Tiger By The Tail.

9/11/16    Jim's Rant For The Day. Tiger By The Tail.

There was a young lady of Niger
Who smiled as she rode a tiger,
They came back from the ride
with the lady inside,
and the smile on the face of the tiger. - Anonymous

My first introduction to tiger riding came from my Latin studies. It seemed that the only book written in the dead language was Caesar's journals of conquering the known world and making it an empire to serve Rome. As I recall, the book ended badly for Rome. So too did all the sequels to that book, as written by the Ottomans, Turks, Crusades, British, Napoleon, ET. AL. The last chapter never changed.

While we were being schooled in ancient empires we were distracted from the fact that our own country was bitten by the empire bug. But this time it was different. It was now more banking cartels and economic titans in nature more so than military in nature. Oh, don't get me wrong, there was a military side to it but it was mostly bluffing with atom bomb threats along with smaller skirmishes to scare all others into submission.

But now it appears that we too are coming to the final chapter. The problem is that those that have the empire tiger by the tail don't know how to turn it loose. The problem for the rest of the world is that they can retreat into a cave, pull a halyard and destroy all that is non-cave; a bold new ending to the book.

                                           Source:    ResetUS.us