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3/16/17  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Deep Disappointment with the Deep State.

I am not surprised but am deeply disappointed for Trump at the latest action taken by the Deep State. Last night they again blocked Trump's Travel Ban. The talking heads on TV are acknowledging that the recent court block will not hold up in the Supreme Court. So once again we have a shadow government actively destroying anything that Trump tries to put in motion.

Trump's presidency is under attack, plain and simple. Our nation is in a civil war with it's citizens on the sideline. We are mere spectators as a powerful group tries to complete the overthrow of our country, constitution and believed way of life.

I have lost friends, and to a degree family, because of my belief that a shadow government has seized power and we are in a civil war for our life. But so be it; I must be true to my convictions if I am to believe we can turn this thing around. I will accept their loss as the price for fighting back in a civil war.

I have slowed down on my postings because I am extremely busy and that there is little to say at this point. All we can do is watch the war go on. I just pray that the shadow government does not succeed in getting the U.S. into a war with North Korea as the shadow government is trying desperately to do at this very moment.

My hope is that soon Trump will be in position to start charging players with treason. That will prove his direction, solidify more citizens behind him and really shut the Main Street News down from leading the sheeple. This is my hope, but as always, be vigilant and prepared.

P.S.  My site is still under attack. I may move it to another web host and software soon, so look for a change in the next few weeks.

3/9/17     Jim's Rant For The Day.  J Ed.

Let's talk about job security. J. Edgar Hoover held the job of FBI Director for 35 years and it would have been longer had he lived. He obviously had something going for him, right?

Well right if all the stories about him blackmailing everybody in his way or those in political power. Do your own research on him. Who knows, maybe it was he that created the “Honey Trap” because he is said to have tons of files of the powerful elite filling those positions. That is why he was able to keep his job for so long, everyone was afraid of him.

So here we are today and we are supposed to believe the current FBI and CIA guys never learned a thing from J Ed in job security.

3/8/17    Jim's Rant For The Day. Joe Report

I made it through a half hour of Morning Joe today. Those people are in all out panic. First of all there was no mention of yesterday's Wikileak of the CIA, a most explosive story. But as a result of that Wikileak release, Morning Joe amazingly made it through their half hour without saying the word, “Russian”.

Their guest, Tim Kain, Hillary's running mate, said,”Trump won't defend himself from hacking so how can he defend the United States.” Joe only said that the intelligence community will not get Trump for his lies.

But the real prize winner (or is it whinner?) was Nika. She continued to refer to Trump as a “liar and traitor” and attacked him “as a human being”. And then there were more of the sounds she makes when she has to say the word “Trump”. She moans or hints at having to throw up. My personal advice to the producer would be to get her off the stage as she is clearly showing their hand in destroying Trump without there being any resemblance to honest reporting. However, I think the show is too far gone and cannot or will not be modified.

3/6/17    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Am I Straight?

Have I got it straight, what's going on that is? I have spent the past two weeks in 5 to 8 hour meetings just about every day. We have new members joining our Fall-Back survival retreat. I have people calling me scared to death wondering what is going on geo-politically. That is why the website has been sparse in postings lately.

So I just got in an hour ago and started looking at what has been going on lately. Here's what I have. The public is sick of the Russian Talking crap of the Dems, as evidenced by the 80% approval rating of Trump's Congress speech. Now Trump is squealing about evidence that Obama did a Watergate on him. This apparently has the Dems terrified.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that progress is being made on the Pedo-Gate scandal; Obama may have been caught with his own Clinton Foundation type fund, that being a slush fund created by the Justice Department shaking down big clients for legal problems to disappear when a “donation” was made and this fund is the source of funding for Obama to use to “Stop Trump”.

And meanwhile again, John McCain may be caught with a similar “foundation” that took millions for the Russians in the past. Getting back to the wiretapped Trump, which appears to have started a few days after Bill Clinton plane chatted with Loretta Lynch on the tarmack, it appears that six Federal intelligence agencies were involved. And speaking of Loretta, the former Attorney General of the U.S., was recently on a Youtube advising all Democrats to go into the street to wreak havoc and blood in order to stop Trump – which is clearly inciting a riot and possibly is treason.

My questions to you the readers is, “Have I got everything straight here?” Wasn't this an old episode of General Hospital?

2/23/17 Jim's Rant For The Day.   Give It To Me Straight.

[hypothetical] Dear Jim: Give it to me straight, I can handle it. I don't have time for all the reading and hours of Youtubes. Just tell me what to expect in the near future and who is doing it. Sincerely, What Me Worry

Response: O.K. I'll give it to you in a nutshell, but first I need you to answer a few questions. To simplify things, just check off where you are in your thinking, OK?

___ When I look at the stars at night I see only where they were a million years ago and not where they are tonight. Likewise when I look at the U.S. government I see what I was told at age 12, not what it really is and how it works today.

___ There are many layers that control (fully or partly) the U.S. The list includes: Trump, Dems & Repubs, Cabal, Bankers, Deep U.S. Government, Military, Military Industrial Complex, CIA and 16 other Alphabets. Some of these organizations may be in mutiny and may appear to be schitzo in predicting what they will do.

___ It may be possible that ET's control some of the organizations above or impact them in some way.

___ It is possible that some of the organizations above know major earth shaping things that we do not know.

___ It may be possible that some of humanity is now technologically for more advanced than other parts of humanity can only speculate about but probably are not aware of.            

 ___ We are trained to see leaders as leaders and not stooges controlled (in one way or another) by another (person or group).


2/22/17  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Spam Lamb.

Michael D. peaked my curiosity this morning regarding the Morning Joe show. I haven't watched it for a week now so I tuned it on to ruin my breakfast. It reminded me of an old MASH episode.

They had several wounded Greek soldiers in the hospital that looked forward to their traditional Easter lamb dinner. Radar hid the lamb at slaughter time. The crew overcame the lack of supply by serving a Spam concoction shaped like a lamb head.

Morning Joe must have seen that one too, as they are now serving old spam heads. It appears that they are interviewing mainly old and current TV news journalists together. Today it was Al Sharpton and the retired Tom Brokaw. In the past it has been Chuck Todd, several of the current female newscasters and Dan Rather.

To me it appears like a shop window turnstyle showcase displaying its wares to the public, mixing in the nostalgia once trusted newscasters with the current ones, hoping the trust will rub off. I wouldn't be surprised if they dug up the body of Edward R. Murrow and propped him up on the turnstyle too.

Michael Rivero points out that the Main Street News is now pitching only to the elderly (a dying audience) and to the rest of the six percent of the population that is not computer literate.

2/18/17    Jim's Rant For The Day.  BeetleJuice

We are all familiar with the Military tactic of “Broken Arrow”.  Whenever a U.S. military position is about to be overrun or captured that base commander issues the order of “Broken Arrow” and all available strike aircraft must come to his aid.

Here I have been sweating Trump having to fight in two directions at once, an almost impossible task. He is trying to turn the U.S. economy and complete his campaign pledge, and at the same time defend his crown from the losing Cabal, if they are losing at all. But still, an impossible job.

In my last Rant I made a disparaging remark about the Military in that we have not heard a peep out of them about the attack on Trump as president. I apologize to the Military for that remark. It is not their job to make such a peep. They are right to remain quiet on the sidelines. That is the rule of law we are under.

But speaking of rule of law, Trump is also under certain rules of law. One such rule is that if he believes the government is in trouble he may command, "Broken Arrow” himself. It is called declaring Martial Law. At that point in time he is in total control of the Military, with officers under penalty of death to do their duty. That's right folks. It's on Trump to make the peep.

Here is what he might do to secure the executive office. Declare Martial Law, but only impacting the Cabal and forces trying to take the lawful government down. This might bypass civilian life completely. He could arrest the ringleaders orchestrating the government take down be it Obama, Sores, half of the CIA, or Joe Scarborough. He could limit certain news outlets to broadcast only four hours a day to choke off their remaining revenue and force them on the resale block.  It could be like a tag team wrestling match in which a double steps  in the ring but leaves the audience alone.

It's kind of like the movie BeetleJuice, isn't it. All he's got to do is just say it.

2/16/17  Jim's Rant For The Day. Night-Light Scared – Restatement.

I'll be honest with you, I am so scared that the last two nights I had to sleep with a night-light on! The first night a storm was threatening so I told my wife it was a precaution. Last night I told her it was in case I had to jump up and run with scissors. I don't know what I am going to say tonight.

General Flynn's resignation scared me to death; I felt like Trump should have stood his ground and backed him. But then I am guessing at the real facts and situation. Flynn was the brains behind the Drain The Swamp move in that he knew what needed to be done. But in theory, now he is gone (perhaps).

My problem is I cannot really express my thoughts on all of this because of my birthplace. I am in the South, and besides a drawl I am submissive to manners. It is unmannerly to talk about the dead until they realize they are dead. I don't know if Trump is derailed or not so let's just wait a while longer and see. In the meantime, allow me to restate how other major players (Yankees) see things stacking up. This will be done in a random order.

Jim Snyder feels we are witnessing a civil war between the Deep State (Cabal, Spy Alphabets, Bankers, etc.) and Trump. The Deep state is in all out panic now because of Trump's aggressive start.

X22 Report's Dave feels that Trump is in major trouble now and must collapse the financial system within the next three months to regain the ability to bring back jobs and destroy the Cabal.

Ben Fulford agrees that we are in the fight for our future now with the Cabal, period. The Reset is on hold while we and China gain composure over our countries.

Clif High predicts that from March through May more information will be released that will prove to the disenchanted Left that what they are doing is based on facts that will be no longer true and they will abandon their support of the Cabal's movement.

WikiLeaks has been hinting for seven days that something explosive is about to be released. I recall that last month Clif High predicted that around February 19th major information will be released that will get the full attention of the masses.

A slew of Economists say that the financial system is going down now. Japan, Iran, Russia and China are openly leaving the Petro-Dollar as we speak. The Banksters must get a war going to bring them back into the dollar or risk losing all the world's countries. The banksters also need to make a great big loan to the world so they can continue the banking scam. A nuclear war is just the project to do this.

Morning Joe (MSNBC) & CNN have banned The White House spokesman, Kellyanne Conway from their show. This signals their new reaction to just tell you propaganda only from now on so just get used to it. They are desperate and dying.

Federal Reserve says it ain't their fault and have no clue.

Michael Rivero says Trump has got to put it all out there, full disclosure, and show the masses all about the 911 event, the Deep State's control over the government, banker enslavement and their world plans.

U.S. Military - Not a peep.

Jim: A twenty watt light does just fine.    

2/13/17 Jim's Rant For The Day. Three Weeks N Pudding.

Well Folks, Trump has been President for three whole weeks now! Everybody wants to know if he is the real thing or a Cabal Stooge to turn on us later. Scary, ain't it? Let's face it, we really got burned by Obama so caution is certainly understandable here. So is he the real thing or not? At the end of this article I will share with you the gauge to use in getting to the bottom of this pudding, OK?

In the meantime, this is what I see him going after in just those three weeks. Declaring war on gangs; declaring war on Drug Cartels in the U.S.; closing the border; meeting with MAJOR world leaders, hopefully to calm the world down in wars, those are just the highlights. And speaking of lights, all of this is being done in the dark as there may be a conspiracy to Stop Trump by turning out all the lights in the rooms he enters. So for three weeks I give him an A Plus.

But now on to the proof of the pudding. First note that since Trump was elected the drought in California mysteriously disappeared. Could it be that the Cabal saw the handwriting on the wall and stopped wasting money on that project because Trump was going to stop it anyway when he was inaugurated? But that is not the test, just merely a warm up.

Here is the test. Now I know that it has only been three weeks since his inauguration, but have you noticed that there has been a quietness in the world of mass shootings in the U.S. that somehow appear to coincide with police drills at the time and a serous confusion as to how many shooters there actually were? I know, its only been three weeks for Trump and three months since the election (that was in question by the Cabal). So here's the proof: The longer we go without a clearly staged hoax mass shooting, the more real Donald Trump is, because we are now going back to the rule of law and the hoaxer agencies will no longer risk a Terrorism charge. So pick up the three weeks and continue counting.

2/12/17      Jim's Rant For The Day.  Hot Potato

A fond childhood memory was of summer evenings in the back yard playing Hot Potato with a ball. For you high tech Whippersnappers it was low tech. It required an alarm clock and any kind of a ball. We formed a circle. The goal was to not be expelled from the circle by holding the ball when the alarm sounded.

Low tech or not, the 9th Circuit is now playing it for its dear life and reputation. The nation is realizing that Trump was right when he said a twelve year old could see the legality of the Executive Order for a temporary Immigration ban. The MSNM cannot find any more legal scholars that can be paid to agree with the 9th. Even paid lawyers will no longer tell that lie!

Now we hear that a bill will be introduced to split the 9th District because of their backlog and 80% Reversal rate by the Supreme Court. It is one thing to have an 80% failure rate but quite another to have the entire nation focused on it and laughing! Then there is the fear that the laughing will only increase when the Supreme Court laughs at their latest decision, giving their ruling to Trump.

But the real price, oh God, the real price is that Trump hung the responsibility of a lone nut shooter hollering, “Allah is good and so is the 9th!” So now the 9th wants Trump to submit a brief so all eleven 9th judges can throw that hot potato lightening fast before the alarm sounds.

2/10/17    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Face Of Soros.

Numerous articles have been published the past few months suggesting Trump needs to arrest George Soros for financing the violent left street radicals that are causing havoc. There are stories that show Soros is the money provider for many groups of “them” that are opposed to “us.” It all sounds great, accurate and an action that needs to be taken, right?

Don't fall for it. That is why I have not bothered to post a single one of the articles. It is all wishful thinking, like a wisp of smoke. The minute you try to look at it it will be gone. What the Cabal is doing is putting a face on it's act of trying to keep control over us. They are pushing the face of Soros at us so we all recognize him in case we encounter him in the grocery store, that sorry SOB.

They are again giving us the lone nut to chase after. The SODDI defense all over again, “Some Other Dude Did It!” It is still the Cabal, generating the plan, promoting the action, financing it all, but running it through the face of George Soros, their minion. Stay on the hunt and don't get sidetracked.

2/9/17    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Rightie Lefties.

When I was in Catholic grade school I was horrified to see the nuns force lefties to learn to write with their right hands, then grade them poorly for their penmanship. Even back then, around the seventh or eighth grade, I realized that it wasn't the decision of the nuns themselves to be so cruel as they were only following orders from someone higher up the chain. But just the same, lives and personal egos of Lefties were decimated.

Betsy DeVos is now our new Secretary of Education after a hard fight to be approved by congress. Her biggest hurdle was that she has no experience in public education, but rather is devoted to Charter schools and home schooling. This brought out the ire of the education unions, understandably.

Sometimes, decisions are made and are blindly followed just because, even though those decisions are absolutely wrong. Sometimes it takes a fresh mind to walk in and see the unobvious that is obvious to an outsider. Such was the case with the Rightie Lefties.

Perhaps a few bad decisions have been made in the 36 year history of the Federal Dept. of Education, such as cutting out the ability of a student to do critical thinking. I wonder how our current school system would have treated the likes of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Dr. Martin Luther King, etc.

If you have seen the recent movie, Spare Parts, the true story of High School kids forming a club and beating out thirteen universities in a competition to engineer an underwater robot, you would appreciate critical thinking. But realize they did not get that in their schooling, they learned it on their own.

Thank you Betsy for stepping forward. The nation needs you!

2/7/17     Jim's Rant For The Day.  Doctor Feel.

Dr. Phil tells us that, “You can't change what you do not acknowledge.” Mother Nature tells us that we must feel the pain in order to survive. That is why we will continue to hit our left hand with a hammer in our right hand if we are numb and do not feel the pain. For a society, it's called empathy folks.

Donald Trump hit the nail square on the head when he said, “Do you think we are so innocent?”

The MSNM is falling all over itself denouncing the president for airing our dirty laundry in public; for defaming the U.S. Isn't it ironic that those that push the agenda for us to continue to kill others is upset that we openly acknowledge that we kill? Like Gomer would say, “Surprise, surprise.”

Humanity is waking up and feeling the empathy, the pain. We now have a chance to evolve beyond ourselves. I hope we truly do feel the pain. I hope we dwell on it and discuss it. Thank you Dr. Phil. I hope you cure an entire species!

2/5/17   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Unfrauding The Fraud.

Yesterday I posted an interview with Gregory Mannarino. I hope you watch it. His position is that the Cabal has enslaved us for centuries by their controlling the creation of currency; that the banking system requires the growth of debt to survive; that the best debt growth is financed wars; Trump realizes the Cabal truly runs the show; and the Cabal will never allow debt forgiveness (Reset). Therefore, we will remain slaves or the whole money system will collapse into chaos and we will be cavemen again. [my paraphrasing.]

I greatly respect anything Mannarino says. He restated the situation accurately. However, there is a window of escape he does not see.

Under law, any contract entered under fraud is voidable by the victim – the contract no longer exists. Simply put, that is our answer. I know you are saying, “Holy crap Jim, they own the legal system, you fool!” And right you are, they do. Perhaps I blurted out the solution window too soon. Let me try again.

What Mannarino meant is that if the world lost all faith in the Cabal's fiat currency, we would be like the Tower of Babel in that we could no longer deal with each other. Besides, the Cabal will never let us forgive the debt.

But let's change tack here. Suppose a million dollar bale of pot washed up on shore and the cops seize it. Do you believe the rightful owner will show up in court to retrieve it? The answer is only if he is a fool or he owns the judge.

Now suppose all the world says that because of the fraud, and because we all recognize it, we will unilaterally void the contract with the Cabal, and from now on each nation will take control of its own currency, interest free. This would negate ALL interest due to the Cabal, and selectively, most debt due to them. This will also leave intact the use of currency to continue trade and avoid trade collapse, right? Now here's the fun part: because we are a lawful race, we will let the Cabal show up in court to fetch their interest back. Shoot 'em.

2/1/17    Jim's Rant For The day.   Way Around Congress.

Just for the sake of discussion, let us assume that the Democrats and Republicans intend to stall forever in approving Trumps cabinet nominees. This would certainly make the elite happy in ham-stringing the President in his initiatives. How do you think Trump might react to this?

I think that he will wait enough time for the public to realize the breakdown in Congress to serve the people thus generating public support for Trump's reaction to Congress. That must be step one – to garner public support for an end run around Congress.

I see the possibility for Step 2 being something like this. Secure a payroll for the nominees first, perhaps by putting them on the Pentagon's payroll or, heaven forbid, the CIA's black budget.

Then all Trump has to do is create an informal Liaison position between himself and the various Government Departments that are missing their Cabinet Leaders. Of course, the legal decisions and orders would have to be done by those department's Acting Heads, but hopefully all will know what is really going on here. Don't forget that Trump has the authority to fire Acting Department Heads, as recently demonstrated.

Might this raise Constitutional Questions? You betcha! But so too should a Congress that risks the health and well being of the country just to snub the President and advance their criminal business interests, while at the same time continuing to destroy that Constitution.

Now I admit this would be a dangerous move on Trump's part, but realize that more than likely we will be in chaos from a Financial Collapse left on his doorstep by that elite group. That would certainly be a bad time to run a large organization like the government leaderless, right?

Has a radical move equal to this ever been done in our history before? Some say yes. When the Civil War broke out Lincoln was faced with a similar Constitutional dilemma. Half of congress walked out heading South. How can the government legally carry on? Was congress filled 100% with just Yankee congressman present or was it half filled because the North did not recognize the Confederacy? Lincoln declared Martial Law and winged his way through that period, that is how he did it. Was it right and Constitutional? We don't know; we just accept it.

Will the country accept such a move by Trump? We don't know, as the true test for such a move is time. God help us for what we might be in store for! Your Thoughts?

1/31/17    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Sun Tzu's First Mission Accomplished.

Sun Tzu wrote his text, “Art Of War” in 500 BC, and it is still relevant and respected today, being studied in military colleges around the world.

As the story behind it goes, the king of a small Chinese province summoned Sun Tzu for a demonstration of his military knowledge in hopes Sun Tzu could help save his small province from a much larger aggressor province.

The king asked if he could train the spoiled concubine women of the court to be soldiers. Sun Tzu took the challenge. Two women were appointed as Platoon Leaders and they were trained in cadence maneuvers. When well trained, a demonstration was arranged for the king. Upon Sun Tzu's command to execute, the women just giggled. A second time he ordered they again just giggled. Sun Tzu then drew his sword and lobbed off the heads of the two leaders. After appointing new leaders, on order, the women executed immediately as one.

Sun Tzu then explained to the king that the first mission of an army is to learn that it is in a life or death struggle. Sun Tzu got the job. So did Donald Trump. Last night he lobbed off the heads of the Acting Head of the Department of Justice as well as the head of the Immigration Control Department.

Irrespective of how you feel about Trump, you have to concede that “Donald Trump don't play”!

1/30/17  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Notion Motion Seconded.

I second the notion placed in motion today by Tyler Durden in his article, A "Color Revolution" Is Under Way In America,that was quickly bolstered by Michael Snyder's article, The United States Is On The Precipice Of Widespread Civil Unrest.

Why you ask? Because of the Confidential David Brock Memo Outlining The Lib/Dem Plans to Attack Trump that was leaked Friday. That 39 page plan appears to be being followed at this moment, that is why.

Allow me to third my second to the Notion Motion. Doesn't it seem kinda strange that within a day's notice, several uncoordinated grass roots protests materialized out of nowhere, at major airports, that if they were uncoordinated, they nevertheless gave the appearance of being coordinated?

Now let's talk about the news coverage of those uncoordinated protests. The talking heads on the MSNM are pointing out that Trump's major mistake is that he did not forewarn the press! Now let's play another mind experiment. Suppose you were Trump, did not trust the CIA and other deep alphabets, as well as not trusting the news Media, but wanted to close the border. Would you announce, “In two weeks I'm gonna. . “? Of course not, you would just close the border immediately.

Let's be honest here, we are not in a movie, this is real life, right? In the movies the good guys always make it through the gate as it closes off the bad guys, right? But in real life you trap families and scare and inconvenience them. That is going to happen. But it is not the end of the world, only an inconvenience. They still have the opportunity to apply for a pass later. Life goes on and may be correctable.

Too bad none of this is being discussed on the MSNM however. So again I second the notion that we are now in a CIA / Cabal revolution to take down Trump and our country that is hanging on by a thread.

It's a shame all the Democrats, snowflakes and liberals that are bolstering all this backlash do not know that their movement has long been hijacked to take down the very country they think they are saving.

1/27/17     Jim's Rant For The Day.   Awful Hitler

Our history has been intentionally obscured from us by those that control our minds. I think most readers of this blog now understand and appreciate the havoc caused by this.

Now let's address the most awful villain from the last century – Adolf Hitler. Did you know that up until 1939 school kids in the U.S. said the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag with the “Hitler Salute” to the flag? But now we are indoctrinated to think anyone who ever gave a stiff arm is pure evil, including our own parentage. How ironical.

Germany lost WWI, which began as a free for all by numerous countries trying to make a land grab in Europe. Germany was one of the last countries to join in the fray. But because it ultimately lost, it was charged with paying everybody back for their financial losses, an impossible task. Their economy had collapsed and there was no food to feed the masses, as it was sold for gold for war reparations. The year before Hitler took power there were about 250,000 suicides in Germany.

When Hitler came into power he closed the border, created manufacturing, built a military to give refuge to the unemployed, then he did the dastardly deed of exiling the banksters and creating government currency, interest free. Within a few years Germany had the strongest economy ever imagined; the envy of all other major countries. Hitler was the the Man Of The Year for Time Magazine in 1939.

Soon this terrified the dying British Empire who was then joined by the Global Banksters who feared other economies might follow Germany's example of discharging the Banksters, much like Saddam Hussein attempted to do in Iraq. Therefore the world demonized Hitler and declared war on him in order to save their pocket books.

I repeat this here again because Trump is following Hitler's cookbook in rebuilding a destroyed economy. But let's be clear here, rebuilding a country's destroyed economy is not an evil thing, it is the heroic and humane thing to do. Likewise, expelling blood sucking Banksters is not an evil act either, it is most humane to free the masses.

So now we will just have to wait and see how the Banksters react to President Trump's moves.

1/26/17   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Manning The Davit Ropes.

 I'll be honest with you, the one and only time I was in a topless bar, now that was wishful thinking. But I don't think it is wishful thinking as to what I see now. I honestly see Trump manning the lifeboats ahead of time.

I have long predicted that in the event of collapse we would first seal our borders, then restrict imports so our workforce has a place to go, then we would throw out the bankers. That is getting down to basic survival.

What is Trump doing? First he seals the borders with a Wall and shutting down TPP while hinting at renegotiating all other trade treaties. Then he begins focusing on creating jobs and manufacturing in America. To me it is textbook so far. But here is the big surprise – he is continuing to allow the Main Street News Media to destroy themselves and at the same time is going after future voting fraud. That is very telling.

If he were a tyrant he would just take over the press and own them for his own use later on. But no, he is allowing them to fall and hopefully letting a new form of free press arise in their place. He is playing it straight. The voting fraud gives the people back their control.

Here is what I see. Trump is manning the ropes to lower the lifeboats from their davits into the sea. He is setting things in motion, for perhaps up to six months for them to take effect, but the process is beginning. Just as the boats settle in the water he will destroy the bankers grip on us. When the ship begins to go down, the Cabal, our heretofore Ship Captain, without it's press and vote fraud, will not be able to take control of those life boats. Hopefully they will go down with the ship. This may not be as pretty a sight as the one at the topless bar, but it's sure close.

1/25/17   Jim's Rant For The Day. Mission Of Lies By Omission.

There are two stories out yesterday that sum up the week so far, regarding the press. The first is Paul Craig Roberts article in which he says the Cabal is in panic because they have lost the ability to explain things to Americans. More and more people are discovering that the Main Street News Media is lying to them.

This morning the News Media is still pushing the argument that Trump is lying about the crowd at the inauguration. Their latest is a Congressman quizzing a Cabinet Member applicant about which picture has the biggest crowd. The Cabal is trying to not lose any more Media watchers to the truth that they lie. Their mission is to continue to lie by omission and not reveal that the Obama crowd photo was at the time of the inauguration and the Trump photo was three hours prior to inauguration. The media is desperate to save its ass.

The second story is a SGT Interview regarding the speed at which Trump is delivering on his campaign promises. This is unlike anything both the press and Americans have ever seen before.

I agree with their assessment that they supported Trump over Hillary but that does not mean that 100% of what Trump does is supported by them. Accordingly, I will not act as a Trump cheerleader here on this blog. I will continue to focus on the Collapse and Reset that may occur. I will share this however, thank God that Trump is in and the Cabal is momentarily out!

1/22/17    Jim's Rant For The Day. 'Nuffs A 'Nuff.

I have pretty much had enough of the main Street News Media. “Nuffs enough 'nuff. I turned on MSNBC waiting for the White House press conference to begin. What I heard disgusted me. The newscaster waiting for the show to begin lamblasted Trump, plain and simple. Then she ridiculed Sean Spicer because he did not do things the same way other White House Spokesmen did. During the press conference Spicer was asked if he, as the spokesman, was going to lie or tell the press the truth.

I usually watch the Morning Joe news show in the morning so I can see what the narrative of the day is and possibly advise you the readers about that narrative. But two things happened today. First my wife announced that she was tired of the news being on T.V. Then an hour ago my brother called me. Said he had been sick the past two weeks and only followed my blog; he had stopped watching the MSNM. Suddenly I realized I envied him.

I have always avoided “negative” people, as they will suck the creative energy out of you. I am extremely sick of being around the Main Street media for the same reason. They are nothing but negativity. Now I know that this may sound strange to many of you but here goes. I am sick of the fear they are selling! I know my blog focuses on fearful things too, but I hope you are prepared for the fearful events that seem to be bearing down on us. I also hope that you are inspired with realistic knowledge and information, as well as inspired to be prepared so it is no longer as fearful.

To me, the bottom line is that I am tired of the news on TV because it is mostly false and 100% negative. They are dying and cannot change their stripes. I quit. I am no longer going to turn on the T.V. for news.

1/18/17    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Hijacked Ninja Bus.

I was about eleven the first time I rode a city bus by myself. I was certain I got on the right bus. Then five miles later the driver turned around, stopped and changed the destination banner on the front. I panicked. I was on the right bus but now I wasn't sure anymore where we were going. I later figured out we were outbound but now inbound to my destination of Down Town. It was scary though in that momentary confusion.

Everything I have read about the organized stop Trump group scares me to death. Not because I think they might succeed this weekend because I do not believe they will. But because I see now that they have a tremendous experience and power behind them. If you and I sat down at the kitchen table to plan such an endeavor it might and might not succeed as we would be new at it. However, not this cloaked black Ninja uniformed group coming out because it is very different from you and I.

Let's face it, they have money and power behind them, so that will not be an issue. What they lack next is the plan. You and I would have to start from scratch. Not them. They have the expertise of the CIA and all their prior plans to overthrow regimes from around the world, plus all of those experts at their beckoned call.

Am I scaring you yet? Well, here's the part that actually scares the Bejesus out of me. How will they get their membership to grow? That is where hijacking the bus comes in. If you noticed, they are chanting, “Stop Fascism”. Hey, that is what I want too, and that is what we Hope Trump intends as well by taking on the Cabal, right? So now, if this CIA front group is successful in taking down Trump and putting us in a position for a new regime leader more favorable to the Cabal to take power, where will we be? Will some of us go to the streets to support the end of Fascism but later find out the bus was hijacked and the Fascism turns out to be worse than ever?

If all the above is possible, then what about all those that cannot see the changing of the destination sign? Will we then try to stop them, and if so what will we chant, “Up with Fascism”? So now you see my fear, that they are very good at what they are up to, and no one, either on or off the bus, will know who they are and where they are going to go. If we remain in this confused state, they may win over time as they build on our stupidity.

1/16/17   Jim's Non-Rant For The Day.   Iffin Felony Murder Rule.

Iffin I was still a Democrat, and iffin I knew someone planning to demonstrate to shut down the Inaugural events this week, and iffin I had a chance to speak with that someone, I might share the following information with them.

In criminal law, the Felony Murder Rule says that if you participate in the commission of a felony, and iffin anyone dies as a result, then all of the perpetrators are guilty of murder, even if they were not there at all. Be aware that the death could also be the death of one of the perpetrators. Be aware that even planners or other parties that were aware beforehand are in that perpetrator group.

Now let's do the math on this one. Let us assume that for three days there are 200,000 protesters there intending to really show their ass and not just peacefully protest. Those peaceful ones are counted elsewhere and are not needed here. Now let's assume that the Ass Protesters protest six hours a day for three days. That yields 3,600,000 Man Hours that you are betting your life that not ONE asshole in the group (that you don't know) will not cause ONE person to suffer a heart attack, get stampeded or shot.

If you are connected with any of those protesting groups, I certainly hope that your gain is worth your possible loss, as well as the loss of anyone's life, just because you cannot imagine a better way to improve life for all.

In my mind, there will be at least one death this week in D.C. - the death of the Democratic Party. May it Rest In Peace.                    

1/15/17     Jim's Non-Rant For The Day. Li'l Davey.

“And David put his hand in his bag, and took there a stone, and slung it, and struck the Philistine.“

When I got up this morning I was compelled to research this section of the bible. I read several translations of it, all about the same. They all appear to be complete, giving no more detail about the face off. Is there something missing here?

I woke up at 5:00 AM and turned on the national news to see what might be up, depending on what one believes. I was greeted about how Trump should have never picked on Representative John Lewis for stating he refuses to go to the inauguration because . .   Lewis was declared holy in the 60's and therefore Is untouchable today. Perhaps the media is right in saying Trump was wrong to take him on. Who knows?

But oddly enough it was this rhetoric that compelled me to research the word of god. He does not mention what Li'l Davey was thinking or mumbling when he stepped onto what could have been his death field. For some unknown reason god appears to have left that to our mere mortal imagination. It could have been, “Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into?”, or, “That's right god, me and you all the way, right? God?”, or a loud rousing, “That's right big Phil, you and your whole family too!”. Who knows, it could have been a combination of those as he built up a head of adrenalin to do the job he intended to do.

What the news media leaves out is what might be the state of Trump's mind at this time when he thinks out loud tweeting. Lest we mere mortals forget that Li'l Don is stepping onto the field after having picked up JFK's dropped sling from his taking on the Cabal.

After researching I went back and replayed the News rhetoric again but this time I played the audio backwards. I clearly heard, “and your whole family too!”. By the way, I realized that Davey wore a robe on the field. That suggests that Trump will not face his foe naked either. Therefore, I don't believe he will stand naked in front of the firing squad Friday. He will be televised.

1/14/17   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Rantless Week

I have been under the weather the past two days and spent a lot of time in the bed. Unfortunately I was unable to sleep, could just lay there. I spent very little time on the computer. During this time I just got quiet and did a little back-of-the-brain thinking about what is going on now politically.

The bottom line is that this week I am scared because I cannot say what is going to happen. It does appear to me that there is a move to take Trump down right away. This morning I watched the Rachael Maddow show from last night on MSNBC. That entire hour she viciously attacked Trump, even saying that although the 35 page report is unsubstantiated she views it as true. Now I see that the Senate is immediately investigate the “Russian control over Trump”. Then I saw where a prominent black Congressman says he will snub the inauguration of the non-legitimate President Elect.

There will be 10,000 police and military personnel at the inauguration, with that number including 5,000 National Guard. Yesterday Trump fired the National Guard General effective Jan 20th, at 12.01 PM, the earliest time he could issue the order. All of this tells me trouble is expected.

I don't want to scare or upset anyone here, therefore I am going to try to abstain from any Rants this week so you can be at peace.


1/8/17   Jim's Rant For The Day. McCain Checkmate.

I was watching Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham being interviewed on Meet The Press this morning. Of course they were outraged that Trump does not concede that Russia done it. Of course they still want to git the Ruskies for daring such a deed. And of course they were the expected McCain and Lindsey. It was the expected chorus of “How dare they attempt to influence our elections by giving information to Wikileaks.”

Then, after all that was said and done, McCain was asked if he thought Hillary would have been better at National Security than Trump. His response was that in light of what what was released about her, the email server and Benghazi, he would have to say no and that Trump is a better choice. Game Point; Game Over!  I can just hear Mr. Rogers asking, "Can you say "Thank You Russia,"?"

As Bill Holter said in today's interview, if Russia did do the hacking, we should be both grateful and outraged - outraged because it took Russia to tell us the truth instead of our own country!

1/6/17    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Bitcoin Fear Index

"Who's on first?” is what we would all like to know. And just like that original Abbott and Costello skit, we are truly in a confused world like that. If you don't believe me just ask the CIA for a straight answer!

So how in the world are we to know what the real score is out there? We now know that the entire financial system is controlled and manipulated so the stock market is about as foretelling as watching a string of Christmas tree lights. What we continue to seek is an answer to the question of , “Are things getting better or worse?” It feels worse but our friends tells us what they see on the Main Street News that things are indeed OK and we are just paranoid. Are We? Surely there must be a Litmus test or at least a pregnancy test out there to tell us once and for all, right?

Well, take heart all ye Paranoids, there is! It's Bitcoin. I know what you are saying, “Oh, come on Jim, you've got to be kidding, right?” No I am not, but first let me give you my disclaimer. I do not own Bitcoin, nor do I understand it. I am just aware of it. However, at the same time I am scared of it – if the internet goes down you are screwed. But in the meantime it does have its good qualities. Let me explain.

Assume you were a Jew in 1939 Germany. You were free to leave the country but only if you left your wealth behind (capital control). So your only choice was to sew gold into the waistband of your underwear and pray to Yahweh that you don't end up showing your “innerself”. But if you had Bitcoin you could make a deposit, using “Yahweh” as your password, and walk through the valley of death with Yahweh locked in your heart, till you get to the other side. Simple as that.

Now here's another good thing about Bitcoin, It is very difficult to manipulate its price. Gold prices are manipulated because along with the physical there are paper contracts for future delivery bets. That is an enormous market and is what is used to slam the gold and silver prices down with – worthless paper. I mention gold and silver because that is the refuge scared wealth owners have run to all throughout history, because it was safe. But now the crooks have rigged it and it is no longer safe, free market floating and in fact, in most of the world, now scarce.

That brings us back to Bitcoin. There is no parallel paper market for it so it is extremely expensive to manipulate. You would have to actually own a lot of it to suppress the price. Secondly, it is too new and the Cabal appears to not be concerned with it for now. It is the last vestige of money or currency that is free floating in a free market. Therefore, it is the perfect index of the fear level out there. Keep your eye on the price of Bitcoin.

1/2/17     Jim's Rant For The Day.  Planning's Tenth Man Rule.

Yesterday I went back and reread the article I wrote, Systematic Approach to Group Survival, I realized that from a planning point of view, all of the work for our Fall-Back Retreat Farm had been completed. We are as ready as we will ever be.

So I vowed I was not going to sink another penny into the project from this point on. I am just going to kick back and enjoy life now. As Clif High always says, “Kick back and eat pie.”

And speaking of Clif High, after listening to his latest interview of what he sees coming, I realized I still had one more planning assignment left to do - The Tenth Man Rule.

Simply put, the military's Tenth Man Rule says that if all planners are in agree members are happy with their plan, then one man must attack the plan to poke holes in it. That is what I decided needs to be the last step. Our plan is all set to go when chaos occurs. We feel like all members will decide on their own to show up at the farm, we close the gate and be happy and secure.

But now I will ASSUME that all that Clif High suggests above in his one hour interview is accurate, in particular the possible time lines. That means that members may assemble over several months as the slow burn collapse and changes occur. They will fall back when they themselves can no longer keep up with the changes ongoing – thus a slow burn.

The good news is I see planning only and no expenditures required. I would share his time-line with you but I feel you need to hear it for yourself. His methodology is most complex and his interpretations of the “facts gleamed” are guesswork just like our guesses. You might want to order his $15 twenty page report for yourself. Although his reports are fascinating, they are like reading math formulas and computer programming code, then getting silent and trying to make sense of it.

12/25/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Upcoming Titan Death Match.

There is an African saying that cautions, “When elephants fight, run for safety.” I must caution you here that is what I believe is upcoming very soon. But we have nowhere to run so prepare to lay low.

Trump appears to have loaded his leadership down with generals. I feel this is in preparation for a war in the continental United States. It also appears that TPTB have set the stage for such a war the day Trump steps off the boat and assumes command. They know it and he knows it. I don't think he has any doubts at all about what he is stepping into.

It also appears that Trump has selected some very powerful and experienced leaders that for years have been chomping at the bit to tear down their particular nemesis systems and now they are to lead those very systems. Where Obama won his first election by saying, “Change”, Trump seems to be quietly going about lining up his leaders for change.  Are we about to witness a president lead soft military coup?

But the biggest Titan clash upcoming may be surprisingly unplanned for at this time and based on a fluke. The fluke is that the Main Street News Media has destroyed itself and continues to do so. They have lost the ability to lead the masses, leaving the Cabal's ship momentarily rudderless with its occupants in shear terror. They must react as quickly as possible or flounder from history.

I think Trump sees their desperation to regain control and take him out. The Cabal only has control of the field for another month to put together a plan and execute it. Trump knows this. Therefore, with the Cabal's loss of its mouthpiece, they must strike body blows to Trump and freedom. Trump may be about to tear off the Cabal's arms to strike, that being the CIA!

Trump's choice of weapons? The Pentagon. That is why he has selected so many well respected generals and other former military officers for his leadership. He is garnering the support of the Pentagon and as many military personnel, both former and active, as he can muster when the time comes.

His plan of attack? I feel it will be to take down the two thirds of the CIA that is the business end of it: political extortion, empire building, drug trade, etc., leaving only the spy /intelligence network. I also see Trump only concentrating on the part in the continental U.S. although recognizing that it is a global racket. I guess he hopes the rest of the world will take care of their part. But Trump will have his hands full here. Of course, all of this will happen at the same time the CIA's Cabal takes down the financial system to help out its home team.

I see the Pentagon flying overseas troops back to the U.S. as quickly as possible for this fight. Both the Pentagon and the CIA are now independent global powers living mostly off the U.S. The Pentagon and its followers have sworn an oath to the Constitution that is still ingrained in most of them, whereas, the CIA has only taken a Mafia type blood oath to their illegal power trip for personal profit, so perhaps that will even the field up.

To change the subject just a little bit, I was most happy to see that Obama held back his veto power over the recent United Nations resolution that Israel must pull back from the stolen land they occupied in Palestine. It was a heroic moment. But after consideration, I wonder if Obama did it for the wrong reason. Is it possible that he intentionally stirred up the Israeli beehive to go after Trump just as he steps off the boat to sic the Pentagon on the CIA? Just wondering here folks.

Will all of this happen as depicted here? I don't know. The Titans may just stare at each other like two uni-sized High Schoolers in the parking lot, with both in check. What is clear to me however is that the fight is now set up, so will it be real or just a recognition that neither is overwhelming? See you in the parking lot.

12/23/16  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Xmas Gift for you.

The best gift I can give you for Christmas is to abstain from writing a Friday Recap today and instead urging you to take 38 minutes this weekend and watch the latest Friday Recap from Greg Hunter. It is most invigorating, especially his analysis of Trump's cabinet picks – great insight as to where Trump may be heading and what is ahead of us.

P.S. As you watch this, bear in mind that yesterday morning Joe Scarborough, on his MSNBC news show, went into great detail about the reason Trump did not pick John Bolton as Secretary of State was because Bolton “looks too much like Captain Kangaroo.” Enjoy your gift!

12/20/16     Jim's Rant For The day.   What Jon Said.

So much has happened this week that I started to do my Friday Update until I realized it is only Tuesday! Of course the big thing is Trump is on Home Base now. I believe the Cabal will still try to either assassinate or just nip away at him over time to render him ineffective in the long run. Until the Cabal is taken out they will continue to go for the One World Order under their ownership, so let's not stop the fight.

To me the big news right now is the Main Street News Media. I got up this morning anxious to see what Morning Joe was going to sell now that Trump is home. Did you see where on Friday the New York Times announced the news department is vacating seven floors of their headquarters because they needed the rent income? Did you see yesterday where MSNBC canceled one of it's afternoon shows and terminated its crew? Well, it's happening. They pissed in their own soup and destroyed their lock on the “News Confidence” they had been selling for decades. Their business is no more because they have lost the masses.

I point this out because now Google, Facebook, Tweet and Youtube are being asked to follow their wake. They too will soon be gone and replaced by trusted upstarts to fill the news needs. I hope these four companies like yellow soup.

I really like what Jon Rappopart said in his excellent article yesterday about all of this.

“—So, dear reader, you can choose to obtain your news from purveyors of the Plan, or you can explore and keep exploring independent sources.

What is The Plan? Aiding and abetting the descent of America into a nation swallowed up in a global management system, where the Constitution, freedom, and the individual are relics of a discarded past.

Donald Trump is not The Answer. He never was. A declaration of independence can take many forms, articulated by many individuals, and backed up in different ways.

What’s your way?” Jon Rappoport

12/18/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  OnStar.

If you heard the Paul Martin video in the Dave Hodges article today, then consider this.

First you must consider the probability that “they” can disable all cars made after 2003. I accept that that is probably true.

Secondly, if all cars were shut down, when might that occur? This is the scenario I would bet on. Crap would hit that fan at 8:00 AM on day 1. My guess is that they would initiate a 10:00 PM Curfew that day. My guess is that the cars would be disabled about 2:00 AM the morning of Day 3, as this would create the less problems for the local police and panic for Moms.

Thirdly, I don't buy that they will pull the plug on cars. Why would they? It would hurt those in power as well. The electrical power would go down because the engineer could not get to the plant for his shift. But if you buy the old rule that engineers only drive Volvos, then they can disable all cars but Volvos, right? So maybe they have a giant Santa's List showing who's car stays operational. I don't think so, because of the enormous research that would be consumed for such a list.

As an alternative to Santa's List, my guess is that fuel purchases would be by a local compiled list only, one which would be manageable as time goes on.

But my guess is that unless you are on a certain list, your fuel purchases would be greatly restricted but still available to all. Simple as that.

Now go through this gyration and substitute your own reasoning.

12/16/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Just In Case.

It is just possible that the Cabal is making its big move to take total control now. If a big enough false flag is created this weekend, then electors will have the cover story they need to dump Trump on Monday. If that does not pay off, then a major false flag would set up the congress to dump trump the first week of January. They have two bites at the apple. If any of this transpires, they will most likely shut down the big players of the Alt News sites as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Just in case any of this transpires, alternate plans have been made to continue this website. First, a few volunteers will assist in gathering news information to be posted. We have alternate means to communicate with each other. Secondly, you should be able to reach this site by its IP Address if the internet grid is hampered. Thirdly, alternate sites have been selected for the news postings, if required. These sites will be published if needed.

If you wish to remain in the news loop, I suggest you download and save this prior rant, IP Addresses In Blackout. which contains Alternate News sites' IP addresses, as well as my Email address, just in case. If you saved it last week, save it again, as a lot more IP addresses have been added to it.

Let's hope for the best Folks.

12/15/16  2:00 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Brace For Censorship.

The Elite are using their corporations to enforce their censorship so we cannot raise a Bill of Rights defense. Youtube, Paypal, Google and now Facebook are at it. I feel they are just setting us up by getting their structure functioning and made known to us. Then they will implement it all on a single day against a lot of those awakened so the rest can go back to sleep.

12/12/16 3:00 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day.    Reporters Needed

As a member of planning for our survival retreat project, I have to take the worst for granted and plan for it. With that having been said, I must plan for part of the internet going down at sometime, especially in regards to alternate news sites like this one. And that planning I have now done.

One option for us is to have a secure chat room that can be reached by it's IP address, that will be dedicated to being a clearing house for news articles. We now have a chat room established that will come alive only in the vent that it is needed. It will be by invitation only. Therefore, I am inviting anyone that might think they will freely participate if that time comes, please step forward now.

The site will be operated one or two hours a day for live chatting, but will be available 24 hours for posting. It can be reached by all computers and smart phones that can currently get the internet now and will require no software upgrades.

If you are interested, send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I will then send you most of the IP address at this time. If activated, I will email to you and also post the remaining IP Address on this news site. If you are nosy, I hope you will join us as the news gathering will become a lot more difficult then.

12/11/16  Jim's Rant For The Day.  IP Addresses In Blackout.

Yesterday a reader prompted me to get busy about IP Address in the event websites are taken down. I did so now you can feel a little more secure in gaining information during a news blackout.

If the powerful few decide to shut down independent news sites, more than likely they will shut down the DNS servers and leave the rest of the internet up. The DNS servers (Domain Name System) is liken to a telephone book. You look up the name (Domain name) and it gives you the telephone number, in our case, the IP Number (Internet Protocol Number). They can accomplish this by shutting down the entire DNS systems or just selectively remove certain domain addresses from the book, leaving he rest of the book operational. Note that either way, the news sites are still there and operating.

The cure for this, if it should happen, is to know the phone number (IP address) beforehand. Then you don't need the telephone book. It's that simple. Below is a list of some of my favorite sites, including this site. Copy and save those numbers. If you are really bored, just go ahead and copy them in as PROPERTIES of your favorite internet bookmarks. IE, replace with .

Note: The big sites have a dedicated computer server just for their sites. Little guys like myself rent a shared server, thus requiring a longer name than just the IP number. Also be aware that the number needs the “http://” in front of it, so if your browser does not automatically add it you will have to. To be safe, just add the “http://” anyway. In fact, if you don't want to append your favorites on your browser now, save the list below and just click on them and they should automatically link you to the sites.

Note that the top link is to a free service that will allow you to find the IP addresses to some of your own favorite sites. Happy Hunting, but do it now!

IP Lookup Site: 




12/8/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.   WAPO's Last Bullet.

Yesterday evening the Washington Post printed a retraction to the story that Russia controlled or influenced the alternate news sites causing the furor about “fake news sites”. The original stories, purported to be credited to “experts”, identified the top 200 web sites associated with Russia. Within a week a cascade appeared that seemed canned and ready to go, including the House passing a law to go after those sites and shut them down; Google, Paypal, Tweet and others sanctioning those websites so the search engines would not locate them, hit numbers being reduced impacting advertising revenue, and just outright damaging their incomes. And of course, the Main Street News Media had a ball denouncing those lying SOB web sites for daring to lie to the public!

This morning I watched MSNBC's Morning Joe show to see his reaction to that story and a few others from yesterday. As anticipated, from 6:00 AM till 6:30 AM, he only bashed Trump. He actually quoted an article from this morning's Washington Post but never mentioned their retraction story. I think the Main Street News again has been caught with their pants down and have no idea on how to react - they haven't been given their marching orders.

Criticism culminated this week when the "Naked capitalism" blog threatened to sue the Washington Post, demanding a retraction.” - Tyler Durdin Source This quotation by Durden says it all in a nutshell. The Washington post is fighting for it's financial life, from a dying viewership, and is probably nearing it's death. They now realize they will lose a defamation and/or libel case filed by many financially damaged news blogs. They may have only one last bullet left as they slump over in the saddle, so to say, and so holster their gun and race off to save themselves.

And as far as all the preplanned reaction to the “fake news sites”, well, their only witness just recanted! How 'bout dem apples Joe?

12/8/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.    Ben's Thanksgiving Picture.

This morning Ben Fulford retracted a photograph he posted on his report on Monday. That photo was a most vile picture of a woman's torso with arms and hands, crotch opened and baked, presented as a baked turkey would. Fulford says he was duped and the photo was a Hollywood production directed by a named person.

What is not said in the retraction is how he now determines it was a “faked production” nor why anyone would go through so much effort to produce something so vile as that – there could not be a profitable aftermarket for the production, so why was it so skillfully done?

How about I quit pussyfooting around the horrible details and say what is really on my mind? Yesterday evening a Youtube was posted suggesting that the Comet Pizza shooting was a hoax by an actor and the pizza shop owner is also a crisis actor. Everything I have seen about that shooting appears to be a hoax as well.

I will say again, just for the record, that I am not skilled or knowledgeable enough to pass an opinion on all of this pedophile scandal now on the Elite. It could be true and it might not be as true as presented and it might just be true for five folks, I do not know. Likewise, the Comet Pizza may be a part of the possible real pedophile story or it might now be a red herring thrown out to send us on a false rabbit hunt, I do not know.

What I do know is I have a burning question of why the Hollywood photo was done in the first place? Is it possible that it was to sicken us about exploring the Comet Pizza further and to discredit the entire pedophile story, no matter what it may be? What I am saying is just be careful as you explore those paths, you can be sure the Elites are scared and waiting for such explorers, one way or the other.

12/3/16  Jim's Rant For The Day.    White Supremests of Color.

I got up at 5:00 AM this morning to get a jump on thisns. I watched the 6:00 AM and 7AM MSNBC show for the first ten minutes each. The propaganda machine was selling two key memes: The economy being handed to Trump is healthy and recoverd, and Trump won by catering to White Supremests. After I turned it off the thought occurred to me that if the Main Street News is too expensive the government might save by putting the meme of the week on breakfast cereal boxes instead.

But let's go deeper into those memes. At least they said a “however” when bragging about the great economy. The however was that the new improved great economy may not have reached “everybody” yet. I suppose that “everybody” means “you”, with “you” meaning “all of us”. Gee, how clever! Ergo, the translation may mean that the recovery has not reached any of us yet.

Now comes the fun part, that being the catering to white supremests. I tried to find estimated headcounts from exit polls on how many non-white voters in total voted for Trump, but could not fine any. I just found meaningless “percentage of non- white voters who voted “ in a particular local type references. So I guess I am either a lousy researcher or those numbers are private. But in the meantime lets fumble through with a mind experiment.

Let us assume that these made up numbers, and I do mean made up, are a fact: One million non-white voters voted for Trump. Then that means that One Million non-whites are white supremests, doesn't it? Am I going crazy here or has One Million non-whites gone crazy, or both?

Perhaps there is another explanation. Could it be the Cabal is preparing to stick Trump with a collapse and we are being baited for a race war?

12/1/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Elizabeth Báthory

Countess Elizabeth Báthory (1560 – 1614), of Hungary, still reins the queen after 400 years.

She is listed by Guinness Book of World Records as the most prolific female murderer. It is believed that for sport she tortured and killed 650 persons, mostly young maidens. The people of the region knew what she was doing but could not stop her because of her position of power. Her relatives, the ruling class, feared that if a trial was held, it would incite the citizenry to dethrone all of them as well. So in desperation, Elizabeth was quietly detained in a castle cell until her death.

The bottom line was she was above the law until she was a danger to all the others above the law. Kinda rings bell, doesn't it? Hillary and others may be up there with Lizzi. But where does the killing count begin? Is it just the few killed to keep the elite in power, or shall we add in the millions of deaths from the wars waged so the elite could remain elite? We are disgusted that Hillary violated Elections Laws in the Presidential race. So what? We say now that PizzaGate is out in the open we can get them all. So what?

Until the citizenry itself creates and enforces law and order on the same level for all, the above crimes do not matter. If Hillary's “relatives” in the elite quietly locks her away so there is no trial, then Elizabeth and her likes will continue to rein over us for another four hundred years. We are free to choose the same as the 1600 circa citizens chose. Choose well.

11/19/16    Jim’s Rant For The Day.  Circle Drawing.

He drew a circle that shut me out -
heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
But love and I had a will to win:
We drew a circle that took him in!”
Edwin Markham

There were two big news stories this past week. The first is the banning of large cash currency by India. I highly suggest that you watch the video as it shows how a government can and will debase their own currency to keep the powerful few powerful. Video

The other story is one I failed to post. The Council of American Indians has offered citizenship to any illegal aliens that have no criminal history, currently in the U.S. This might be a way to avoid all the current drama impacting them now and a way to foster peace and new taxpayers.    Article

11/14/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Trained Shallow Voters.

Although unintended, our Junior High civics teachers trained us to be shallow voters. I feel sorry for both them and us as the opposite was intended – to make us serious thinking voters when we became of age.

Here is what happened. In conjunction of learning the democratic way, we were tasked to elect the class president, hall line monitor or what all. On voting day the five suspects were allowed to give a talk about why they should win. We then voted. Sounds innocent enough, doesn't it? But lets look at it closer.

First we were trained to base our vote on one speech. Mistake number one. Then because we really didn't care what the Class President did, as he was not supposed to do anything, we were actually voting on the personality. This is the biggest mistake of all. What we should have been taught, and I don't know how that could have been accomplished, was to decide on what direction we wanted our organization to go in. This is the most paramount principle of democracy and most of us have never learned that lesson!

In actuality this is what should run board rooms, what direction shall we go in and who is the best suited to get us there? This is how the Main Street News Media and the Democrats hijacked the national debate this recent election. They based the whole debate on personality. That is why the Anti-Trump protesters are crying, “Misogynistic, racist and xenophobic, tat least the ones not being paid, that is.

So once again I suggest that by accident we were trained to be shallow voters and until most of us outgrow this fault we will always be at the mercy of the schemers and controllers who wish to dominate us. It is totally our choice.

11/11/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Battened Hatches

A nautical hatch is the cover for a hatchway, the large hole in an old sailing ship's deck used to allow cargo and air flow into it's belly. A batten is a board or timber used to lock the hatch into place during a storm. Thus when a sailor heard, “Batten all hatches”, he knew a rough ride was ahead. CNBC, the financial channel, has battened it's main hatch down two days ago.

They stopped flashing the DOW averages in the lower right corner of their screen as they used to since their inception. The Dow is their main business, mind you. That is tantamount to a jeweler no longer displaying his shiny diamond articles in the glass showcase. You just heard the order Folks, so prepare for a rough ride.

11/10/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  The Deplorables Rise Up.

Please allow me to share my thoughts on the Trump victory. First of all it was a victory for humanity. We here in America dodged one of two bullets, the first being entrapment in an oppressive government in the vacuum of our lost constitution. We now have an opportunity to revert back to the republic as the Cabal has lost its total grip on our minds. I hope and trust that Trump will cause this to happen, although I recognize it will require time. But hopefully we will see action begin immediately upon his inauguration, if not before.

In regards to the Hillary corruption I would be pleased to say I am in favor of an amnesty tendered to her, and the Cabal for the sake of peace and cooperation. However I am sad to say I cannot do that. I think there are certain acts so disgusting and reprehensible to humans, such as cannibalism for fun, that we must violently purge the thoughts and seeds of it so it can never fester in another member of humanity again. This is one case that screams for it, otherwise that business model will continue to flourish and be profitable. We must demonstrate that we have returned to a lawful land, and until we do, the world will shun us for centuries to come, lest their children pick up our habits.

The second bullet headed our way prior to the election is the financial collapse. That bullet is still on course straight at us and we will not dodge it. Our capitalistic system, national wealth, personal wealth, real National GDP and way of life have all been destroyed. There is the devil to pay for this and we cannot recover from it until we hit it head on. If the expression, “Necessity is the Mother of invention”, is true, then we must face up to the reality of where we are now so we can now, now in the light of day, recreate ourselves in a better world. We must recreate our financial, economic, political, legal and all of our other systems. I once read a business management book in which the author said, “if you don't think your business has problems then you haven't looked at it lately.” - definitely sound advice for us today!

Therefore, fear not as the stock market goes crazy and all other financial horrors show that they were in the shadows all along. In actuality it will just be growing pains.

11/7/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  All Of My Life.

All of my life, which I call, “I remember when . .”, I have never experienced any time like this time.

It is filled with hope, fear, possible terror, pride in taking a stand to define oneself, guilt and again hope. It's as if when I remember when, my whole life was yearning for today's arrival, but despite all the training for this time, all I can expect is the unexpected. Will the unexpected be good or bad.

Saturday I was reading a book chronicling personal experiences of the brave soldiers that were sacrificed and sacrificed themselves in the D-Day Normandy invasion. One such man was trained over and over again for all contingencies for he and his partner to sneak ashore on the landing beach New Year's eve before D-Day to take soil samples to determine if heavy equipment could traverse the beach.

Their excursion had been planned down to the last detail. Special wet suits were made with sealed boots and the entire suit had a quilt on the inside to prevent hypothermia as long as it was watertight. And speaking of watertight, they were given unknown until then, waterproof watches. As planned they swam ashore to hear the German soldiers singing awaiting the new year. They got their soil samples and began to swim back to their pick up point at sea when the soldier heard his partner hollering at him from a distance behind.

Something must have gone wrong for them to be separated. His thoughts from training were cramps or a punctured wetsuit. He was furiously racing back to his partner in danger until he understood that what he was hollering was, “Happy New Year”, per his fancy watch! I hope our story now ends as well.


11/5/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.   After The Vote

Everybody out there has their own guess as to what will happen November 9th, the day after the vote. Here is my guess. Trump will win by a major landslide, based on the true, unadulterated popular vote. We are getting reports that the electors supporting Hillary may be jumping ship and will vote Trump, therefore, Trump will be crowned. Now the guess part gets complicated because the Cabal will have to decide if they will rig the popular votes. It is suspected that would be implemented by the machines shaving a floating percentage of Trump votes to be given to Hillary, in such a manner that at poll closing time, the Hillary lead will end up at a predetermined percentage lead over Trump.

I believe that if the above occurs, after the vote, a revolution may begin or perhaps the Military will do a simmered down coup or perhaps the mid levels at the DOJ and FBI may do questionable things (mutiny) in order to take control of those organizations to roll back the Hillary win. Please let me know your guess, before after the vote. Thanks.


10/31/16 Jim's Rant For The Day. Push Button Defense

Our Fall-Back survival group just acquired a 12 station remote controlled defense system. I am not an electronics buff so bear with me in my description of the system and how it can be utilized in a suburban defensive system.

First the Description. It was crafted for us in the event of collapse chaos. It consists of two parts. First it has a hand held controller with 12 buttons (circuits). Then it has a receiver that can be up to 1,000 feet away (2,000 with a $20 antenna). The receiver is a plastic ammo can containing a small 12 volt battery (with charger), 12 speaker type punch terminals for each circuit, a circuit test probe, and an on/off safety switch. Cost: $400.

Not included: We had to add the twisted pair bell wire. We believe that each circuit can run about 50 feet away from the controller, but this could be more. Depending on your application, Also added are: 12 VDC tail light bulbs ($5), firecrackers, ($5) Christmas tree lights ($5), gunpowder ($25), latching relay ($30), solenoid ($5) and a 12 VDC sprinkler valve.

Actions Available: The solenoid can push or pull, as in pull a trigger, release a trip wire, lock a door, etc. A $5 motor can pull a wire. The Xmas light can light a firecracker (or bigger) by filling the broken light with the fuse and gunpowder. The sprinkler valve can release water from one bucket to another thus adding extra weight to a soon to be falling object. It can also pour gasoline on something that can then be ignited by a Xmas light.

The latching relay switch simply turns on another circuit, with the new circuit being 12 VDC, another VDC circuit such as 9 VDC or even a 110 A/C circuit. The relay could be used to activate a 1.5 VDC radio or turn on a 12 volt car headlight running off a separate car sized battery all night.

Practical Defense.

Sniper Pit: Dig a hole one foot deep and cover it with a piece of tin roofing. Paint it camouflage. Tilt the side facing the house up one foot, enough for a sniper to shoot from. Now build another one a distance away. When an intruder is near the house with the pits behind him surprise him.

Use a motor to rustle a bush. Light a flashlight in the hole. Shoot a gun. Or just take the easy way by turning on two GMRS radios with the volume up high. Then talk from the house radio ordering, “Ya'll don't shoot 'em 'til We shoot first.” They'll be gone!

Don't Be Bees: Place a bee hive at home entrances and turn them over.

10/30/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Stock In Trade.

Step 1. Follow the Laptop Logic. When the news of the Anthony Weiner and the 10,000 emails first broke, my first assumption was he was broke and inherited an old computer from Huma, Hillary's assistant, therefore the story was believable. But wait a minute, as Hillary's No 1 assistant, surely she gets more than minimum wage right? So why risk a hand me down, especially after Huma signed an affidavit when she left the State Department stating all computers were turned over to the government?

Step 2. Add in Election Stealing Audio. Now we have the 2006 audio of Hillary discussing rigging the Palestine election. Wait a minute, isn't that Hillary's stock in trade? Didn't she get her PHD in Election Snatching when as a new attorney she worked on the Richard Nixon election fraud investigation? Didn't she get fired from that job for being too illegal?

Final Summation. I whole heatedly agree with the Anthony Weiner Sex Hoax video in that the story is a reuse to safely evacuate Hillary because the people know too much about her stock in trade for her to win. Stay tuned Folks!

10/22/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Sneaking A Peek.

When I was 25 years old, around 1975, I was diagnosed with a genetic eye disease that was making my eyes bulge out of my head. A year after diagnosis I was having a regular check-up. The doctor told me it was the most adverse reaction to mini-skirts he had ever seen. Like a fool, I went home and told my wife. There I was, in the hay day of mini-skirts, and I couldn't sneak a peek for two years! Ghawd, I didn't think I would ever make it through that period.

Well, my big mouth did it to me again. Yesterday I told Betty of my decision to take a sabbatical from our Prepping project. She immediately starting shaking her finger and said I needed to do just what I told her I was going to do. Later I finally received some tent patching material in the mail. I told her I was going down to patch a canvas tent so I could be finished with that project.

That is when she did her hawk routine. You know the one, where her neck gets a few inches shorter and her head darts 10 degrees to the left then back to the right, all while she squints at me. Oh Ghawd, I don't think I am going to make it through this.

10/21/16  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Clif High vs William Mount.

Three posts over the past few days are from somewhat questionable sources. But if you overlay them you get a pattern. Let's take a look.

Clif High of the Web Bots project tells us that after the election there will be confusion as to who the president is. He suggests that during this time Hillary will be disappeared and suspected dead. He kind of indicates the confusion will not be like the Al Gore / hanging chads confusion, but more liken to one party is elected but another person is sworn in type confusion. He then says immediately after the election other countries will realize our leaders are insane and will distance themselves from us, in particular by spending all of their dollars as they will no longer hold faith in the U.S., thus causing a crash. He indicates prices for homes and cars will fall while prices for food and necessaries will triple.

William Mount tells us that the rest of the world has had enough of our wars and will no longer tolerate them. They fear that George Soros will rig the voting so that “a new Hitler” will arise. Therefore, a secret international meeting was held in Russia where it was decided that Russia and several other countries will monitor the elections for fraud. This will be accomplished by foreign diplomats who the U.S. has threatened to arrest if they poll monitor. Arresting a foreign diplomat is an Act of War. Mount goes on to say that if the vote is fraudulent Washington D.C. may be no more.

Mount also suggests after the elections major corporations will decide the U.S. is operating without law and down right criminally in nature. This will cause them to pull major contracts with U.S. businesses and place them elsewhere, thus crashing the remainder of our economy.

So there you have their recaps. Now let us add today's post about the Republic. In it we are told that Paul Ryan was sworn in as President, the elections will be stopped and rescheduled for January 8th. We are told that Trump never wanted to be president and agreed to run just to stir the pot and awaken the voters. Then there is the continuation of rumors that Trump will take over the News Media business . . .

10/17/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Zero Based Budgeting.

Zero Based Budgeting is a radical method of turning around a business in financial trouble. Simply put, you take last years budgets, by department, and zero them out and make each department justify every dollar in the new budget. In fact, you even make each department justify its existence. This is radically different from everyone taking last years budget and increasing it by 10 percent just because. Trust me, the new method certainly takes a serious look at what an organization is doing.

I share this with you because of Benjamin Fulford's post today. As usual, on several occasions in the report he says, “Insiders inside the CIA (or FBI) tell us. . .“ Aren't these employees of the CIA and FBI working for organizations that we know are lying to us and have been to one degree or other, for years? I know that not all of them are bad apples, but . .

In fact, when you think of the CIA don't you automatically get a vision of liars, as that is their profession? Isn't the CIA in cahoots with the State Department for control of the global drug trade? So I ask you do you get comfort now from hearing “Insiders of the CIA say. . . ?”

I guess that what I am getting at is there must come a time when we as citizens get mad enough and take our country back from liars and thieves and stop allowing ourselves to be conned! We need to go to Zero Based Budgeting and determine what we need in a CIA or FBI that serves the people, and the people only. We need to do the same for out political leaders, that is zero base budget them to see if we truly need THEM specifically.

Whatever is about to happen to us, our freedom and our country is coming on fast. The question is are we going to sit on the couch because that is the politically correct thing to do or are we going to grow a set and be prepared to storm the Bastille when they do to us what they are moving to do? Will history write about our couch sitting when they refer to “Pussy-gate” or will the writing be about the final straw of the people being manipulated by the Elite?

Get your family safe and prepare to defend your sovereign liberty! I don't believe anyone is going to save us but us. Hopefully we will have some help, but in the meantime get your mind ready for the Bastille.

10/16/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Look To Your Families.

In case you haven't listened to the latest Bill Holter Interview, let me sum it up here. Keep in mind he is not the only one saying this. It is time that you seriously look to the protection of your family.

Each day we get more truth that the financial system is gone – it's over. Each day we get more truth about the crimes of the Elite against us. Hillary has lost the race. Trump is so far ahead that the votes cannot be rigged. All sounds good so far, doesn't it?

Well, here's the bad part that must be faced. Trump told Hillary that he will see to it that she is jailed. This also means jailing most of congress and many of out captains of industry along with Military leaders, all for treason if nothing else. We are looking at one giant Nuremberg Trial II.

The elite are now going all out to create a nuclear war. Russia has said that if they start a war it will end in the U.S.

Thursday while we were being titillated by Pussy-Gate we took one more Def-Com step towards war with the big powers, a nuclear War. Just look at the headlines from yesterday, October 15th. We are closer to war than we were during the Cuban Missile Crisis! Look to your families Folks.

10/13/16   Jim's Rant For The Day. “We Just Don”t Know It.

"Call me Ishmael.” That is the opening line in Herman Melville's Moby-Dick. No other author opened so casually and to the point in such few words. I think it would behoove me to begin my memoirs in the same manner; “Call me crazy.”, especially after today's rant.

Yesterday I posted an interview with Bill Holter. In it he expressed an idea I had never fully thought through. He said, “What if the financial collapse has already occurred but we don't know about it yet?”

He goes on the point out that the markets are now non-existent, in that no humans are trading most stocks but rather the trading is back and forth by two computers. The net result is that they are currently forcing most market values to not change. The reason for the frozen markets is to prevent margin calls or the payout of derivatives. When I heard him say it I realized this is what I believe has happened!

The crash has already occurred, especially in the case of Deutsche Bank (and maybe now in the case of Wells Fargo). Their stock prices are frozen. Fraud is again the order of the day to keep the appearance of a stable system until after our elections. Post election they will let it all go. This explains the current panic to start nuclear war anywhere on the planet to provide a scapegoat for the financial collapse. Of course I use the term “scapegoat” loosely as it is actually more of an elite get-away after a bank robbery. While we are dealing with a war they will have left the country with the booty.

Yes, that is the only thing that makes any sense now, it has already crashed and we just don't know about it yet.

10/11/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Rushing A Bums Rush.

We keep asking, “What can little ole me do to change this?” in regards to the world mess the Cabal has us in. Even I keep asking myself this. I keep seeing the only course of real action is to get a gun and hop a bus to D. C. but then I snap out of it. But still I ask.

Well I finally came up with something not as drastic as a Greyhound ride. If we assume that Trump will win the election and live to be sworn in, he will need help. The help he will need is twofold: a mandate from the people to congress and ejection of all the politicians unwilling to change our course. That is a pretty tall order with just a month to go before the elections. How can we ever get organized to do it?

Well, in actuality it is easy to do – just Google it from the comfort of your own home! Go to your county Supervisor of elections website and download the sample ballot. Then go through the trouble of marking all incumbents for ALL offices. The next step is to make a conscious effort to determine if an incumbent should be retained. After that, make your best selections from the newbys, hopefully with those with the guts to admit they are awake.

By rushing through the process to give the professional politicians the bum's rush we will give our country a resounding mandate. This is quick, easy and does not require gun play. Hope you join me.

10/10/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  My Take On Ben Fulford Today.

My initial thought is that we have learned nothing new from today's report. Let us just examine the part about the election being canceled.

If Obama cancels the election I believe we will then be in a revolution, period. If somebody drops out, it will be Hillary. If Trump is not in the race it will be because of assassination.

If the Military cancels the election, it had better be because Hillary is under arrest. Otherwise we will be in a revolution if the military does not show their cards by arrest of crooked leaders immediately. If this is not done the population will assume it is under control of the New World Order and ergo revolution.

All of the above has been on the table of possibilities all year. There is nothing new here. So the real issue is are we being lulled into not preparing for revolution, prepping for survival, or actively engaging in the election process to mandate congress to cease and desist in criminality, all while the NWO net is closed around us?  You decide.

10/5/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Cheap Western Death.

So here's the score of the Collapse to date. What we are seeing is a cheap Western death, you remember, the ones where it takes the bad guy five minutes to die. He leans on the wall, the gun goes loose in his hand, he staggers a few steps, the gun drops, he falls to his knees, then rolls over. Just when you think he is dead he gets up and goes into the saloon for one last drink, then back out to the dirt street to finally succumb.

That is what is happening to Deutsche Bank. Here's why. When a normal company goes bankrupt it is because their bank finally pulls the plug on them. The company is bouncing more and more bad checks to the point that the bank itself is at risk of taking a loss when the company finally goes down. So the bank closes all of the customers bank accounts. But in the case of Deutsche Bank, it's banks are insolvent like them and they are interconnected, so when Deutsche goes so might they. Everybody is frozen now in fear. But recall what one Economist said last week, that for Germany to bail them out, there would have to be nineteen Germanies! So expect a death rather than a bailout.

Here is the problem for the Cabal. I think they pulled the plug on Deutsche Bank and expected them to die over the weekend but they didn't. Now the Cabal is desperate for any kind of a death so they will be able to blame the financial collapse on that scapegoat. That is why they are meeting today in New York to agree to complete the invasion of Syria and entice Russia in all out war this week. The economy is crashing and they can't wait for Deutsche to have that last drink. Stay alert and prepared.

9/30/16    Jim's Rant For The Day. Deutsche Bank Going Dutch?

There are rumors that the U.S. Justice Department has forgiven some of it's fine and now the world banking system is saved forever. Don't believe it for a minute.

The reason banks fail on Fridays is because the big powers can use the weekend to take advantage of the system failure. They will jockey for position, fabricate a lie to tell the people, or be first in line to get paid with the remaining funds.

Deutsche Bank and the other Central Banks are in trouble because they have been insolvent for over ten years now. The governments have been lying for them. They are still around because we have not caught on to the con yet. This week the world has warned us that they are all conning the people. Has enough confidence been destroyed by that announcement? Will other banks continue to lend them billions in Overnight Repos hoping to get it back at sunrise? We won't know these answers until next week. In the meantime, I suggest you continue to prep.

9/29/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Nuclear War Survivability.

Note: I was asked to watch and review a 1990, James Earl Jones movie about a fail-safe nuclear war happening. This communication occurred on a Prepper website. 

Ready:    I just finished By Dawn's Early Light. It was most frightening.  You asked for a movie review.  It's late and was a scary movie, a real life Dr. Strangelove.  So in place of a review please allow me to share some thoughts that I had as watching it.  Instead of the usual movie review of, “You'll laugh, you'll cry, you will kiss ten bucks goodby.”, let me give my opinion on the jest of the story. I know it has turned out to be verbose and you have limited website space, so I will share with you now and come back in a week and delete of of these related postings. 

But first the disclaimer.  I was considered too ugly for the Vietnam draft so I have no military experience.  I have been a most avid reader since early childhood and have only done serious reading, thus my only contact with horror has been through books.

When I was 14, which was three years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, I read tow books about the same time as each other.  The first was  Hiroshima, by John Hershey, a journal, more or less of six survivors of the atom bomb dropped there in 1945.  I thought nothing could be more horrible that what was relayed in that book, but I was wrong as I will share later.

Two memories have haunted me from the book.  First was a Japanese woman who heard a slight knock on her door the evening of the blast.  She was confronted with a strange unknown animal upright that had a face with no features.  She then realized it was a human with eyes , and nose melted away and the mouth, for the most part melted mostly closed.  The human asked only for a drink of water., received it and disappeared.

The other memory was of a priest that realized all the injured laying along a river bank for relief would soon die as the river was rising.  He and another began lifting one person at a time and moving them to safety.  He lifted one man by his ankles and all the meat pulled away from his legs.  The priest threw up from the pain he had inflicted.

The more horrible thought about Hiroshima is that a few years ago I discovered proof that the Japanese government and Emperor had been trying to surrender for two weeks prior.  The decision was to demonstrate the bomb to scare the rest of the world.  That is scary!

Then I read a government published Civil Defense Handbook for Nuclear Attack. I read it from cover to cover.  It detailed making a fallout shelter in a basement. It said to stay there until the all clear and help arrived.  I was impressed.  But then I read the Appendix exhibits.  One was a math workout on the half life of the radiation.  From the calculations you could not consume food or water from the area for about 500 years!  Then I began to question where the help would come from under these conditions. All of this negated the entire book! I now understand that our government tried to soft sell the idea that nuclear war was survivable so the citizenry would not rise up in protest of more nuclear weapons in our arsenal.   All of the above is the horror of nuclear war.
So in spite of seeing the horribleness of the movie I also saw the following good news.  I believe that we are all connected in a way that most humans are not aware.  We are learning how to be humans; how to create a better life, and we are in some way sharing all that we are learning.  Because of the connectedness, warfare is as insane as using our right hand to hit our left hand with a hammer!

We, as a species, are going through an awakening process to discover who we really are and capable of becoming.  We are recreating ourselves.  This is occurring to us not only on an intellectual level but also on a biological level.   We are evolving.   I believe as other writers are say, “That we are on the cusp of a global revolution.”  That is what we are up to at this time.

I invite you to just review this 18 minute video I posted on my website just yesterday to see just a sliver of what you and I may be seeing in Dawn's Early Light.
Video:    The Myth of Authority.

9/26/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Un-puzzling Puzzle Pieces.

These are the new puzzle pieces we have after the debate.

Hillary is not incarcerated. She may have been arrested but is now out on bail.

Hillary is not dead and if extremely ill, can be transfused and medically trumped up to run for ninety minutes. It would be most interesting to see her back on the campaign trail this week, but I doubt we see that.

Hillary is still in the race for the long haul.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch the Pentagon is openly talking about arming the Syrian rebels with equipment to shoot down Russian aircraft. So we continue to race to WWIII, nuke style. In the backdrop of this, Germany again says no bailout for Deutsche Bank and Germany's number 2 bank, 3, 4, 5 . . . and so on. This indicates a massive bail-in. The problem with that is if Germany bails-in several at once then the horse race is on world wide. Every country will strive to not be the first to be shut out by withdrawing customers. Talk about a real bank run, the banks will be running to get your money! These are the races to watch, not the presidential race.

9/23/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.    Me and You.

Today I was reminded of Bill Cosby's first comedy album, in particular his Noah routine. For you whippersnappers, it was about god commanding Noah to build an ark which Noah agreed to do knowing of the impending flood. At the end of the skit Noah is telling god off because of the lack of help from god. Noah was complaining of his wife being on his back, being ridiculed by all that knew him, being sued for blocking his neighbors driveway and of having to round up all the animals by pairs. Then he pointed out all the animal crap in the bottom of the boat that Noah was having to clean up and that he was quitting the work. Suddenly there was a loud thunder and Noah acknowledged that it was raining. Then Noah meekly said, “Yep, me and you lord, all the way.”  

That is what I thought of when I saw today that Ted Cruz just endorsed Trump. Cruz knows what is about to happen. “Me and you, all the way.”

9/22/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Nine Month Expectancy.

So just what can we expect to happen the rest of this month? I don't know for you but I do know for me. This is what I expect to happen between now and the end of September.

Hillary will be a no show at the debates. Her motorcade will pull up and suddenly leave because of possible sniper fire, or her car will be in an accident or the driver will think the debate is in Boston, or if she shows up, a car wreck will take out the electrical power. The result will be that we the common folk will not know what the real score is until late Tuesday or Wednesday. This will buy them a few more days.

Russia has had enough of the U.S. in Syria. Sorry for the spelling of the U.S.? because I don't know if it is the U.S.? or the CIA. Frankly I am like Russia, I don't give a damn anymore. You saw yesterday where Russia sent a cruise missile into the cave where the U.S.? / CiA, Israel, British and Australian terror groups leadership/ military advisers were leading from, killing 30 of them. Then later after that Russia & Syria ended two rebel offensive moves. Yesterday evening Russia vowed to shoot down immediately any aircraft threatening Syrian troops. It is as close to all out Russia vs U.S. war as can be now. The next step is tactical nukes, which I understand Russia does not possess; they only have the real things. So for the next week keep your eye on Syria.

If you trust in Cliff High then watch for the bond market melt down, staring this week. I personally think we are about there myself. I see where silver rose about a full dollar the past two days. My guess is that the Cabal is bringing down the dollar now, which takes time.

I believe we will make it through September but the real crazy take down stuff will happen in October.

9/19/16    Jim's Rant For The Day. What Fulford Said But Didn't Say.

Alright everybody, just calm down and we will try this again! Remember Jim's Motto: Most newsletters are filled with disinformation as filler.

This is what Fulford said but didn't say:

1. It won't be until next Tuesday before we know a little more about Hillary's status. That is because Tuesday is the day after she is to debate Trump.

2. If Hillary is out of the race the Cabal has just this week to control the take down. That is because by next Tuesday, if Hillary was a no show, the Cabal will have totally lost their propaganda machine completely, their last bastion of power over us.

3. The military is still in bed with the military industrial complex, trying to jockey for some world control.

4. If Canada's Trudeau becomes president of both countries, it means:

A. Immediate revolution in the U.S.

B. The U.S. just lost its Constitution,

C. It would take at about a year to do away with the constitution (legally). That means that if the election were stopped, the U.S. would have no leader after January 20th.

D. If a Military Coup stopped the elections, they would have to explain why they did when we still have three candidates on the ticket and a Hillary replacement is there now or could be selected. No explanation of the action taken just to stop Trump would be able to prevent a revolution.

E. If China makes a regime change in the U.S. we would then be at war.

THEREFORE. I call bullshit on the Trudeau section.           

So just what did Fulford say? In my words, “Keep your heads down, all shit is about to break out!”

9/17/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.    Movie Trifecto:  Sully, Amerigeddon & Snowden. 

      Movie: Sully

This past Sunday I saw the above movie, about pilot “Sully” Chesley Sullenberger, who successfully crash landed his commercial flight into the Hudson river in 2009. The story is centered on what happened after the landing when he was investigated by the Feds (FAA) for reckless endangerment of his passengers.

The movie is most uplifting if you are feeling down. It re-verifies that the truth is truth. It stars Tom Hanks, has superb acting and is totally riveting. It is a must see.

       Movie: Amerigeddon

Thursday I received my DVD of the above movie. If you ordered a DVD, know that they are about a month behind in delivery. When they notify you of shipment expect in within 3 – 4 days.

For those unfamiliar with the movie be aware of this. First, TPTB barred it from being shown in the United States. Since it's release in March it has only been shown in four theaters in our country. The DVD is just now being released. Secondly, it is about the pending collapse of our Constitutional country into a total dictatorship and the destruction of the population.

It is easy to see why it was banned here. It gives the exact blueprint that the Cabal is carrying out now on the U.S. take down. It shows how U.N. troops are now staged here and the training being done by our military to carry out this plan. And it shows much more.

Please watch the first 45 minutes as that is where it all is. The rest saves the viewer from seeing the horror of what is about to be unleashed. It is pretty tame in that respect. Surprisingly, there is no foul language.

      Movie: Snowden.

Yesterday I saw the above movie about Edward Snowden, the man that released CIA information about how the NSA and CIA were spying of all Americans illegally and how Drones were killing innocent people illegally as well.

It was easy to understand why the Cabal censured the movie Amerigedden but as I watched Snowden I kept wondering why they allowed it to be released. Then I got it. The damage is done from Snowden's leak, but the damage from what is depicted by Amerigeddon is still a month away, so lets keep that one secret.

Snowden is deep, intense and at the same time boring as it's about gifted geeks out-programming each other. I was fortunate as I missed lunch before viewing it. My advice is skip your meal too so you can keep up. I rate this movie as a Must See as well. It is most uplifting.

As a side note, A friend came to my home yesterday morning to view Amerigeddon. When it was over she asked if anyone knew who any of the good guys really are? I responded, “Yes, some of them.” At the end of the movie my thought returned to her question, with my answer now, “Yes, and Edward Snowden is one of them.”    

9/16/16  Jim's Rant For The Day. Vacuum Packed Deutsche Bank.

Yesterday the U.S. Dept. of Justice fined the failing German Deutsche Bank $14 Billion for mortgage Fraud. In a minute we will dissect this sentence.

You know how us old codgers are, always having memory flashbacks. In writing the above the flash that went thru my mind was the first dirty joke my Mother ever told me. I was Twenty-three and driving her home from work. It was during the time of Nixon's Watergate problem. She told me that Mrs. Nixon went to the Gynecologist who discovered she had crabs. The doctor then consulted with her two partners about what to do. She said, “This is too difficult for me to decide on my own to tell the First Lady this. I can't just blurt it out.” So the three of them devised a plan. The doctor went bank in and said to the First Lady, “Your water gate has been bugged!”

The DOJ can't just blurt it out either. The world knows that Deutsche Bank is probably the one that will take down all the banks. The DOJ does not work in a vacuum. They would not be the one to make that kind of a decision. Whoever arrived at the $14 Billion was also the one to decide to “sic “en” at this time. This is a planned take down in my opinion, the same as the planned take down of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Be on the lookout, we may be having another Lehman Brothers weekend.

9/13/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  No Matter What's The Matter.

It has been fun serving you Hillary the past two days, but I am done. It's time to move on.

It doesn't matter what's the matter with her. It does not matter whether it was staged or not. It doesn't matter if she is alive or dead. Nor does it matter if it was Hillary or a double. All that matters is she is no longer in the running for presidency.

What does matter is that we have 60 days left until the election. The Cabal surely must be in panic in having to change horses in such a short time and after such a massive investment in a dead horse. They pumped the idea that the race was close or winnable by Hillary so they could steal votes from the machines, enough to win it. Now all that is up in the air with having to rebuild in just 60 days.

What matters is what is at stake. - future control of the earth, that is all. Let's face it, with so much riding for the Cabal, this is not a desirable place to be. The way I see it, they have three shots at it: Kill Trump, pour all of their money in and cheat like hell for 60 days, or stop the election. This is where we need to focus, not on Hillary's fallen slipper, as the slipper no longer matters.

Angela Merkle told the Cabal to go to hell and is hurrying Germany for WWIII to start on German soil. She and three other neighboring countries are quickly having their citizens stockpile food and water. Germany is considering arming the entire population and they are now once again conscripting for the army. Why the panic? Because the U.S. is staging many tank units in Germany, without their permission, for an invasion into Russia, that is why. Merkel is tired of being pushed around and wants the country's sovereignty back from the West. That is why the other European countries are also acting as they are right now. They have had enough of the Cabal.

So too here in America, The Cabal knows this. They are desperate. The people want their sovereignty back. Congress knows this. They are terrified now that their savior, Hillary, has fallen. She was the key to their not being arrested or hung. She has now either fallen or skipped out leaving her minions to hang in the air, so to say.

Continue to be vigilant and prepared. The next hurdle is the debate scheduled for September 26th. The Cabal may be forced to act by then. The financial collapse must occur soon; they no longer have the luxury of time.


9/11/16  9:00 AM  Jim's Rant For The Day. Tiger By The Tail.

There was a young lady of Niger
Who smiled as she rode a tiger,
They came back from the ride
with the lady inside,
and the smile on the face of the tiger. - Anonymous

My first introduction to tiger riding came from my Latin studies. It seemed that the only book written in the dead language was Caesar's journals of conquering the known world and making it an empire to serve Rome. As I recall, the book ended badly for Rome. So too did all the sequels to that book, as written by the Ottomans, Turks, Crusades, British, Napoleon, ET. AL. The last chapter never changed.

While we were being schooled in ancient empires we were distracted from the fact that our own country was bitten by the empire bug. But this time it was different. It was now more banking cartels and economic titans in nature more so than military in nature. Oh, don't get me wrong, there was a military side to it but it was mostly bluffing with atom bomb threats along with smaller skirmishes to scare all others into submission.

But now it appears that we too are coming to the final chapter. The problem is that those that have the empire tiger by the tail don't know how to turn it loose. The problem for the rest of the world is that they can retreat into a cave, pull a halyard and destroy all that is non-cave; a bold new ending to the book.


9/7/16  Jim's Rant For The Day. It's All Just A Blur.

I know, I was wrong again with my warning about Labor Day weekend. On the surface it appeared to be a very quiet three days, but wow, has the news sped up at the same time!

Let's talk about the Main Street News Media first. Gretta Van Susteren appears to have left her job in disgust. Early reports were that she wanted to discuss Hillary's health but was not allowed to do so. This makes three news super stars that have been lost to “poor health issues”.

Then in Bill Still's report yesterday, he suggests that, “Rupert Murdock and his sons are suddenly backing out of the FOX News limelight, in the wake of loads of negative publicity, via the recent New York magazine piece.” Still goes on to suggest that Trump News will soon replace the failing news station(s).

The amazing fact about the suicide of the Main Street News Media is that they have been throwing themselves on grenades to shield Hillary from discussion of her health issues when this weekend we learned that she used her health as an attempted cop out for her crimes in the FBI interview. The news medias are dying for her and she cops out and rats on herself!

Next let us discuss the President of the United States. China snubbed him by making him slink down the back stairs of his plane while Russia and others all got the red carpet treatment at the G20. Then the President of the Philippines called his Mamma a hoar because Obama called out the Philippines for killing drug dealers there (which may include CIA operatives), in an attempt to end the drug business. Of course, this offended the Philippine president in that Obama himself is ordering the killing of innocent people around the world with drone strikes. Is Obama still the president of the world's super power? Is Obama still the president? Stay tuned folks.

Then we have the jumping rats. Let's face it, the U.S. has very few allies now. The last I checked we were down to Canada and the tiny country of Qatar. In the past two days Canada has asked to join the Russia / China banking alliance and Qatar has asked to ally with Russia.

Finally we have the Ben Fulford Report Tuesday. I believe that the majority of his report is accurate. I believe that the U.S. Military mutiny has gotten stronger. I believe that the 20% breakaway military in space, from my article, Humanity Awakens, has now joined in to take down the Cabal. This is evidenced by the destruction of the Facebook rocket launch and the two underground explosions, one in the U.S. and the other offshore of Jacksonville.

These major events are now happening so fast that it is all just a blur. One thing is for sure however, we are seeing our whole way of life changing before our very eyes. Again, stay tuned folks.


9/2/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Moms Mabley.

As you know, I am a member of a MAGS, Mutual Assistance Group Survival, group. We broke up our leadership to focus on six survival areas of concern. One of those Focus areas is Morale. We know that 25% of our members will withdraw from their anti-depressants, 100% will mourn their old way of life, and 33% will withdraw from cigarettes, liquor or drugs, and all of these will have to be cheered up. Then recently we realized that we all will have withdrawals from information input if the grid goes down; no more TV, radio or telephones. We realized that our biggest hurdle will be to increase members' endorphins to fight their depression. But how? They cannot run three miles a day to do so if they are nearly starving, nor can we get liquored up at happy hours. So what are we to do?

Our goal is to go through the chaos by mitigating as much suffering as possible. To restate that, we intend to experience our first true chaos experience with as much grace and composure to make sure it ends up more of a positive experience than a negative one.

As a case in point, I am reminded of what Moms Mabley said about her first airplane ride experience. After a few minutes past takeoff, her ears popped and she lost some of her hearing, so she told the stewardess. The stewardess told her to, “Drop your jaws.” Moms couldn't hear clearly and thought she said, “Drop your drawers.”, which she did. Moms said that was the most fun flight she ever had!

To increase the endorphins we will rely on laughter by filling up a one terabyte hard drive ($60) with stand up comedy acts. This thousand hours of recorded acts will include: Jerry Clower, Brother Dave Gardner, Andy Griffith, Redd Foxx, through Dave Chappelle, Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, and yes, Moms Mabley, the dirtiest comic I ever heard.

We will have the luxury of electrical power and ability to make some noise safely. But if you have to remain quiet, purchase a UBS extender strip and five pairs of cheap earphones. It may be dry but at least we will be able to look forward to a happy hour each day!

If you wish to help, send me a list of your favorite comics, albums or funny videos.  If you want a copy of our collection for your group let me know.    Email

9/1/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Listerine Obit.

I grew up in a house with an eleven member family in it. My father was a real control freak over us kids when it came to not getting sick. He forbade it knowing one cold could infect the entire brood. If one of us came home with a cold all the rest had to gargle each morning with Listerine mouthwash because it advertised itself to prevent colds. Supper may have been a little lean some evenings but we always had a large bottle of half used Listerine as well as a full backup bottle in the bathroom. When Listerine lost a lawsuit in 1976 it started publishing a disclaimer that it did not prevent colds. I never saw another bottle in that home again. Nothing was ever said about it; it just was.

Michael Rivero keeps saying that, “the last official act of a collapsing government is to loot the people”. But what is the last official act of a dying industry, such as the buggy whip factories? How about the news industry? Now that one I believe I can help you with. If it's a newspaper, it publishes it's own obituary. And that is exactly what the New York Post did in an article yesterday. They published an obit for the entire Main Street news industry!

That Post editorial basically said that by their in your face attempt to force Hillary on the people they destroyed all of their own standards and set them up so that their businesses will all die after the election due to distrust. WOW! What a statement from the first to break ranks from the insanity. I don't feel sorry for them as they chose to go in that direction in the first place. The ones I feel sorry for are all the current and recent Journalism majors who are taught what was but ain't no mo'.

8/29/16     Jim's Rant For The Day.  Imagine The Pressure.

It's one thing to run a crooked game but something else to run a crooked game when you cannot think rationally, calmly or stay focused. Now imagine that you are Hillary Clinton's top aide, Huma Abedin.

Huma herself is being investigated along with Hillary. They are both up to their necks in the Clinton Foundation corruption. In fact, Huma was both an employee of the State Department and an employee of the Clinton Foundation at the same time. Huma was involved in the hiring of other Foundation employees. This places her right at the hub of racketeering. She has to focus and continue to cover for Hillary, who is appearing more and more to be loosing her mind to dementia. If Hillary succumbs to dementia, the legal system might at some time go after the next in line, Huma. What a lot on one's plate. Today we find that on top of all that, she has a weiner problem.

Do you remember U.S. Senator Anthony Weiner who had to resign his office in shame after being caught sexting in 2011? Well, he got caught doing it again today.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that Anthony Weiner is the husband of Huma Abedin?

Anthony Weiner Pulls Out - Deletes Twitter Account After New Sexting Scandal.    Article

8/28/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Put Yo'Self On Alert.

After posting my Rant yesterday recapping the news for the past week two more what could be major news stories broke. The bottom line is you still need to be up on your preps by Thursday evening, just to be on the safe side.

Last night Jim Stone published an article & Youtube purporting that Hillary faked her Nevada speech last week. Stone is a reliable author. He shows that Her speech was recorded in small segments in a recording studio without an audience. Later it was combined with a film of an audience filmed elsewhere. He is dead right in his observations and conclusions. His final conclusion is that Hillary will never again appear in front of an audience because:

1. She does not have the capacity to give a full speech without breaking it into smaller parts.

2. She cannot secretly hire audiences anymore for her appearances.

3. She is afraid of assassination.

Remember that Labor Day weekend will be just three weeks before the first Presidential debate on September 26th. I honestly don't believe they will put her on a debate stage with Trump.

What is so magical about Labor Day weekend? It contains three banking holidays, which may be needed to bring down the banking system in a controlled manner. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for both the good and the bad guys. Therefore, I suggest you put yourself on alert for the weekend and complete your preps by Thursday evening. The worst that can go wrong is that nothing will happen and I will be embarrassed. I think you can live with that.

8/27/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Yesterday's Friday Recap.

Yehaaw! Ride'em Buckaroo! Another wild one! I realize it's Saturday so if you are in a hurry to get out and about, here it is in a nutshell. Chelsea becomes the Scuttle Queen, Soros shines in the spotlight, Gerald Celente says they cheat in ways unimaginable, Turkey sticks it in just far enough to start nuclear WWIII and Brzezniski is singing Elton John's. Get Back Honky Cat,

I said in a Rant that I feel the Warlock and Wicked Witch are dying and Junior Miss is taking command of the ship. Well, the cat is out of the bag and their business model Is now destroyed, so all she will be able to do is scuttle the evidence. Kinda ironical isn't it, being Bill's daughter and all, floundering around in a dark bilge seeking a little scuttle cock?

George Soros is now in the Leaks spotlight as the Planetary Evil-doer financing all of the global carnage. Seems all the financial breadcrumbs lead back to him. Then along comes Gerald Celente who says it in a way no one hitherfore has been able to say clearly. The reason we have not had the expected collapse is that they are cheating through such massive fraud, corruption and sick greed, all ways never before imagined by mankind. But in the process they have utterly destroyed capitalism and global economics.

So here we are today with a totally panic and confused situation. Turkey, while buddying up with Russia, invaded Syria, with the cooperation of U.S. air support. This may be a land grab in another's country, a clear Act Of War. Or it may turn out to be a shield to protect the U.S. mercenary armies in the region, or it could be a humanitarian island for the civilian population. Only time will tell. But if they are playing both sides and it was an invasion for the benefit of the U.S., President Erdogan just poured gasoline on his feet and is now playing with world fire, and right on his border.

That brings us to Zbigniew Brzezinski. Similar to Wernher von Braun, who headed up our space program, Brzezinski came up with the 30 year plan for the U.S. to conquer the world. When I read that particular article he published, I got the vision of von Braun standing near the first manned rocket waiting to take off, saying, “This shit ain't never gonna fly!” Brezniski is now saying that the U.S. has shot it's wad and had better get back to where it was prior to WWIII before we piss off Russia and China. He is saying “pull out” and Erdogan and the U.S. may be putting it in deeper. Stay tuned Sports Fans.

8/25/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Clinton Unholy Water.

On the morning Main Street News it was hinted that Chelsea may take over as CEO of the Clinton Foundation to clear the family name. Been there, done that.

In my prior life I was more or less a specialized financial controller for businesses in trouble. God it was fun! I truly learned about business from On The Job Training. Numerous times I saw founding owners force the business onto children, children without the skills, desire or training to manage the business. That always turned out to be failure. It also went hand in hand with a sign out front saying “Under New Management”, business talk for “they may have screwed you before but we promise not to.”

So why is Chelsea getting that hard earned promotion now? Two reasons, one her husband lost his job as a Greek Hedge Fund manager/promoter, and two, the Clinton's can't go on.

They are dying; losing their mo jo, magic, ability to create. In their case, their magic was the ability to cheat and that is being taken away. So they are transferring the flag while they can. Here is what I see happening. They are both being water boarded with a chinese water torture of slow dripping water in their faces, and it is killing them. Of course, the dripping water is a weekly deluge of leaked emails about them and about those they run with, their minions. And Folks, you can believe that dripping water ain't holy water! It is an ill wake they themselves created that is catching up with them and flooding them out.

Then of course, the other reason to hand off to Chelsea is she is family and will keep the family out of jail, more so than a recent Harvard business grad. I am sure she is getting a cram course in record destruction now.

8/24/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Look For Yourself.

Wow! It has certainly been a wild whirlwind of news the past two days, hasn't it? Yesterday I even tried to slow down on the postings but just couldn't do it. Too much was happening.

Here I where I am heading with this - the Cabal has lost control of all the cons. Look for yourself. Just scan down all of the headlines posted for yesterday and Monday, the 23rd and 22nd. Do not link to any of them, just take in the headlines.

The first headline below is how the Florida Governor shuttled 21 Million into Zika killing in Miami all while his wife owns the Zika Killing company in Florida. Now talk about a nice paying con . . .

Then you see all of the destruction on “Illary”. I loved her medical disclosure demo of opening an already opened jar of pickles. Yep, close to doing it for me, but I am still holding out to see her open a pack of crackers for her salad. Bill almost had me though when he said if we coronated Empress Hillary they would no longer be crooked. I almost fell for it until I got the image of him pointing and saying, “ I did not have sexual relations with that woman,”, then out of habit, sniffing his finger.

But note all the other headlines dealing with collapsing financial systems. Of course it was only one headline about Japan nationalizing their stocks, but if anyone with the nerve here in the U.S. to say it, that is what is happening to our stock(s) market too. So much wealth has been stolen and the entire free market system has been killed off that that is the last step in hiding the theft / Ponzi scheme, to buy the entire scoreboard system and all its bubbled stocks.

So the bottom line here is that everywhere you look the Cabal has lost control with all of the lies about control and blue skies. I still am convinced that they will stop not only the debates but the election. I still feel that Labor Day weekend may be a great date for a major false flag trigger event. As always, stay prepared and vigilant.

8/18/16     Jim's Rant For The Day. The Truman Show.

I'm getting stronger. I was able to watch the Morning Joe show for about twenty minutes today. Let me sum it up for you. Remember when you first saw the movie The Truman Show? The baby grew up to be a man in a staged world around him and he had on clue. Then towards the end he began to catch on to the lies around him. Then at the very end he is struggling to free himself and the powers over him tried everything possible to hold it all together and continue to control his mind. Well, that is what I saw this morning.

I heard that trump is an idiot, that Russia is invading NATO territory, the $400 Million payoff for ransom was not a ransom but rather money “The U.S.” stole from Iran years ago that was finally to be returned to them, with that payment not being made until our sailors were safely on board an outward bound plane.

I can' wait to hear what the Prostitutes say today about Trump's impression of the U.S. Intelligence groups. He says they are crap, the same as the government is now saying, but the government can say it whereas Trump is evil for being about to become president and saying he doesn't trust them. Gee, this is the part I am confused about. Imagine a new president saying, “Gosh, maybe they are lying to me.” I have said before I would like to see an organization chart of all the government agencies and Alphabets, showing who works for who. I kinda feel Trump might ask for such a chart too. Just imagine the fear and chaos caused by that simple request!

Before going to bed last night I told my wife about the posted article suggesting Hillary is wearing a back-pack defibrillator and a catheter under her clothes. Her reaction was, “Why would she run a grueling race if her health was all that bad?” One answer is that if she doesn't run, she and her family may stop being wealthy; she and her family may go to prison; she and her family may be killed by others, including those that aided and abetted them, run the same loss risks. That is why she is running – to continue the Truman Show.

8-16-16  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Michael Rivero – We'll See.

Yesterday I listened to the Rivero radio show. He shared his opinion that the mid-level government leaders are revolting from the higher up government managers more aligned to the elite.

He suggest that we are witnessing this revolt by the FBI working with several state Attorney Generals to bypass the Dept. of Justice in going after the Clinton Foundation for corruption and treason. His argument is that they realize that Trump is waking up Americans, and the more we wake up the more we'll see the total corruption in our government. The mid-managers realize that if we take down the government they will be without jobs. And they know the more we see the more likely we will take down the corruption in our face elite, along with our government.

But as my wife says, “We'll see.”

8/15/16   Jim's Rant For The Day. Suicide Or Not?

On Saturday afternoon I posted the following note:

A friend just called me and said he received a letter from his ATT pension fund. He was advised that pensioners could withdraw all of their cash if they so desired. His question was why would they send such a letter. My opinion is the fund administrator feels the government is about to seize all of the cash and leave a government bond IOU in its place. The administrator is trying to warn the pensioners.

When I first posted this I felt that the pension fund administrator committed suicide by helping his pensioners to withdraw their funds. His paycheck is dependent on the growth of his fund and not the loss of accounts. Then Sunday evening it hit me that he couldn't have committed suicide as he is about to be laid off. His job is to invest the funds, so if all funds are to be forced to purchase a government bond, by law, then he will no longer be employed.

My question was, “What would cause him to advise pensioners to come get their money?” Some act had to have occurred first to cause him to act as he did. This is what I came up with. If the government was to seize all pension funds, they would grab them all on the same day. In order to do so, they would probably send out packets to all target banks explaining the new law, proper authorizations to cause the seizure, and what would be expected from the banks. This would have to go out early for the banks to get advice from their attorneys. My guess is that such a packet would go out just a few weeks prior to seizure day. My guess is that one banker spilled the beans to the ATT administrator.

As far as I am concerned, this is the biggest news that can come out this week that gives us an indication which way the wind is about to blow.

8/14/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.    L. Woods

Our Granddaughter Octavia is now seven months old. When her name was announced we all knew she had better get a nickname quick, but until recently Mom has not decided the issue. Octavia is a hard name to say, especially for kids. I am reminded of my childhood friend “Bo”. I once asked him how he acquired the name. He said as a toddler he had difficulty remembering his long name and “Bo” was all he could utter. Like a fool I asked for his real name, which turned out to be Bob!

Octavia has been eating table food for two weeks now. It seems that all she wants is a piece of dry white bread, so two days ago we started calling her, “Elwood”, after one of the Blues Brothers. No, not the one who ordered two whole fried chickens and a Coca Cola, the other one that just wanted a piece of dry white bread. Elwood's Mom is not happy.

8/12/16    Jim's Rant For The Day. Friday Recap – White Hot.

Urgent Financial News: This is the boring part. There is a math calculation called Net Present Value, which tells us the value of regular, fixed monthly payments to a recipient, such as the value of all you will draw on a pension. It would tell us the amount of cash in your hand TODAY so that you could put it in the bank, draw X percent interest on it such that it would pay your monthly pension check for the estimated lifetime you have left on earth. So putting it quite simply, we multiply your life expectancy in months times your pension check and adjust it for interest rates.

The urgent news is that this week one Economist said that all Fixed Income programs have no value! That is because although you may be expected to live another 23 years, your pension can expire any month now. Then add to the equation that there has been no real interest rates for a decade now and there will probably never be one again. Therefore it is impossible to assign a realistic value to that future fixed income! How's that one fit you folks?

Today's Gossip: I saw on FOX news this morning that there is now evidence that State Department staffers, under Hillary, did hiring for the Clinton Foundation. This indeed blurs the lines between the two organizations and propels the case for bribery, extortion and treason.

Unelection: Just thinking out loud here Folks. Here is a mind experiment for you. First let's assume that Hillary does have physical and/or mental health problems that would definitely put her at an extreme disadvantage in a debate with Trump. Next assume that the Cabal would never allow her to debate Trump. Next assume that to prevent the debate, the financial system would be brought down prior to the first debate scheduled for September 26th.

This gives the Cabal just six weeks to create chaos to prevent the debate. If we assume the chaos would be by taking down the banks, it would most assuredly happen on a Friday to gain time to control the collapse all while people are somewhat calm but at the same time cannot get at their money for the weekend. The two day weekend would be most helpful to the Cabal but a three day weekend would be even better. Check out your calender. In three weeks we have Friday, September 2, which begins the Labor Day weekend. Therefore, if you feel that the elections will be stopped, and/or believe that the debates will be stopped, have your preps completed within three weeks.

My friend Pamela, a long time prepper, called me yesterday to wish me a Happy Birthday. I asked for her opinion on, “What's happening out there?” She said, “Everything is white hot!” She is right – it can all burst into flames any day now.

8/10/16     Jim's Rant For The Day.   Dead Horse Riding.

I failed to do a Friday recap last week and can't wait to do one this Friday, so here goes.

There is no doubt about it – the Cabal is riding a dead horse! I have been laying low on the Hillary medical problems but it is avalanching now. There is no denying it; there is something wrong with the Queen. Let's forget about the Youtube images and medical problem stories. If we assume that those stories are just Republican made up gotcha propaganda, we are left with Hillary's actions themselves.

First let me take a break and wish myself a Happy Birthday Tomorrow. I will be 68. Today would normally be the day I set aside to feel sorry for myself growing old. But after a lot of birthdays I am changing today. I am delirious with pride and happiness in becoming 68! You see., I saw the pictures of Hillary being pulled up the stairs recently and she is 68. Of course, you have to assume that those pictures are real. But I do, and thus feel like a whippersnapper!

But getting back to my saga, we see that Hillary packs her campaign stops with 100 to 300 supporters, whereas Trump is still placing thousands into full stadiums. Then we see that Trump stumps between one and two talks per day for the next two months. Hillary has only THREE scheduled for the same critical two months.

Then yesterday the three debate schedules were published. The most unusual thing is that they are broken into 10 – 15 minute sessions. One can only conclude that one of the debaters does not have the stamina to stand there for more than fifteen minutes at a time, either physical wise or mental wise.

Last night it was reported, but not confirmed, that Julian Assange released more damning emails that will do Hillary in. Because they are still in question (in my mind) I will not detail them. I will say however that the headline in the Washing Post is, “Did the Hill sell out the U.S.?”, which goes along with the purported leak. It is too early to call this one. It is going on 7:00 AM and I have not seen the Main Street News shows today. So for now I am ahead of the news and just guessing here.

With all of this put together, the Hillary horse is a dead horse. Watch out and be prepared for all out chaos. The odds are extremely high now that the presidential election will not occur. If the election is off, I feel strongly that we will be in a revolt, as in a revolution. Stay tuned Folks.

8/5/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Setting Up The Set-Up Trump.

It has been a hellova week watching the News Media setting up Trump and knocking him down, hasn't it? First it was the con story about Kahn and today it is about Trump's mistake of relying on the news story of the Washington Post submitting a video of the Iran payoff plane. It appears that this week anything he says or fails to say will be used against him. The press is setting him up no matter what he does.

But let's kick it up a notch. On the evening news last night I saw Obama say that Trump's suggestion that the upcoming election will be rigged is ridiculous because the Feds have nothing to do with the election. As he was saying this he has set into motion the authority for Homeland Security to declare either a state of emergency or act of war if the election systems are hacked. To me this means that if Homeland Security says, “We've been hacked”, then under a state of emergency, the elections can then be canceled. Sounds spooky, doesn't it? But spooky or not, saying, “We've been hacked”, is a lot simpler than killing both Trump and Hillary just a few weeks before the elections, but using either method Obama would remain as the Cabal's boy.

Just for the sake of argument, let's say the above paragraph is totally wrong and will not occur. This is what we do know right now: There are six lawsuits over the Democratic primaries regarding voter fraud. NATO says if the final vote varies by more than 2% from the exit polls, then voter fraud has occurred. The California primary was 13% off. So even though a George Soros owned foreign company talleys the final vote count, the vote cannot be fixed because of the exit polls, right? Wrong.

The Main Street News companies control their own polls. This is important because in order to rig the vote you have to first rig the polls so the people are not surprised at the outcome. There are no oversight controls over any polls, mind you. Then on top of that there is one company, owned by the Main Street News Medias, that tabulates all of the Exit polls for the news shows. There is currently a lawsuit against them for falsifying their primary tabulations from a few months ago. They are accused of changing the poll data to fit the vote results! 

Are you seeing a pattern here to set up Trump? Wanna help Trump? If so follow Michael Rivero's suggestion. On election day, every Trump supporter should place tape on their shirt in the shape of a “T”. Then throughout the day we can see how the vote went. It would also cause conversation to occur with those that did not wear tape to see if they voted for Hillary. Place the tape a little sideways causing untaped persons to inquire and start conversation. This may sound intrusive, but our country is at stake and this may preclude violence in the streets. Just do it.

But with that being said, here is one poll that cannot be rigged and will scare the hell out of the Cabal. Vote out ALL incumbents that you dare. This will make it easier for Trump to work with congress if he gets elected and in the meantime sends a message all across America with each primary left that it is time for the last of the sheeple to awaken before it is too late.

Start now by sending this Rant out and reposting it everywhere you can.  We are trying to save suffering and lives here, Folks.

8/3/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Mourning Joe.

Over the past two days I received calls from two friends terribly upset about the Main Street News in it's all out effort to trash Trump. First of all let me tell you that these people are super intelligent, as they do not follow my web site. They were both upset because of the “Yellow Journalism” and one sided attacks on Trump. They both expressed that it was as if they were being forced to vote for a crook.

I can now only take Joe Scarborough and his show Morning Joe on MSNMC for about five minutes a day. Yesterday he was calling for Trump to do the right thing and drop out of the race. Today I decided to watch a full hour to see his entire news coverage. Sorry Folks, I crapped out at three minutes again. He had a panel on discussing how the Republican Party can dump him and or replace him in time for the elections, if he does or does not quit. I think they are setting us up for his body assassination as they may be failing on his reputation assignation. Perhaps they want to calm us by giving us a plan of action post-assassination. I turned it off when they announced that if we waited they would show us the clip of yesterday when Obama said that Trump was not fit to be president. I had enough.

Now I was never in the Navy but logic tells me that if you have to run 500 sailors all around the deck, outside of the protecting thick steel walls, during a battle, then some mighty bad shit is raining down on that deck! So too with the anti-Trump News Service. Hillary must be way behind in the polls (real, not published) for Obama to come out and for Morning Joe to destroy their show in this manner.

Now compare and contrast Obama's actions yesterday with the recent purchase of four U.S. sailors. It was revealed that 1.7 Billion in cash was flown to Iran to release the sailors that got caught entering their waters in rubber boats during the night and/or seal the Iran Deal. Source   This signals me that it was most embarrassing to have four sailors captured by the “enemy”. But yesterday the important presidential announcement was that Trump is a rat rather than we have 2,000 troops surrounded and cut off from food and supplies, along with 90 nuclear weapons, at the Incirlik NATO base in Turkey. For Trump to trump that news means he is one big rat! Ergo, the Cabal is in panic and Hillary is failing.

8/1/16    Jim's Rant For the Day.   Electric Air.

It was “V”, on Mornings With “V”: Weekend Recap today, that said “it's like electricity in the air; you can feel the change coming, much like animals sense bad weather approaching.” He was talking about the Main Street News pushing Hillary on us and that all is well in the U.S., but that no one is watching their news shows anymore and the people know better.

I sense it in talking with people. I have never seen this much anger and passion against the government, the corrupt leaders and the lawlessness. People are openly fearing a rigged election ushering in Hillary larger than one hundred supporters. I have no doubts that if she heads for the White House there will be a revolution in this country. News pundits and economists use the term “Civil War”, but I see a pure revolution against a forced-upon-us government body.

After the conventions, we will not be able to discuss what our problems are, how we arrived here with them, and how we might resolve them. Therefore I am reminded of this quotation by John F. Kennedy, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable".

7/28/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Bernie, Number Two

Yesterday Bernie Sanders said he will go back to the Senate as an Independent. That means that by endorsing Hillary he in no way was taking a bullet for the Democratic party. That begs the question of just what was his payoff?

I know I have a habit of stepping out on the wild side quite often, but brace yourself because I/m going to do it again. Is it possible that Bernie is being held as a secondary nominee of the Democratic party in the event that Hillary has another major scandal hit her or succumbs to incapacitating health?


7/26/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Corruption Chaos.

That is how Michael Rivero summed up yesterday's DNC opening day. I thought it fit.

I was wondering how the convention was going to sell an obvious too big to jail corruption queen. Now I know. They are going to make the other side out to be a much bigger corruption threat. As I said earlier, yesterday I saw the movie documentary, Hillary's America. It suggested that the Democratic (probably all) parties are conning us to be their slaves, but first they have to be elected. Their rule is to lie their asses off in pitching the con, and if caught, to deny, deny and deny. And better still, blame the watchdogs that caught you.

Hence, now we hear that Putin and Trump stayed up Saturday night and hacked the DNC Email server. Nowhere do we hear, “Sorry” from the Dems, we just hear that it's all Trumps fault now that he is controlled by Russia.

Now I realize that this is election season and that we are expected to be told whoppers. But why on earth we accept them is beyond me. Perhaps the political parties are right to think they can always get away with it because we truly don't care. Perhaps there is some truth to that.

All I know is that if we the sheeple accept another round of crap from both of these organized political crap machines, then we deserve to lose the last of our country, and deserve what we are about to receive.

I am going to say it for the first time here, I am going to vote for Trump. I am endorsing him because he is an outsider to their lying, thieving organized con games. I hope he is able to remain an outsider. But as Doctor Phil says, if you want to predict future behavior then just look at the past behavior. I challenge all of Hillary's supporters to honestly look at her and know she is about to be unleashed on our children.

7/24/16    Jim's Rant For The Day. Old Fashioned Campaign Financing.

These are just a few quick notes on thoughts that impacted me last week, in particular during the Republican Convention.

First lets deal with the non-convention thought. I was most impressed by the one Economist Guru that said the governments and corporations were now issuing bonds with negative interest rates. That equates to you lending them a hundred thousand dollars and later collecting back only ninety thousand dollars. The Economist pointed out that what that really means is that somehow we are to believe questionable debt is now more valuable than cash money! Just think about that.

I got tired of hearing the News talking heads ridicule Trump for putting on such a chaotic and shabby convention. First of all, the Republicans put on the show. Secondly, Trump walked into a hostile environment and came out smelling like a rose in the end. By anybody's standards, that is a success.

Trump's critics point out that one of his (many) businesses filed bankruptcy. Well folks, as a CPA, let me tell you this. ALL businesses at one time or another fail, and a great many file bankruptcy if the conditions are right for it. But ALL business will fail sometime. That is a fact.

But while we are on Trump's businesses, lets talk about old fashioned campaign financing. I was pleased to hear that last week was the first time in fifty years that no Bush family member attended the convention. Just for giggles let me point out that Trump first got into politics with money he earned from his real estate business. The Bush dynasty entered politics from illegal bootlegging profits during Prohibition, the same as Joe Kennedy financed that dynasty into politics. Then there are the Clintons. Need I remind you that they ran drugs from South America into Arkansas. Remember the Oliver North Investigation? Now just imagine a Capone dynasty if Al had only had more time. And all of these dynasty heritage offspring have the gall to ridicule an upstart in a legitimate business and we don't question them?

A few years ago I watched a movie about Jerry Lee Lewis, Rock and Rolls first great wild man. He got upset at one performance when he was informed that Chuck Berry would have the honor of being the last act on stage and Jerry was to appear just before Berry. Jerry truly played the piano like a wild man that night. Towards the end of his act he poured lighter fluid on the piano and set it on fire, all while continuing to play and incite the crowd. They were whipped into a frenzy when Jerry walked off the stage and said to Chuck Berry in passing him, “Follow That!” During Trump's speech on the last night of the convention, he owned that convention! He worked that room like only he could. I saw no mistakes. As the convention was going off the air, I thought about Hillary and her poor crowd control skills. Once again I saw Jerry Lee smugly throwing his head into the air and saying, “Follow That!”

7/19/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Over The Top Boys!

My daughter probably never forgave me for all my mistakes when I entertained her by attending her tea party. I was too big to fit in the chair so I had to sit on the floor. I wasn't supposed to use two hands to eat the cake and of course I held the tea cup all wrong. I just never met any of her expectations I guess.

So it is with Donald Trump. First let me share this with you. I am neither for or against Trump as I believe one person is not going to stop what is about to happen. They may soften the blow or at least be honest with us, but what is is is and nothing is going to change that. We are in for a tough ride.

In order to lose weight I often watch the Morning Joe show while I eat breakfast. I lost a half pound today as I watched the panel laugh and ridicule a member of the Trump family for plagiarism in her speech. I was back at that long forgotten tea party all over again. What a joke. Now I respect plagiarism in term papers, a Master's thesis or a PHD dissertation, but a speech about how the country is in trouble and Don is a good guy? Oh come on, get over it.

Should the Navy Chief be court martialed for shouting to his gang, “Abandon ship” or the Medal of Honor be recalled from the Sargent that shouted, “Over the top boys!”, when it was discovered that those words were said by someone else before in history and they were not cited? Such a fuss over an anticipated Japanese tea ceremony while the Titanic is going down. Most of us are sheeple, but this is definitely over the top boys.

7/17/16     Jim's Rant For The Day.   Closing The Net.

In Property Law we studied a case in which a fishing trawler laid out a mile long net and was circling the boat to close the net and harvest their catch. Halfway during the closing another smaller boat entered the circle and scooped up the majority of the fish. The ruling was that until you actually control the goods in your bag, you've got nothing.

We are watching a furious closing of the world's nets. Martial Law type situations are occurring around the globe. Each day in America we are only one day away from the net closing. Nets are all around us now, in the form of military assets, just waiting for the order.

You and I only have one problem – just who will be the fish? Which boat will claim us; enslavement or freedom? Enslavement wants us. Freedom wants the Cabal.

Realizing that we live in a world of lies, secrets and hidden power controllers, what are we to believe and do? For me, there is but one answer to that question. Prepare your family for off grid survival. The netted fish will be caught because of lack of food and water. The fishers will control us by making those things scarce so that we will voluntarily succumb to their aims.

And although they may close those nets, it could take some time for them to totally take control of us, so the issue will remain in doubt for some time. My point is to not be the first caught fish – prepare and buy your family time to hope for the best and escape the chaos and suffering.

If you have put off prepping then download this Prepping in a nutshell outline of what you don't know so you can prep immediately. Best of luck to you all.

7/14/16     Jim's Rant For The Day.  It Begins.

This evening Trump announced that he will postpone tomorrow's expected decision on his presidential running mate. He said that this is being done out of respect for the 80 killed Frenchmen today.

This is the Cabal's plan – to release all of the helium out of his convention balloons, each day. Friday night 36 cities are expecting race demonstrations. My guess is that some of them will yield violence. My theory is that 10,000 protesters at next weeks convention must garner the attention of the news media to stop trump. This will require lots of blood, chaos and violence over the week. No American in his right mind will accept that the demonstrators true heartfelt violence is over who another person intends to vote for, but we will believe in the unpaid passion of racial hatred. So, racial hatred must be created prior to Monday's convention start. I believe that the money has already been paid for it. And so it begins.

7/12/16     Jim's Rant For The Day.   Ruby Red Lips.

Just woke up from a dream. Thought I would share it with you.

I saw a futuristic, 300 year from now, Disnae' 3D hologram movie about Hillary. I saw the scene of today. What was missing was that as of today, she never again made a campaign speech! Two weeks before the Democratic convention and she never again makes a campaign speech! This is when I woke up so I have not seen the end of the hologram yet, mind you.

All I can figure is that she suddenly sees herself as we all do now – just someone with a lot of lipstick on. And no matter how thick the lipstick is, we all see her as just a ruby red lipped pig.

                          Back to bed.

7/9/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Low Down.

Betty and I once attended a concert featuring the remains of a few '60s Doo Wop groups. After singing the song, Duke Of Earl, that group was introduced. The giant of a man base singer was introduced and asked to tell about the lady that came up during a break one night. The deep voiced singer laughed and said she was most complementary of his voice range and asked, “Just how low do you have to go?” She lost it when he said, “That depends on how tall you are!”

The question we need to now be concerned with is just how low will the government go with the elections? I believe extremely low, even lower than Richard Nixon in 1968. For you whippersnappers Nixon was a Republican. Prior to the Democratic convention he used an untraceable slush fund to pay leaders of the Hippie movement to move them into Chicago for the convention. The country was shocked at the week long rioting shown on their TVs. The riots got 100% of the coverage, thus taking the helium out of the convention balloons. That night Walter Mondale, the Democratic nominee, literally cried realizing he had just lost the National Election.

I believe that the Republican Convention is in store for the same treatment, but with abundant killings and bombings for effect. I also believe the same will happen at the Democratic convention the following week. All of this will result in Martial Law as early as August first.

I know you are probably tired of hearing me say this but here goes again. The infantry only gives covering fire when they have someone trying to make an end run. The press is currently being penned down with racial hatred to divide us and egg us on the warpath, a well worn government strategy. I predict another mass killing around Monday or Tuesday. This will keep the press down until Monday the 18th, the start of the convention season.

Not only does this prepare for another Chicago, but it keeps the press off of Hillary. I believe she is now a throwaway piece of toast if the Cabal keeps Obama in place. They will then have a dictatorship and can squelch any tell-all truth bombs that will surface when the Clintons are killed as a show for the people. The Cabal will then be free to continue enslavement as usual by this plan, if it works.

I say, “If it works”, because I do not know if it will or not. But in the meantime PREPARE. My fear is that the registered gun owners may be in for a shock. All the government has to do is refuse grocery stores the “privilege” of accepting cash. Then all Debit and Credit cards can be cross referenced with a Gun Owner list, triggering a non-use status until the guns are turned in. This is just my fear and I have no fortellings of this anywhere.

So the bottom line is to prep now and suspect Martial Law by early August, then all hell a month later when the government is safe to let the economy fail.

7/8/16  Jim's Rant For The Day.    Blue Blowjob Dress

Most Fridays I try to get a compass bearing on where we came from the past week so I can get a feel where we are headed in the next few weeks. Today is no different.

Yesterday I listened to the Michael Rivero radio show where he was bad mouthing the Clintons. He pointed out two facts that struck me. First was that one of the dead bodies associated with the Clintons died from an overdose of mouthwash the day before he was to be questioned. See: “Barry Seal’s aircraft mechanic at Mena . . . . died March 21, 1995 of an “overdose of mouthwash”. Regarded by local authorities as an obvious homicide.” Source  The other was that after Monica Lewinsky testified at the Clinton Impeachment about her stained blue blowjob dress, she walked out onto the steps of Congress expecting to be mobbed by the press, but there was no one there. While she was testifying, President Clinton fired cruise missiles into our enemy of the day.

This week we saw the Hillary Catch and Release. We see the news media mocking Trump for not going after her. Yesterday we saw several cops kill blacks. We hear that Black Lives Matter emails indicate they may be participating in stirring up racial tensions (we don't know if this is true or not). Now today we have snipers taking out cops. Where are we heading the next few weeks? Lets look at possibilities.

There is no doubt in my mind that Europe is collapsing now and will be here soon. In his interview on the Fourth, Michael Kreiger points out that history shows when all empires collapse the legal system always goes first. Perhaps this is because the power people are trying to hold their power and at the same time violate all laws to force the people to believe the government still has everything under control. I believe this is what we saw with our legal system this week, Also keep in mind that Lynch is a former banker (I believe with the Federal Reserve), Comey was a banker with HSBC bank supposedly managing laundered drug money, and the Clintons raised money for the Presidency by running drugs into Arkansas. Have the Banksters captured our country enough to now own the legal system?

To me the Dallas cop killing is most telling. You can go into a Frat House anywhere and find someone willing to stick a firecracker up their nose and light it, but never four brothers at once; that ain't gonna happen. To sniper kill several cops you have to go up high to a place hard to escape from when the state of Texas comes after you. To do this you have to understand that you will probably know that you are not going to be captured alive. And now we are told four people planned this caper? The only ones to do this are paid mercenaries expecting to be extracted prior to capture and perhaps those under mind control by their employer who is going to let them die.

So lets look at the pointy compass needle now. Trump won't play right and is just leaving the elephant standing on Hillary's foot. Ah, savor that cold revenge. Is it possible that the Cabal knows that Hillary is toast and they cannot afford to let Trump have a shot at the Presidency. Is it possible that they plan to Blue Dress the press with violence leading up to, and during, the conventions to enact Martial Law and keep the controllable Obama in office, all while we have the collapse? Your thoughts?


7/3/2016    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Egged Chicken.

For millennia mankind has been plagued by the question of, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” I solved the quandary for myself by having eggs for breakfast and chicken for lunch or supper. I moved on.

I am here again with a similar question, but this one will not drag out a lifetime. We will soon have the answer to, “Is the fix in for Hillary or will she be indicted?” Friday I clearly saw indictment but today I smell a fix. She was to anxious to sing to the FBI.

Let me blur your lens a little bit. She is not the only one on the hot seat here. Fact: There is no statute of limitation on murder or treason. This means there is no limitation as to being an accessory or aiding and abetting. Both Hillary and Bill are in to their necks based on the word on the streets. Bill is suspected of selling secrets to the Chinese as President (China Gate), and that was the real basis of his impeachment trial. They both are suspected now for selling secrets (treason) while she was Secretary of State, through her Email server with the payoff going to Bill's charity foundation that never charitied.

But here is the bus-filler. All those who were in the know are on that same hot seat too. There is only ONE Get-Outta-Jail card available and that is for Hillary, if she becomes President. The reason is that a standing President cannot be criminally charged until after she is out of office. That gives the whole bus four years to clean up the broken eggs and chicken shit. Gee, I wonder why they want her in so badly?

7/1/2016    Jim's Rant For The Day. Wow, What A Friday!

Been out pickin peas most of the day and am just getting in. Please forgive me for shooting from the hip on this article as I have not checked the current news stories posted today. But if it's a consolation to ya, I came in second in a wet tee-shirt contest earlier!

Wow, what a Friday! Of course the biggie is Bill getting caught raping yet another woman, even at his age. I saw one headline indicating the Loretta Lynch said that the day prior to meeting Bill she had already decided to recuse herself from making the decision to indict Hillary. If this is true it indicates she already knows what the FBI case has on Hillary, which can only mean to indict. It also suggests the FBI has been holding the file until now because they knew Lynch was going to trash it. So watch for fast legal action and even if the FBI still procrastinate this certainly must propel Bernie Sanders into the nomination.

The next big news is the European banks being bailed out in Italy and Spain. We are told that the next step is to seize all of the pension monies to continue the bailouts yet to come. Now keep in mind that last Friday, Brexit day, The EUC Central Bank gave the banks $390 Billion Euros, freshly printed, placing the debt on the peoples back. That bough one day of bank foreclosures! The score of the European collapse is the big banks, so keep your eye on them. Forget the stock markets as again they are propped up for the masses to watch.

But here is the best news I can share with you. The last few days I have been trying to decide if the Cabal was leading the collapse and thus stood the best chance of starting the game over with them in charge again. I was on the fence and could not make a definitive decision. Then yesterday listened to “V. the Guerrilla” and then Harley Schlanger. I went to bed with it gelling in my head that the Cabal was indeed losing the war. But then today when Lynch ran from Bill pulling up her panties up was concrete proof that the Cabal was over!

Have a happy but vigilant Fourth folks!

P.S.   Michael Rivero is suggesting that Bill Clinton met with Lynch to plea bargain to escape the racketeering charges he faces from his Foundation fraud operations he and Hillary operated.


6/27/2016      Jim's Rant For The Day.  Daily Wall.

On November 8, 1989, a Soviet party leader misspoke when he announced that Soviet citizens in East Berlin could cross the impassable Berlin Wall into West Germany. At the time of the announcement the Soviet Union was bankrupt and felt they would be dissolved in at least three months. They knew they were going down.

But as a result of that mistaken announcement thousands of Berliners showed up the following morning to cross. The guards were caught overwhelmed and under ordered. Because of the shear numbers, they just opened up the gates. Some of those that crossed then began to tear down that wall. Eleven months later the wall was formerly opened and two years after that initial crossing the entire wall was removed. But for all near the wall, it went down on that initial crossing date of November 9, 1989. The Soviet Union formally ceased in December 1991, although the world knew it was over on that November 9th. It only took one day for the paradigm shift to occur to the world.

What we are now witnessing is that the semi-global government of the West is now bankrupt just like the old Soviet Union was. Of course, I am speaking of the shadow government known as the Cabal. Enough world citizens are now aware of the bankrupt con that stole their sovereignty and life savings. That con is now up. First humanity was conned into believing the church and royalty ruled us by “Divine Right”, or god's will. We revolted. Then we were told that others could outright own us through slavery or as Indentured servants (a means of staying alive under duress). We revolted. And now they have usurped out republics and democracies in a manner that made us appear to be freemen but nonetheless slaves. We Are Revolting Again!

We are hearing talk of two years for Britain to pass over the Euro wall. Don't believe it. Citizens are now aware that all of our governments are bankrupt and corrupt. We will no longer pay them or serve them. We will no longer purchase their soon to be worthless government bonds. All they can do now is to try to terrorize us with fear of what may happen if we try to dump them, but then we realize that the terror was dumped on us all along by them, so what have we got to lose?

We are indeed in the collapse now. Major changes are in store, both good and bad at the same time. But we are crossing that wall today! Move forward folks!

6/25/2016   Jim's Rant For The Day. Brexit Numbers & Warnings.

Yesterday I shared my surprise that the Brexit passed because I felt it was foregone that the Cabal was rigging the vote. So I spent all day trying to figure out what happened. This is what I now believe.

Facts: All of the pre-election polls, save one, showed 80 to 85 percent of Brits in favor of leaving the European Union. That one exception was Gov.Polls, sponsored by the government. They showed only a point or two between the camps. The Brits were using the same electronic voting machines the U.S. uses. The day before the vote the government announced that there would be no exit polls.

Analysis: The lack of exit polls is important because the exit polls are a means of validating the announced election results. The “Too close to call” poll combined with no exit polls was a loud signal that the vote was to be rigged by the powers that are. That is why I went to bed Thursday depressed at another failed attempt by humanity to free itself from its handlers.

What I believe happened was that we were lied to when we were told the vote was 52% to 48%. I believe it was more something like 75% to 25% to leave. So why would the powerful ones lie about the spread?

I believe they were rigging the vote but rigging can only be done in a close vote, not in a landslide. In order not to tip their hand in the attempted rigging, the let the “Leave “ vote win, knowing no one would come back and demand a recount, as that would only be done by the losers, that powerful ones. This keeps the rigging process secret so it can be attempted aging in the future. By the way, a talking head on the morning news today is already saying the Brits now have remorse and will be calling for a second vote. How 'bout that folks?


First Warning: We are told it will take two years for Britain to leave the union. Suppose you finally received your signed divorce decree in the mail but noticed it does not take effect for another two years.

Would you wait two years to start dating? Neither will the Brits. With the Cabal knowledgeable that the vote was really 75% in favor of leaving, they would be courting danger to hold them back. That ain't gonna happen.

Second Warning: The Brits haven't won yet. The vote was just the first shot fired in the war. The Cabal is trapped in a corner and now fighting for its life (style). They are going to get real violent real fast so watch out and be prepared for anything, anywhere.

Third Warning. If the vote was about 75% in favor of leaving the Cabal's clutches, that tells me that the percentage of awakened sheeple is closer to 75% than to the 10% I felt were awakened before last week. If this is correct than the Cabal also knows this. This means that they will no longer operate so much in the shadows but may instead pull out all the stops to complete enslaving us as urgently as possible. So again, I reiterate, “They are going to get real violent real fast so watch out and be prepared for anything, anywhere.”


6/24/2016  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Brexit In A Nutshell

Free at Last! Free at last! Thank God, Free at last!”

Based on last night's vote for Britain to leave the European Union, Britain has begun it;'s own escape from the New World Order, giving hope to the rest of the world!

In a nutshell, the European Union was a plan by NWO to pull all of Europe into one single net, to take away each individual country's sovereignty, so that the NWO could capture them all at once. The NWO could then pick up the two biggest Western economies at once: the United States and all of Europe. But now that has all failed! It begins the end for the Global Economy, the takeover by corporations annd the end of a One World Government.

Understand one thing here, that the European Union has a parliament, but that parliament has no authority to pass legislation. The real controller of the European Union is an unelected council above the parliament, thus a Cabal!

My fear was that the vote was going to be rigged by the Cabal the same as the Scottish vote to leave was rigged. This would foretell that the U.S. Presidential vote was a certain rigging as well. But now there is hope for us in America. I also believe that this will awaken more Americans as to what has happened to our democracies by the Cabal's takeover of them. I am also pleased that Donald Trump was there to seize the day for his America back home. I say “seize the day” but I really mean seize the moment from Hillary, who truly represents that Cabal.

Now the only fly in the ointment is that Britain's Parliament must formerly vote to leave the union. We have seen all along how politicians everywhere in democracies have been bought off so that action is still up for grabs, so to say. But so too are guillotines.

6/16/2016   Jim's Rant For The Day.    All Out Panic.

I watched the Morning Joe program for about twenty minutes this morning, that was all I could handle. What I witnessed was all out panic by the Main Street News to outright kill off Donald Trump. No doubt about it. I had to ask myself why the outright massive push now and defense of Hillary?

The term is “Continuity of Government.” The rat is cornered and will now fight to the death to say alive and in power. It is happening now. The Brexit vote is next Thursday and I don't believe the Cabal will be able to rig the vote without inciting revolution. The Europe Union is over and their central bank is over.

NATO was just given the right to declare war on Russia anytime it wants. Stages are being set up for the grand finale. Last night we had a filibuster in congress to garb our guns. Orlando was not mentioned on Morning Joe today. Is it now over from being spotted as a flop?

So why all the panic, other than the financial collapse? I believe it is Trump's mouth that is about to go off regarding all of the crimes of the Clintons, which will be a down right peoples indictment of our government for corruption and treason. That is the panic.

Although I am not a great fan of Dave Hodges you simply must read his latest post, as he absolutely nails it.

See: Plan B Is Going Into Effect to Stop Trump Because the Elite Cannot Hide Clinton’s Criminality From the Masses.       Article

6/8/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Kill Shot To The Bankers.

I know we have all heard the joke about the salesman that made a call to a woman's porch after a heavy lunch of Burritos. During a stomach convulsion he accidentally passed gas. The woman hollered at her hound dog sitting at his feet, “Git Spot!” Spot remained. The salesman passed three more and each time she hollered, “Git Spot!”. Finally, the fourth time she said, “That's it Spot, jest lay there and let that man shit all over you!”

Yesterday the Good Guys hollered “Git Spot!” and fired the kill shot into the bankers. To me it is the proof that I have been waiting to see that the Good Guys are indeed now taking the system down!

A judge unsealed court testimony from the Department of Justice that proves no one will ever know if your mortgage payments are being made to the right party due to all of the fraud created by the bankers. This is because your mortgage was “securitized”, placed in a box with thousands of other mortgages, and sold to several buyers around the world, with each of those buyers believing they each owned your mortgage exclusively. This means that if you won the lotto and paid off your mortgage, four other individuals can step forward and repossess your house later. Just think about that and see if it doesn't stick in your craw.

Before, those of us living from paycheck to paycheck might have our last paycheck stolen from us by a bank bail in. But now we are being told that we are the gift that keeps on giving because each month we give most of our paychecks to a fraudulent, undeserving bank that has already been paid five times for the house we are now paying for a sixth time. That is what the DOJ told the court.

But wait folks, it gets better. Because the DOJ continues to not arrest the bankers for the known fraud, the DOJ is telling us they can no longer apply the law against the bankers. It is now up to us poor saps to save ourselves and revolt against the banksters. What the DOJ said was, “That's it guys, just lay there and let those crooks shit all over you!”

There is no one coming to save us. We have to get up and move to take down the entire fraudulent economic system. It can no longer be fixed – it must be abandoned in order to save ourselves, otherwise we are no smarter than a dog.

See: UNSEALED: DOJ Confirms Holders of Securitized Loans Cannot Be Traced.    Article

6/7/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Tell Tale Signs.

The battle of Gettysburg lasted three days. One the night the second day's fighting the newly created Union Army Intelligence Department interrogated a sampling of the Confederate prisoners captured over the first two days. All of the battles occurred at the extreme ends of the Union line.

The prisoners were from all of the Confederate units except one: the unit commanded by Gen. George Picket. He had the only fresh troops not yet engaged in the battle. They were camped in front of the Union center. The Intelligence Dept. concluded that the next attack would come from those troops directed at the Union center. This did indeed occur, but they were stopped by the extra Union troops moved there all during the night.

Although their hunch was based on scant information, it was nonetheless a loud tell tale sign. Are we getting tell tale signs today as to what is about to happen? You be the judge.

Let's assume that congress is indeed about to pass legislation that will leave the states without Federal assistance if the states and cities file bankruptcy. Let's assume they pass legislation creating a “Truth” Minister to propagandize us more. Let's assume that there is a push to take away the State's sovereignty and the Constitution. If this is true then what is it telling us? I say that TPTB realize that they have lost control of the masses by way of the internet, alternative news sites and the floundering of their two political parties' control over us and what we are to think. It is most obvious that the masses are no longer accepting the lies about our “recovered economy.” Therefore, the need to control the “truth” and total power to govern.

Then on top of that witness all of the bank and major business loss of computer processing due to “unknown computer glitches.” Call me crazy but I see all of this as practice runs to take it all down. To me they are circling their wagons for the final take down. Will they succeed? I don't know, but they are in panic mode now and TPTB are taking it down now, or it is going down now. Either way, prepare.                          

6/1/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.    Holstered Gun.

Last week I suggested that Hillary might have to be pulled out of the race because Trump brought up the death of Vincent Foster and hinted at the Whitewater scandal, bot striking close to Hillary being implicated. Since then not a word about those two scandals have been uttered by Trump except for his statement two days afterward saying perhaps the subject should not be raised in the election process.

So what happened? The way I see it there are two distinct possibilities, but there may be more. First we can choose to believe TPTB got to him and scared him away from using those scandals. But at the same time, there is the possibility that, being the negotiator he is, he cut a deal with TPTB. It's possible he never fully drew that gun from his holster but instead used it as a bargaining chip. What Trump gave was continued life in the shadows for the players in the CIA drug deal, the government dealers and their bosses. What Trump received was for his time delay of drawing that gun again, TPTB would pull Hillary from the race. It is possible they are now taking her down by using the personal problem to her Email scandal, leaving TPTB alive. Your thoughts?

5/31/16    Jim's Rant For The Day. Cannons

The other day I saw a soundbite of Hillary saying that Trump “is a loose cannon”. Well, yes, I guess he is. To me a loose cannon is someone that knows something that perhaps should be kept quiet but this individual may have trouble not talking about it. Perhaps this is why Trump is so popular – he dares to speak of the things we are told is unspeakable.

And speaking of cannons, Hillary has called out the big gun himself – Stephen Hawking. I was both surprised and astonished by his new entrance into the political realm. Many years ago I had the pleasure of reading his book, A Brief History of Time. I remember just about everything he said, it was that impressive. But for the life of me I do not recall him ever saying “I don't understand” anything. His style is, "What is puzzeling is . . "

I Googled him to see what else the 73 year old with a paralyzed body has to say about politics. Imagine my surprise to learn that until two days ago he never said anything about politics! That's because politics is not his thing. What I did find is that Hawkin's statements about Trump and the upcoming Brexit vote were lies. Gee, you mean someone else typed a computer voice to say that?

StephenHawking: 'Trump is a demagogue'

CNBC via Yahoo! Finance May 31 01:22 AM

Physicist StephenHawking baffled by Donald Trump's rise

Fox News May 30 04:28 PM

StephenHawking urges Britons to stay in EU

Channel NewsAsia May 31 02:10 PM

STORY REMOVED: BC-EU--Britain-Hawking-Trump

Associated Press via Yahoo! NewsMay 30 09:56 AM

LONDON (AP) — The Associated Press has withdrawn its story about Stephen Hawking's comments on Donald Trump, which were embargoed for 7:01 p.m. EDT (2301 GMT). Hawking also did not make the comments in the ITV morning show that was broadcast Monday — the comments were taped to be shown at a later date.

5/27/16  Jim's Rant For The Day.  White Washing V. Foster and Whitewater.

As I was saying about the Michael Rivero radio interview yesterday before I was so rudely interrupted . . .

Allan Favish, the attorney who chased down the facts and cover ups in the Vince Foster murder did so mainly by using the Freedom Of Information process and going through the courts. Twenty years ago the Feds covered up the story but now the people are gaining access to the true facts, which is where we are today. I won't bore you with the Foster death facts as you can read it for yourself in this Article Instead will weave the tale from the Foster coverup to Whitewater, as that is what the Powers fear the most.

First lets get this out of the way. Two attorneys worked on the Foster investigation. I believe they were with the FBI. Six months after the Foster death they both resigned due to the “government coverup” of it. One went so far as to leave a 30 page resignation letter outlining all of the coverup details. That document was gained by the FOI process.

Secondly, Kenneth Star, the Department of Justice special Prosecutor appointed to get to the bottom of the murder / suicide had a history going into the investigation. Sorry that I did not take notes on the radio interview so I am leaving out names and some details here. Early in his career Star worked for a Congressman that pushed through a bill allowing the CIA to run drugs without disclosing the activity to the Drug Enforcement Agency. This led to the Iran Contra activity and Oliver North selling drugs for cash to arm Central America. This also led Star to Arkansas. He investigated the White Water activity and whitewashed it. No wonder he was wearing a white suit when he was called into the Foster crime scene. That was no ordinary suit, it was a painter's suit!

Star was well aware of the Clinton operation to run drugs into Arkansas for sale in America. This money put Bill in the State Governor's mansion and later into the White House. While bill was running, Hillary was at home doing the laundry, of money that is. Her activities in the White Water real estate operations, with Vince Foster, laundered that money. If Bill was doing it then so were a lot of other biggies, either actively or by payoffs.

Again I will post that radio interview if it becomes available.

5/26/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.      287!

The new inmate was eating his first meal in the penitentiary chow hall. All was quiet until someone hollered out, “287!” and the hall erupted with laughter. Five minutes later it erupted again at, “79!”. When asked, the table mate explained that they all have heard the same old jokes so many times that they just numbered them to speed things up. He then suggested he try it. The Newbie hollered out, “144!” but nobody laughed. His table mate looked at him and said, “Some people just can't tell a joke.”

On the Morning Joe show this morning I saw an excerpt from a Hillary speech yesterday when she lamblasted Trump in a way that I did not understand what she was meaning about his flaw. She garnered a meager audience response. Then I saw Bill Clinton say that he felt bad for the Republican congressmen because each morning they get up and look in the mirror then tell themselves they get to go to work another day to do nothing for Americans. He too got a meager response but then the crowd erupted wildly after Donald Trump hollered out, “Vince Foster!”

5/26/2016   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Four Days In May

Today id Thursday, only the fourth day of the week and already it has been a whirlwind! Hillary has been delivered a succession of four possible knockout blows. I just don't know how she is going to survive the week.

Trump delivered the first three: Bill's rape accusers that bill has admitted to, The Vincent Foster murder, and today the White Water illegal real estate deal of Hillary. There is no way she can defend herself from herself.

Then yesterday the State Department report that says she cheated with the personal mail server and that now the no one in the State Department will never speak of it again. Hillary is now defending herself by saying that everybody else [at school] is doing it. How can she continue to say it was OK when she herself fired a State Department subordinate for doing that very same thing?

I have noticed that in her speeches she wears a coat over her dress. Well, today she is adorned in a shit coat. The hits this week has to demoralize her and take the fight out of her. I just don't think she will get up (in the polls) after this combo.

I am beginning to believe more and more the scenario of Trump and Sanders coming together, jettison the two political parties and uniting the people against the Banksters and political crooks. And what does the Main Street News Media say about all of this? They only question if it was fair of Trump to decide to go back to 1994, as if there is a Statute Of Limitation on being a skunk. But other than that, they will not discuss the issues raised – just the chess move.

Yep Sports Fans, I am once again seeing a glimmer of hope for a return of the Republic outside of an all out revolution.


5/25/2016    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Vincent Houdini Foster.

For all you whippersnappers out there that may not be familiar with Vincent Foster, let me give it to you in a nutshell.

He was a long time associate of the Clintons beginning when Bill was governor of Arkansas. As a lawyer, he was a special adviser to President Clinton and rumored to be having an affair with Hillary for some time. He was in charge of managing the Clinton assets in a blind trust while they were in the White House. It has been said that Foster was concerned that the Clintons were violating the trust by interfering in it and perhaps making sweet heart deals to benefit the trust. Of course this was a legal violation of the trust and Foster was afraid he would be disbarred from law practice if discovered.

It has been said that a few hours after resigning his job he committed suicide. The Houdini act is that his body was found in a State Park and was ruled as a suicide. The evidence shows he owned a silver revolver and killed himself with it. The shot himself twice in the back of the head, without splattering any blood there. Then he came back to life and wiped his fingerprints from his gun, now black steel. Then thirty minutes after his death his automobile arrived at the scene.

What is even more incredible is that the FBI did a standard report on that gun supplying all details except forgetting to fill out the line for the serial Number! I guess it was just a bad day at the park.


5/24/2016  9:30 AM    Jim's Rant For The Day.    Garbage Talk

I believe that it is all over for Hillary as of today. When Trump aired the videos of Bill's rape victims and points out the Vince Foster murder surrounding the Clintons that was the final coffee nail. There is no way Hillary can refute them or address them without adding to the truth of the matter. It was a checkmate move on the part of Trump in my opinion.

Then to trump the move up consider what Bix Weir is suggesting in his post today. He thinks that Trump and Bernie Sanders are being steered together to unite the entire country against the bad guys so a collapse can then be more manageable with the bad guys totally out of the picture.


5/14/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Unheralded World Change.

The past 30 days have been a worldview changer already. First we learned this story: US Army's top general: Be prepared to fight 'little green men'.

On April 21st, General Mark Miley told graduating cadets, “You’ll be dealing with terrorists, you’ll be dealing with hybrid armies, you’ll be dealing with little green men, you’ll be dealing with tribes, you’re going to be dealing with it all, and you’re going to be dealing with it simultaneously,” Source Now I point out that in this story a military spokesperson said the general was referring to little men in green clothing. I guess that is why ISIS cannot be defeated – we are searching for fighters disguised in desert tan when all along they are hiding in green.

Then beginning yesterday, the U.S. Army began running television commercials recruiting to for it's Earth / Alien defenses.   Source

What amazes me is perhaps this is the story of the century, but the Main Street News Media has blacked it our. Thirty years ago the Miami Herald or the New Orleans Times Picayune would have their best reporters trying to scoop what is happening. But the Picayune has picked up and left and the Herald is now unheralded. All we sheep get now is stories of transgender bathrooms in the kindergartens. If the Herald were to inquire today, they would only be concerned to find out if the alien spacecrafts have transgender bathrooms too.

Be on the lookout for an alien false flag to wind up the end of this parade.

5/13/26    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Holy Grail To Escape Banker Enslavement.

Below is my take away from the 32 Minute interview with David Morgan today.

They began by quoting Michael Rupert, one of the main whistle blowers on the Banksters when he said, “Until the way money works changes, nothing changes.” He is referring to the fact the the banksters create money out of thin air and enslave us with it. Until that stops then we will remain enslaved to them with only the illusion of freedom.

No matter if you are talking about Communism, Socialism, Fascism or Capitalism, they all have one common factor. They are all based on the premise that our current fiat money is based on the fact that you can get something for nothing.

Money creation is the tool used by the elite to enslave mankind.

Another factor in our enslavement is that we suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome in regards to our captor bankers.

Wickipedia defines the syndrome like this:

Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon described in 1973 in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.”

The syndrome is why the politicians protect and bail out the banksters. This is why we feel that the entire system will fail without them.

We feel sorry for the Italian banks because they are experiencing a 20% loan default rate yet forget that they created, out of thin air, a hundred percent of all the money they lent out. Therefore, they have lost nothing. If the banks wanted to save themselves all they have to do is thin-air-create another twenty percent and lend it out! In the meantime, the other eighty percent of borrowers are enslaved and have to work to gain the money to pay back the bankers.

All that exists in the universe is truth and resistance to it.” That means that if you say a dollar equals a dollar, that is a lie because they have watered it down and continue to do so by printing more of it each day. In the past one hundred years they have devalued our dollar by 98%.

The truth is that you can't get something for nothing and the day of reckoning occurred in 2008 and now we are pretending it did not happen. The entire system is in collapse now. The Holy Grail to free ourselves is for 3 – 5 percent of us to understand this. The loss of our confidence will finish them off.

32 Minute David Morgan Interview  If in a hurry begin at the 8 minute mark.

5/12/16    Jim's Rant For The Day. Topless Thursday

It's finally here, today is “Topless Thursday.” Now, now, everybody just calm down. There is no need to go running to the window. Today begins the time period that the Cabal tries to neuter Donald Trump so that, if elected, we will end up with no one at the top responsible for stopping the carnage. They intend to castrate him.

I realize that we have visions of them deciding on the new party logo, who gets what jobs, and just how the party will feel about abortion this year. But somehow I no longer share that view, as this is the year of the Titanic. I feel that right now there is only one issue on the table, that being the big one.

Will our government continue to battle the world to maintain the dollar or will we come to our senses and prepare the lifeboats the best we can? All other possible issues at the meetings with Trump will be subordinate to this issue. Shall we continue to destroy and plunder mankind or humble ourselves and join mankind? At stake here are the One Percenters, the Military Industrial Complex, the big business Alphabets and global corporations, not to mention humanity itself.

So just who is Donald Trump, the at-the-moment Gonad King? We truly do not know. As always, when we elect leaders most of the time we are getting a pig in a poke. But the difference with Trump is that he has managed his way across the checker board and is now saying, “King me!” He has the rare opportunity to finish off exposing the Cabal to humanity, if he is not neutered. I am reminded of the Youtube cartoon of the man seating himself in a private movie studio. The lights go out and the thirteen second McGruder film of John Kennedy getting his head shot off is shown. Then the lights reappear and a man is heard over an intercom saying, “Any more questions about what is expected of you Mr. President?”

The Main Street News Media says today's meeting is about, “Adherence to conservatism”. I say it's about holding the Titanic on it's death path, with no one in charge, while the elite move their Admiralty flag to another ship. Will Trump become the next gelding or will he remain intact and at least have the opportunity to tell us the Titanic is going down and we need to do what we can NOW? I guess we shall see.

5/11/2016    Jim's Rant For the Day.   Free Throw?

Today I listened to a Greg Hunter 40 minute interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. See Article and Video. Although the conversation was most interesting only one highlight came from it for me.

Greg Hunter pointed out that all three of the Bushs (I, II & Jeb) have said they will never support Trump. Greg also states that Hillary has never been vetted as most politicians are when running for office. She rode on Bill's ticket and was just assumed to be cleared. Here is the title of that article by Greg, “Trump is Free to Throw Mud on Clinton - Catherine Austin Fitts”.

Interesting title, isn't it. Their reasoning is that the Clintons worked hand in hand with the Bushs, Therefore, Trump has been given a free shot at vetting Hillary's dirty laundry to the American public without fear of also harming the Bush dynasty.

Is this what the Pentagon is hoping for to awaken us? Fitts states that Trump is running because he is perhaps being protected by the Pentagon. Your thoughts?

5/9/2016    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Fly Your Flag.

Let's play Capture the Flag. What is the first thing you do when you capture the enemy's flag? That's right, you raise your own.

What bothers me about the Neil Keenan story from last weekend that the Cabal has resigned and the White House has been occupied by the Republic is that I do not see the flag. When you risk a takeover you need desperately to raise your flag so that you can garner more of the reluctant support you needed prior to your takeover gamble. That is why the flag is raised. But in this case that step somehow has been left off.

And speaking of being left off, so have the details given today by Ben Fulford of the taking of the White House. When the Neil Keenan story first broke on May 1st, I failed to report it as it had not been verified by another party. I finally posted it Thursday after a flurry of postings appeared about it again. The problem is that all the postings just cited Neil Keenan's website only – there were no corroborated reports by others.

Today Ben Fulford tenders only the information put out by Keenan but does not add any new information other than his doubts that Keenan can come home with the bacon. Well, I have many questions, such as how can the Republic just walk into the White House and demand signed resignations? I know Keenan said they entered through the secret tunnel that the entire world knows about, but come on, they just rang the doorbell and walked in? Then there is the little question of why take control and then just keep it quiet? So now I am to believe Obama has moved out and yet no one on the planet says anything about it?

I would like to believe the fairy tale but just can't. What scares me the most is that Keenan makes it sound like the “All Clear” has just been announced regarding our problems and that just ain't so. We are still facing a collapse of our economy even if the Republic is reinstated. We still may have a rogue military and Alphabets to contend with. Perhaps that if why the flag is not flying, out of fear to show oneself.


5/2/2016     Jim's Rant For The Day. Fortune From The Fortune Teller.

Let's do a mind experiment on the collapse. Suppose a fortune teller told you that on a Friday soon you would experience the following events, all on that same day. You would be violently mugged, total your car, burst your appendix and win a large lottery ticket payout. How would all of that make you feel?

What we know about the collapse is that it is multi-facited like the fortune above.

The global reserve currency will change from the U.S. Dollar. This is one event. The U.S. Dollar will become worthless, especially for those in the U.S. This is a separate event. The banks will collapse causing tremendous carnage. The Republic will probably be restored as we receive our lost freedom, perhaps propelling us into a new Renaissance. Again, all separate events causing their own signature chaos.

My point here is that if Karen Hudes says all will be taken care of in regards to a new global currency, don't think all is well. Your appendix is still about to burst. So always be prepared and Leary of Fridays!


4/16/2016     Jim's Rant For The Day. Confused Former Catholic.

I just don't get it. Burnie Sanders pulled out of the fight of his life in New york and responded to an invitation from the Pope. He then flew eight hours, and met with the pope for five minutes in a hallway. He then flew eight hours back to net york.

What I don't get is how can it take a married man an entire “five minutes” to kiss ass? I always figured that was what the honeymoon training was all about.

4/14/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.     Twice Cooked Donald Cook.

Twice Cooked Donald Cook.I assume you have seen the news footage of the U.S. Navy ship, Donald Cook, being buzzed by two Russian SU-24s on two occasions this week. The ship was on a U.S. & Poland joint training exercise in the Baltic sea. Not being a Navy man myself I wondered why my ears perked up when I heard the story as it had a ring of memory to me.

Sure enough, my memory was right. In 2014 many news stories told of the Donald Cook being buzzed several times by Russian SU-24s and each time all of the Cook's electronics went offline leaving the ship helpless. Later stories surfaced that many sailors wanted transfers off her as they were no longer feeling protected aboard her.

I asked myself out of the approximately 430 ships owned by the Navy, how come the Donald cook is the only one to be buzzed by the Russians, and over two years to Boot? Mathematically that just doesn't happen. How can I explain that to myself?

To verify that it was indeed the Cook in 2014 I went to Wikipedia first. It stated that a hearing in 2015 concluded it was just a newspaper hoax. Article But this week the same “hoax” now even upposedly has cameramen on board recording it. So how do I myself explain all of this? Quite simply, that's how.

The 2014 was an actual event with the Navy telling all of our sailors to calm down as it was just a joke. The two passes this week was probably another hoax to drum up WWIII. Why would Russia in an ever constant attempt to avoid war provoke an ongoing Navy training exercise? What could they possibly gain that they don't already have? And the use of the Donald Cook, well that was to incite all the sailors that recall the earlier story. It has all the trappings of a false flag event.


P.S. Is this a stunt to prove to all our sailors that the SU-24s can no longer fry our electronics if we co to war with Russia?

4/12/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Projection of Fulford Report.

If we assume that everything Benjamin Fulford stated in his report dated 4/11/2016, then this is what we are left to assume and project at this point:

1. There will be no WWIII anytime soon. If the international part of the U.S. Military is now funded by the BRICS, then the military no longer needs to wage war for a living. They will be paid to sit on the bench.

2. A Military coup Is now possible in the U.S. Because of Number 1 above, the Pentagon officers that hoped to rule the world have now been taken under control somewhat by the BRICS. This leaves the continental military free to uphold its oath to the Constitution, and perhaps take control because of the crooked election process now in operation.

3. Gold backed currency can soon be issued by China. They recently moved up their time table to the end of this month for opening their own precious metals market, so that is the soonest it can switch its currency. I suggest they would at least run their exchange a week or two of debugging their system before doubling the market price of gold and silver.

Number 3 above will destroy the continental U.S. dollar, so prepare for it. It is assumed that the 3 month conversion of the dollar to the Chinese gold back dollar would be for the International Dollar only, but this is just my guess.

4. Unless otherwise told, it is assumed that the 188 countries are amputating the cancerous remaining dozen countries aligned to the U.S. in its destruction of humanity. Therefore, prepare your family for the chaos and change to ensue here in the U.S.


4/11/16      Jim's Rant For The Day.    Concussion

I watched the movie Concussion this weekend. It is based on the true story of a Nigerian pathologist who discovered the human damage done to football players as a result of thousands of traumatic head bangs in the sport. It was an excellent drama which I highly recommend.

The reason I mention the movie is not because of its entertainment value but as a mirror to our world. The story depicts the personal tragedy to the good doctor for telling the truth. After publishing his findings in a medical journal he was visited by the FBI for committing mail fraud by using the FAX machine for distributing his medical thesis, which was obviously a fraud because it was not believed by the American Football associations. I point this out because it is clear the we live in a Fascist country now that is controlled by major corporations that now control the government alphabets such as the FBI to do their bidding.

If you still find it hard to believe that our country is controlled just look at our current election system, As Dr. Phil would ask, “How's that working for you?” We have come all the way around to where we first began, the American Revolution. That war was fought because the British government took our currency away from us, destroying our economy, and made us use their Central Bank with a currency they owned and controlled to enslave us. That war was also fought because the people had no say in the elections of the leaders. Small world, isn't it?

4/5/2016    Jim's Rant For The Day.    Clunks, Trends and Forecasts.

This article is about the Bo Poiny interview yesterday in which he predicts the collapse of the world markets in August. In it he gives a most compelling math analysis that just cannot be denied or argued with. You can see the DOW going from 17,000 to 5,000 just as clear as ever; very sobering.

I went to bed intending to mark August on my calender. But when I woke up I kept hearing a “Clunk, clunk, clunk” sound. I realize I am only conveying words here but that sound was most real and familiar to me. Allow me to relay it to you.

When I was attending night school I recall reading a most difficult article, struggling to follow and hold on to it. I realized I couldn't focus because my wife had the dryer going and it was out of balance, producing the “clunk, clunk” sound in a predictable pattern. I think she had washed a kitchen rug that was doing it. That was a natural sound resulting from pure household dryer physics that was irritating me.

This morning it hit me that Poiny did the math correctly in his analysis, correlating into all the historical market data points, except for one thing. Are the data points natural or manipulated? If you believe that the stock market is manipulated then you are betting if the magician will continue his act or drastically change from the lulling pattern hitherfore. Will he choose to zig or zag?

Because Poiny never mentions any of this I assume he assumes the market is doing its “natural physics” and is not manipulated. Therefore, I have to discount his basis of prediction, although I do feel the collapse is quite near.

3/29/2016    Jim's Rant For The Day.     Bifocaled Bat.

This one is personal. I told you several months ago that I got the kiss of death from my eye doctor. I have had two sets of cornea grafts over the years and he said that glasses no longer helped me and not to come back. I could tell that my vision was deteriorating week by week and just accepted that the prognosis given to me at age 25 that I was going blind was now becoming a reality. I have a giant computer monitor with the print extra large and still have to read with my nose only four inches away from it with the light causing tears. It is harder and harder to keep up with the reading. Although I wear bifocals, I am blind as a bat.

Some dear friends gave me a wake up kick-in-the-ass to get a second opinion. Yesterday I saw a cornea specialist. He said, “Yes you are blind. Can I show you the door?” I couldn't even read the big “E” with the right eye and am 20/200 in my good eye, but with double vision. He didn't say how bad that really is but did ban me from using their parking lot.

My grafts are as healthy as the day I got them but at this time I have two separate problems with the eyes. Cataract surgery with an extra step should get me back to excellent vision in both eyes. The first surgery is at the end of April. The only bad news is that he did not comment on if I will ever be able to see my penis on a cold morning.

I instantly liked the doctor the minute he came into the exam room. I liked him even more when I got home and read his bio in the packet. Among other things it said, “. . . enjoys LSU football . . . Geaux Tigers!

3/27/2016      Jim's Rant For The Day.  Assurance For Insurance.

Let's do a simple comparison between today's Ben Fulford video and yesterday's Jeff Nielson's Video.  We will assume that you believe what they are both (impossible) are saying is accurate.

Fulford says that hopefully the good guys will win and that the Fed Reserve will fall, our government will print its own currency bringing massive wealth back into the country quickly, and we will have sanity and world peace. In contrast, Nielson says that there must be a collapse very soon, the chaos may be for a long time, probably accompanied with a civil war, and whether or not the Cabal ends up in charge afterward remains in question. That pretty much sums it up.

Here is the question that ran through my mind when I read Fulford today. Because he says we are near to heaven and wealth, should I continue to preach “prepare for chaos?” If we spend a lot of cash and energy preparing won't we look awfully stupid if Fulford is correct?

I have always been a believer in matching the risk with the gain. Let's do it together here. The extreme detriment is that of long chaos in some manner and we are not prepared – a death blow to our family. Therefore, the gain of preparing is survival, a very high gain. And the risk, or cost, for that possible gain? It is extremely low if Fulford is right and the economy brings us sudden wealth, because we will have much more income and wealth to cover the meager prepping costs we expended. Therefore, the risk is low.

So here we have a high gain, low risk decision. This is one of those opportunities the universe gives us that I have never been able to turn down. If we make all decisions weighted like this one it is a guarantee of success for each of us in our endeavors. I trust that this will give you the assurance you need to continue to insure your family's survival.

3/18/2016    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Irretrievably Broken.

In order to be granted a divorce, the plaintiff must first declare that the marriage is “irretrievably broken”. Just what does that term mean? Outside of Family law, I have never seen it used. I understand what “Broken” means: destroyed, non-repairable, gone. But the first time I saw the “irretrievably” in front of it I had to stop and analyze it the same as I am doing now. What I finally came up with was, “You ain't never gonna get it back again.” The magic is gone.

A lot of news is breaking these days, mostly financial bad news at that but also the election stuff. Then there is a new version of Jade Helm operating under a non-descriptive name, to operate thru June. But alas, I have been remiss in posting most of this news. Why? Because I am sick of it, I am sick of reading it; sick of analyzing it; sick of troubling you with having to spend your family time reading it. In short, I am sick of it.

We all want to know how much longer we have to endure the agonizing suspense as to when the tulip we are holding on to as we hang over the collapse cliff will give way. Will the Elites be able to stall off for another year or two or is it eminent? I don't know, I wish I did.

All I can say for certain is that everywhere I look I see systems that are ALL irretrievably broken. There are times that I believe it is all by design and that the Cabal Elites are crashing the entire world so they can move their flag (and our military) from our sinking ship to Israel and the Middle East to sit on the oil wealth there. That might explain why countries around the world are falling like us. I just don't know. But again, what I do know is that all systems are irretrievably broken, including capitalism. Brace for changes.

3/16/2016     Jim's Rant For The Day. Unless States Suicide Themselves.

The Main Street News talking heads are backed into a corner after last nights voting. They no longer deliver the news, their former bread and butter, but now are paid to push the politics of the elite. So all of their revenue for the year is to continue to call in very slow motion, the horse race. Their motto now is “Drag It Out.”

Here is my opinion. We are told that Trump now enjoys a 54% rating in national polls. Correct me if I am wrong here, but all states remaining are win-all-delegates states now; no more splitting delegates. None of Trump's advisories have a home state advantage anymore. All of this means that right now, Trump will garner at least 54% of the vote while his advisories will split the balance of the remaining 46%. This on average, leaves Trump with a 30% lead in future voting.

The talking heads are not going to say this as they are still trying to sway the voting to stop Trump by a controlled stalemate. But I can certainly say it. Unless the remaining states commit suicide, Trump will win them all and the nomination.

3/12/2016     Jim's Rant For The Day.   Trickster Season.

It always begins in the spring, doesn't it?

The season began at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. How fitting. Mayor Richard Daley declared Martial Law, doubled the police on the streets, called out all the firefighters and had 2,000 National Guard troops. The opposing side was thousands of “Yippies”.

I read a case about that night in Criminal Law. I recall that about 3,000 persons were arrested and locked in a football coliseum and processed the following day.

At processing time, no one knew who was arrested, what they were arrested for, who arrested them and what the evidence was. A year later all convictions were overturned due to unlawful arrests. It was all just a game.

I am sure we all remember the movie, All The President's Men, about the two reporters, Bob Woodward and Carl Burnstein, who traced a story down, as provided by a White House insider referred to as “Deep Throat”. That story led to the illegal collection of money from the elites, and Richard Nixon's re-election campaign using it to fund a former group of college buddies now attorneys to cause “dirty tricks” in the election process. The funds caused ballot stuffing, slander of opponents, something known as “the Watergate break in”, and lastly, the funding behind the Chicago Democratic Convention riots. Of course, all of this got Nixon re-elected but he later had to resign because he was indeed a crook.

But what most of us may not be aware of is the Congressional Investigation done on the activities. One young lawyer was knee deep in learning all the ins and outs of what Nixon's thugs did to win the election. However, that attorney was fired from the commission because she was found to be too dishonest. That attorney was Hillary Clinton herself.

But why keep a good thing for yourself? All that was learned from 1968 was exported by the CIA all over the world since then in toppling governments not to the liking of the U.S. empire, such as the Egyptian Spring and all the other Springs in the Middle East and South America. So how fitting it is that it now appears to have blown in to the U.S. as the Elites fight for their remaining power.

Nixon knocked out all of his competition so that he would be up against Walter Mondale, who he knew he could beat. Then he destroyed him at the Democratic Convention by letting the people watch the riots instead of the convention speeches. Is this what Hillary is up to? She knows she can't beat Trump but she can beat Rubio and Crux, as they are not eligible to run for President in the first place! Or is this the GOP Elites trying to stop Trump? You decide.

3/11/2016   Jim's Rant For The Day. Brainstorming

I gave a short talk at our last Fall=Back Farm membership meeting regarding brainstorming. It was in conjunction with how we would strive to reach consensus as much as possible, so that most of us would be in agreement with most of our decisions.

In regards to brainstorming, consider it like a beach ball thrown out to a rock concert crowd. The goal of the crowd is to keep it up in the air as long as possible, not to deflate it with a knife. In a brainstorming session, ideas should be accepted by the group and not immediately shot down. It is better to say, “The okra idea would be great if it didn't leak gasoline.” then to say, “the okra idea is stupid because it leaks gasoline.” The first comment keeps the ball in the air even though it points out its weakness but at the same time allows for the weakness to be cured. Otherwise, the idea is totally squashed as a failure.

The second key step in brainstorming is the ownership of the idea. The group must operate as the owner of the idea, not the person who presented it. Once Bob suggests the okra idea, it is then owned by the group. Bob no longer has his ego in it. Bob should never be attacked for presenting the idea, as “This is another stupid idea of yours, Bob.” The idea should never be referred to as “Bob's idea”. It is now the “Okra Idea.”

James Madison once said, “There is no such thing as a false idea. There are just some ideas better than other ideas." We need to remember this when brainstorming. They are just ideas to be thought about, considered and analyzed. That is all they are. Even the ones we consider “bad” are helpful in shaping our thoughts about other ideas.

I recall reading a book titled The Invasion Of Northern Europe. It chronicled all the planning that went into the WWII invasion of Normandy on D-Day. One group of planners hit the wall in their problem of supplying gasoline for all the tanks that would be landing on D-Day. Normandy had no sea ports. It would be a week before a floating wharf system could be constructed there for off loading supplies. But during that week prior to the wharf, the tanks could not be refueled and would be worthless when they were needed the most. It was a hell of a problem. In jest, one of the planners in England said, “It's a shame we can't just put a longer hose on the gas pump across the street.” That's exactly what they did. The last ship in the invasion armada laid a long rubber hose on the sea floor. It pumped gasoline six days before it ruptured.

My point in all of this is that I sometimes put ridiculous or controversial articles on the blog. I am just throwing a beach ball out there. Go easy on me. There are still several groups trying to restore the Republic. There is still a Cabal trying to remain in control. There is still a financial collapse that appears to be unstoppable. There are still massive changes left for us to experience. We need a safe and peaceful place to brainstorm all that is going on around us, otherwise our communications break down.

3/9/2016    Jim's Rant For The Day. Bush Plan “D”.

Hijack the Ted Cruz campaign by offering money. Place your embezzlement experienced banker son on the campaign to control the money, knowing that he who controls the money controls the candidate. When Cruz wins the nomination name Jeb Bush as Vice President running mate. When Cruz is elected president, assassinate Cruz yielding another Bush White House.

3/3/2016   Jim's Rant For The Day.  All Fall Down.

The Main Street News stations are having a hayday with the presidential race but unfortunately they are not making any money on it. Why? Because the people are no longer buying it. The news stations have all abandoned any sense of world news presentations and are focused on the same old looped talks about the race. It is failing now and will fail for them up to November. Tha people have had it with the lying Presstitutes and turn off the news as fast as they used to turn it on – a minute or so and the viewer are gone.

And then there is all this talk about stopping Trump. In my personal opinion, it has nothing to do with Trump. It has everything to do with both political parties have destroyed themselves by past actions and now no longer have control of the people. Worse yet, the people realize that the parties no longer have control over them! What we are witnessing is the that our political process is collapsing – the people no longer trust it or need it. That is the Elites' panic. Just like the economy all around us, their political control over us is also in collapse.

This is all a good thing. In order to regain control of ourselves we must do away with all of their instruments of control and enslavement of us. All of their systems must collapse. It must all fall down.

2/26/2016    Jim's Rant For The Day. Worse Than The “P” Word.

It's over for Trump in the eyes of the Main Street Media! Thy will never mention Trump again on their shows. I got up this morning expecting to hear a lot of conversation about the Republican Debate that I missed last night. Wow! Was I wrong. They mentioned tit for about ten minutes at the most then moved on to Hillary. “My god”, I thought, “What happened last night?”

Well, of course, it was Trump's potty mouth again. But this was far more vile that the “P” word, oh yes siree. In his own words (but this time spoken in politically correct terms) he said something to the effect of, “screw Israel!” Oh yes, you will never see him on the Main Street News Media again.

2/19/2016    Jim's Rant For The Day.    Bank Snake Tails.

Here is the score today as I see it. The banisters are rattling their rattlesnake tails this week warning us of dire problems for the financial system. I do not know if they are just preparing us for another bail out or bail in, but they are warning.

Morgan Stanley told their customers that their bad financial advice last year was due to the “bizarro world” we are now in. An employee of Wells Fargo told us the bankers are training for bank closures. The Hungarian Central Bank just purchased 200,000 round of ammo just in case. Bank of America just told us that all corporations are in financial trouble. Then to top it off, the BIS, the central bank of the central banks, told us that that the only thing that can happen now is for a collapse and total reset. So that is what we are hearing from the bankers themselves.

What we are not being told by the main stream media is that several armies are on the Syrian border prepared to invade that country. The main players here are Turkey and Saudi Arabia. It appears that Russia is at the end of expelling ISIS form Syria and perhaps the U.S. is losing its control there. The U.S. is desperate to get back in to start a global war to take the spotlight off the Banksters for a collapsing global economy.

I apologize if this is scary but scary is where we are now with the insane leaders we have in the Cabal and in the service of the Cabal pushing the world to destruction. In my opinion if you are not somewhat scared and completely prepped, you may be insane too.

2/17/2016  Jim's Rant For The Day. John Kennedy Ditto.

I waited to see how things would calm down or play out. Neither has occurred. So I just have to jump in and stir the pot I guess. Judge Scalia war murdered. They know it. We know it. The world knows that the U.S. makes a living by wacking people of power. Everybody knows it.

John Poindexter, the powerful former White House insider who owned the ranch where Scalia died, reported he died with a pillow over his head. Many medical personnel have stepped forward and said that to die of a heart attack is most painful, the person moves around trying to get air or to a phone. They would never lie still on their back with a pillow over them.

By removing the body so quickly and embalming it instantly certainly smacks of the Kennedy post assignation clean up, doesn't it? In Scalia's case, Texas law was violated by overlooking the autopsy, not to mention the violation of the HIPPA act we are all supposed to follow in non-disclosure of anther’s medical facts.

All in all, this is the second highest U.S. person of power to be assassinated in the U.S. since John Kennedy and again we sit and do nothing and will look dumbfounded when his brain disappears. Not me. I say it is time that we do away with ALL of these paid liars, their Cabal handlers, and get all of the lies out of our lives!. Think of how much better our world would be if we lived in the truth.

2/16/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Peaceful Meetings.

In my recent Rant, Democracy vs. Republic, I shared that a republic I much like consensus in that it ids fixed rules that all members agree to. This is in contrast to a democracy in which the rules are constantly changing and 51% of the members can dominate the rest, so you end up with rules that half of the members do not support. If we activate our fall-back farm in the event of a collapse we will strive for consensus as much as possible. We will also focus on peaceful meetings so that we can continue to work and live together in harmony. This is how we are going to accomplish this.

Agendas. Most meetings will have agendas to keep us focused and to keep the meetings as short as possible.

Six Man Rule. Most of our meetings will consist of no more that six participants although there may be many spectators present. More than six keeps the shy ones quiet and infuriated. Larger numbers prohibits all members from freely expressing themselves. If a group has more than six members then break the workload in half and have two simultaneous meetings going and reporting back their share of decisions. All of the members can choose which meeting to attend. If a member wishes to give input to both meetings he can do so by using the Proposal method, without having to be present to do so.

Brainstorming. There are two rules of brainstorming. First is once an idea is submitted it is then owned by the group. It is no longer “Bob's idea” but rather the “chocolate okra idea”. That is because we want to keep personalities out of the process. No one should be ridiculed or attacked because of an idea. No one should be emotionally involved in an idea. Remember, there is no such thing as a false idea; there are only some ideas better than others.

The second rule is the beach ball rule. When a beach ball is thrown to a rock concert audience the idea is to keep pushing it up and not to stab and deflate it. So too with ideas. Don't immediately dismiss it. It is better to say, “That would be great if we can get around the Blue laws.” than “We can't because of the Blue laws.” Toy with the idea and try to make it work.

Round Robin. Begin each meeting by telling all members to check their guns at the door and that on one will be personally attacked at the meeting. Then have each one briefly (3 minutes) tell what they accomplished since the last meeting, what they screwed up on and learned from it, and what they are facing before the next meeting. The purpose is to allow yourself to shine before the group. They may have thought you took off and went to the beach when in fact you were emptying the septic tank with a bucket! The purpose of the confessional is that you may not be aware you are making a mistake, If you fail to confess something then you are fair game to be called out on it by others. This keeps problems from simmering. Heads up part tells others they you will be entertaining the boss's wife so don't get mad because the paperwork is backing up on your desk. It may even solicit help from the team. This method also motivates each member and points out who is failing or in trouble.

Proposal Method. Heavy ideas should be presented to the members several days prior to the meeting. The members should act as a Board of Director by trying to make the proposal passable. If that member objects to it he should immediately make suggestions to the author that would cause him to vote for it. This way, all of the negotiation might be accomplished before the meeting. This makes for very quiet meetings with straight up or down votes. Because the proposal was sent early there need not be long discussions as everyone has read it and has opportunity to get clarification prior to the meeting.

Each Proposal might contain these headings:

Statement of the Problem.

Assumptions. Instead of giving the facts of what we are dealing with show them as assumptions, because we could be wrong. If so, someone will correct us and that may change the plan. It is better to hear, ”The Blue laws were revoked three months ago” then to just hear “Your proposal is all wrong.”

The Plan. Include options or stages if there are any.

The Cost.


Cons. Forces us to be honest. It also forces us to search for the cons and try to correct them in the plan.

Note: We will have proposal writers available to assist members in preparing their proposal. This way all proposals have equal footing, even coming from the shy members.

Start with Nay Votes.When using the Proposal Method, the moderator should first ask if there is anyone opposed to the proposal. If not then there is no need for discussion so call for the “yes” votes and you quickly have consensus.

2/15/2016    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Dating Shithead.

When I was around 35 I went through a divorce. As I do with everything else, I read a few books on divorce while struggling on such a major decision. On of the books, Passages, by Gail Sheehy, was most helpful. She showed all that goes into the decision with its pros and cons. She said it was best if the marriage held together because the real prize was a “shared history”. I thought I understood what she meant but at 35 what do you really know?

A year later I was dating my current wife Betty. That was 30 years ago. We ran into a high school mate of hers, Joan. After we were introduced and talked briefly she left. I told Betty she was an odd character and seemed hard ridden. Betty said she was in and out of abusive relationships, hates men and uses them and was into pills. Six months later we stopped for a late snack after a night of dancing. Joan was in the restaurant and came over to talk to Betty. I just sat there.

After a few minutes of gabbing, Joan asked, “Are you still dating shithead?” Betty replied, “No, I married him!” as she held up her wedding band. I was dying laughing. I knew how Joan thought and so to me that was one hilarious conversation.

During our meeting Saturday at the farm I got to missing Betty. During a break I found her in the kitchen with four others preparing lunch. I do not know what made me do this as I have never done it before. I went up behind her and asked, “Are you still dating shithead?” She replied, “No, I married him” and then laughed. I returned to the meeting after passing four persons staring at us as if we were crazy.

Last night when I first went to bed it suddenly hit me what Sheehy meant by the treasure of a shared history.




2/13/2016  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Democracy VS. Republic.

I will be offline most of the day today. Our fall-back group [planned a weekend camp-out to practice as a team in our final preparations for a possible collapse. Yesterday we learned that tonight's temperature will drop from last nights 50 degrees to tonight's 29 degrees. Our leadership quickly decided it was too cold ”to survive” for us Floridians so we will just do the day training. I will instruct on our internal leadership methodology.

Last week in my Rant The Gospel Of Thomas, I told of the purported statement by Jesus that to have heaven on earth we should dump our leaders, think for ourselves and create what we believe is best for all, but not exactly in those words. That I what I will teach today, in a round about way, the difference between a republic and a democracy.

A republic is a list of rules agreed to by everyone. Those laws are called a constitution, bylaws, a contract, and by our first colonists, a compact. But in actuality they are a consensus; that being something all are in agreement with because it serves the all.

A democracy is where the rules may be changing a lot over time and where 51 percent of the voters rule the day. Therefor, it can be said that it's decisions serve at least 51 percent of the voters but seldom all.

In my way of thinking a republic (consensus) would be heaven on earth. But how do we as a survival group and we as a nation leave a democracy behind and return to a republic, that being consensus, when we have been highly trained to only think in terms of a democracy by our handlers? Its really quite easy. You create what you think, what you envision. So you simply change your mind!

You begin by learning how simple working towards consensus is. You respect each other and their thinking. You stop trying to take advantage of each other. You simply remember that we are all in the life boat of life together. That is what our group is going to be working towards today – heaven on earth even during times of chaos, because that is what will end the chaos.

2/10/16     Jim's Rant For The Day. Unmagic Act

Michael Rivero stunned me ten days ago when he told his radio audience how he paid for his college tuition. He was a magician! I would have never guessed it. In fact it is hard for me to visualize him performing a silent act of any type. The man just cannot keep quiet or his opinions to himself.

The true stunner was why he disclosed his magic past. He said that if the audience realized that they had been tricked, even if they were unsure how the trick worked, his show was, for all practical purposes, over for the night. “When you have lost the audience you might as well go home”, he said.

He then said that the Cabal, the banksters, the establishment and the U.S. government have lost their audience. It is over. Be prepped because they are not going to try to win us back; they are going to bulldoze us over.


2/6/16    Jim's Rant For the Day. Nathan Bedford Forrest.

During the American Civil War, General Nathen Bedford Forrest was the winningest general. In fact, I am not aware of him ever losing one. He is seldom spoken of because after the war he created an organization in the South to maintain the peace that turned into something he wad not foreseen and he wanted nothing to do with. You see, he created the Klu Klux Klan to keep the peace, not harm others.

But back to General Forrest. He was a wealthy cotton plantation owner who was tired of seeing the South lose military power because, as he thought, of the Gentlemen Generals from West Point. So he took his wealth and created his own Cavalry to fight fro the South. He didn't need the Confederacy to supply him.

His military genius came from hi lack of military training. He had none. But he knew that all those officers he was up against came from the same training. So in his mind all that he had to do to succeed was to do just the opposite of what his foes were trained to do. And so he always performed the opposite. He was needed to conquer three forts. He went to the middle one, which was the strongest. He said he conquered the other two and would spare those in the fort if they simply gave up. Believing Forrest, the garrison surrendered. Forest then proceeded to bluff the other two forts. Here is the fun part. After taking all three forts, Forrest abandoned them. He saw no need in holding the real estate as it was worthless without a garrisoned army.

His most famous order though occurred at the Battle of Parker's Cross Roads, near the end of the war. His force was very small at that time and he was demanding that the superior army facing him surrender unconditionally.While awaiting their response a second unnoticed superior army moved into his rear, catching Forrest by surprise. That is when he delivered his famous order to,"Charge ’em both ways,”. The army on one side was caught in shock while the other army was confused and demoralized as his force rode past them.


Today Donald Trump took a play straight from General Forrest's playbook. With Ted Cruz being propelled against him by the PTB and the Republican party, Trump just said he would consider him as his running mate! This has got to confuse, demoralize and steal votes from Cruz, all on the very day of the debates and three days before the New Hampshire Primary! I tell ya, Trump is beating them at their own game by doing what the always least expect. 

2/1/2016      Jim's Rant For The Day.   Gospel Of St. Thomas

The Gospel of Thomas was discovered in 1945. It has been ignored by the Catholic church and many other bible scholars for the said reason that it has been dated to around 200 A.D. I assume that this is a valid reason not to accept historical writings, as I now have a lawsuit against the publisher of my recent copy of Huckleberry Finn because I just realized Mark Twain has been dead a hundred and ten years now, so obviously the book is a fake.

However, there may be another reason for the failure to accept the gospel, that being its contents. You see, according to Thomas, Jesus said that the church is not in a big building but rather inside each of us and all around us. Oh god, just imagine what that would do to the real estate prices for cathedrals.

But here is the gospel part that really got to me. According to Thomas, Jesus said that to have heaven on earth, all we have to do is to think for ourselves! We do not need to blindly follow our leaders, we just need to go out and do what we think is right. Gee, what a novel concept for heaven on earth!     See: Article

1/29/16   Jim's Rant For the Day.  Hopeful Torpedo.

I probably have failed to post several of the reports from alleged insiders of the FBI who say that Hillary will be arrested for treason within a month. I did however post one article that said Hillary and her State Department sold mineral rights (Uranium) either Russia or China. That real estate is in the west, as in the Bundy and the Hammond ranch areas. Without a doubt, the land deals is against our Constitution.

I have also informed you that a De Jure Grand Jury was to be called in Oregon. Although a warrant or indictment from a De Jure jury is of a higher source of law than from a regular Attorney General De Facto Grand jury, it would probably not be recognized by the local sheriff without great force behind it.

Well, here is my wish. I am still hopeful that the Bundy standoff in Oregon was still able to fire off a torpedo prior the the arrests this week. That torpedo would be in the form of a legal order from a secret De Jure Grand Jury to the local Sheriff, who is the highest law enforcement officer in the county, even higher the any Federal agents. Is it possible that the FBI did their job and now are buying time for the arrest of Hillary to start things rolling in Oregon? Is it possible that the secret order from the Grand Jury is waiting to be served either by Federal agents or a very large Militia group?             

At any rate I am still hopeful that there is a torpedo in the water that has not hit home yet.

1/28/16 4:00 PM   Jim's Rant For The Day. Amazing Comment By Rivero.

Michael Rivero just made an amazing comment on his radio show. He was talking about Saudi Arabia currently invading Yemen, for the benefit of the U.S. They are dropping cluster bombs on civilians, with those bombs being provided by the U.S. He then pointed out that the United Nations has declared all of the players doing the invading are committing war crimes.

Then he went to the heart of the matter. He said that the U.S. is in a bind in that they cannot stop the wars because they will be tried for war crimes. Therefore, the U.S. leaders must win all of the wars to save the necks of our leaders.

1/26/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Polls is Polls, But Then . . .

It is hard to put faith in polls because the can be manipulated in all kinds of ways so that they are actually propaganda telling you how you should think, rather than being a reflection of what people actually think.

But how about a new kind of political poll never seen before. Well, we are about to get one. Donald Trump just announced that he will not be on the Republican debate Thursday night. Of course he says that is because he will not lower himself to be in front of Megyn Kelly again. But maybe there is something else going on.

Right now the polls say that Trump is somewhat tied with other Republican Wannabees. What happens if Trump is a no show Thursday night and the debate ratings go to near zero as Americans really do not care about any of the non-Trumps?

Sports Fans, wouldn't that kill the Main Street polls propaganda business? God, just imagine!

1/20/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  The Last Notice

I know you are probably tired of me preaching that we are in the collapse now, but yet I still persist. So just what does a collapse look like? In most minds it is the collapse of the stock market.

I am reminded of a short story The Last Leaf - O. Henry about a girl that decided to die from Pneumonia when the last leaf of ivy fell off the winter vine on the wall of her neighbor's house. An old painter realized what she was up to so he painted a leaf on the wall so she would live. Well, that is what the Banksters have done to the stock market.

So then what else can we see of the collapse? If a notice was sent to us informing us we are in a Collapse what would it look like?  Utter insanity, that is what. When people insanely treat systems as though they are still functioning when in fact they are not, that is the face of Collapse.

See: Flint Sends Overdue Notices to Residents Who Aren’t Paying for Their Water, Which Is Poison.

1/14/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.    Holy

The stock market is fluctuating wildly now.  This morning the Main Street News is reporting the the news network

The stock market is fluctuating wildly now. This morning the Main Street News is reporting the the news network Al Jazeera America to Shut Down by April due to the low price of oil impacting their home country Qatar. More and more financial experts are saying that this is it. Folks, I will be on standby, on your behalf, to see if Pope Francis pronounces it to be “Holy Shit!” I will keep ya posted.


1/12/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Near Launch Time.

This morning's Main Street news was about removing the guns from the continental “terrorists” and about how oil is expected to drop to $10 per barrel. That last discussion focused on all the jobs to be lost as a result and how the large anticipated savings to drivers just is not going to happen so it will not improve our economy. All in all, the drop to $10 will devastate America. This is in agreement with what Ben Fulford said yesterday.

We are still frantically doing last minute preparations for our Fall-Back group to activate when necessary. We have about ten new members joining us this month, overfilling our membership. We are holding a general meeting this weekend to prepare all members for arrival here to insure they bring enough toilet paper so they will be able to “grin and bare” what will be happening to them, because they are gonna shit when they realize it is actually happening. Get your head right and preps ready folks as we are in the collapse now.

1/7/16   Jim's Rant For The Day. Why I Love Accounting

Last month a Grade and High School classmate passed away. We attended small Catholic schools. Mary Lou lived one block away from J's Bakery, the bakery in town. My classmates Email chatted yesterday about memories of Mary Lou. Every story shared somehow involved J's Bakery. I was the last to share mine, but by now it was more about J's bakery that we were reminiscing about. One classmate in grade school would stop by J's in the morning, load up on sweet rolls, walk the three blocks to school and sell them out of the girls bathroom.

I was the last to share and this is what I had to say about J's. Now keep in mind that as a Catholic we would confess our sins and be absolved of them so we then had a clean ticket to heaven if something happened to us. During the eight grade I would meet my friend Tommy at confession at 6:00 PM Saturday nights. We would then walk to J's to get some Eclairs and just hang out. By the time we got there we had already sinned by exchanging dirty jokes! But at least we got to keep the Eclairs.

Well, this morning I realized the story was much deeper than this. At thirteen you realize how dull your life is at confession time. There is no murder, bank robbery or adultery. There is just the big “M”, masturbation. And let me tell you, it is hard for a thirteen year old to say that word to a preacher. But I was fortunate in that I had a good working relationship with the priest. I did not have to say the word, I just updated the count.

At fifteen I was beginning to learn the outside world of adulthood and began to look at things more seriously. It occurred to me that when it comes to absolution and squaring things with god an estimated count simply would not do; I needed an exact count to be certain of heaven. So I began keeping score. Every time I lost control I put a check mark on a piece of paper and at confession time just added the check marks up on all the papers. I was then assured of heaven and happy.

I have told you before that I was a bad student and failed all of my exams, always, until I got married and attended college. Let me tell you folks, it was not because I was dumb. It was because during exams my pens were always running out of ink from having to keep score! I remember applying for jobs after getting my Accounting degree. When asked if I had any accounting experience I would just sit there and grin.

1/6/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.   First You Gotta Survive.

In this week's Benjamin Fulford Report, he again stated, “The WDS is insisting on a jubilee (a write-off of all debts public and private), a redistribution of ill-gotten Khazarian assets, and the establishment of a meritocratic future planning agency.” But of course, the Jubilee would only occur if the Cabal loses, so keep that in mind. But lets suppose that the Cabal does go down quickly and instantly.

Then we may have the delusional belief that at 8:00 AM on a Monday we are told that the Cabal has collapsed and no longer is. An hour later a Jubilee is proclaimed and from that point on all debts are forgiven. Folks, this just is not going to happen in this manner. Just the announcement that the Cabal has ended will send shock waves throughout the economic systems around the world. Just like chess players, the biggies will frantically be moving pieces all over the board to reposition themselves, and in this process the every day commerce of feeding a nation may get caught up in the chaos and confusion.

So I guess my point here is that it does not matter if the Jubilee happens immediately or is delayed for a short period while the economy reboots itself, you must still be prepared to feed yourself during the reboot period. You may anticipate the glory days of the Jubilee but first you gotta survive to reap that harvest! Insure that you are one of those survivors.


1/5/16  Jim's Rant For The DAy.   See Attached.

Betty and I have been feverishly busy trying to get her 90 year old aunt into a nursing home. She is all the way into dementia and just had a stroke last Tuesday. We got involved Thursday when we were told that she had been told a year ago by Medicaid that she did not qualify. Betty and I are good paper pushers. Aunt “Pete' will be admitted tomorrow morning. I still have a day or so of follow-up paperwork to do, but for the most part I will be back at the news blog. What's that saying, “If you can't dazzle them with bullshit then drown 'em with paperwork.”  My specialty trick is to answer the difficult entrapping question with, "See Attached" and never attach anything.

12/29/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Societal Reboot.

My buddy, a computer hardware nerd, is telling me how busy he is removing Windows 10 and reinstalling version 7 for people. Apparently users are most unhappy with the newer operating system, in fact so much so that I hear Microsoft may be sabotaging the older version. But this is what happens when you get into new areas that make you totally uncomfortable – you reboot to what used to work well for you, even if you have to give up something to get back there. Let's assume you are a brick mason and use your computer to make bids. If now the software doesn't work then you will resort back to pencil and paper. After all, your income producing time is predominately spent laying brick, not fighting a computer. It only makes sense.

In the immortal words of the Bee Gees, “In the event that something happens to me, there is something I would like for you to see.”  What follows is my vision. The truth speaking Economists are telling us that we are now well along the way of the “Financial Structure” of our society crashing, simply said. Anybody not totally blind can see that our Legal System no longer is. It appears to have lost its way after the Civil war and has completed its rotting the past thirty years. If I were to ask any person on the street what they believe the pillars of a society are, they would probably name the financial, legal, governance and mores (your customs and values). A new more(s) may be that we can now face charges up to $250,000 for laughing when we hear a man wants to have his balls removed and a lady wants them sewn on, so now we musn't laugh. If we remove all of the street named pillars from our civilization we end up with mush where there was once a proudly standing entity before we removed its skeleton.

So just how might this mush reboot itself? Well first we must realize that this has never occurred in recorded history to this degree, so there is no cookbook to follow. No one has a canned answer or foreknowledge of the reset either as there are just too many variables. So just what might we expect? Well, first we have to make the assumption that the Cabal will die off setting us free of their central control. So too with our government as I will only be addressing the U.S. reset here.

So this is my vision. Because the Bankers and the Government are one in the same, when all of the people lose confidence in one we will lose it in both and refuse to deal with either of them.

This will cause us to go to localization in governance and Banking. We won't be able to deal with D.C. but we can reinsert ourselves back into county governance, the building block of society as we know it.

When the Bankers and Government collapse so will our fiat money. We will then go back 200 years to local currency and banking. Currency will be created by the craftsman issuing his own “marker” signed by him and accepted by his neighbors as trust he will later deliver goods or service. This is old school and how our world worked quite well pre-Banksters. My guess is that if the local credit unions act fast enough they can reinvent themselves by making the transition to the local currency and commercial banking that will be needed. It is just one more step for them to initiate Peer-To-peer financing where for the most part, locals will finance local projects. The credit unions will do the paperwork for them. I mention the credit unions because the are non-profit with local members on their board. Add more transparency and we have solid trust again in banking. But again, they will have to act fast to garner support in filling the void.

When the current legal systems known to be a sham then I believe the ensuing chaos will take us back to Common Law, that part of out legal heritage stemming from cases tried with the same repeating ruling logic. This is the opposite of Black Letter Law handed down by legislation. In a way this is tantamount to rebooting to common sense and escaping from “lawyerese” as for the most part we will not need the lawyers.

In regards to the mores, when we calm down and abandon the globalization, we will revert back to our common sense and local mores.

All of this will take time to occur and may be a wild ride in the process. But I truly believe we will be headed in the right direction (reverse) and then rise like a vision.

12/23/15    Jim's Rant For the Day.  Crazy Chess

I once read a book that was a cross between Management and Organizational Change. I am sorry that I cannot remember the title nor the author. But what I do remember well was the author's description of a large workplace as he pounded it into the readers mind over and over again. I have never seen anyone else go where he went.

He said that dealing with a large organization is like playing chess in that you think you have a good handle on how, when and where each player will move when directed to do so. However that is in theory. In real life we are playing crazy chess in which the players will move according to the rules until they choose not to. And that is your problem. You are always guessing if each player will respond as expected or as they choose to respond on their own. This is why it has been so hard to predict the Collapse and Reset.

The Hersch article, Military to Military, clearly reflects that. What I am excited about is that it is now out in the open. This is surely to piss off the Cabal. But more importantly, it will stir the pot, maybe even be a test balloon for a military coup.

12/22/15    Jim's Rant For The Day. Chipotle Ecoli

I once saw a cartoon of several monks copying a page from the bible posted on the wall.

All of the pages were half filled with beautiful Gothic print save one. That monk was just sitting, staring out the window waiting. His page was filled with giant letters reading, “Love Each Other.”

A bishop was saying to him, “Brother John, we have to talk.”

In case you missed the news, there is a new strain of Ecoli sweeping the country. There are already a whopping 36 cases diagnosed. I am going to warn you of the symptoms so you can protect yourself.

* You can only get it by eating at a Chortle restaurant.

* Nausea and Vomiting.

* Drop in Chipotle stock valuation of 30%

* Occurs only after the restaurant chain announces it will serve ONLY non-GMO foods.

“Brother Chipotle, we need to have a talk.”

12/20/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.   GridX Exercise Results.

Yesterday I posted two stories regarding the GridX exercises. They were both fluff and horse crap in my opinion, with one being a carryover story from two years ago with a new exercise date of 2015 inserted in the lead paragraph, but all in all the same story. When I read the first one about the government having a plan I felt as if it was just propaganda leading up to a grid down false flag. I still feel that way, although I cannot say the false flag will occur or not. It is just being set up perhaps.

My objection is the first article states that all power can be back up from a grid down scenario within seven days. This is just not so. This assumes that in the grid down there was no damage to switch gear and other mechanical destruction. The industry tells us that it may be months to years just to get the parts that may be needed.

After the last GirdX exercise I was contacted by a powerhouse engineer in North Alabama wishing to join our Prepper retreat. He told me thin the exercise was to him a complete failure and demonstrated how impossible the grid recovery would be. If you assume little mechanical damage occurred, which he said it would be a lot of damage, then there is the power needed to restart each power Station. In order to restart a power plant an enormous amount of electricity would be required. That amount can come only from another power plant. But to get that power, you have to realize that much of it would be diverted to the military and government first. Then you have to make sure that your lines and switchgear is all OK before you try to send the power to another power station. All of this takes a lot of time.

So again, my take on a story saying all is well within a week in recovering from a grid down scenario is a load of crap. Two months ago I posted another article about the GridX exercise to take place on November 18 and 19 and they indicated all of their conclusions would be posted within a month. I thought this was strange and a run out of a false date to give a false sense of accomplishment. I still feel this way and that is why we got the same ole canned story. They may be setting up for a false flag on the grid folks.

12/19/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Bum's Rush.

Well Sports Fans, it has finally happened. I have been trying to tell you that when the big wheel stops turning all of the little dogs come out and piss on it. Well. they did yesterday.

The U.S. sent twenty Special Forces troops into Libya to “help them.” When they deplaned they were in battle gear and reported to have silencers on their weapons. To me that signals assassination teams – just there to help persuade the Libyan government that when the U.S. conquers you then you must remain conquered. When they showed up at a Libyan military base the military took them back to the airport and put them on a plane - they got the Bum's Rush!

When I first read the news I thought about the one liner of W.C. Fields in regards to that. I used it myself when I was in my late 20s. My brother and all of my seven sisters were all in town so we hit the local water hole, one all dressed up with artifacts to give it dignity. When the management gave me the Bum's rush for humping the stuffed grizzly bear I hollered, “I've been thrown out of nicer places than this before!”

The problem for John Kerry is that he cannot holler that same line as this is the first time the U.S. has ever gotten the Bum's Rush. Way to stand up to the terrorists Libya!

12/17/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Slipping Oil

This one is a real brain teaser. It appears that Congress is about to lift the 40 year old ban on exporting oil from the U.S. Why? See: U.S. Congress Republicans agree to lift 40-year ban on oil exports 

Then there is the story out about three oil tankers shipping diesel from the U.S. to Europe turning around in mid-Atlantic to return to the U.S. Why? According to the article, there is a surplus of oil waiting to get into both the U.S. and Europe, no one wants it and so it is anchored offshore waiting for better days. See: Diesel tankers make U-turn in mid-Atlantic as Europe stocks swell

We know that Saudi Arabia’s economy is designed to be run on $100 per barrel pricing, so the world's economy is geared for the same price range. But now we have a glut of oil on the market and a severe drop demand to the point that oil is now in the $35 price range. So with oil in the extreme lows, why is Congress authorizing domestic sales? I contend that it can be only for one of two reasons.

First, the oil industry in the U.S. is in desperate need of revenue to survive and is willing to sell off inventories at historic lows just to stay alive. Secondly, the rest of the world may now be demanding payment in gold for U.S. purchases and the U.S. has no gold. Therefore, oil will be allowed to be exported to Bubba's Oil company then imported back into the U.S., with all transactions being in fiat U.S. Dollars. Your thoughts? 

12/16/15    Jim's Rant for the Day. Questions on Ben Fulford Report.

Ben Fulford said this week that Canada and France have been asked to invade D.C. and Wall Street to begin arrest of Cabal members. This request was made by the White Dragon group and is supported by the Pentagon.

The above statement is just begging for these questions to be asked. Just who controls the U.S. Military? What power does the Pentagon have at this time? What is the Military doing now on the world wide stage? Is the Military driving for the world takeover? Is there even a hint of a split in the Military?

This is where I have been for several years now and I am no closer to understanding any of it. Sorry folks.

12/10/15    Jim's Rant For The Day. Prepping Nutshell - Solar Light Power.

During a grid down scenario, the most reliable source of battery power will be from charging small batteries from solar garden lights – it's cheap, simple.

The AA rechargeable battery in each light can be replaced on a daily basis with an uncharged one. Each $2.50 charger will recharge one battery per day.

Drawback: Can only recharge AA and AAA size batteries.


The replacement rechargeable battery should be the same capacity as the original battery with the garden light. Such as, an AA, 600 MA original battery should be replaced by an AA 600 Ma battery.

NiCad batteries have the tendency of losing their memory and wind up holding less power. This can be overcome by using Nickle Metal Liquid Hydrate (Ni-mh) batteries, a little more costlier.

 Although we have several models of solar garden lights, note that some lights use batteries 1/3 the size of AA batteries which won't help you. Our main focus is on:
Ideaworks JB5629 Solar-Powered LED Accent Light, Set of 8                     (Cost: $20)

and AA batteries for it being:
8 Piece Set AA Ni-mh 600mah 1.2v Rechargeable Batteries for solar lights      (Cost: $9)

AAA batteries can be charged by placing a spacer in with the battery when charging. A small piece of copper tubing can be cut or bent for this. In a pinch use aluminum foil wadded up, but the foil has a short life span.

12/9/15  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Score Dec. 9th, 2015

Almost everybody is here for the party, or so they say in Syria. With the exception of Italy and Japan, all of the major players of WWII are in position in Syria for a fight. Italy says no way will they play that game again and Japan says it will probably send in troops. I apologize for so many postings lately but it is a real explosive situation there so keep your eye on it.

In regards to the Ben Fulford post this Monday I have to admit that we have not heard a peep out of Israel's Netanyahu. With war building up we would normally see him in cheer leader garb of the sideline.

If you haven't listened to the John Titus Interview from Sunday then let me recap it for you.

He says that the Banksters have not cleared out the Mortgage Backed Securities fraud paper but instead took the bail out money and ran with it. We still have the problem of those trillions of dollars of mortgages now estimated to be worth only five cents on the dollar on the Federal reserves books being pushed on us. The Banksters were declared by Attorney General Eric Holder in 2012 to be above the law and can continue to defraud us, which they are now doing. He said this by stating that if any banks or bankers were charged it might bring down the entire global banking system. So now the U.S. has two legal systems: Those above the law and us.

Titus also says that the Banksters have no exit plan from the economic collapse resulting from their looting other than war, so brace yourself. I would like to add my two cents worth here. The Banksters have looted all the cash from the banks which leaves no capital for the country to rebuild the economy. In other words, our capitalist system has been gutted and is no more. As I see it, it must crash so we can rebuild it without the Banksters and in spite of the Banksters.

And in regards to the possible gun confiscations in New York State, if the story is true, those good gun toters there might do a multi-day parade of drive by shootings at the Governor’s residence until he resigns. I am sure the Lt. Governor will quickly belay that confiscation order.

12/5/15  Jim's Rant For The Day. San Bernardino Outrage.

I am totally outraged to learn where this white rabbit has lead us to. Let's track it backwards, shall we?

Being that this is the first time thirty journalists broke into the home of a mass shooter with their own cameras showing it, it begs the question of why would they illegally cross the police tape on TV? For me the simple answer is that it wasn't illegal, it was just good showman sense. They already knew they would not be prosecuted for it. They knew that the two dead mass murder suspects were actually murder victims that were killed before the shooting spree began and that they were found in the black van by the police dead and face down with both having their hands handcuffed behind them. Therefore, they were no longer suspects and their home was no longer a crime scene. Only they did not report any of this. The journalists then entered the home with permission from the landlord.

What does bother me is that if all the above is correct then the journalists entered for the purpose of defaming the dead victims as the viled mass murderers, ergo, the cause of their own deaths, all while knowing this was not true at all. They deliberately tortured the related mourning family and defamed the suspects just for a little something extra in their pay envelopes. The mothers of those journalists must be awfully proud of them.

In the meantime doesn't that make the police co-conspirators in the mass shooting as they aided the real shooters in making a clean getaway? In fact, isn't that true of the Mayor of Chicago, the police chief, the Assistant Attorney General and others who withheld evidence for a year that protected the cop that murdered his victim? It is amazing that the police are concerned that so many Americans are arming themselves these days. Well gee, I wonder why? Could it be that we are seeing a pattern of just who that thin blue line is expected to serve and protect when they really need it? How embarrassing this must be for the honest cops that serve.

But here is the scary part. I feel like Fred Sanford saying, “Hold on 'Lizabeth, I think the big one is coming!” This current false flag shooting was a botched rush job and is quickly falling apart. I fear that the Cabal is out of time trying to keep all the lies going. Therefore, within a day or so they will have to pull another false flag and this one will dwarf all others to date in order to divert attention from them. They have lost all control now.

12/4/15    Jim's Rant For The Day. Root Canal of Capitalism.

Imagine a near bankrupt dentist getting hold of you, putting you under gas, and performing a root canal on all of your teeth. He then fills the cavities with a hardner that is unknown as to how it will affect you in later years. He bills your insurance without your knowledge. You walk out of his office with your same beautiful smile, none the less suspicious.

But where you once had living resilient healthy teeth, you now have dead and empty shells unable to stop their own deterioration. They begin to shatter and crumble. You begin to develop unusual medical ailments that no doctor can pinpoint the cause for. Your whole “eating system” has been destroyed right in front of your face and you didn't even notice it!

For lack of better words, I woke up as a psychic about eighteen years ago. I believe I was shown the collapse of our Economic system, the order of the economic subsystems of that collapse and what would rise up in their place. It is this that I will address today.

For six months after I woke up, when I was in the dream / meditation state I felt like I was in a classroom being shown visions of that collapse; it was like I was in an advance Economics class. Over the years I have shared this with you but have never shared the total extent of those visions; I only hinted at some things. I will share a major part for the first time now.

What we are now witnessing is not just a depression but the total collapse of Capitalism itself. You see, the elite have done root canals on our precious capitalism, our eating system. They burrowed tunnels all through it so they could slip around inside to manipulate it without being seen by the rest of us still believing it to be alive and healthy. All while they were raping us it they were destroying the system. We are now left with just the rotted shell of Capitalism that they are trying to prop up as evidence that it is still alive and healthy. Do you see that?

If you do see it then you can understand why the maddening rush for WWIII. They are trying to flee from the crime scene and the multitude of victims. So don' t delude yourself and say that war is not possible. For them to win we have to lose. It's that simple.

Please note that this is not just a U.S. problem, it is global. So for those of us that hope the U.S. Military will rush in and save us believe me when I say that they may indeed rush in to save what they can, but they cannot save everything in the burning house. They will only save what is important to them and their own survival.

I do not mean to frighten you here. For indeed, what is happening is not all that bad, just different in direction. What I do mean to say is prepare and brace yourself for major changes. Do not try to hold onto all that you now have, both physically and psychologically.

We are standing on the Titanic. For goodness sake stop looking at the flares overhead with comfort and hope. Move to the lifeboats. Be prepared for false flags more frequently now in the U.S. as a smoke screen.

12/4/15   Jim's Rant For The Fay.  Woodja?

Here's a mind game for you. Suppose that your child, now eighteen, came to you and said, “I have decided to get a degree in Journalism and change the world.” What would you do?

Would you eventually have a talk with him/her in the front room and advise them of what they face in the real world? Would you tell them that their chosen career might get them killed, perhaps even by their own government? That if it doesn't get them killed, that it might rob them of their very soul by not letting them tell their story as the truth is not wanted? Advise them that now they are filled with piss and vinegar wanting to make their mark on the world but if they are held back they could end up an alcoholic or addict with a destroyed marriage, as they may lose themselves in the frustration?

Would you advise them that there just are not many journalist jobs out there anymore, so how will they repay that sixty thousand dollar loan? Would you say that what they learn in school is not really a true reflection of reality in the non-school world?

Would you call your precious child into the front room and have this talk with him/her? Would You?

12/3/15  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Rat From Santa

When I break a computer I really break it. A friend was opened my laptop to install a new hard drive. In the process he had to disconnect the keyboard from the mother board. The wire connector crumbled in his hand. That would explain why half of my sentences typed were always disappearing. He has been unable to find a replacement connector so now he is shopping for a new motherboard.

I am half blind so yesterday my wife said to take her laptop and move it to my corner of the world to use my large monitor, which I did, Now I can see to read and write, In the meantime, while using her system, I noticed that when I clicked Enter on her mouse it always executed the first time. I have had trouble doing that for the past year. As it turned out my 20 year old Track ball mouse is worn out. All this time I have been blaming it on the internet. So yesterday Santa brought me a new Track Ball mouse. I called my friend and said not to hurry on the repairs as I was having a great time just playing with my new ball.

Speaking of playing. . . I think the news media is playing with us. I know very little about yesterday's shooting but I do feel I know human nature. It just doesn't make sense that a disgruntled employee would leave a party, get his wife, guns and a bomb, and returns to shoot up a crippled children's complex. As I have freely admitted before, we men are pigs. Yes, I might consider being a martyr for a roll in the hay with seventy-five beautiful virgin girls. But it would be hard to believe my lesbian wife would be so motivated. Especially one with the mother instinct that comes with a new six month old baby. But then again, I have been a lot of things in this life but never a lesbian so I could be wrong.

11/26/15  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Who's Not On First?

I had a good night's sleep last night but I didn't sleep much. I woke up a few times with the David Wilcock article on my mind.

Let me begin by saying that his article is impeccable as they always are. He does a superb job of laying out the events in chronological order so the patterns are easy to see. That is most helpful. Secondly, he footnotes everything he says.

Now for the benefit of those of you who have not read the article yet let me tell you what jumps out at me. First of all, for analysis sake, let us assume that all he says is factual (you decide).

* The West created ISIS and it is now a proxy army of the Cabal.

* It is also being used to prevent others from disclosing off world aliens and new technology which would end the power of the Cabal.

* Until ISIS is destroyed we cannot have that disclosure.

* Russia has destroyed about 450 ISIS bases which leaves only 30 in Syria and Iraq.

* ISIS is almost destroyed. The last step is to destroy their oil revenue which is being done now.

* The Paris attacks and Russian airliner downing was done by the Cabal and blamed on ISIS, their Boogy Man to scare us into submission. Without ISIS they are finished.

* The main leaders of the Alliance to end the Cabal is:  ". . . includes a majority of the CIA and the Pentagon as well as Russia, China, Germany, the elected UK government and France, among many others."

So with that recap, who is not on first? Well, for me it's the U.S. Military. I do not know if the Pentagon includes all of the military, some of the military or none. Wilcock does acknowledge the firing of a Trident missile as a threat. That had to have been fired by the military. He also points out the fact the the “U.S.” was not trying to destroy ISIS the past year. I assume that means the U.S. Military was not trying. So once again the U.S. Military may still be the hold-out card in this game.

Be sure to read all four parts and think for yourself.

                   David Wilcock   Article

11/23/15  Jim's Rant For The Day.    Gotta Say It.

Today's Fulford Report was truly positive and uplifting, in fact, the best I have seen all year. But I just have to say it, there is still no proof that Israel is being blockaded by anyone. I even Googled an Israel blockade for November 2015 and all I got was Benjamin Fulford posts.

I admit that France, the U.S. and Russia have major warships now in the Eastern Mediterranean that could support a blockade. But the French carrier was sent there a week prior to the Friday 13th false flag attack. So what was the purpose of that attack? Was it to instill Martial Law in Europe? Is France courting NATO or Russia? We are reading that it is both at this time. But as a tribute to Benjamin Fulford, today was the fourth week that he has stood by his statement of an Israel blockade.

Therefore, at this time I am not going to stray far from my WWIII proof cave.

11/23/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Cannibalism.

We are all familiar with stories of cannibalism occurring to stave off starvation. I have mentioned the whaling ship Essex that was sank by a wale in 1820 in which six survivors made it by living off the others. The Captain's own nephew gave the group permission to kill him so the others could live.

Then there was the college soccer team's plane that crashed in the Andes mountains in the sixties. Please bear with me as I am typing from memory and may be rusty on the details. When a search plane spotted them they celebrated by eating all of their food in a feast. However, weather stalled a rescue party for a week or so and the group had to resort to cannibalism to survive their mistake.

We all know deep down that what they did was understandable but that is as far as we are willing to go with it. That sea Captain was shunned by the community until his death. Everyone who met the soccer players and heard the story now had a tainted relationship with them. But why?

Perhaps there are some things so abhorrent and so vile that we as a species do not wish to perpetuate it in any way. It must be discouraged for us to hold ourselves higher than the other animal species we share the world with. This is what makes us superior to them and gives us our identity.

So now my question is how come we idolize cannibalism in our commerce? We admire corporations that cannibalize their competition not to survive but as a means to grow fat. And in so doing, they crush the life of those other corporations from ever being competition to the cannibal in the future, thus insuring the march towards monopoly. The additional problem is that not only are the smaller corporations cannibalized but so too are all the humans tied to those corporations in some way or other.

That is where we are today. Not only is Allergan gobbling up Pfizer doing this but so are the Banksters and the Western countries through the military industrial complex by gobbling up parts of countries and their resources. So the next time you admire the corporate captain, the wealthy leader or the government bureaucrat marched out for us to admire, just remember that we are encouraging and allowing them to eat our young.

11/22/15    Jim's Rant For The Day. Midnight Ride.

I hate to do it to you, but the two hour video, Midnight Ride – When Rogue Politicians Call For Martial Law, is a must hear. It covers the makeup of citizen Militias, the right to arm ourselves, the movement to a police state by the politicians and news media and most importantly, Martial Law. It is the last half hour regarding Martial Law that I will address here.

Most importantly, be aware that as a general rule the Military CANNOT declare nor enforce Martial Law on U.S. citizens. They can do so only in the location of a battle, such as when General Andrew Jackson enforced it during the Battle of New Orleans in 1814. But they cannot declare it in general across the land.

Secondly, the Federal or State governments CANNOT declare it nor enforce it. Period! The video points out that after President Lincoln declared national Martial Law it was overturned by the Supreme Court.

Thirdly, only a state Militia can declare and enforce Martial Law. It can do so only in the event that the local governments are no longer functioning. Loosely speaking, a state militia is a group of armed citizens declaring themselves to be a militia. And I do mean loosely here. Check it out for yourself.

The participants of this documentary, which includes the Oath Keepers, points out that we have the right and duty to resist an illegal Martial Law, even with use of force to negate it. They also suggest that the current militarization of the police is to protect the politicians and Banksters during the financial crash that is occurring. I hope you take the time and watch the video.

11/20/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

I was out most of yesterday. When I got home late in the afternoon I was both shocked and very humbled by your responses to my inquiry as to whether I should continue the website. I had several hundred emails stacked up to read. I had no idea how many of you follow the site that would take the time to write.

I finally got through all of them this morning. They were all long and personal. They were all beautiful and supportive, well all but one. The only negative one suggested that I “EAT SHIT AND DIE.”, but that reader was possibly a little biased as it was from my ex-wife.

About two dozen emails into the stack this thought hit me. In his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki stated that his rich Dad told him to look around at the ten people you spend most of your time with, and note that their lives reflects your own future. If you don't like what you see, then find ten new friends who are going in the direction you choose for yourself. That's when it hit me that I would rather be around you folks than anyone else on earth! I realize that I am the writer and you are the readers, but now I also realize that if I screw up or start down the wrong rabbit hole you will be there to correct me. So yeah, I intend to continue on with the site because not only does it appear that it will benefit you but it too will benefit me. Thank you for the enlightenment.

But as an aside, several of you suggested that I begin charging for a subscription. I thought about it but then concluded that if I did I would use the first check to go out and get a DUI from all the readings and end up in more debt. A few others suggested I turn the site over to another party to continue. This I am in the process of exploring. I sent a signing YouTube to KOKO, the eloquent signing monkey, to see if he was interested.

11/20/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.   KoKo's Endorsement.

Until last night I was going to recap this week's news with quotes from the Steven Lendman  interview in which he pointed out that the U.S. is sending a super carrier back into the Mediterranean to be alongside the French carrier recently sent there to threaten Russia in Syria. He also points out the three U.S. statements Wednesday that the U.S. would never cooperate with Russia with Russia as long as Assad is in power. In the meantime, Russia has doubled the ground troops there and has brought in more planes and is doubling its ISIS bombing this week. Lindman points out that the U.S. is desperate and will push for war now as a last resort. My opinion is to brace for war.

Then last night I watched the CIA Schill YouTube exposing the so-called double agent with the CIA stirring up religious hatred and terrorist fear in an MSNBC interview. The YouTube author was wiggling all of his fingers when he said. It is so obvious that this is more government lies that KOKO, the signing monkey, is even saying, 'No, No, don't believe it you stupid f**ks!” Now that's an endorsement.

They are going to pound us into terrorist fear and ultimately war. The odds are too great for it so be prepared.

11/19/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Hanging Spurs.

I have been considering hanging up my Blog spurs. Like other Collapse site writers, I am beginning to tire of sounding the alarm and wondering if I am helping anyone at this time. My original intent was simply to share my news research time with those that have jobs and families that restrict their own research time. If I were to do a lot of the leg work for them then they could awaken themselves as to what was happening.

If by now you are not awakened then I do feel sorry for you. Maintaining the site is a daily chore for me and I am getting tired of saying the same thing over and over. I do not know if I am a help at this time. As you probably know by now I am more and more focused on my off the grid position. I am concerned for what comes after the collapse and the mitigation of the suffering of those around me locally. That is where my mindset is now.

Please help me out her. Let me hear from you. Is this site a true help to you or just a place to hang out?

11/15/15  Jim's Rant For The Day.   Christmas Grinch

I hate to be the grinch here, but be on the lookout for more false flag events here and in Europe.

The Petro-Dollar is beyond free fall. Today the path is clear for the IMF to add it's stamp of approval to it's downfall by recognizing the Yuan. The U.S. is having a very hard time selling the recovery to it's citizens. And now, God help us, we will all be looking at that seasonal hobby of looking at the sales numbers from Black Friday and the Christmas Season. How are they going to explain those lackluster numbers?

Look for a false flag here next. It could be anything to keep us from shopping, such as radioactive snow or defective Chinese toys. But look for it.

In the meantime, the Main Street News today is actively selling the need to oust Assad from Syria again.  They point out that only Russia and Iran want him to remain, as if that matters what all other countries want in Syria's democracy. Why Assad must go I don't know, other than to get a war going. The news from last week, in my opinion, was that the possible killing of “Jihad John” was not the destruction of a military target, it was the destruction of evidence.

11/12/15  Jim's Rant For The Day. Pushing The Car.

I recall the morning my old car wouldn't start due to the battery so my wife steered while I pushed it. My five year old son helped me. I kept telling him I couldn't do it by myself and he needed to push harder, which he did. He was so proud of himself when we got it started.

Last night and today the Main Street News is all about how the U.S. bombed ISIS in Iraq into oblivion and now has killed the gentleman ISIS movie star who did the fake? Beheadings. While all of this is splattered over the news nowhere have I seen news of the Russian accomplishments in Syria against ISIS. It certainly appears to me to be a staged show for the press to steal Russia's thunder as they are about to finish off ISIS in Syria.

I wonder if I reminded my son about the broken car episode if he will remember me helping him push?

See:  "Jihadi John" Hit By US Drone Strike; "We're 99% Sure We Got Him," Pentagon Says      Article

11/12/15  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Smoke Filled Doughnuts.

I have had enough of General Electric's commercials telling us that they will no longer make things but now have seen the light and will get into the programming of machines talking to machines. What a novel move by GE, it just goes to show you how smart they are.

It kinda reminds me of two years ago when the pizza places started selling doughnuts and the doughnut chain started selling pizza slices. That was the same wish, that we may be in a bad business but lets try doing somebody else's business too and see if we can survive. I suspect the GE board has been hanging around the doughnut stand too long.

If you saw the movie, The Imitation Game, about Alan Turing creating the first electronic computer then you can easily follow along the history of programming. Remember when they changed the parameters of the search they had to rewire the computer? Well, that is what programming now does but without moving the wires. It is now accomplished by commands leaving the machine untouched.

During the early days of the new computers there was a flurry of new programming languages. Some were scientific, some were for business purposes, some for games. Each program had shortcuts to accomplish its needs, much like a chisel set for wood carvers and a set for dental hygienists. Then there was the memory limitation problem. The early computers had a very small amount of memory. If a new business language came along that caused a line of data to be printed in five words instead of the older software requiring five hundred words, that made a heck of a difference to both the program and the printer speeds. But today memory is no longer a problem so the birthrate of replacement programs is way down.

This brings me back to G.E. The business of machines talking to machines has long been tied up by the German company Siemens with their PLCs (programmable Logic Controllers [cards]) and its underlying language. So what does GE have to offer the machine talking universe at this time? I say nothing, as they already are talking just fine. No, I suspect they are selling smoke to investors and nothing more. They are in trouble in the manufacturing arena and so are now offering to sell stock in a venture to sell doughnuts in a doughnut filled world.


11/10/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Barry's Gold Mine.

My ex-Brother-In-Law Barry purchased a gold mine in Utah thirty years ago. He is still part of the venture today. By trade he is an engineer. Although I have not spoken with him in all of these years, I have often wondered how is life was going as well as his business venture. I need not wonder anymore as now I know.

We now know factually that our government and the banksters have been colluding to illegally manipulate the price of gold to a marginal floor level rather than let the market dictate value.

What that long sentence means is that Barry was screwed out of his rightful profits for thirty years by his government. He cannot sue because it is too complex and you can only sue the government with it's permission and they will not permit this.

About ten years ago Dr. Nowlin Keener came to visit me. He was the head of the Paralegal department at the local college. He knew that I was searching for the reason that business schools teach that a business must grow at least three percent a year or it will fail. I was perplexed because I could never get an explanation for this rule. He gave me a case brief for a possible lawsuit against the Federal Government for allowing the U.S. currency to be debased each year, and thus being an illegal tax on all that borrow money. His hundred page brief pointed out the illegality of forcing one to repay a borrowed amount in more currency than was borrowed due to the deteriorating currency. He intrusted the file with me as he was dying.

I read the brief three times over a six month period but could not quite grasp the nature of it. Five years later I was introduced to the Federal Reserve and the Banksters. Now it all makes sense. I don't think Nowlin had that part either.

It is now crystal clear that Barry was not the only one screwed, it has happened to all of us! We are all just now awakening to this fact, as complicated as it is.They have been controlling markets and prices, debasing the currency and illegally charging us interest. They have been laughing and screwing us for years and we were too stupid to know it.

11/9/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Book A Month Club.

Have you ever wondered how long it takes to write a book? Let me rephrase the question. If you had money and were in a hurry, how long would it take you to publish a book? Let me re-ask that. How long would it take to write the manuscript?

With enough money I believe a junk book could be ready to publish within 30 days. Then it would be placed in the front of a printer's que and take perhaps another week to have in print. So we are talking a total of five weeks to have the first book in hand.

I just checked Amazon for the availability of George HW Bush's new biography and it will be available on November 10th. That would mean the book commission would have to have been tendered around October 5, 2015. The reason I mention this particular book, Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George HW Bush, is because it has been suggested that Daddy Bush is surrendering to the world and wants to blame others for his misdeeds.

I cannot say if that is so or not. But there may be another explanation for the book and its possible motive for pointing the finger at Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney for possible wrong doings during Bush Junior's term as president. Is it more probable that around October 5th, Daddy was more concerned about pulling Donald Trump off Junior when Trump forced Jeb Bush to defend Bush Junior's war decisions during his command as president? I would dare say that was the purpose for the book and not to send the posse after Daddy in the wrong direction. Your thoughts?

11/8/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.   She Ah,

It was the last day of the month and the vacuum salesman needed one more sale to make Salesman of the Month. He turned down a long country driveway and knocked on the door. A thirteen year old girl answered. He asked, “Is the lady of the home available?' She replied, “She is in the barn. I will take you.” When they entered he saw that she was having sex with a donkey. He asked the young girl, “Isn't this embarrassing you?” She said, 
“No. She ah, She ah . . .  She always does that

11/8/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.    H

it's really quite simple; two vertical uprights with a horizontal connector. That gives us our “H”.

Now let's build a more elaborate “H”. I am sure you have noticed a lack of postings the past two days. That is for a reason. You've got homework to do and I do not wish to overtax your time. First listen to the 38 minute interview with James Wesley Rawles, America's godfather of prepping. He will shake some good sound analysis and fear into you regarding what is ahead. Then for a little uplifting, spend the 90 minutes with the Ben Fulford interview,

Both of these gentlemen are great analysts of the goings on and have brilliant views on it. I hope that you get to hear them both. They give somewhat differing vertical uprights: Rawles focusing on the chaos in the U.S. and Fulford focuses on the world geopolitical flow of things. The connecting crosspiece is the money collapse here in the U.S., and that is what pulls the two of them together. It is happening now. It is going to end in chaos. The only way to mitigate the suffering and retake control of our country is to be prepared to come off the grid and ignore the government as you will no longer need it. Do the homework and don't try to tell me the goat ate the interviews. I will attach them again below.

James Rawles: 38 Minute Video
Ben Fulford:      90 Minute Video


11/4/15  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Ben's Bubble Popped. 

I have had three days to mull over Ben Fulford's post this week. It has been a hard one for me to swallow but here are my thoughts on it. I don't buy any of it. There, I have popped his bubble and feel terrible about it, but I just have to say it.


There is no proof or active evidence that Israel is under an air and sea blockade. I just don't see it. There is evidence to the contrary in regards to the U.S. military (Pentagon) working with Russia and China. I have to call it as I see it. The U.S, appears to still be trying its best to create a nuclear war to hide the collapse. What was missing from his report was the Chinese warships in Mayport this week. That one still puzzles me.


I have great respect for Ben Fulford. But I do recognize that there will be times when he has no news and thus passes on gossip or red herrings. I believe that sums up his report of November 2nd. My advice is to continue to prepare for the collapse dead ahead and possible war.

11/3/15  Jim's Rant For The Day. Somebody Is Talking To Somebody.

Over the weekend, Admiral Richardson, the Chief of the Navy, said that the Navy is trying to find its place in the new worldview (now that the U.S. is no longer on top). By so saying that out loud I believe he was sending a clear message to someone.

Today is November3rd. While the Navy appears to be provoking a war with China by playing chicken with their new island, three Chinese frigates warships will be pulling into the Mayport, Florida, where there is a naval station, for an unknown reason. They will remain for five days. Trust me, this is most uncommon. Somebody is talking to somebody.

Those ships can carry a total of 124 cruise missiles, and park them in a U.S. harbor, kinda like what the U.S. has been doing after the the 1960 Cuban Missile Crisis. In the January, 2016 issue of the Economist Magazine, the cover is suspected of giving a warning from the Cabal of the days November 3rd and November 5th as key false flag dates. Is China sending those ships here to demonstrate that if the Cabal shows it's ass then the Chinese will help destroy them? Just wondering out loud folks.


11/2/15    Jim's Rant For The Day. Who, Who, Who Are We?

There was lots of wild news from this weekend. Let's start with the U.S. sending in ground troops into Iraq and Syria all while those countries tell them not to. The entire world now sees this invasion as an act of war. It's purpose may be to shield the terrorists or to help them or simply to cover up evidence of the U.S. involvement with them. Keep in mind that the U.S. can no longer fly in Syria. Of note is the statement from a U.S. Congressman that the CIA has the power to force the U.S. into a nuclear war. Most telling.


And speaking of most telling, the Chief of the Navy says the current worldview (the way the world is currently ruled) is in question and the Navy needs to decide who it supports and what it's role will now be. To me, this means should it protect the U.S., protect NATO and Europe, or Join the Brics. Why would he say something like this out loud? Obviously to send a message. Perhaps to the Navy members, to the Cabal, to the Brics, but at this time, who knows? But something is in a state of change, that you can be sure of.


10/31/15  8:00 AM   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Miniature Horse Race

After we plant we can look out into the fields and see things growing. At first they are just little sprouts looking like weeds, then they extend their leaves and later add a second pair of leaves and begin racing to touch the sky. Growth!

When I look out across America I see absolutely NO GROWTH! In fact, I see just the opposite – collapse in all that I see. Everything is dying. I am unaware of any growth industry at this time.

History tells us that while Rome was collapsing Nero gave the people free circuses to keep their minds occupied and away from the collapse. That is what I see in the Main Street Media's focus on the presidential race. It is a miniature horse race being run in slow motion to keep us entertained. While the little horses are running around the track the announcers are making up poll numbers, because it is easy to do, so we will stay tuned and focused. In the meantime, Syria is turning on the U.S., Russia is in the limelight stealing our military equipment business, ObamaCare is exploding, no one wants to lead Congress and we all see a crook in Hillary. But now the miniature horses are unionizing against the media.

So what does the Cabal do? Obviously down a Russian airliner to move the spotlight. Of course, all of this was predictable and comes as no surprise, except the union thing. But what pisses me off is the audacity of where the horse race is being held – on the rear deck of the Titanic!

10/30/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Russian Tech

Russia appears to have displaced 35% of the terrorists in Syria after one month. In the process they have showed the world their advanced weapons. Many countries are dropping orders from the U.S. industrial complex to reorder from Russia. Let's look closer.

The U.S. first complained that Russia was not attacking ISIS at first because they were not bombing any of the ISIS command centers. That was during the first week of operations. The second week Russia bombed most of the command centers “Because now they were full.” Next Russia shocked the Pentagon boys because Russia usually attacked from three directions at once in place of the U.S. one directional attack.

The technology also shocked the Pentagon. They expected Russia to do high level bombing but instead low level bombing was the order of the day. With low level, aircraft get shot up, but the Russian planes were too armored for the ground fire. Then there was the Russian Navy. Most of their ships were small cheap river boats. Those boats were anchored off the coast of Syria and fired cruise missiles three times farther and four times faster than the U.S. cruise missiles. Instead of off of a half trillion dollar ship it was off a yacht.

Michael Rivero points out that during the cold war the U.S. military industrial congressional military complex sold expensive military equipment that was designed to never be used (nuclear war) that was extremely expensive. That is their same mode of operation. But here Russia has built inexpensive equipment that actually delivers.

Not only has Russia routed the terrorists, they have routed the U.S. Military Industrial / Congressional Complex at the same time.


10/29/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Dr. Phil Lies.

I was watching Dr. Phil today while eating lunch. His show was about why people lie. At the end an audience member asked what was the biggest lie he ever told as a child. After reflection he said that at thirteen he and his buddy took the car for a joy ride while his parents were out of town. He turned at the end of the block and the tire came off the rim. They removed the tire, took it on a motorcycle to a garage, repaired it themselves as they had no money, then reinstalled it.

Upon returning home, Dad asked, “What did you do to the tire?” Phil said, “What tire? I don't know what you are talking about.” His Dad said, “The tire that was flat before I left.”


10/27/15     Jim's Rant For The Day.  Desperate People.

Part of my career was going into failing businesses and attempting to salvage them. I learned a lot from those experiences. The most profound was that desperate people will do desperate things. You could never turn your back to desperate people. You always had to make sure you were protected.

We are led to believe that in the U.S. the Bush family and the Clintons run the Cabal. Lets assume that is true. Look at what the score is today just for them. Sunday Jeb said, in a nutshell, that he was giving up and that the people could “just elect Trump.” The language he used was of desperation and despair. He sees the truth ahead. Hillary has fought like hell to stay in the race. But in reality she must see what everybody now sees, anyone from the establishment is unelectable. The Bush family, the Clinton family and the leaders of the Democrats and Republicans all know the truth now – they are all out.Desperate People.

The government is thrashing around in insolvency, drowning in lies about our good economy that are no longer sticking. Then we learn that our country is threatened with radiation poisoning and all that can be done is disconnect the radiation monitors.

While all of this is going on the rest of the world is watching the U.S. and the CIA running around the Middle East in only their soiled underwear. It's laughable, scarry and disgusting all at once. With the news of Saudi Arabia now bombing the CIA's private terrorists, the Saudis may be abandoning the U.S. as well, who knows.

All that is left for the Bushs and Clintons is to circle the wagons here at home, but what do they do next? They threaten to run the blockade in China and start war there. Watch your backs.

0/25/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.   No Upstanding

I got my HAM Radio license a year ago and joined the local radio club to be of assistance to it. The club is a dying one with the average age of over 65. Younger members quit coming as cell phones arrived. I am not a radio tech type person and only got my license so I could learn the radio in the event of chaos. My sole role in the club is to sit in the back and listen in and help set up at events as they have very few strong backs.

At last week's meeting we were told to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Without any forethought, I remained seated. I realized I just could not stand and go through the motions if I were to be true to myself. Afterward the gentleman next to me called me out on it and asked if I had anything against the flag. I said no, I did not have anything against the flag. He then said, “Then why didn't you stand?” I did not wish to make a scene or interrupt the radio club meeting. I simply said, “I choose not to,” He hollered, “Then get the hell out of here.” Again, not wanting to disrupt the meeting, I calmly got up and left.

Driving home I was not upset, I cannot say that what I did was right or wrong. I just had to be me. I realized I was not the one with the problem, the other gentleman was. A few days later I thought about it again to understand why I was so threatening or despicable to him.

Please bear with me because I am doing a lot of suppositions here. My evictor is part of the 25% of the population that is a “thing organizer”, by personality. I call them, “the Little People”, because most of them are small framed. They are very detailed oriented; the organizers of things. By trade he is a radar and radio technician. One trait of the Small People is they cannot break a rule. This is the same 25% of the population that brushes their teeth more than once a day as it was given to them as a rule as a child. See my SpottingPersonalities.

I was never in the military, so again I am supposing here. Boot camp rebuilds a recruit the way the military wants them to be. They get a strong dose of flag etiquette as that is what is used to push them in battle. They are trained to not question the political leaders or to express a political opinion. Their lot is to follow orders. My evictor was former military. So for him, he reacted in line with what he had always been trained to do. Nothing personal on his part, it just fit the rules.

My earlier conversations with Sarie today caused me to share this with you. We are all contaminated with our own culture and upbringing regarding race, nationality, religion, history, and god knows what else to the point that we all have trouble seeing things clearly and openly. We all suffer that curse.


10/21/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.   North, East.

Picture the General shouting “Charge!” to the cavalry as he heads north, East being the direction the troops charge in. What a mess. You would have to say that the leader lost control of his charges, wouldn't you?

So has the two political parties. My prediction is that the presidency will be up to Carson or Trump, if we have an election and they are both alive then. I say this because the people no longer want to hear from the party leaders or take their offerings. The same happened in Canada, so to speak. In fact, I will go so far as to say that Canada may be why Biden is not going to run – he sees the handwriting on the wall. The people have had it.

And all those polls that tell us who is winnable is leaving out one consideration. As we get to the primary, most Independents and a great many Democrats will probably change party affiliation to insure they are on a winning horse when they cry, “Charge!”

10/21/15    Jim's Rant For The Day. Game Changers.

The recap so far this week is a series of game changers. First we had the elections in Canada in which the Harper government was resoundingly thrown out. Harper was a running mate with the U.S. in its war mongering. Apparently the Canadians have had enough of the U.S. and Israel. Yesterday evening the new Prime Minister informed the U.S. that Canada will remove all fighter jets from Syria and Iraq. Canada is pulling away from the Cabal.

The U.S. has openly stepped up its terrorist support in the Middle East with more supply drops in Syria to rebels and the continued bombing of power plants, a war crime by most standards. The CIA moved a wounded rebel leader into Turkey for medical aid, all while Iraq forces captured an Israeli Brigadier General leading ISIS troops. The world is watching all of this unfolding as the curtain has been removed.

The IMF had said that on October 20th, they would announce a new global currency but failed to do so yesterday. Could it be that their thunder was stolen by the Kesch Foundation's announcement that their Tesla like free energy system technology will be FREELY released to all countries on October 28th, thus leading the world away from it's dependence on oil. Imagine the blow that could have on the Petro-Dollar and the West's Banker / Warrior business model. Talk about a game changer!

10/19/15   Jim's Rant For The Day. Saw Sid Saturday.

I attended a meeting Saturday for the local Prepper groups. As I was entering the building a beautiful girl asked, “Jim, do you remember me?' I did not but she reminded me of twenty years ago when I worked for a government contractor. We had been awarded a big contract at West Point and the DOD was sending in a team on Friday to check us out to be sure we could perform. As the financial controller and legal officer, I always had files laying of the floor, stacked on bookcases, etc. I was a slob. The owner's wife told me Friday morning to clean up my pig pen, which I did for the first time.

The inspectors were to arrive at 1:00 PM. I went to lunch and came back at 2:00 PM. Imagine my shock to see my office with trash poured all over the place and every flat surface covered in white Styrofoam peanuts! The inspectors headed straight for the beautiful beach in Pensacola to sip a few for the weekend and called to say we “passed”. Sid was the one who trashed my office.

10/16/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.    Donner Pass

Welcome to the weekly news recap. The best way to describe my take on the news this week is to remind you of the Donner Pass. That is the spot crossing through the Rocky mountain named after the unfortunate Donner California bound wagon train that got trapped there in the winter of 1847. When rescuers finely reached them in the spring, 50% of the 80 travelers were dead. The survivors resorted to eating leather then cannibalism.

Here is why I sum up the week with Donner Pass. That party was led by an attorney who sold them the directions through the pass then left them. He was safe. Our elected (mostly lawyers) and shadow leaders are leading us down that same path today and I see no evidence of our government or military coming to our rescue!

Here's one last fun filled fact for you folks. Two years prior to the Donner catastrophe, a sixteen year old boy got left behind from his wagon train crossing the Rockies. He easily survived the winter alone because he knew no one was coming to rescue him and therefore worked everyday to survive. The Donners waited for the rescuers. Get your preps ready folks.

10/15/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Nutshell – Starting A Group.

You should be able to have your Prepper group up and running within two weeks and be fully functional within a month. How? You cheat.

As a new Scoutmaster I learned that the annual plan should be prepared by the boy leaders. The first two years I locked them up for two hours with a giant blank calender. Upon return they always had only half of a plan, but they did tell a lot of dirty jokes and had the best farting contest ever. The third year I roughed up a plan with a lot of mistakes in it, like Brussels sprouts for dinner. Every year after that they truly developed great plans by adjusting everything until time ran out. But no matter what I knew there would be a full plan at quitting time. I suggest you steal another group's plan and adopt it as you go along. That is your overall strategy.

Step One is to learn Organizational Behavior before it beats you down. Going in you need to know these facts:

Groups have the tremendous advantage of having more hands to help and push each forward. They also have disadvantages that can tear your heart out if you are not prepared for them. The trick is to quickly move from a one man show to a shared group. That is a gradual changeover that must occur as the group builds as a group, if not the group will never succeed.

You will always have the 80/20 rule in play. It says that 20% of the people will perform 80% of the work and later the 80% will get pissed because they weren’t involved or they do not like what was created. Or worse yet, the 20% will get burnt out and quit.

A fall-back survival group will have both active and inactive members. The inactive may be Granny or your grown child that does not want to hear anything about it. Therefore you will have to prepare for them.

There are leaders and there are followers. There are planners and there are non-planners. Remember that. Watch this one hour Spotting Personalities video seminar I put on that helps you instantly know who a stranger is in personality the minute you see him. The worst thing we can do is have expectations of people to do or be what they were not created to be.

Step Two is to Steal a Plan and adjust it. One or two of you do most of this work first. It can be adjusted by the members later. Plan your work then work your plan. Develop (steal) bylaws, admission and eviction policies, policies on who barters, who decides who can go outside, who can gift food to outsiders, etc.

Develop an Activation plan for the first week of the calamity. This will continually change as you develop your group but in the meantime it helps you see what you are building.

Step Three is to Assign Leadership Roles, even if just temporary. A strong leader who is a school teacher may sit in as Medical leader until a medic joins in. Have them go as far as they can go. Just because you haven't chosen a location is no reason to hold back the Medical and Food parts of your plan.

Set it up so that the leadership is continually rotated. As better leaders appear put them to work by changing roles and assignments.

Step Four is to Meet.

Hold formal meetings with set agendas, discussion material sent out beforehand and keep the meeting focused.

At each meeting start with each telling what they have accomplished since the last meeting, what they have screwed up, what they are working on and what complaints, even with the group, they have.

Make sure everyone is assigned to specialty work teams so they will know what their jobs are and can prepare themselves to do that. You can lead Medical and be a worker in Security.

For God's sake, delegate and split up the duties early on. If they fail it is only because the leadership failed to push them, support them, motivate them, reassign them or help them. Get it done.

Step Five is to Keep On Keeping On.

If a critical task may not be completed by member “A” then have member “B” also work on it in secret. He may even drop hints of ways and means to “A”.

Remember the French “Whale' / Minno” theory. Focus on the big fish first. In out case it's food and water. Then decide what type of flashlights we want. As money arrives focus on the survival basics first then purchase comfort items.

Again remember that 20% of you will do the work in the beginning so don't get your feelings hurt.

10/14/15  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Nutshell – No Toilet Paper

Yes, you can survive it.

Best Answer: Purchase a liquid bug sprayer, adjust the wand and you have a beday.    Cost $10
You may have to heat the wand to bend it a little.  

Assign one washrag to each person. After several uses, wash it;
Optional washer: Cost: $86, OR
make your own with a quart Mayonnaise jar and a handful of pebbles. Cost: $0.

Cut up books;

Handful of grass;

Use your hands and wash.
Optional; Put bleach in tray of water to sterilize after washing your hands.

10/13/15  Jim's Rant For The Day.  Snake Tail Eating Snake.

I hope that Ben Fulford's Momma doesn't read this Rant because it will look like I am trying to rake him over the coals, which I am not.  I am just analyzing all news gathered, as I always do, to be able to say who is winning the control of the collapse.  It was exciting to read his report yesterday when I first read it; most uplifting.  But as I always do with heavy articles, I walked away from it for a few hours to see what sticks.  During that lapse the articles seem to condense themselves down to one or two main points that matter. That is how most writers write.

When I woke up this morning I visioned a snake eating it's own tail.  Ben revealed that the Fed Reserve has probably been nationalized because it now has a dot Gov email address.  I checked it out and it does.  I even made sure the website was a functioning one. I then verified their old address as dot Org, which it was but no longer is. So now for me, there are only two questions left, when was the address changed to dot Gov and what does it mean.  To my knowledge, you can purchase a dot Gov address by paying the fee just like buying a dot Org.  You don't have to prove anything to anyone.

But for the sake of argument, let us assume the Federal Government purchased the address for them.  So?  What does that prove other than they own the website?  But let us also assume that the Government did nationalize the Federal Reserve Board of Directors and the Federal Reserve system.  What does that mean?

If a third world country nationalized a banana plantation, it would mean that the country now owns the land. crops and all future business from it and the owners are out. But in our case at hand, it can be said that the Fed Reserve (Banksters) own the government, so in effect, the snake is eating it's own tail. Don't forget that there are many ways to nationalize a business in which the owners still draw their dividends, i.e.  General Motors when it was bailed out.  The nationalization may be a way to make it easier to get those bailouts and place the losses on the people. But then again, it is possible the good guys just put them out of business.  It's not clear enough to call yet.

Then there is the statement that China now controls the International Dollar.  If so, then the world outside of the U.S. is safer so they might not care what happens to us sheep in the U.S.  Then there is the fact that the U.S. removed its aircraft carrier away from Syria.  Is that a sign of retreat from Syria or a smart move to protect it from the Russians jamming its electronics?  Just asking as it is not clear.  I lean towards their leaving Syria for good at this early point.  That would bolster the claim that Israel used aircraft painted like U.S. planes to make supply drops to rebels and bomb the Syrian power house recently, for why would you make such a dangerous move after removing your protecting carrier?

The bottom line here is that the Cabal is still dangerous, we may still end up in WWIII, or the Cabal can take the U.S. back to the stone age to regain control of the sheep.  There is nothing conclusive that Ben said in the past month that tells me not to fret about a collapse and chaos here.  Therefore, I will write a few more Nutshell Prepping articles to help you.  If those articles only help one family sleep better at nights in the interim then my time will not have been wasted.     

10/13/15     Jim's Rant For The Day. Nutshell – Fortifying A Home

If you plan to shelter in place then inventory for some of the following projects and install when needed.


The purpose here is to slow down and confuse an intruder while you safely lay on the floor and shoot through the door.

First fortify the striker plate with longer screws or a heavier plate. Cost per door: $1 or $10

Add optional one or two Swing Latch Guards to each door. Cost per Latch $11

Strengthen hollow core door by covering the outside with OSB plywood. Cut a large square around the doorknob. Place screws around the edges of the door. Cost: $8

Deluxe option is to place sets of angle pieces (looks like shelf brackets), one on each side of the door, bend the bracket ends to hold a 2”X4” board that drops into place. Consider two sets per door. Cost per one set: $5

For Sliding Glass Doors, place broomstick in bottom track to keep from opening. Nail one-by boards vertically along the sides on the outside to keep persons from lifting doors our. Place an 18” strip of OSB plywood up high across both mid top and mid bottom, leaving one foot open across the top for light. Hang a curtain across the bottom of the Mid top piece so you can look through. Leave a large cutout in the bottom corner so you can open the door while someone crawls out; cover with curtain. Cost: $10


The purpose here is to prevent an intruder from entering the smashed glass as well as to keep bullets from splattering glass on you, all while not allowing the intruder from seeing inside while you lay safely on the floor and shoot through the window.

For large front windows screw in 1/2” OSB plywood sheet over curtains so neighbors do not notice that you have something to protect. Leave one foot at top for light and one foot at bottom for air and lookout. Place screws across board so curtains can be propped open at bottom when needed. Cost $8

Or, for large windows, cover with anti-smash clear film. Cost: $30

For smaller windows, screw 2”X4” board across middle of window to prevent entry. Cost: $1

10/11/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Nutshell - Prepping Fast & Cheap.

The normal Prepping process is to first spend two months building the perfect $250 bug-out bag that will keep you alive for 3 days. Then you spend a year reading a million minute detailed articles about minor aspects of prepping, such as making a candle out of crayons. Then you are hopelessly lost in the planning, waste money and never get prepped to stay alive. In a collapse you will probably die with a lot of good information in your head.

I am going to give it to you in a nutshell with links later. Note that most numbers here are per adult.

Prepping For What? FEMA tells us that only 25% of the population can hold out for three days unassisted. 1% of the population are Preppers. Therefore, three days into a long-term disaster 75 % of your neighbors will covet your supplies, and as time builds, 99% will. That is what you are Prepping for.

Your Big Plan. There are three types of Preppers: Shelter in Place; Survivalists who will hide in the forest; and finally, those with a Fall-Back Retreat with most supplies stockpiled. Don't get lost up in prepping for all three.

Time frame: At a minimum, prepare to hold out for three months.

Food: Remember that $250 bug out bag above to preserve you 3 days? Skip the bag. At a minimum, purchase 100 lbs of rice at Sams or Costco for $30. It will preserve you for 90 days. You can add to your food stock later for variety.

Water: At a minimum, purchase 2 gallons of unscented bleach and several cans of powdered lemonade mix to just lightly kill the taste. You will have to obtain your own water source. Cost: $20

Stove: Make an energy efficient Rocket Stove that burns twigs, out of old tin cans. Cost: $0.

Solar Energy: Use only a penlight, radio or other devices that use rechargeable AA batteries. Purchase ten outside solar garden lights and recharge your batteries with them. Cost: $20.

Warmth: With the entire neighborhood after you, you're not going to be sitting around a warm campfire. Purchase two sleeping bags: one rated for 20 degrees and the other for zero degrees. Get the 20 degree in the style that fully unzips so it can be used in the daytime as a comforter.
Cost for two: $60

Toilet: Build a composting toilet. Using material already in the home, you only need to buy a 5 gal. Bucket. This will reduce your water demand by 50%. Cost: $8.

Sub-Total: Congratulations! Outside of buying a gun, you just added three months to your life for $138. Keep in mind that the expected death rate over that three months is between 50% - 80%.

Easy Payment Plan: Take care of the food and water first. Then add other stuff as money allows.

Upgrade: To prep for six months survival, just add more rice and bleach. Cost: $50.


                       What to Expect:

Most Preppers will shelter in place in suburbia. The minimum security will require two guards on duty at all times; one outside, one inside. That requires six adults to cover three shifts. Assuming some have spouses and kids, that means you will find yourself in a brick house (more bullet proof) with ten people. You collect $50 from each of your roomies for their food and water and stockpile it now. That is their ticket in.

Daily Life: The schedule will read, “stay inside, quiet and no lights.” You will cook a soup in the room the farthest away from neighbors, around 11 PM or 4 AM so they can't smell dinner. Just at sunrise, one person will run out to empty the toilet, gather water and twigs for the stove.

Security: Purchase at least two olive green or camouflaged rain ponchos and at least two cheap GMRS radios with earphones and a spare pack of AA rechargeable batteries (Minimum link Total: $52). Inventory rail road ties for them to hide behind ($10 each). The outside guard should be able to retreat to additional fortified positions where he can continue to ambush from safely. This allows time for the residents to muster.

The likely raid will be an attempt to throw a brick through your front glass window and enter while the buddy kicks in the back door. Their plan is to kill within thirty seconds. Consider purchasing Shotgun Trip Alarms ($30 each). You can put multiple trip wires on each alarm. For alarm, point shell down, for defense, aim sideways. Make sure projectiles don't hit you too. One wire can go into the house for you to detonate. Another wire can be strung in front of the window for the intruder to volunteer to shoot himself - your choice. You can even put a safety loop in the main wire with a nail at the end of another wire to be pulled out of the safety loop before firing. We added a ¾” galvanized pipe, 2.5 inches long, to slid around the shell. Cost: $1.

Medical: Prepare for constipation and diarrhea, mainly from stress, otherwise you may have to resort to the Two Finger method or a cork. A case of sliced peaches would be great for the constipation as Mother Nature always is best. Your Medic should be the bathroom monitor to prevent the above as well as dehydration. Know the signs of malnutrition so you can increase calories per day to keep health, reasonable thinking and morale going.

More Details: Download and Print this 22 page PDF file Prepping For Beginners


10/9/15 Jim's Rant For The Day. Add It Up.


ISIL is frantically seeking hills in the desert to flee to. The CIA terrorists' training program is over, so no more freeby gear for them. Obama is leaking he is about to get out of Dodge, Syria. The EU says we want Russia. Russia appears to be kicking ass while it is still moving in more assets. The stock market is rising along with gasoline prices here in the U.S.


What's it all add up to? The days of the U.S. propping up the Petro Dollar with it's military and alphabets is over. The world, in particular the Middle east and Europe, no longer has confidence in the U.S. Therefore, the con(fidence) game is ending and the Dollar is collapsing and becoming worthless. Check your preps Sports Fans.


10/8/15   Jim's Rant For The Day. Nutshell - Nutshell - Cheap Food Supply.


In baseball or football, the only thing that counts is points on the scoreboard, At the end of the game, nothing else matters. In Prepping for food, 2,000 calories per day is all that matters. Little else counts. Appearance, taste, all vitamins & minerals, variety or freshness does not count. When you move down to less than 1,500 calories per day, starvation begins. This is the area where dysentery, depression, confusion, lack of energy, thinking irrationally, etc. come into play, thus endangering you more in an already bad situation.


What we discovered at our bug out retreat is what half the inhabitants on earth already know rice is king. If we purchase from Sams Wholesale House, this is what we get in order to purchase 2,000 calories per day for 90 days per adult:


  a. Non-Rice foods: $270, or


  b. Rice Only:            $30 (Two 50 lb bags @ $15 each)


Benefits of Rice:


Easy to prepare; Energy efficient cooking; simple in soups; long storage life; when eaten with or within eight hours, with peas or beans, it produces protein.


Storage: Stores in the shipping bag. In the heat and humidity of the South, we get two years before spoilage concerns. You can seal in Mylar bags or place two 50 lb bags in a food grade barrel ($30) for up to 10 years. But for us, it's cheaper just to store as is and add to out existing inventory every two years.


Your Cost: If each adult, each week, skips ordering out once and skips purchasing 2 bags of potato chips per week, in ten daysyou can save the $30 and sustain your life for three months in a crisis!


Math:Calories per pound of uncooked rice: 1,600


 Cups of uncooked rice per pound:      2.5


  Calories per cup of uncooked rice:               4,000


 2,000 calorie days per 100 lbs:             80


 1,800 calorie days per 100 lbs :            90


 1,500 calorie days per 100 lbs.
           (just above starvation)               106




NOTE: NEVER rinse the rice prior to cooking as it will remove the sprayed on vitamin and mineral supplements.


Imagination: Throwing green beans or other vegetables or sauces on it will only increase the calories as well as tastes and vitamins and minerals plus prolonging survival days.


10/6/15       Jim's Rant For The Day.      Golden Jackass.      


In July Jim Willie, aka The Golden Jackass, said in an interview titled Fed Printing $1 Trillion per month!, Part 1, that the U.S. Dollar is collapsing and it's leaders cannot slow or stop it. Global currencies would be replaced by gold once again. The global banking systems (Central Banks) will fall.


Today, in Part 2, he explains the drop in oil prices. Iran has had it's sanctions lifted. Prior to that, they constructed 100 Giant Super Tankers , each 30% larger than a supertanker. Those had all been loaded with oil and parked. Since their sanctions have been lifted by the recent deal, they have glutted the market with oil, thus driving down the price. They currently produce a million barrels per day but will double that output within three months. So what's the impact of this over supply of oil?


According to Willie, the big banks sold derivatives to the oil companies to protect them from a drop in oil price below $100 per Barrel. It is now $50 per barrel. The drop will kill oil companies that no longer are protected by derivatives. But those that do hold them are now collecting on them from the bankers. The problem is the big banks are broke and can't pay. Here's the good part He says that the Federal Reserve is printing and GIVING a $Trillion per month to the Banksters to keep them alive!


Willie also states that Saudi Arabia is in Yemen to capture its oil. In fact, the whole Middle East was a race for oil by the Cabal. With Russia taking the lead in the Middle East, it is all over for the Cabal controlling the oil and drugs there.


It is all over for them period. Their end is near. That is why Brzezinski, MCcain and Carly Fiorina are all calling for the U.S. to start bombing Russia now. Yesterday Benjamin Fulford said the Pentagon was assisting Russia in Syria. I certainly hope so. I personally still feel that there is a split within the Pentagon, our Military and the CIA. But we shall see. In the meantime, you have to believe that the big leaders of those organizations see the failure of the CABAL to continue supporting them financially. They have to see the hand writing on the wall and are seeking a safe future for themselves, whatever that may be. In the meantime, the goal of World Leader has certainly faded for them.


But here is the Kicker. Before we reinstate the Republic, as Justin Raimondo said today, before we can reinstate the Republic in the U.S., we have to give up our empire. This must be understood by our citizens and our Military. It will require change in America.


Oh, by the way. In Part I, Willie said that the Chinese funded the IMF after the U.S. failed to support them the past two years. In affect, the Chinese now owns it. Ergo, the announcement today by the IMF that the entire banking system is a scam and get away from them as they fall.


10/4/15     Jim's Rant For The Day.    Petee


Sorry for the delay in posting the weekly recap. I ran out of popcorn for the big show and had to run out and resupply. Things are happening so fast now that perhaps I need to start buying in bulk.


See if I've got this straight. The U.S. is bitching about Russia bombing where civilians may be hurt, and that Russia is bombing the terrorists instead of the terrorists, right? Then the U.S. bombs a known hospital, the only one in the area, in Afghanistan, while Iraq is requesting Russia bomb ISIS in their country as well, rather than have the U.S. continue to try to do so. Right? Did I miss something here? Is ISIS now wearing uniforms camouflaged to look like hospitals?


The Main Street News is bogged down with the latest and greatest mass shooting and a storm, buying it a few more days of denial of the Middle East goings on. Sooner of later though our leaders have to 'fess up to its people just how stupid, arrogant and crooked our leadership is. But hey, Sports Fans, we are getting a sneak preview. Very soon all of America will see that, to the world, we now look financially and Geo-politically just like the dog owned by the Little Rascals: a worthless dog with a black eye!


10/1/15         Jim's Rant For The Day. Mario Galento & Floor Wrestling.


I recall back in 1960 laying on the floor on Saturday nights watching the local televised wrestling matches. Man, talk about violence! It was great. It always ended the same; you couldn't wait to go back to school on Monday to talk about it.


T.V. was still new back then and a lot of shows were locally improvised. There was the Lynn Tony Show for instance. Lynn was a thin thirty year old energetic man wearing a leopard costume (absent the head). He hosted a local after school music talent showcase with a few cartoons. Reflecting back now, it is obvious that Lynn had a young family to feed because he also moonlighted from his afternoon show by hosting the late night wrestling tournament. You gotta be hungry to do that.


Mario Galento was the favorite champ the good guy. My most memorable show was the one where Mario was alone and tag teamed by two visiting Japanese midgets. It was horrible. The midgets cheated the whole time and beat the hell out of Mario. When Lynn announced the disgrace of the whole thing on T.V., one of the midgets left the fray as Mario was firmly pinned and being tortured with a leg lock and went after Lynn! He chased him around the studio with a metal folding chair until Lynn finally took refuge by laying on the floor under a table in the corner with his microphone. I think I went to bed that Saturday night with my school clothes on. Of course now I understand that it was all rehearsed theatrics, it wasn't real.


For the real thing you have to go to Syria today. Assad has been getting clobbered by a tag team, both created and rehearsed by Western countries, one being the U.S. But now a third wrestler has entered the ring to help Assad and the other two are now hollering foul and saying that is cheating. You have to love the theatrics about it all, don't you?


9/30/15         Jim's Rant For The Day.     Golden Spurs.


We have all heard of golden handcuffs , where an employee is overpaid to the extent that they cannot afford to seek employment elsewhere. But is it possible to have a reverse strategy, such as golden spurs , an arrangement guaranteed to force an employee to leave? The reason I bring it up is perhaps that is what has happened over the last ten days.


First General John Allen, the U.S. Anti-ISIS commander, quit and ran out. Then John Boehner suddenly resigns. Yesterday we were told that the Russian expert at the Pentagon, who is also heading up aid to Ukraine in it's war, suddenly quit. Now mind you, I am not saying that all these instances are connected. Nor am I implying that they are the only persons connected high up that have quit the past week. But if there are three then why not four or more? So lets proceed.


Is it possible that Russia knows that region a little better after their tour in Afghanistan and after watching the U.S. there? It appears that Russia now has China backing it up, as noted by the fact that China's only aircraft carrier is now off the coast of Syria and we are told it is to support Russia there. So is it possible that Russia has a plan to just get it done, with an all out push, and not linger as the U.S. did?


Here is what I suspect. When the water is overflowing the bathtub, first you cut off the water then you pull the plug. Why wouldn't Russia throw out the U.S. assets there, lock down Israel from interfering in the area, and at the same time, route ISIS out of Syria in the confusion of who will support it? That is what I would do.


And the golden handcuffs? If I were Russia, I would offer them to key players in exchange for non-prosecution of war crimes, that is what I would do. But who knows, perhaps the above mentioned players may have just gotten Pink Slips as that gold vein in the mine has been shut down, and Russian demanded a demonstrated abandonment by the U.S.


9/29/15       Jim's Rant For The Day.     Barrel Bombing His People.


There, I've said it. Where can I get paid?


ALL of the main street news hosts and invitees are saying that phrase this morning, several times each. It is obvious they are being paid handsomely to utter it. My guess is a Hundred Thousand each. One host sneezed and his co-host said, Barrel bombing his people instead of God bless you.


It appears to me to be just like the kid at school that just got his ass kicked, walking away from the fight and yelling from a distance, And yo' Mama too! .




9/28/15     Jim's Rant For The Day. Third World Or WWIII?


The morning Main Street News is all abuzz with talk about Russia and China in Syria, how Russia is diverting attention away from Ukraine, and how things MIGHT have changed in Syria. They are now coming out of the closet to the American people that maybe something changed on the world stage last week. I assume that is because of the UN meetings ongoing this week.


In my view, the U.S. was run off the field of battle in Syria and left it's proxy army behind unsupplied. The U.S. is now a defeated third world country who has lost the battle to prop up it's Petro-Dollar. The articles out last week about twenty nuclear weapons having been sent into Germany to threaten Russia was to me just a cover story for the U.S. to save face. Why would Germany allow the weapons in if they are aligning with Russia at this point? NATO is dying. The U.S. now has to explain to the public that we are now a third world nation. But then again they probably won't have to as it may come out at the U.N. Meetings this week.


All that remains I to see what the U.S. Military does about it. Will they adjust to third world status or go along with a WWIII?


9/25/15     Jim's Rant For The Day.     Boehner And The Pope.


I've got the scoop on John Boehner's resignation! A close insider told me that yesterday, Boehner was in an anti-room for his audience with the Pope. With him was General John Allen, the Anti-ISIS Czar. Boehner had been working since 4:00 AM preparing for the Pope's visit and had not eaten anything. Out of desperation he sat down in the room filled with other dignitaries and began eating a box of fried chicken.


Gen. Allen told Him that it was embarrassing and that he did not want to let the Pope know that he even knew Boehner. Boehner had a Coke on the floor, several dropped napkins and chicken bones scattered as he was quickly eating. Allen said he was going to stand, over there.


The Pope entered a half hour early. He walked straight over to Boehner, mumbled and made the sign of the cross at him, then walked out of the room. Allen rushed over and asked what just happened and why the Pope spoke to no one else and only blessed him? Boehner responded, He didn't bless me. He said, You, pick up this shit, get that other asshole and get the hell out of here!


9/24/15     Jim's Rant For The Day.    Mr. Sandman.


WOW! What another week! The foreign policy history of the U.S. can best be summed up by the above song. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. Dumb dumb dumb dumb. The West got what all Westerns have in the end. The U.S. was treated like all crooked Sheriffs, it was R-U-N-N O-F-T, never to be seen again in the territory. The entire world is on to it and has had enough. General John Allen, the Anti-ISIS Czar , resigned and was heard hollering as he ran out the door, Gimme three steps Mister! , after he heard about his counterpart, the German General Anti-ISIS officer who was found dead in his hotel room in Iraq. Now there are rumblings that NATO is abandoning Ukraine as it becomes Ukraine-No-More. Yep Pardners, there's a new Sheriff in town.


While all the above was going on, Israel ran to meet with Russia. I suppose they were offering them nuclear secrets. I do feel sorry for Israel though. The best they could do this week was muster sympathy by charging a 94 year old woman, a 20 year old German radio operator during WWII, with Accessory to Murder of 249,000 inmates at Auschwitz. It's amazing how small that 4 Million original deaths we first saw on T.V. looks now on Radio, isn't it? I wish them luck in finding eye witnesses to ID her as the one who done it, hit the telegraph key that is. If Israel charged Granny to garner sympathy from Russia, I am amazed at the tactic, as Russia genocided 28 Million persons itself during WWII. So Israel, good luck with that.


So what's next? The only move left for the U.S. is to return home and harass the little people in the U.S. as the collapse happens. I love what one writer said about Janet Yellen's Federal Reserve speech this evening, She heard her own bullshit and it made her want to throw up. It will be interesting to see how the Military shows it's hand next week. Stay tuned Sports Fans.


9/23/15     Jim's Rant For The Day. Illusion Of Protection.


According to a recent article, the U.S. has ten aircraft carriers compared to one each by Russia and China, thus giving the appearance that the U.S. has superiority over the seas. But perhaps that superiority is like everything else the U.S. exports, a con, an illusion.


Consider this: Back in the 70s, Admiral Rickover, the father of nuclear navy, had to answer the question before the U.S. Senate: How long would our aircraft carriers survive in a battle against the Russian Navy? His response caused disillusionment: Two or three days before they sink, maybe a week if they stay in the harbor. Source: How Long Would the US Navy Survive in a Shooting War? I understand the Navy recently adjusted that timetable to one week at sea, two weeks in port, perhaps for the morale of it's sailors.


The reasons for the short life includes modern nuclear submarines, high powered anti-aircraft carrier missiles and the inability to hide a carrier in a WWII smokescreen from a satellite. Then there was the 2000 episode where two Russian TU-24 jets strafed the USS Kitty Hawk twice unopposed as it took the U.S. 30 minutes to launch an air defense after they spotted them on radar. Although not a carrier, in 2014 the ultra-modern USS Donald Cook was strafed by a Russian SU-24 which jammed it's radar and most electronics while twelve simulated missile launches were fired on the Cook. By the way, Russia just sent twelve TU-24s into Syria.


To me it appears that 5,000 sailors are put on the carrier to bluff third world nations into submission, but if a real war with Russia or Chine were to break out, our sailors would be expendable corpses. I mention this because now the U.S. is moving 20 more nuclear weapons into Germany to threaten Russia into submission. The CABAL is still trying to provoke war with a superpower to hide it's world destroying Ponzi schemes.


My fear is that the CABAL will not provoke a nuclear war and instead will have to do a nuclear attack on the island of Manhattan. By doing so they will obliterate all of the Ponzi records along with most of the mid-range actors doing their bidding. This would end the derivative threat to the bankers as all that paper protection to the rest of the world would just become a vaporized illusion, giving the banksters perhaps a clean getaway. I must admit that I haven't thought it through all the way as it is hard to get into the mind of insane people. But anybody who would stick 50,000 sailors into death traps for a con would certainly have no qualms about nuking Manhattan soon.

How much longer are we going to tolerate these insane people?


9/21/15       Jim's Rant For The Day.    Half A Doz. Plus One.


I was writing a Rant this morning and tore it up when Ben Fulford posted. I was telling how all yesterday I got the feeling that the pentagon was going to side with Russia in taking out ISIS. This would be the sign that the good guys have taken command at the Pentagon. Then first thing today I saw where Sorcha Faal, believed to be the propaganda arm of the U.S. Navy Intelligence, said the CIA has offered to help Russia in taking out ISIS. That is where my destroyed Rant ended. Then Ben posted.


My brother called me a few minutes ago and said that he was numb after reading Ben today. That guy scares the hell out of me lately , he said, He doesn't sound cheery and rosy anymore but instead hints that all hell is about to break loose. Today Ben warns us that the world's big leaders will all make speeches at the U.N. Assembly next Monday, the 28th. He suggests that one of two things will happen:


either they will announce a New World Order and that we had better accept it or they will announce that the world is taking down the CABAL and the Banksters. If not the latter, then a global revolution is in order.


All of the financial news coming out the past few weeks tells us that the entire financial system is a lie; that we are in a global collapse, and the worlds biggest Ponzi schemes are ending. This is not only coming from economists, but the president of one of the Federal Reserve districts and a former CEO of the N.Y. Stock Exchange. So for me, it looks like the the end time is very near.


The big wild card is still the Pentagon. We are going to have to wait another seven days to see who they are. Stay prepped and stay tuned Sports Fans.


9/19/15       Jim's Rant For The Day.   Oh Boy, Is this Great!


Last night the main Street News did all that they are going to do in telling about Putin pooping the Syrian party. They showed a photo of a Russian freight plane parked at a Syrian airport with four tanks nearby that was it. To a reasonable person you would conclude the Russians have a plane there with four tanks protecting the airport from attack. But I guess the News propaganda wants us to think the Russians are coming (to America) with this massive invasion.


Then they said exactly the same thing they said on the Republican debate Wednesday, Assad is the enemy of the United States. That was followed by a statement that the U.S. is concerned about air mishaps between the U.S. and Russia. I guess they are afraid that Syria may ask Russia to impose a legal No-Fly Zone over the illegal No-Fly Zone imposed by the U.S. I doubt we hear another word about any of this from the propaganda machine.


Must See: 1 Minute Video


9/18/15         Jim's Rant For The Day.     V. Putin, Party Pooper


It looks like a scene out of the movie, Animal House. The big celebration has been planned and going so well, then along comes Vlad, a thin John Belushi, wrecking it, leaving the U.S. in blind shit panic!


It appears the plan was to drive refugees into Europe so that Europe would have to join the U.S. in a Syrian-Assad take down. Of course, all of this would be done with covert mercenary armies created by the U.S. & Israel. This would compensate for Europe telling the U.S. they wanted nothing to do with war there. Can you think of a better retaliation then sending millions of refugees to their doorsteps?


All was going as planned until Putin was invited into Syria, knowing that the U.S. is there UNINVITED. Now Putin says that if asked Russia will supply combat troops to destroy ISIS, the covert U.S. army that the U.S. says the U.S. is fighting. (Kinda reminds you of Who's on first , doesn't it?)

Now everyone is calling for a meeting to sort it all out. How about that?


9/18/15       Jim's Rant For The Day.     Descartes


Rene' Descartes started my brain going when I read his circa 1600 quote, I think, therefore I am. WOW! What a profound starting point. Because I wanted to be all that I could be, I read and thought about everything. I wanted to always be a I Am kinda guy. Then after I dropped out of the workforce early my sister gave me a Tee Shirt that said, I don't think much, therefore I might no be. It rocked me to the core. What if the shirt was right?


What if new shirts were printed saying, The Federal Reserve can't do much, therefore it might no be for long.


9/17/15       Jim's Rant For The Day. Thursday's Friday Recap.


So much heavy news has has come out this week that I must do the Friday recap before my head explodes. Lets start with the refugees. High up military retirees tell us that most of our Middle East wars went on despite the fact that those target countries tried to surrender. The bankers just can't make money unless they blow things up. Then The Department of Defense tells us we have troops in Stria but then hours later says Oops, our mistake. Now we are outraged that Russia has been invited into Syria by their government to do the job the U.S. is supposed to be doing, but appears is not doing, that being fighting the covert army created by the U.S. in the first place. So here we are today. Syria and Russia had every right to say that if the West doesn't want a refugee crisis then stop creating war that causes the refugees.


One last note on Syria. I was most disappointed in the Republican debate last night in that again the party did not talk the real issues. But I was livid by the moderator's statement that Assad is the enemy of the U.S. , being presented as an undisputed fact. May I be so bold as to ask why? I have never seen an explanation for that.


Lets talk banking now. We see three of Europe's largest banks laying off tens of thousands of its workforce. Although I didn't post it, there are reports that the big banks are skiddish about trusting each others checks . The check blues happened just prior to the 2008 collapse as well.


The golden news of the week has been about the gold. First we see that JP Morgan is one or two days from being entirely out of it and thus cannot settle their orders/claims. Then Craig Hemke gives us the visual of 230 people walking around just one chair hoping to get their ounce of gold promised by paper when the music stops. He suggests that the unseated are going to go into the streets pissed. And speaking of the streets, FEMA said that after ten years of trying to get us prepped, only 25% can last three days. That means during a serious collapse, 75% of the mob will be coming after the 10% serious Preppers if they don't seriously hide. Our government is predicting a 75% collapse death rate whereas James Wesley Rawls, the Godfather of the Prepper movement, predicts a 50% die off.


Yesterday we learned that China cashed in 20% of its U.S. Treasuries in the past two months, all while the U.S. Treasury says it has no more money. Today we are awaiting news of Is the Fed Reserve going to save the world by raising interest rates? They can't or it will finish off the U.S. All they can do is raise it just a part of a smidgen for show, that is it.

No matter what, the West's musical chair game (Ponzi world) is ending. Simon Black sums it up best when he said,
We’re seeing a shift in the world’s dominant superpower at the exact same time there’s a shift in the global financial system, and reserve currency, and game-changing technology. And even more trends that we haven’t even discussed. The convergence of all of these trends at the same moment is the MEGA-trend. The last time this happened was... never.


9/14/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.   First World Take Down.


Here it is short and sweet. The CABAL is currently taking down all of the first world countries.


They are diluting down the will of the population by importing immigrants into the country. For instance, the immigrants arriving in the U.S. will gladly work for lesser wages; live without a car and air-conditioning; live in a crowded apartment instead of the single family homestead and give up the eir civil liberties. Hell, they will even gladly eat poisoned food. Now that same dilution is occurring to the first world countries in Europe.


In the meantime, the first world capital, and ability to create capital, has been destroyed. Also note that the legal system of the West has been destroyed.


What we are left with is first world countries without the ability to manufacture anything, unable to raise or utilize capital to correct this, new citizens willing to live as slaves, no legal system and a government hell bent on destroying those countries.  


9/10/15   Jim's Rant For the Day.       Open Season.


If I understand it correctly, it is In-Your-Face open season on stealing through the stock market.


Based on the article Now We Know What Happened At 6:12 AM This Morning, major players(s) are temporarily manipulating the stock values just prior to the market opening and making huge profits out of sight of the board watchers.


My wife and I have been noticing wild jumps in the reported numbers prior to the New York Stock Exchange opening. Now I get it they got it and ran. I suspect it was a Central Bank or at least a major U.S. Bank. We are now at the point that they cannot survive without openly and massively cheating. Welcome to the new world of free capitalism.


9/9/15   Jim's Rant For The Day. Quick Game Score.


Hillary apologized! I honestly felt that it was colder than an Eskimo's ex-wife's nose.   Be aware of the probing question going around the internet now about her. If, as she said, she only used one email account, that being her personal creation that was maintained by someone not schooled in Security matters; and if she never had a classified document on that server; and if you assume the Secretary of State deals with a lot of classified communications, then how did she perform her job? Just asking here folks.

If you look over the horizon you can see the big ships firing at each other. Monday night the Russian stock market was stopped due to a glitch . Monday night the Chinese stock market nearly halted as capital controls in place make it nearly impossible to sell anything. My question is were the two shut downs done to save their share of a declining global market or are they protecting their markets from attack by the CABAL? I honestly don't know. But it is interesting that the Japanese stock market had such a wild ride past night, finally finishing 1,000 points up after dipping 900 points first. You have to admit that none of this is business as usual. We are indeed witnessing an economic war with the big countries, one that can easily turn into a shooting war at any time.


/5/15       Jim's Rant For The Day. Which Witch Is The Witch?


Saw Hillary on the National News today. Says perhaps she should have done things differently. I suppose that is her way of apologizing to the American people she has pissed off. There, I have apologized so now lets move on.


So I ask, Is she the good witch from the North or the wicked witch from the West? Was she in a hurry to serve as the new Secretary of State and took a bad shortcut, or was she up to something sinister? Or then again, could it be both? Let's look at her close.


First of all our folklore tells us that a witch is someone that can do powerful things the rest of us cannot do. That's Hillary all right. She can do things like head up the State office and do as she damn well pleases 'cause she is in charge. Then she can tell the American People, Up yours because I am supposed to be the next President and thus it will be. She can also tell a State Department subordinate that he must send something classified to her unclassified server even though it is against the law because she said to. But maybe she acts this way because it is her god appointed duty to serve America in this good way. Perhaps she is from the North.


Let's look at her partner Bill. We believe that he was nearly impeached because he had one sweet tart too many, right? Wrong. I believe what was really going on was that Bill was selling secrets to China that harmed the U.S. Military. Then don't forget all the gun and drug running he did in Arkansas that originally put him in power to begin with. Do you suppose Hillary was a helpmate in any of this?


Today we are witnessing a fight about her server and if she wiped it with a cloth, correct? Maybe not. Maybe that is what we are told to keep us ignorant. If Hillary wished to follow in Bill's footstep and continue the business, how would she go about it? Instead of meeting on a bridge at midnight exchanging envelopes, why not keep the secrets in a box in the garage with a Self Help sign on the unlocked door -- talk about plausible denial. Isn't that what she did with the server? Bill got the money donated to his foundation by foreign governments and the governments helped themselves to her garage. Of course, that server will also reveal that she was part of creating and supplying ISIS, our most feared enemy, or so we are told. That is what's going on folks, its not a policy infringement, its TREASON.


But I don't think it matters anymore because it is ending. Bill played golf with Obama last week. This week she apologized. I suspect that next week a Special Prosecutor will be appointed to bring all of the investigations under just one roof and that will be the end to it. Don't forget that She and Bill have a Get Out Of Jail Free card by threatening to spill the beans to the American people. My guess is that in a month she will step forward for the ceremonial General Petraeus hand slap for the policy infraction, as she continues to become the Criminal In Chief Of the United States. So what do you think? Which witch is she?


9/4/15       Jim's Rant For The Day.     Wounded Pirates


I admire the way Dr. Ben Carson begins his political speeches. He says, I am not going to be politically correct. Let me warn you that today I am not going to be politically correct. In fact, I may offend some of you. But by God, truth is truth.


We are being trained to be as Ron Kirby says, to be enslaved and good prisoners. We are being mind controlled by our government, through it's Main Street News Media, to willingly give up our free speech. There are words we are no longer allowed to use. That means there are subjects we are no longer to discuss critically. You know what I am talking about. Now we are to be trained to not say Man or woman .


That same news media is flashing us constant details of false flag staged shootings to get us to hate those with guns so when the guns are rounded up the sheep will go along with it. The sheep are also now being told that it is the sovereign thinkers that are the lone nuts out to kill them at the mall so let's get them as well. They are pushing as hard as possible to stir up racial war in our streets while the elite make off with their loot. We are being fed pictures of war torn homeless immigrants to scare us into submission here.


There comes a time when we have to wake up, stand up and holler the truth for all to hear. That time is now or we are doomed and deserve what we are about to have done to us.


Yesterday I saw a Wounded Warrior commercial to raise money to provide medical aid to our wounded soldiers. I assume this is needed because the Veterans Administration cannot do it's job. I also suspect it is just another industry to scam us for the most part but I don't know that for sure. But what offends me is the commercial refers to the former soldiers as our wounded heroes. To me they are not heroes but rather wounded pirates. Now don't get me wrong, I believe that half of then signed up for Mom and apple pie; to defend America. I believe half of them signed up for the paycheck and a means of learning a skill. But in the long run, the Pentagon is using them as pirates. It's that plain and simple.


During the past month the U.S. has used a space based weapon as powerful as a nuclear bomb to bomb China three times and Japan once. The U.S. was part of the group that blew up the nuclear power plant in Fukushim. Our military has been complacent in telling us that our government has been overthrown, we no longer have a Constitution, we are the aggressors all over the earth, and we have a standing empire that is being looted by the big guys. I am sorry folks, but to me that makes them pirates that are ashamed to fly the Jolly Roger. But pirates they are, just ask the rest of the world.


I mention all of this because it makes sense of what is happening this week in the news. For the first time in history China has warships in the Bearing Sea off the coast of Alaska. Gee, I wonder what kind of message that is sending our military? Russia is sending jets into Syria to stop the U.S.   Yesterday we heard that Japan may have reached the end of their rope in placing sanctions on Russia and that they may join in with Russia in dumping the Dollar instead.


At the end of WWII the Japanese and German militaries were obliterated and outlawed. This was done so intentionally that Dwight Eisenhower starved to death 1.7 Million German POWs to destroy a future German military (See Eisenhower Death Camps). I believe that at this point in time our own Military leaders must decide if they wish to continue to try to rule the world at any cost to humanity or stand down and survive as an honorable military. If they do not stand down they deserve to be ground up in disgrace to end up like glass beads used by the ladies as weed blockers in their flower beds. That is when all who have served need to remove those old uniforms proudly taking up space in the closet lest the kids see them.


I strongly suggest you watch the 28 Minute Interview with Rod Kirby to fully appreciate where we are today. The rest of the world is moving in on us and our military must decide who they are.


8/31/15         Jim's Rant For The Day. Polls On Political Parties.


I see that the recent polls say that Donald Trump and Ben Carson control the lion's share of the Republican support. In effect, it is telling the party to go to hell, we no longer believe in you or professional politicians.


I also see that the Democratic polls show Hillary is about to lose her lead to Bernie Sanders. Then there was the stink this weekend when the party said that there would only be four debates prior to the election and that if ANY candidates engaged in any other debates, they would be disallowed from the four sanctioned debates. This clearly favors Clinton, who is running on her name only.


Allow me to refresh your memory to both the Republican and the Democratic Conventions during the last election. The Republicans clearly violated their own standing rules when they ousted Ron Paul. They were telling the people, do as you are told by us as you don't matter. Then The Democrats held an open vote in which the outcome was read from a script and that outcome was obvious to all that it did not reflect the vote counts. Both parties were managing the crowds instead of following them. I predicted then that it was a death blow to the current two party system. I believe that has become true today.


Below is a reprint of a true story of a young man leading up to one of those conventions, but applies to both.


9/6/12   Jim's Rant For The Day.   We've Had It!


A very old gentleman with a cane walked into a house of ill-repute one evening. He approached the Madam and said, "I want . . . the verry best . . . you've got." She laughed at him and said, "Get out of here you old fool, you've had it!" He hesitated a few seconds and said, " Oh . . . How much do I owe you?"

A long-haul truck driver had been on the road for almost a month, and was in need of satisfaction. He inquired directions from a local bar tender. He was told to go across the street to motel room 209 and knock on the door. The young lady there would oblige him. After knocking on the door, a young girl asked through the door, "What do you want?". He said, "I need to get screwed". After he told her that he had the requisite fifty dollars, she said to, "slide it under the door so I can see it." After a minute or so of nothing happening, he knocked on the door again. The same young girl asked, "What do you want." He was agitated and said "I want to get screwed!". She said, "Again?"


The young man wasn't having any luck hitch hiking to Tampa. Finally, a man stopped and said, "Get in, but first, are you a Democrat or Republican?" After he was told "Democrat," the man said he only looks after his fellow Republicans and drove off. The same thing happened when the truck driver stopped. The Hitch Hiker then realized that the Republican Convention was starting the following day, and everyone going his way was a Republican.


When a cute young girl pulled up, the same conversation ensued. He proudly proclaimed, "Why I'm a Republican, of course." After he got in the sports car, she began to shift gears. With each push of the clutch, her short skirt moved up higher and higher. After the second red light, he hollered, "Stop the car." He immediately jumped out, and she asked why. "I can't handle it. I've only been a Republican five minutes, and I already want to screw somebody!"

Both Conventions are telling us the same thing, that we've already had the best they have to offer. Now all we have to do is pay for it. When you walk into a den filled with prostitutes and politicians (I know, redundant), you know somebody's going to get screwed, one way (Democrat) or another (Republican).




8/27/15       Jim's Rant For The Day.   Little Man.


Just watched the Business Channel with my breakfast. I just couldn't go Morning Joe. The Money Channel hosted two Federal Reserve Presidents that read the same script. There won't be a rate hike (as in we will never allow interest rates again) because the economy is so strong and doing well. Then they both said don't pay attention to the stock market.

I am not a coffee drinker but probably should be. Isn't that the same line from The Wizard of Oz, Don't pay attention to the stock market?


8/26/15       Jim's Rant For The Day.   Being Played.


I am guessing that I shocked some of you when in yesterday's Rant I said that Capitalism died. Let me expand on that. A lot of our core beliefs are just figments of our imagination. They never really existed, like Capitalism. When I studied it in college it was most clear on paper in the texts, but in reality it never existed. That is why I went to night school another fifteen years after getting my Accounting degree; it made no sense to me. I couldn't see it.


But lets not get bogged down on the holy Capitalism. Lets take a step back and generally look at how we have been played, then relook at Capitalism. I will list them in alphabetic order, using the Greek alphabet.


Alan Turing (The Imitation Game) showed us how the Intelligence community could become sovereign over all governments while leaving us to believe our governments were in control. The Holocaust never occurred at the hands of the Germans. Instead of Germany genociding 6 million Jews, the Allies genocided 30 million Europeans. The U.S. didn't defeat Hitler's Germany, Russia did. The U.S. just mopped up the mess. Ghandi didn't end colonial rule, he just changed the face of it from overt by Britian to covert by the U.S. empire.


Our military is there to protect Mom and apple pie, we are the defenders. We have free elections. We have a free and open market. We are able to buy and sell stocks anytime we want, not when we are told. (remember that if you have a 401K you are 98 % told you have to invest in the market and have to stay in it until a certain age.) We are led to believe we own those stocks. The money in our bank accounts is ours. We operate as if we have a legal system when we actually have an illegal system. The stock market, interest rates, commodity prices, gold and silver prices are all able to float on a free market basis. And lastly, we have all been focused on Hillary's Server Problem and not that fact that it shows us that Benghazi was about creating and supporting ISIS and ISIS like organizations to be our enemies.


Now go back and look at our free Capitalistic system that is fair to all.






8/25/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.  But It's My Butt.


Forgive me for posting early this morning but I am having a very hard time getting into my website to post. Therefore, I am posting now while I can. It was so frustrating yesterday.


I will be out from 11:30 till 3:00 PM today as I have to get my butt rubbed. I know what you are thinking, how gross and unsanitary. Not to worry I always make sure she washes her hands first.


I will miss watching the market and sharing popcorn with you. So let me give you my at worst prediction now. The market will close badly Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday they will have to react in some extreme manner. I suspect they may end up closing the market for good. If they do, they will close the banks, as we currently know them, for good over the weekend. As my wife always says, We'll see.


In the meantime, let me again share my favorite bible quote, It depends on whose ass it is down in the ditch. Remember, it's yours. Get it to the grocery store.


8/25/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.    PreObit.


I know its a little early but I couldn't wait.


                                                           NOTICE OF DEATH


Yesterday the acceptance of Central Banks, Interest to Bankers, Fiat Money, Manipulated Markets and Capitalism passed away. After a very hard and uncontrolled life, it died of suicide. Our sympathy goes out to all harmed by their self destruction. Survivors include all of the enslaved humans that so suffered under them. In lieu of flowers we ask for your prayers for all who must go forward and recreate their destroyed futures.




6/22/15     Jim's Rant For The Day. It only hurts . . .


if you talk about it. This morning I learned that the newscasters on the Main Street News do not have any money invested in the stock market because they all failed to talk about the market downturn this week. I am happy for them.


In the meantime, I recognize their position on the subject, it only hurts if you talk about it. Therefore, I will follow suit. For all of you that have money invested, either directly or indirectly by way of a pension fund, mum is the word.


8/21/15         Jim's Rant For The Day.    September 23rd.


For the past few months there has been a lot of chatter about the collapse occurring around that date, give or take a day or so. Some of the videos are down right terrifying, and for that reason I have not posted them. They show a history of films and TV programs going back several years flashing that date. I admit that they are uncanny, but before you go shrieking into the dark let me advise you that they never depict the year. So if the movies do suggest a Cabal take down date, it is possible they missed their intended date. So far no one says this but I will.


Then they point out that the Pope will visit the U.N. in New york at that time and a few are suggesting that he is coming to calm his sheep. I will post a few of the videos if you care to watch.


But in the meantime, take note that just about all of the big Economists are declaring an end around that time frame as well. The latest was Bix Weir in his interview posted yesterday. He says late September as that is 45 days after Puerto Rico and oil companies defaulted or declared bankruptcy, triggering derivative payouts. That process takes about 45 days till payment.


All I can say is that it is eerily quiet on the Main Street News Media. There is no longer mention of fighting in the Middle East, Libya, or anywhere else we have national interests. There is no mention that the intended hub for operations in the Middle East, Turkey, as it is in a state of collapse or at least near civil war. Now we are told that Greece will have a second referendum on whether they should keep the Banksters. That referendum will be September 21st.


I smell fear in the air and not a confident take down BY the Cabal. Then there was Ben Fulford's extra post today. . .


See:     Bix Weir 28 Minute Video  


Great article by Michael Snyder with three scary videos.           Link


The Big List Of 33 Things That Are Going To Happen In September 2015       Link




8/20/15     Jim's Rant For The Day.       Tiger By The Tale.


The Democrats definitely have a tiger by the tail, no doubt about it. A noseless blind man could tell she has shit all over her. But yet she is left in the game as their winner. How embarrassing it must be for them. Can you imagine being a party volunteer getting up early to go out and sell that? Talk about motivation.


The question is why is she left in there? Well, lets start with who she presumably sleeps with Bill Clinton. As the tale goes, Congress tried to impeach him but he stopped the process by threatening Congress behind closed doors. What did he have on them that was so powerful? And do you think Hillary does not have that same Klaatu barada nikto phrase to call off the robot government? That is why the Justice Department will keep up the pressure but never charge her with a crime.


So back to the Democratic party. First they probed to see if Biden or a few others would take up the gauntlet but so far there are no takers. At this point they are at an impasse; they can't fire her because there is no replacement and they can't replace her because they can't fire her and the new candidate would run against her. In the meantime Trump is eating their lunch.


Here is my suggestion. Air a reality show called Who Wants To Be Democrat Frontrunner? and let the audience be the focus group and make a winnable selection. This would boost the Democrat viewership. And who else would be a better M.C. at this than none other than Donald Trump. But of course, he would have to quit his day job as Republican frontrunner, but hey, negotiate with the boy.


8/17/15       Jim's Rant For The Day.    Gone Nuclear.


Ben Fulford is on vacation which means his next two reports were written over a week ago. He will be rehashing history. Something major has occurred that will not be carried in his stories until September, therefore, I am going to have to say it.


Make no bones about it, WWIII has already gone nuclear. They have tried to do it in a subtle manner so we won't notice it. They have the media talking about Hillary's emails and Trump's not doing it for long. All the cover is there, but still they have done it.


It started in July in Yemen when a small nuclear bomb was detonated and the world said nothing. Now they have pulled the tail of the dragon itself by setting off another one in Tianjin, China, killing and injuring nearly a thousand people and melting eight thousand cars. I suppose they will later tell us a BBQ grill was left unattended.


But again. Make no bones about it, WWIII ha gone nuclear. Two have been dropped which means they are prepared to set off many more. It is no longer a covert operation but now is an in your face operation. They are that desperate to remain in control. This is indeed a wake up call for the large sovereign countries that soon they too will no longer be immune.


Govern yourself accordingly. Be prepared.


8/15/15       Jim's Rant For The Day.    Back-ordered Butter.


The stock boy noticed a little old lady bent over the dairy isle just slinging stuff all over as she dug. Can I help you Ma'am? he asked. She replied, Yes, I'm in a hurry, where's your butter? I'm sorry Ma'am, We are out but will have some in the morning. he said. She left and he spent five minutes straightening the cooler.


A half hour later he saw the same lady doing it again. Can I help you Ma'am? he asked. She replied, Yes, I'm in a hurry, where's your butter? I'm sorry Ma'am, We are out but will have some in the morning when the truck gets here at 8:00 AM he said. She left and he spent five minutes straightening the cooler.


A half hour later he saw the same lady doing it again. Can I help you Ma'am? he asked. She replied, Yes, I'm in a hurry, where's your butter? He said, Before I tell you let me ask you something. How do you spell cat as in catnip? She said, C A T. He said, Right, an how do you spell auto as in automobile? She said, A-U-T-O. He said, That's right, and how do you spell fuck as in butter? She looked at him kinda funny and said, but there is no fuck in butter. That's what I've been trying to tell you lady!


Now, how do you spell fuck as in recovery?


8/14/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Exploding Beans with Mushrooms?


I have been busy harvesting this week and have not spent a lot of time researching all of the news stories that I usually do. However, with that having been said, there are two very big stories that are not being talked about, especially by the Main Street news media.


The first is when Secretary of State John Kerry spilled the beans about the Iran deal. He was desperate enough to have to come out and plainly tell the congressmen that it is about propping up the dollar, stupid! By saying so, it goes hand in hand with, it's not about Iran building a bomb, stupid. This is explosive to me. He is the first of our leaders to plainly say, Propping up the dollar. Yet, not a word by the main street news.


       See: John Kerry Warns "Dollar Will Cease To Be  
              Reserve Currency Of The World"  If Iran Deal  
              Rejected.  Article


Then there's that little explosion in China two days ago. Never mind that it occurred just as China deliberately made the Dollar stronger, thus pushing it into peril. Never mind that China did just the opposite of what the U.S. told it to do. Never mind that we are not told what the explosion actually was and that the first responders are scared as hell of the after effects of it on their own health. I mean after all, how bad can a little mushroom be for you?


When I first heard about it I was wondering if it was a tactical nuke set off by the U.S. in the currency war. Now I see Bill Holter is questioning the same thing. If Kerry is desperate enough to come right out and say it, is the U.S. desperate enough to come right out and do it (again)?  
    See: Bill Holter


8/11/15      Jim's Rant For The Day.   Corn, Corn. Corn.


This Rant is just for me. For the past three days and the next eleven, we will process corn. We planted a second crop in a small plot, as an experiment. A tractor was used to prepare the ground but we planted and fertilized by hand. All of this was previously done by tractor with gadgets behind it. Of course the picking, shucking and canning is done by hand as well. The bottom line is this was our best crop ever, producing twice the volume as done by total tractor reliance.


If we can all of this second short crop, it will produce 700 pint cans of corn. Next year our fields should produce 5,000 pint cans. I share this with you as people ask us how we will feed people if things get bad. We can easily double the size of the fields, thus producing 10,000 pint per year.


Now factor in that our group decided to double the number of Square Foot Garden boxes from the current twelve to twenty-four. Each box can feed one adult forever if you know what you are doing.


It normally costs $150 to build a 12 foot by 4 foot box and fill it with a special soil mixture. Our new boxes will cost about $55 per box based on free materials we were able to obtain. All of the boxes will be self-watering. Now mind you, we have all the materials on hand to again double that number of boxes. It is amazing what you can do when you focus and plan. You can create anything.


If you are planning on feeding yourself I highly suggest you look at the Square Foot Gardening method. See pictures Link         If you are interested in the garden method let me know. I have written some Nutshell notes and extensive gardening schedules and practices to use the system. Link


8/10/15     Jim's Rant For the Day.   Huffin and Puffin.


I got a hot tip that Ben Fulford may be late in posting today, due to a special reason. The tip was from an individual by the name of Ian Sexauer, a well known follower on Ben's chat room. He did not give the reason but instead gave his phone number. A friend of mine tried to call the number I gave him and said he was told there was no one there by that name.


I called the number on the website and asked, Do you have a Sexhauer there? The receptionist barked back, Hell no, we don't even get coffee breaks!


On a more serious note, the Huffington Post announced it is ending it's policy of reporting news about Donald Trump in the Entertainment section only. He is now considered News.


7/8/15       Jim's Rant For The Day.      Kabuki Theater . . .


at it's finest. Is the lady a tramp or is the tramp a lady? Of course we are all talking about Megyn Kelly after she was lamblasted by Trump in the news media after Kelly lamblasted Trump in the news media's presentation of the Republican debates. Kelly asked Trump why he hated and disparaged all women and yesterday he disparaged her for asking such a question at such a time. So now the Repub Wannabees are zeroing in on destroying Trump's standing with all women. Well, in my opinion the lady certainly sold herself as a tramp in the debate, that is for sure.


So now we will be arguing for some time if the lady wears knickers or not, all while we had another telecom outage taking out most telephone carriers in the East half of the U.S., all while Netanyahu finds himself alone without support by his government and Intelligence organization in his bid for war with Iran. Jews everywhere are turning their back on him. That stage may be turning.


So, if we do decide that Kelly does wear knickers, do they have a crotch? Never mind the latest news that the U.S., is and has been, supporting all those terrorists organizations in the Middle East that we are afraid of.


By the way, I have been meaning to tell you that David Wilcock's website,, was hacked two weeks ago and has been totally co-opted so that Wilcock cannot lock that hacker out. I assume he will have to take the time to build a new one. They have silenced him.


I have been busy here at the farm changing our plans from surviving a three month chaos scenario to a one year chaos scenario. But never mind that, let's get back to snickering about Kelly's knickers. I can't wait to get to the bottom of this one!






8/5/15   5:00 PM       Jim's Rant For The Day.     ISIS Program


I am so darned confused about ISIS in Syria I had to walk down the bleachers to purchase a program. What I read in it is complex and confusing, maybe you can help me out here.


The U.S and Israel created ISIS to overthrow Assad, the president of Syria. Then when ISIS joined Al-Qaeda, both of them were the mortal enemy of the U.S., per the news media. Now we are told that the U.S. is providing a no-fly zone over ISIS in Syria, protecting ISIS from Syrian planes. Of course, the U.S. calls this a defensive action , but to me it is an act of war by the U.S.


I understand we are in the Middle East to defeat the terrorists ISIS, but now we are told the U.S. just spent half a billion dollars to train ISIS, which is really foreign mercenaries. Apparently the 50 members that were trained got their ass kicked in battle July 31st and therefore the U.S. must now use the planes to protect their investment.


My question is, Am I mad or is our leadership?

P.S. While writing this I Googled Buffet's song A Pirate Looks At Forty. In the one I got he talks about the pirate he lovingly thinks about in when he sings that song. It is quite funny.     Link


8/4/15   5:30 AM     Jim's Rant For The Day. It's My Heart.


'Lizabeth, I think I'm Coming! I just turned on Morning Joe and they were laughing and interviewing Donald Trump on the phone! Two weeks ago they were bad mouthing him and saying they were not taking him seriously.


They flashed a poll up on the screen which says Trump: 34%, Ben Carson: 10%, and Bush 10%. If you add Trump to Carson you now get 44% fingers at the establishment.


Then there is the Democrats saying that Joe Biden is late because he had to go to a funeral (his son's) rather than admitting they sent out a criminal as their original candidate.  

The Cabal is getting a lot of fingers.   This is bettern Rocky and Bowinkle ever was!


8/3/15           Jim's Rant For The Day. Kiss Kiss.


There is an awful lot of things going on out there for me to worry about but the medical condition of my stomach is not one of them. It is as strong as ever. I am still able to watch Morning Joe while eating my breakfast. This morning's lie and tell episode was fun.


The show was predominately an infomercial on Joe Biden. He is being warmed up to replace the failing Hillary and kiss of death to her. For fifteen minutes they talked about how warm, independent and perfect he is for president. Joe even said, Thank you. after the first time he got laid. I was so impressed I ordered two of him for myself.


Then they marched out the latest NBC poll on the Republican Prez Wannabees. Of interest to me was that if you add Trumps percentage to Ben Carson's percentage of popularity, you have one third of the respondents fingering the professional politicians and the central government. Most telling.


Then Morning Joe went into how the U.S. is now giving air support to the rebels in Syria, meaning attacks on the Syrian government. The discussion was then about getting rid of President Assad 9another kiss of death), how they will carve up Syria, and who gets his shoes, all as if it is a done deal.


What wasn't discussed was the failing economy and the world watching Puerto Rico's impact on the financial well being of the globe today.


8/2/15         Jim's Rant For The Day. Humping


[Repost, but just wanted you to know I will be back writing next week.]


I admit it girls, we men have always thought with our dicks. That is why men have slits in the end of their penises … so they can get oxygen to their brains. I married my wife because she really was into my Big Jimmy" and the way I used it. I loved the way she talked dirty to me, always hollering out, Shut up and keep humping." What else could I do? You just have to marry a gal like that. So we ran off and married.


Then I began to notice some peculiarities about her. She would shout out the humping stuff when we weren't neked. Then I noticed that when she did shout it out, her index finger would point to the sky and pop like an overseer's whip. To make a long story short she fooled me. All along she was a misguided workaholic with Tourette Syndrome. I admit I never saw it coming when we dated because the only time she had my undivided attention was when we were neked.  


She is a misguided workaholic as she only works me all th time, never herself. We have been experiencing monsoon like rains here in N.W. Florida the past few weeks. We did not realize it, but our house is on the side of a small hill. The water is about to wash away our house pilings. So she has had me out digging trenches, placing a ring of railroad ties around the house, etc. Today we are renting a track hoe to install drainage pipes. She realizes I don't have the brains to do that work but I can man a shovel.  


When I told her that I have a lot of Rants that I need to type, she said . . . well, you know. I have a lot of views of what is occurring now, but views from way back a distance. I will post several small Rants as I have time over the next two days. Just don't any of you send me an email to shut up and keep on humping!" I hear enough of that now. After 25 years of marriage, she is beginning to sound like a parrot, Squak! Shut up and keep humping. Squaaak."  


7/31/15     Jim's Rant For The Day.   Low Sky


I had planned to sum up the news from this week but I have been out most of the day and am running low on time. So instead I will recap the three actions that you should be aware of the most.


First know that I have followed Michael Rivero, radio host of He is a genius at the history of   politics and the Banksters. He has been at this for about twenty years. During the past two years I have listened to him he has never warned people to prep to come off the grid. He started warning listeners last week. This is a most telling act from him.


                          See 30 Minute Video


 Secondly, Jim Willie, known as the Golden Jackass Report, to me is a genius PHD in Economics. He is the man. He gives us at most three months before we have a collapse.


                          See  One hour video


Lastly, the article below points out the Hedge or equity funds that have stopped business and cashed out their clients in order to get them out of the stock market. I believe this was prompted by ethics, not wanting the guilt of destroying investors, as well as the ability to see what lays ahead.


                         See: Article


If you just focus on these three stories, you get that the sky is indeed falling.


7/29/15     Jim's Rant for The Day.   Frog Eyes


Yesterday my eye doctor told me my vision can no longer be adjusted by glasses; the vision will probably slowly deteriorate. One eye is 20/80 and the other is 20/150 vision. I have long anticipated the kiss-off that normally comes with old age. But as he said, I am a vision anomaly. I am happy as that vision is not bad for a blind boy.


At age 25 I was diagnosed with keratoconus, a rare eye disease that makes the eye bulge out of the socket until it pops. Of course, it can only be spotted by eye doctors as it is a subtle thing. At the time all that was known about it was blindness was certain but could be slowed by hard contact lenses designed not to fit and instead to force the eye to flatten. The drawback was it sliced into the lumpy eye leaving permanent scars and eventually shredded the meat. When the eye became like hamburger meat they put me in soft lenses and at the same time very thick glasses, giving me a mild tunnel vision. Five years later I had experimental cornea grafts done on both eyes, putting me back into soft contact lenses only.


Ten years later the disease acted up again to where the tight fitting soft lenses were starving the eye of oxygen. I was in trouble again. My surgeon sent me to two others for opinions. One said that I had so many problems that it was truly unbelievable that I could function at all. Their decision was to send me to Atlanta to the man that pioneered cornea grafts to see if second grafts were possible. The locals were stumped as to what to do next. His decision was to put me in hard contacts that would not fit me but instead would be tight at the top and hang open at the bottom, allowing the eye to breath and heal enough for new grafts. This worked except it shredded the underside of my eyelids until surgery. That was thirty years ago, and all the diseased meat was carved out so I am now disease free.


I share all of this for a reason. I told the Atlanta Guru about the one doctor's remark about my vision. You see, during all my adult life, I have had near 20/20 vision from my side of the eye in spite of the lumps on them giving me blind spots and double vision, like a frog's eye. But what I saw was a perfect picture like you see. I couldn't understand it either.


He was amazed too that I could function and explained it this way. An experiment was done by placing a bucket on subjects heads with a camera on top and a small screen inside it. The picture was turned upside down. The subjects were dizzy and threw up a lot, except for a third of them. After a time their brains automatically right sided the image and they were able to function normally. A follow up experiment was done on that third. This time they installed a relay that randomly changed the image back and forth to being upside down. Again one third of them only saw the image as right side up, always. He said that is what was happening to me, that my mind was editing out the extreme double vision and filling in the missing image pieces.


This is what I picture us going through with the collapse. Our whole economic system has now been turned sideways, will be turned upside down for awhile after the collapse, then right sided after that. We must be open to new thinking and resilient enough to accept the changes, adopt and continue to function. I know our minds can do this. We just have to be open to changes and letting go of what was, all while focusing on what we want to see. So hang in there and fear not.


By the way, the worst thing about my eye problem was my big mouth that went with it. About two years after being diagnosed, my eye doctor told me that my eyes popping out, was the most adverse reaction to mini skirts he had ever seen. Like a fool, I went home and told my wife what he said. She didn't believe it was a joke and cut me off for a week for looking!


P.S. My eye problem was the best thing that could have happened to me. It forced me to read everything I could get my hands on and continue in school before I went blind. I never learned to slow down.


7/27/15     Jim's Rant For The Day.   This Or That


Ben Fulford published a very positive report today and indicates the Cabal is catching hell.


He says just look at what is happening around us. He even cites a few news stories about the Main Street News Media being sold to others before the Cabal looses all control over them. Could be.


But when I look at the news stories that I feel are important are still two sided and can be interpreted any way you want. Such as the news from over the weekend that the Central Bank's Central Bank, the Bank of International Settlement, issued it's Annual Statement. Now mind you that an annual statement is a well thought out statement in which all agree with the wording that is published. Their statement is that the Central Banks have lost control of the global economy and for the sake of the world's economy, the governments of the world must do something (my paraphrasing). So the problem with this statement is what is behind it? Is the BIS turning on the Central banks and ratting them out as failures or are they about to blackmail the world governments to bail out all of the Central Banks?


Then we have the statement from General Wesley Clark and proposed legislation in congress calling for the arrest of non-patriots. What is the definition of a non-patriot? It could be an Israel owned congressman or me for writing this article. It could be this or that. So it is confusing out there.


But with that being said, there appears to be news stories that are telling, like all the information coming out about Jews around the world now being embarrassed by Israel actions in the Middle East. Then there is the story of the Israel Intelligence agents telling the press that the Israel policies are no longer working and need changing and they appear to be distancing themselves from Nutty Net, their leader. So we shall have to wait a bit longer to see if it is this or that.


7/26/15         Jim's Rant For The Day.     USA Today.


This is what I know about the USA Today:


The US has three main industries today: the garbage banking industry that cannot make an honest living anymore to stay alive; the military industrial complex creating and exploiting wars; the GMO / Monsanto attempt to own all the food on the planet.


The Garbage Banking industry is in a collapse mode unless it is able to capture all of the important countries quickly. Their fraud is about to collapse them in on themselves.


The military industrial complex has made our military an international free agent that no longer cares about its root country as they have their eye on the globe. The generals do not want to remain aboard the sinking U.S. that can no longer support their dreams and egos.


Monsanto can only sell in the U.S. and needs the TPP to force itself on the rest of the world. That is why Congress is passing legislation to not allow states to require GMO labeling. Non-GMO labeling is a fast track into the non-GMO labeling already in the TPP and Monsanto will die unless it goes international to corner the food empire.


All three of those industries know that the U.S. is to be shrinking in population due to the loss of its manufacturing base and loss of its middle class. The U.S. is drying up and being abandoned by the big players.


The truth is the U.S. manages a global empire and now wants to make it complete. In doing so it is coming out of the shadows and completing its empire in the open. Knowing that its citizens may not be pleased with the truth the U.S. must become a totalitarian country overnight and destroy the overloaded population that disagrees with this move. That is where we are today.


The good news is they have a long way to go to be world king. The good news is even if they do achieve kingdom, an organization based on lies, cheating as normal and disrespect for its own species is doomed in the long run.


7/24/15       Jim's Rant For The Day. Two Week Notice.


As you know, we have a fall-back location that can sustain life for 60 persons. Our leadership group met yesterday to access where things are Geo-politically and what our alert status should be. I am going to share our leadership's decision. I suggest each of you readers do your own risk / gain analysis. But keep in mind that we are prepped and by no means going to get caught short. Also keep in mind that all of us have to live in two worlds at the same time, making it hard to focus on just one financially.


The financial collapse has accelerated around the world. You know what the score is. Monday Ben Fulford said that the Military is dismantling the Cabal and just sit tight. Wednesday Poof / Zap posted that the statement Ben issued was his words exactly from an earlier report. He then quotes Ben. That scared me as they seem to be quoting each other in saying the Military will save us. In the meantime, we are bombarded by psy-ops telling us that big brother is watching everything we do, have our eyes on file at Walmart, know what we are thinking, recognize us all as terrorists, can cut off our Social Security if a warrant is issued against us, and will track us down with a drone if we purchase in the gun store. To me we are being trained to sit on the couch and wait to die if they want us to. Until the Pentagon shows its hand, I call Ben's statement malarkey.


We will ask all of our members to place themselves on a Two Weeks Notice to complete all of their preparations. It may be two months away, but if they start a nuclear WWIII or just shut down our banks/ commerce/ travel, etc, the endgame will be the same. They need for most of us to die off quickly here in the U.S. to gain control and domination over the survivors.


In either event we are prepared here. Is your family and do they need to be? If you live in suburbia you will probably end up in a brick home with fifteen other persons, so prepare for that. If you live in a great neighborhood, you will end up in that same brick house with fifteen others living in the house next door working in concert with you. Again I suggest you download this 22 Page PDF on how to accomplish this.


7/23/15     Jim's Rant For the Day.   History's Forgotten Kryptonite.


Betty and I moved out of our home two years ago to be on the farm. We left the home empty until this month. The new tenant called me with major water problems in the kitchen. Yesterday when I saw the symptoms I called a plumber. It was the same problem I faced fifteen years before and I knew I was in over my head. The kitchen sink was backing up and draining into the dishwasher. Water was coming out of the adjoining bathroom wall.


The plumber laughed at me and had me on my knees peering under the sink. There is a two foot pipe that runs from the Pee trap under the kitchen sink, taking the waste water into the wall adjoining the bathroom. Instead of that pipe flowing downhill it was flowing uphill, collecting food and clogging up.


Then I remembered that was the same problem encountered fifteen years before. That plumber placed a green vase upside-down under the pipe to keep it from drooping down. When we moved my wife removed everything under the sink, including that vase. We forgot our history and to my embarrassment had to pay a plumber to once again tell me, shit don't flow uphill.


I have to laugh at myself for forgetting my own kryptonite, but I am not alone. The Prez Wannabees forgot that their kryptonite is an outsider non-politician reminding voters that the professional politicians are aloof, lying, and non-concerned about the people's problems. Hence Donald Trump's current success.


Although history has tried to obscure the Bankster's kryptonite, it too is raising it's head. Their's is a country throwing out the Central Bank and side-stepping the Petro-Dollar. You already know who those leaders were and how they were demonized and butchered by the Banksters. But did you know that Hitler did the same, and at the time, 1938, he was Time Magazine's Man of the Year for the economic turnaround he did in Germany. Then the Banksters went into terror and went after him with a World War lest others follow his Economic footprint. I hope their Kryptonite does them in.


7/21/15    Jim's Rant For The Day.    Bagless Cat


The Main Street News Media has been spinning the tale that the economy is great. Our government has manipulated all the economic numbers to prove the recovery. But now the cat is out of the bag. Today Caterpillar company declared that the entire globe is in a depression.


Ever since Caterpillar became worldwide in sales, they have been viewed as the trusty thermometer of the global health. When they pronounce there is no ignoring them. The same has been true of IBM, although their name has been changed. There is no ignoring today's acknowledgment by Caterpillar.


This week's Newsweek, Time, and Fortune must report it. So must Wall Street, New York Times and Fortune. The Main Street News Media must also recognize it or seal their on fate at this point.


The gig is up. Watch now for a desperate government leadership and wanna be Prezs try to ignore the economic situation further.


7/20/15         Jim's Rant For The Day. Times-Picayune.


My father was a car salesman. During my teen driving years I had a chore to do for him. His passion in life was to read the big Sunday newspapers to learn what was going on. I would return home from a date on Saturday nights, sit up till 1:00 AM, then drive down to the Pensacola News Journal and purchase the Sunday edition for him to read during the night. Then at 9:30 AM Sunday I would go to the news stand and acquire the New Orleans Times-Picayune just bused in. Tuesday I would fetch the Sunday New York Times.


Although he was a large man, you could go into his bedroom and not see him hidden under all the newspaper sections, especially after my Mom gave him a pair of pajamas one Christmas made of newspaper looking fabric.


I personally know three degreed journalists who cannot find employment in that field. Two are telemarketers. I mention this because that profession has been destroyed as well by the CABAL. The journalists have been replaced by propaganda writers that submit their crap to all the news medias as script. That is why most of the big newspapers and the main Street News Media are near bankruptcy from loss of viewers. Of course their replacement is the Internet.


The problem with internet news is that it is presented without journalists. Therefore you have to be careful of what you read, such as my news website. That is why I always try to cite all sources and cite several reports on the same subject, so you can determine the truth for yourself, like my Dad did.


By the way, a Picayune is a Spanish coin worth 6 cents that the early newspaper sold for. It also means of small consequence and gossip . And gossip is what we are after.


7/19/15       Jim's Rant For The Day.   Superseded Siege.


Military sieges have always been the same. You surround the community, cut it off from supplies and support, and wait to starve it into submission. Always the same pattern.


But that has been superseded by the new war machine the Banksters' grip. All they have to do is shut down the community banking system. Cut off the flow of money and you cut off the flow of supplies and support, then starve them into submission.


That is happening today in Greece. Goods are backed up on the docks but cannot be released as long as the banks are closed, capital controls are in place and the financing on the containers clears those banks. They are being starved into submission. I point this out for just one reason, that is to warn you of what is coming to the U.S. when they decide to shut down our banks. Just like the shut down of the stock market a few weeks ago, it can come in an instant. Supply your family now.


See: 3 week bank shutdown cost Greek economy €3 billion - Report


7/19/15       Jim's Rant For The Day.    Twilight Zone Silver


It has finally happened, silver has officially entered the Twilight Zone.


Suppose you are a new car dealer and you make an average of $3,000 commission per car sold. Now suppose a 2016 silver colored Viper Eater costs $40,000. Somehow, through a quirk in the system (factory connections) you are able to purchase the car for $5,000 each. But now you can sell them at that cost of $5,000 plus double the commission to you of $6,000 per car sold. Word got out and you have buyers lined up to purchase. Wouldn't that make your day as the car lot owner the best time of your life? You don't have to fight to close the sale, you earn double the commission and can do it all day long. It would be a salesman's dream come true, right?


Well, that is what has happened this past week with silver. It is the hottest commodity on earth right now as the world 's investors are in a panic to own it as a hedge against what is coming. The precious metal retailers are making double their commission on each ounce sold. It is their dream come true. So why would they advertise no more sales for a while? That is what they have actually done; no more sales.


The reason is the Banksters have manipulated and slammed the price to its lowest mark of $14 per ounce in order to discourage investors from moving their investments from stocks to tangible silver & gold. Their aim was to trick buyers into thinking the price was low because no one wanted to invest in it. This has created just the opposite by causing such a tremendous demand for it that there is no longer physical supply of silver at this point. The poor retailers cannot get the supply to sell.


All of this defies the laws of economics. All of you with economics degrees just got screwed by the cheating and manipulations of the Banksters. Economics and silver have just entered the Twilight zone as Economics and capitalism have been destroyed so the Banksters can stay in power.


                                            See where silver sellers have stopped sales: Article


7/18/15     Jim's Rant For The Day.  Told About The Tolled Bell.


"No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.


. . . never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."


We are all familiar with these lines from John Donne's poem, For Whom The Bell Tolls.


Have you noticed that Greece is now the unspoken four letter word on the main Street News? They no longer exist. They don't want us looking at it even though it is now the biggest show on earth! They are our gypsy fortune teller - watch and learn.


Here is the dilemma that the Banksters now have with Greece: Greece is alone and we are watching it. They are ahead of the herd and if they are caught up in the Banksters net it will spook and turn the herd from the trail allowing the herd to avoid that net. We are told $900 Million in cash was given to the Greek banks so they could reopen Monday, then we were told they will not reopen Monday. I wondered why. My first thought is that without more capital controls placed making it harder to withdraw money, the Greeks will just cash out in a day or so out of fear of the banks. So maybe the Banksters are ready to do a bail-in and seize the new cash just lent to the local banks, getting their $900 Million back plus more from the depositors private funds. But no, that is not what I would do, for to do so is to let the big herd members escape. Instead, I would do a bail-in in the the largest cash holding countries, like Germany, France, England and the U.S. Then I would come back for little Greece. That's what I would do.


Look, Greece is in a bad place and will be there for a long time, we can't help that. But here is the ironical thing about them. We need them to suffer their lot so we can observe as they prob the Banksters plans. But at the same time, Greece needs us. We can rise up, defy the Banksters and help end their reign, thus eventually freeing Greece. We need each other. Their fate is ours and ours theirs.  


Make no mistake about it, the bell has tolled.


7/17/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Ditto What They Said.


Wow! This has been a wild news week, hasn't it. And on top of it all I didn't know when to jump in or what to say. I could only watch in shock. I kinda felt like the Ring Leader at the circus stepping up to make announcements and all the while stepping in horse crap with the audience watching him. What can ya say?


I like to keep my Rants short and simple, like me. So here goes. We learned many things this week.


1) That governments everywhere have been conquered by the Cabal and no longer serve the people.


2) That the Cabal is moving as hard as possible to destroy the rights of the people, including the right to disband their government. It is an absolute panic run for the finish line.


3) I too was shocked when Greece caved in to the bankers, but now see it in a clearer light. Tsipras will be seen as a hero. He began in a bad place. He taught the Greek people the truth and organized them against the Banksters. I believe that in the end he was able to get out alive, so far, but he did his part for the people. It is now up to the people to finish the fight knowing that 80% of them feel the same way about it.   Don't forget, the world is now watching.


4)   Greece is our avance guard, have probed the bank default process with the banksters and have shown the world there is no win / win possibility ever in dealing with the Mafia Banksters.   The only winning move is to leave their game.


5) The Cabal is winning at this point. But, there is no clock to end the game. The dice are still in play in Greece, it is not a done deal. The Cabal is pushing hard for world enslavement, but the game will never end. We will play the game until we the people decide to end the game.


6) I reiterate that the Cabal is winning at this time but they are dying. They have lost control, they are insolvent, the world sees their game plan and evilness. They cannot win in the end.


Don't give up heart. Be sure to read this article: The Greek Referendum: A big day for ALL of us and see this 30 Minute Video by SGT Report. They support in detail everything I said above.

P.S. I suspect that the Tennessee shooting will be used to arm the military in the U.S., that is how scared the Cabal is now.


7/15/15     Jim's Rant For The Day.   Dodge


I had breakfast the other day with my son.   He told me all about his new GM dual wheel work truck he purchased. It was old but a super great financial deal, and it was a GM. He even had me go outside so he could show me the GM insignia. So yes, it was a GM.


He stressed the GM part because when he was a teenager I told everyone that he had gotten in so many wrecks that the judge ordered him to give a written warning before he hit anybody else. Therefore, he could only drive a Dodge!


Are the power outages today the Pentagon's way of giving us a non-verbal warning?


7/14/15         Jim's Rant For The Day.   News July 14th, 2015


It's still harvest time for me and in the afternoons I feel like the wicked witch that melted.   Therefore, please allow me to again shoot from the hip and not cite articles or quotes.


Top of the charts is Greece. I cannot predict what will come over the next few weeks there. It is all up in the air for a revolution, regime change or both. They are in a hard place. Word out today is President Tsipras was informed that if a deal was not struck Greece would be invaded. It is also being said that there will be no more elections as they have lost their sovereignty. What is bad is that all of the bailout money will go immediately to the Banksters and will not give relief to the citizens or their economy. This places them in slavery without a mathematical hope of working their way out.


The citizens of Greece understand that now so watch for a revolution followed by the the Bankster's agents (U.S. Military, Germany, etc.) invade for humanitarian purposes. What is telling is that Greece is in better shape than most European countries and of course, the U.S. This is what we all are in store for as long as we allow the Banksters to continue to defraud us.


And speaking of the Banksters defrauding, Germany was told that they must indirectly have it's citizens absorb/ forgive some of Greece's loans, thus allowing the Greeks to pay the Banksters. That ought to make the good German citizens glow with happiness. The Central Banks are insolvent and will squeeze anyone they can, as soon as they can afford to get to them, so watch out U.S.


Next on the chart is the Iranian deal. Of course, the details will tell the real story, which we do not have. But my gut feeling is the U.S. has managed to run off all of its allies (to Russia and China). The U.S. is still trying to remain in power some how in the Middle East, even if it means partnering with it's stated enemy Iran. And that is what that deal was about. The U.S. knows that there are no nuclear weapons in Iran; it was just a ruse to bully them. So now Iran joins the rest of the business world by having its sanctions lifted and the U.S. has a big country to use to continue to bully the others in the region. It is no more than politics and survival instinct at this time for the U.S. My guess was that the U.S. wanted to force a Central Bank on Iran but probably settled for their oil to be sold in the Petro-Dollar only. Time will tell. Stay safe and prepare for the worst here.


7/12/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.    Confederate Butternut


I have read that the Confederate uniforms worn during our Civil War were not entirely gray as we have imagined. They were a variety of colors. Many uniforms were captured Union blue uniforms given several hot baths containing walnut hulls, acorns, and lye. The resulting color was light gray. New home spun material washed in the same solution was a tan color called butternut. Where the variety of colors come into play is the strength of the mixtures, number of baths etc. so no two uniforms were alike.


So too is our vision of what's in store for us when we contemplate a collapse. No two experiences will be the same. We have all seen war movies before but we are in for adventure possibilities much more different than our visions of before. We have been lied to by our government so we do not know what they are up to, what they are capable of and what technology they really have at their disposal.


Are we to just go through a Katrina like food and water shortage? Will we experience a full EMP taking out all of our technology or something else just taking out some of our technology? Will the experience be for a few weeks or a few years? Will it be all over or just in certain congested areas?


For a good advance view of just how bad it might get I suggest the book, One Second After, by William Forstchen ($7 at Amazon). It is a great read as a novel but tutors you in what you will need to know. It is a must have learning tool.


7/10/15       Jim's Rant For The Day.   Chinese Food For Thought.


My apologies for being offline so much during this wild week. It is harvest time on the farm, I am the picker, and it is our food for the year. On top of that my internet server slowed my broadband down until Saturday so I cannot play YouTubes.


China shocked me by the $6 Trillion nationalization of stock (bail-out) of their market today. I have been with people all day and offline so I was not in a quiet place to mull this action over. I don't see where any big people have posted about it yet. So please allow me to shoot from the hip without the luxury of consideration. I am having to resort to this quick action because I will be going to bed soon so I can be back in the field early tomorrow morning till noon.


China coughed up $6 Trillion to stop the market crash there. This was an unplanned emergency move. When you cough up $6 Trillion you will immediately go into panic mode to resupply most of your spent $6 Trillion. You will call in outstanding loans, margin calls and slow down all of your outgoing payments to resupply your cash.


What does this mean to possible support for Greece? What about cash advances for the pipeline deals? Cash advances for the BRICS banking system? That $6 Trillion was a major move on the political / economic chessboard. This is what is going to take time for the big people to analyze the full impact of China's move.


Now just for fun, play a mind game with me. Suppose there was a way for China to avoid all the chaos mentioned above and still get their $6 Trillion back, do you think they might consider taking that option? In order to do the mind game I will use made up numbers for simplicity. They are not actual in any way, OK?


We are told that China has a huge, and possibly the largest, holding of gold. Let's value it at $6 Trillion. Now I assume China's action was with funny fiat money, the same game played by other countries. This means they still have their gold today. Just suppose next week they begin purchasing gold at twice the stated and suppressed price of $1,100 per ounce, thus valuing it at $2,200 per ounce. Immediately everyone on the planet will sell their physical gold to China at the new higher rate of $2,200 per ounce. This will then cause a run on the holders of gold for others to provide them with the physical due them, collapsing those holders and bankers in the West who oversold their physical. Their con would be up.


Are you still with me? But if China just spent $6 Trillion on stocks where will they get the cash to purchase the gold being sold them and driving up the world price for the gold? That is the beauty of this option, China's beginning inventory of $6 Trillion in gold will immediately double in value to $12 Trillion immediately when the world recognizes their gold pricing move. They just got their $6 Trillion back and remain in power!


The question is will they do it? Do they dare do it? The downside is this might create a global World War. Stay tuned Sports Fans.


7/10/15     Jim's Rant For The Day.     Takee Outee.


The cook was on strike yesterday so I ordered out from our favorite ethnic food provider. After placing the order I was informed they had a super special on a dozen fortune cookies. I said. OK. The bizarre thing about this is that all the cookies we opened so far had the same fortune, Heads Up.


Just like you. I am wondering what really happened to the stock market, and probably like you, I don't know. What I do know is that if the plug was pulled by the stock exchange then it means that the global financial bubbles are finally popping, they are scared and trying to buy more time and control the collapse, therefore, ultimately the sky is falling.


But on the other hand, if they were hacked, it could have been hacked by the good guys or the bad guys. If hacked by the bad guys, the sky is about to fall. If hacked by the good guys, the sky is about to fall. Now throw in the stories circulating that it may have been a test hack with the real take down coming soon. Then there are rumors that the entire global system will be pulled in mid-September. Drop in a dash of Jade Helm and we have a real mystery. But then again, Jade Helm is just a training exercise; they were being trained to spend a fortune in moving heavy military equipment cross-country.


Maybe the China-Man is right. Somebody is fixin to take somebody out. No matter how we look at it we had best be prepared.


7/8/15          Jim's Rant For The Day.   Read My Lips.


Still don't believe it will crash? Don't take my word for it, take Obama's from his speech on July 2nd.


Little did we know that when he promised us that the events in Greece and Puerto Rico will not cause a global financial crisis, that he was expecting a report from the twelve biggest Wall Street banks on how they would close during a crisis. Kinda gives you goose bumps of warm safe feelings, doesn't it? But then again that report might have just been the driving exit rout to be used by the Banksters.


I predict that his promise quotation may some day be just as memorial as that other quotation that came out of the Oval Office, Read my lips - Monica Lewinski.


7/6/15     Jim's Rant For The Day.   What's A Margin Call?


During my mid twenties I spent four years as a commercial banker. Once a month I went to the stock market to check the stock values of stocks we held as loan security. If the prices fell enough, we had the customer make a cash payment reducing the loan balance so the bank had no exposure to a loan default we always held more collateral value than the outstanding loan balance. That is the classical margin call.


But there are many forms of margin calls other than the classical. There were some loans based solely on the good customer's signature not requiring collateral. These signature loans were set so they came due every three or six months. We would then have the customer sign a new six month loan for the balance. This was called rolling it over . If the customer's reputation began to be questioned we would have him prove that he was credit worthy and financially liquid before we rolled the note again. We would have him pay off the note in full then roll it over three days later. If he scared us, we would accept the payment then refuse to issue a new loan later. To us that was a margin call.


Let's assume you are the John Deer factory and you sell tractors to dealers on credit. If the dealer has a bad business year you might reduce his line of credit from One million dollars to seven hundred thousand. That too is a form of margin call.


Today every major world bank is making plans for margin calls on anyone they can. The banks need the cash and realize that all of the banks and a lot of the businesses are in serious trouble. It will now turn into a money grabbing free for all as the music begins to stop.


7/6/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Pamela, My Hope Is. .


Two years ago my friend Pamela surprised me when she said she was going to spend the weekend in the cold supporting the local Occupy Wall Street group. I was immediately shamed as I had no plan to do so or reason not to join in, so I did. We both held signs saying, End The Federal Reserve. We talked a lot about what our hopes were for the country. I held the sign for twelve days from 7:30 AM till noon. Pamela's dedication to the cause is what has kept me going for so long; I wouldn't be here if it hadn't been for her. But don't tell her I said that.


My hope is that the world is now awake as to the Central Banks destruction of sovereign countries, and now recognize that contrary to popular belief, they are in the business of destruction of nations, not helping them. Greece is in a bad place and will remain there for some time, but at least they will suffer defiantly by turning on the Central Banks. They are showing the rest of us the way. I hope Russia assists them some. I no longer fear that the rest of the Euro countries will peck them to death because of their new relationship with Russia and because the Euro countries now realize they too are in the same situation with the Central Banks. Those banks have destroyed the European Union and the member countries now must face that.


Back at home we have the crisis in Puerto Rico. Just like Europe not being able to now invade Greece, the U.S. cannot invade Puerto Rico to make them pay as we already own it. Neither our Central Bank nor our government can bail them out as both are insolvent. We have already looted them over the years. We can now see that the Central bank's can only destroy them further but are not in the business of saving them.


What all this means to me is that the CABAL is finished. They lost their big opportunity to set off a nuclear device in the U.S. to whip us back into shape. But now the world is on to them and watching close. If they try a false flag it will surely go bad for them, the obvious perpetrators. This weekend was a good time to explode something because the elites would have the cover of a holiday getaway to be out of town when it occurred. That opportunity is passed.


My hope is that all the Central Banks and the CABAL can do now is fade away without reeking havoc.


7/5/15         Jim's Rant For The Day.     Again Time


Dr. Phil so wisely frames it as, You can't change it if you don't own it. We cannot formulate a solution to mankind's problem if we do not recognize what our problem is, and this is what our problem has been. It has been disguised and concealed from us, even though it stares us right in the face. We have been conditioned to believe our problem is that we are different from each other and therefore we have wars. This is the farthest thing from the truth.


Michael Rivero has done an incredible job in explaining quickly and simply what humanity's problem is. In this endeavor, the man is a genius by summing it up so succinctly. Our problem is not Obama nor Congress, albeit they are players in our problem, Our problem is that the masses do not recognize the problem. That we must change that by sharing Rivero's video.


Mankind has been shown the problem and it's simple solution time and time again. Rivero starts with the American Revolution being fought because the English Central Bank forced their Central Bank money and debt system on the colonies, destroying its booming colony under self created currency until then. So the Colonies rebelled and vowed to be free of the Central Banks.


But alas, twice we were forced under central banks again to the country's ruination until they were closed. Then in 1913 we were again forced under a Central bank, the Federal Reserve, and thus began the World Wars so the new Central Banks could expand. To counter these Central Banks we had the fortune of several heroes in the U.S., not limited to just Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, who all faced assassination for standing up to the Banksters. But lets not limit ourselves to the U.S. In the past, the world also had Russia, Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi heroically standing up to the Banksters. Yes, I realize that to us the last three men are villains but that is because we were trained by the Banksters to believe that about them. If you actually go back and study what they did to cast out the Central banks you will see them in a much different light.


Do the world a favor and watch River’s video. I assure you it will not be boring. Then share it with the world. Once again, we are on the precipice of ending the Central Bankers once and for all. Little Iceland recently did it. Greece and others are about to do it. We are now being conditioned to hate the Islamists because they do not believe in paying interest. The least we can do is support all of the above mentioned by being knowledgeable as they lead us on in the process of freeing humanity. First humanity freed itself from the Divine Right Rule by Royalty, then it freed itself from Slavery, and now we are about to free ourselves from Debt Slavery. Do your part; know the problem.

See: All Wars Are Bankers' Wars - Michael Rivero Video


7/3/15   Jim's Rant For The Day.     NADS


I do a lot of research for this website (WS) and I am getting sick of all the acronyms (ACR) I run across. It seems like everybody has numerous ones all for themselves that we simply must learn, almost as if we are ordered to do so by Federal Statute (U.S.C.). I will admit however that my all time favorite was the softball team manned by the security guys at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, the NADS (Naval Air Department of Security). Although I never witnessed it myself, I understand that their wives were real crowd pleasers when they cheered on their favorite team by shouting, Go NADS!


Greece is being asked to decide if they want to continue more enslavement by borrowing from banks to repay the banks. Puerto Rico is being asked to make the same decision. My hope is that Puerto Rico, Greece and soon to be the United states has the gonads to stand tall and vote the bankers out of the country once and for all as little Iceland did. Go NADS!


7/2/15   Jim's Rant For the Day.   Diversion Math.


I am one of those weirdos that is always doing statistics in my head looking continually for anomalies that don't belong. While eating breakfast I discovered an active shooter in the D.C. shipyard. The ole number wheel spun into action.


Yesterday I suggested that the Banksters only need to keep the world stupid through Thursday as Friday is a banking holiday. Then all they have to do is a massive false flag, say to take the banking software down, over the weekend, remember? So what are the odds that on Thursday morning, at exactly 8:00 AM, the news coverage is set in motion for the rest of the day? Isn't that strange?


And speaking of strange, what are the odds of the shooting occurring at a location that a dozen folks were shot a few years ago? Now how convenient that not only does the press have current coverage for the day but they can also focus on the old sensational news footage. All that's missing is the Miss Nude Contest being held there at the same time!  




7/2/15 Jim's Rant For The Day. Jesus O'clock.


Europe is falling apart; it is being repossessed by the Banksters. Don't make the mistake of thinking that it is just happening to them or Greece. It's not. We are all European. You may be an American when you go into the bathroom, and an American when you come out, but when you are in the bathroom, Europeeing, the same as them.


It just happened to Greece and Iceland when the Banksters eagerly dined and financed their governments into thin air debt death, with the next step repossession of their sovereignty. When the debt collapses the government, it's time to encircle the nets and enslave them. It begins with capital controls which blocks retrieval of personal money from the fiat system. From there it is a fight for your life to feed yourself. They then own you.

But the capital controls have only been placed on Greece, right? Look again. It has been placed in America as of Tuesday with the government takeover of the Commodities market. Next it will be a bank holiday here too. It must happen as time is running out for the Banksters.


I believe it is now Come to Jesus time you either believe or you are damned to hell. We all must see that the Banksters have been trying to corner the world by buying it up with fictitious fiat money.


They have cheated the rules and laws to own the world and are now in the final stages of accomplishing that. Their last swindle is to refuse to pay out on their derivatives and thus suck up the last of the pension funds and personal cash in the banks. They then will have inherited the world and all of humanity.


But as I said, it is now Come to Jesus time. I have read and learned a lot in preparing my family to survive the collapse. One thing I learned is that for any one to survive a survival situation you have to get mad and dig deep down inside of yourself and blood vow that you will do whatever is necessary to survive the ordeal anything. We each must decide this too, that we will survive and defeat the Banksters, no matter what it takes. We are now at that time. Be prepared to no longer pay the bastards for anything. Be prepared to defend your property from them. Be prepared for civil disobedience of their illegal laws and newly created paid thugs that may no longer act as police but rather occupiers and defenders of the elite realm. Be fully prepared to defend your family, both here and in Europe, even if it is with your life, for what is the life of your family worth without freedom? Be prepared.


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