Nuclear War Survivability.

9/29/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.   Nuclear War Survivability.

Note: I was asked to watch and review a 1990, James Earl Jones movie about a fail-safe nuclear war happening. This communication occurred on a Prepper website. 

Ready:    I just finished By Dawn's Early Light. It was most frightening.  You asked for a movie review.  It's late and was a scary movie, a real life Dr. Strangelove.  So in place of a review please allow me to share some thoughts that I had as watching it.  Instead of the usual movie review of, “You'll laugh, you'll cry, you will kiss ten bucks goodby.”, let me give my opinion on the jest of the story. I know it has turned out to be verbose and you have limited website space, so I will share with you now and come back in a week and delete of of these related postings. 

But first the disclaimer.  I was considered too ugly for the Vietnam draft so I have no military experience.  I have been a most avid reader since early childhood and have only done serious reading, thus my only contact with horror has been through books.

When I was 14, which was three years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, I read tow books about the same time as each other.  The first was  Hiroshima, by John Hershey, a journal, more or less of six survivors of the atom bomb dropped there in 1945.  I thought nothing could be more horrible that what was relayed in that book, but I was wrong as I will share later.

Two memories have haunted me from the book.  First was a Japanese woman who heard a slight knock on her door the evening of the blast.  She was confronted with a strange unknown animal upright that had a face with no features.  She then realized it was a human with eyes , and nose melted away and the mouth, for the most part melted mostly closed.  The human asked only for a drink of water., received it and disappeared.

The other memory was of a priest that realized all the injured laying along a river bank for relief would soon die as the river was rising.  He and another began lifting one person at a time and moving them to safety.  He lifted one man by his ankles and all the meat pulled away from his legs.  The priest threw up from the pain he had inflicted.

The more horrible thought about Hiroshima is that a few years ago I discovered proof that the Japanese government and Emperor had been trying to surrender for two weeks prior.  The decision was to demonstrate the bomb to scare the rest of the world.  That is scary!

Then I read a government published Civil Defense Handbook for Nuclear Attack. I read it from cover to cover.  It detailed making a fallout shelter in a basement. It said to stay there until the all clear and help arrived.  I was impressed.  But then I read the Appendix exhibits.  One was a math workout on the half life of the radiation.  From the calculations you could not consume food or water from the area for about 500 years!  Then I began to question where the help would come from under these conditions. All of this negated the entire book! I now understand that our government tried to soft sell the idea that nuclear war was survivable so the citizenry would not rise up in protest of more nuclear weapons in our arsenal.   All of the above is the horror of nuclear war.
So in spite of seeing the horribleness of the movie I also saw the following good news.  I believe that we are all connected in a way that most humans are not aware.  We are learning how to be humans; how to create a better life, and we are in some way sharing all that we are learning.  Because of the connectedness, warfare is as insane as using our right hand to hit our left hand with a hammer!

We, as a species, are going through an awakening process to discover who we really are and capable of becoming.  We are recreating ourselves.  This is occurring to us not only on an intellectual level but also on a biological level.   We are evolving.   I believe as other writers are say, “That we are on the cusp of a global revolution.”  That is what we are up to at this time.

I invite you to just review this 18 minute video I posted on my website just yesterday to see just a sliver of what you and I may be seeing in Dawn's Early Light.
Video:    The Myth of Authority.