Preps For Beginners

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          Nutshell   Get Your Head Right.

         Nutshell - Prepping Fast & Cheap.    <----  Start here.

         Nutshell – Starting A Group.


Nutshell Food Storage.

Nutshell Fresh Food

Nutshell - Cheap Food Supply.

Nutshell Competitive Cooking

Nutshell - Meals Ready To Eat (MREs)


         Nutshell Dehydrated Water


Bugging Out For Hurricanes

Landless Preppers

Hide And Seek

Buy Out Your Neighbor.


          Nutshell Minimum Security

          Nutshell – Fortifying A Home

          Nutshell - Militia Man & Security

          Nutshell - Solar Light Power.

Warm and Clean:

Nutshell Keeping Warm.

Nutshell Hygiene

Nutshell – No Toilet Paper

Nutshell Sanitary Shit.

Nutshell Generators.


Mutual Assistance Groups

Nutshell - Our Organizational Chart.

Nutshell - Insanity Of Not Calming Them.

Spotting Personalities


 Links On Survival:

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Great Article for the Worst to Expect:  
Bracken: When The Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence.
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