Upcoming Titan Death Match.

12/25/16    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Upcoming Titan Death Match.

There is an African saying that cautions, “When elephants fight, run for safety.” I must caution you here that is what I believe is upcoming very soon. But we have nowhere to run so prepare to lay low.

Trump appears to have loaded his leadership down with generals. I feel this is in preparation for a war in the continental United States. It also appears that TPTB have set the stage for such a war the day Trump steps off the boat and assumes command. They know it and he knows it. I don't think he has any doubts at all about what he is stepping into.

It also appears that Trump has selected some very powerful and experienced leaders that for years have been chomping at the bit to tear down their particular nemesis systems and now they are to lead those very systems. Where Obama won his first election by saying, “Change”, Trump seems to be quietly going about lining up his leaders for change.  Are we about to witness a president lead soft military coup?

But the biggest Titan clash upcoming may be surprisingly unplanned for at this time and based on a fluke. The fluke is that the Main Street News Media has destroyed itself and continues to do so. They have lost the ability to lead the masses, leaving the Cabal's ship momentarily rudderless with its occupants in shear terror. They must react as quickly as possible or flounder from history.

I think Trump sees their desperation to regain control and take him out. The Cabal only has control of the field for another month to put together a plan and execute it. Trump knows this. Therefore, with the Cabal's loss of its mouthpiece, they must strike body blows to Trump and freedom. Trump may be about to tear off the Cabal's arms to strike, that being the CIA!

Trump's choice of weapons? The Pentagon. That is why he has selected so many well respected generals and other former military officers for his leadership. He is garnering the support of the Pentagon and as many military personnel, both former and active, as he can muster when the time comes.

His plan of attack? I feel it will be to take down the two thirds of the CIA that is the business end of it: political extortion, empire building, drug trade, etc., leaving only the spy /intelligence network. I also see Trump only concentrating on the part in the continental U.S. although recognizing that it is a global racket. I guess he hopes the rest of the world will take care of their part. But Trump will have his hands full here. Of course, all of this will happen at the same time the CIA's Cabal takes down the financial system to help out its home team.

I see the Pentagon flying overseas troops back to the U.S. as quickly as possible for this fight. Both the Pentagon and the CIA are now independent global powers living mostly off the U.S. The Pentagon and its followers have sworn an oath to the Constitution that is still ingrained in most of them, whereas, the CIA has only taken a Mafia type blood oath to their illegal power trip for personal profit, so perhaps that will even the field up.

To change the subject just a little bit, I was most happy to see that Obama held back his veto power over the recent United Nations resolution that Israel must pull back from the stolen land they occupied in Palestine. It was a heroic moment. But after consideration, I wonder if Obama did it for the wrong reason. Is it possible that he intentionally stirred up the Israeli beehive to go after Trump just as he steps off the boat to sic the Pentagon on the CIA? Just wondering here folks.

Will all of this happen as depicted here? I don't know. The Titans may just stare at each other like two uni-sized High Schoolers in the parking lot, with both in check. What is clear to me however is that the fight is now set up, so will it be real or just a recognition that neither is overwhelming? See you in the parking lot.

                          Source:  ResetUS.us