Nutshell Keeping Warm.

1/23/15      Jim's Rant For The Day.   Nutshell Keeping Warm.

Most of my prepper contacts live in NW Florida and so it is those folks that I address here. When I was a Scout Master the boys studied winter camping one December and over the Christmas holidays we camped to practice their new skills; they went swimming for a half hour.

Get yourself two sleeping bags, one rated 20 Degrees and the other Zero degrees. They are only about $30 each. When you go on minimum calories and/or are under extreme stress and cannot digest normally, your body may have a harder time in maintaining its heat. It is one thing to be camping in 30 degrees with a 2 lb. steak in your belly topped off by a late night candy bar, and totally something else when in survival mode.

Next build a Rocket Stove Heater (50 gallon drum). It will burn paper, twigs, cow pies and even forbidden oily Florida pine that cannot be burned in traditional fireplaces. It is 100% energy efficient compared to 60% Ben Franklin stove and puts out no smoke. It costs $125 to make. Use cat litter in the bottom. It is simpler to build using an “Oversized” metal drum with a removable top.

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