What Jon Said.

12/20/16     Jim's Rant For The day.   What Jon Said.

So much has happened this week that I started to do my Friday Update until I realized it is only Tuesday! Of course the big thing is Trump is on Home Base now. I believe the Cabal will still try to either assassinate or just nip away at him over time to render him ineffective in the long run. Until the Cabal is taken out they will continue to go for the One World Order under their ownership, so let's not stop the fight.

To me the big news right now is the Main Street News Media. I got up this morning anxious to see what Morning Joe was going to sell now that Trump is home. Did you see where on Friday the New York Times announced the news department is vacating seven floors of their headquarters because they needed the rent income? Did you see yesterday where MSNBC canceled one of it's afternoon shows and terminated its crew? Well, it's happening. They pissed in their own soup and destroyed their lock on the “News Confidence” they had been selling for decades. Their business is no more because they have lost the masses.

I point this out because now Google, Facebook, Tweet and Youtube are being asked to follow their wake. They too will soon be gone and replaced by trusted upstarts to fill the news needs. I hope these four companies like yellow soup.

I really like what Jon Rappopart said in his excellent article yesterday about all of this.

“—So, dear reader, you can choose to obtain your news from purveyors of the Plan, or you can explore and keep exploring independent sources.

What is The Plan? Aiding and abetting the descent of America into a nation swallowed up in a global management system, where the Constitution, freedom, and the individual are relics of a discarded past.

Donald Trump is not The Answer. He never was. A declaration of independence can take many forms, articulated by many individuals, and backed up in different ways.

What’s your way?” Jon Rappoport

           Source:    ResetUS.us