Paradise By Laws

Bylaws of the
Paradise Farm Project
Draft: April 3, 2013

1. Name: Paradise Farm Project, hereinafter referred to as "the Community".

2. Purpose: To group together in a sustainable manner, in the event of a socio-economic collapse.

Our current fall-back position is a lifeboat that probably will serve the community for about three months. After that time, the farm will be run as a cooperative organic farm serving local needs. Some members will wish to continue on in this venture. In the meantime, our lifeboat will have perfected the governance of the Co-op village, serving as a bridge that we can easily cross over to when the additional acreage is obtained.

3. Organization Type: Non-Profit, unincorporated association.

4. Contact Information: Mail Address:
            6692 E. Magnolia St., Milton, Fl. 32570

5. Meeting Format: Roberts Rules of Order, utilizing the Consensus method as much as practicable.

6. Meeting Notification: Meeting notification for all general meetings shall be met by one week notice on the website or two days notification by email or telephone, to all active members.

7. Quorum: Shall consist of a minimum of six active members, with one of those members being the Camp Director or his/her designee.

8. Membership:

A. General Membership shall be all adults age 18 or older, that have met the food entry requirements and have been voted in.

B. Active Membership: All initial members shall be considered active as long as they have attended that last two meetings.

C. Dues or assessments shall not be required of any members, without majority vote.

D. Expulsions are possible, as defined on the Co-Op Villages website, Article Violent People.  No member shall be a threat to another member.

9. Officers:

A. Camp Director: Shall be responsible for day to day management of Community projects, implementation of organization decisions, insure the health and integrity of the organization and its members and act as general spokesperson to the public. Responsible for call to order and formal closing of all general meetings, and will serve as meeting facilitator if appointed facilitator is not present.

B. Treasurer: Shall be responsible for all financial record keeping, maintenance of a checking account, monthly Treasurer's Report, payment of bills, and custodian of petty cash.

C. Secretary / Webmaster: Shall be responsible for meeting minutes publication, internal correspondence, setting of proposed meeting agendas, membership contact information Shall be responsible for the maintenance of the website, Responsible for submitting updated webmaster notes, containing site information, passwords, etc., for all sites, to the Camp Director the end of each quarter.

D. Terms: Terms of office shall be for one month, and shall be up for re-election on the first of each month, including interim replacements.

E. Recall of an Officer shall require a 75% decision rule of members present. The Officer to be recalled shall not be allowed to vote.

10. Proxy Votes will be allowed by written appointment or telephone conversation with the presiding officer.

11. Finances: The Community shall not incur any debt or liabilities in the name of the organization, nor shall it maintain a banking account in its name. Expenditures incurred on behalf of the organization shall be paid by volunteer cash donations into a petty cash fund.  Any such donation may be memorialized by the secretary for tax purposes. Records of donations and petty cash expenditures shall be made available to any member at all general meetings.

12. Bylaw Amendments may be made by 80% decision rule of members present, after a one week notification to active members of an upcoming by-laws change.

13. Values.

A. Truth.  All actions within this organization shall be based upon the truth only. There will be no withholding, or distortion, of facts in any way. What is known by one is known by all.

B. Transparency. All decision making and record keeping shall be open to all members at any time.

C. Check All Guns. All meetings will begin by each member mentally checking their guns at the front door of all meetings. Any disclosures in a meeting shall not be held or used against that member making the disclosure. This will insure truthfulness. There will be no verbal personal attacks against any member, for any reason, during a meeting.

D. Inclusiveness. All meetings will generate an atmosphere of acceptance of all members, and shall strive to engage each member in every manner throughout all meetings.

E. Dignity. All members shall guarantee that all members shall leave every meeting with their dignity and self image stronger than when the meeting began.

14. Proposals. The major issues shall be handled through formal Proposals presented to all members, at least seven days prior to meetings. A team of proposal writers will be available to assist you in preparing your proposal.

15. Brain-Storming Team.

A. Members. All members shall be members of the brain-storming team for any Proposal received.

B. Receipt. Each member shall acknowledge receipt of a Proposal received.

C. Role Playing. Each member shall support the Proposal, even if in their hearts, they know they may not vote for it.

D. Contribute. In a timely basis, each member shall report back to the Proposal's sponsor and make suggestions on improving the proposal or voice concerns so that they might be overcome in the final Proposal.

16. Standing Committees. The following committees, as described in the book, Co-Op Villages, shall be utilized:

1) How do we bring forth inner wisdom?
2) How do we vitalize ourselves?
3) How do we coordinate what we love to do?
4) How do we beautify our environment?
5) How do we interact with our environment?
6) How do we enrich ourselves?
7) How do we nourish ourselves?
8) How do we enjoy ourselves?
9) How do we share our abundance?
10) How do we communicate?
11) How do we reach consensus?
12) How do we expand our Community?

17. Food Stocks. The food entrance requirements shall be mixed in with the general stores of the organization.

a. If any member is evicted or voluntarily leaves the community, his pro-rata share of food stocks shall be returned to him.
b. If a member brings in more than the required entrance requirements, then that overage may be maintained by that person.

18. Dissolution:   Upon dissolution, all assets owned by the Community itself shall be divided among its active members.  This article will not impact items loaned to the Community by members.