Nutshell Competitive Cooking

1/22/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.    Nutshell Competitive Cooking.

If you shelter in place with close and hungry neighbors, you may have serious competition for your cooking. Because of it, I seriously doubt that you will want to slip a few steaks on the ole barbie. In fact, my advice is to turn the barbie over in the front yard to signal all that you have nothing to put on one.

When people are starving Mother Nature enhances their sense of smell. If you have close neighbors you probably will do all cooking inside. Consider cooking at 9:00 PM or 4:00 AM for secrecy. Forget about roasting that meat. Conceal it in soup. Otherwise it will be like climbing on the roof and hollering, “Free cold beer here!”

Make, or have the kids make, a rocket stove out of old tin cans. Use cat litter in the bottom and sides to keep the bottom cool so it can be used inside, although that room must be ventilated. The advantage of the stove is that it is 100% energy efficient and can use just a few twigs, paper or even cow pies as fuel. It is also smokeless. The last advantage is that it causes one-pot cooking; perfect for a large soup pot. With one-pot cooking you can cook the rice or noodles in with the soup or gravy. Be sure to keep the pot covered so that it will cook faster. Cook in the fireplace or a room the farthest away from your nearest neighbor.

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