Stock In Trade.

10/30/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Stock In Trade.

Step 1. Follow the Laptop Logic. When the news of the Anthony Weiner and the 10,000 emails first broke, my first assumption was he was broke and inherited an old computer from Huma, Hillary's assistant, therefore the story was believable. But wait a minute, as Hillary's No 1 assistant, surely she gets more than minimum wage right? So why risk a hand me down, especially after Huma signed an affidavit when she left the State Department stating all computers were turned over to the government?

Step 2. Add in Election Stealing Audio. Now we have the 2006 audio of Hillary discussing rigging the Palestine election. Wait a minute, isn't that Hillary's stock in trade? Didn't she get her PHD in Election Snatching when as a new attorney she worked on the Richard Nixon election fraud investigation? Didn't she get fired from that job for being too illegal?

Final Summation. I whole heatedly agree with the Anthony Weiner Sex Hoax video in that the story is a reuse to safely evacuate Hillary because the people know too much about her stock in trade for her to win. Stay tuned Folks!