Mission Of Lies By Omission.

1/25/17   Jim's Rant For The Day. Mission Of Lies By Omission.

There are two stories out yesterday that sum up the week so far, regarding the press. The first is Paul Craig Roberts article in which he says the Cabal is in panic because they have lost the ability to explain things to Americans. More and more people are discovering that the Main Street News Media is lying to them.

This morning the News Media is still pushing the argument that Trump is lying about the crowd at the inauguration. Their latest is a Congressman quizzing a Cabinet Member applicant about which picture has the biggest crowd. The Cabal is trying to not lose any more Media watchers to the truth that they lie. Their mission is to continue to lie by omission and not reveal that the Obama crowd photo was at the time of the inauguration and the Trump photo was three hours prior to inauguration. The media is desperate to save its ass.

The second story is a SGT Interview regarding the speed at which Trump is delivering on his campaign promises. This is unlike anything both the press and Americans have ever seen before.

I agree with their assessment that they supported Trump over Hillary but that does not mean that 100% of what Trump does is supported by them. Accordingly, I will not act as a Trump cheerleader here on this blog. I will continue to focus on the Collapse and Reset that may occur. I will share this however, thank God that Trump is in and the Cabal is momentarily out!

                        Source:    ResetUS.us