Hijacked Ninja Bus.

1/18/17    Jim's Rant For The Day.  Hijacked Ninja Bus.

I was about eleven the first time I rode a city bus by myself. I was certain I got on the right bus. Then five miles later the driver turned around, stopped and changed the destination banner on the front. I panicked. I was on the right bus but now I wasn't sure anymore where we were going. I later figured out we were outbound but now inbound to my destination of Down Town. It was scary though in that momentary confusion.

Everything I have read about the organized stop Trump group scares me to death. Not because I think they might succeed this weekend because I do not believe they will. But because I see now that they have a tremendous experience and power behind them. If you and I sat down at the kitchen table to plan such an endeavor it might and might not succeed as we would be new at it. However, not this cloaked black Ninja uniformed group coming out because it is very different from you and I.

Let's face it, they have money and power behind them, so that will not be an issue. What they lack next is the plan. You and I would have to start from scratch. Not them. They have the expertise of the CIA and all their prior plans to overthrow regimes from around the world, plus all of those experts at their beckoned call.

Am I scaring you yet? Well, here's the part that actually scares the Bejesus out of me. How will they get their membership to grow? That is where hijacking the bus comes in. If you noticed, they are chanting, “Stop Fascism”. Hey, that is what I want too, and that is what we Hope Trump intends as well by taking on the Cabal, right? So now, if this CIA front group is successful in taking down Trump and putting us in a position for a new regime leader more favorable to the Cabal to take power, where will we be? Will some of us go to the streets to support the end of Fascism but later find out the bus was hijacked and the Fascism turns out to be worse than ever?

If all the above is possible, then what about all those that cannot see the changing of the destination sign? Will we then try to stop them, and if so what will we chant, “Up with Fascism”? So now you see my fear, that they are very good at what they are up to, and no one, either on or off the bus, will know who they are and where they are going to go. If we remain in this confused state, they may win over time as they build on our stupidity.

                            Source:     ResetUs.us