Little Big Ebola

10/16/14    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Little Big Ebola.

What the hell is going on in our world? What we consider to be the most advanced species on the planet is running trembling in every direction as if the sky is falling. I don't get it. This little tiny virus is like the mouse that stampeded the horses and elephants at the zoo causing all kinds of pandemonium. Perhaps it would help if we just took a deep breath and looked at it up close and from far away. Let's see what it is that we are really terrified of.

First of all let's see what it isn't. It isn't a pandemic. It is only the possibility of becoming a pandemic. There is a hellova difference between the two, because one is and the other ain't. At this point it ain't. I would venture to say that there are thousands of viruses out there that could become a pandemic at any time but do not.

There have been five pandemics/Outbreaks in the U.S. since 1900. They are:

  1918 Spanish Flu.                               U.S. 675,000 deaths

  1952 Polio Epidemic.                              U.S. 3,145 deaths.

  1977 Mexican Hot Sauce Botulism Outbreak.     0 deaths.

  1993 Criptosporidium Outbreak in Milwaukee. 100 deaths.

  2010 Whooping Cough of California.                   10 deaths.

  1980 Aids Virus. U.S. deaths thru 2010 –   620,000 deaths.
          (Average of 18,000 per year)

To me, the most frightening outbreak was the 1918 Spanish Flu. But my god, surely we have learned something about health in the past 100 years! The scary thing about the above list is that there is growing evidence that the Spanish Flu, Polio Epidemic and Aids were military and medical complex created. Of course, there are those that feel that they have also caused Ebola this time as well. But my purpose in showing this history is that if you take out the 1918 Flu and use it as a beginner's learning curve, you have very few deaths for the population of the U.S.!

So for us to run around like Chicken Little is pointless. Lets take all the deaths from 1952 forward (632,000) and assume the combined U.S. population for those years to be 14,490,000,000 (230,000,000 average annual population X 63 years).

That means that the odds of dying from an outbreak was 23,000 to 1 during that time period. Now keep in mind that all those people had to die of something. So with odds like that what are we so afraid of?


 Look Folks, let me just cut right through to it. I think that we are being terrified because we are waking up from a bad dream and realizing that a lot things are not right. We are recognizing that our country is spending all of our money to wage wars we don't need. We are realizing that we may no longer trust the food, pharmaceuticals, medical, banking, investment, legal, educational, political and financial systems.

These are all systems that we trusted our lives and futures with and now we realize that we have allowed ourselves to be betrayed.

At this point we are feeling alone from one another, alone from no longer trusting our government, its leaders, it's systems and anyone in wealth or power. We suspect that they are the very ones heaping all of this on us. Could it be that we are under a bio attack to make us sell our investment to the banksters cheaply, or to give more power to the elite? Could be. Are we being threatened with our livelihoods evaporating due to Ebola? Could be. Are we now more afraid for our entire future life rather than just Ebola? Probably so.

We are now afraid of Ebola as much as we are afraid of ourselves! We have the power to change all of this, including the Ebola thing. We have the power to change our lives completely and take them back from the elites. We have the power and the responsibility, and that is what is scaring the hell out of us. We are afraid of taking back control and changing our lives. We are afraid of deciding to do it.