It's All Just A Blur.

9/7/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  It's All Just A Blur.

I know, I was wrong again with my warning about Labor Day weekend. On the surface it appeared to be a very quiet three days, but wow, has the news sped up at the same time!

Let's talk about the Main Street News Media first. Gretta Van Susteren appears to have left her job in disgust. Early reports were that she wanted to discuss Hillary's health but was not allowed to do so. This makes three news super stars that have been lost to “poor health issues”.

Then in Bill Still's report yesterday, he suggests that, “Rupert Murdock and his sons are suddenly backing out of the FOX News limelight, in the wake of loads of negative publicity, via the recent New York magazine piece.” Still goes on to suggest that Trump News will soon replace the failing news station(s).

The amazing fact about the suicide of the Main Street News Media is that they have been throwing themselves on grenades to shield Hillary from discussion of her health issues when this weekend we learned that she used her health as an attempted cop out for her crimes in the FBI interview. The news medias are dying for her and she cops out and rats on herself!

Next let us discuss the President of the United States. China snubbed him by making him slink down the back stairs of his plane while Russia and others all got the red carpet treatment at the G20. Then the President of the Philippines called his Mamma a hoar because Obama called out the Philippines for killing drug dealers there (which may include CIA operatives), in an attempt to end the drug business. Of course, this offended the Philippine president in that Obama himself is ordering the killing of innocent people around the world with drone strikes. Is Obama still the president of the world's super power? Is Obama still the president? Stay tuned folks.

Then we have the jumping rats. Let's face it, the U.S. has very few allies now. The last I checked we were down to Canada and the tiny country of Qatar. In the past two days Canada has asked to join the Russia / China banking alliance and Qatar has asked to ally with Russia.

Finally we have the Ben Fulford Report Tuesday. I believe that the majority of his report is accurate. I believe that the U.S. Military mutiny has gotten stronger. I believe that the 20% breakaway military in space, from my article, Humanity Awakens, has now joined in to take down the Cabal. This is evidenced by the destruction of the Facebook rocket launch and the two underground explosions, one in the U.S. and the other offshore of Jacksonville.

These major events are now happening so fast that it is all just a blur. One thing is for sure however, we are seeing our whole way of life changing before our very eyes. Again, stay tuned folks.