Just In Case.

12/16/16    Jim's Rant For The Day. Just In Case.

It is just possible that the Cabal is making its big move to take total control now. If a big enough false flag is created this weekend, then electors will have the cover story they need to dump Trump on Monday. If that does not pay off, then a major false flag would set up the congress to dump trump the first week of January. They have two bites at the apple. If any of this transpires, they will most likely shut down the big players of the Alt News sites as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Just in case any of this transpires, alternate plans have been made to continue this website. First, a few volunteers will assist in gathering news information to be posted. We have alternate means to communicate with each other. Secondly, you should be able to reach this site by its IP Address if the internet grid is hampered. Thirdly, alternate sites have been selected for the news postings, if required. These sites will be published if needed.

If you wish to remain in the news loop, I suggest you download and save this prior rant, IP Addresses In Blackout. which contains Alternate News sites' IP addresses, as well as my Email address, just in case. If you saved it last week, save it again, as a lot more IP addresses have been added to it.

Let's hope for the best Folks.

                          Source:    ResetUS.us