Nutshell Food Storage.

1/21/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.    Nutshell Food Storage.

 If you are new to prepping these are my thoughts on food prepping quickly and cheaply.

1.    Assumptions.

a. Plan for three months and hope that it is overkill.

b. No refrigeration.

  1. c. No power or gas.

    d. Cooking secrecy is all important.

    e. You will be in a group with others.

    f. You can't afford wastage.

    g. Eating beans and rice within eight hours of each other
        produces protein.

    h. The goal is to survive, not to eat well or keep your current

    i.  You will still have the food in your kitchen cabinets to
        supplement with.

    j.  Rice and Pasta will be stomach fillers.

2. Quantity Needed.

 Our group uses six cubic feet of food for each adult and half that per child.

 This is a stack 1 foot by 2 feet stacked 3 feet tall. It is about 8 – 10 cases of cans; or about $100 to $150 in Sam's or Costco.

 3. Target Meals.

We will eat as a community two days and the third day members will prepare food for themselves in small groups for variation, morale and privacy.

Most of the community meals will be soup as there is no wastage, anything can go in the pot, and the food volume to water ratio can be controlled. This can be done inside and consumes the least amount of energy.

4. Forget.

Condiments, soda, chips, cookies and sugar. Remember that white flour and snack cakes or anything else made from refined flour only has a few months nourishment life.

5. Target Foods.

 * #10 Cans of Vegetables. They are almost half price for the volume and
        can be opened and stored overnight without refrigeration.

 * Canned Tuna, Chicken and Spam.

 * Pasta, Roman noodles and lots of tomato and spaghetti sauce.

 * 50 Lb bags of Rice. $15 each. Can be stored in the original bag for 18
     months.   Each bag is 500 servings. 
    NOTE:   Never Rense as it will remove the supplements sprayed on it.

 * Large bags of Dried Beans. I am told that Costco has the 50 lb bags for
     about $20, 3 different types of beans.

 * Cans of Beanie Weenies, Canned Fruits, Dried Fruits.

 * Corn Meal in sealed plastic containers. Multi-year storage.

 * Whole Grain Flour (longer life) Store in plastic containers.

 * Spices (optional).   Salt, pepper, onion, garlic, oregano. 

 * Bullion cubes - Lots and lots.

 * Canned Armour Lard.  It will add needed fat and flavouring to soups.

 * Salt Block (deer lick) from Tractor Supply. 40 cents per pound. Salt is salt.

 * Deer Corn from Tractor Supply. (40 lb) They are the only one to have
     deer corn without the fungicide that is harmful for a human. But the corn
     is super cheap: $9 to $14.