Nutshell Get Your Head Right.

2/3/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Nutshell Get Your Head Right.

In order to survive, first you must decide to survive. This is not just a passing thought. It is a soul wrenching deliberate decision made with the understanding that it may require all that you've got to do so. You have to make this decision when you are mad as hell inside.

Once that decision is made, it is now your priority to commit yourself entirely to that effort, no matter what the cost. All of your free thinking time should be devoted towards the survival goal – all of it. Once we are in the actual survival fight for life for real, we are stressed out and cannot formulate plans or rationalize the way we can when calm. So now is the time to think it all out; what we are going to do, what and where we are going to do it and what we are going to do it with. Now is the time for all of that.

We all plan to shelter in place. But we need an option in case we cannot. Where do we bug out to? What all does bugging out entail?

Once you bug out you have to decide if you are to be a Homesteader or a Survivalist. You can't make plans until you pick one or the other. Homesteader is a fall back location, being a farm, Uncle Joe's, or friends. Usually you can cache some supplies there. They know to expect you or you have a trailer loaded and ready to go there. A Survivalist is moving into the forest with your backpack and camping away from the madness. With both scenarios you need to be with a group. Once you have chosen, now you can plan your options. But you have to choose one or the other first so you know what to stock for.

Another aspect of getting your head right is to be over the guilt that you cannot save everyone you know. You have tried to discuss it. You have tried. Now it is over. You did all you could to get them to prepare. There is nothing you can do now about them so focus on working your plan. Do not overload the lifeboat as that is planned failure for all. Just save your family and move on. Remember when you first decided to survive? Well, this is part of that. Just work your plan.

Lastly, forget about all that you owned. Forget about your lovely home. Forget about your job; the job is not really who you are anyway. You are a survivor, remember? So brace yourself for lots of changes and perceived losses. You're about to get into the deep water now, so strip down and prepare to swim.