Nine Month Expectancy.

9/22/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Nine Month Expectancy.

So just what can we expect to happen the rest of this month? I don't know for you but I do know for me. This is what I expect to happen between now and the end of September.

Hillary will be a no show at the debates. Her motorcade will pull up and suddenly leave because of possible sniper fire, or her car will be in an accident or the driver will think the debate is in Boston, or if she shows up, a car wreck will take out the electrical power. The result will be that we the common folk will not know what the real score is until late Tuesday or Wednesday. This will buy them a few more days.

Russia has had enough of the U.S. in Syria. Sorry for the spelling of the U.S.? because I don't know if it is the U.S.? or the CIA. Frankly I am like Russia, I don't give a damn anymore. You saw yesterday where Russia sent a cruise missile into the cave where the U.S.? / CiA, Israel, British and Australian terror groups leadership/ military advisers were leading from, killing 30 of them. Then later after that Russia & Syria ended two rebel offensive moves. Yesterday evening Russia vowed to shoot down immediately any aircraft threatening Syrian troops. It is as close to all out Russia vs U.S. war as can be now. The next step is tactical nukes, which I understand Russia does not possess; they only have the real things. So for the next week keep your eye on Syria.

If you trust in Cliff High then watch for the bond market melt down, staring this week. I personally think we are about there myself. I see where silver rose about a full dollar the past two days. My guess is that the Cabal is bringing down the dollar now, which takes time.

I believe we will make it through September but the real crazy take down stuff will happen in October.