Paradise Farm


Paradise Farm – Fall-Back Position

 North Santa Rosa County, Florida
 Phone:   (850) 463-7711   Jim


30 Acres:   Completely secluded from all roads.
                    70% cleared.
                    Contains one 2,500 Sq Ft Home.
                    New Buildings.
                    (2) 200 amp services; to be expanded to 3.
                    Deep well;  to be expanded to two.
                    Can now sleep and sustain 60 persons.

Pole Barn:  24' X 48'; To be expanded to 24' X 96'


Steel Barn: 50' X 50',
                     Separate 200 amp service
                     Hookups for 10 campers.
                     Community Kitchen
                     Separate septic tank


Alternate Energy:   Solar panels and AC inverter
(charge 6marine batteries per day - Average)
                                  Berdini wheel
                                     (charge 10 marine batteries per day)
                                  (2) Generators

Fuel Storage –  200 gallons of diesel
                            75 gallons of gasoline
                            40 gallons of kerosene
                            200 gallons of propane


Greenhouse:    50' X 20 feet
                           Hydroponics and square foot gardening

Fields:                Irrigated one acre;
                                can easily be two acres irrigated.
                            Now planted - all vegetable 
                            Can plant another ten acres.
                            (2) Tractors plus farming equipment.

Chickens:           24;  Expandable to a zillion.

Controlled Entrance

Total Asset Valuation:   $350,000.

Current Members:           25

Rotating Leadership -  Each month.
                                        Consensus Method of decision making.
                                        Entire project modeled after the book 
                                        Co-Op Villages co-authored by
                                        Jim Costa.

                                        See:   Paradise By Laws

 No Entrance Fees;   Entry requirement is each adult must have
                                     6 cubic feet of food (three months supply)
                                     (approx $150)

See Entry Rules:     Preps For Beginners -  Note page 2

 Note:     All expansions to be completed by April 30, 2013.