Nutshell Generators.

1/22/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Nutshell Generators.

 Don't even think about it if you live in suburbia and have not organized your neighborhood into a Mutual Assistance Group for Survival. Your immediate neighbors will know that you are a well stocked prepper and you will be dead. The electricity is not worth it.

But it's a different story if your community is organized. The generators are constructed for a limited number of lifetime hours so use it sparingly. We will run ours fifteen minute every three days just to pump water. That's it. Also note that they require a lot of oil changes so stock up. Gasoline can be obtained by punching a hole in the bottom of a plastic auto gas tank with a Phillips screwdriver.

We have some three inch wood burning stove pipe ($15) to conceal the noise and location. Slip it over the muffler and using an elbow and straight pipe, run it up about six feet towards the clouds. Others may hear it but cannot pinpoint its direction. If you need 220 volts, make sure that you have the connector and wire on hand.

Make sure it is well ventilated and guarded with a gun.