All Of My Life.

11/7/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  All Of My Life.

All of my life, which I call, “I remember when . .”, I have never experienced any time like this time.

It is filled with hope, fear, possible terror, pride in taking a stand to define oneself, guilt and again hope. It's as if when I remember when, my whole life was yearning for today's arrival, but despite all the training for this time, all I can expect is the unexpected. Will the unexpected be good or bad.

Saturday I was reading a book chronicling personal experiences of the brave soldiers that were sacrificed and sacrificed themselves in the D-Day Normandy invasion. One such man was trained over and over again for all contingencies for he and his partner to sneak ashore on the landing beach New Year's eve before D-Day to take soil samples to determine if heavy equipment could traverse the beach.

Their excursion had been planned down to the last detail. Special wet suits were made with sealed boots and the entire suit had a quilt on the inside to prevent hypothermia as long as it was watertight. And speaking of watertight, they were given unknown until then, waterproof watches. As planned they swam ashore to hear the German soldiers singing awaiting the new year. They got their soil samples and began to swim back to their pick up point at sea when the soldier heard his partner hollering at him from a distance behind.

Something must have gone wrong for them to be separated. His thoughts from training were cramps or a punctured wetsuit. He was furiously racing back to his partner in danger until he understood that what he was hollering was, “Happy New Year”, per his fancy watch! I hope our story now ends as well.