No Matter What's The Matter.

9/13/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  No Matter What's The Matter.

It has been fun serving you Hillary the past two days, but I am done. It's time to move on.

It doesn't matter what's the matter with her. It does not matter whether it was staged or not. It doesn't matter if she is alive or dead. Nor does it matter if it was Hillary or a double. All that matters is she is no longer in the running for presidency.

What does matter is that we have 60 days left until the election. The Cabal surely must be in panic in having to change horses in such a short time and after such a massive investment in a dead horse. They pumped the idea that the race was close or winnable by Hillary so they could steal votes from the machines, enough to win it. Now all that is up in the air with having to rebuild in just 60 days.

What matters is what is at stake. - future control of the earth, that is all. Let's face it, with so much riding for the Cabal, this is not a desirable place to be. The way I see it, they have three shots at it: Kill Trump, pour all of their money in and cheat like hell for 60 days, or stop the election. This is where we need to focus, not on Hillary's fallen slipper, as the slipper no longer matters.

Angela Merkel told the Cabal to go to hell and is hurrying Germany for WWIII to start on German soil. She and three other neighboring countries are quickly having their citizens stockpile food and water. Germany is considering arming the entire population and they are now once again conscripting for the army. Why the panic? Because the U.S. is staging many tank units in Germany, without their permission, for an invasion into Russia, that is why. Merkel is tired of being pushed around and wants the country's sovereignty back from the West. That is why the other European countries are also acting as they are right now. They have had enough of the Cabal.

So too here in America, The Cabal knows this. They are desperate. The people want their sovereignty back. Congress knows this. They are terrified now that their savior, Hillary, has fallen. She was the key to their not being arrested or hung. She has now either fallen or skipped out leaving her minions to hang in the air, so to say.

Continue to be vigilant and prepared. The next hurdle is the debate scheduled for September 26th. The Cabal may be forced to act by then. The financial collapse must occur soon; they no longer have the luxury of time.