Iffin Felony Murder Rule.

1/16/17   Jim's Non-Rant For The Day.   Iffin Felony Murder Rule.

Iffin I was still a Democrat, and iffin I knew someone planning to demonstrate to shut down the Inaugural events this week, and iffin I had a chance to speak with that someone, I might share the following information with them.

In criminal law, the Felony Murder Rule says that if you participate in the commission of a felony, and iffin anyone dies as a result, then all of the perpetrators are guilty of murder, even if they were not there at all. Be aware that the death could also be the death of one of the perpetrators. Be aware that even planners or other parties that were aware beforehand are in that perpetrator group.

Now let's do the math on this one. Let us assume that for three days there are 200,000 protesters there intending to really show their ass and not just peacefully protest. Those peaceful ones are counted elsewhere and are not needed here. Now let's assume that the Ass Protesters protest six hours a day for three days. That yields 3,600,000 Man Hours that you are betting your life that not ONE asshole in the group (that you don't know) will cause ONE person to suffer a heart attack, get stampeded or shot.

If you are connected with any of those protesting groups, I certainly hope that your gain is worth your possible loss, as well as the loss of anyone's life, just because you cannot imagine a better way to improve life for all.

In my mind, there will be at least one death this week in D.C. - the death of the Democratic Party. May it Rest In Peace.

                    Source:   ResetUS.us