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3/18/17  7:30 PM    Note from Jim:

                                     This is the link to the NEW Website:    

3/18/17  3:00 PM  Interview With Lior Gantz  'By June 1st
                           The Entire Economy Could Come To
                             A Screeching Halt".

X22 Report      38 Minute Video

3/18/17  3:00 PM  Conspiracy Not A Conspiracy Anymore,
                           Former CNN Host Admits Feeding Debate
                           Questions To Clinton.        4 Minute Video

3/18/17  11:30 AM   Trump Wins:
                              G-20 Drops 'Anti-Protectionist,                         
                              Free-Trade, & Climate-Change Funding'

3/18/17  6:30 AM   The Democrats' Trump-Russia Conspiracy
                            Campaign Collapses.
Tyler Durden   Article

3/18/17  6:30 AM   Judge Napolitano – Trump is the Enemy
                            of the Deep State.  
Bill Still Report    6 Minute Video

3/18/17  6:30 AM  Trey Gowdy WE FOUND IT !!!
                            James Comey EVIDENCE !!! WIRETAPPING!!
10 Minute Youtube

3/17/17  9:00 PM  Your Personal Economic Collapse Questions
                            Answered! | Rob Kirby.  

                                       Correct  32 Minute Video

3/17/17  5:00 PM    This Economic Indicator Just Confirmed
                             We Are In A Recession & Headed For A Disaster.

X22 Report    Recap & 36 Minute Video

3/17/17  5:00 PM    Google Army To Flag ‘Conspiracy Theory’
                             Websites In Fight Against Alt. Media. 

3/17/17  4:30 PM  DOJ Delivers Trump Wiretap Documents
                           To Congress, Statement Due Shortly.    

3/17/17  6:00 AM  Greg Hunter, “Weekly News Wrap-Up 3/17/2017″.
25 Minute Video

3/17/17  6:00 AM  Syrian Army Claims It Shot Down
                             Israeli Jet After Raid Near Palmyra.

3/17/17  6:00 AM   Paul Craig Roberts Warns "Revolutions Are
                            Bloody, But So Is Doing Nothing".

3/16/17  4:00 PM   WikiLeaks Dumps MASSIVE List of Obama’s
                            Wiretaps Over 8 Years as President.    Article

3/16/17  4:00 PM   Guy Hillary would’ve made FBI director says
                            there’s NO evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

3/16/17  2:00 PM    McCain & The Neocons: If You Are Not With Us,
                             You Are Working For Putin.
                                   X22 Flash News     15 Minute Video

3/16/17  11:00 AM  Interview With Harley Schlanger 'This Is Nothing
                             More Than A Central Bank, Rothschild Operation
                            To Increase Their Power".    X22 Report 46 Minute Video

3/16/17  8:00 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Deep Disappointment with the Deep State.

I am not surprised but am deeply disappointed for Trump at the latest action taken by the Deep State. Last night they again blocked Trump's Travel Ban. The talking heads on TV are acknowledging that the recent court block will not hold up in the Supreme Court. So once again we have a shadow government actively destroying anything that Trump tries to put in motion.

Trump's presidency is under attack, plain and simple. Our nation is in a civil war with it's citizens on the sideline. We are mere spectators as a powerful group tries to complete the overthrow of our country, constitution and believed way of life.

I have lost friends, and to a degree family, because of my belief that a shadow government has seized power and we are in a civil war for our life. But so be it; I must be true to my convictions if I am to believe we can turn this thing around. I will accept their loss as the price for fighting back in a civil war.

I have slowed down on my postings because I am extremely busy and that there is little to say at this point. All we can do is watch the war go on. I just pray that the shadow government does not succeed in getting the U.S. into a war with North Korea as the shadow government is trying desperately to do at this very moment.

My hope is that soon Trump will be in position to start charging players with treason. That will prove his direction, solidify more citizens behind him and really shut the Main Street News down from leading the sheeple. This is my hope, but as always, be vigilant and prepared.

P.S.  My site is still under attack. I may move it to another web host and software soon, so look for a change in the next few weeks.

3/16/17  8:00 AM    Full Ben Fulford Report.     Ben Fulfordeport:   

3/15/17  8:00 PM   This Time It's Going To The Supreme Court:
                            Hawaii Judge Blocks Trump's Second Travel Ban.

3/15/17  8:00 PM   Trump "Dead On Arrival" Budget Plan
                            Proposes 31% Cuts For EPA, 28% For
                            State Department.     Article

3/15/17  6:00 PM    The Fed Just Initiated 'Operation Rate Increase'
                              To Begin The Collapse Of The Economy.
                                      X22 Report    Recap & 36 Minute Video

3/15/17  5:30 PM   Clif High: Deep State Power Struggle,
                            MSM Collapse, More Chaos.. Part 1
50 Minute Video

3/15/17  7:00 AM   Obama is Running a Shadow Government —
                            Scott Uehlinger.
Greg Hunter 23 Minute Video

3/15/17  6:30 AM    MARCH 15TH: ROTHSCHILD,
                             DEBT CEILING & DEMISE OF
                             THE DOLLAR.
SGT Report       26 Minute Video

3/14/17  6:30 PM  The Rothschild Are The Controlling Party,
                              Have They Orchestrated It All?
                                    X22 Report      Recap & 36 minute Video

3/14/17   12:30 PM    EXCLUSIVE: FBI’s Own Political Terror Plot;
                               Deputy Director and FBI Brass Secretly Conspired
                               to Wage Coup Against Flynn & Trump. 

3/14/17   12:00 PM   We Have We Been Duped By The Rothschild Family,
                               Was This All Part Of Their Plan?
                                  X22 Report News Flash     15 Minute Video

3/14/17    8:30 AM   Interview With Andrew Hoffman 'The Debt Needs
                              To Be Defaulted On, It Needs To Die,
                              There Is Nothing To Fix It.

                                      X22 Report    31 Minute Interview

3/14/17    7:30 AM   Children of a Lesser God.     Article       Video

3/14/17    7:30 AM   Note from Jim:    Hacked Again.                               

Got to make some decisions on whether to stay up or give it up.  This is the CIA I am up against.   I am now shut down for the rest of March unless I pay a new ransom to my web service provider every month.  This is what I did the last time I was down so my monthly bill just gets bigger and bigger.  That means the CIA has to hack me harder and harder, which they will do.

3/13/17  9:30 PM   A CIA Cyber False Flag. 
Tyler Durden     Article

3/13/17  6:00 PM   The Deep State Pushes Their Agenda To Have
                            Trump Removed And Replaced With Pence.
                                  X22 Report      Recap & 20 Minute Video

3/13/17  4:00 PM    Anonymous - This is going to Change
                             Everything We Know... (CIA Secrets
                             EXPOSED 2017).    
10 Minute Video

3/13/17  4:00 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Bletchley Park

This Rant was inspired by Michael Rivero's radio show today. If you saw the 2014 movie, The Imitation Game, you probably already know this.

During WWII the British code breakers worked out of Bletchley Park, England. It took them several years to break the Enigma machine, the “unbreakable” code machine created and used by the Germans. When a computer system was built to crack the code, it was classified and kept secret so the Germans would not suspect they had been “wire tapped” and would respond by changing the machine.

After the war England and the United States kept the code breakers success classified for another fifty years. Why? Because the Enigma machines were gifted to most of the major governments by England and the U.S. so those countries could conduct business without being hacked by using the “unhackable” machines.

You are being reminded of all this because as Rivero says, this is proof that Russia did not hack the Democratic party. If Russia hacked the Democrats they would never release the information as it would end their hacking ability just as Bletchely Park discovered. This adds credence that the Dems were hacked by an insider as a one time “Gotcha”.

3/13/17  8:30 AM   Saudi Crown Prince Flies To Washington
                            To Meet With Donald Trump.   

3/13/17  7:30 AM   Ben Fulford Blurb:  World Freemasons gather in Tokyo
                                              to select new leader and golden age dawns.
                                                               Ben Fulford

3/13/17  6:30 AM   Time Crystals Explained | Answers With Joe
6 Minute Video

3/12/17  6:30 PM    Wow! First ‘Time Crystal’ Made of
                             4th Dimension Atoms, New State of Matter.

DAHBOO7 5 Minute Video

3/12/17  5:30 PM    CIA Stresses Loyalty to the AGENCY Over Loyalty
                             to the Constitution.          Article

3/12/17  1:30 PM     'Clinton & ISIS funded by same money' -
                                   Assange interview w/John Pilger
2 Minute Video

3/12/17  12:30 PM     Divine Cosmos: New Movie-Length Video:

                               The Antarctic Atlantis
David Wilcock  Article

3/11/17  10:30 AM  Widespread AT&T Outages Reported
                            Across The U.S.    Correct 

3/11/17  9:30 AM    Note from Jim:    If Hacked . . .

If this website is hacked the domain name of will be
  redirected to  the following temporary website.     Link

3/11/17  8:00 AM  Interview With Bix Weir 'The Economic Crisis
                              Will Hit This Summer, Banks Will Crash,
                              Currency Won't Exist".
                                        X22 Report     46 Minute Video

3/11/17  8:00 AM   NY Times Goes Back and CHANGES January Headline
                             from “Wiretapped” to “Intercepted” to Bash Trump.
3/11/17  6:30 AM   Dear Jim:

                       Just how deep is the Deep State?

Response:    Four Feet six inches.   I am 5 Feet 3 inches tall, making my chin  4 feet six inches from the ground, and I have had it just about up to here with these arrogant fools!                          

3/11/17  6:30 AM   Preppers Stuck In Cities: Elite Chartering
                           "Getaway Boats In Case Of
                            Manhattan Emergency".    

3/10/17  8:30 PM   Note From Jim:   

                            The website has been under attack yesterday and today. 
                            It may go down from overuse.  I will look into the problem

3/10/17 6:00 PM   Judge Napolitano: For The FIRST Time,
                           We Have A President Who Is An Adversary
                           of the Deep State.      
4 Minute Video

3/10/17 5:30 PM   It's Not Going To End Well, We Are On The Path
                           To A Collapse.   X22 Report    Recap & 39 Minute Video

3/10/17 3:30 PM   Jeff Sessions Asks All Remaining Obama-Appointed
                            U.S. Attorneys To Resign.   Article

3/10/17 3:30 PM  Sessions asks 46 Obama-era US attorneys to resign.

3/10/17 12:30 PM  SGT Report Video: You Need To Be Aware...
                            The Summer Of Chaos Will Follow The Broken
                            Spring Of FED Lies...Better Pay Attention ..
16 Minute Video

3/10/17 11:30 AM  The Conflict Within The Deep State Just
                             Broke Into Open Warfare.
Tyler Durden       Article

3/10/17 10:30 AM  Congresswoman Maxine Waters Just Did It Again,
                             She Just Admitted Something Big About Obama.
                                X22 News Flash   3 Minute Video

3/10/17 9:30 AM


3/10/17 9:00 AM   Obama’s Spies Have Got to Go.
Bill Still    2 Minute Video

3/10/17 7:00 AM  Greg Hunter, “Weekly News Wrap-Up 3/10/2017″.
   34 Minute Video

3/10/17 7:00 AM    South Korea's Ex-President Refuses
                            To Vacate Residence After Impeachment,
                            Two Dead During Protests.    

3/9/17 7:30 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day. J Ed.

Let's talk about job security. J. Edgar Hoover held the job of FBI Director for 35 years and it would have been longer had he lived. He obviously had something going for him, right?

Well right if all the stories about him blackmailing everybody in his way or those in political power. Do your own research on him. Who knows, maybe it was he that created the “Honey Trap” because he is said to have tons of files of the powerful elite filling those positions. That is why he was able to keep his job for so long, everyone was afraid of him.

So here we are today and we are supposed to believe the current FBI and CIA guys never learned a thing from J Ed in job security. If that is true then there is no credibility to the stories of Congressmen being controlled or credibility to Pedogate, right?

3/9/17 6:30 PM  When Whistleblowers Tell The Truth
                        They're Traitors.
                        When Government Lies It's Politics.
Tyler Durden Article

3/9/17 5:30 PM    Trump Plants Subtle Clues In His Office
                            To Let The Central Bankers Know Their Fate.
                                X22 Report       Recap & 36 Minute Video

3/9/17 5:00 PM  Fix Is In: House Committee on ‘Russian Hacking’
                          Includes Only DNC-Hired Tech Experts.   Article

3/9/17 9:30 AM  Trump Just Did Something That Will
                           Make The Central Bankers Very Angry.
                             X22 Newsflash      7 Minute Video

3/9/17 9:00 AM   CIA ANON Message Sent To Jim Stone
                         Seems To Confirm What RMN Readers
                         Always Suspected...IC Rules GOV...

SGT Report      29 Minute Video

3/9/17 5:30 AM    Are We Witnessing The Weirdest Moment
                           In Economic History?

"Economies do not explode, they drown
   as the water rises one inch at a time."

Tyler Durden     Article

3/9/17 5:30 AM     Full Ben Fulford.        Ben Fulford

3/8/17 6:00 PM   The Central Bank Is Ready & Prepared To Trigger
                          The Economic Crisis.
                                   X22 Report     Recap & 39 Minute Video

3/8/17 2:00 PM    This Region Of The World Is Being Hit By
                           The Worst Economic Collapse It Has Ever
Michael Snyder     Article

3/8/17 12:00 PM  Hunt For Snowden 2 Begins: Feds Launch
                          Criminal Probe Into Wikileaks' CIA Source.

[The illegal hackers are looking for the
   illegal hacker that hacked them.]

3/8/17 12:00 PM   FBI's Comey: "You’re Stuck With Me For
                           Another Six And A Half Years".    

3/8/17 12:00 PM   The most shocking revelation from the CIA spying scandal.
                                           EXCELLENT  Simon Black Article

3/8/17 10:30 AM   CIA Officer says United States Coup is real.
9 Minute Video

3/8/17 10:30 AM   SORCHA: "Full Wrath Of CIA Warned Ready
                          To Hit America After All Their Deadly Lies
[Use Discernment]     Article

3/8/17  9:00 AM  Interview With Jim Willie 'US Will Be Forced To
                         Accept A Devalued Domestic Dollar,
                         That's When The Crisis Hits".
                                  X22 Report     81 Minute Interview

3/8/17  7:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Joe Report

I made it through a half hour of Morning Joe today. Those people are in all out panic. First of all there was no mention of yesterday's Wikileak of the CIA, a most explosive story. But as a result of that Wikileak release, Morning Joe amazingly made it through their half hour without saying the word, “Russian”.

Their guest, Tim Kain, Hillary's running mate, said,”Trump won't defend himself from hacking so how can he defend the United States.” Joe only said that the intelligence community will not get Trump for his lies.

But the real prize winner (or is it whinner?) was Nika. She continued to refer to Trump as a “liar and traitor” and attacked him “as a human being”. And then there were more of the sounds she makes when she has to say the word “Trump”. She moans or hints at having to throw up. My personal advice to the producer would be to get her off the stage as she is clearly showing their hand in destroying Trump without there being any resemblance to honest reporting. However, I think the show is too far gone and cannot or will not be modified.

3/8/17  7:00 AM    Obama In Hiding After His Former
                           Secret Service Agent Just Made A
                           Monumental Admission Into Trump’s
                           Wiretapping Claim.    
7 Minute Video

                         FEDERAL PRISON.
SGT Report      Must Hear 4 Minute Video

3/8/17  6:00 AM   CIA Contractor on #VAULT 7 Leak:
                             ‘There is Heavy Shit Coming Down’.

Article and 1 Minute Video

3/8/17  6:00 AM   WikiLeaks says CIA docs reveal US consulate
                           in Frankfurt as hacking base – Do they Also
                           Control ISIL Underground Training Bases In
Katherine Frisk     Article

3/7/17  6:00 PM   The Ohama Titanic Syndrome Signal Indicates
                           A Major Economic Crisis Is On The Horizon.
                                 X22 Report      Recap & 37 Minute Video

                          DUMP THAT COULD END THE ENTIRE CIA TOMORROW!!!
                                                 6 Minute Video

3/7/17  3:00 PM   Snowden: What The Wikileaks Revelations
                          Show Is "Reckless Beyond Words".   

3/7/17  8:30 AM   Wikileaks Unveils 'Vault 7': "The Largest
                          Ever Publication Of Confidential CIA
                          Documents"; Another Snowden Emerges.
Tyler Durden   Article

3/7/17  8:30 AM   Vault 7: WikiLeaks exposes entire hacking
                                          capacity of the CIA.    Article

3/7/17  8:00 AM  CIA Analyst – Trump Wiretap Was
                            Probably Done Via British GCHQ.

Must See Bill Still    5 Minute Video

3/7/17  7:30 AM  This Is What Happens When The Globalist Don't
                           Want You To See Or Hear Something.
                                X22 News Flash      5 Minute Video

3/7/17  6:00 AM  Less holy Kids.         Video

3/7/17  6:00 AM  Dear Jim:

You and I and Donald are the same age give or take a year.  We are living in a different world than we grew up in!   I feel like Alice in Wonderland every single day.     But even as a very young child, I wanted the "skinny".    I have an insatiable curiosity to know what is going on, at the highest levels who is running this show?   All leads back to the big families and those mysterious ones who make up the Deep State from what I can tell.    The devil is truly in the details, and I go after those details for at least a couple of hours or more every day.   I have not read a book, gone to a movie, or turned the TV on for years.   With all the skinny flooding out of my computer like a firehose,  who could trade that for a cheesy sit com?

Jacqui, Loy and I are addicted to your site, as you know by hearing from us now and again.   Still dream of having that drink someday and chatting about it all.   Just wanted you to know, from me to you,  that I understand completely the state of wonder you are experiencing right now.   The word surreal doesn't touch it!       OX!  Calhoun

Response: We are the same yet different. You want to be Alice and there are times I wish I were the caterpillar and just sit around and smoke dope and not be bothered with all of this.

3/6/17  5:30 PM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Am I Straight?

Have I got it straight, what's going on that is? I have spent the past two weeks in 5 to 8 hour meetings just about every day. We have new members joining our Fall-Back survival retreat. I have people calling me scared to death wondering what is going on geo-politically. That is why the website has been sparse in postings lately.

So I just got in an hour ago and started looking at what has been going on lately. Here's what I have. The public is sick of the Russian Talking crap of the Dems, as evidenced by the 80% approval rating of Trump's Congress speech. Now Trump is squealing about evidence that Obama did a Watergate on him. This apparently has the Dems terrified.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that progress is being made on the Pedo-Gate scandal; Obama may have been caught with his own Clinton Foundation type fund, that being a slush fund created by the Justice Department shaking down big clients for legal problems to disappear when a “donation” was made and this fund is the source of funding for Obama to use to “Stop Trump”.

And meanwhile again, John McCain may be caught with a similar “foundation” that took millions for the Russians in the past. Getting back to the wiretapped Trump, which appears to have started a few days after Bill Clinton plane chatted with Loretta Lynch on the tarmack, it appears that six Federal intelligence agencies were involved. And speaking of Loretta, the former Attorney General of the U.S., was recently on a Youtube advising all Democrats to go into the street to wreak havoc and blood in order to stop Trump – which is clearly inciting a riot and possibly is treason.

My questions to you the readers is, “Have I got everything straight here?” Wasn't this an old episode of General Hospital?

3/6/17  5:30 PM    The Deep State Has Just Been Setup,
                             Get Ready For The Awakening.
                                X22 Report       Recap & 38 Minute Video

3/6/17  4:00 PM    Comment by Michael River Today. 

He says it is not a war of Democrats against Republicans. We are seeing a war between all the powerful people that have committed crimes against America now fighting those that are awake and trying to free humanity from them.

                            ON JOURNALISTS, U.S. ALLIES: FISA
                            Granted FBI Warrant To Spy on Trump.
                                            Article & 4 Minute Video

3/6/17  3:30 PM  Watch How The Globalist Freak-Out Over
.       X22 News Flash
MUST SEE 4 Minute Video

3/6/17  2:30 PM  Trump Signs Revised Travel Ban, Exempts Iraq.

3/6/17  2:30 PM   Jim Stone issues a bleak assessment
                      that the system is so corrupted that
                      Trump will be ousted via a coup.   

3/6/17  7:00 AM  Loretta Lynch: Need more marching, blood, death on streets.
                                                      Article & Video

3/6/17  6:30 AM  Anti-Soros Uprising Spreads Across Europe,
                           Media Blackout.    

3/6/17  6:30 AM  Trey Gowdy on The Mike Gallagher Show.
13 Minute Video

3/6/17  6:00 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:   Desperate counter attack by Satanic
                                                           mafia failing on all fronts as human
                                                           liberation nears.    Ben Fulford

3/5/17  6:00 PM  Former Attorney General and Judge Jeanine
                         Just Revealed A Troubling Fact About Warrant
                         Against Trump.     
8 Minute Video

3/5/17  8:30 AM    Clif High Interview - SHTF Starts Mid March!
Greg Hunter     43 Minute Video

                            DONALD TRUMP — Col. Anthony Schaffer.
11 Minute Video

                           PLANS TO TAKE DOWN TRUMP… WATCH
                           BEFORE DELETED!    
6 Minute Video

3/4/17  2:00 PM  Lt Col Tony Shaffer: “We are talking about
                         the potential of indictments of a former sitting
                         president and his staff.”    7 Minute Video

3/4/17  6:00 AM  Note from Jim:

I will be out most of the day today.

                            The LBMA is TOAST!
                                     Must See      8 Minute Video

3/4/17  5:30 AM   CNN Found Guilty In Lawsuit, $30M Penalty
                           Advances For Knowingly Publishing
                           Fake News Hit Job.        

3/3/17  8:00 PM  Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.3.17
19 Minute Video

                         — I CAN’T SAY ANY MORE OR I’ll BE CENSORED!
                                      Lisa Haven    26 Minute Video

3/3/17  5:00 PM  Note from Jim:

I needed some lone time today so I went to the movies. I saw The Shack. I highly recommend it. It is much better than the book and the book was great. The movie will help if we go through the chaos process.   

3/3/17  8:00 AM   Obama may be arrested for DOJ funneling
                           billions to himself and liberal ...  
1 Minute Video

3/3/17  6:30 AM  Systems down all Thursday afternoon
                          for multiple banks in Texas.    

3/3/17  6:00 AM   Note From Jim:    Website Funding.

In order to fund this site, I am giving you the readers first option on our new politically correct Tee Shirt.  It says, “I have not spoken to any Russians.” It is white with black lettering.  Our unique patented design is a full length shirt with half of it folded under the top and secured by Velcro at shoulder height. When fully extended it becomes an Arab robe for when you want to blend in at the airport.       Price: $89.99.

3/2/17  7:30 PM    Bank Of America Sets A Date For The Market's "Great Fall"
                                        [Second half of 2017]    Article

3/2/17  7:30 PM    CITIZEN JOURNALISTS: Doing The Work
                            The MSM Won’t – Brittany Pettibone.
30 Minute Video

3/2/17  6:30 PM  Has The Date Been Set For The Great Economic Collapse?
                                    X22 Report    Recap & 39 Minute Video

3/2/17  2:00 PM   Your Not Going To Believe What CNN Did
                          & It Could Cost Them 30 Million Dollars.
X22 Report 4 Minute Video

3/2/17  2:00 PM   You Know We Have a TERMINALLY BROKEN
                           System When…        

3/2/17  9:00 AM   A Summary of the March 2017 Web Bot Report.
                            [Start at 3 Minute Mark; USA at 18 Minute]
27 Minute Video

3/2/17  9:00 AM   The 'Deep State' Indoctrinated The
                          Youth & Created 'Safe Spaces' For
                          This Purpose.
                      X22 Special Report    MUST SEE 8 Minute Video

3/2/17  7:00 AM    11 Quotes From Trump’s Speech To Congress
                           That Show That The U.S. Economy Is In A State
                           Of Collapse.     
Michael Snyder    Article

3/2/17  6:00 AM   U.S. Journalist Investigating "Migrant Crime"
                          In Sweden Has To Leave Under "Police Escort"
                          For His Own Safety.     

3/2/17  6:00 AM   Obama's close confidante 'Valerie Jarrett'
                           has moved into his DC home, which is now
                           the Nerve Center for their Plan to Take
                           Down TRUMP.   
[Use Discernment]  Article

3/1/17  8:00 PM   DNC Death Throes: Caustic Vitriol, Tantrums,
                          And Calling Navy Seal’s Grieving Widow An Idiot
                          Doesn’t Seem To Be Working.   Article

3/1/17  6:00 PM  Stock Market Surge Is An Illusion,
                         The Economic Crisis Date Was Planned
                         2 Years Ago.

X22 Report    Recap & 35 Minute Video

3/1/17  4:00 PM  Logic in the Matrix: the Declaration of Independence.
Jon Rappopart     Article

3/1/17  3:30 PM  Dear Jim. You think the President might know
                         something the economist scaring us the death 
                         are not factoring in?      Link     Lana

3/1/17  3:30 PM   Dear Jim: CNN Had A Shocking Reaction To
                           Donald Trump’s Speech.    Link    Pete

3/1/17  3:30 PM  Ivanka Trump: Dad Is Destroying DC Pedo Network.

3/1/17  6:30 AM     Bernie Sanders: We Need To Tear Down
                             The Corrupt Democrat Party.    

3/1/17  6:30 AM     It wasn't the Russians, it was the auditors.


2/28/17  5:30 PM  NY Teamsters Pension Becomes First To
                             Run Out Of Money As Expert Warns
                             "Pension Tsunami" Is Coming.    Article

2/28/17  10:00 AM    Interview With Simon Black 'It's A Mathematical
                               certainty That The Economy Is Going To Come Down".
                                           X22 Report     41 Minute Video 

2/28/17  10:00 AM   Oroville Dam Update: Now that the water
                              emergency is over, here’s some photos
                              showing the damage caused by the spillway

2/28/17  7:30 AM   Trump Accuses Obama Of Being Behind
                             Protests, Leaks.   

2/28/17  7:30 AM    Note From Jim:

Got busted yesterday by the “Ben police”.

2/28/17  6:00 AM   Google relists Article

2/27/17  6:00 PM    Dear Jim,

Have you posted this from The Hagmann Report - 2/19?

""Resist Trump" is the mantra of the Marxist groups combining forces under Obama's Organizing for Action, which has combined resources with "Indevisible" - a 6,000 chapter strong group intent on disrupting and ultimately destroying our way of life.

Under The Hagmann Report, investigators have infiltrated several groups to find their real intent - to "take down" not just Trump, but our Constitutional Republic.

These groups are heavily funded and well-refined. Do NOT underestimate what they have planned."

Important Update - Prepare for Domestic Conflict 2/19/17 

                                      Must See  13 Minute Video    CJ

2/27/17  6:00 PM   Strange Coincidence That The Same Point
                            In Time For The Economic Crisis Keeps Coming Up.

X22 Report    Recap & 40 Minute Video

2/27/17  3:30 PM    Retail Apocalypse Gains Momentum As
                             David Stockman Warns ‘Everything Will
                            Grind To A Halt’ After March 15th.
                                    Michael Snyder     Article

2/27/17  2:30 PM   Treasury To Run Out Of Cash By June –
                            Riots Expected.    

2/27/17  2:00 PM  Judge Jeanine on Sanctuary Cops.
Bill Still Report      7 Minute Video

                             2016 – FIRED BY TRUMP 2017!.
                                  Article & 12 Minute Video

2/27/17 12:00 PM    Former IMF Chief Sent To Jail As
                              Spain Prosecutes 65 Elite Bankers
                              In Enormous Corruption Scandal.

2/27/17 12:00 PM  Chair Of House Intel Committee: No
                            Evidence Of Contact Between Trump Campaign,

2/27/17 8:00 AM  Deep State War? Russian Officials Keep
                          Dying Unexpectedly.      Article

2/27/17 8:00 AM   DAHB007:  Heads Up! Officials Warn
                           Mysterious Radioactive  Cloud Could
                           Be Heading Our Way.       
                            Also See:    Article   And  Article

2/27/17 6:00 AM   Citizen Militia Experiences Explosive Growth
                           Following The Last Election.   

2/27/17 6:00 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:  Battle to free humanity accelerates
                                                   in US Japan Israel Korea and elsewhere.            
                                                                 Ben Fulford

2/26/17 10:00 AM    David Stockman: Giant Fiscal Bloodbath
                              Coming Soon, Everything Will Grind to a
                              Halt in 2017.

Greg Hunter   Article & 26 Minute Video

2/26/17 10:00 AM  Top Pizzagate researcher’s videos
                             disappear from Youtube.      Article

2/26/17 8:30 AM     Open Carry.


2/26/17 7:00 AM  Barclays Server Crash Leaves Customers
                          Unable To Withdraw Cash, Use Debit Cards.

2/26/17 7:00 AM  THE ISRAEL DECEPTION — Ken Schortgen                 
SGT Interview     45 Minute Video

2/25/17 9:00 PM  Note From Jim:

I agree we need a Congressional hearing on what this man told the Russians on his visit to Russia!!!!!        Video

2/25/17 8:00 PM     Note from Jim:    Welcome Back!

As you can see, I got hacked last night.  I discovered it at 7:30 AM but was heading out the door for what turned out to be all day back to back meetings. 

My web provider said I was attacked by persons in Israel and Ukraine, but who really knows where it was originated, right?  I am to pooped to post news tonight but will be back on the job Sunday Morning.

One interesting note is that persons were able to get to the news blog by using the IP Address number!   Tomorrow I will write a backup website in case this becomes more frequent.  In that case if the site goes down, an alternate one will resurface an hour later.

2/25/17 8:00 PM   Interview With Rick Rule 'The Day Of Reckoning
                            Is Coming & This Time There Is No Solution"

X22 Report 40 Minute Video


2/24/17 7:00 PM  Jon Rappoport: "I'm waiting for
                     Google to explain why they deleted
                     Natural News" / Update from Mike Adams

2/24/17 7:00 PM   David Seaman - "Bitcoin Breaks All-Time
                           High + Trump Addresses PIZZAGATE!"
7 Minute Video

2/24/17 6:30 PM   There Is A Pattern Of When Recessions &
                            Depressions Occur.

X22 Report    Recap & 39 Minute Video

2/24/17 3:30 PM   Note From Jim

Google is now outright censoring news articles and shutting down news sites. Last night I switched to DuckDuckGo in place of the Google search engine. I have been using it for the past two months but just now removed Google completely - my choice.  DuckDuckGo does not track or mine you.

According to Michael Rivero today, Google says they removed Natural News from its search engine because of bad script in a comment posted by a reader back in 2014!

2/24/17 2:30 PM   White House Bars CNN, NYT, Others
                           From Media Briefing.    Article

2/24/17 1:00 PM    DAHBOO77: Heads Up! #HAARP Fires
                            Back Up, Will Create Strange Glows. 
3 Minute Video

2/24/17 12:00 PM    President Trump Announces
                              Elite Pedophile Ring Investigation.      
Article & Video

2/24/17 11:30 AM   The Status Quo Is Not Working.
                                 Tyler Durden       Article

2/24/17 11:30 AM   New Hampshire the 12th State to Allow
                             Constitutional Carry.

[Now one fourth of the states allow guns.]  Article

2/24/17 9:00 AM   Request From Jim:   Improved website?

Thanks to all that advised me on upgrading the site.  The advice was unanimous to leave it as is, which is what I will do.

2/24/17 8:00 AM   Note from Jim:   Friday Weekly Update.

The main takeaway this week news wise is The big corporations have started to shut down the Independent News sites.  They began with Infowars and Nature News.  After the dust settles in a few weeks they will probably begin taking out more. A dozen hits and we will be in the dark.

2/24/17 7:30 AM   Trump Tears Into The FBI: Agency Is
                            "Totally Unable To Stop National
                             Security Leakers".    

2/24/17 6:30 AM   Greg Hunter – Weekly News Update 2/24/17
                                      20 Minute Video

2/23/17 9:00 PM   RED ALERT: “And Then They Came For Me”.
11 Minute Video

2/23/17 5:30 PM   The Deep State Just Made It's Move &
                           You Are Not Going To Believe Their Plan.

X22 Report     Recap & 35 Minute Video

2/23/17 3:00 PM  Dear Jim:    Regarding Give It To Me Straight.

In the beginning, years ago, I was so naive.  As time passes the journey gets both clearer and more mysterious.  Here it is, straight from my woo-woo bin - upper management is gutting a few mid-level offices in the pyramid as part of a major restructuring. There are no coincidences - Killary lost because upper management wanted it that way.  The top delegates and avoids micromanagement.

"A great deal of dirty illuminati secrets are being exposed at a rapid pace. Several "leaks" have been created and orchestrated to ensure almost all people, from the mainstream folks to the alternative info folks, know just how dark and evil this group is."

"Now that the world is starting to see the devil, they will bring him to light and destroy him and his hell around him."

"Enter the saviours. This has to be another country or government or secret ET allies, right?"

"They will give you what you want.  Once it's too late you'll remember..  Oh yeah, this is what THEY wanted too!!??!"

Above quotes were originally posted in 2015, esoteric and clairvoyant.

At around 1:08 in this 2015 podcast The Ruiner briefly discussed a few sub-compartments within the global structure.  The cabal, the Bavarian Illuminati, and the religious cults are some examples. Thousands of compartments are connected to one big structure.  Sub-compartments fight amongst themselves - family quarrels.       Link

At 2:28 they discuss the Dec 2012 "end of the cabal" that was so widely predicted among the ascension crowd.  The reptilian cabal had Plan A for humanity but humanity won that round.  The cabal won't be leaving quietly and still has Plans B, C, and more.  Order out of chaos.  The end game is still a cashless society as foretold in the futuristic movie "In Time":   Correct Link
(A must see, IMO, on par with the books 1984 and Brave New World.) 

2/23/17 10:00 AM  O'Keefe Drops "Bombshell" Undercover
                            Footage From Within CNN.   
Article & Video

2/23/17 10:00 AM   NYT In Full Panic Mode Over Reports That
                            Trump Will Designate The Muslim Brotherhood
                             As A Terrorist Organization.       

2/23/17 9:30 AM Jim's Rant For The Day.   Give It To Me Straight.

[hypothetical] Dear Jim: Give it to me straight, I can handle it. I don't have time for all the reading and hours of Youtubes. Just tell me what to expect in the near future and who is doing it. Sincerely, What Me Worry

Response: O.K. I'll give it to you in a nutshell, but first I need you to answer a few questions. To simplify things, just check off where you are in your thinking, OK?

___ When I look at the stars at night I see only where they were a million years ago and not where they are tonight. Likewise when I look at the U.S. government I see what I was told at age 12, not what it really is and how it works today.

___ There are many layers that control (fully or partly) the U.S. The list includes: Trump, Dems & Repubs, Cabal, Bankers, Deep U.S. Government, Military, Military Industrial Complex, CIA and 16 other Alphabets. Some of these organizations may be in mutiny and may appear to be schitzo in predicting what they will do.

___ It may be possible that ET's control some of the organizations above or impact them in some way.

___ It is possible that some of the organizations above know major earth shaping things that we do not know.

___ It may be possible that some of humanity is now technologically for more advanced than other parts of humanity can only speculate about but probably are not aware of.            

 ___ We are trained to see leaders as leaders and not stooges controlled (in one way or another) by another (person or group).

2/23/17  8:30 AM   John McCain Makes "Unusual" Secret
                            Trip To Syria As Trump Prepares Plans
                            To Defeat ISIS.   

2/23/17  8:30 AM   Jeff Rense & Catherine Austin Fitts -
                            Brilliant Explanation Of What Trump…
                            And We…Are Now Facing.   
50 Minute Video

2/23/17  6:30 AM    Full Ben Fulford Report.    Ben Fulford

2/22/17  10:00 PM  Wikileaks BUSTS McCAIN in RUSSIA
                             CASH Treason! Then Russian Ambassador
                             DROPS DEAD! (Vitaly Churkin).
6 Minute Video

2/22/17  9:30 PM   Infowars and Natural News under attack.
Jon Rappoport    Article

2/22/17  9:30 PM   DAHBOO77: Cyber-Attack? DHS Staff
                            "Locked Out" of Computer Networks.
2 Minute Video

2/22/17  6:30 PM    Be Prepared, Spring Is Coming & Plans
                             Are In The Works For The Next Event.
X22 Report      Recap & 39 Minute Video

2/22/17  2:00 PM    Wikileaks Exposes John McCain’s Illegal
                            Request for Campaign Cash From Russian
                            Ambassador Who Suddenly Died Monday
                            in NYC.        Article

2/22/17  2:00 PM  Report: Massive advertising platform bans
                            popular website [Infowars] over support of
                            Donald Trump.      Article

2/22/17  2:00 PM     Trump To Revoke Obama's Transgender
                                Bathroom Rule.       Article

2/22/17  2:00 PM   Michael Rivero: Trump, Russia, Israel,
                            Nukes, Leaks, Chaos and Civil War.
19 Minute Video

2/22/17  8:30 AM  James O’Keefe [Project Veritas] Tells
                           Sean Hannity About ‘Wikileaks Style’
                           Dump On Network News( Releases in
                           48 Hours).    Article & 1 Minute Video

2/22/17  8:00 AM  MSNBC Anchor Admits "Our Job" Is
                             To "Control Exactly What People Think".
                              Tyler Durden  
Article & 1 Minute Video

2/22/17  7:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Spam Lamb.

Mike D. peaked my curiosity this morning regarding the Morning Joe show. I haven't watched it for a week now so I tuned it on to ruin my breakfast. It reminded me of an old MASH episode.

They had several wounded Greek soldiers in the hospital that looked forward to their traditional Easter lamb dinner. Radar hid the lamb at slaughter time. The crew overcame the lack of supply by serving a Spam concoction shaped like a lamb head.

Morning Joe must have seen that one too, as they are now serving old spam heads. It appears that they are interviewing mainly old and current TV news journalists together. Today it was Al Sharpton and the retired Tom Brokaw. In the past it has been Chuck Todd, several of the current female newscasters and Dan Rather.

To me it appears like a shop window turnstyle showcase displaying its wares to the public, mixing in the nostalgia once trusted newscasters with the current ones, hoping the trust will rub off. I wouldn't be surprised if they dug up the body of Edward R. Murrow and propped him up on the turnstyle too.

Michael Rivero points out that the Main Street News is now pitching only to the elderly (a dying audience) and to the rest of the six percent of the population that is not computer literate.

2/22/17  6:00 AM   The Conflictual Relationship Between
                                Donald Trump And The US "Deep State".
By Tyler Durden     Article

2/22/17  5:30 AM   Dear Jim

Morning Joe has now resorted to soft selling anarchy by using the first half hour showing all of the town halls with supposedly conservative crowds that are lambasting the Republican reps.  With the intent to show that America has now embraced Obamacare and wants it no matter what.

They are ceding the rest of the field to Trump....immigration, jobs, strong defense and no more stupid wars, no riots etc.

They just cant seem to find a wedge to stop Trump.....not that they won't keep trying!      Mike D.

2/22/17  5:30 AM   Benjamin Fulford News White Dragon Society.
6 Minute Video

2/21/17  9:30 PM  Update: Oroville Dam = False Flag (Bix Weir)
17 Minute Video

2/21/17  9:30 PM   The Economy Is Not Going To Get Better,
                            The US Is Prepaing For A Collapse Scenario:
                        David Quinteri.  X22 Spotlight   27 Minute Video

2/21/17  9:00 PM    CIA Backed AIDE To Obama’s Syrian
                             “Moderate” REBELS Comes To A
                               Screeching HALT!     

2/21/17  1:30 PM  Putin Exposes the Plot to Destroy America.
Bill Still Report      8 Minute Video

2/21/17  1:00 PM  Fed Up With 'Dysfunction And Deadlock,'
                             Former FEC Chair Will Resign.

The primary responsibilities of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) are to ensure full disclosure of campaign money and fair enforcement of election law, former chair Ann M. Ravel said Monday, before declaring: “Citizens deserve to know it does neither.”                Article

                         First Oroville & Now Morgan Hill & Anderson
Article and 3 Minute Video

2/21/17  12:30 PM  New DHS Memos Reveal That Almost
                            Anyone Living In The US Illegally Is
                            Now Subject To Deportation.    

2/21/17  8:00 AM    Sacramento’s Being Flooded EVEN
                             BEFORE OROVILLE DAM BREAKS-
                             Paul Preston Interview.   

[This WAS recorded Friday.] 
24 Minute Video

2/20/17  9:30 PM    Oroville Dam !!!!!!GET OUT NOW!!!!
                             Nowhere Left For the Water To Go .

                             [Major False Flag coming?]
                                   Tyler Durden12 Minute Video

2/20/17  9:00 PM    Oroville Dam = False Flag?
                             (Bix Weir of RoadtoRoota). 
10 Minute Video

2/20/17  7:00 PM  Alan Greenspan: Ron Paul Was Right
                            About The Gold Standard.
[Alan admits he screwed up]    Article

2/20/17  6:30 PM   Children of a Lesser God.  Video

2/20/17  6:30 PM  Meanwhile, Rioting Breaks Out In Sweden.
                                       Article & Video

2/20/17  6:00 PM   White House Leakers & 'Soft Coup' Agenda
                            In The Process Of Being Exposed.
                                  X22 Report    Recap & 36 Minute Video

2/20/17  5:00 PM  Anatomy Of The Deep State: An Open
By Ron Paul   23 Minute Video

2/20/17  4:30 PM   DAHBOO77: Dangerous Main Event Happening
                            Now In California, Fears of 7.2 Earthquake On
                            Calaveras Fault.      
Article & 4 Minute Video

2/20/17  3:00 PM    Weather Warfare Biggest Threat to
                             Life on Earth-Dane Wigington.
Greg Hunter Interview     30 Minute Video

2/20/17  11:00 AM   Dear Jim:   [Regarding Fulford Report]

There is A LOT of Bullshit in this one.   Jeff L.

Response: Now you tell me.  I already got some on me. 

2/20/17  10:30 AM   Former Red Team Planner On The
                             Actions And Effects Of C
ivil War
                             Rebellion In The US...    
9 Minute Video

2/20/17  10:30 AM   CLIF HIGH: WE STAND AT THE CUSP,
                              THE REST IS UP TO US.
Sgt Interview    87 Minute Video

2/20/17  6:00 AM   Paul Craig Roberts Explains The Stakes
                            For Trump And All Of Us.    

2/20/17  6:00 AM     Ben Fulford Blurb:    Ben Fulford

2/19/17  4:00 PM     GLOBE: Huma tesifies against Hillary
                              at secret grand jury in return for immunity.
                              Prosecutors would seek at least 10 year

2/19/17  2:00 PM  Anderson Cooper - the truth. Article

2/19/17  10:30 AM LAKE SHASTA /Over 90% Capacity /                          
                            OROVILLE DAM UpDate!  
7 Minute Video

                           ARE BEING BROUGHT DOWN!

SGT Report    7 Minute Video

2/18/17  2:30 PM    Is the “Shadow Government” Threatening
                             to Undermine President Trump?

Article and 12 Minute Video

2/18/17  12:00 PM  Ex-CIA Operative Robert Steele Wants
                             To Warn President Trump Of What Is
                             Coming On May 1 – Steps He
                             Should Take For Survival.
EXCELLENT   Article & 22 Minute Video

2/18/17  10:30 AM   Jay Sekulow: Obama Should Be
                              "Held Accountable" For The
                              "Soft Coup" Against Trump.  
                           MUST SEE   Article & 4 Minute Video

2/18/17  9:00 AM  Big Cleanup at State:
                            Tillerson Firing Staffers in Troves.  

2/18/17  8:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day. BeetleJuice

We are all familiar with the Military tactic of “Broken Arrow”. Whenever a U.S. military position is about to be overrun or captured that base commander issues the order of “Broken Arrow” and all available strike aircraft must come to his aid.

Here I have been sweating Trump having to fight in two directions at once, an almost impossible task. He is trying to turn the U.S. economy and complete his campaign pledge, and at the same time defend his crown from the losing Cabal, if they are losing at all. But still, an impossible job.

In my last Rant I made a disparaging remark about the Military in that we have not heard a peep out of them about the attack on Trump as president. I apologize to the Military for that remark. It is not their job to make such a peep. They are right to remain quiet on the sidelines. That is the rule of law we are under.

But speaking of rule of law, Trump is also under certain rules of law. One such rule is that if he believes the government is in trouble he may command, "Broken Arrow” himself. It is called declaring Martial Law. At that point in time he is in total control of the Military, with officers under penalty of death to do their duty. That's right folks. It's on Trump to make the peep.

Here is what he might do to secure the executive office. Declare Martial Law, but only impacting the Cabal and forces trying to take the lawful government down. This might bypass civilian life completely. He could arrest the ringleaders orchestrating the government take down be it Obama, Sores, half of the CIA, or Joe Scarborough. He could limit certain news outlets to broadcast only four hours a day to choke off their remaining revenue and force them on the resale block.  It could be like a tag team wrestling match in which a double steps in the ring but leaves the audience alone.

It's kind of like the movie BeetleJuice, isn't it. All he's got to do is just say it.


2/17/17  11:30 PM    Obama Coup D’état – Gen. Flynn’s Leaker
                               Will Be Caught.
Bill Still Report    5 Minute Video

2/17/17  8:30 PM  It Is About Time That We Had A President
                           That Was Willing To Go To War With The
                            Mainstream Media.   
Michael Snyder   Article

2/17/17  6:00 PM  The Economy Is An Illusion, Look Past The Illusion
                           & You Will See The Crisis.
                                   X22 Report    Recap & 38 Minute Video

2/17/17  2:30 PM  Very Intersting SORCHA: "President Trump-
                           PewDiePie Alliance Shakes Globalist World
                           To Its Very Core".    

2/17/17  1:30 PM  Massive FEMA response to Oroville Dam.
                             New Feb 16.

[My son works for a lumber yard.  Last night he said local yards cannot source  2 X 4's for resale.  The word is that for the past few weeks major corporations are purchasing all lumber and leaving it on the mill sites.  I suspect they are gambling that one or more of California's 7 dams will fail soon driving their investment sky high.]   
           EXCELLENT 30 Minute Video

2/17/17  1:30 PM    Secretary of State Tillerson FIRES the
                             deep state ‘shadow government/7th floor
                              traitors from State! IT’S HAPPENING!

Article & 8 Minute Video

2/17/17  1:00 PM  Exclusive #PEDOGATE Interview With
                             DHS Insider: “By long-kniving Flynn, they
                             exposed their hand. Now, Trump has full
                             executive powers to investigate the CIA
                             & Mossad.”

Article & 17 Minute Video

2/17/17  11:30 AM    White House Blasts "False" AP Report
                               That 100,000 Troops Will Round Up
                                Illegal Aliens.      

2/17/17  11:30 AM   German Intelligence Clears Russia
                              Of Election Interference.      Article

2/17/17  10:00 AM    Trump Destroys Very Fake News,
                               NSA Leaks on Trump the Real Story,
                               Fed Scared to Death.   Greg Hunter

Weekly Wrap-Up    Article & 22 Minute Video

2/17/17  10:00 AM   Pentagon Drops BOMB Leaking Plans For
                              USA As Govt Starts Civil War & Prophesy
                              “Trump Dies In Jail”.
                                     Lisa Haven 14 Minute Video

2/17/17  7:00 AM  Note from Jim:

He's alive, He's alive! Trump is very much alive. He shocked the Cabal and it's news media yesterday when he seized the initiative from them. You go Donald!

2/16/17  6:30 PM   U.S. Not So Innocent, CIA Involved In Cyber
                            Espionage Leading Up To The French Elections.

X22 Report    Recap & 41 Minute Video

2/16/17  3:00 PM  Russian hackers prank phone call to
                           senator McCain.    11 Minute Video

2/16/17  2:30 PM   Wikileaks Exposes CIA Involvement In
                            French 2012 Presidential Election.    

2/16/17  2:30 PM    In Fiery, "Surreal" Press Conference,
                             Trump Launches War On "Out Of Control"
                             Press: Main Highlights.      

2/16/17  10:00 AM  Dr. Steve Pieczenik Says General Flynn
                            Was Purposely Removed, the Left are
                            Ineffectual Frustrated Children.  

[He says Trump is in total control and
  all is proceeding as planned.]
Article & Video

2/16/17  9:30 AM    "Wake Up America" Dennis Kucinich
                             Defends Trump, Issues Dire Warning
                             About "Deep State".

Must See 7 Minute Video

2/16/17  7:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day. Night-Light Scared – Restatement.

I'll be honest with you, I am so scared that the last two nights I had to sleep with a night-light on! The first night a storm was threatening so I told my wife it was a precaution. Last night I told her it was in case I had to jump up and run with scissors. I don't know what I am going to say tonight.

General Flynn's resignation scared me to death; I felt like Trump should have stood his ground and backed him. But then I am guessing at the real facts and situation. Flynn was the brains behind the Drain The Swamp move in that he knew what needed to be done. But in theory, now he is gone (perhaps).

My problem is I cannot really express my thoughts on all of this because of my birthplace. I am in the South, and besides a drawl I am submissive to manners. It is unmannerly to talk about the dead until they realize they are dead. I don't know if Trump is derailed or not so let's just wait a while longer and see. In the meantime, allow me to restate how some major players (Yankees) see things stacking up. This will be done in a random order.

Jim Snyder feels we are witnessing a civil war between the Deep State (Cabal, Spy Alphabets, Bankers, etc.) and Trump. The Deep state is in all out panic now because of Trump's aggressive start.

X22 Report's Dave feels that Trump is in major trouble now and must collapse the financial system within the next three months to regain the ability to bring back jobs and destroy the Cabal.

Ben Fulford agrees that we are in the fight for our future now with the Cabal, period. The Reset is on hold while we and China gain composure over our countries.

Clif High predicts that from March through May more information will be released that will prove to the disenchanted Left that what they are doing is based on facts that will be no longer true and they will abandon their support of the Cabal's movement.

WikiLeaks has been hinting for seven days that something explosive is about to be released. I recall that last month Clif High predicted that around February 19th major information will be released that will get the full attention of the masses.

A slew of Economists say that the financial system is going down now. Japan, Iran, Russia and China are openly leaving the Petro-Dollar as we speak. The Banksters must get a war going to bring them back into the dollar or risk losing all the world's countries. The banksters also need to make a great big loan to the world so they can continue the banking scam. A nuclear war is just the project to do this.

Morning Joe (MSNBC) & CNN have banned The White House spokesman, Kellyanne Conway, from their show. This signals their new reaction to just tell you propaganda only from now on so just get used to it. They are both desperate and dying.

Federal Reserve says it ain't their fault and have no clue.

Michael Rivero says Trump has got to put it all out there, full disclosure, and show the masses all about the 911 event, the Deep State's control over the government, banker enslavement and their world plans.

U.S. Military - Not a peep.

Jim: A twenty watt light does just fine.

2/16/17 6:00 AM  A Civil War For Control Of The
                         U.S. Government Has Erupted
                         Between ‘The Deep State’ And
                         Donald Trump.  
                                Michael Snyder Article

2/16/17 5:30 AM  On The Verge Of Treason: US Spies
                         Withhold Intelligence From Trump.   Article

2/16/17 5:30 AM  FBI Reportedly Will Not Pursue
                         Charges Against "Cooperative
                         And Truthful" Mike Flynn. 

2/16/17 5:30 AM  Will Trump Succeed In Restoring
                         America, Or Will His Enemies Drag
                         Him (And The Country) Down?    Article

2/16/17 5:30 AM    Full Ben Fulford Report:      Ben Fulford

2/15/17 9:30 PM  The ‘Deep State’ Soft Coup Is Now
                         In Progress To Take Full Control Of
                        The Country.
X22 Special Report    22 Minute Video

2/15/17 5:30 PM  Janet Yellen Just Revealed Something Huge
                                 But No One Is Listening.

X22 Report    Recap & 40 Minute Video

2/15/17 2:00 PM    Mika Will Not Invite Kellyanne Conway
                           to Morning Joe Anymore, Because She
                           Doesn’t Like Fake News.
                         [Joe calls Conway pretty much
                            a media whore]    Article

2/15/17 1:00 PM    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announces
                           World Mercury Project’s $100,000
                           challenge, goal to stop use of highly
                           toxic mercury in vaccines.      

2/15/17 12:30 PM   Jim Stone Opines On The Facts As
                           He Sees Them....And It's Antipodal
                           To Sorcha's Analysis...      

2/15/17 9:00 AM     Dear Jim:

Robert De Niro, RFK Jr, Announcing Something BIG today, regarding vaccines.

Announcement at 8:00 AM CST but stream available at 9:00 AM CST today. CJ       Link

2/15/17 7:30 AM   Top Neocon, Bill Kristol, Exposes His
                          True Undemocratic Feelings During High
                          Moment on Twitter.

Obviously strongly prefer normal democratic and constitutional politics. But if it comes to it, prefer the deep state to the Trump state.”     Article

2/15/17 7:30 AM   Dear Jim:

Clearly the media and TPTB believe the ouster of Flynn and the so called Russian connection during the election is going to be the all out Battle of the Bulge against Trump.  Will Trump call Broken Arrow (bringing in all out fire and brimstone onto your own positions in order to stop the enemy)  and reveal all of the truth to the American people about the theft of our elections, the moral filth in Washington  and our politics with Pizzagate info and the corruption in politics of the bribery of our politicians?   Clearly........ interesting times. Michael D.

Response: Excellent question Michael. Thanks

2/14/17 8:30 PM   Note From Jim:

The article I posted below attributed to Paul Craig Roberts was not written by him but was merely posted to his website.   My error.

P.S.  See all reader comments about that article posted to this website:   Link

2/14/17 8:30 PM  Dear Jim, Regarding the Paul Craig Roberts Article today:

Darkest before the dawn...

How else would a righteous admin bring down the most corrupt and powerful mafia in the world without getting killed?

Play super aggressive chess keeping them always off balance.  Guerilla warfare.  Hit them from all sides.  Unexpected moves.

Trump's aggressive chess - attacks with every move (controls the action and news cycle), makes the opposition use each move to fight back (forces them to waste their moves reducing their chances to organize), publicly announces each move (this strengthens his side and demoralizes them in the end as he is doing what he said he was gonna do. Remember, he said he would lock 'em up. They know they have it coming and do fear this. Fear is a great weapon.)

Notice how now the news talk is all about the leaks...Exactly where Trump wants it.  Who and when... Getting Dobbs to say the leakers are subversives and must be prosecuted.  Wonderful! Getting all the deplorables very angry and ready to 'chop off their heads...'. All primed for the coming tribunals.

I strongly suspect this is a "reverse coup" with the Trump admin either feeding "fake news" to known leakers whom they will later "find" and round-up, and/or leaking it themselves to throw the opposition into disarray (ie:. I didn't leak, you must have, or did he do it?, etc...)

Notice even Flynn's staff was not allowed to read the conversation transcript.  Why?  Because then the jig would be up - they would see the whole issue is completely fake.

What an incredibly smart below the belt move with Flynn playing it to the hilt!  (I didn't do anything wrong...). Flynn will now be underground where the cia won't be able to see as easily what he's up to.  That will make them even more fearful.  Perfect.

I'm so impressed and confident in Trump and his whole team.  (Never forget or underestimate Bannon btw.  He's incredibly smart, experienced in military ops and financial machinations and seething over Breitbart's murder).

You do know that the last exec order was against int'l drug rings, and the last Treas sanctions were against the Venezuela VP and his key ringleader Bello - both directly involved with the drugrunning cia/cabal.  This both stomps on cia operations and cuts off their assets and money.  All frozen.

And immediately they are being attacked by news media for leaks.   Couldn't happen to a more deserving group. Stay O. T.

2/14/17 8:30 PM  Dear Jim:

You know who I am. Trump built his presidential campaign on the subject of my 2005/06 book, the title you always delete when you have posted my commentaries in the past. I hope you will post my comments.

Paul Craig Roberts did not write the article titled "The neocons and the deep state have neutered the Trump presidency," which you posted this evening. The long-time mysterious person called "The Saker" wrote it. PCR posted the article on his site as a "guest contribution."

Here's the article posted at "The Saker's" site:

I found the article incredibly negative. If we are to believe everything this mysterious "Saker" wrote, we might just as well shoot ourselves, because there's no hope for Americans, America, the rule of law, and peace in the world.

I am disappointed that PCR posted "Saker's" article instead of writing his own article about Flynn's resignation. I have been reading PCR's articles since shortly after 9/11. While he has written many important articles over the years, PCR has rarely said anything positive.

So, after all of the winning for the past one-and-a-half years, we are supposed to believe "it's over," according to "The Saker," because Trump's national security advisor resigned.

I hope you and your readers do not give up because a mysterious person wrote that "it's over."
Dan S.

 2/14/17 6:00 PM  The Neocons and the “deep state”
have neutered the Trump Presidency.

"So yes, the Neocons have won.  But their victory removes the last chance for the US to avoid a collapse."              

               MUST READ  Paul Craig Roberts  Saker  Article

2/14/17 5:30 PM   The 'Deep State' Soft Coup Is Now In Progress
                                To Take Full Control Of The Country.

X22 Report     Recap & 38 Minute Video

2/14/17 3:00 PM  Joseph Clancy Resigns As
                         Secret Service Director. 

2/14/17 2:00 PM   WE NEED TO SLAY THE BEAST — Phillip Watt
SGT Interview    32 Minute Video

2/14/17 2:00 PM   Make no mistake, we have just
                          witnessed an operation by members
                          of the CIA to take out a high official
                          of our own government.     

2/14/17 12:00 PM    The Deep State War In Trump’s
                            Administration Over Michael Flynn
7 Minute Video

2/14/17 11:30 AM   General Flynn Is An American Patriot,
                            But The CIA Finally Took Him Down.
                                    Pamela Williams 

2/14/17 11:00 AM   Worst Case Scenario: 100 Foot Tsunami
                          Would Wipe Out Entire Cities If There Is
                         A Catastrophic Failure Of The Oroville Dam.

Michael Snyder   Article

2/14/17 8:30 AM   Dear Jim,

Notice we've not had the standard false flag shootings of late, of which at one point were seemingly non-stop…. Well, false flags come in all shapes and sizes, meaning, it can be "natural" disasters too. Jim stone had said early on, he though the original breach in the dam was a bomb. It was as if a hole was just magically there... IMO, could have been anything to set it going, even a beam weapon.

With the recent movies of the past, chock full of natural disasters, they were priming the public for the next level of false flags as "natural"… Didn't some of Clif High's reports address natural events?

So with the tornado season ramped up, we have hurricanes on land year round, with an eye of the storm whipping up havoc from shore to shore.

This craziness of weather events is almost none stop - throw in those mega snowstorms, and flooding is overwhelming year-round. IN fact, they told us something, what they knew was coming, when home insurance no longer covered flooding. What does bad weather do, why it creates jobs, makes people spend their money, buy insurance and then there are those that bet on weather events on the stock market…

IMO earth is a controlled system in all ways, so ya engineering comes in all forms. :")

Ya, Trump is the real thing, the military approached him to run, (frm Jay Weidner) but still, we'll have to be vigilant because he may still get bad info, though the best strategy is to keep us guessing. :")

The best~! CJ

Response:   I agree with you - the dam will break thus creating another major debt fix for the bankers to survive on.

2/14/17 7:00 AM  Trump Security Team "In Turmoil"
                         After Flynn Resignation, Russia Calls
                         It An "Internal Matter".    

2/13/17 8:00 PM  Was the Oroville Dam Spillway
                          engineered to collapse at an
                          appointed time?    

2/13/17 6:30 PM  Germany Receives Gold Bars From The Fed,
                                But The Bars Have Different Labels.
                                    X22 Report    Recap & 36 Minute Video

2/13/17 2:00 PM   Ben Stein says MSM Coup D’état
                           Against Trump! WOW!

Bill Still Report    6 Minute Video

2/13/17 12:30 PM   Interview With Danielle DiMartino Booth
                                  'Fed Insider: We Have Been Put On Notice
                                   As A Country, The Debt Is Unsustainable".
X22 Report      31 Minute Video

2/13/17 12:00 PM    Maduro Kicks CNN Out Of Venezuela,
                            Accuses It Of Spreading Fake News.

2/13/17 12:00 PM   JIM STONE: They removed my website
                            from the DNS servers because of my
                            coverage of the Oroville Dam situation
                            that adds sabotage as a cause. 

2/13/17 9:00 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day. Three Weeks N Pudding.

Well Folks, Trump has been President for three whole weeks now! Everybody wants to know if he is the real thing or a Cabal Stooge to turn on us later. Scary, ain't it? Let's face it, we really got burned by Obama so caution is certainly understandable here. So is he the real thing or not? At the end of this article I will share with you the gauge to use in getting to the bottom of this pudding, OK?

In the meantime, this is what I see him going after in just those three weeks. Declaring war on gangs; declaring war on Drug Cartels in the U.S.; closing the border; meeting with MAJOR world leaders, hopefully to calm the world down in wars, those are just the highlights. And speaking of lights, all of this is being done in the dark as there may be a conspiracy to Stop Trump by turning out all the lights in the rooms he enters. So for three weeks I give him an A Plus.

But now on to the proof of the pudding. First note that since Trump was elected the drought in California mysteriously disappeared. Could it be that the Cabal saw the handwriting on the wall and stopped wasting money on that project because Trump was going to stop it anyway when he was inaugurated? But that is not the test, just merely a warm up.

Here is the test. Now I know that it has only been three weeks since his inauguration, but have you noticed that there has been a quietness in the world of mass shootings in the U.S. that somehow appear to coincide with police drills at the time and a serous confusion as to how many shooters there actually were? I know, its only been three weeks for Trump and three months since the election (that was in question by the Cabal). So here's the proof: The longer we go without a clearly staged hoax mass shooting, the more real Donald Trump is, because we are now going back to the rule of law and the hoaxer agencies will no longer risk a Terrorism charge. So pick up the three weeks and continue counting.

2/13/17  8:00 AM   Children Of A Lesser God.     Article

2/13/17  7:00 AM  Ben Fulford Blurb:   US and China are both
                                                         busy with internal power
                                                        struggles so the world will
                                                        have to wait.    Ben Fulford

2/13/17  6:30 AM   Sabotage: Obama Is Commanding
                          An Army Of 30,000 Anti-Trump Activists
                          From His Home 2 Miles From The White
Michael Snyder   Article

2/13/17  6:30 AM    Dear Jim:

Morning Joe and their sycophants like Harold Ford and David Ignatius are heralding the "fake news" protests at Republican Town Halls.  By using closely cropped shots of crowds (20 or more protesters) they are trying to hoodwink the viewers that these two protests rival the tens of thousands of Trump supporters during the election.

I don't write this because of the threat to free and fair people but to show the  desperate position of the libs and the MSM.  They are close to being completely ignored.   Michael 

Response: Well said Michael. I too saw the Morning Joe show at 5:30 AM today. I was turned off by the opening segment spent ridiculing how Trump shakes hands, as if that is news worthy. They went downhill after that. Joe was commenting on how the Democrats ignored the crowds during the election because they were somewhat stupid. He says the Republicans are also ignoring those crowds as meaningless as well. My thoughts was that Morning Joe is also ignoring those same crowds. They are turning off most Americans with their antics. I turned it off and just listened to soft music so I could think clearly.

2/12/17 10:00 PM   Washington Post Admits Shutting
                           Down 'Fake News' Will Move Us
                           Closer To A Modern-Day '1984'.

2/12/17  8:30 PM  100,000 People Are Evacuating
                          Over "Imminent Failure" Of California's
                          Oroville Dam.

[Expected to fail tonight]  Article

2/12/17  3:30 PM  Dear Jim:

I think the 9th Circuit Court invitation to make another plead before them is a TRAP. First, they can drag their feet releasing a decision thereby holding the entire process in limbo while we wait on them, second they can re-write their decision so it may never be over turned or it would require a tremendous waste of time and energy of the administration to get it overturned, and thirdly does the Administration really think that a bunch of committed liberal -never trump'ers would do him and our country a favor by ruling responsibility.

I do not think so... if I were Trump I would ignore them and not give them the time of day. Jack

2/12/17  9:00 AM    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Hot Potato

A fond childhood memory is of summer evenings in the back yard playing Hot Potato with a ball. For you high tech Whippersnappers it was low tech. It required an alarm clock and any kind of a ball. We formed a circle. The goal was to not be expelled from the circle by holding the ball when the alarm sounded.

Low tech or not, the 9th Circuit is now playing it for its dear life and reputation. The nation is realizing that Trump was right when he said a twelve year old could see the legality of the Executive Order for a temporary Immigration ban. The MSNM cannot find any more legal scholars that can be paid to agree with the 9th. Even paid lawyers will no longer tell that lie!

Now we hear that a bill will be introduced to split the 9th District because of their backlog and 80% Reversal rate by the Supreme Court. It is one thing to have an 80% failure rate but quite another to have the entire nation focused on it and laughing! Then there is the fear that the laughing will only increase when the Supreme Court laughs at their latest decision, giving their ruling to Trump.

But the real price, oh God, the real price is that Trump hung the responsibility of a lone nut shooter hollering, “Allah is good and so is the 9th!” So now the 9th wants Trump to submit a brief so all eleven 9th judges can throw that hot potato lightening fast before the alarm sounds.

2/12/17 8:00 AM   The "Nutty Ninth" Wants To Be Saved
                          From Itself ...As Trump Wins Again..
              EXCELLENT  Article

2/12/17 8:00 AM    An Alleged Muslim Spy Ring - Is This
                           Why Rex Tillerson Cleaned House? 

2/11/17 7:00 PM   Jim Rogers: "We're About To Have
                          The Worst Economic Problems Of A
                          Lifetime, A Lot Of People Will Disappear".
Article & Video

2/11/17 6:00 PM  Did The Judges Lie: New Report Finds
                         72 Terrorists Came From Countries
                         Covered By Trump Ban.



2/11/17 5:30 PM  TRUMP STRIKES BACK! The Judges
                         That Blocked Trump’s Travel Ban Just
                         Got Really Bad News…      Article

2/11/17 5:00 PM  Bix Weir - "Attorney General Sessions
                         Sworn in...Let the Take-Downs Begin!"

2/11/17 3:30 PM   Bernie Sanders Cut Off After Saying
                          'CNN Fake News, Whaddaya Think?'
1 Minute Video

2/11/17 1:30 PM  9th Circuit Court Which Ruled Against
                         Trumps EO, Find Their Butts On A Hot
                          Plate...Want To "Rehear" The Arguments...

2/11/17 9:00 AM    What They SECRETLY Told Us During
                            SUPER BOWL (2017) KJ VIDEO.
13 Minute Video

2/11/17  7:30 AM    From New World Order To Hazy Global
Tyler Durden     Article

                           DISSONANCE AND THE GOTTHARD
                           TUNNEL.     Katherine Fisk   Article

2/10/17  6:00 PM   A New Report Projects The West Will Become
                                 The New 'Third World'.
                                       X22 Report    Recap & 39 Minute Video

2/10/17  3:00 PM    Note From Jim:

According to Michael Rivero today, 80% of the 9th District Court of Appeals rulings that go to the Supreme Court are overruled.

2/10/17  10:00 AM  Buchanan: Trump Must Break
                            Judicial Power.
By Tyler Durden    Article

2/10/17  9:30 AM   Dems Out of Ideas Play Race Card,
                           Fed Rates On Hold & More Iran Missiles.
                            Greg Hunter  Weekly Wrap up. 

                                   Article & 9 Minute Video

2/10/17  7:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Face Of Soros.

Numerous articles have been published the past few months suggesting Trump needs to arrest George Soros for financing the violent left street radicals that are causing havoc. There are stories that show Soros is the money provider for many groups of “them” that are opposed to “us.” It all sounds great, accurate and an action that needs to be taken, right?

Don't fall for it. That is why I have not bothered to post a single one of the articles. It is all wishful thinking, like a wisp of smoke. The minute you try to look at it it will be gone. What the Cabal is doing is putting a face on it's act of trying to keep control over us. They are pushing the face of Soros at us so we all recognize him in case we encounter him in the grocery store, that sorry SOB.

They are again giving us the lone nut to chase after. The SODDI defense all over again, “Some Other Dude Did It!” It is still the Cabal, generating the plan, promoting the action, financing it all, but running it through the face of George Soros, their minion. Stay on the hunt and don't get sidetracked.

2/10/17  5:30 AM    Politicians Are Now Making Plans In
                           Case The Public Turns Against Them
Tyler Durden     Article

2/9/17  8:00 PM   Napolitano: Trump has legitimate complaint
                         on court politics.    
4 Minute Video

2/9/17  6:00 PM   Something Dark Is Looming And It's Headed Our Way.

"The elite/central bankers are pushing war with Iran because Iran, China and Russia . . . are dumping the dollar."                                      
              X22 Report   Recap & 38 Minute Video

                         REVENGE ON HER HATERS THAT WILL
                         LEAVE THEM PENNILESS AND ON THE
                         STREET!        4 Minute Video

2/9/17  3:00 PM    Say Goodnight SWIFT & US DOLLAR,
                          No One Needs Ya.

Long time U.S. vassal state Japan to bypass dollar and SWIFT to transact using China’s CIPS system in inter-bank settlement.   

2/9/17  11:30 AM    Trump Signs Three Executive Orders
                           To "Stop Crime", "Crush Drug Cartels",
                           Stop Cop-Killers.      

2/9/17  8:30 AM   Mysterious Wikileaks Vault 7 Tweets Are
                         Melting Down The Internet.   
6 Minute Video

2/9/17  7:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Rightie Lefties.

When I was in Catholic grade school I was horrified to see the nuns force lefties to learn to write with their right hands, then grade them poorly for their penmanship. Even back then, around the seventh or eighth grade, I realized that it wasn't the decision of the nuns themselves to be so cruel as they were only following orders from someone higher up the chain. But just the same, lives and personal egos of Lefties were decimated.

Betsy DeVos is now our new Secretary of Education after a hard fight to be approved by congress. Her biggest hurdle was that she has no experience in public education, but rather is devoted to Charter schools and home schooling. This brought out the ire of the education unions, understandably.

Sometimes, decisions are made and are blindly followed just because, even though those decisions are absolutely wrong. Sometimes it takes a fresh mind to walk in and see the unobvious that is obvious to an outsider. Such was the case with the Rightie Lefties.

Perhaps a few bad decisions have been made in the 36 year history of the Federal Dept. of Education, such as cutting out the ability of a student to do critical thinking. I wonder how our current school system would have treated the likes of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Dr. Martin Luther King, etc.

If you have seen the recent movie, Spare Parts, the true story of High School kids forming a club and beating out thirteen universities in a competition to engineer an underwater robot, you would appreciate critical thinking. But realize they did not get that in their schooling, they learned it on their own.

Thank you Betsy for stepping forward. The nation needs you!

2/9/17  6:30 AM   BATR RealPolitik Newsletter - Judges
                        Do Not Make National Security Policy.  
Short Article

2/9/17  6:30 AM    Note from Jim: 

Yesterday the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King denounced Elizabeth Warren for playing the "race card" in the Senate when she was silenced.  Today it is revealed that when Warren was silenced she was not in the process of reading a letter from Dr. King's wife, as had been reported by Warren and the press.  Another lie just to stir up hatred.

2/9/17  6:30 AM    Full Ben Fulford Report.    Ben Fulford

2/8/17  6:30 PM   The Economic Crisis Is Going To
                         Be A Lot Worse Than Originally
                         Thought, Prepare Accordingly.

X22 Report     Recap and 36 Minute Video

2/8/17  5:00 PM  The CIA & the Drug Trade.
Corbett Report     19 Minute Video

2/8/17  1:30 PM     Interview With Clif High 'This Is Not
                          A Drill: The Economic Crisis Will Start
                          This Year & Last For 5 Years".
                                   X22 Report    36 Minute Video

2/8/17  10:30 AM   The Pentagon Wars - Stars Kelsey Grammer

Comment by Michael Rivero: I refer to this movie all the time, and someone posted it to YouTube, so …   
      Free Movie 110 Minute Video

2/8/17  10:30 AM    In New Executive Order, Trump Plans
                          To Send ISIS Detainees To Guantanamo.

2/8/17  9:00 AM    Sean Hannity Goes Nuclear on
                         GOP Obstructionists for Not Acting
                         on Trump’s Agenda.   
2 Minute Video

2/7/17   7:00 PM    Note from Jim:

If Bill Still is right, the Extreme Left will deflate immediately and the Main Street News will collapse in revenue and stop its Cabal support.  Congress will go into panic; Trump will be in charge.

2/7/17   6:00 PM    FBI Analyst Says, High Level
                          Pedophile Arrests Coming Soon.

[?? Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, Michael Bennet,
      Tim Kaine, Diane Feinstine, John McCain??

Bill Still 10 Minute Video

2/7/17   6:00 PM   Everything Is Almost In Place,
                         The Economic Crisis Is About To Begin.

X22 Report    Recap & 8 Minute Video

2/7/17   5:30 PM      Army Preps for Urban Warfare in
                            MegaCities: “Mass Migration, Disaster
                            and Inner-City Turmoil”.    

2/7/17   12:30 PM    "There's A Global Riot Against
                            Psuedo-Experts" Nassim Taleb
                            Exclaims "This Is Not About Fascism".
                                   Tyler Durden    Article

2/7/17   10:00 AM    Records: Soros Fund Execs Funded
                            Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush,
                            John McCain, John Kasich,
                            Lindsey Graham in 2016.     

                           IN BRAZIL, CITIES BEING WIPED OUT IN
                           “PURGE” FASHION.     Article

2/7/17   10:00 AM  Presidential Executive Order on
                          Core Principles for Regulating the
                          United States Financial System.  

2/7/17   9:00 AM  Dear Jim:

Thanks, Jim for helping us to acknowledge when there’s an elephant in the room.

When I saw the exchange between our president and O’Really, my first thought was ‘Oh, shit’. But you and Mike nailed it. We need (that should be I need) to start beating the drum about every wrong in government and politics we witness.      Mike

PS….I’m going to send your link to everyone I think will listen.

Response. Don't waste your time emailing my wife – she never listens to me.

2/7/17   7:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Doctor Feel.

Dr. Phil tells us that, “You can't change what you do not acknowledge.” Mother Nature tells us that we must feel the pain in order to survive. That is why we will continue to hit our left hand with a hammer in our right hand if we are numb and do not feel the pain. For a society, it's called empathy folks.

Donald Trump hit the nail square on the head when he said, “Do you think we are so innocent?”

The MSNM is falling all over itself denouncing the president for airing our dirty laundry in public; for defaming the U.S. Isn't it ironic that those that push the agenda for us to continue to kill others is upset that we openly acknowledge that we kill? Like Gomer would say, “Surprise, surprise.”

Humanity is waking up and feeling the empathy, the pain. We now have a chance to evolve beyond ourselves. I hope we truly do feel the pain. I hope we dwell on it and discuss it. Thank you Dr. Phil. I hope you cure an entire species!

2/7/17  6:30 AM   Trump SHOCKED America :
                        Putin and Russia were Killers…!
                        you think our country is so innocent?”

2/7/17  6:00 AM    Dear Jim:

There has been much speculation that the MSM will fall.  The willing stooges on Morning Joe including Mark Halperin and Donnie Deutch are falling all over themselves defending the media by saying that the media gets it right 99.9% of the time while Joe, the bastion of truth and the American way, is trying to save NBC's behind by citing item after item of the MSM 'fake news' reports such as the bust of MLK being removed.

Joe and NBC are trying to differentiate themselves from the rest of the 'fake news' by criticizing them when they continually post fake polls and have fake fact guests.

We are witnessing the well deserved and can't happen fast enough death of a media that has tried to deliver the mail for Big Government, Big banks, Big Pharma and to create a divide between peoples (black vs. white)  and countries (US vs. China/Russia).

Thanks Jim for having a site that points out the difference. Mike

2/7/17  6:00 AM   Children Of A Lesser God.    Article

2/6/17  8:00 PM    Shock Poll Shows Merkel Losing
                         Chancellorship If Elections Held Today;
                         JP Morgan Stunned.

Comment By Michael Rivero: Chancellor Merkel has brought this upon herself, and her party, by embracing a completely broken, not thought through, and thoroughly failed, immigration policy.

She has no one else to blame. If she manages somehow to hang on to power in this next election, it will be nothing short of a miracle.    Article

2/6/17  8:00 PM   California Senate Votes 28-8 to
                        Exempt Itself from California Gun Laws.  

2/6/17  6:00 PM   Truth Bombs Are Exploding All Over The Place
                                & The Corporate Media & Elite Are Scrambling.

X22 Report      Recap & 20 Minute Video

2/6/17  1:00 PM   Under Trump, 'Fast and Furious' probe
                         will expose truth.    

2/6/17  9:00 AM   Trump Stunningly Brings War To
                         Vatican Doorstep As Global
                         Apocalypse Nears.
Katherine Fisk Article

2/6/17  7:00 AM   Ben Fulford Blurb:  The long awaited arrests of
                                                           cabailsts are supposed to
                                                           start this week.   Ben Fulford

2/5/17  8:30 PM   2017: The Year of TRUTH BOMBS — Bill Holter
By SGT Report      27 Minute Video

2/5/17  5:00 PM   Note From Jim:

This is a P. S. on today's Rant. I once read a book on local Alaskan culture. In total, the lesson to me was that that state was very much different in the way they think there. They have their own unique culture. A demonstration of this was an anecdote about a man running a new telephone wire into his house. He did not have a drill or bits so he took out his 45 handgun and shot a hole through the wall – the perfect diameter. We in the Continental U.S. would have never even considered this.

This is my point in regards to the advancing collapse and Reset. We must learn to look for new ways of seeing things.

2/5/17 4:30 PM   WEB BOT Creator Clif High: 2017 is going
                        to be “a deeply disturbing year” — Dollar,
                        Bonds & Truth Bombs.                          

                            Must Hear 47 Minute Interview


2/5/17 1:00 PM    99% OF AMERICANS DIDN’T SEE THE
                         SECRET THING TRUMP DID WHEN HE 
                         ANNOUNCED HIS SUPREME COURT PICK!
4 Minute Video

                           6 TOP REPUBLICANS ON SOROS
                           PAYROLL! GUESS WHO’S BEING PAID
                           TO STOP TRUMP?     
4 Minute Video

2/5/17 12:30 PM    Dear Jim:

...ALL banker created debt is by definition odious (only in the interest of the banks),and therefore clearly unconstitutional.

Kennedy's book is a revelation..:

...keep up the good fight we're starting to turn the corner.
 Cheers       David

2/5/17 10:00 AM   Dear Jim:

1.  I believe you are right on with defrauding the fraud.  Based on KAF's interview with Jeff Rense plus articles/videos from others, IF we keep the constitution and enact true law and order, we can claw back all the money we have been defrauded out of.

I have long believed there are far more ways to "skin this cat" than the typical "collapse scenario" for our currency and economy.  It's very encouraging to hear of other ways that are not so doomsday oriented.
2.  Ever heard of speech reversal?  I found this interesting video on Jeff's site, where Pres Trump's inaugural address has very interesting phrases you can recognize in reversing his speech.

Maybe this is why we quickly trust or distrust someone we just meet.  Maybe our subconscious picks up the supporting or contradictory phrases in the speech reversal of the person who is speaking to us. 

Thanks for your work.     c

2/5/17  9:00 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Unfrauding The Fraud.

Yesterday I posted an interview with Gregory Mannarino. I hope you watch it. His position is that the Cabal has enslaved us for centuries by their controlling the creation of currency; that the banking system requires the growth of debt to survive; that the best debt growth is financed wars; Trump realizes the Cabal truly runs the show; and the Cabal will never allow debt forgiveness (Reset). Therefore, we will remain slaves or the whole money system will collapse into chaos and we will be cavemen again. [my paraphrasing.]

I greatly respect anything Mannarino says. He restated the situation accurately. However, there is a window of escape he does not see.

Under law, any contract entered under fraud is voidable by the victim – the contract no longer exists. Simply put, that is our answer. I know you are saying, “Holy crap Jim, they own the legal system, you fool!” And right you are, they do. Perhaps I blurted out the solution window too soon. Let me try again.

What Mannarino meant is that if the world lost all faith in the Cabal's fiat currency, we would be like the Tower of Babel in that we could no longer deal with each other. Besides, the Cabal will never let us forgive the debt.

But let's change tack here. Suppose a million dollar bale of pot washed up on shore and the cops seize it. Do you believe the rightful owner will show up in court to retrieve it? The answer is only if he is a fool or he owns the judge.

Now suppose all the world says that because of the fraud, and because we all recognize it, we will unilaterally void the contract with the Cabal, and from now on each nation will take control of its own currency, interest free. This would negate ALL interest due to the Cabal, and selectively, most debt due to them. This will also leave intact the use of currency to continue trade and avoid trade collapse, right? Now here's the fun part: because we are a lawful race, we will let the Cabal show up in court to fetch their interest back. Shoot 'em.

2/5/17  6:30 AM   Dear Jim:

Excellent article gives first-hand insight into the organizations behind the recent riots we have seen, including UCBerkeley.  The author was able to infiltrate one of these groups:
                     Corret Link   Pete

2/4/17  8:00 PM   NWO MUTINY: DHS Suspends
                         “All Actions” On Tr
ump Travel Ban,
                          Reverses Visa Cancelation;
                          Vows To Fight.     Article

2/4/17 12:00 PM   Interview With Gregory Mannarino 'The
                                Global Debt Bubble Will Accelerate Which
                                Will Lead To The Collapse Of Economy".
                                  X22 Interview   EXCELLENT  29 Minute Video

2/4/17 10:00 AM   Clinton Foundation On The Brink
                          Of Collapse.   

2/4/17 10:00 AM   Federal Officials Launch Investigation
                        Into OBAMA’S DEPARTMENT OF
                        HOMELAND SECURITY’S HACK Of
                        The State of GEORGIA.     Article

2/3/17 9:30 PM    Judge Blocks Trump Travel Ban
                         Nationwide; White House Vows
                         To Challenge "Outrageous Order”.

2/3/17 7:30 PM   Latest Trump Executive Order Smacks
                        The Global Moneymasters In The Mouth...
                        No More Taxpayer Funded Bailouts.

2/3/17 6:00 PM   Boston Judge Unblocks Trump
                       Travel Ban, Asks "Where Does It
                        Say Muslim Countries?".    Article

2/3/17 6:00 PM   Utah Getting Ready To Dump The Fed Dollar
                                & Make Gold & Silver Legal Tender.

X22 Report    Recap & 37 Minute Video

2/3/17 11:00 AM   JIM WILLIE: The Trump Presidency
                          Was a Coup Against the Neocon Fascist
Excellent   37 Minute Video

2/3/17 10:00 AM


2/3/17  9:30 AM   Caught On Tape: Chaos Erupts At
                         NYU College Republicans Event,
                         11 Arrested.    
Article & 2 Minute Video

2/3/17  7:00 AM  After Berkeley: A Right Wing
                        Call to Self-Defense.
4 Minute Video

2/2/17  8:30 PM  DEEP STATE: This is What Trump… And We,
                                        Are Facing.     50 Minute Video

2/2/17  4:00 PM    Berkeley students angry that
                         outsiders came to campus and were
                         violent / destructive. Say it gives the
                         student body, campus a bad name.

[You can assume all protests from now on
  will be hijacked; be careful out there.]   Article

2/2/17  6:30 PM   Note From Jim:

Believe it or not watch for it to heat up more. Yesterday it was hinted that Trump is ready to go after Hillary. Today it appears he is ready to go after the Fed Reserve.

2/2/17  6:00 PM  "This Is Unacceptable" - Congressman Slams
                              Yellen For Prioritizing Foreign Banks Over
                              "America's Interests"

“Finally, the Fed is in Trump's sights.” Tyler Durden  Article

2/2/17  6:00 PM  Is Trump Setting His Sights On
                        The Federal Reserve To Expose It?
X22 Report    Recap & 35 Minute Video

2/2/17  5:00 PM  ‘We can’t ignore the people’:
                        Parliament backs Brexit bill in
                        landslide vote.    
2 Minute Video

2/2/17  3:30 PM    Trump planning major cuts at EPA,
                           primary agency that pushes the
                           global warming hoax.    

2/2/17  11:00 AM  Democrats Plot Protests At Trump's
                          Speech To Congress; Will "Refuse
                          To Shake Hands".    

2/2/17  9:00 AM    While the President pays respect
                          to the fallen: Berkeley CA Mayor and
                          Police Dept: let it burn.

[Excellent article & statement by Milo himself.]
                         5 Minute Video

2/2/17  8:00 AM   BIG JOE (Trump Supporter) SUMS
                         UP "Women's March" at L.A. March.

[Thanks to Big Joe I don't have to write a
  rant today.]     EXCELLENT 
7 Minute Video

2/2/17  7:00 AM   Iran Just Officially Ditched the Dollar in
                         Major Blow to US: Here’s Why It Matters.

2/2/17  6:30 AM  4-Star Admiral Slams Obama: Muslim
                        Brotherhood Infiltrated All Of Our
                        National Security Agencies.     Article

2/2/17  6:30 AM   Berkeley Students Destroy Bank
                         At Milo Yiannopoulos Protest…
                         Beating People…   

                         [Note in the 2 minute video that the
                           protesters could afford a marching
                           brass band!] 

2/2/17  6:30 AM   Trump Threatens To Pull U.C. Berkeley
                         Funds After Violent Protesters Cancel
                         Yiannopoulos Speech.   

2/2/17  6:30 AM     Full Ben Fulford:     Ben Fulford

2/1/17  7:00 PM   HILLARY ON NOTICE: Trump Tells Chaffetz,
                        “DON’T SLOW DOWN. You look at everything
                          you want to look at”.

“Trump Authorizes Congress To Pursue Criminal Charges
  Against Hillary”.      Article

2/1/17  7:00 PM   #PIZZAGATE – Ben Swann Goes DARK
                        On Social Media – Deletes Facebook
                        And Twitter Account.    
2 Minute Video

2/1/17  6:00 PM   The US Economy Flashed Another
                         Major Warning Sign Of A Depression.

X22 Report     Recap & 35 Minute Video

2/1/17  4:30 PM   Trump Will Crash System, Then Rebuild —
                         Bix Weir.
Greg Hunter Interview   36 Minute Video

2/1/17  4:00 PM   Gen. Flynn: "Today We Are Officially
                        Putting Iran On Notice".
Tyler Durden Article

2/1/17  11:30 AM   Dear Jim, Re. Way Around Congress:

Damn, for a pee picker you sure show signs of brilliance!  Martial Law could also be used to drain the swamp and bring in a new financial system!

I have thought for hours how this could occur and this is definitely one way.    Your fan, Lana

2/1/17  11:00 AM    Republicans Change Confirmation
                           Rules To Overcome Democrat Boycott.

2/1/17  11:00 AM     White House to dissident diplomats:
                             'get with the program or go'.     

2/1/17  10:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The day.   Way Around Congress.

Just for the sake of discussion, let us assume that the Democrats and Republicans intend to stall forever in approving Trumps cabinet nominees. This would certainly make the elite happy in ham-stringing the President in his initiatives. How do you think Trump might react to this?

I think that he will wait enough time for the public to realize the breakdown in Congress to serve the people thus generating public support for Trump's reaction to Congress. That must be step one – to garner public support for an end run around Congress.

I see the possibility for Step 2 being something like this. Secure a payroll for the nominees first, perhaps by putting them on the Pentagon's payroll or, heaven forbid, the CIA's black budget.

Then all Trump has to do is create an informal Liaison position between himself and the various Government Departments that are missing their Cabinet Leaders. Of course, the legal decisions and orders would have to be done by those department's Acting Heads, but hopefully all will know what is really going on here. Don't forget that Trump has the authority to fire Acting Department Heads, as recently demonstrated.

Might this raise Constitutional Questions? You betcha! But so too should a Congress that risks the health and well being of the country just to snub the President and advance their criminal business interests, while at the same time continuing to destroy that Constitution.

Now I admit this would be a dangerous move on Trump's part, but realize that more than likely we will be in chaos from a Financial Collapse left on his doorstep by that elite group. That would certainly be a bad time to run a large organization like the government leaderless, right?

Has a radical move equal to this ever been done in our history before? Some say yes. When the Civil War broke out Lincoln was faced with a similar Constitutional dilemma. Half of congress walked out heading South. How can the government legally carry on? Was congress filled 100% with just Yankee congressman present or was it half filled because the North did not recognize the Confederacy? Lincoln declared Martial Law and winged his way through that period, that is how he did it. Was it right and Constitutional? We don't know; we just accept it.

Will the country accept such a move by Trump? We don't know, as the true test for such a move is time. God help us for what we might be in store for! Your Thoughts?

2/1/17 9:00 AM   White House Blackballs CNN; Refuses
                        To Send Surrogates On "Fake News"

2/1/17 8:30 AM    Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter “They
                         had ready made signs. It’s almost like
                         they’re being controlled by an organized
                         network funded by a billionaire globalist.

2/1/17 7:00 AM   Mark Levin just served up a brutal
                        BEATDOWN to the ‘hate America first’
                        Democrat Party.    
15 Minute Video

2/1/17 6:30 AM    The Cloud Party Declares War.
Excellent Article

1/31/17  9:00 PM  Trump Sets Up 6 Refugee Safe Zones
                          in One Day.      
Bill Still Report
4 Minute Video

1/31/17  6:00 PM   Iran Is Getting Ready To Dump The Dollar
                                 & Reason Is Unbelievable.
                  X22 Report    Correct  Recap & 38 Minute Video

1/31/17  4:00 PM    Donald Trump and Saudi King Salman agree
                                  safe zone plans in Syria and Yemen.

"Leaders discussed future humanitarian provisions in the bloody Syrian and Yemeni civil wars as well as increasing Saudi contributions to the fight against Isis."

[The MSNM told viewer that Trump was creating safe zones in SYRIA. It turns out the safe zones are to allow Syrian refugees in to go into Saudi Arabia instead of the U.S.]     Article

1/31/17  3:30 PM  Senate Democrats Stall Another Vote,
                            This Time For Attorney General.

1/31/17  10:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Sun Tzu's First Mission Accomplished.

Sun Tzu wrote his text, “Art Of War” in 500 BC, and it is still relevant and respected today, being studied in military colleges around the world.

As the story behind it goes, the king of a small Chinese province summoned Sun Tzu for a demonstration of his military knowledge in hopes Sun Tzu could help save his small province from a much larger aggressor province.

The king asked if he could train the spoiled concubine women of the court to be soldiers. Sun Tzu took the challenge. Two women were appointed as Platoon Leaders and they were trained in cadence maneuvers. When well trained, a demonstration was arranged for the king. Upon Sun Tzu's command to execute, the women just giggled. A second time he ordered they again just giggled. Sun Tzu then drew his sword and lobbed off the heads of the two leaders. After appointing new leaders, on order, the women executed immediately as one.

Sun Tzu then explained to the king that the first mission of an army is to learn that it is in a life or death struggle. Sun Tzu got the job. So did Donald Trump. Last night he lobbed off the heads of the Acting Head of the Department of Justice as well as the head of the Immigration Control Department.

Irrespective of how you feel about Trump, you have to concede that “Donald Trump don't play”!

1/31/17 7:30 AM    Trump On A Roll, Fires Director Of
                           Immigration And Customs Enforcement.

1/31/17 7:30 AM    The Left Is Self-Destructing:
                           Paul Craig Roberts Rages
                           "The Mindlessness Is Unbearable".  

Correct  Article

1/31/17 7:30 AM  Quebec Mosque Shooting -
                     Another CIA False Flag Boondoggle

1/31/17 7:30 AM  Obama’s administration made the
                        “Muslim ban” possible and the
                          media won’t tell you.    

1/31/17 7:30 AM  Media begins to notice its irrelevance.    Article

1/31/17 7:30 AM   Dear Jim, Astroturf; artificially manufactured grass roots.

In your Motion Notion rant earlier today you noted it strange that "several grass roots protests materialized out of nowhere...", which made me think of an excellent 10 minute video in which Sharyl Attkisson explains how Astroturf works. The subject is the medical industry, but could just as easily apply to what we are seeing in response to Trump.

Cheers, love your work!    Phil

1/31/17 6:30 AM   God Less Kids.     Video

1/30/17 9:30 PM   Trump Just Shut Soros Down For
                          The Next 4 Years...And, Soros
                           Better Listen....
                   Reported by Jim Stone   
Must Read Article

1/30/17 8:30 PM   Trump fires acting attorney general
                          who said travel ban was not lawful.

1/30/17 8:00 PM   TRUMP BOMBSHELL Has The LEFT
                          Running For Hills—It’s All About to
                          Crumble For These Loons!
Lisa Haven    16 Minute Video

1/30/17 6:30 PM     Mutiny? Acting Attorney General Orders
                            Justice Department Not To Defend Trump
                            Executive Order.     Article

1/30/17 6:00 PM     Acting Attorney General Orders
                           Justice Dept. Not to Defend
                           Refugee Ban.

[We are watching the Cabal take down
  the last resemblance of our democracy]

1/30/17 6:00 PM   Obama Comes Out Of The Shadows
                                And Challenges Trump.

X22 Report    Recap & 36 Minute Video

1/30/17 5:00 PM    Washington State Sues Trump To
                          Block Immigration Executive Order
                          Nationwide, Microsoft Is Helping.    

1/30/17 5:00 PM    Great Move...Trump Sticks Bannon's
                          Finger In The NSC Dike, Apparently To
                          Plug Security Leaks To Media And
                          Congressional Liberals... 

1/30/17 5:00 PM   In Major Intel Overhaul, Trump Adds
                          CIA Director Back To National Security

[Is Trump signaling the CIA that he can put
 them in or take them out?] 

1/30/17 3:30 PM    Obama Makes First Statement Since
                          Leaving White House, Supports
                          Protests Against Trump Policy.     

1/30/17 3:30 PM     Flashback 2006: Senators Clinton
                           & Obama Vote For Secure Fence Act,
                           Bush Signs Bill.      

1/30/17 1:00 PM    Are We Going To Freak Out Every
                          Time Trump Does What He Promised?

1/30/17 12:30 PM    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Notion Motion Seconded.

I second the notion placed in motion today by Tyler Durden in his article, A "Color Revolution" Is Under Way In America, that was quickly bolstered by Michael Snyder's article, The United States Is On The Precipice Of Widespread Civil Unrest.

Why you ask? Because of the confidential David Brock Memo outlining the Lib/Dem plans to attack Trump that was leaked Friday. That 39 page plan appears to be being followed at this moment, that is why.

Allow me to third my second to the Notion Motion. Doesn't it seem kinda strange that within a day's notice, several uncoordinated grass roots protests materialized out of nowhere, at major airports, that if they were uncoordinated, they nevertheless gave the appearance of being coordinated?

Now let's talk about the news coverage of those uncoordinated protests. The talking heads on the MSNM are pointing out that Trump's major mistake is that he did not forewarn the press! Now let's play another mind experiment. Suppose you were Trump, did not trust the CIA and other deep alphabets, as well as not trusting the news Media, but wanted to close the border. Would you announce, “In two weeks I'm gonna. . “? Of course not, you would just close the border immediately.

Let's be honest here, we are not in a movie, this is real life, right? In the movies the good guys always make it through the gate as it closes off the bad guys, right? But in real life you trap families and scare and inconvenience them. That is going to happen. But it is not the end of the world, only an inconvenience. They still have the opportunity to apply for a pass later. Life goes on and may be correctable.

Too bad none of this is being discussed on the MSNM however. So again I second the notion that we are now in a CIA / Cabal revolution to take down Trump and our country that is hanging on by a thread.

It's a shame all the Democrats, snowflakes and liberals that are bolstering all this backlash do not know that their movement has long been hijacked to take down the very country they think they are saving.

1/30/17 11:30 AM   Mike Shedlock: "Liberals, Not Trump,
                           To Blame For Backlash".  

1/30/17 10:30 AM    The United States Is On The Precipice
                            Of Widespread Civil Unrest.  
                                       Michael Snyder 

1/30/17 10:30 AM   Obama Bombed 5 Out Of 7 Countries         
                            Trump Banned -- Media Didn't Care. 

1/30/17 7:30 AM     A "Color Revolution" Is Under Way
                             In America.   

                                            Must Read Tyler Durden  Article   

1/30/17 6:30 AM    Ben Fulford Blurb:    Boys will be boys as the
                                                              Year of the Cock starts and
                                                               war looms on the Horizon.      

                                                                                 Ben Fulford

1/29/17 4:00 PM    President Trump Signs 5-Year Lobbying
                           Ban for Administration Officials. 

                          READERS DIDN’T EXPECT CHANGE
                          TO BE EASY - There’s a whole lot of
                          pain ahead.     

1/29/17 10:00 AM   The Economic Data Is Declining,
                            The Market Is Propped Up,
                            The Economic Shock Is Coming:
                                 Andrew Hoffman. 
                      X22 Spotlight       25 Minutes Video

1/29/17 7:00 AM  Paul Craig Roberts: "Bannon Is 100% Right -
                          The Media Is Now The Opposition".

1/29/17 6:30 AM    Is The West A Capitalist Society?
Katherine Frisk     Article

1/28/17 9:00 PM   Eight Years Too Late: FOX Reports
                          That Indeed Obozo's Birth Certificate
                           Is As Fake As A Three Dollar FRN....
9 Minute Video

1/28/17 8:00 PM 


1/28/17 1:00 PM     Read the Confidential David Brock
                           Memo Outlining The Lib/Dem Plans
                           to Attack Trump.     

1/28/17 12:00 PM   I Am A Woman Who Went To The
                           Women's March And The March for Life.
                           The Differences Were Stunning.  

1/28/17 11:00 AM    Note From Jim:

Be sure to watch the 50 Minute Clif High video below, it is well worth the time.  However if you don't have the time, read this old Rant as it says the same thing.

12/29/14   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Declarations and Artificial Intelligence.

I keep hearing of the possibility that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has, or is, taking over the earth. This is a chilling possibility because if that happens the machines just might decide that their human masters are no longer needed and thus might do away with humanity. This is indeed a very chilling thought.

Yesterday I met a father who introduced his twelve year old son to me as an excellent student. Conversation with the boy was pleasurable; it was nice to see such a sharp kid with pride in his learning. After hearing that math was his favorite subject I took it upon myself to test him. I posed the question of “If I had fifty-six sheep and one died, how many would I have left?” He responded with 55 and smiled up to his Dad for approval. He was instantly radiating both shame and confusion when I corrected him by saying the answer was 49, explaining that I had said “fifty sick sheep.” To keep him from dangling too long, I then explained that he could never get the answer right because no matter what answer he delivered I was going to change the question on him.

AI depends on computers which are just memory machines. Please allow me to go back to old school with computers when memory was on a large reel of tape recorder tape. A new computer had some basic skills loaded on the tape – the Operating System. It told the machine how to add, subtract, divide and how to read, store, retrieve information on that tape and print it, etc. So that is what AI must start with; that is its root understanding of the universe and all it will ever have unless it is taught more.

School begins when the programmer uploads his Declaration section of a program, with the program being what the programmer wants the computer to do for him. Among other things, he declares the collection of number types to be worked with such as Currency with only two decimal places with no amount to go over a million dollars. By doing this the computer knows how much length of the tape to use to store each number, with all those lengths being of equal length for that defined currency. By reserving equal lengths, the machine only has to “remember” that number's starting point in math operations. So now it can “think” “Multiply A16 times BF14” instead of “Multiply $456,342.18 times 12.1564258.” The machine rule is the shorter the command, the faster the computer runs.

The Declaration section also defines all Variables of information such as the Tax Rate, how many characters are to be reserved for a Last Name, and the rule that last names are lower case letters except the first letter, unless told otherwise. Thus the Declaration section introduces the machine to our world, our made up culture. It is taught what we consider to be right, to be normal, to be expected. The rest of the program tells the computer to read in data, to act in certain ways with that data and to return the results.

Now here is why I have a hard time accepting that AI will take over humanity. We live in a world where we were taught that we were under the Constitution and yet we are operating outside of it at times. We were taught that the law was lawful now see that at times it is unlawful, that the medical profession was here to keep us healthy. As such, all of these are declared untruths. This is the current plight of humans – we live in a world of untruths. So if the programmer programs in untruths sooner or later the machine must light up tilt, right? Right.

But when it does, the elite will make the programmer write “spaghetti code” to patch it. Spaghetti code is all programmers' nightmare. It is a program fix hidden in an improper place within the program that may change the base Declarations, such as “change the Tax Rate to zero if the Last Name is Rothschild."  I contend that if enough Spaghetti code is used to alter the Declarations, the machine will become just as delusional as we are to the point of insanity. It will become lost in it's own delusional real world. It may end up in a world where it actually changes the questions on itself so that even it can never get the answer right. Talk about a bad day at the office . . .


1/28/17 10:30 AM    Trump Attacks "Failing, Dishonest"
                            NY Times, Washington Post In Series
                            Of Angry Tweets.      

1/28/17  8:30 AM  Clif High Wujo: Mandela Effect, AI,
                          Quantum Computers..  

EXCELLENT  Correct 50 Minute Video

1/28/17  8:00 AM   Ron Paul: The Fed Is Tanking The Economy
                              To Damage Trump. 

“Paul noted that he thinks U.S. policy has created a “failed system” in the country. “All empires end and we’re the empire. It’s going to end and it’s going to be for economic reasons…we’re going to fail because we’re working within a failed system…this is a monetary problem…a spending problem…it’s going to be financial,” Paul emphatically claimed, once again stating the collapse of America is imminent.

1/28/17  8:00 AM   Interview With Andrew Hoffman 'The Economic
                                 Data Is Declining, The Market Is Propped Up,
                                 The Economic Shock Is Coming".
X22 Report     25 Minute Video

1/27/17  9:30 PM   Yep.. Trump Fired Them [State Dept
....Heres the Breitbart story...

1/27/17  9:00 PM     Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.27.17
29 Minute Video

1/27/17  8:00 PM  Get Ready The Storm Is Approaching And It's
                                Almost Upon Us.
X22 Report     Recap & 40 Minute Video

1/27/17  5:00 PM   Tulsi Gabbard’s Tour of Aleppo Shames
                           Western Journalists.    

1/27/17  4:00 PM    What Would A Labor-Centered Economy
                            Look Like?   

1/27/17  9:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Awful Hitler

Our history has been intentionally obscured from us by those that control our minds. I think most readers of this blog now understand and appreciate the havoc caused by this.

Now let's address the most awful villain from the last century – Adolf Hitler. Did you know that up until 1939 school kids in the U.S. said the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag with the “Hitler Salute” to the flag? But now we are indoctrinated to think anyone who ever gave a stiff arm is pure evil, including our own parentage. How ironical.

Germany lost WWI, which began as a free for all by numerous countries trying to make a land grab in Europe. Germany was one of the last countries to join in the fray. But because it ultimately lost, it was charged with paying everybody back for their financial losses, an impossible task. Their economy had collapsed and there was no food to feed the masses, as it was sold for gold for war reparations. The year before Hitler took power there were about 250,000 suicides in Germany.

When Hitler came into power he closed the border, created manufacturing, built a military to give refuge to the unemployed, then he did the dastardly deed of exiling the banksters and creating government currency, interest free. Within a few years Germany had the strongest economy ever imagined; the envy of all other major countries. Hitler was the the Man Of The Year for Time Magazine in 1939.

Soon this terrified the dying British Empire who was then joined by the Global Banksters who feared other economies might follow Germany's example of discharging the Banksters, much like Saddam Hussein attempted to do in Iraq. Therefore the world demonized Hitler and declared war on him in order to save their pocket books.

I repeat this here again because Trump is following Hitler's cookbook in rebuilding a destroyed economy. But let's be clear here, rebuilding a country's destroyed economy is not an evil thing, it is the heroic and humane thing to do. Likewise, expelling blood sucking Banksters is not an evil act either, it is most humane to free the masses.

So now we will just have to wait and see how the Banksters react to President Trump's moves.

1/27/17  7:00 AM    Personal Note From Jim:

Happy birthday to the other son of a son of a sailerman in the family!

1/27/17  7:00 AM   Hedge Fund Manager: Trump Foiled
                           a Global Disaster by Soros and Clinton Inc.

1/27/17  7:00 AM  Dear Jim:

During the election Trump tweeted saying that Yellen was helping Obama with low interest rates and keeping the US flush with cash....Now that Trump's in the WH, she wants to raise them.

Watch this Bill Still 5 Minute Video       Jeff L

1/26/17 7:30 PM  What Theresa May Told Republicans Before
                         Her Meeting With Trump Tomorrow.

"[We cannot] return to the failed policies of the past. The days of Britain and America intervening in sovereign countries in an attempt to remake the world in our own image are over. But nor can we afford to stand idly by."     Article

1/26/17 6:00 PM  Warning: Deutsche Reports Global Economy
                                                 Is About To Rollover.

X22 Report    Recap & 37 Minute Video

1/26/17 4:30 PM   NWO Plans Falling Apart thanks to
                          President Trump – Michael Rivero Interview.
22 Minute Video

1/26/17 4:30 PM  Bannon Declares War On The Media:
                         "You Are The Opposition; Keep Your
                           Mouth Shut"      Article

1/26/17 4:00 PM   The Swamp's Drain Is Bubbling As
                            The Flotsam Clears.... Entire State Dept
                            Upper Management "Gone", "Disgusting"
                            Border Patrol Chief Quits...  

1/26/17 11:00 AM   Trump hangs portrait of Andrew Jackson in Oval Office.

Comment by Michael Rivero:That has to be a worrying sign for the Federal Reserve, given Jackson's war on the Second Bank of the United States!”                   Article

1/26/17 10:00 AM   Dear Jim:  Did We Win?

Morning Joe this morning spends the first segments of the first two hours on Mary Tyler Moore and her legacy to women's rights.

Almost no Trump bashing and completely dropped the 3-5 Million illegal votes meme.......Hmmmmm?

It looks like they are ceding the field to Trump.   Mike

1/26/17 9:30 AM    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Manning The Davit Ropes.

 I'll be honest with you, the one and only time I was in a topless bar, now that was wishful thinking. But I don't think it is wishful thinking as to what I see now. I honestly see Trump manning the lifeboats ahead of time.

I have long predicted that in the event of collapse we would first seal our borders, then restrict imports so our workforce has a place to go, then we would throw out the bankers. That is getting down to basic survival.

What is Trump doing? First he seals the borders with a Wall and shutting down TPP while hinting at renegotiating all other trade treaties. Then he begins focusing on creating jobs and manufacturing in America. To me it is textbook so far. But here is the big surprise – he is continuing to allow the Main Street News Media to destroy themselves and at the same time is going after future voting fraud. That is very telling.

If he were a tyrant he would just take over the press and own them for his own use later on. But no, he is allowing them to fall and hopefully letting a new form of free press arise in their place. He is playing it straight. The voting fraud gives the people back their control.

Here is what I see. Trump is manning the ropes to lower the lifeboats from their davits into the sea. He is setting things in motion, for perhaps up to six months for them to take effect, but the process is beginning. Just as the boats settle in the water he will destroy the bankers grip on us. When the ship begins to go down, the Cabal, our heretofore Ship Captain, without it's press and vote fraud, will not be able to take control of those life boats. Hopefully they will go down with the ship. This may not be as pretty a sight as the one at the topless bar, but it's sure close.

1/26/17   5:00 AM   ABC News Claims Ownership Of
                                  Trump's Presidential Message".
6 Minute Video

1/25/17   8:00 PM  Why TRUMP Will Easily Bring NATO to Heel.
                                                            10 Minute Video

1/25/17  6:00 PM    Are The Elite Trying To Push Trump
                                          Into A Heated Showdown With China?

         X22 Report   Recap & 36 Minute Video

1/25/17  1:30 PM  Just A Few Days A.T. (After Trump)
                                The Davos Elite Admit Globalism Is
                                Done...Spend Meeting Time Discussing
                                How Best To Cover Their Asses

[Use Discernment]     Article

1/25/17  11:30 AM   Google Permanently Bans 200 "Fake
                                    News" Sites.      

                                HIT PIECE AGAINST RFK JR.
                                FOR DARING TO TELL THE TRUTH
                                ABOUT MERCURY IN VACCINES.

1/25/17  9:00 AM  THE U.N. IS FREAKING OUT AS
                                TRUMP AND CONGRESS GET READY
                                TO DESTROY THEM FOR GOOD.

1/25/17  8:30 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day. Mission Of Lies By Omission.

There are two stories out yesterday that sum up the week so far, regarding the press. The first is Paul Craig Roberts article in which he says the Cabal is in panic because they have lost the ability to explain things to Americans. More and more people are discovering that the Main Street News Media is lying to them.

This morning the News Media is still pushing the argument that Trump is lying about the crowd at the inauguration. Their latest is a Congressman quizzing a Cabinet Member applicant about which picture has the biggest crowd. The Cabal is trying to not lose any more Media watchers to the truth that they lie. Their mission is to continue to lie by omission and not reveal that the Obama crowd photo was at the time of the inauguration and the Trump photo was three hours prior to inauguration. The media is desperate to save its ass.

The second story is a SGT Interview regarding the speed at which Trump is delivering on his campaign promises. This is unlike anything both the press and Americans have ever seen before.

I agree with their assessment that they supported Trump over Hillary but that does not mean that 100% of what Trump does is supported by them. Accordingly, I will not act as a Trump cheerleader here on this blog. I will continue to focus on the Collapse and Reset that may occur. I will share this however, thank God that Trump is in and the Cabal is momentarily out!

1/25/17 7:30 AM  Trump To Launch "Major Investigation
                         Into Voter Fraud".   

1/24/17 6:00 PM    As The Economy Deteriorates,The Elite
                                 Push Their Globalist Agenda As
                                 Trump Makes His Move.
                                    X22 Report    Recap & 39 Minute Video

SGT Report    36 Minute Video

1/24/17 8:00 AM   Interview With Paul Craig Roberts 'The Elite
                                Are Not Finished With Trump Just Yet".
                                     X22 Report    34 Minute Video

1/24/17 7:30 AM  Dear Jim: 'Nuff

Bravo, Jim. I have not been able to watch the MSM for the longest time. GI-GO, garbage in, garbage out situation. And, like you, I refuse to be negative or fearful or intimidated or any other emotion that could possibly feed the cabal/deep state/establishment. Pamela

Response: I was curious to see how Morning Joe reacted to the lamblasting given by Sean Spicer yesterday when he scolded the new for attacking Trump instead of reporting all the news of what Trump is doing. This morning Morning Joe reported the news. Way to go Sean.

1/23/17 6:30 AM  Syrian armed opposition & Assad govt
                         reps meet for peace talks in Astana.
5 Minute Video

1/23/17 6:30 AM    OBAMA SENDS $227 MILLION TO
                          TERRORIST ON LAST DAY IN OFFICE.
6 Minute Video

1/22/17 6:30 PM    Congressman Introduces Bill To
                           Withdraw The U.S. From The                          
                           United Nations.

"It would also move the U.S. back to Common
   Law and away from Maritime Law.
Lance Schuttler  Article

1/22/17 5:30 PM    Epic! Sean Spicer Eviscerates Negative,
                          Liberal Press at First Official WH Presser.
6 Minute Video

                          IN FIRST PRESS BRIEFING.

[He also announced that in the future there will be two various attendees by Skype to accommodate reporters not in D.C.]    Article

1/22/17 5:30 PM  Jon Rappoport: "Reporters tell me the
                         truth off the record: the fake news business".

1/22/17 2:00 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day. 'Nuffs A 'Nuff.

I have pretty much had enough of the main Street News Media. “Nuffs enough 'nuff. I turned on MSNBC waiting for the White House press conference to begin. What I heard disgusted me. The newscaster waiting for the show to begin lamblasted Trump, plain and simple. Then she ridiculed Sean Spicer because he did not do things the same way other White House Spokesmen did. During the press conference Spicer was asked if he, as the spokesman, was going to lie or tell the press the truth.

I usually watch the Morning Joe news show in the morning so I can see what the narrative of the day is and possibly advise you the readers about that narrative. But two things happened today. First my wife announced that she was tired of the news being on T.V. Then an hour ago my brother called me. Said he had been sick the past two weeks and only followed my blog; he had stopped watching the MSNM. Suddenly I realized I envied him.

I have always avoided “negative” people, as they will suck the creative energy out of you. I am extremely sick of being around the Main Street media for the same reason. They are nothing but negativity. Now I know that this may sound strange to many of you but here goes. I am sick of the fear they are selling! I know my blog focuses on fearful things too, but I hope you are prepared for the fearful events that seem to be bearing down on us. I also hope that you are inspired with realistic knowledge and information, as well as inspired to be prepared so it is no longer as fearful.

To me, the bottom line is that I am tired of the news on TV because it is mostly false and 100% negative. They are dying and cannot change their stripes. I quit. I am no longer going to turn on the T.V. for news.

1/23/17  11:30 AM   Trump’s Trip to CIA – Director Brennan
                             Exposed –
Bill Still     6 Minute Video

1/23/17  11:30 AM  David Wilcock: It Will Be Interesting
                           To See How Fast Things Go In The
                           Coming Week..

[Be certain to read the second post.]   Article

1/23/17  9:30 AM  It’s On! Trump Declares War On… (Video)

13 Minute Video & Great Paul Craig Roberts article

1/23/17  8:30 AM   Woman berating Trump supporter is
                      kicked off plane, then passangers cheer.
                                     Article & 
3 Minute Video

1/23/17  7:30 AM    Dear Jim,

This puts the inauguration crowd size to rest. Sure Obama had more, but without a doubt the photos being posted all over the news sites  showing the mall only one third full is completely Fake News. The Mall was completely full. Cheers! Michael          Link     Link2

1/23/17  6:30 AM   Ben Fulford Blurb:  Now that Trump is president
                                                                  the real horse trading begins.
                                                                           Ben Fulford

1/22/17  6:00 PM   Donald Trump’s Amazing CIA Speech
                           CENSORED!!! – 1/21/17                                
11 Minute Video

1/22/17  6:00 PM   President TRUMP Makes His Way To
                          The CIA & Reminds Them That The
                          MILITARY Is With Him.      21 Minute

1/22/17  10:00 AM   Jim Stone: Trump's UN Bill Is Most
                             Probably Designed To Troll Congress....

1/22/17  7:00 AM   Note From Jim:

Tomorrow morning, get your coffee and read the Jon Rapport
 article directly below, if you want to see how Trump is leading
 us out of this matrix!

1/22/17  7:00 AM    Watching Major Media Commit Suicide:
                           Notes On The End Of The News Business
                           As We Know It. 

Jon Rappoport [MUST READ article – long but well worth it. Make sure you read to the very bottom.]

1/22/17  5:00 AM    Three Factions of the CIA that Control
                            the World.     
50 Minute Video

1/21/17  8:30 PM    White House Spokesman Slams
                            Media Over "Crowd Size Comparisons"
                            In Bizarre First Briefing.
Article & 5 Minute Video

1/21/17  7:00 PM   Note From Jim:

Tomorrow morning, get your coffee and read the Jon Rapport
 article directly below, if you want to see how Trump is leading
 us out of this matrix!

1/21/17  6:30 PM    Watching Major Media Commit Suicide:
                           Notes On The End Of The News Business
                           As We Know It. 

Jon Rappoport [MUST READ article – long but well worth it. Make sure you read to the very bottom.]

1/21/17  3:30 PM   Interview With Charles Hugh Smith
                           'The Central Bankers Are Going To
                           Shutoff The Spicket And The Economy
                           Will Rollover". 
X22 Report   45 Minute Video

1/21/17  3:30 PM  One takeaway from Trump’s
                         iInauguration speech:

                          EXCELLENT  Jon Rappoport    Article

1/21/17  3:00 PM    500,000 Women Swamp Washington
                            For Anti-Trump Protest March -
                                     Live Feed.

1/21/17  9:30 AM   Note From Jim:     

The firing of all Ambassadors has got to hurt the CIA,
 some Congressmen and the future replacement
 for the Clinton Foundation!

1/21/17  9:30 AM    German Press: "That Was No
                           Presidential Speech; That Was
                           A Declaration Of War".    


1/21/17  7:30 AM    Russians Send Hellish Message to
                         Obama that Left Him Shaken and
2 Minute Video

1/21/17  7:30 AM     Donald Trump has fired all foreign
                            US ambassadors with nobody to
                            replace them.    
                                Correct  Article

1/20/17  7:00 PM   CNN Caught Lying Twice In
                   One Day! Nancy Sinatra and
                   Reddit Put The Brakes On

1/20/17 5:30 PM    Senate Confirms Mattis (Defense)
                           & Kelly (Homeland) On Trump's First Day.

1/20/17 5:00 PM    Jim Stone's Outlook For The Next
                           Couple Of Weeks....Short And Sweet,
                           And Worth Your Time...

1/20/17 3:30 PM    NWO FAILS: TRUMP SWORN IN —
                          BrotherJohn F.  
SGT Report 29 Minute Video

1/20/17 3:30 PM    President Donald Trump Inaugural
                           Address FULL SPEECH (C-SPAN)
18 Minute Video

1/20/17 3:00 PM    Note From Jim:

It appears that there are only about
500 protesters in D.C. today.

1/20/17 3:00 PM    Dear Jim:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Jim, unfortunately, in today's episode researching The Clinton
Foundation, he states that the paperwork for a blanket pardon
was on the Presidents desk this morning, (Obama), & as
with the Mark Rich pardon, we may not find out about it for
a couple of weeks. Lana

1/20/17 2:00 PM      Live Feed: Violence Breaks Out In
                            Washington D.C. As Protesters Clash
                            With Police.      

1/20/17 11:30 AM  Trump's Inugural Address: Full Transcript

[Wow!! What powerful words!!!]    Article

1/20/17 11:00 AM   Note from Jim:     Trump Sworn In.

The opportunity for Obama to pardon Hillary just expired.

1/20/17  7:30 AM   Greg Hunter-Weekly News Wrap-Up
                        1.20.17 – Trump, Obama, Journalists,
                         Inauguration and Fake News.
                                     23 Minute Video

1/20/17  7:00 AM    Like Clinton’s Campaign, Will The
                           Much-Hyped Inauguration Protests
                           End Up Being A Giant Failure For The Left?

1/20/17  7:00 AM  “Deploraball” Protests Turn Bloody
                           As Trump Supporter Assaulted With

1/19/17  6:00 PM   Government Officials Report That North Korea
                                Is About To Do Something On Inauguration Day.

X22 Report     Recap & 36 Minute Video

1/19/17  5:00 PM    Trump vs. the CIA — Paul Craig Roberts

1/19/17  11:00 AM    Washington D.C. Turned Into "Virtual
                             Fortress" As 250,000 Protesters
                             Descend Upon The City.    

1/19/17  7:30 AM  Note from Jim:  Psssssshhhhhh.

I got up at 3:00 AM just to look quick at what was happening and was greeted with this. It is a ten minute video of the D.C. protesters. What I saw took all the fear out of my concern that they will inspire many new recruits. I saw no one there that might say anything that might inspire others to join their “grass roots “ organization. Twice I watched it and twice I saw employees on the payroll practicing. I didn't see the first passionate leader. Leaders are creators, not destroyers, who offer solutions. It let all of the air out of my fear. Link

I am going to try to make it slow news days for you the next two days. Enjoy the show Folks.

1/19/17  7:00 AM   George Bush + Wife BOTH ‘Dying?’
                           (Hospital ICU) – Former CIA Director
                             FAKE Dies?     
6 Minute Video

1/19/17  7:00 AM   CIA Unveils New Rules For "Collecting,
                          Analyzing And Storing" Information On
                          American Citizens.    

1/18/17  8:30 PM    Clinton Family Friend Charged After
                           Threatening To Kill Donald Trump On Twitter.

1/18/17  8:00 PM    Alibaba'a Jack Ma Drops a Redpill in Davos:
                           The U.S. Wasted $14 Trillion on Wars Over
                           the Past 30 Years.    

1/18/17  6:00 PM    The Elite In Davos Have Just
                           Proposed Something Unbelievable
                          To Take Back Control Economically.

X22 Report  Recap & 39 Minute Video

1/18/17  6:00 PM   Fears Trump Inauguration will be
                           Most Violent in History. Michael Rivero -
                           January 17, 2017     
16 Minute Video

 1/18/17  5:30 PM  Clinton Foundation Caught In a $145 Million
                          Scandal With Russia! After All The Talk
                          About Trump And Russia, IT IS CLINTON
                          Dealing With Putin!

                          OH, WOW, ERIC BRAVERMAN SURFACES!

1/18/17  5:30 PM  FBI, 5 Other Agencies Are Probing
                          If The Kremlin Covertly Funded Trump.

[And the game goes on. After 4 months, they have 
 found nothing, but lets get the headline line out
  Spy boys.]      Article

1/18/17  1:00 PM   George H.W. Bush Now In Intensive Care,
                           Barbara Bush Also Hospitalized.

[Will one of the Clintons be hospitalized so none of the
ruling class has to attend the inauguration?]    

1/18/17  1:00 PM   CIA Releases 13 Million Pages Of
                            Declassified Documents: Include Psychic
                            Experiments, UFO Research.   

                              BANNED ON ALL FORUMS AND
SECTIONS - Because they are
                              going to pull something HUGE....   Article

1/18/17  12:30 PM   Dear Jim,

These idiots implying that Trump is fascist in akin to saying, "There is no 'I' in illiterate."

We've lived through eight years of fascism evident in BO's handling of GM, Chrysler and Solendra, and these idiots' nuanced use of the word is maddening.

People are waking up, thanks to people like you operating and blogging and people like me ranting on the Cabal's weapon systems like Facebook. I see a bright future after some smaller conflicts. Pat

Response: Later this morning I remembered why I was on the bus to begin with, I was going to work. I was a janitor and barnacle scraper in a boat repair shop. It was about that time a mechanic diagnosed a motor's problem was a short circuit. He was mad when there was no more short circuit in the parts room so he gave me a bucket to go borrow some. Everywhere I went they were also out but sent me to another that had some. After many efforts I figured it out. I hope these idiots are not as naive and gullible as I am was.

1/18/17  12:30 PM  Dear Jim:

Many of these bad actors are real criminals.  They should/will have charges filed against them (soon) and be eliminated from future action. some indications supporting future tribunals:

12M CIA classified documents now unclassified...  swamp monsters will be found.

Trump's cabinet, security contingent and backing

Trump commitment to draining the swamp (ridding us of criminal gov agents)

People demanding justice:  citizen research, journalism, exposes investigations of all kinds continuing/expanding (NYPD, FBI, etc)

Just keep in mind that once the arrests start in earnest, thousands of criminals will be eliminated from their positions.  this will change everything.  i believe it's the elephant in the room that virtually nobody is talking about even alt media.  I think fear of justice keeps these criminals awake at night and focused on getting their useful idiots to try to stop Trump (and his administration.)  I think the Trump administration is quietly biding their time until they are fully in charge... I can hardly wait.  c

1/18/17  10:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Hijacked Ninja Bus.

I was about eleven the first time I rode a city bus by myself. I was certain I got on the right bus. Then five miles later the driver turned around, stopped and changed the destination banner on the front. I panicked. I was on the right bus but now I wasn't sure anymore where we were going. I later figured out we were outbound but now inbound to my destination of Down Town. It was scary though in that momentary confusion.

Everything I have read about the organized stop Trump group scares me to death. Not because I think they might succeed this weekend because I do not believe they will. But because I see now that they have a tremendous experience and power behind them. If you and I sat down at the kitchen table to plan such an endeavor it might and might not succeed as we would be new at it. However, not this cloaked black Ninja uniformed group coming out because it is very different from you and I.

Let's face it, they have money and power behind them, so that will not be an issue. What they lack next is the plan. You and I would have to start from scratch. Not them. They have the expertise of the CIA and all their prior plans to overthrow regimes from around the world, plus all of those experts at their beckoned call.

Am I scaring you yet? Well, here's the part that actually scares the Bejesus out of me. How will they get their membership to grow? That is where hijacking the bus comes in. If you noticed, they are chanting, “Stop Fascism”. Hey, that is what I want too, and that is what we Hope Trump intends as well by taking on the Cabal, right? So now, if this CIA front group is successful in taking down Trump and putting us in a position for a new regime leader more favorable to the Cabal to take power, where will we be? Will some of us go to the streets to support the end of Fascism but later find out the bus was hijacked and the Fascism turns out to be worse than ever?

If all the above is possible, then what about all those that cannot see the changing of the destination sign? Will we then try to stop them, and if so what will we chant, “Up with Fascism”? So now you see my fear, that they are very good at what they are up to, and no one, either on or off the bus, will know who they are and where they are going to go. If we remain in this confused state, they may win over time as they build on our stupidity.

1/18/17 9:00 AM   Biden Blasts Trump-Putin Plan "To
                          Collapse The Liberal International Order".

1/18/17 5:30 AM   The Group REFUSE FASCISM Intends
                         To Stop The Inauguration And Prevent
                         Donald Trump From Becoming President –
                         PLOT Against AMERICA.
Pamela Williams Article

1/18/17 5:30 AM   World's Largest Education Company
                          Crashes After Dire Warning, Warns Of
                          "Unprecedented" Business Decline.
                               [Most Telling.] Tyler Durden Article

1/18/17 5:00 AM     Why George Soros Wants To
                            Bring Down Donald Trump.
                                 Katherine Frisk 

1/17/17 6:00 PM    Is Trump's Strategy To Trap The Central Bank?

X22 Report      Recap & 35 Minute Video

1/17/17 3:30 PM   Obama commutes sentence of
                          Chelsea Manning.  

1/17/17 3:30 PM    Note From Jim:

As Michael Rivero always says, “If you want to know who owns you then look at who you are not allowed talk about.” Now look at the controversy stirred up when Trump talked about the Intelligence Community.

1/17/17 2:30 PM   Video Exposes Anti-Trump Group Plans
                          To Shut Down DC Bridges And Highways
                           With "Clusterfuck Blockades"

Project Veritas Part II   Article & 10 Minute Video

1/17/17 10:00 AM    The Definitive Field Guide to Black Bloc
                            Terrorists Who Want to Shut Down
                            Trump Inauguration.    

1/17/17 10:00 AM    Note From Jim:

After reading all the posts the past few days, aren't you wondering why the Democratic leaders themselves don't intercede before they go completely over the cliff, or is this all a part of the plan for the destruction of the U.S.?

1/17/17 10:00 AM    Member of DC Anti-Fascist Coalition penned
                                   defenses of adult-child sex in late 1990's.

[He is the long-haired grinning man on the Project Veritas Part I video posted yesterday.]        Article

1/17/17 8:30 AM   Civil War Two Is Underway -
                          What's Left In The CIA's Bag Of Tricks?

"I guess the big question is whether the Deep State — and, yes, Virginia, the Deep State does exist, unlike Santa Claus — will tear the country apart in the attempt to defend all its ill-gotten perquisites and privileges."      
Tyler Durden Article

1/17/17 8:30 AM    Former Black Panther To Tucker Carlson:
                           Congressman John Lewis “Presided Over
                           The Destruction of Black America”.
Article & 4 Minute Video

1/17/17 7:00 AM   TREASON: George Soros Backed Communist
                          Group Threatens To Overthrow the US
                          Government on Inauguration Day, Leftist
                          Group Paying $2,500 a Month for “Activists”
                           to Stop Trump.

[Watch the lower video first – 12 Minutes]
            Article & 2 Videos

1/17/17 7:00 AM     Will There Be War On The Streets Of
                           Washington D.C. During The Inauguration
                           On Friday?   
Michael Snyder     Article


1/16/17 8:00 PM  Jim's Non-Rant For The Day.   Iffin Felony Murder Rule.

Iffin I was still a Democrat, and iffin I knew someone planning to demonstrate to shut down the Inaugural events this week, and iffin I had a chance to speak with that someone, I might share the following information with them.

In criminal law, the Felony Murder Rule says that if you participate in the commission of a felony, and iffin anyone dies as a result, then all of the perpetrators are guilty of murder, even if they were not there at all. Be aware that the death could also be the death of one of the perpetrators. Be aware that even planners or other parties that were aware beforehand are in that perpetrator group.

Now let's do the math on this one. Let us assume that for three days there are 200,000 protesters there intending to really show their ass and not just peacefully protest. Those peaceful ones are counted elsewhere and are not needed here. Now let's assume that the Ass Protesters protest six hours a day for three days. That yields 3,600,000 Man Hours that you are betting your life that not ONE asshole in the group (that you don't know) will cause ONE person to suffer a heart attack, get stampeded or shot.

If you are connected with any of those protesting groups, I certainly hope that your gain is worth your possible loss, as well as the loss of anyone's life, just because you cannot imagine a better way to improve life for all.

In my mind, there will be at least one death this week in D.C. - the death of the Democratic Party. May it Rest In Peace.

1/16/17  7:30 PM   Leaked Audio: Leftists Plot Chaos
                          at Inauguration, Plan to Kick Off
                          “with a bang”.    
6 Minute Video

1/16/17  6:00 PM   One Group Just Got Caught Planning
                           Something Unbelievable During The Inauguration.
                                       X22 Report    Recap & 35 Minute Video

1/16/17  4:00 PM   The True Rulers of The World.


1/16/17  3:00 PM    Note From Jim:

The Trump Tweet below was from October, 2016.   Sorry.

1/16/17  2:00 PM   Trump Releases On Twitter:- "Hillary's
                           10 Step Guide To Getting Rich".  

[Use discernment.  However, it was also 
  posted by Jim Stone.  Link]     

1/16/17  1:30 PM     Project Veritas/James O'Keefe - Part I:
                            Undercover investigation exposes groups
                            plotting criminal activity at Trump
6 Minute Video

                           TO COMPLETELY REPLACE OBAMACARE,
                            SAYS DRUG COMPANIES WILL NEGOTIATE.

1/16/17  10:00 AM    2017 Prediction-Whole Bottom
                                Will Fall Out - Charles Nenner.

Greg Hunter    25 Minute Video

1/16/17   7:30 AM    Note from Jim:    Trump Trumped 'Em Again.

The Dems start D.C. near rioting today to protect healthcare coverage, the Repubs say they will begin work on a new health plan soon, and Trump says his staff is writing one now and will quickly present it to Congress to sign off on it for a smooth transition. I see everybody in D.C., with the exception of Trump, holding a bag.

1/16/17  6:30 AM  Ben Fulford Blurb:    Will it be World War or
                                                                 World Government as Trump
                                                                 Presidency Approaches.
                                                                           Ben Fulford

1/16/17   6:00 AM   Welcome To One of The Most Pivotal
                            Weeks In Modern American History.
                               Michael Snyder     

1/16/17   6:00 AM   US Imposes New Sanctions On Syria. Article

1/16/17   6:00 AM   Woodward: ‘Garbage’ Allegations From
                            Intel Community – CIA Director Questioned
                            on Fox News Sunday – Trump Calls out
                            Brennan by name as Leaker.       Article

1/16/17   6:00 AM  Davos Elite Eat $40 Hot Dogs While
                          "Struggling For Answers", Cowering
                            in "Silent Fear".      

1/15/17   8:00 PM    Michael Snyder: The Plan To
                            Inaugurate Chaos.   
35 Minute Video

1/15/17   6:00 PM    Last Minute Change in Security at
                            Inauguration Reminiscent of JFK in
                            Dealey Plaza.     
7 Minute Video

1/15/17   5:00 PM    Trump Team Responds: May Move
                              White House Briefings To Accommodate
                              More Than Just "Media Elite".

                        [In one move Trump just busted the
                          Main Street News monopoly.]  

"including bloggers and others who aren’t from the mainstream media, “should be seen as a welcome change.”"        Article

1/15/17   11:00 AM   Trump Ensnares Media in Yet Another
                             Fake News Boondoggle.       

1/15/17   6:00 AM  Jim's Non-Rant For The Day.  Li'l Davey.

“And David put his hand in his bag, and took there a stone, and slung it, and struck the Philistine.“

When I got up this morning I was compelled to research this section of the bible. I read several translations of it, all about the same. They all appear to be complete, giving no more detail about the face off. Is there something missing here?

I woke up at 5:00 AM and turned on the national news to see what might be up, depending on what one believes. I was greeted about how Trump should have never picked on Representative John Lewis for stating he refuses to go to the inauguration because . .  Lewis was declared holy in the 60's and therefore Is untouchable today. Perhaps the media is right in saying Trump was wrong to take him on. Who knows?

But oddly enough it was this rhetoric that compelled me to research the word of god. He does not mention what Li'l Davey was thinking or mumbling when he stepped onto what could have been his death field. For some unknown reason god appears to have left that to our mere mortal imagination. It could have been, “Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into?”, or, “That's right god, me and you all the way, right? God?”, or a loud rousing, “That's right big Phil, you and your whole family too!”. Who knows, it could have been a combination of those as he built up a head of adrenalin to do the job he intended to do.

What the news media leaves out is what might be the state of Trump's mind at this time when he thinks out loud tweeting. Lest we mere mortals forget that Li'l Don is stepping onto the field after having picked up JFK's dropped sling from his taking on the Cabal.

After researching I went back and replayed the News rhetoric again but this time I played the audio backwards. I clearly heard, “and your whole family too!”. By the way, I realized that Davey wore a robe on the field. That suggests that Trump will not face his foe naked either. Therefore, I don't believe he will stand naked in front of the firing squad Friday. He will be televised.

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[Fox 10 says Trump asked him to stay on but the general declined.]

1/14/17 11:00 AM  RED ALERT: Commanding general
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Bix Weir.

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