checking the news. I appreciate the Dear Jim's today. I am behind.

I just spent three glorious hours with an Indigo I have been waiting sixteen years to “meet” and serve. Wow! He is an amazing person. I recognized it in him when he was two years old. Many believe that Indigos were children born to assist us through the changes we are undergoing now.

10/1/16  2:00 PM  Dear Jim,

Interesting that the day yuan enters IMF basket of currencies, & to my knowledge has not excluded at least to the public their gold holding, that Russia now heads UN Security Council. In addition all the fret over US giving up control of internet to UN. It's actually 4 countries & Russia is one. It seems to me that it was the US controlling the news & internet up to now so let's see if we now get disclosure. I also heard, there is a mystery currency in 1st basket. Could it be Russian ruble? But I am a cup half full kind of gal..ha! Let's see... Lana

10/1/16  1:30 PM    Dear Jim:

Simon Parkes has recently begun putting links to urgent news bites on the front page of his website in text or video.  Older messages are removed and some of the video shorts have been moved to his YouTube channel.

Today's news bite:  "External organization pledges in excess of $ 5 billion to shore up Deutsche Bank.  Otherwise it's finished, Monday is bank holiday in Germany the perfect time to close a bank !"

This is the first I have read that the $5 billion was coming from an EXTERNAL source.  [OWoN has mentioned that their team was trying to prevent total collapse.]

Parkes is way out there but unlike Fulford he is to the point and corroborates sources so he does not spread much fluff, if any.  His hit rate for predictions has been very high.  He puts short news bites at the openings of his bimonthly talk shows so you can easily avoid the spiritual-galactic stuff that is the main subject matter.

He first saying the collapse would be in Oct 2016 maybe 1-2 years ago. We shall soon find out. Jeff

10/116  1:30 PM   Dear Jim:

 To me, this is another sign of cabal defeat. Lana

The U.N. Security Council is now chaired by Russia.   Article

9/3116  9:30 AM    Interview With Martin Armstrong "The Next Great                                    Depression Is Going To Be A Collapse Of Bonds
                                   And Governments.    X22 Report   38 Minute Video

10/3116  7:30 AM   OCTOBER SURPRISE! Donald Trump
                            Says Economic Meltdown To Happen
                            Before The Election! 
                                 Must Hear Article & 26 Minute Video

10/3116  7:30 AM   Meet The Young Virginia Democrat
                            That Registered 19 Dead People To
                            Vote In Virginia.    

10/3116  7:30 AM   "FBI Collapsing In On itself" Israel
                           Bribed Hillary! Government In CRISIS!
5 Minute Video

10/3116  7:30 AM  FBI Used Agents As Pawns To
                           Insulate Hillary, Aides & Clinton
                           Foundation From Prosecutions. 

9/30/16  7:30 PM   Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 9.30.16
33 Minute Video

9/30/16   6:00 PM    Deutsche Bank Systematic Breakdown Might
                                   Start A Chain Reaction Collapse.

X22 Report    Recap & 35 Minute Video

9/30/16   2:30 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day. Deutsche Bank Going Dutch?

There are rumors that the U.S. Justice Department has forgiven some of it's fine and now the world banking system is saved forever. Don't believe it for a minute.

The reason banks fail on Fridays is because the big powers can use the weekend to take advantage of the system failure. They will jockey for position, fabricate a lie to tell the people, or be first in line to get paid with the remaining funds.

Deutsche Bank and the other Central Banks are in trouble because they have been insolvent for over ten years now. The governments have been lying for them. They are still around because we have not caught on to the con yet. This week the world has warned us that they are all conning the people. Has enough confidence been destroyed by that announcement? Will other banks continue to lend them billions in Overnight Repos hoping to get it back at sunrise? We won't know these answers until next week. In the meantime, I suggest you continue to prep.

9/30/16  2:00 PM     The Terrifying $2 Quadrillion Monster
                            Is Now Totally Out Of Control.

(King World News) Egon von Greyerz: The central banks are leading the world into a black hole and have no idea what a disaster they have created. What initially seemed like a nice money spinner for the private bankers in 1913 when the Fed was created, has resulted in a $2 quadrillion (at least) monster that is now totally out of control…“        Article

9/30/16  7:00 AM    Note From Jim:

Postings will be sparse today. I am finishing my canning this morning and finalizing preps this afternoon. If you are new to the website, review and print these short Prepping in a Nutshell notes.    Link

9/30/16  7:00 AM  Largest Dutch Bank To Fire Thousands. Article

9/30/16  7:00 AM  Global Stocks Slide As Deutsche Bank
                          Fears Rise: Flight To Safety Boosts
                          Bonds, Bullion.       

9/30/16  7:00 AM  Deutsche Bank CEO Writes Memo To
                          Employees, Blames "Speculators",
                          Confirms Liquidity Flight.       

9/29/16  6:00 PM    Insider “Deutsche Bank COLLAPSE
                           Tomorrow – Friday 9-30-2016” –
                            Will Wipe out banking system worldwide.

[Use Discernment] Article

9/29/16  2:30 PM   Note From Jim:

I will slow down on my postings because everything else pales in comparison to the Bix Weir post below. His analysis is dead balls on accurate (an industry term). Be prepared Folks.

9/29/16  2:00 PM    Final Collapse Is Happening Now.  Bix Weir

"It's going to be really ugly by next week.”

                            Must Hear  24 Minute Video  Must Hear    
                                                     Must Hear




                            THE VIDEO OF HER SIGNALLING TO
                            LESTER HOLT DURING DEBATE OFF
                            OF YOUTUBE.   Videos

9/29/16  12:30 PM    U.S. Officials Calling for War With Russia in Syria,
                                    WSJ Admits Obama Admin Still Arming Terrorists.

9/29/16  12:30 PM   The Run Begins: Deutsche Bank
                             Hedge Fund Clients Withdraw Excess Cash.

9/29/16  12:30 PM  Stocks Are Crashing - Led By Banks.   Article

9/29/16  12:30 PM  US To Suspend Syria Diplomacy With
                            Russia, Prepares "Military Options".     Article

9/29/16  12:00 PM  Dear Jim

Deutsche Bank in a sudden Lehman-like gap down?

Haven’t really seen the floor drop out of DB mid-day like this before.     Chart

Has it begun?  With S&P downgrade of DB to junk soon?

US fiscal year expires Friday midnight, with no 2017 budget yet?

Bix Weir is awfully confident.

Hump Day with Bix & "V"   49 Minute Video   

       Final Collapse Is Happening Now.   
Must Hear  24 Minute Video

9/29/16  9:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Nuclear War Survivability.

Note: I was asked to watch and review a 1990, James Earl Jones movie about a fail-safe nuclear war happening. This communication occurred on a Prepper website. 

Ready:    I just finished By Dawn's Early Light. It was most frightening.  You asked for a movie review.  It's late and was a scary movie, a real life Dr. Strangelove.  So in place of a review please allow me to share some thoughts that I had as watching it.  Instead of the usual movie review of, “You'll laugh, you'll cry, you will kiss ten bucks goodby.”, let me give my opinion on the jest of the story. I know it has turned out to be verbose and you have limited website space, so I will share with you now and come back in a week and delete of of these related postings. 

But first the disclaimer.  I was considered too ugly for the Vietnam draft so I have no military experience.  I have been a most avid reader since early childhood and have only done serious reading, thus my only contact with horror has been through books.

When I was 14, which was three years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, I read tow books about the same time as each other.  The first was  Hiroshima, by John Hershey, a journal, more or less of six survivors of the atom bomb dropped there in 1945.  I thought nothing could be more horrible that what was relayed in that book, but I was wrong as I will share later.

Two memories have haunted me from the book.  First was a Japanese woman who heard a slight knock on her door the evening of the blast.  She was confronted with a strange unknown animal upright that had a face with no features.  She then realized it was a human with eyes , and nose melted away and the mouth, for the most part melted mostly closed.  The human asked only for a drink of water., received it and disappeared.

The other memory was of a priest that realized all the injured laying along a river bank for relief would soon die as the river was rising.  He and another began lifting one person at a time and moving them to safety.  He lifted one man by his ankles and all the meat pulled away from his legs.  The priest threw up from the pain he had inflicted.

The more horrible thought about Hiroshima is that a few years ago I discovered proof that the Japanese government and Emperor had been trying to surrender for two weeks prior.  The decision was to demonstrate the bomb to scare the rest of the world.  That is scary!

Then I read a government published Civil Defense Handbook for Nuclear Attack. I read it from cover to cover.  It detailed making a fallout shelter in a basement. It said to stay there until the all clear and help arrived.  I was impressed.  But then I read the Appendix exhibits.  One was a math workout on the half life of the radiation.  From the calculations you could not consume food or water from the area for about 500 years!  Then I began to question where the help would come from under these conditions. All of this negated the entire book! I now understand that our government tried to soft sell the idea that nuclear war was survivable so the citizenry would not rise up in protest of more nuclear weapons in our arsenal.   All of the above is the horror of nuclear war.
So in spite of seeing the horribleness of the movie I also saw the following good news.  I believe that we are all connected in a way that most humans are not aware.  We are learning how to be humans; how to create a better life, and we are in some way sharing all that we are learning.  Because of the connectedness, warfare is as insane as using our right hand to hit our left hand with a hammer!

We, as a species, are going through an awakening process to discover who we really are and capable of becoming.  We are recreating ourselves.  This is occurring to us not only on an intellectual level but also on a biological level.   We are evolving.   I believe as other writers are say, “That we are on the cusp of a global revolution.”  That is what we are up to at this time.

I invite you to just review this 18 minute video I posted on my website just yesterday to see just a sliver of what you and I may be seeing in Dawn's Early Light.
Video:    The Myth of Authority.

                            HARDCORE 9/11 FALSE FLAG TRUTH
                            FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO HEAR.
11 Minute Video

9/29/16   7:30  AM   Hillary Rigged Debate – Secretly signaled Lester Holt.
                                                        7 Minute Video

9/29/16   7:30  AM   Full Ben Fulford.     Ben Fulford

9/28/16  6:00 PM  The Senate Rejects The President's Veto,
                          The Stage Has Been Set.

X22 Report    Recap & 37 Minute Video

9/28/16  5:30 PM  John Kerry Gives Russia An Ultimatum:
                          Stop Bombing Aleppo Or All Cooperation

9/28/16  5:00 PM  Senate approves deal to keep govt open,
                          give 1.1 Billion to “Combat Zika” Zero
                          Money for Flint Water Crisis.  
4 Minute Video

9/28/16  4:00 PM    Breaking: Jim Jordan Gets FBI Director
                           To Confirm Cover Up of Evidence Tampering. 
6 Minute Video

9/28/16  2:30 PM   Medical Expert Watching Debate Exposes
                           ANOTHER Telltale Sign Hillary Likely Has
                           PARKINSON’S DISEASE.   Article

9/28/16  2:30 PM  California Sanctions Wells Fargo -
                          Suspends  Up To $2 Trillion Banking
                          Relationship For Next 12 Months.  

9/28/16  2:30 PM  Deutsche Denial Tsunami Begins:
                          Draghi "Not ECB Fault", IMF "Solid Base".

9/28/16  12:30 PM   "Russian Roulette" - Credit Suisse CEO
                             Admits "EU Banks Not Really Investable".

9/28/16  12:30 PM    Obama Humiliated: Senate Overrides
                             President's Veto Of "Sept 11" Bill In
                             Crushing 97-1 Vote.   

9/28/16  12:30 PM  US-led international coalition strikes
                            destroy two bridges in Deir Ezzor, Syria.

Comment by Michael Rivero:Given the sparcity of bridges in the area, the bombings are clearly intended to limit the Syrian Army's push into ISIS' last stronghold. Instead of a wide front across multiple bridges, the Syrian forces will have to concentrate their traffic across one or two, making them easy targets. Think Battle of Sterling (the real one, not the movie version) or Horatius at the Bridge and you get the idea.”       Article

9/28/16  6:30 AM    Futures Fail To Rebound As Deutsche
                           Bank Tries To Comfort Markets That It
                           Is "Fine".    

9/2816 6:30 AM   Germany Working On Deutsche Bank
                           Rescue Plan As Lender Sell Unit To
                           Shore Up Liquidity.   

9/28/16  6:30 AM   Real Reason Germans Were Told To
                          Prepare for "NATIONAL CRISIS" -
                          Deutsche Bank Going Under!
                                         7 Minute Video

9/27/16  6:30 PM  US Bonds, Stocks Rally As Most Systemically
                          Dangerous Bank In The World Collapses.

9/26/16  6:00 PM   Early Presidential Votes Are IN from
                          FLORIDA, And the Results are STUNNING.

[43 (Trump) to 37 Percent]     Article

9/26/16  5:30 PM   Dilbert creator Scott Adams:
                         "Clinton won the debate last night.
                           And while she was doing it,
                           Trump won the election."

9/26/16  5:30 PM    Germany Told Their People To Prepare,
                            Was This For The Economic Collapse?

                              X22 Report Recap & 36 Minute Video

9/26/16  4:00 PM  Hillary’s Lawyers Rigged Debates,
                          Working out “Debate Deal” that no
                          “Cross-Examination Questions”
                          for Hillary.    Article

9/26/16  3:30 PM    Majority of snap polls show Trump won
                           debate by a landslide despite CNN's
                           overwhelming victory for Hillary in
                           biggest official survey.     

9/26/16  3:30 PM   Polls, Polls, Polls – OK, Who Won
                          the Debate?…  

9/26/16  3:30 PM   This Video Catches Hillary Faking “Good Health”
                                 Ahead Of The Epic Trump Debate.   4 Minute Video

9/26/16  1:30 PM   US strikes Deir Ezzor for the 2nd time this month.

Comment by Michael Rivero: “'Whoops! Our mistake ... again!" -- Official White Horse Souse”

                           (and many others) SAY TRUMP WON

[82 to 17 percent]  Article

9/26/16  1:00 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Un-puzzling Puzzle Pieces.

These are the new puzzle pieces we have after the debate.

Hillary is not incarcerated. She may have been arrested but is now out on bail.

Hillary is not dead and if extremely ill, can be transfused and medically trumped up to run for ninety minutes. It would be most interesting to see her back on the campaign trail this week, but I doubt we see that.

Hillary is still in the race for the long haul.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch the Pentagon is openly talking about arming the Syrian rebels with equipment to shoot down Russian aircraft. So we continue to race to WWIII, nuke style. In the backdrop of this, Germany again says no bailout for Deutsche Bank and Germany's number 2 bank, 3, 4, 5 . . . and so on. This indicates a massive bail-in. The problem with that is if Germany bails-in several at once then the horse race is on world wide. Every country will strive to not be the first to be shut out by withdrawing customers. Talk about a real bank run, the banks will be running to get your money! These are the races to watch, not the presidential race.

9/27/16  1:00 PM   Dear Jim:

My take: T's focus was to move the independents and leaners at least away from Hillary if not towards him.  Period.  According to luntz,  the Charlotte observer and others he succeeded. 

Verbal jousting for this result is less familiar territory to him and his lack of practice showed.  However, luntz also proved that when he railed against the status quo his numbers went up even more.

He got in several memorable lines: her experience is bad experience, she's had 30 years and now she's thinking about solutions, her email decision was intentional, disgraceful, and her aids now have immunity.

Those lines will be repeated and they  make sense to those hearing him for perhaps the first time.  And he did not seem weird when he delivered them so leaners and Dems will consider them more seriously.

The opposition threw all their ammo I can think of at him including media collusion. That and her inappropriate smiling smugness and practiced answers were  not lost on the undecideds.  Neither was her statement that she would raise taxes to create jobs.  Unbelievable.

None of the bullets they used against him this time will work next time.  And he has baskets if ammo to use against them next time. 

Besides, what he left unsaid has already made headlines, rather like comey's "un-prosecutable" indictment.  His surrogates will be sure his "missed ops" will dominate the headlines for the next several news cycles with full explanations...

I think we'll better understand next time how he pulled out their stingers and played the media this time... C

9/27/16  12:00 PM     Dear Jim:

you know, a lot of people are saying Trump missed opportunity after opportunity.  Not bringing up Benghazi, Clinton's private email server.

He didn't bring it up because today – everybody is talking about those issues he didn't bring up. pretty smart if you ask me. Jack

9/27/16  12:00 PM  Dear Jim:

I disagree with Paul that Trump is controlled opposition.  I think that the editorial by Jon Rappoport below says it better than I ever could.    OX!  Calhoun

Winner of last night’s debate was Lester Holt.

9/27/16  12:00 PM    MASS PANIC as Biggest Ever Bail-In
                             to Occur in Germany’s Deutsche Bank!
Gregory Mannarino     6 Minute Video

9/27/16  11:00 AM   Dear Jim,

After last night my concern is that Trump is merely controlled opposition.

There were a few choice opportunities for Trump to bring up the fraudulent Clinton Foundation and he did not. To me this along with lying to Congress about the emails, coupled with Comey’s statements are what Clinton should have been hit hard with but wasn’t.

Giving her a pass on these relegated Trump to a paper tiger.  I think the vote has already been determined, and Trump has put up the amount of fight “they" wanted him to.

Game over before it hardly begins. Paul S.

9/27/16  10:00 AM    Majority of snap polls show Trump won debate
                                    by a landslide despite CNN's overwhelming
                                    victory for Hillary.      Article

9/27/16  10:00 AM   Deutsche Bank Is Going Under:
                                  Is This The Real Reason Germans Were Told
                                 To Prepare For A National Crisis?     Article

9/27/16  10:00 AM   NBC's Lester Holt emerges from debate
                            bruised and partisan.

Comment by Michael Rivero: “Issues Holt hammered: Trump's taxes, birther, Trump's sexism, and whether Trump supported the Iraq war.

Issues Holt ignored: Hillary's email server, Benghazi, $6 trillion spent on war, Obamacare, Immigration.”

                              Correct Article

9/27/16  8:30 AM   Popular Radio Host Michael Savage
                           Broadcast Shut Down Nationwide as
                           He Discusses Clinton’s Health…

9/27/16  8:00 AM  Deutsche Bank Stock Crashes Near Single-Digits
                                 As CDS Spike To Record Highs.

if it walks like Lehman, and talks like Lehman... it is Lehman."
[Stock price dropped from $30 to $10]         Article

9/27/16  7:30 AM  Dear Jim:
                            Trump wins in a plurality of polls.     Michael

Link      Link       Link

9/27/16  7:00 AM   Children of a lesser god:    Video

9/26/16  7:30 PM   Britain UN Ambassador Warns Russia
                           as Putin Advances! - 
Gregory Mannarino
                                            7 Minute Video

9/26/16  5:30 PM   William Mount: DOLLAR DIES THIS WEEK?
17 Minute Video

9/26/16  5:30 PM   The Banking System Is Showing Signs Of Cracks
                                  & It's Only A Matter Of Time Before It Implodes.
                                       X22 Report    Recap & 39 Minute Video

9/26/16  5:00 PM   Perry Capital Shutting Down His Iconic
                           Flagship Fund.

[Shutting down equals gone broke.]    Article

9/26/16  4:30 PM   Syria Claims To Have Recording Of
                          Conversation Between ISIS And US
                          Military Before Strike On Syrian Army.

9/26/16  3:30 PM  Germany "Other" Bank: Commerzbank
                          To Fire 9,000, 18% Of Its Entire Workforce.

9/26/16  2:00 PM   Dear Jim,

Hope all is well and you're enjoying the fun in sim city/world. :")

your article link about Cheney refers to a 2010 article from CS Monitor


"Dick Cheney to be charged in $180-million Halliburton bribery case.

Dick Cheney, former US vice president, will be charged Thursday by Nigerian anti-corruption police in a case against Halliburton.    CJ

9/26/16  1:30 PM   Note From Jim:

My buddy just called and said his wife rearranged the living room for tonight. The TV now has a box frame in front of it with chicken wire covering it. I don't know why.

9/26/16  1:30 PM   Getting Your Family to Pull Together On
                           Preparedness | Joel Salatin 
47 Minute Video

9/26/16  1:30 PM    Dear Jim,

I noticed Fulford is doubling down on his claims on Trudeau to be our next President. He's also making the same tired old claim of a massive shake up in our Government in the next few weeks. This of course will not happen. No one is going to interfere with this election and more than likely Trump will be the next President. Being that Trump is a 911 truther and Anti Federal Reserve he is our best bet for President for the Republic and the brainwashed 14th Amendment US corporation [citizens].  Fulford is slowly loosing his credibility with me. Happy Debate watching! Michael

Response:  As I have said before, it is hard to post one thousand words every week regarding the paint drying on the wall.  Personally I got nothing at all from his post today.

9/26/16  1:30 PM   Dear Jim,

Frankly I've never been convinced that Trump would run, but rather that his brief was to take down Hillary and the neocons. Their attempts to distance themselves from her (Biden etc.) border on the absurd and will get no play this late in the game imo. The real question is will the Republic be restored and, although it will be a difficult transition to say the least, it is for me the only viable option for the long term? Cheers David

9/26/16  1:00 PM   "It All Has A Very 2008 Feel To It" - For
                          Deutsche Bank, The News Just Keeps
                          Getting Worse.       

9/26/16  1:00 PM   Saudi Arabia Bails Out Banking System
                                  After Interbank Rates Hit 2009 Highs.   Article

9/26/16  9:00 AM  A Crashing Deutsche Bank Scrambles
                          To Assure Markets That It Is "Fine".   

9/26/16  8:30 AM   Ben Fulford Blurb:   Major world power struggles
                                                                      and changes due in October.
                                                                               Ben Fulford

9/26/16  6:30 AM    Global Stocks Tumble, US Futures Slide
                           On Deutsche Bank Fears, Central Bank
                           And Commodity Concerns.     

9/26/16  6:00 AM    Deutsche Bank Stock Plunges To
                           All Time Low After Merkel Rules Out
                           State Bailout; Default Risk Surges.   

9/25/16  4:00 PM    Photo source exclaims "2016, ya'll."

9/25/16  2:30 PM  US Deploying Forces in 7 Bases
                          in Northern Syria.     Article

9/25/16  2:30 PM      Judge Jeanine Lays It On The Line In
                              Her Pre Debate Killer Cold Open.  

9/25/16  9:00 AM    Note from Jim:

The most important article for you this past week is, The Myth of Authority, an 18 Minute Video.  I hope that most of us are willing to die to free our families from this false reality.   This is what our time here is all about  and the only way we are going to evolve out of this mess.  This will make the price we are having to pay worth it.

The Myth of Authority

9/25/16  8:30 AM  Obama used a pseudonym in emails
                           with Clinton, FBI documents reveal.    

 9/25/16  8:30 AM    Dick Cheney to be charged in $180-million                             Halliburton bribery case.    
                                     [2010 Story?]  

9/25/16  8:30 AM    Dear Jim....

I look forward to reading your posts.  I think sometimes I check your site way too often when things are getting real interesting in world events.

I've spent a lot of time in my life with photography.  You know, film cameras, negatives, etc.  I was amazed at the footage of the two film strips that were shown in your post "MOVIE SET PRODUCTION" until I noticed that the two videos of Hillary's problem getting into the van were exact opposites: the lapel pin on the FBI guy's jacket, the emblems on the van, the people's positions in relationship to each other, etc.  Do you suppose the guy that did the video is a disinformation troll or just taking the opportunity to blow about his Hollywood experience?  Just wanted to bring it to your attention if you hadn't noticed it on your own.     Keep up the great work. Mike

Response:   "Patience Grasshopper, patience."   Of course, I am really talking to myself here as I can't wait 'till Tuesday.

9/25/16  7:30 AM  Dear Jim,

I doubt these videos are movie set productions.  Apparently, it's easy to just 'flip' the video so that everything looks backward.  It has probably been done just by accident./    DB

Response: I cannot tell for sure. I guess we will know if other experts speak up or we will just have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday. However, I have been uncertain it was real all along – there has always been motivation to take out Hillary to stop the urgency of the investigations and hold out for a general pardon for all involved, including congressmen.

9/24/16  7:00 PM    MOVIE SET PRODUCTION: 2 Views Of Killary Collapsing
                            Into Van On 911: First, Onto The Driver's Side, The Other,
                            From the Passenger's.   
Must See  8 Minute Video

9/24/16  6:00 PM   OCTOBER SURPRISE Comes Early: Clinton and Obama
                           Revealed As Co-Conspirators, Irrefutable FBI Evidence
                           Proves Cover-up Of Classified Info Exchanges.

Obama had a special email handle by which classified info
  was sent to Clinton’s personal email, Obama knew about
  Clinton’s unsecured home server.”   

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton conspired to set up the home server and her private email account in order to transact secret business completely outside of the purview of the American people and the media.  That business was so sensitive because it was patently unlawful … just like Iran-Contra was, just like the Iraq War was, just like the Libyan War was, just like the Syrian War was.”
— Longtime Democrat Insider and Political Operative 
Must See  Article

9/24/16 5:00 PM  Senate Committee Asks General about “No-Fly Zone”
                         for Syria; Reply “Would require us to go to WAR . . . with Russia”.

9/24/16  2:30 PM    Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 9. 23.16
41 Minute Video

9/24/16  2:00 PM  The Myth of Authority.

[We are awake.  This is why we are on the "cusp of revolution."]    

            Must See      Correct 18 Minute Video


9/24/16   11:30 AM   How to See the Gun in the Keith Scott Shooting Video
                             - Best Evidence! 
Excellent Analysis  14 Minute Video

9/24/16   10:00 AM     Breaking: Marine Batallion Ordered Back To
                         Base In NC....Is Soros/ Charlotte Riots Going
                         To Expand?     

9/23/16   6:30 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day.    Me and You.

Today I was reminded of Bill Cosby's first comedy album, in particular his Noah routine. For you whippersnappers, it was about god commanding Noah to build an ark which Noah agreed to do knowing of the impending flood. At the end of the skit Noah is telling god off because of the lack of help from god. Noah was complaining of his wife being on his back, being ridiculed by all that knew him, being sued for blocking his neighbors driveway and of having to round up all the animals by pairs. Then he pointed out all the animal crap in the bottom of the boat that Noah was having to clean up and that he was quitting the work. Suddenly there was a loud thunder and Noah acknowledged that it was raining. Then Noah meekly said, “Yep, me and you lord, all the way.”  

That is what I thought of when I saw today that Ted Cruz just endorsed Trump. Cruz knows what is about to happen. “Me and you, all the way.”

9/23/16  6:00 PM  Still Report #1205 - Angry Hillary Clinton -
                          Was it Another Parkinson’s Flare-Up
                          Quinnipiac Poll.     
3 Minute Video

9/23/16  3:30 PM   Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump: "After Many Months
                               Of Prayer I Have Decided I Will Vote For Donald Trump".

[Need more proof that Hillary is going down or IS to be "assassinated"

in front of the cameras Monday?]          Article

9/23/16  3:00 PM   Top General warns Hillary Clinton is psychotic.

“US General Michael Flynn warns that Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President and Commander and Chief of the United States and is mentally unstable.”
                               8 Minute Video

9/23/16  3:00 PM   Central Bank of Indonesia has been CONFISCATED
                           by the UN-SwissIndo Group.
                           Is this the start of a trend?   

9/23/16  11:00 AM    Trump-Clinton Debate Rules Leaked:
                           90 Minutes Straight, No Step-Stool, &
                           No Coughing Breaks Allowed.    


9/23/16  10:00 AM  The Myth of Authority.

[We are awake.  This is why we are on the "cusp of revolution."]    

            Must See  Correct  18 Minute Video

9/23/16  10:00 AM   We fly - you don’t: US wants no-fly zone over Syria,
                          but only for Russia & the Syrians.
5 Minute Video

9/23/16  6:30 AM    Sovereign Citizen Training for Law Enforcement.
                                           14 Minute Video

9/23/16  6:30 AM  German Politicians Are Getting Nervous
                        About Deutsche Bank.      


Sgt Interview       28 Minute Video

9/22/16  5:00 PM     BREAKING NEWS: Hillary aide Pagliano
                           found alive and well and on the run from Congress


 9/22/16  1:00 PM   Dear Jim: Must See.   Lana


9/22/16  12:30 PM   British Parliament Confirms Libya War Was
                            Based On Lies … Turned Nation Into a “Shit
                            Show” … Spread Terrorism
.   Article

 9/22/16  12:30 PM   FBI Director Comey Fails to comply with
                             order to produce Clinton docs gets
                            subpoenaed Tues 9/20!     

9/22/16  12:30 PM   Puerto Rico Blackout Enters Second Day -
                            Entire Island Of 3.5 Million People Without

9/22/16  12:30 PM   Monte Paschi Rescue On The Rocks:
                           Regulators Now "Expect Bank To Ask Italy
                           For Bailout".    

9/22/16  12:30 PM    Charlotte Is Burning: Waking Up From
                            The American Dream... Finally?.    

9/22/16  12:30 PM    In Dramatic Twist, Wells Fargo Said To
                            Retaliate, Fire Whistleblowers Who
                            Exposed Bank's Illegal Practices.   

9/22/16  12:30 PM     House panel votes to hold Clinton
                              tech aide Bryan Pagliano in contemp.

Comment by Michael Rivero: Has anyone seen this guy alive recently?”      Article

9/22/16  9:00 AM    Dennis Gartman: "We Are Entering The
                           “Zimbabwe-isation” Of The Global Capital

9/22/16  9:00 AM   Note From Jim:

Be canning till noon, IE  "Can I sneak off from this work detail without getting caught?".

9/22/16  9:00 AM    Dear Jim,

The media made the major criminal behaviors go away when they replaced it when headlining Hillary's so called health issues. Making health the main point, they wanted us to believe she was ill… I don't do "lemming" very well. I have to stand with not trust the MSM… so why do even the alternative news as a rule believe Hillary is sick, as the media wants us to believe. I stand with, "making her ill", people will feel sorry for her and away goes the corruption charges that should be major headlines.

Also, Cliff High's report says in Sept Hillary will not be running. She will be gone. Well… she is gone now, with body doubles and triples, as well as CGi, I feel confident Hillary is already out of the picture - heh, try and find her now to prosecute. LOL.. Also Clif mentions the cost of everything skyrocketing Sept-Oct. I say, no surprise October, (1929 crash) here we come. What came around is coming again, as all things are cyclical.

Fool me twice, shame on me. LOL :") CJ

9/22/16  8:30 AM    Dear Jim: Stand By.

From Neil Keenan yesterday  on FaceBook   Neil Keenan
       10 hrs · Plovdiv, Bulgaria ·

OK boys and girls the fun is about ready to begin...You know who the enemy is and you know who is creating all the problems in the US and mostly the Planet therefore isn't it time to start making their lives unberable like they have made ours. They have created laws to protect themselves and they have created organizations to usurp all the power..They have created our school systems to screw up our children and they are the drug dealers they have always warned us about. It is time to prevent them from walking with us. Make them aware that there are two sides to the street and we are walking on both sides so they best be careful. Death to them is nothing seeing they are never up front but it is time we look past their protections and make it our goal to secure our nations with our very own security. IT IS VERY NEAR THAT TIME. May god bless us all and this does not apply to the Mongrel Pope Francis.     Jeff L.

9/22/16  7:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Nine Month Expectancy.

So just what can we expect to happen the rest of this month? I don't know for you but I do know for me. This is what I expect to happen between now and the end of September.

Hillary will be a no show at the debates. Her motorcade will pull up and suddenly leave because of possible sniper fire, or her car will be in an accident or the driver will think the debate is in Boston, or if she shows up, a car wreck will take out the electrical power. The result will be that we the common folk will not know what the real score is until late Tuesday or Wednesday. This will buy them a few more days.

Russia has had enough of the U.S. in Syria. Sorry for the spelling of the U.S.? because I don't know if it is the U.S.? or the CIA. Frankly I am like Russia, I don't give a damn anymore. You saw yesterday where Russia sent a cruise missile into the cave where the U.S.? / CiA, Israel, British and Australian terror groups leadership/ military advisers were leading from, killing 30 of them. Then later after that Russia & Syria ended two rebel offensive moves. Yesterday evening Russia vowed to shoot down immediately any aircraft threatening Syrian troops. It is as close to all out Russia vs U.S. war as can be now. The next step is tactical nukes, which I understand Russia does not possess; they only have the real things. So for the next week keep your eye on Syria.

If you trust in Cliff High then watch for the bond market melt down, staring this week. I personally think we are about there myself. I see where silver rose about a full dollar the past two days. My guess is that the Cabal is bringing down the dollar now, which takes time.

I believe we will make it through September but the real crazy take down stuff will happen in October.

9/22/16  7:00 AM   Wall Street Goes "All In" For Hillary Clinton.

9/21/16  6:00 PM    WARNING: Russia Issues New “Rules of
                           Engagement” in Syria: Any Aircraft
                          Threatening the Syrian Army WILL BE
                          SHOT DOWN (US/Turkey/Israel in the

9/21/16  6:00 PM   Will The October Surprise Be More Shocking
                                 Than Everyone Expects.

X22 Report   Recap & 35 Minute Video 

9/21/16  4:30 PM  New York Post: FBI Agents Tell Us Lynch
                          and Clinton Struck a Deal on That Plane.  

                                  LAYING OFF DOZENS OF PEOPLE.    Article

9/21/16  3:15 PM     When Russia Called to Get US to Stop
                            Syria Strike, US Official Wasn’t There.

9/21/16  3:15 PM  Note From Jim:

Hillary's Oh Shit Email Server tech now says he will cooperate with the FBI.

FBI agents now say deal was struck on the tarmac between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch to not prosecute Hillary.

Russia appears to have run out of patience with the U.S. and now it is all out war in Syria as Russia is pounding away on terror groups.

9/21/16  2:30 PM   Obama Directs Secret Service to "Keep the
                           Press away from Trump" - allegedly wants
                           to reduce publicity for Trump in an effort to
                           help Hillary

                           by JAMES CORBETT      
5 Minute Video

9/21/16  2:00 PM     Russia Deploys Flagship Aircraft Carrier
                              To Syria Coast.  

9/21/16  11:00 AM   BREAKING: SAA and Russia Destroy Two
                             Al-Nusra Offensives as Ceasefire Collapses.  

9/21/16  11:00 AM   The US Government Just Ran Out Of Plans
                             In The Middle East, War Is Inevitable.   Article

9/21/16  11:00 AM   He Didn’t Bomb For Nothing: Kosovo Granted
                                    General Wesley Clark Coal Rights.     Correct Article

9/21/16  11:00 AM    We Are Headed For War - Paul Craig Roberts

                            30 TOP LEVEL AMERICAN, ISRAELI, AND
                            OTHER AGENTS IN A MISSILE STRIKE --
                            Jim Stone
      Must Read Article

9/21/16  10:30 AM  Secret Service Has Declared CNN To Be
                           A Security Threat, Bans Them From Trump's

9/21/16  10:30 AM   $195 Billion Asset Manager: "The Time
                             Has Come To Leave The Dance Floor".

9/21/16  6:00 AM   NYC ‘Terror’ Meant To Distract Public
                           From BIGGER NEWS.

V” the Guerrilla       17 Minute Video

9/21/16  6:00 AM  Dear Jim:    Northerners

Hope your not talking about us Canadians because our cats will eat your ass. Not just our pets but our cougars.  We choose not to have guns either. Big fan of your site but paranoia and fear is not part of mine or my fellow Canucks psyche. Want proof? Watch the Hockey World cup series. Canada snacks on the USA team.  Cheers and keep up the good work. Ron

9/21/16  5:30 AM   LOL Of The Day...Caught on Tape: Former
                          Fla Governor Says, ‘I Believe Hillary Is Honest,’
                          Entire Audience Bursts into Laughter.
Article & 1 Minute Video

9/20/16  6:00 PM  The Central Bank Is Preparing To Use
                                "Footnote 8" For The Economic Crisis.
                                            [Negative Interest Rates]

X22 Report   Recap & 36 Minute Video

9/20/16  5:00 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Yankees And Southerners.

I am probably going out on a limb here making generalizations, so I hope you will not be offended.

Being a slow Southerner I sometimes am asked what sets us apart from Northerners. Aside from the better cooking that we are accustomed to I would have to say “patience” is the next big separator. Northerners are impatient and like things kind of quiet and laid back. That is why a great many of them own cats instead of high maintenance dogs.

If a burglar approaches a Northern home they will hear, “Meow”, signaling it is safe to enter. Here in the South we tend to buy large Rottweilers. This is where the patience comes in, because you have to have a lot of it in order to teach a Rottweiler to go, “Meow!”

9/20/16  3:30 PM   With Trump Regaining North Carolina Lead,
                           Hillary Unexpectedly Postpones Local
                           Fundraiser "Without Reason".    

9/20/16  3:30 PM  Note from Jim:

The postings will be sparse Wednesday and Thursday mornings as I will be canning sweet potatoes.

9/20/16  1:30 PM  Clif High Update - Hillary May Be Dead...
                          [Hillary will miss the debate and then someone
                           will announce two days later that she is no
                           longer in the race.] 
       Must Hear 11 Minute Video

9/20/16  1:30 PM  There Is A National False Flag Alert 'Test'
                           Scheduled For 9/28 @ 2:20 EDT

[The Emergency Alert System will be tested.
 Note what Cliff High is saying about next week.]      Article

9/20/16  1:00 PM  East Coast Gasoline Prices Plunge
                          After Leaking Pipeline Bypass Completed.

9/20/16  12:00 PM   "Why Hillary Lost" - HuffPo Publishes
                               Stunning "Premature Obit" For Hillary
Must Read  Article

9/20/16  10:30 AM   Hillary’s Server Guy Admits He Was Told
                             To Hide Evidence From FBI.    Article

9/20/16  9:00 AM  Polls Show Trump Wave Is A Tsunami,
                         Trump Winning The Electoral College Taking
                         Lead In Many Key Swing States.     Article

9/20/16  9:00 AM   @HillaryClinton’s Email-Deleter Found
                           Online Asking How To Destroy Evidence,
                           Then Destroys Evidence Of It.   

9/20/16  9:00 AM  Interview With Charles Hugh Smith "The Entire
                                Economic System Is One Big Illusion".

X22 Interview    37 Minute Video

9/20/16  8:00 AM  Note from JIm:

Were all the New York non-bombing bombings just covering fire for the emergency U.N. meeting, held Saturday night, regarding the U.S. now actively bombing Syrian army positions in support of ISIS, a direct act of war?

9/20/16  8:00 AM   Syria Ceasefire Collapses: US Bombs Syrian
                           Forces, Assisting ISIS | True News

[Great Recap]  27 Minute Video

9/20/16  8:00 AM  Will Russia Surrender? — Paul Craig Roberts.

9/20/16  7:30 AM   Hillary Clinton Cancels Event in California,
                          Campaign Says Pneumonia is Back.    Article

9/20/16  7:30 AM    Dear FBI, This Is Intent: Hillary's "Oh Shit" Guy
                            Sought Reddit Advice On How To "Strip VIP's

9/19/16  7:00 PM    Is The US Government Preparing To Declare A National
                                  Emergency To Postpone The Elections?

X22 Report   MUST Read    Recap & 38 Minute Video

9/19/16  6:30 PM  Dear Jim,

There is something you didn't factor in today. The candidates are running for President of the US Corporation, which has defaulted. So, the elections could possibly be halted to bring in The Republic & disclosure. Perhaps I am an optimist but from all the leaks I'm hearing, of arrests quietly going on right now of the cabal by underground special ops & militia, that's what I'm betting on. Lana

9/19/16  6:30 PM  Dear Jim,

loved your synopsis of the Fulford report. Normally after I read a line or two of B.S. I tend to just tune out so I didn't squeeze nowhere near as much out of the report. I like Fulford, he's been right about a lot of stuff for a consistent basis, with a lot of information that just isn't even close. He is showing his bias for Trump is all, and whether the Chinese like him or not he's being set up to actually be a real strongman for the US, so whatever secret society Fulford represent obviously they would prefer us to have a douchebag pretty boy like Trudeau who didn't even recognize the 15 year anniversary of 911.

The idea that Fulford keeps pushing this idea is telling he's a bit more out of touch than I recognized.

Cheers!    Michael

9/19/16  3:00 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day. What Fulford Said But Didn't Say.

Alright everybody, just calm down and we will try this again! Remember Jim's Motto: Most newsletters are filled with disinformation as filler.

This is what Fulford said Ben Fulford but didn't say:

1. It won't be until next Tuesday before we know a little more about Hillary's status. That is because Tuesday is the day after she is to debate Trump.

2. If Hillary is out of the race the Cabal has just this week to control the take down. That is because by next Tuesday, if Hillary was a no show, the Cabal will have totally lost their propaganda machine completely, their last bastion of power over us.

3. The military is still in bed with the military industrial complex, trying to jockey for some world control.

4. If Canada's Trudeau becomes president of both countries, it means:

A. Immediate revolution in the U.S.

B. The U.S. just lost its Constitution,

C. It would take at about a year to do away with the constitution (legally). That means that if the election were stopped, the U.S. would have no leader after January 20th.

D. If a Military Coup stopped the elections, they would have to explain why they did when we still have three candidates on the ticket and a Hillary replacement is there now or could be selected. No explanation of the action taken just to stop Trump would be able to prevent a revolution.

E. If China makes a regime change in the U.S. we would then be at war.

THEREFORE. I call bullshit on the Trudeau section.           

So just what did Fulford say? In my words, “Keep your heads down, all shit is about to break out!”

9/19/16 2:30 PM    Bill Still Report #1199 – Donald Trump Hits 95%
                          Confidence Interval in Daybreak Poll.
3 Minute Video

9/19/16 1:00 PM   Syrian Ceasefire Collapses After Assad
                            Slams "Naked American Aggression".

9/19/16 1:00 PM  Commuting Nightmare Looms: NYC At
                         "Highest Alert Since 9/11" As UN Meetings
                           Get Underway.     Article

9/19/16 10:30 AM   Ben Fulford:  Hillary Clinton is dead, Bill on the run
                                                          as Clinton Foundation scandals finish
                                                          the DC crooks off.       Ben Fulford

9/19/16 8:00 AM  Deutsche Bank Extends Losses Near
                         Record Lows: "Significantly Undercapitalzied...
                         Even Without Bad Outcomes".    

SGT Report       5 Minute Video

9/19/16 6:30 AM   U.S., Israel Launch Airstrikes On Syrian
                          Government Forces - Directly Supporting
                          ISIS And Al-Qaeda.      

9/19/16 6:30 AM   US Desperately Pumps "Humanitarian"
                          Smokescreen For Failing Syria Ceasefire.

9/19/16 6:00 AM   Note From Jim:

Be alert; they are still keeping the press pinned down.

9/19/16 6:00 AM    Bomb Explodes At New Jersey Train Station
                          As Police Discover Five Explosive Devices.

9/18/16 7:30 PM  Heneghan - Prepare for the Unexpected! -
                         (MANUFACTURED TERRORISM "false flag"
                          operations) – 9-18-16


9/18/16 5:30 PM  CNN Edits Out Hillary's Reference To
                         NYC Explosion As "Bombing".   

9/18/16 4:00 PM   Bill Still Report #1197: Donald Trump Has
                          a Wide Open Path to Victory over Hillary
                          -Electoral College!   
MUST Watch  4 Minute Video

2 Minute Video

9/18/16 4:00 PM    Russia Calls For “Emergency” UN Security
                          Council Meeting Regarding US Bombing Of
                          Syrian Military.       

9/18/16 3:00 PM   Minnesota Mall Stabbing HOAX! U.S.
                         Government at War with 'We The People'.
4 Minute Video

9/18/16 2:00 PM    Note From Jim:       It's Converging.

They may have started taking down Duetsche Bank, thus the financial system.  Jim Stone suggests we are very near war with Russia.  There is only one week left before Hillary must appear to battle Trump.  Be prepared!

9/18/16 11:30 AM   Jim Stone: "I hate to say it, but it looks
                            like there might be war with Russia"...

9/18/16 11:30 AM   ISIS Claims Credit For Stabbing Rampage
                           In Minnesota Mall That Left 8 Injured And
                           Attacker Dead.       Article

9/18/16 11:30 AM   300,000 Join Massive Protests In Germany
                            Against US-EU Corporate Trade Deals.

9/18/16 11:00 AM   Attention President Duterte: You Are a
                           Dead Man! What Did He Do?     

9/18/16  8:00 AM   Note From Jim:

This morning I was planning on watching the Sunday morning screamers but now I don't have to. The national syndicated political weekly talk shows were my target to see what the said today regarding Hillary and the upcoming debate that I still do not believe she will be at. I wanted to see how the talk shows covered for he.

But it's ten minutes to start time and I don't even have to turn on the TV as the coverage today will be all about the New York bomb last night. Isn't it convent that it happened last night so the shows had time to fly in their terrorist experts?

9/18/16 7:00 AM     Jesse Ventura Just Shut down the
                            National Anthem Debate — for Good.
Article & 1 Minute Video

9/18/16 7:00 AM    IED Explodes In New York City;
                           29 People Injured: Bomb Was
                           "An Intentional Act" Mayor Says.     Article

9/17/16 7:00 PM    Russia Accuses US Of Defending ISIS,
                          After Pentagon Admits Coalition Jets
                          Killed 62 Syrian Soldiers.    

9/17/16 12:00 PM    Jim's Rant For The Day.  
                                                   Movie Trifecto:  Sully, Amerigeddon & Snowden. 

      Movie: Sully

This past Sunday I saw the above movie, about pilot “Sully” Chesley Sullenberger, who successfully crash landed his commercial flight into the Hudson river in 2009. The story is centered on what happened after the landing when he was investigated by the Feds (FAA) for reckless endangerment of his passengers.

The movie is most uplifting if you are feeling down. It re-verifies that the truth is truth. It stars Tom Hanks, has superb acting and is totally riveting. It is a must see.

       Movie: Amerigeddon

Thursday I received my DVD of the above movie. If you ordered a DVD, know that they are about a month behind in delivery. When they notify you of shipment expect in within 3 – 4 days.

For those unfamiliar with the movie be aware of this. First, TPTB barred it from being shown in the United States. Since it's release in March it has only been shown in four theaters in our country. The DVD is just now being released. Secondly, it is about the pending collapse of our Constitutional country into a total dictatorship and the destruction of the population.

It is easy to see why it was banned here. It gives the exact blueprint that the Cabal is carrying out now on the U.S. take down. It shows how U.N. troops are now staged here and the training being done by our military to carry out this plan. And it shows much more.

Please watch the first 45 minutes as that is where it all is. The rest saves the viewer from seeing the horror of what is about to be unleashed. It is pretty tame in that respect. Surprisingly, there is no foul language.

      Movie: Snowden.

Yesterday I saw the above movie about Edward Snowden, the man that released CIA information about how the NSA and CIA were spying of all Americans illegally and how Drones were killing innocent people illegally as well.

It was easy to understand why the Cabal censured the movie Amerigedden but as I watched Snowden I kept wondering why they allowed it to be released. Then I got it. The damage is done from Snowden's leak, but the damage from what is depicted by Amerigeddon is still a month away, so lets keep that one secret.

Snowden is deep, intense and at the same time boring as it's about gifted geeks out-programming each other. I was fortunate as I missed lunch before viewing it. My advice is skip your meal too so you can keep up. I rate this movie as a Must See as well. It is most uplifting.

As a side note, A friend came to my home yesterday morning to view Amerigeddon. When it was over she asked if anyone knew who any of the good guys really are? I responded, “Yes, some of them.” At the end of the movie my thought returned to her question, with my answer now, “Yes, and Edward Snowden is one of them.”    

9/17/16  9:30 AM    Why The "Hillary Disease" Corruption Threatens
                            Not Only The Credibility Of The DNC, But The
                            Existence Of The Entire USG As We Know It...

9/17/16  8:30 AM    Trump Widens Lead in Daybreak.

[Nationwide by 41%]

Still Report 1 Minute Video

9/17/16  8:30 AM   Something Strange Is About To Happen.

Will Hillary go away, by one means or another, [before the debate 9/23]? Will Senator Kaine or Vice-President Biden be brought in as the substitute candidate in Hillary's place? If so, under what unexpected circumstances? Will the debate actually go ahead, only to have the debate hall plunged into a power blackout, just as the debate begins? Will major warfare break out such that the presidential election is suspended? Will there be a catastrophic false flag attack that results in a national emergency, causing the debates to be canceled? Will there be a sudden, catastrophic crash of the financial markets, leading to a declared, national emergency that suspends the debates or even the election?

Or will the debates go forward as scheduled, only to see Hillary Clinton dramatically self-destruct in front of the watching nation and world, as her health, and her legal and political issues result in an epic, personal implosion on the grandest of all Shakespearean stages?"

               Excellent  Article  posted 9/7/16

9/17/16  7:00 AM   Allegations Of Fraud Surface Over "One Time"
                           Donations To Hillary That Occur Repeatedly.

9/16/16  9:00 PM    Note from Jim:

Sorry for the lousy and lateness in Rants.  I am exhausted from the news this week and an extremely wild day today.  I will try to catch you up Saturday.

9/16/16  9:00 PM    On This Day In Financial History.

[Lehman Brothers went bust in 2008 and in 1929 the stock market reached its peak.]   Article

9/16/16  9:00 PM    Why East Coast Gas Prices Are About
                           To Explode.  

[The gasoline pipeline serving the U.S. East Coast was shut down today. Three states have already declared state of emergency.]    Article

9/16/16  9:00 PM   A Dire Warning: "Someone Is Learning How
                           To Take Down The Internet".    

9/16/16  5:30 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day. Vacuum Packed Deutsche Bank.

Yesterday the U.S. Dept. of Justice fined the failing German Deutsche Bank $14 Billion for mortgage Fraud. In a minute we will dissect this sentence.

You know how us old codgers are, always having memory flashbacks. In writing the above the flash that went thru my mind was the first dirty joke my Mother ever told me. I was Twenty-three and driving her home from work. It was during the time of Nixon's Watergate problem. She told me that Mrs. Nixon went to the Gynecologist who discovered she had crabs. The doctor then consulted with her two partners about what to do. She said, “This is too difficult for me to decide on my own to tell the First Lady this. I can't just blurt it out.” So the three of them devised a plan. The doctor went back in and said to the First Lady, “Your water gate has been bugged!”

The DOJ can't just blurt it out either. The world knows that Deutsche Bank is probably the one that will take down all the banks. The DOJ does not work in a vacuum. They would not be the one to make that kind of a decision. Whoever arrived at the $14 Billion was also the one to decide to “sic 'em” at this time. This is a planned take down in my opinion, the same as the planned take down of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Be on the lookout, we may be having another Lehman Brothers weekend.

9/16/16 4:30 PM   People Are Beginning To Be Herded
                          Into Deradicalization Centers In Europe.

X22 Report   Recap & 40 Minute Video

9/16/16 4:30 PM   Note From Jim:

Just got in for the day. If my will let me, I have about five rants to post today and tomorrow. Stay Tuned.  In the meantime, keep your eye on Deutsche Bank, they may be in the process of pulling it and the banking system.

9/16/16 4:30 PM  Brandon Smith: The US Election Places Us
                         On The Brink, But The Entire Planet Is Also
                         Headed For Revolution As The Ugly Appears

9/16/16 4:30 PM  Hillary Did Not Appear In North Carolina.
Jim Stone. MUST READ Article and Picture.

9/16/16 7:30 AM  Deutsche Bonds "Dropping Like A Stone"
                         As 'Most Dangerous Bank In The World'

9/16/16 7:30 AM  Hillary Deflates? A Setback For War.  Article

9/16/16 7:00 AM   Chaos Has Never Been Closer: "Obama
                          May Suspend Election" If She Is Too Sick.

9/16/16 6:00 AM    US Futures; Euro Stocks Slide On Deutsche
                           Bank Liquidity Fears; Bonds Bid.   

9/15/16 7:00 PM  100% PROOF: The Debt Bubble Is Now
                         Running The Fed. By Gregory Mannarino.
                                                      7 Minute Video

9/15/16 6:30 PM   Deutsche Bank Slapped With $14 Billion
                           Fine By DOJ Over Mortgage Probe.

[Payback for the EU fining Apple $14 Billion?]

9/15/16 5:00 PM  The FED is Ready For The Collapse, More QE, NIRP &
                               Total Control Of The Economy.
                                         X22 Report    Recap & 36 Minute Video

9/15/16 4:00 PM  Note from Jim:

When I was in my 20s I worked in banking.  One of my duties was to buy and sell on the Overnight Money Market. Banks with too much cash sold, those short of cash purchased.
Our bank was associated with two others in NW Florida. I would call those banks and ask if they needed  money overnight, then make one large loan in all three of our names so we could get a group rate.

This is how it works.  Every Wednesday banks worldwide settle up with each other.  All books must balance.  If your bank is overdrawn you pay a hefty penalty.  So on Wednesday you would borrow to reach your cash requirement.  On Thursday, the lending bank would "Repossess " its loan - Thus the term "Overnight Repo" or simply "Repos".

When I did Repos, the most our group ever borrowed was $30,000.   When Lehman Brothers went under, I believe they were seeking almost a $1 Billion. But the bankers refused to lend to them as they feared they were going under. Now here we have one Japanese bank that is insolvent to the tune of $60 Billion!  We are indeed in a bazarro world now.

9/15/16  3:00 PM   Ammon Bundy Totally Vindicated and

9/15/16  2:30 PM  Gang Members Implicate U.S. Gov’t in
                          Dumping Crates of Guns in Chicago.
Article and Video

9/15/16  1:30 PM    The Fisherman. [Funny Story]    Article

9/15/16  12:00 PM   CLSA: "One Major Japanese Bank Is
                           Borrowing $60 Billion From Money Market

[In the financial world this is unheard of. There is panic in banks.]     Article

9/15/16  9:00 AM  Mexico Builds A "Wall" (And Guess
                          Who Paid For It).     

9/15/16  9:00 AM  Central Bankers Transition Into The Next
                          Currency Is Almost Complete.

X22 Report     18 Minute Video

9/15/16  7:00 AM    Note From Jim:

To all readers that have written me about Hilliary in handcuffs Sunday, I don't know.  It is possible that she was arrested.  It is possible that she was in a seizure and her arms were restrained to keep them from flailing around.  I cannot tell. 

If she was arrested, why would it appear to be by her own handlers, and she was placed in her own car?  I do not know.  Why risk a public arrest and possible shootout with her security team in a crowd?   Why hide her arrest and never announce it?  I do not know.

What I do know is that we must be looking forward to the next wave that is to hit us. That I know.  All of the rest of the details will flush out in time, but in the meantime we must look forward.

9/15/16  6:30 AM    Full Ben Fulford:   Ben Fulford

9/14/16  6:30 PM    "The Fed Is Planning For The Next Crisis,"
                            Ron Paul Warns Welfare-Warfare State
                            Collapse Looms.    

9/14/16  5:30 PM   Note from Jim:

With the release of all the information this week we now know exactly how many supporters Hillary has – two, one under each arm.

9/14/16  4:30 PM  Napolitano – Sen Grassley Has Seen What
                           The FBI Is Hiding, It’s Earth-Shattering.
Article & Video

9/14/16  11:00 AM  Germany Readies Internal War On Terror:
                           More Large Scale Attacks "Conceivable,
                           Even Probable".      Article

9/14/16  11:00 AM   Germany Shuts Embassies, Schools In
                         Turkey After "Acute Terror Attack" Indications.

9/14/16  8:30 AM   Keiser Report: US Elections Toxic Soap Opera.
25 Minute Video

9/14/16  8:30 AM   UPDATE: HILLARY DYING,
                          CENTRAL BANKS BUYING.  
                                  SGT Report    
6 Minute Video

9/13/16  8:30 PM   This Is How Much It 'Costs' To Get An
                          Ambassadorship: Guccifer 2.0 Leaks
                          DNC 'Pay-To-Play' Donor List.    

9/13/16  6:00 PM    The IMF Is Warning Governments About
                                   Rising Discontent Among The People.

X22 Report   Recap & 38 Minute Video

9/13/16  4:30 PM   "Oh Shit" BleachBit Guy Pleads The 5th Over
                                     Hillary's Attempt At "Covering Up Some Shady Shit".

9/13/16  12:30 PM                                  


9/13/16  11:30 AM   Doug Hagman--- Don't Be Focused On
                             Killery... The PTWB Are 5 Steps Ahead Of US..
                             Look At The Coming Consequences:
                             True Crisis Coming.

[Is the plan to create doubt about the legitimacy of the president in order to do away with the Constitution?  Is this the final take down? If in a hurry start at the 22 Minute mark.]

MUST HEAR    28 Minute Video

9/13/16  9:30 AM    Duterte wants U.S. troops out of southern

Comment by Michael Rivero: “Obama just lost his back door to war with China!”      Article

9/13/16  8:30 AM  Chaffetz To FBI Assistant Director:
                          You Are Hereby Served!

[Congress demanded all FBI files on Hillary.]

EXCELLENT  8 Minute Video

9/13/16  8:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  No Matter What's The Matter.

It has been fun serving you Hillary the past two days, but I am done. It's time to move on.

It doesn't matter what's the matter with her. It does not matter whether it was staged or not. It doesn't matter if she is alive or dead. Nor does it matter if it was Hillary or a double. All that matters is she is no longer in the running for presidency.

What does matter is that we have 60 days left until the election. The Cabal surely must be in panic in having to change horses in such a short time and after such a massive investment in a dead horse. They pumped the idea that the race was close or winnable by Hillary so they could steal votes from the machines, enough to win it. Now all that is up in the air with having to rebuild in just 60 days.

What matters is what is at stake. - future control of the earth, that is all. Let's face it, with so much riding for the Cabal, this is not a desirable place to be. The way I see it, they have three shots at it: Kill Trump, pour all of their money in and cheat like hell for 60 days, or stop the election. This is where we need to focus, not on Hillary's fallen slipper, as the slipper no longer matters.

Angela Merkel told the Cabal to go to hell and is hurrying Germany for WWIII to start on German soil. She and three other neighboring countries are quickly having their citizens stockpile food and water. Germany is considering arming the entire population and they are now once again conscripting for the army. Why the panic? Because the U.S. is staging many tank units in Germany, without their permission, for an invasion into Russia, that is why. Merkel is tired of being pushed around and wants the country's sovereignty back from the West. That is why the other European countries are also acting as they are right now. They have had enough of the Cabal.

So too here in America, The Cabal knows this. They are desperate. The people want their sovereignty back. Congress knows this. They are terrified now that their savior, Hillary, has fallen. She was the key to their not being arrested or hung. She has now either fallen or skipped out leaving her minions to hang in the air, so to say.

Continue to be vigilant and prepared. The next hurdle is the debate scheduled for September 26th. The Cabal may be forced to act by then. The financial collapse must occur soon; they no longer have the luxury of time.

9/13/16 7:00 AM   Children of a Lesser God.      Video

9/12/16 8:30 PM  Paul Joseph Watson shares an interesting
                         hypothesis on the metallic 'thing' that dropped
                         from Hillary's pant leg.     

9/12/16 5:30 PM  TPP/TTIP Has A Backup Plan, It's Called CETA.

X22 Report       Recap & 36 Minute Video

9/12/16 3:30 PM     Note from Jim:

Michael Rivero shares that Hillary was unconscious when placed in the ambulance, as evidenced by the shoe left behind and footage showing her right foot was extended. This may negate the “arrest” theory.

Rivero also says that one of her handlers was overheard telling Hillary to, “Squeeze my fingers”, a test for stroke.  The official weather at the time in Manhattan was 74 degrees with 42 percent humidity.

9/12/16 12:30 PM  Dear Jim,

Check out Jim Stones posts for 9/12 regarding what looks to him to be HRC arrest. It looks to me like her hands are clasped behind her as he sees it as well. Also the tweet at the bottom of ABC reporting her death. It's very intriguing & especially knowing Drudge had post a mysterious symbol on his website that something huge was going to go down that day, (obviously not meant for the general public). It's very intriguing! Lana                         Link

9/12/16 12:00 PM   The DNC Rules Are Clear If Hillary Drops
                            Out The Second Candidate With The Highest
                            Number Of Delegates Gets The Nomination.

                                   DROPS OUT?         Article

9/12/16 12:00 PM  The Saga Of The Dead Witch Crisis---

9/12/16 10:00 AM   Ben Fulford Blurb:   It is not over until we see the
                                                  911/311 perpetrators perp walked in front
                                                  of the world’s TV cameras.       Ben Fulford

                          CLAIMS FROM CRIPPLED HILLARY'S
                          DOCTOR.        26 Minute Video

9/12/16  9:00 AM   Hillary Faces A "Political Crisis" As Trump
                           Takes "No Satisfaction" In Her Poor Health.

9/11/16  8:00 PM    Hillary COLLAPSE At Ground Zero!
                           GAME OVER, Clinton! Parkinson’s Blackout!
18 Minute Video

9/11/16  7:00 PM   Note From Jim:  

Rumor has it that the Democrats have already selected a replacement for Hillary.  They selected Donald Trump as he is well experienced in running against himself!

9/11/16  6:30 PM    Democrats May Hold Emergency Meeting to
                           Consider Replacing Hillary Clinton - article
                           from The Gateway Pundit.    

9/11/16  6:00 PM   Risk Factors for Pneumonia among Patients
                           with Parkinson’s Disease.

Pneumonia is the leading cause of death in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD).”    Article

9/11/16 5:00 PM  HILLARY HAS PNEUMONIA.     Article

9/11/16 4:30 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Who Is Eric Snowden?

Today I saw the official movie trailer for Snowden, whose movie will be released this Friday.

According to the trailer, Snowden completed the 5 hour CIA exam in 38 minutes, 12% of the allotted time. According to Wikipedia, he missed nine months of high school due to mononucleosis. Rather than returning to school, he took and passed the GED. He then attended Junior college, skipped the last two years of a Bachelors degree and instead worked on an online Masters degree. Who is this man?

9/11/16 3:00 PM  The Race For President Is (Probably) Over.

9/11/16 2:00 PM     Note From Jim:

 Wouldn't it be ironical if Hillary's death blow happened when
 the liar was at a liar's fest?

9/11/16 2:00 PM    Mainstream Media Meltdown: CNN, WaPo
                            Front Page Chaos After Hillary Faints.

9/11/16 10:30 AM   Hillary Clinton Suffers "Medical Episode",
                           Faints While Rushed Away From Ground Zero:
                                    Fox News.    

9/11/16  9:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Tiger By The Tail.

There was a young lady of Niger
Who smiled as she rode a tiger,
They came back from the ride
with the lady inside,
and the smile on the face of the tiger. - Anonymous

My first introduction to tiger riding came from my Latin studies. It seemed that the only book written in the dead language was Caesar's journals of conquering the known world and making it an empire to serve Rome. As I recall, the book ended badly for Rome. So too did all the sequels to that book, as written by the Ottomans, Turks, Crusades, British, Napoleon, ET. AL. The last chapter never changed.

While we were being schooled in ancient empires we were distracted from the fact that our own country was bitten by the empire bug. But this time it was different. It was now more banking cartels and economic titans in nature more so than military in nature. Oh, don't get me wrong, there was a military side to it but it was mostly bluffing with atom bomb threats along with smaller skirmishes to scare all others into submission.

But now it appears that we too are coming to the final chapter. The problem is that those that have the empire tiger by the tail don't know how to turn it loose. The problem for the rest of the world is that they can retreat into a cave, pull a halyard and destroy all that is non-cave; a bold new ending to the book.

9/11/16  8:00 AM   The Era of Central Planning is Crumbling...
                           and the Elite Are Terrified.     Article

9/11/16  7:30 AM    Anonymous sends ‘Message to
                       the Citizens of the World’.

                                        Must Hear  Correct Article

9/11/16  7:30 AM  "This Is An Unbelievable Disgrace For
                           The Country" - Austria Stunned After
                           Symbolic Election Delayed.    

9/10/16  12:30 PM    Interview With David Robertson "This Is An American
                                   Warning, We Are Headed For Rough Times".

X22 Interview     43 Minute Video

9/10/16  5:00 AM   Central Banks Desperate, Expect Worldwide
                            Financial Armageddon.
Greg Mannarino
                                                 10 Minute Video

9/9/16  3:30 PM   The "Oh Shit" Guy That Wiped Hillary's Server
                         With BleachBit Was Just Granted Immunity.

9/8/16  9:00 PM    WELCOME TO DYSTOPIA: No Rule of Law,
                          No Honest Money — Jason Burack

[Right now in Valenzuela one ounce of silver will feed you for six months and one ounce of gold will purchase a house.]     28 Minute Video

9/8/16  7:30 PM  Clinton’s Debate With Trump Is In Doubt.
6 Minute Video

9/8/16  6:30 PM  DB Warns 35-Year Economic Super Cycle Is
                              Officially Ending.    Article

9/8/16  6:00 PM  Wells Fargo Fires 5,300 For Engaging In
                        Massive Fraud, Creating Over 2 Million
                        Fake Accounts.     Correct  Article

9/8/16  6:00 PM   Fed Wants To Bar Banks From Owning
                        Physical Commodities, Equities.   Article

9/8/16  5:30 PM   Auto Makers Are Caught Manipulating Sales Numbers.

                                              X22 Report Recap & 34 Minute Video

9/8/16  1:30 PM   Fed Tells Congress To Restrict Banks
                         From Buying Stocks, Commodities.   

9/8/16  12:00 PM   Shock NBC Poll: Trump (55%) Leads Hillary
                           (36%) By 19% With Veterans & Military Voters
                                 Sept. 7, 2016.        

9/8/16  9:30 AM    "It's Bordering Chaos": $14 Billion In Cargo
                          Stranded At Sea, Crews "Go Crazy" On

                          Hanjin Ghost Ships.     Article

9/8/16  8:00 AM  MSM afraid of RT as more people turn to its
                         common-sense reporting’ – George Galloway
                         on BBC report

9/8/16  7:30 AM   Matt Lauer Slammed By Mainstream Press After
                         Vet Tells Hillary "I Would Have Been
                         Imprisoned" If I Did What You Did.   

9/8/16  6:30 AM   Full Ben Fulford:   Ben Fulford

9/7/16  9:00 PM   Democrats Release Powell's Instructions
                        To Clinton How To Bypass State Servers,
                        While Warning Of Dangers.

we can now confirm that Hillary was well aware of the lack of security and the "real danger" before she made the decision to use a private email server.”     Article

9/7/16  7:30 PM   US spy planes intercepted near Russian border
                         had transponders off – Russian MoD. 

9/7/16  5:30 PM    "Clinton Foundation Is Charity Fraud Of
                           Epic Proportions", Analyst Charges In
                           Stunning Takedown.    Article

9/7/16  5:30 PM   The US Government Just Militarized The CDC.
                         X22 Report        Recap & 38 Minute Video

9/7/16  2:00 PM    MSM Panics Over Hillary’s Declining Health.
                                               21 Minute Video

9/7/16  1:00 PM   Election "Rigging" Tensions Rise With Questions
                             On Reliability Of Paperless Voting Machines.

9/7/16   12:00 PM  The MSM Is Abandoning Hitlery...
                           The Internet And Other ALT-Media Has
                           Made Her Pile Of Lies Too Huge To Bury...

9/7/16   9:00 AM Jim's Rant For The Day. It's All Just A Blur.

I know, I was wrong again with my warning about Labor Day weekend. On the surface it appeared to be a very quiet three days, but wow, has the news sped up at the same time!

Let's talk about the Main Street News Media first. Gretta Van Susteren appears to have left her job in disgust. Early reports were that she wanted to discuss Hillary's health but was not allowed to do so. This makes three news super stars that have been lost to “poor health issues”.

Then in Bill Still's report yesterday, he suggests that, “Rupert Murdock and his sons are suddenly backing out of the FOX News limelight, in the wake of loads of negative publicity, via the recent New York magazine piece.” Still goes on to suggest that Trump News will soon replace the failing news station(s).

The amazing fact about the suicide of the Main Street News Media is that they have been throwing themselves on grenades to shield Hillary from discussion of her health issues when this weekend we learned that she used her health as an attempted cop out for her crimes in the FBI interview. The news medias are dying for her and she cops out and rats on herself!

Next let us discuss the President of the United States. China snubbed him by making him slink down the back stairs of his plane while Russia and others all got the red carpet treatment at the G20. Then the President of the Philippines called his Mamma a hoar because Obama called out the Philippines for killing drug dealers there (which may include CIA operatives), in an attempt to end the drug business. Of course, this offended the Philippine president in that Obama himself is ordering the killing of innocent people around the world with drone strikes. Is Obama still the president of the world's super power? Is Obama still the president? Stay tuned folks.

Then we have the jumping rats. Let's face it, the U.S. has very few allies now. The last I checked we were down to Canada and the tiny country of Qatar. In the past two days Canada has asked to join the Russia / China banking alliance and Qatar has asked to ally with Russia.

Finally we have the Ben Fulford Report Tuesday. I believe that the majority of his report is accurate. I believe that the U.S. Military mutiny has gotten stronger. I believe that the 20% breakaway military in space, from my article, Humanity Awakens, has now joined in to take down the Cabal. This is evidenced by the destruction of the Facebook rocket launch and the two underground explosions, one in the U.S. and the other offshore of Jacksonville.

These major events are now happening so fast that it is all just a blur. One thing is for sure however, we are seeing our whole way of life changing before our very eyes. Again, stay tuned folks.

                         "Appeasement" As Erdogan Bombs