The Deplorables Rise Up.

11/10/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  The Deplorables Rise Up.

Please allow me to share my thoughts on the Trump victory. First of all it was a victory for humanity. We here in America dodged one of two bullets, the first being entrapment in an oppressive government in the vacuum of our lost constitution. We now have an opportunity to revert back to the republic as the Cabal has lost its total grip on our minds. I hope and trust that Trump will cause this to happen, although I recognize it will require time. But hopefully we will see action begin immediately upon his inauguration, if not before.

In regards to the Hillary corruption I would be pleased to say I am in favor of an amnesty tendered to her, and the Cabal for the sake of peace and cooperation. However I am sad to say I cannot do that. I think there are certain acts so disgusting and reprehensible to humans, such as cannibalism for fun, that we must violently purge the thoughts and seeds of it so it can never fester in another member of humanity again. This is one case that screams for it, otherwise that business model will continue to flourish and be profitable. We must demonstrate that we have returned to a lawful land, and until we do, the world will shun us for centuries to come, lest their children pick up our habits.

The second bullet headed our way prior to the election is the financial collapse. That bullet is still on course straight at us and we will not dodge it. Our capitalistic system, national wealth, personal wealth, real National GDP and way of life have all been destroyed. There is the devil to pay for this and we cannot recover from it until we hit it head on. If the expression, “Necessity is the Mother of invention”, is true, then we must face up to the reality of where we are now so we can now, now in the light of day, recreate ourselves in a better world. We must recreate our financial, economic, political, legal and all of our other systems. I once read a business management book in which the author said, “if you don't think your business has problems then you haven't looked at it lately.” - definitely sound advice for us today!

Therefore, fear not as the stock market goes crazy and all other financial horrors show that they were in the shadows all along. In actuality it will just be growing pains.