Give It To Me Straight.

2/23/17  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Give It To Me Straight.

[hypothetical] Dear Jim: Give it to me straight, I can handle it. I don't have time for all the reading and hours of Youtubes. Just tell me what to expect in the near future and who is doing it. Sincerely, What Me Worry

Response: O.K. I'll give it to you in a nutshell, but first I need you to answer a few questions. To simplify things, just check off where you are in your thinking, OK?

___ When I look at the stars at night I see only where they were a million years ago and not where they are tonight. Likewise when I look at the U.S. government I see what I was told at age 12, not what it really is and how it works today.

___ There are many layers that control (fully or partly) the U.S. The list includes: Trump, Dems & Repubs, Cabal, Bankers, Deep U.S. Government, Military, Military Industrial Complex, CIA and 16 other Alphabets. Some of these organizations may be in mutiny and may appear to be schitzo in predicting what they will do.

___ It may be possible that ET's control some of the organizations above or impact them in some way.

___ It is possible that some of the organizations above know major earth shaping things that we do not know.

___ It may be possible that some of humanity is now technologically for more advanced than other parts of humanity can only speculate about but probably are not aware of.            

 ___ We are trained to see leaders as leaders and not stooges controlled (in one way or another) by another (person or group).