After The Vote

11/5/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.   After The Vote

Everybody out there has their own guess as to what will happen November 9th, the day after the vote. Here is my guess. Trump will win by a major landslide, based on the true, unadulterated popular vote. We are getting reports that the electors supporting Hillary may be jumping ship and will vote Trump, therefore, Trump will be crowned. Now the guess part gets complicated because the Cabal will have to decide if they will rig the popular votes. It is suspected that would be implemented by the machines shaving a floating percentage of Trump votes to be given to Hillary, in such a manner that at poll closing time, the Hillary lead will end up at a predetermined percentage lead over Trump.

I believe that if the above occurs, after the vote, a revolution may begin or perhaps the Military will do a simmered down coup or perhaps the mid levels at the DOJ and FBI may do questionable things (mutiny) in order to take control of those organizations to roll back the Hillary win. Please let me know your guess, before after the vote. Thanks.