Battened HAtches

11/11/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Battened Hatches

A nautical hatch is the cover for a hatchway, the large hole in an old sailing ship's deck used to allow cargo and air flow into it's belly. A batten is a board or timber used to lock the hatch into place during a storm. Thus when a sailor heard, “Batten all hatches”, he knew a rough ride was ahead. CNBC, the financial channel, has battened it's main hatch down two days ago.

They stopped flashing the DOW averages in the lower right corner of their screen as they used to since their inception. The Dow is their main business, mind you. That is tantamount to a jeweler no longer displaying his shiny diamond articles in the glass showcase. You just heard the order Folks, so prepare for a rough ride.