White Supremests of Color.

12/3/16  Jim's Rant For The Day.    White Supremests of Color.

I got up at 5:00 AM this morning to get a jump on thisns. I watched the 6:00 AM and 7AM MSNBC show for the first ten minutes each. The propaganda machine was selling two key memes: The economy being handed to Trump is healthy and recoverd, and Trump won by catering to White Supremests. After I turned it off the thought occurred to me that if the Main Street News is too expensive the government might save by putting the meme of the week on breakfast cereal boxes instead.

But let's go deeper into those memes. At least they said a “however” when bragging about the great economy. The however was that the new improved great economy may not have reached “everybody” yet. I suppose that “everybody” means “you”, with “you” meaning “all of us”. Gee, how clever! Ergo, the translation may mean that the recovery has not reached any of us yet.

Now comes the fun part, that being the catering to white supremests. I tried to find estimated headcounts from exit polls on how many non-white voters in total voted for Trump, but could not fine any. I just found meaningless “percentage of non- white voters who voted “ in a particular local type references. So I guess I am either a lousy researcher or those numbers are private. But in the meantime lets fumble through with a mind experiment.

Let us assume that these made up numbers, and I do mean made up, are a fact: One million non-white voters voted for Trump. Then that means that One Million non-whites are white supremests, doesn't it? Am I going crazy here or has One Million non-whites gone crazy, or both?

Perhaps there is another explanation. Could it be the Cabal is preparing to stick Trump with a collapse and we are being baited for a race war?
                       Source:    ResetUS.us