Trained Shallow Voters.

11/14/16   Jim's Rant For The Day.  Trained Shallow Voters.

Although unintended, our Junior High civics teachers trained us to be shallow voters. I feel sorry for both them and us as the opposite was intended – to make us serious thinking voters when we became of age.

Here is what happened. In conjunction of learning the democratic way, we were tasked to elect the class president, hall line monitor or what all. On voting day the five suspects were allowed to give a talk about why they should win. We then voted. Sounds innocent enough, doesn't it? But lets look at it closer.

First we were trained to base our vote on one speech. Mistake number one. Then because we really didn't care what the Class President did, as he was not supposed to do anything, we were actually voting on the personality. This is the biggest mistake of all. What we should have been taught, and I don't know how that could have been accomplished, was to decide on what direction we wanted our organization to go in. This is the most paramount principle of democracy and most of us have never learned that lesson!

In actuality this is what should run board rooms, what direction shall we go in and who is the best suited to get us there? This is how the Main Street News Media and the Democrats hijacked the national debate this recent election. They based the whole debate on personality. That is why the Anti-Trump protesters are crying, “Misogynistic, racist and xenophobic, tat least the ones not being paid, that is.

So once again I suggest that by accident we were trained to be shallow voters and until most of us outgrow this fault we will always be at the mercy of the schemers and controllers who wish to dominate us. It is totally our choice.