WAPO's Last Bullet.

12/8/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.   WAPO's Last Bullet.

Yesterday evening the Washington Post printed a retraction to the story that Russia controlled or influenced the alternate news sites causing the furor about “fake news sites”. The original stories, purported to be credited to “experts”, identified the top 200 web sites associated with Russia. Within a week a cascade appeared that seemed canned and ready to go, including the House passing a law to go after those sites and shut them down; Google, Paypal, Tweet and others sanctioning those websites so the search engines would not locate them, hit numbers being reduced impacting advertising revenue, and just outright damaging their incomes. And of course, the Main Street News Media had a ball denouncing those lying SOB web sites for daring to lie to the public!

This morning I watched MSNBC's Morning Joe show to see his reaction to that story and a few others from yesterday. As anticipated, from 6:00 AM till 6:30 AM, he only bashed Trump. He actually quoted an article from this morning's Washington Post but never mentioned their retraction story. I think the Main Street News again has been caught with their pants down and have no idea on how to react - they haven't been given their marching orders.

Criticism culminated this week when the "Naked capitalism" blog threatened to sue the Washington Post, demanding a retraction.” - Tyler Durdin Source This quotation by Durden says it all in a nutshell. The Washington post is fighting for it's financial life, from a dying viewership, and is probably nearing it's death. They now realize they will lose a defamation and/or libel case filed by many financially damaged news blogs. They may have only one last bullet left as they slump over in the saddle, so to say, and so holster their gun and race off to save themselves.

And as far as all the preplanned reaction to the “fake news sites”, well, their only witness just recanted! How 'bout dem apples Joe?
                   Source:   ResetUS.us