Vacuum Packed Deutsche Bank.

9/16/16    Jim's Rant For The Day. Vacuum Packed Deutsche Bank.

Yesterday the U.S. Dept. of Justice fined the failing German Deutsche Bank $14 Billion for mortgage Fraud. In a minute we will dissect this sentence.

You know how us old codgers are, always having memory flashbacks. In writing the above the flash that went thru my mind was the first dirty joke my Mother ever told me. I was Twenty-three and driving her home from work. It was during the time of Nixon's Watergate problem. She told me that Mrs. Nixon went to the Gynecologist who discovered she had crabs. The doctor then consulted with her two partners about what to do. She said, “This is too difficult for me to decide on my own to tell the First Lady this. I can't just blurt it out.” So the three of them devised a plan. The doctor went back in and said to the First Lady, “Your water gate has been bugged!”

The DOJ can't just blurt it out either. The world knows that Deutsche Bank is probably the one that will take down all the banks. The DOJ does not work in a vacuum. They would not be the one to make that kind of a decision. Whoever arrived at the $14 Billion was also the one to decide to “sic 'em” at this time. This is a planned take down in my opinion, the same as the planned take down of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

Be on the lookout, we may be having another Lehman Brothers weekend.