Rushing A Bums Rush.

10/11/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Rushing A Bums Rush.

We keep asking, “What can little ole me do to change this?” in regards to the world mess the Cabal has us in. Even I keep asking myself this. I keep seeing the only course of real action is to get a gun and hop a bus to D. C. but then I snap out of it. But still I ask.

Well I finally came up with something not as drastic as a Greyhound ride. If we assume that Trump will win the election and live to be sworn in, he will need help. The help he will need is twofold: a mandate from the people to congress and ejection of all the politicians unwilling to change our course. That is a pretty tall order with just a month to go before the elections. How can we ever get organized to do it?

Well, in actuality it is easy to do – just Google it from the comfort of your own home! Go to your county Supervisor of elections website and download the sample ballot. Then go through the trouble of marking all incumbents for ALL offices. The next step is to make a conscious effort to determine if an incumbent should be retained. After that, make your best selections from the newbys, hopefully with those with the guts to admit they are awake.

By rushing through the process to give the professional politicians the bum's rush we will give our country a resounding mandate. This is quick, easy and does not require gun play. Hope you join me.