Ben's Thanksgiving Picture.

12/8/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.    Ben's Thanksgiving Picture.

This morning Ben Fulford retracted a photograph he posted on his report on Monday. That photo was a most vile picture of a woman's torso with arms and hands, crotch opened and baked, presented as a baked turkey would. Fulford says he was duped and the photo was a Hollywood production directed by a named person.

What is not said in the retraction is how he now determines it was a “faked production” nor why anyone would go through so much effort to produce something so vile as that – there could not be a profitable aftermarket for the production, so why was it so skillfully done?

How about I quit pussyfooting around the horrible details and say what is really on my mind? Yesterday evening a Youtube was posted suggesting that the Comet Pizza shooting was a hoax by an actor and the pizza shop owner is also a crisis actor. Everything I have seen about that shooting appears to be a hoax as well.

I will say again, just for the record, that I am not skilled or knowledgeable enough to pass an opinion on all of this pedophile scandal now on the Elite. It could be true and it might not be as true as presented and it might just be true for five folks, I do not know. Likewise, the Comet Pizza may be a part of the possible real pedophile story or it might now be a red herring thrown out to send us on a false rabbit hunt, I do not know.

What I do know is I have a burning question of why the Hollywood photo was done in the first place? Is it possible that it was to sicken us about exploring the Comet Pizza further and to discredit the entire pedophile story, no matter what it may be? What I am saying is just be careful as you explore those paths, you can be sure the Elites are scared and waiting for such explorers, one way or the other.