Nutshell - Cheap Food Supply.

10/8/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Nutshell - Cheap Food Supply.

In baseball or football, the only thing that counts is points on the scoreboard, At the end of the game, nothing else matters. In Prepping for food, 2,000 calories per day is all that matters. Little else counts. Appearance, taste, all vitamins & minerals, variety or freshness does not count. When you move down to less than 1,500 calories per day, starvation begins. This is the area where dysentery, depression, confusion, lack of energy, thinking irrationally, etc. come into play, thus endangering you more in an already bad situation.

What we discovered at our bug out retreat is what half the inhabitants on earth already know – rice is king. If we purchase from Sams Wholesale House, this is what we get in order to purchase 2,000 calories per day for 90 days per adult:

      a. Non-Rice foods: $270, or

      b. Rice Only:             $30 (Two 50 lb bags @ $15 each)

Benefits of Rice:

Easy to prepare; Energy efficient cooking; simple in soups; long storage life; when eaten with or within eight hours, with peas or beans, it produces protein.

Storage: Stores in the shipping bag. In the heat and humidity of the South, we get two years before spoilage concerns. You can seal in Mylar bags or place two 50 lb bags in a food grade barrel ($30) for up to 10 years. But for us, it's cheaper just to store as is and add to out existing inventory every two years.

Your Cost: If each adult, each week, skips ordering out once and skips purchasing 2 bags of potato chips per week, in ten days you can save the $30 and sustain your life for three months in a crisis!

Math: Calories per pound of uncooked rice: 1,600

           Cups of uncooked rice per pound:           2.5

           Calories per cup of uncooked rice:         650

           2,000 calorie days per 100 lbs:                  80

          1,800 calorie days per 100 lbs                  : 90

          1,500 calorie days per 100 lbs.
               (just above starvation)                           106

NOTE: NEVER rinse the rice prior to cooking as it will remove the sprayed on vitamin and mineral supplements.

Imagination: Throwing green beans or other vegetables or sauces on it will only increase the calories as well as tastes and vitamins and minerals plus prolonging survival days.