What Fulford Said But Didn't Say.

9/19/16    Jim's Rant For The Day. What Fulford Said But Didn't Say.

Alright everybody, just calm down and we will try this again! Remember Jim's Motto: Most newsletters are filled with disinformation as filler.

This is what Fulford said but didn't say:

1. It won't be until next Tuesday before we know a little more about Hillary's status. That is because Tuesday is the day after she is to debate Trump.

2. If Hillary is out of the race the Cabal has just this week to control the take down. That is because by next Tuesday, if Hillary was a no show, the Cabal will have totally lost their propaganda machine completely, their last bastion of power over us.

3. The military is still in bed with the military industrial complex, trying to jockey for some world control.

4. If Canada's Trudeau becomes president of both countries, it means:

A. Immediate revolution in the U.S.

B. The U.S. just lost its Constitution,

C. It would take at about a year to do away with the constitution (legally). That means that if the election were stopped, the U.S. would have no leader after January 20th.

D. If a Military Coup stopped the elections, they would have to explain why they did when we still have three candidates on the ticket and a Hillary replacement is there now or could be selected. No explanation of the action taken just to stop Trump would be able to prevent a revolution.

E. If China makes a regime change in the U.S. we would then be at war.

THEREFORE. I call bullshit on the Trudeau section.           

So just what did Fulford say? In my words, “Keep your heads down, all shit is about to break out!”

                      Source:   ResetUS.us