12/18/16     Jim's Rant For The Day.  OnStar.

If you heard the Paul Martin video in the Dave Hodges article today, then consider this.

First you must consider the probability that “they” can disable all cars made after 2003. I accept that that is probably true.

Secondly, if all cars were shut down, when might that occur? This is the scenario I would bet on. Crap would hit that fan at 8:00 AM on day 1. My guess is that they would initiate a 10:00 PM Curfew that day. My guess is that the cars would be disabled about 2:00 AM the morning of Day 3, as this would create the less problems for the local police and panic for Moms.

Thirdly, I don't buy that they will pull the plug on cars. Why would they? It would hurt those in power as well. The electrical power would go down because the engineer could not get to the plant for his shift. But if you buy the old rule that engineers only drive Volvos, then they can disable all cars but Volvos, right? So maybe they have a giant Santa's List showing who's car stays operational. I don't think so, because of the enormous research that would be consumed for such a list.

As an alternative to Santa's List, my guess is that fuel purchases would be by a local compiled list only, one which would be manageable as time goes on.

But my guess is that unless you are on a certain list, your fuel purchases would be greatly restricted but still available to all. Simple as that.

Now go through this gyration and substitute your own reasoning.
                        Source:    ResetUS.us