Push Button Defense

10/30/16    Jim's Rant For The Day. Push Button Defense

Our Fall-Back survival group just acquired a 12 station remote controlled defense system. I am not an electronics buff so bear with me in my description of the system and how it can be utilized in a suburban defensive system.

First the Description. It was crafted for us in the event of chaos. It consists of two parts. First it has a hand held controller with 12 buttons (circuits). Then it has a receiver that can be up to 1,000 feet away (2,000 with a $20 antenna). The receiver is a plastic ammo can containing a small 12 volt battery (with charger), 12 speaker type punch terminals for each circuit, a circuit test probe, and an on/off safety switch. Cost: $400.

Not included: We had to add the twisted pair bell wire. We believe that each circuit can run about 50 feet away from the controller, but this could be more. Depending on your application, Also added are: 12 VDC tail light bulbs ($5), firecrackers, ($5) Christmas tree lights ($5), gunpowder ($25), latching relay ($30), solenoid ($5) and a 12 VDC sprinkler valve.

Actions Available: The solenoid can push or pull, as in pull a trigger, release a trip wire, lock a door, etc. A $5 motor can pull a wire. The Xmas light can light a firecracker (or bigger) by filling the broken light with the fuse and pinch of gunpowder. The sprinkler valve can release water from one bucket to another thus adding extra weight to a soon to be falling object. It can also pour kerosene on something that can then be ignited by a Xmas light.

The latching relay switch simply turns on another circuit, with the new circuit being 12 VDC, another VDC circuit such as 9 VDC or even a 110 A/C circuit. The relay could be used to activate a 1.5 VDC radio or turn on a 12 volt car headlight running off a separate car sized battery all night.

Practical Defense.

Sniper Pit: Dig a hole one foot deep and cover it with a piece of tin roofing. Paint it camouflage. Tilt the side facing the house up one foot, enough for a sniper to shoot from. Now build another one a distance away. When an intruder is near the house with the pits behind him surprise him.

Use a motor to rustle a bush. Light a flashlight in the hole. Shoot a gun. Or just take the easy way by turning on two GMRS radios with the volume up high. Then talk from the house radio ordering, “Ya'll don't shoot 'em 'til We shoot first.” They'll be gone!

Don't Be Bees: Place a bee hive at home entrances and turn them over.

                 Source:    ResetUS.us


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