Bitcoin Fear Index

1/6/17    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Bitcoin Fear Index

"Who's on first?” is what we would all like to know. And just like that original Abbott and Costello skit, we are truly in a confused world like that. If you don't believe me just ask the CIA for a straight answer!

So how in the world are we to know what the real score is out there? We now know that the entire financial system is controlled and manipulated so the stock market is about as foretelling as watching a string of Christmas tree lights. What we continue to seek is an answer to the question of , “Are things getting better or worse?” It feels worse but our friends tells us what they see on the Main Street News that things are indeed OK and we are just paranoid. Are We? Surely there must be a Litmus test or at least a pregnancy test out there to tell us once and for all, right?

Well, take heart all ye Paranoids, there is! It's Bitcoin. I know what you are saying, “Oh, come on Jim, you've got to be kidding, right?” No I am not, but first let me give you my disclaimer. I do not own Bitcoin, nor do I understand it. I am just aware of it. However, at the same time I am scared of it – if the internet goes down you are screwed. But in the meantime it does have its good qualities. Let me explain.

Assume you were a Jew in 1939 Germany. You were free to leave the country but only if you left your wealth behind (capital control). So your only choice was to sew gold into the waistband of your underwear and pray to Yahweh that you don't end up showing your “innerself”. But if you had Bitcoin you could make a deposit, using “Yahweh” as your password, and walk through the valley of death with Yahweh locked in your heart, till you get to the other side. Simple as that.

Now here's another good thing about Bitcoin, It is very difficult to manipulate its price. Gold prices are manipulated because along with the physical there are paper contracts for future delivery bets. That is an enormous market and is what is used to slam the gold and silver prices down with – worthless paper. I mention gold and silver because that is the refuge scared wealth owners have run to all throughout history, because it was safe. But now the crooks have rigged it and it is no longer safe, free market floating and in fact, in most of the world, now scarce.

That brings us back to Bitcoin. There is no parallel paper market for it so it is extremely expensive to manipulate. You would have to actually own a lot of it to suppress the price. Secondly, it is too new and the Cabal appears to not be concerned with it for now. It is the last vestige of money or currency that is free floating in a free market. Therefore, it is the perfect index of the fear level out there. Keep your eye on the price of Bitcoin.