Movie Trifecto

9/17/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.    Movie Trifecto:  Sully, Amerigeddon & Snowden. 

      Movie: Sully

This past Sunday I saw the above movie, about pilot “Sully” Chesley Sullenberger, who successfully crash landed his commercial flight into the Hudson river in 2009. The story is centered on what happened after the landing when he was investigated by the Feds (FAA) for reckless endangerment of his passengers.

The movie is most uplifting if you are feeling down. It re-verifies that the truth is truth. It stars Tom Hanks, has superb acting and is totally riveting. It is a must see.

       Movie: Amerigeddon

Thursday I received my DVD of the above movie. If you ordered a DVD, know that they are about a month behind in delivery. When they notify you of shipment expect in within 3 – 4 days.

For those unfamiliar with the movie be aware of this. First, TPTB barred it from being shown in the United States. Since it's release in March it has only been shown in four theaters in our country. The DVD is just now being released. Secondly, it is about the pending collapse of our Constitutional country into a total dictatorship and the destruction of the population.

It is easy to see why it was banned here. It gives the exact blueprint that the Cabal is carrying out now on the U.S. take down. It shows how U.N. troops are now staged here and the training being done by our military to carry out this plan. And it shows much more.

Please watch the first 45 minutes as that is where it all is. The rest saves the viewer from seeing the horror of what is about to be unleashed. It is pretty tame in that respect. Surprisingly, there is no foul language.

      Movie: Snowden.

Yesterday I saw the above movie about Edward Snowden, the man that released CIA information about how the NSA and CIA were spying of all Americans illegally and how Drones were killing innocent people illegally as well.

It was easy to understand why the Cabal censured the movie Amerigedden but as I watched Snowden I kept wondering why they allowed it to be released. Then I got it. The damage is done from Snowden's leak, but the damage from what is depicted by Amerigeddon is still a month away, so lets keep that one secret.

Snowden is deep, intense and at the same time boring as it's about gifted geeks out-programming each other. I was fortunate as I missed lunch before viewing it. My advice is skip your meal too so you can keep up. I rate this movie as a Must See as well. It is most uplifting.

As a side note, A friend came to my home yesterday morning to view Amerigeddon. When it was over she asked if anyone knew who any of the good guys really are? I responded, “Yes, some of them.” At the end of the movie my thought returned to her question, with my answer now, “Yes, and Edward Snowden is one of them.”