Nutshell - Prepping Fast & Cheap.

10/11/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Nutshell - Prepping Fast & Cheap.

The normal Prepping process is to first spend two months building the perfect $250 bug-out bag that will keep you alive for 3 days. Then you spend a year reading a million minute detailed articles about minor aspects of prepping, such as making a candle out of crayons. Then you are hopelessly lost in the planning, waste money and never get prepped to stay alive. In a collapse you will probably die with a lot of good information in your head.

I am going to give it to you in a nutshell with links later. Note that most numbers here are per adult.

Prepping For What? FEMA tells us that only 25% of the population can hold out for three days unassisted. 1% of the population are Preppers. Therefore, three days into a long-term disaster 75 % of your neighbors will covet your supplies, and as time builds, 99% will. That is what you are Prepping for.

Your Big Plan. There are three types of Preppers: Shelter in Place; Survivalists who will hide in the forest; and finally, those with a Fall-Back Retreat with most supplies stockpiled. Don't get lost up in prepping for all three.

Time frame: At a minimum, prepare to hold out for three months.

Food: Remember that $250 bug out bag above to preserve you 3 days? Skip the bag. At a minimum, purchase 100 lbs of rice at Sams or Costco for $30. It will preserve you for 90 days. You can add to your food stock later for variety.

Water: At a minimum, purchase 2 gallons of unscented bleach and several cans of powdered lemonade mix to just lightly kill the taste. You will have to obtain your own water source. Cost: $20

Stove: Make an energy efficient Rocket Stove that burns twigs, out of old tin cans. Cost: $0.

Solar Energy: Use only a penlight, radio or other devices that use rechargeable AA batteries. Purchase ten outside solar garden lights and recharge your batteries with them. Cost: $20.

Warmth: With the entire neighborhood after you, you're not going to be sitting around a warm campfire. Purchase two sleeping bags: one rated for 20 degrees and the other for zero degrees. Get the 20 degree in the style that fully unzips so it can be used in the daytime as a comforter.
Cost for two: $60

Toilet: Build a composting toilet. Using material already in the home, you only need to buy a 5 gal. Bucket. This will reduce your water demand by 50%. Cost: $8.

Sub-Total: Congratulations! Outside of buying a gun, you just added three months to your life for $138. Keep in mind that the expected death rate over that three months is between 50% - 80%.

Easy Payment Plan: Take care of the food and water first. Then add other stuff as money allows.

Upgrade: To prep for six months survival, just add more rice and bleach. Cost: $50.


                       What to Expect:

Most Preppers will shelter in place in suburbia. The minimum security will require two guards on duty at all times; one outside, one inside. That requires six adults to cover three shifts. Assuming some have spouses and kids, that means you will find yourself in a brick house (more bullet proof) with ten people. You collect $50 from each of your roomies for their food and water and stockpile it now. That is their ticket in.

Daily Life: The schedule will read, “stay inside, quiet and no lights.” You will cook a soup in the room the farthest away from neighbors, around 11 PM or 4 AM so they can't smell dinner. Just at sunrise, one person will run out to empty the toilet, gather water and twigs for the stove.

Security: Purchase at least two olive green or camouflaged rain ponchos and at least two cheap GMRS radios with earphones and a spare pack of AA rechargeable batteries (Minimum link Total: $52). Inventory rail road ties for them to hide behind ($10 each). The outside guard should be able to retreat to additional fortified positions where he can continue to ambush from safely. This allows time for the residents to muster.

The likely raid will be an attempt to throw a brick through your front glass window and enter while the buddy kicks in the back door. Their plan is to kill within thirty seconds. Consider purchasing Shotgun Trip Alarms ($30 each). You can put multiple trip wires on each alarm. For alarm, point shell down, for defense, aim sideways. Make sure projectiles don't hit you too. One wire can go into the house for you to detonate. Another wire can be strung in front of the window for the intruder to volunteer to shoot himself - your choice. You can even put a safety loop in the main wire with a nail at the end of another wire to be pulled out of the safety loop before firing. We added a ¾” galvanized pipe, 2.5 inches long, to slid around the shell. Cost: $1.

Medical: Prepare for constipation and diarrhea, mainly from stress, otherwise you may have to resort to the Two Finger method or a cork. A case of sliced peaches would be great for the constipation as Mother Nature always is best. Your Medic should be the bathroom monitor to prevent the above as well as dehydration. Know the signs of malnutrition so you can increase calories per day to keep health, reasonable thinking and morale going.

More Details: Download and Print this 22 page PDF file Prepping For Beginners