Deutsche Bank Going Dutch?

9/30/16    Jim's Rant For The Day. Deutsche Bank Going Dutch?

There are rumors that the U.S. Justice Department has forgiven some of it's fine and now the world banking system is saved forever. Don't believe it for a minute.

The reason banks fail on Fridays is because the big powers can use the weekend to take advantage of the system failure. They will jockey for position, fabricate a lie to tell the people, or be first in line to get paid with the remaining funds.

Deutsche Bank and the other Central Banks are in trouble because they have been insolvent for over ten years now. The governments have been lying for them. They are still around because we have not caught on to the con yet. This week the world has warned us that they are all conning the people. Has enough confidence been destroyed by that announcement? Will other banks continue to lend them billions in Overnight Repos hoping to get it back at sunrise? We won't know these answers until next week. In the meantime, I suggest you continue to prep.