Cheap Western Death.

10/5/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Cheap Western Death.

So here's the score of the Collapse to date. What we are seeing is a cheap Western death, you remember, the ones where it takes the bad guy five minutes to die. He leans on the wall, the gun goes loose in his hand, he staggers a few steps, the gun drops, he falls to his knees, then rolls over. Just when you think he is dead he gets up and goes into the saloon for one last drink, then back out to the dirt street to finally succumb.

That is what is happening to Deutsche Bank. Here's why. When a normal company goes bankrupt it is because their bank finally pulls the plug on them. The company is bouncing more and more bad checks to the point that the bank itself is at risk of taking a loss when the company finally goes down. So the bank closes all of the customers bank accounts. But in the case of Deutsche Bank, it's banks are insolvent like them and they are interconnected, so when Deutsche goes so might they. Everybody is frozen now in fear. But recall what one Economist said last week, that for Germany to bail them out, there would have to be nineteen Germanies! So expect a death rather than a bailout.

Here is the problem for the Cabal. I think they pulled the plug on Deutsche Bank and expected them to die over the weekend but they didn't. Now the Cabal is desperate for any kind of a death so they will be able to blame the financial collapse on that scapegoat. That is why they are meeting today in New York to agree to complete the invasion of Syria and entice Russia in all out war this week. The economy is crashing and they can't wait for Deutsche to have that last drink. Stay alert and prepared.