Elizabeth Báthory

12/1/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.   Elizabeth Báthory

Countess Elizabeth Báthory (1560 – 1614), of Hungary, still reins the queen after 400 years.

She is listed by Guinness Book of World Records as the most prolific female murderer. It is believed that for sport she tortured and killed 650 persons, mostly young maidens. The people of the region knew what she was doing but could not stop her because of her position of power. Her relatives, the ruling class, feared that if a trial was held, it would incite the citizenry to dethrone all of them as well. So in desperation, Elizabeth was quietly detained in a castle cell until her death.

The bottom line was she was above the law until she was a danger to all the others above the law. Kinda rings bell, doesn't it? Hillary and others may be up there with Lizzi. But where does the killing count begin? Is it just the few killed to keep the elite in power, or shall we add in the millions of deaths from the wars waged so the elite could remain elite? We are disgusted that Hillary violated Elections Laws in the Presidential race. So what? We say now that PizzaGate is out in the open we can get them all. So what?

Until the citizenry itself creates and enforces law and order on the same level for all, the above crimes do not matter. If Hillary's “relatives” in the elite quietly locks her away so there is no trial, then Elizabeth and her likes will continue to rein over us for another four hundred years. We are free to choose the same as the 1600 circa citizens chose. Choose well.

                                                       Source:   ResetUS.us