Sony Supposing

12/19/14   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Sony Supposing.

Please do not quote anything I say here as I am acting like the sophomoric fool that I am. I am just supposing.

First of all I read an article many years ago that Roswell was real and that the Military was split so that part of it could secretly reverse engineer the newly found technology. Roswell was “invaded” in 1946 and NSA was created in 1947 to cover it up and draw funding out of view of Congress. Sounds plausible, doesn't it? Well, suddenly a new company springs up with amazing leaps in electronic technology – Sony. Where did they come from to become a household name overnight. Some said that it was an acronym for Standard Oil of New York, the Rothschild flagship holding. And who better to be in a position to receive the new found alien technology then Rothschild?

Of course I do not know if any of that is true, just like I do not know if Sony Movies is related that the original Sony. I have not done any research. They could be and they could not be. I am just asking.

But suppose that the rumors are somewhat true about the movie industry being rampant with Satan worshiping, pedophiles, and secret society undertones, all somewhat controlled by the Cabal and used to blackmail those in Hollywood. Let us suppose that this is true. Is it possible that the Sony computer hack was done to expose them to the sheeple and dissolve their power? And if this is true, could it be that the charges against Bill Cosby might be true and his exposure is to show the movie power moguls that they all can be exposed now? Are they being reined in? Just supposing here.