Zero Based Budgeting.

10/17/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Zero Based Budgeting.

Zero Based Budgeting is a radical method of turning around a business in financial trouble. Simply put, you take last years budgets, by department, and zero them out and make each department justify every dollar in the new budget. In fact, you even make each department justify its existence. This is radically different from everyone taking last years budget and increasing it by 10 percent just because. Trust me, the new method certainly takes a serious look at what an organization is doing.

I share this with you because of Benjamin Fulford's post today. As usual, on several occasions in the report he says, “Insiders inside the CIA (or FBI) tell us. . .“ Aren't these employees of the CIA and FBI working for organizations that we know are lying to us and have been to one degree or other, for years? I know that not all of them are bad apples, but . .

In fact, when you think of the CIA don't you automatically get a vision of liars, as that is their profession? Isn't the CIA in cahoots with the State Department for control of the global drug trade? So I ask you do you get comfort now from hearing “Insiders of the CIA say. . . ?”

I guess that what I am getting at is there must come a time when we as citizens get mad enough and take our country back from liars and thieves and stop allowing ourselves to be conned! We need to go to Zero Based Budgeting and determine what we need in a CIA or FBI that serves the people, and the people only. We need to do the same for out political leaders, that is zero base budget them to see if we truly need THEM specifically.

Whatever is about to happen to us, our freedom and our country is coming on fast. The question is are we going to sit on the couch because that is the politically correct thing to do or are we going to grow a set and be prepared to storm the Bastille when they do to us what they are moving to do? Will history write about our couch sitting when they refer to “Pussy-gate” or will the writing be about the final straw of the people being manipulated by the Elite?

Get your family safe and prepare to defend your sovereign liberty! I don't believe anyone is going to save us but us. Hopefully we will have some help, but in the meantime get your mind ready for the Bastille.