Nutshell Dehydrated Water

2/1/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Nutshell Dehydrated Water.

The number one Prepper's problem would totally disappear if the FDA would approve the new dehydrated water but they won't. So the wet stuff is still our number one problem. We each need 3 gallons of it per day; three days without it and you are in serious trouble. If the grid goes down water will be our main focus. You will need to do a lot of planning and research in this area. I will only gloss over a few concepts here, but you still need to do the research.

Leveraged Alchemy: Make a little go a long way. Use the little saliva in your mouth to help swallow your pride – and stop flushing the toilet immediately when water stops flowing. Switch to composting toilets. This will cut your water problem in half! This means having a $25 toilet pre-built or at least having two covered 5 gallon buckets available.   See: Sanitary Shit

Bathtub Gin: Line the bathtub with a plastic sheet or the shower curtain. If the curtain won't fit then put junk in the end so the curtain now fits. Do this the minute you think the grid may go down. Use this to flush with and refill the tub daily to keep the chlorine active. When the water stops this is your drinking water, not flushing water.

Rain Catchment: Plan on it. Purchase $25 plastic barrels, Purchase rain gutters. Buy a dolly to move it. Even plan on holding tarps to flow into barrels if necessary, but do what you have to do. Once the rain stops transfer the water inside before your neighbors see it.

Bleached Blond: Do not send the bleached blond to purchase the bleach as she will come back with the scented stuff. Go yourself and get the unscented. You may have to look for it. If they only thought to make a rum flavored one. Otherwise have a few grains of lemonade or other powered drink to kill the bleach taste. Dose: ¼ Teaspoon per gallon. Other Doses Only purify drinking, cooking and medical water.

Storage: If you go outside to get water you may die. Purchase food grade 30 gallon blue barrels for $25, add bleach and cover. The water can last for years. You can also purchase a 300 gallon 4 foot plastic cube, food grade, for $100. See picture.

Filters: You can use these to drink the nastiest water on earth. They come in straw models to 5 gallon ones, or you can make your own.

Water Heater: Save it for drinking only. This is your absolute emergency supply!

Neighborhood: Note the location of swimming pools, creeks, drainage ditches, etc. Consider visiting them at night only.