Planning's Tenth Man Rule.

1/2/17     Jim's Rant For The Day.  Planning's Tenth Man Rule.

Yesterday I went back and reread the article I wrote, Systematic Approach to Group Survival, I realized that from a planning point of view, all of the work for our Fall-Back Retreat Farm had been completed. We are as ready as we will ever be.

So I vowed I was not going to sink another penny into the project from this point on. I am just going to kick back and enjoy life now. As Clif High always says, “Kick back and eat pie.”

And speaking of Clif High, after listening to his latest interview of what he sees coming, I realized I still had one more planning assignment left to do - The Tenth Man Rule.

Simply put, the military's Tenth Man Rule says that if all planners are in agree members are happy with their plan, then one man must attack the plan to poke holes in it. That is what I decided needs to be the last step. Our plan is all set to go when chaos occurs. We feel like all members will decide on their own to show up at the farm, we close the gate and be happy and secure.

But now I will ASSUME that all that Clif High suggests above in his one hour interview is accurate, in particular the possible time lines. That means that members may assemble over several months as the slow burn collapse and changes occur. They will fall back when they themselves can no longer keep up with the changes ongoing – thus a slow burn.

The good news is I see planning only and no expenditures required. I would share his time-line with you but I feel you need to hear it for yourself. His methodology is most complex and his interpretations of the “facts gleamed” are guesswork just like our guesses. You might want to order his $15 twenty page report for yourself. Although his reports are fascinating, they are like reading math formulas and computer programming code, then getting silent and trying to make sense of it.