Nutshell – Fortifying A Home

10/13/15     Jim's Rant For The Day. Nutshell – Fortifying A Home

If you plan to shelter in place then inventory for some of the following projects and install when needed.


The purpose here is to slow down and confuse an intruder while you safely lay on the floor and shoot through the door.

First fortify the striker plate with longer screws or a heavier plate. Cost per door: $1 or $10

Add optional one or two Swing Latch Guards to each door. Cost per Latch $11

Strengthen hollow core door by covering the outside with OSB plywood. Cut a large square around the doorknob. Place screws around the edges of the door. Cost: $8

Deluxe option is to place sets of angle pieces (looks like shelf brackets), one on each side of the door, bend the bracket ends to hold a 2”X4” board that drops into place. Consider two sets per door. Cost per one set: $5

For Sliding Glass Doors, place broomstick in bottom track to keep from opening. Nail one-by boards vertically along the sides on the outside to keep persons from lifting doors our. Place an 18” strip of OSB plywood up high across both mid top and mid bottom, leaving one foot open across the top for light. Hang a curtain across the bottom of the Mid top piece so you can look through. Leave a large cutout in the bottom corner so you can open the door while someone crawls out; cover with curtain. Cost: $10


The purpose here is to prevent an intruder from entering the smashed glass as well as to keep bullets from splattering glass on you, all while not allowing the intruder from seeing inside while you lay safely on the floor and shoot through the window.

For large front windows screw in 1/2” OSB plywood sheet over curtains so neighbors do not notice that you have something to protect. Leave one foot at top for light and one foot at bottom for air and lookout. Place screws across board so curtains can be propped open at bottom when needed. Cost $8

Or, for large windows, cover with anti-smash clear film. Cost: $30

For smaller windows, screw 2”X4” board across middle of window to prevent entry. Cost: $1