Bletchley Park

3/13/17    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Bletchley Park

This Rant was inspired by Michael Rivero's radio show today. If you saw the 2014 movie, The Imitation Game, you probably already know this.

During WWII the British code breakers worked out of Bletchley Park, England. It took them several years to break the Enigma machine, the “unbreakable” code machine created and used by the Germans. When a computer system was built to crack the code, it was classified and kept secret so the Germans would not suspect they had been “wire tapped” and would respond by changing the machine.

After the war England and the United States kept the code breakers success classified for another fifty years. Why? Because the Enigma machines were gifted to most of the major governments by England and the U.S. so those countries could conduct business without being hacked by using the “unhackable” machines.

You are being reminded of all this because as Rivero says, this is proof that Russia did not hack the Democratic party. If Russia hacked the Democrats they would never release the information as it would end their hacking ability just as Bletchely Park discovered. This adds credence that the Dems were hacked by an insider as a one time “Gotcha”.